AMC Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

By Amanda
Proofread by Gisele

Anita: Ryan's holding his own. That's about it.

Aidan: So there's still -- there's been no progress?

Anita: Since the last time you asked me, an hour ago?

Aidan: Well, now you know my dirty little secret. I worry about my friends.

Anita: It seems like you only know your friends when they're flat on their back with wires and tubes.

Aidan: Hey, smooth move, buddy. You're not on Ryan's guest list, and I'm his bouncer.

Kendall: Let him go.

Babe: Hmm, Bianca, you got a break from the hospital.

Bianca: Yes, I did. Kendall was taking a nap when I left. She still refuses to leave Ryan's side until he's out of danger.

J.R.: Yeah? Well, then maybe you should go back to the hospital.

Jamie: Hey, pass the butter.

Babe: You know, I feel so bad for Kendall. I mean, she doesn't seem like the type that just would want Ryan dead or anything.

Bianca: Oh, my God, no. It's all just a horrible accident.

Babe: I totally believe you. Somebody can't just love somebody and then want them dead for no reason.

Bianca: No. Not usually, anyway.

J.R.: You know, it's bad enough you have to crash my house uninvited, but I have to sit here and listen to your little insults, too?

Babe: J.R., Bianca was just saying that love doesn't just stop, right? And besides, you can't kick us out. We do have a court order.

J.R.: Yeah, delivered this morning, and I'm still choking on it. It only says that I can't throw you and your mother out, but it didn't say anything about all your little strays.

Jamie: Consider us guard dogs. You'll want to stay on our good side.

Babe: You guys, please just stop it, ok? Just can you not --

[J.R. sighs]

Babe: Sit here and insult my own husband at his own breakfast table? God, what I wouldn't give for all of us to be friends again.

J.R.: Oh, Babe, you make me sick when you try to defend me like this. I have no intention of working on this marriage, so why don't you pack your bags and go already!

Babe: J.R., just wait!

Jamie: Babe, how long can you pretend you actually care about saving your marriage?

Krystal: What?

Tad: What? What?

Krystal: Well, you told me it was important. I nearly ran over two squirrels and a hydrangea bush getting here. What's the emergency?

Tad: Sweetie, I'm sorry. It's not so much an emergency. See, it's more of a solution. See, I've been doing a lot of thinking, ok? I think I got it all figured out, the answer to all our problems.

Krystal: No such thing.

Tad: No, no, now, you just give me a minute, ok? You listen to what I have to say, and I promise you, by the time you barge out that door, you will believe in miracles.

J.R.: I pay you enough money. Don't tell me you don't know where my father is. You find out where Hayward hid him, or I swear to you, you will never work again.

Bianca: Hi.

J.R.: I thought I made it clear. I want to be spending time alone.

Bianca: I lost something up here.

J.R.: What?

Bianca: Not a what. A who.

J.R.: Who, then?

Bianca: You, J.R., my friend. Tell me it's not too late. Tell me that we haven't lost you for good.

Jamie: I'm not going to stop asking you what you're up to, because I know you really don't want to make it work with J.R. It's Bess, isn't it?

Babe: I already told you, everything that I'm doing is for my baby, ok?

Jamie: How does being with J.R. help Bess?

Babe: Listen, Jamie, you're a great friend and all, but you really need to let this go now.

Jamie: Not while you're still in trouble, so you might as well cough it up and tell me. We can work on this together.

Babe: You know, I have some important calls to make. You should probably go now.

Jamie: I'm not going anywhere.

David: Now, if it isn't Paul Cramer to the rescue, yet again. I can't tell you how pleased I am to cross paths with you again, Mr. Cramer.

Paul: Yeah, well, who the hell are you?

David: Obviously, you've forgotten our first meeting. Not a surprise. There was a lot going on. The crash site where you had caused the death of a newborn child.

Paul: Yeah, well, that was a terrible accident.

David: Yeah. And yet you remained completely unscathed. But you know something? You are personally responsible for one of the great joys of my life.

Paul: You know, I don't know why you're hassling me, but you know what? You can stop anytime.

