AMC Transcript Monday 9/20/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 9/20/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Aidan: Hey. What do you think you're doing?

Jonathan: I'm finding proof Ramsey shot my brother.

Maria: Ethan's claim isn't fake, is it? He's exactly who he says he is, and you have known it all along.

Zach: When Ethan claimed to be a Cambias, I had his DNA tested. Yes, he's my son.

Ethan: All right then, Greenlee, you got me. Give me your best shot.

Greenlee: Me? You're the sharpshooter with the billion-dollar grudge against Ryan. He didn't hand over Cambias when you made your phony claim, so you shot him. You knew that he would be in the gazebo because you were with Kendall when she got her murder clue. Then you conveniently disappeared and didn't show your face again until Ryan took a bullet from a high-powered rifle shot from a distance, which clears Kendall and points straight to you, so don't even try to deny it!

Ethan: All right, all right, all right. Ok, I admit it, all right, I confess -- I tried to kill your husband.

Kendall: Oh, my God, Ryan, you heard me. Ryan, you're awake. Ryan, you're awake. Can you talk? Can you talk? Can you hear me? Ryan, please -- Ryan, say something. Say something. Say anything! Please, Ryan, one word would be a gift from God.

Ryan: Get out.

Kendall: Ryan, I know what you're thinking.

Ryan: Out. Get out.

Kendall: Listen to me, you think I shot you, but I didn't. I didn't do it. It wasn't me. I didn't hurt you. The ballistic test said that the gun -- the bullet came from another gun. So, Ryan, it wasn't me. It wasn't me.

Ryan: Go away.

Kendall: Listen, I'm sorry for playing that stupid murder game. I -- I was crazed that night. I was crazed, and I was spinning out of control, and I was jealous. And by the time I got to the gazebo, I was a crazed woman. I was out of control. I said a lot of hateful things to you and Greenlee before you were shot.

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee.

Kendall: Greenlee's fine. She's fine. She's fine. There's not a scratch on her. She's been sitting here with you every minute waiting for you to wake up. I just snuck in to tell you how sorry I am for all the terrible things that I said and did. Now, I don't expect you to forgive me, but -- but there's one thing that you need -- that you need to believe. As crazed and mean as I got, I am so grateful that you're alive. I don't want to hurt you now. I would die first. I would walk into the ocean before I would ever wish you gone. Please, please just tell me that you believe me.

Anita: This was inspired.

Bobby: Well, lately, we've been two sticky notes on a fridge passing in the night.

Anita: Well, I know you've been crazed.

Bobby: Yeah, we've been ramping up security at the casino since the shooting.

Anita: Zach should've thought of that before.

Bobby: Come on, Anita, there's no way anyone could've predicted what happened to Ryan.

Anita: Except the shooter.

Bobby: Yeah. The casino employees are pretty jittery after the shooting. I've been working OT trying to calm them down, you know, because Zach's not available.

Anita: Bobby, when Edmund asked you to help check out Zach, you turned him down?

Bobby: Edmund has a big mouth and shouldn't have pulled you into this.

Anita: It wasn't Edmund.

Bobby: Then who was it?

Anita: It doesn't matter. What matters is there's a lot of people that are suspicious of Zach.

Bobby: People who don't know him.

Anita: Yeah, which is 99% of Pine Valley. You know, I'm not so thrilled for you to be working for a guy whose past is a complete mystery.

Bobby: Well, look, Zach has got that mysterioso thing working, ok? The cachet's good for business.

Anita: Attempted murder brings in the customers? Look, Zach hosted that murder game, and Ryan Lavery got shot. He's fighting for every breath.

Bobby: The gun that Zach put into play was loaded with blanks, all right? The bullet that took Lavery down -- that came from another weapon.

Anita: Is there anything in the casino that happens that Zach hasn't signed off on?

Bobby: Come on, come on, Anita. What, you think -- you think Slater is a hit man?

Anita: Oh, come on, casinos, Vegas, dirty money, hot-and-cold goodfellas? No, what are the odds?

Bobby: Ok, well, then by that logic, I could be a suspect, too, hmm?

Anita: That's not funny. Look, Edmund's willing to bet it all that Zach's up to no good.

Bobby: Well, that's Edmund's problem. Zach has always been straight with me.

Anita: Look, did Zach ever tell you about he and Maria, when they had a thing, back when my sister was Maureen, minus her memory?

Bobby: Yeah, I knew about it, yeah.

Anita: And you never shared?

Bobby: It wasn't my story to tell. I figured if Maria wanted you to know, she would've told you.

Anita: No, you're right. It's nobody's business but theirs.

Bobby: You -- you want me to step up and help Edmund X-ray Zach's background, huh, to protect your sister?

Anita: Well, that's part of it.

Bobby: Look, honey, Maria -- she's Wonder Woman with an MD. She survived a plane crash, years on the run, loss of memory. I mean, the woman can handle her own dramas. And if Edmund's after Zach on jealousy --

Anita: No, it's not just about Edmund being jealous. There are other people that are suspicious of Zach.

Bobby: Would one of these other people be Aidan Devane?

Aidan: Hey, you can't be in here.

Jonathan: Get your hands off me.

Aidan: Is there anything like a little brain inside that skull of yours?

Jonathan: Aidan, I'm going to nail Ramsey, and you're not going to stop me.

Aidan: Oh, nail him, like this? All you're going to do is score him a get-out-of-jail-free card!

Jonathan: Not if I find evidence he shot Ryan.

Aidan: Evidence obtained in an illegal search by the victim's brother? Even if you found a target with Ryan's picture on it, the judge is going to throw it all out of court, and probably accuse you of planting evidence yourself -- with good reason.

Jonathan: Look, hey, Aidan, I'm not the one with blood on my hands, ok?

Aidan: No, you're the out-of-control little brother that set out to ruin this investigation! You'd better get a grip, man. Otherwise, someone's going to get away with murder!

Jonathan: He's not dead yet.

Aidan: Look, I'm sorry, all right? That was a bad choice of words. I know this is tough on you.

Jonathan: Tough on me? Aidan, it's killing me! He took a bullet in the gut! I should've been there!

Aidan: And what would you have done? Caught it in your teeth, take it in the gut yourself?

Jonathan: No, you know what I would've done? I would've stopped that insane game.

Aidan: Listen, you're not to blame for this, all right? No one's to blame!

Jonathan: Ethan Ramsey shot my brother. I know it.

Aidan: And no one's taking him off the list of suspects. In fact, he's at the top. Derek phoned me on my way over here while I was tailing you. He's en route to the hospital to question Ramsey as we speak.

Jonathan: Let's go. I want to be there. I want to be there so that SOB gets what he deserves.

Aidan: Hey, this is Derek's case. You got to keep your lips zipped, or I'm going to seal them for you with a bunch of duct tape. Are we clear? You can't screw up this case.

Jonathan: Ok.

Aidan: Let's go.

Greenlee: Don't move.

Ethan: Is your cell phone set for stun or disintegrate?

Greenlee: I'm calling the police. You can repeat your confession to them.

Ethan: Confession? Please, Greenlee, that was theater of the absurd.

Greenlee: You admitted you shot Ryan.

Ethan: So you'd realize how ridiculous this whole witch-hunt is. The only thing I'm guilty of is giving you credit for having some intelligence.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I'm smart enough not to be fooled by you.

Ethan: Really? All right then, genius, consider the crime. My claim on my birthright's not looking so good, so I take matters and a high-powered rifle into my own hands? Come on, Greenlee. I'd hardly be stupid enough to consider murder as a shortcut to getting what is legally already mine.

Greenlee: You'd get Ryan out of the way.

Ethan: And then what, Cambias shouts, "Long live the guy who plugged that CEO"?