David: Well, I guess you haven't heard the good news. It turns out I'm Babe's dad. Yeah, that's right, the real deal -- her birth father. Now, doesn't that make you want to drink a toast to the gods of "Gotcha"?

Paul: Well, life's wacked, huh, you know, but I got things to do.

David: Yeah, well, I guess you really haven't heard what I just said to you. One minute you think you're childless, and the next fate -- or somebody -- steps in, juggles things around, and before you know it, you've got yourself a daughter.

[David laughs]

David: I mean, come on. Don't you think that's a miracle? I do. I mean, look at me. I went from being a single man, alone, to being a full-blown dad with a granddaughter thrown in for good measure. Now, that should make the hairs on the nape of your neck just stand right on up.

Paul: It's pretty weird.

David: Yeah. God certainly does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he? Got to give the guy credit. He knows what he's doing. Have you ever heard a story like that?

Paul: Yeah. In the movies.

David: Well, now that we've established my right for being here, what about you? What excuse could you possibly have for lurking around my daughter's garden?

J.R.: I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me.

Bianca: I heard every word, J.R. Now it's your turn. I want you to focus real hard. Go back a couple of years, maybe more. You and me -- we swiped a beer from your dad's fridge, remember? And we split it between the two of us and we drank it down as fast as we could, because we wanted to know what it felt like to be drunk.

J.R.: Yeah. It was pretty lame.

Bianca: It was horrible. I hated it. I kept thinking that it tasted like rotten ginger ale. But I drank my half down because I didn't want you to think I was a wuss.

J.R.: Well, it is an acquired taste.

Bianca: Well, that wasn't even the big part. We got a little loose, remember? We talked forever. And we found out that we had a lot in common. And then the big revelation -- that we both knew what it was like to have divorced, control-freak parents. I know you remember, J.R.

J.R.: So what? We were kids. I mean, what did we know about life? Relationships?

Bianca: Yeah, maybe. But we sure did know a whole lot about being kids. And we knew that splitting up families was a not-so-secret formula for massive pain. Try to remember how that made you feel, J.R., not just parents who were divorced, but parents who went to war over you. And then tell me that you want the same thing for your little girl. Tell me that that's what you want her to talk about with her best pal when they swipe their first beer. It's up to you, J.R. You know what we had to go through, what we had to do to survive. And it doesn't have to be that way for Bess, not unless you make it that way.

Jamie: Not that I don't enjoy watching J.R. squirm. I'm just trying to figure out what the payoff is for you.

Babe: Jamie, can you just please let this alone?

Jamie: No, I can't. I'm not built that way. How can I make you believe that your secret is safe with me?

Babe: Look, I don't know how I can explain this to you, but I really am deeply committed to my marriage on all kinds of levels. Jamie, if it's not for my happiness, it's for my baby's, ok? Can you just -- just accept I'm doing this for my child.

Jamie: Babe, I get divorce can be ugly. It hurts everyone. It can also be civil and respectful, like my mom and dad are now. But you and J.R. -- it's not like "too bad we don't get along anymore." It's a lot worse than that.

Babe: Look, I have my reasons for doing this. Otherwise, I wouldn't risk it, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, you've got something going on, something bigger. Now, I need to know what that is.

Babe: Look, no, you don't. It's --

Jamie: Ok, Babe, I was there when Bess was missing, and I saw how freaked out you were. I was also there when you got her back, and I saw how happy you were. You made a promise it would never happen again. Then all of the sudden, you had this urge to go someplace -- without Bess -- to whom you swore that you would never let out of your sight again.

Babe: She was with Bianca. She was safe, and that's all that really mattered, Jamie.

Jamie: The point is you took off. Only your mother seemed to know where. And when you came back, you had this personality transplant. I mean, suddenly you're all about making it work with J.R. for Bess' sake, as if living in the same house with her father would make her have a better life. I don't think so.

Babe: Maybe I just needed some perspective.

Jamie: Or maybe aliens stole your brain. What happened when you left? Where did you go? Just be straight with me, Babe.

Krystal: You don't give up very easily, do you?

Tad: Never heard of it.

Krystal: Tad, remember what I said about us being together?