Greenlee: You think this is funny?

Ethan: I think that you want me to be guilty to make things easier for you.

Greenlee: How do you figure that, Joe Oxford?

Ethan: I go to jail and the threat to Cambias goes with me. You get everything you married Ryan for, the whole Cambias empire. If he doesn't make it, you're his very powerful, very wealthy widow. For you, Greenlee, it is all about the money.

Greenlee: It didn't used to be, but it is now.

Zach: Ethan's mother, Hannah, was a maid -- thank you -- at the Cambias estate in the US. She was 17, just like me, miserable, just like me, and she had just come from England, so she was homesick. I saw her in the garden one night. She was crying, so I reached out to her, and that's how it started. Now, over the summer, we met a few more times in the guest cottage, and then I left for school. And when I came home for Thanksgiving, she was gone. Father told me she left because she couldn't get over her homesickness, and I thought, "Well, you know, good for her. She's probably happier in England, anyway."

Maria: Did you try to contact her?

Zach: Uh-uh. No. Probably should've, though, huh? Just to make sure she's doing ok and tell her good luck. But I -- I had no idea she was pregnant. I didn't.

Maria: How'd your father find out?

Zach: I don't know. Somehow. You know, servants talking -- I'm not sure. The only thing I am sure about is that he must have been outraged. A little servant girl carrying the Cambias heir. Bastard boy. Because, obviously, marriage was out of the question -- not that I had a say in my life, anyway.

[Zach sighs]

Maria: I don't understand. Why would he -- that was his only child, his only grandchild, right?

Zach: Yeah, well, that's my dad for you. My whole life was planned from the day I was born because I was the golden boy. Prep school, then Harvard, Oxford, and I would come back and sit at my dad's side and be groomed to take over the business one day. And they would find me a jet-setting wife. We would have a ruggedly handsome son. Call him Alexander, of course, so he could bear that same weight on his shoulders the way I did.

Maria: But you didn't know you already had a son.

Zach: No. When Ethan showed up, he had a letter from Hannah. Hannah said when Alexander Jr. was killed, my father started a search for his beloved grandson. Hannah was scared, you know. She gave Ethan to live with someone else, and she disappeared. I have people looking for her, but so far we got nothing. She gave up her child to save him.

Maria: But now you can do the same thing. You can protect Ethan.

Zach: Well, that's exactly what I'm doing by not claiming him as my son.

Maria: This makes absolutely no sense! How is not acknowledging your son going to help him?

Zach: Call it an act of mercy.

Maria: Ok, where's the mercy, please, in that?

[Zach sighs]

Maria: Denying your own flesh and blood? Ethan came here to town, he's lost. He's looking for his identity.

Zach: He's not going to find it here with me.

Maria: I -- I'm sorry, but I can't believe what I'm hearing. When you confided in me that you were a Cambias, that you were Alexander Jr., and you told me that you had to kill that identity to survive -- and as drastic as that was, I understood it.

Zach: You and Michael -- you were the only ones.

Maria: And Michael. Michael has terrorized this town. You refuse to see his dark side. You're still standing up for him. And guess what -- I understand that, too, because I understand the love that you had for him.

Zach: He's my brother.

Maria: And Ethan's your son. Everything that you've done to survive I've defended. I've been right there. I've stood by you, because I knew where your heart was. But --

Zach: Nothing's changed.

Maria: Yes, you've changed. You've changed so much that it makes my blood cold. What you're doing to your son, turning your back on him right now when he needs you the most --

Zach: I'm the last thing that boy needs right now!

Maria: Well, does Ethan maybe get a say? I mean, does he get chance to maybe know where he's from and who he -- stop thinking about yourself for two seconds and think about the kid!

Zach: I am thinking of him!

Maria: Really? How's that? I don't see how. I don't see how any of this -- God, Zach, I -- I don't think I know you at all.

Zach: I don't think you do. And maybe you never will.