Tad: Yeah. I remember the part about you saying you love me.

Krystal: After that. And, yes, I love you, but I can't think about us right now when Babe is living under the same roof as J.R.

Tad: I got it, it got it. I remember, ok? I also remember the part about you and David having some big heartfelt conversation while I was technically still in the middle of asking you to marry me. And it wasn't a half-bad proposal, either, considering I'm completely rusty and I didn't even have a ring. You're just going to have to give me a chance to do it right.

Krystal: It was very romantic.

Tad: Yeah, well, it's easy to do when the person you're proposing to is unbelievably sexy. Nonetheless, whatever David said seems to have blown me completely out of the water.

Krystal: Look, Tad, I know it doesn't seem fair, but there's just no way that I can think about us right now.

Tad: Big mistake. Here. Have you ever heard of the Gordian knot?

Krystal: Of course. I'm just not sure what it is.

Tad: Mm-hmm, that's what I thought. Ok, short story -- old King Gordius was the big kahuna of this kingdom called Phrygia, right? So the myth has it that he tied this knot. It was so intricate, it was so complex that whoever came along and untied it would rule all of Asia. Big mystery, nobody can do it, until Alexander the Great shows up, ok? Now, he takes a look at this thing, thinks to himself for a minute, pulls out his sword and cuts it clean in half. Clever, right? That's why thousands of years later nobody's sitting around writing textbooks about a guy called Al the Mediocre. Big problem, bold solution, problem solved.

Krystal: So you think all the answers to our problems can be solved by whacking old Gordy's knot?

Tad: Mm-hmm, something like that.

Krystal: Whose sword are we going to use?

Tad: A nice, clean, sharp elopement.

Aidan: So you want to tell me why you are sneaking into Ryan's room?

Kendall: Aidan, will you just back off?

Ethan: Just looking to see how he was getting on.

Aidan: Well, try asking. It's a lot smarter than sneaking into a room that's marked off limits.

Ethan: I did. This place is so full of double talk, so I figured I'd look in on him myself. What's the big deal?

Aidan: And all you're going to see is a guy who's hooked up to a lot of machines. That's just not going to tell you much, other than he's breathing.

Kendall: There's nothing to tell, Ethan, except that Ryan is still in critical condition. Isn't that right, Anita?

Anita: Yeah, he's unconscious. Critical but stable is what we call it.

Ethan: Thank you, ladies. I appreciate being treated like a human being.

Aidan: Oh, why don't you just stay for a bit? Let's have a chat. Why don't you tell me the real reason of why you're here.

Kendall: No, just cut him a break, ok?

Anita: Aidan, why would he lie?

Aidan: Well, why wouldn't he? He's got a lot at stake. Ryan kicks the bucket, this guy inherits his billions.

Ethan: You're missing out a rather large "if." If I can prove I'm a Cambias.

Aidan: Well, it would be a lot simpler if Ryan's not around to disprove it, and that's why you're here -- to finish off the job.

Kendall: Wait, hold on a second. You think Ethan's to blame for Ryan being in here?

Aidan: Now that you come to mention it, yeah.

Kendall: No, no, no, no, no. See, I thought I was the unanimous winner of the "Who pulled the trigger" contest.

Aidan: Well, the jury's still out on who loaded the gun.

Kendall: No, you can't have it both ways. Either I'm guilty of wanting Ryan dead or there's tons of Cambias wannabes. Make up your mind.

Ethan: Let it go, Kendall. I'm not interested in this guy's crazy conspiracy theories.

Kendall: I can vouch for Ethan. He's a decent guy.

Aidan: Really? And who's going to vouch for you?

Kendall: Get me away from him.

Krystal: Who exactly do you picture eloping?

Tad: Me and Winifred. Who'd you think?

Krystal: Well, first of all, you don't have a ladder, and I don't have a daddy with a shotgun who hates your guts, so --

Tad: Krystal, I know exactly what you're doing, because I used to do the same thing all the time. I just had no idea how annoying it is.

Krystal: What, you try to have a conversation with a crazy person?