Kendall: I prayed to God to save you. You had to live. And even -- even if we're not together, I just -- I just need to know that you exist. Because in some -- some strange way that I don't even understand, my life will always depend on yours. Ryan, please, just talk to me. Please.

Ryan: I want Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're right, it is about the money. It can't buy happiness, but it can buy you a golden ticket out of mine and Ryan's lives.

Ethan: I see. Another attempted buy-off. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Greenlee, you're repeating yourself.

Greenlee: I did try and bribe you out of town once. My mistake, insulting you with such a low-ball figure. Now you can name your price. What's it going to take to get you out of Pine Valley forever? One million? Three, five?

Ethan: Say I take the money. What's in it for you?

Greenlee: Peace of mind. You cross Ryan off your hit list, and I get to snuggle up next to my husband for the next 50 years.

Ethan: $5 million is a pretty hefty price to pay for a snuggle.

Greenlee: I'd pay five times that much. I don't expect you to understand. Money only means something to people who've never had it. I've been a poor little rich girl my whole life -- cash in the bank, trust funds. None of that has given me anything worthwhile, anything real. Ryan has given me everything that I want, and I'll pay whatever it takes to keep him safe. I will give up everything, down to my last stock option, to hear him say my name one more time and tell me that he loves me.

Ethan: I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: Stay the hell away from Ryan, or I'll come after you myself.

Derek: Ethan Ramsey. I'm Chief Derek Frye. We need to talk.

Ethan: Chief Frye. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Derek: I hear you know how to shoot a rifle.

Zach: I don't expect you to understand my situation. How can you? You were brought up in a house filled with love, where you could bring new thoughts and crazy ideas to the dinner table, where you could be yourself and follow your own path.

Maria: Oh, we had restrictions, though, believe me.

Zach: Maybe! But you were allowed to dream. In my house, dreams were self-delusion, a threat to the master plan, and any -- any journey towards self-discovery was just a wasted trip. You eat, breathe, and sleep Cambias. That was my father's obsession. And I staged my own death to get away from that. And I should've taken Michael with me. Because if anything that you tell me -- if any of this stuff that you tell me about my brother is true, then that's not the little boy I grew up with. It's not. That's not who I loved, you know? That's my father's creation, bred to hurt and destroy, all in the name of family. Well, Michael's gone. But maybe I can help my son, if it's not too late.

Maria: What do you mean, too late? What, do you think that Ethan may have shot Ryan?

Kendall: Greenlee just -- she just went out for some air. She'll be back in a minute. In the meantime, I should call your doctor and let him know that you're awake.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Kendall: No, Ryan, Ryan, you need to lie still, lie still. You can't get out of bed yet.

Greenlee: Kendall, what are you doing? I told you to stay away from Ryan. Ryan. Oh, my God, Ryan. Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. I missed you.

Ryan: How long was I gone?

Greenlee: Long enough to scare the life out of me. I love you.

Ryan: I love you, too.

Greenlee: Are you in pain?

Ryan: Not bad.

Greenlee: Do you remember how you got here?

Ryan: Um -- ambulance?

Greenlee: Before that.

Ryan: I don't remember.

Greenlee: There was a game. Zach Slater set up a game of Clue, a game of murder. Each person was assigned a part. You were the victim and Kendall was the murderer. And her clues led her to a gun and to you in the gazebo. She shot at you, and you went down. We thought you were just playing your part till we saw the blood, and then we knew it wasn't a game anymore.

Kendall: I didn't shoot you, Ryan. Even Greenlee has to accept that now.

Greenlee: I did think that Kendall shot you. But I was wrong. She didn't do it. Everyone was pulling for you -- all your friends, your brother --

Ryan: Oh.

Greenlee: Green Butterfly, Mrs. Dynamite Kiddo. I do want my ring back, by the way. But no one was pulling harder for you than your wife.

Greenlee: You don't know how close we came to losing you.

Ryan: I know. I saw Michael Cambias.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: Michael, big as life.