Tad: No. Whenever I get to close to the bone, you all of a sudden get all cute and adorable because you want to let the air out of my balloon. Well, forget about it, because this balloon is going to take off. Ok? Come here. Sit down. I am going to make my case as to why rushing into marriage would be advantageous for both of us.

Krystal: Well, I can't promise you anything.

Tad: It's all right. By the time I'm done, you'll probably be speechless anyway. In the first place, I offer exhibit A -- the reluctant bride, clearly reticent to accept my deeply heartfelt proposal of matrimony. Now, the question is why. Now, after looking around and adding two and two together, the only thing I can come up with is you're afraid of something. You're afraid of some secret leaking out. You're afraid it's so devastating you think it would tear us apart, which is ridiculous. I mean, no matter how hard I argue I want to be lawfully wed to you, you just keep digging in your French-manicured toenails into the mud, as beautiful as they may be, because you think the whole case is pointless. Well, guess what -- I refuse to accept defeat. Resistance is futile. I mean it. I'm going to cut that knot in half, and I'm going to start by amending my original proposal. So you think about this, ok? If you take me to be your husband, none of your fears will be relevant, because not only do I agree to love and honor you as only I can do, you can tell me anything. Anything. You could confess anything with complete impunity, because they couldn't make me testify against you. It doesn't matter how much bamboo they threaten to shove under my fingernails, ok? The fact is there's nothing you could tell me that would change the way I feel about you.

Krystal: It's a lot to ask.

Tad: You're not asking. I'm offering. And I'm insisting. You can tell me anything. It doesn't matter what David told you to put the brakes on your "I do" or what's going on with Babe. Honestly. Talk to me. Better yet, just say yes. I'll call the judge right now and we'll get him over here right now and start working on the happily ever afters. Well, I got to tell you, so far I'm underwhelmed by your reaction.

Krystal: I haven't said anything yet.

Tad: You don't have to. You're busy thinking, I can tell. Those luscious lips are working overtime trying to come up with something to let me down easy, right? And they got that look they get on them when they're about to inflict emotional damage. Here I sit like a fool, caught in their pucker, all my defenses down.

Krystal: Tad, I don't want to hurt you, not ever, which is why I'm asking for some more time. I know it's a lot to ask, and I understand if you won't.

Tad: Do I have a choice?

Krystal: You got to stop pushing me for answers. Don't expect me to tell you everything.

Tad: For God sake, woman, what did you do, kill someone? I mean, this is obviously more than about David, or Babe. But whatever it is, why don't you just trust me? It would make things a lot easier.

Krystal: I have to wait until Babe settles her own life, and then I'll give you my answer --

Tad: Oh --

Krystal: I promise. Look, let's just keep that Gordian knot tied up nice and neat just a little while longer, ok? And then when it's over and done with, I promise you, I will sit down here and I will pour my heart out to you, if you're still willing to listen. And when I've told you all and if you still want me, then we can go and tie our very own Gordian knot in front of a judge.

Paul: I just wanted to see Bess for a minute, and then I would make tracks, and nobody would ever know. I mean, you're a doctor. I'm sure you've lost patients before.

David: You're comparing what exactly?

Paul: I carry around a lot of guilt about Bianca Montgomery's kid. I guess I just wanted to see the one I didn't lose.

David: And?

Paul: Well, I guess it doesn't help now, huh? Look, I got to go.

David: I got to tell you something, Paul. You must be real proud of yourself.

Paul: Yeah? For what?

David: The way you twist truth into something that barely resembles English. Don't worry, kid. I'm not going to rat you out. What reason would I have for doing that? After all, it was my granddaughter that survived. Only Bianca Montgomery has to suffer the unbearable loss of her child. Right?

Paul: Right.

David: So I won't let on that you were lurking around the boxwoods. Get the hell out of here.

Paul: Sure. Right.

Bianca: You know, J.R., I don't know what your father has to do with everything that's gone down, but I do know this. We promised each other that we would do better -- we wouldn't do to our kids what was done to us, and it's not too late. You have a choice -- right now.

J.R.: I'm doing what I have to.

Bianca: J.R., I thought you said that you were sick of Adam being such a control freak. So stop him. Don't let him. You don't have to let him run your life.