Greenlee: No, no, you were just dreaming. You had him in your head because we were talking about Michael at the fundraiser.

Ryan: He was welcoming me to -- to the other side. I cheated death.

Greenlee: Because you have way too much to live for.

Ryan: Who did this to me? Who tried to kill me?

Derek: We've got the ballistics report.

Ethan: I heard. Kendall's been cleared.

Jonathan: Is that all you have to say?

Ethan: Uh -- couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

Derek: We've eliminated one suspect.

Ethan: What now, it's my turn to shine?

Derek: The weapon used in Ryan's shooting was --

Ethan: Was a high-caliber rifle. Yeah, I get it.

Derek: And since you're a member of the Oxford Gun Club and a certified sharpshooter, that makes you a prime suspect.

Ethan: Gentlemen, I gave my statement to the State Police. I have nothing more to say.

Derek: There's just a few more points we need to go over, if you wouldn't mind coming down to the station.

Kendall: Yeah, actually, he would mind. See, unless Chief Frye has a warrant for your arrest, you don't have to go anywhere with him or answer any of his stupid questions.

Ethan: Well, it's been lovely chatting with you, boys.

Kendall: Hey, Ethan, wait. Do you think maybe we can go somewhere and talk for a minute?

Ethan: I'm going to go and have a few beers, and I really don't need any company right now, thanks. Cheerio.

Aidan: I'm telling you, Derek, you need to get a warrant and you need to search Ramsey�s room.

Derek: Well, that's great, except for one thing -- I don't have anything to justify a warrant.

Jonathan: What will it take?

Derek: Something concrete, something I can see or touch tying Ramsey to the shooting.

Jonathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Kendall: Well, hello there, lovely John Boy. You hanging out with Mr. Special Ops and the Chief? They going to let you ride along and run the little siren?

Jonathan: It looks like I took you off the heat a little too soon, because you did such a bang-up job insisting that you didn't want to shoot Ryan, that you didn't want to kill him. But it was all just a cover, wasn't it? You and Ethan -- you've been in this together, a little two-person assassin squad.

Kendall: Why don't you go to hell.

Aidan: Why don't you back off a little bit, Lavery.

Kendall: Aidan, shut up, all right? I don't need you to defend me. I don't need anyone. Just �

Zach: Yes, it's possible that Ethan shot Lavery. But I won't let him hang for it.

Maria: Please tell me that you don't approve.

Zach: That's not what I said. Do you really think I want to believe that my son has murder in him?

Maria: No, of course not.

Zach: No. But if he does, I got to protect him.

Maria: Ok, but how are you going to protect him if you're not going to tell him that you're his father?

Zach: I'll make it work, for his sake. I'm not asking you to understand. I'm asking you to accept my decision.

Maria: You're asking me to not tell anyone that Ethan is your son. It's just one more secret that you want me to keep for you.

Anita: Bobby. You're still here.

Bobby: Well, you rushed off without giving me an answer.

Anita: You can have the last slice.

Bobby: Aidan. Is he the one who's got you so worked up about Zach?

Anita: Look, I just -- I want you to know that there are other people besides Edmund that don't trust your boss. I mean, they were suspicious even before the shooting.

Bobby: Zach is not setting up Ryan.

Anita: How do you know?

Bobby: Because I know the guy, ok? He always plays straight with me. The guy's honest, and he's got a big heart.

Anita: Oh, you don't for a minute believe that. The only reason why you're defending Zach is because he's helping you get everything that you've ever wanted -- money, success.

Bobby: Ok, yeah, he's been good to me. That means he's been good to you, too, because you're my wife, and what is mine is yours, huh? Hey.

[Bobby kisses Anita]

Anita: What was that for?

Bobby: That was for us, ok? We just got us back, we're better than ever, and I just don't want to lose that, not for anything.

Anita: Neither do I.