J.R.: My father's not running anything. This is about Babe and who she really is.

Bianca: I know who Babe really is.

J.R.: You think you know who she really is. Look, I said some harsh things the other day, and I feel that I should apologize for the things that I said. But the truth is you have no idea what this marriage is like. The Babe that you know and the one that I live with are not the same woman.

Bianca: J.R., I've become a pretty good judge of character.

J.R.: Well, don't feel bad. She's fooled a lot of people. She got a lot of people duped into thinking that I'm the bad guy and she's the poor little victim. I mean, God, Bianca, I would -- I would cop to it. But the truth is what's going on here -- Babe is the monster, not me.

Bianca: J.R., do you know that you're feeding me a pile of garbage, or are you actually starting to believe the things you say?

J.R.: It's the truth.

Bianca: Wow. I'm really sorry to hear you say that, J.R., I really am, because it's not too late. You can still go back to who you were. J.R., we've been really close. And I believe in you. I really do. And, hey, optimist that I am, I'm going to keep a beer on ice just in case. Babies don't know how to lie.

[Bess coos]

Bianca: It's a skill that we sadly develop later in life. Just look at her. Look at her, J.R. Bess is all about the truth. Try to see if you can find some way to honor that.

[Bess fusses]

Jamie: Ok, do your nails, make your calls. I'm going to stay here until you decide to come clean with me. And I will follow you wherever you go to make sure you're safe.

Babe: All right. Ok, fine, fine. You're right. I don't love J.R. anymore, and that's not why I'm with him.

Jamie: Thank God.

Babe: Well, how could I? Are you kidding me? I'd have to be the most stupid, self-destructive person on the planet.

Jamie: See, I knew it. I knew someone who could stage a lesbian affair had more tricks up her sleeve. So why do it? I mean, why pretend to make this marriage work?

Babe: My reasons haven't changed, Jamie. Everything I do -- it's for my baby.

Jamie: Ok. So what's next? What's your plan?

Babe: Will you just stop it, please? I have everything figured out. I just need you to let it go, ok?

Jamie: Ok. You got it. I'll just -- you know, hey, good luck with whatever it is. Oh --

Babe: Oh, here -- no --

Jamie: No, I'm sorry, I --

Babe: You -- it's ok.

Jamie: I'm an idiot. Sorry.

Babe: I'll take care of it, Jamie. Hey, Winnie? Hey, we just spilled something in the library here. Can I get some towels? Thanks. Ok, it's all taken care of.

Jamie: Great. So, I got to go. Thank you. And I'll call you. Talk to you later.

Babe: See you.

[Door closes]

J.R.: My father couldn't have disappeared off the face of the planet. Find out where Hayward hid him. He was mentioning something about a shipping crate. Have you checked with the freight companies? Well, do it.

David: Lose something?

[Bess fusses]

J.R.: You're going to fry for this.

David: Share the blame, Junior.

J.R.: Get out of my daughter's room.

David: Well, now, now, now, don't be unkind. I come bearing gifts. These brochures are for the three best funeral homes in the area. Trust me, I've researched them.

J.R.: You son of a --

David: Hey, hey, hey. Tender little ears. Now, I think it's safe to say that your father never gave much thought to funeral arrangements given the fact that he believed that he would live forever. But, you, Junior, on the other hand, you have a practical streak. So you might want to look at them.

J.R.: Bess is home, Babe's living where she wants to, and you win. You win. There's no need to be holding my father hostage any longer.

David: Actually, I have no direct knowledge as to where your father is, or who might be holding him against his will in a small, dark, plain wooden packing crate.

J.R.: Give him up, Hayward.

David: But I can imagine his captors wanting to use him as leverage just in case that, let's say in the future, you decide to torture Babe again or use her baby to punish her.

J.R.: Why don't you check them out, Doc? They're both fine. One big happy family.

David: Everything you've done was for the sole purpose of bringing Babe down. So you'll have to excuse me when I don't trust that all is well.

J.R.: Get out. Get out of my house, or I will call the police on you.

David: Here's a heads-up, Junior. If you hurt my daughter again, you or maybe even your father are going to pay 10 times worse.