Bobby: Ok, I just -- I know things have been crazy, I've been spending my days and nights at work, and that's going to change.

Anita: Oh, yeah?

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. I'm -- I'm going to call the casino and I'm going to get someone else to take over damage control. I'm going to take a week off -- no, make that two -- and we're going to do whatever you want -- dinner, dancing, champagne on the third hole of mini golf course, bowling for sex. Watch out for that 7-10 split.

Anita: Bobby.

Bobby: Ok? I mean, we'll just drive through New England, watch the leaves change, picnics, plans for that baby that we've been too busy to make. Ok? Let's just -- let's just take some time out for us. All right? We deserve it. Ok? Good. See you later.

Aidan: Was that blur your husband?

Anita: Bobby believes in Zach Slater, and now I'm scared for my husband.

Greenlee: Thank you, Doctor. I'll make sure he gets plenty of rest. I'm going to make a major contribution to this hospital. They've been so good to us.

Ryan: Huh. Greenlee, come here.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm?

Ryan: When will they know who shot me?

Greenlee: Well, the police are on top of some hot leads.

Ryan: Who are they looking at?

Greenlee: Can we save this discussion for when you're feeling better, and you're eating solids?

[Ryan groans]

Greenlee: You heard the doctor. You need rest so I can get my big, strong man back.

Ryan: I remember --

Greenlee: Shh.

Ryan: I remember that I owe you a honeymoon. And I remember how much I love you.

Greenlee: I love you, too. I was so afraid.

Ryan: Afraid of what? That I would die to keep from keeping my promise? Not a chance. You're going to have the honeymoon that you always dreamed of, and it's going to last a lifetime. There's just -- well, there's one problem. I mean, where are we going to book a honeymoon suite that we could have for the next 80 years?

Jonathan: Is the judge going to issue a search warrant?

Derek: She said we have to wait for her ruling.

Jonathan: Wait? We can't wait.

Derek: Well, as far as I can tell, we've got no choice.

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: You know, Anita, I never should've involved you in all of this -- in the shooting, with Edmund's heads-up about Zach and his motives.

Anita: I forced you to confide in me.

Aidan: I should've resisted. Anyway, Edmund and I are going to keep a close watch over Zach, and if he poses just a tiny little bit of a threat to Maria or to Bobby, I'm going to squish him like a bug.

Anita: Thank you, Aidan. I mean, God, how -- how did we get here?

Bobby: Hey. What games are you playing with my wife?

Maria: So you told me that Ethan is your son because you knew that I wouldn't betray your trust?

Zach: I told you because I can't lie to you. Tell the world if you want.

Maria: To escape being a Cambias, you set up your own death. You were dead to everyone, including the brother that you loved. And how could I now send you back to that world? I mean, it would be a life worse than death.

Zach: Thank you.

Maria: No, please, don't thank me, because I -- I hate this because I don't want to have to lie to Edmund anymore. And Ryan -- he's my friend. And I'm really -- I'm scared now. I'm scared for him and you and your son.

Zach: Ethan is not my son.

Kendall: Oh, God, do you believe this? Do you -- do you know what this means?

Aidan: It wasn't you.

Kendall's voice: I didn't do it.


[While searching Ethan's motel room, Kendall finds a large case containing a high-powered rifle.]

Ryan: Mmm. More. More.

Greenlee: No, the doctor was specific --

Ryan: No --

Greenlee: One kiss every ten minutes. Any more could lead to stress overload.

Ryan: Hmm. Greenlee, I want something.

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, I got that.

Ryan: I want to have your baby.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: I want us to have a baby.

Ethan: Looks like you got me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: Wow, more secrets. What's going on that you guys won't tell me?

Bobby: You want my wife.

Aidan: You're right, I do.

Jonathan: Why don't we work together?

Zach: To do what exactly?

Jonathan: Nail the person who shot my brother.

Kendall: Is this the gun that shot Ryan?

Ethan: What if it is? You going to turn me in?

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