Babe: Why won't everyone just accept what I tell them, let me live with my choices? Instead, I get bombarded with all these stupid questions.

Bianca: Well, you know, I can't speak for everybody else, but as somebody who loves you a whole lot, I just want to help you through this.

Babe: And I love you, too, Bianca. I really do. It's just -- I really need to do this on my own.

Bianca: You know, it wasn't so long ago, Babe, that you asked me to help you determine where your husband stood. And that's when we staged that whole you and me in bed together. And J.R. let you know exactly how he felt. And as if that weren't horrendous enough, then he took Bess and he hid her from you. And you knew exactly what you had to do.

Babe: I changed my mind.

Bianca: Ok. But why? And why leave everyone who would fight so hard for you completely out of the loop? And what did you mean when you whispered to me that there would be a happy ending?

Babe: Because there will be one. I know it.

Bianca: Meanwhile, you're still sitting on a secret, and obviously, you don't trust me enough to tell me.

Babe: No, no, Bianca. I will tell you. I just -- I just need a little bit more time. And then I promise you, I will answer all of your questions. Do you know what I wish sometimes? Sometimes I wish that I could be reincarnated as a whole nother person but I could still be your friend.

Bianca: Babe, where did that come from?

Babe: I don't know. Well, it's just then I'd be somebody else, a whole different person without a past to hide.

Bianca: Babe, if you came back as Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, and Sappho combined, I couldn't love you more.

Ethan: Kendall, I think you need to get some rest.

Kendall: I'll sleep when I'm dead. And I don't understand why Ryan isn't up yet. They got the bullet out ages ago. He should be awake and fending off the nurses by now.

Ethan: Look, ok? He made it this far. All right? Let's just assume that everything's going to be ok.

Kendall: No, it's not going to be ok, Ethan, all right? I pulled the trigger. Ryan's lying in there because I put him there.

Ethan: Ok, listen, I'm not without blame in this, ok? It was very kind of you not to mention the fact that I pushed you pretty hard when I found out you were Zach's killer.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you couldn't have done it if I didn't already have blood in my eyes, and you had no idea the gun was loaded.

Ethan: Still, ok? I should have talked you down instead of pointing you off in Lavery's direction.

Kendall: A little late for regrets. Besides, this is all about me, remember?

Ethan: We said it would be cathartic for you. You needed something -- release, revenge -- something. I don't know.

Kendall: Yeah, well, a sedative and a good night's sleep might have been a better option.

Ethan: I'm sorry that I didn't go with you down to the gazebo.

Kendall: Yeah, where did you disappear to that night?

Ethan: I took a walk. The whole evening was getting on my nerves.

Kendall: Yeah, but I thought that -- I mean, didn't you want to see me win? You were dying to watch Ryan fall.

Ethan: Your catharsis, not mine. And anyway, I didn't think that Ryan was going to fall.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I can't blame you for disappearing. You already saved my life once when you pulled me out of the water. I can't imagine I was company worth keeping.

Ethan: You were all right. You were ok.

Kendall: No. I was on the edge, and you know it.

Kendall: Ethan, I need you to be straight with me.

Ethan: I'll do my best.

Kendall: You saw me that night, you spent a lot of time with me, and I spilled every last gut to you. Was I capable of murder?

Anita: BP's holding steady. Ryan's temperature hasn't spiked since after the surgery, which means no infection.

Aidan: So what? We should just -- we're supposed to wait around and see?

Anita: The doctors are worried that he hasn't regained consciousness. What do you really think of this guy Ethan?

Aidan: Isn't it obvious?

Anita: No -- and what do you make of his story? I mean, do you think that he's a Cambias?

Aidan: I don't know yet, but that's what I'm going to find out.

Anita: But, I mean, aren't we supposed to be suspicious of Zach Slater? Isn't that who we're keeping our eyes on?

Aidan: Yeah, it is, but we think there's a connection between them.

Anita: Like what?

Aidan: I don't know yet.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: You'll excuse me. I've got to take this call. Hello. Yeah, go on. You're kidding me. Are you sure? All right, I got it.

Anita: Bad news?

Aidan: It depends whose side you're on.

Ethan: I like you, Kendall. Ok? I don't want to see you go to jail because of one stupid moment of poor judgment. Every day we have to live with decisions that we wished we had made differently. But this, for one night's craziness. What he drove you to, Kendall, I -- I'd just hate to see you have to suffer for this.

Kendall: Even though Ryan might die?

Ethan: Don't go there.

Kendall: So then you don't -- I mean, you don't care? What, you don't even care what Aidan said?

Ethan: I didn't do it, ok? I have no reason to worry, unless you think I should have.

Kendall: Well, we could just ask him. You here to get Ethan arrested?

Aidan: I've come with some very, very big news from the Pine Valley Police Department.

Tad: I got to go back.

Krystal: Back where?

Tad: Fork in the road.

Krystal: Tad, you're denting the wall. Stop it.

Tad: Well, I mean it. Somewhere along the line, I took the wrong turn, because here I stand with the woman I'm just crazy in love with and she won't close her eyes and trust me when I say that I mean every word I say. I can handle anything and everything.

Krystal: You didn't take the wrong fork, Tad. I did. And somehow it still led me to you. Which just rocks me down to the lining of my heart.

Tad: So what's the bad news?

Krystal: As much as it kills me to say it, Tad, the time just still isn't right for me to give you an answer.

Tad: Ok. Will I know when it is right?

Jamie: Oh, excuse me.

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Jamie: You didn't happen to notice a young blond woman about 5'6" in here yesterday who was saying she was lost?

Jamie: So Babe was here?

Waiter: Well, if that was her name. She was blond, pretty. Had a cup of coffee and got a map and directions back to Pine Valley.

Jamie: This doesn't happen to be your handwriting?

Waiter: Well, I don't know. Am I in trouble or something?

Jamie: Oh, no, no, no, no, not even close. Just did you see her talking to anybody else?

Waiter: Actually, yeah, I did. She was sitting down with Kevin Buchanan.

Babe: I cannot believe that Paul showed up here today. It's proof that my baby boy's alive.

David: Oh, no, no, no, no, wait a minute. Just because I caught him hiding in the bushes isn't proof of anything.

Babe: You know that I'm right. He's nervous. And it's not just because he lied and said that Miranda was mine. But then he could always -- he'd always lie and cover about that. That could be some mistake. He was confused or something, but stealing my baby boy -- how is he supposed to explain how his sister has my child? So how was he acting?

David: Nervous, confused, caught.

Babe: See? I knew it, I knew it, because the second that I met Kevin Buchanan and saw his little boy, Paul totally freaked out. He's feeling the pressure, David. And he thinks that I'm on to something -- and which I am. And that's the whole reason he showed up here today -- to see who I was telling and what I was going to do about it and see if he should start packing his bags to leave the country or not.

David: Look, I realize why it is that you want to believe this theory, ok? But you have to slow down.

Babe: I am telling you the truth, David. Come on. Please. And Paul showing up here today -- it totally confirms it. Can you just -- just admit that it's worth following the footprints to see where they lead?

[Bess fusses]

Babe: See?

David: Fine. It's worth following the footprints. After all, that's what fathers are for, right?

Babe: You swear?

David: On my honor -- for what that's worth. Don't worry. You take it easy, ok? I know how to get this done.

Aidan: It wasn't you.

Kendall: What?

Aidan: There was no way that the bullet they took from Ryan came from the gun that you used, which means the murder weapon was not the gun from Zach's game.

Kendall: No, but I -- I shot Ryan. I held the gun and I pulled the trigger, and there was a flash of light. I did it, Aidan.

Aidan: No. You didn't shoot Ryan. They were blanks, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I didn't do it. I -- I didn't do it. It wasn't me.

Aidan: So now we know that Kendall didn't shoot Ryan. But, you -- you sure as hell could have.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie: What really went down between you and Kevin Buchanan?

Kelly: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Krystal: I'm here to talk to you about your baby.

Kendall: I don't want to be your enemy, Greenlee. Please, just let me see Ryan.

Zach: What are you doing?

Ethan: Isn't it obvious? I came to finish the job.

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