AMC Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Tad hums]

Tad: Pray to God for that, boy. Whew, for a minute there, you know what I'm saying? Better safe than sorry. I'm going to be over here.

Jonathan: What happened? Is Ryan ok? Tell me my brother's all right.

Greenlee: We don't know. He's still in surgery. It's been hours.

Jonathan: This is crazy. How could something like this happen?

Jamie: Hello? Anybody here?

Babe: It's not like we're early. The guy was real clear about the time and the place.

Jamie: We'll wait.

Babe: Do you even think he's for real, Jamie? I mean, with all the posters that you and Tad have put up around town, anybody could call and say that they have information about Bess. What if this is nothing but some sick joke?

Man: It's no joke. I know where your baby is.

J.R.: Dad?

David: Good morning, Junior. Haven't heard from Daddy yet, huh? Do I look surprised?

J.R.: Shut up, Hayward. Get out of my house.

David: You know something? You might be right. By now, this could actually be your house.

J.R.: You know what? You might be sick and twisted, but you're not stupid. You care about your own sorry butt to risk a murder rap.

David: Who said anything about murder? I'm thinking your daddy dies from natural causes. Maybe heart failure, asphyxiation. Something unexceptional. That's a rather sad ending for a man who expected to live forever, don't you think? You can make this right, Junior. Give me back that baby. That would make me really happy. In fact, I would be so happy that I might welcome your father back with open arms when he comes waltzing into this house --

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

David: Under his own power.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You're definitely slime.

[David chuckles]

David: All right. Come on, Junior. Let's play nice. Where is that baby?

Tad: He doesn't know anymore. It's all right. Bess is safe. I found her.

J.R.: You're bluffing.

Tad: J.R., come on, it wasn't that hard to figure out. All it took was a little legwork. Or more specifically, a couple of emails and some phone calls. Just out of curiosity, though, whose idea was it? Yours or your father's? Because it wasn't the cleverest hiding place in the world, now, was it?

David: Is the baby all right?

Tad: Yeah. Bess is safe and sound somewhere where J.R. and Adam can't get at her. You started this little game of hide-and-seek. Now it's time for you to start counting, because you're it.

J.R.: It's just too easy, Tad. I know all your cheap tricks, and I don't buy you for a second.

Tad: J.R., at this point, I don't give a damn what you believe.

Greenlee: Make her leave. Get her out of here.

Kendall: I -- I just have to know how Ryan's doing.

Greenlee: You shot him. That's how he's doing. Get out of here. You don't belong here!

Kendall: No -- no, listen to me. I just -- I just have to know if he's going to make it, or -- or what.

Greenlee: Why, so you can dance on his grave?

Kendall: No, no. God, no.

Greenlee: You tried to kill him.

Kendall: No, I didn't -- no, I didn't mean it. I thought -- I didn't know the gun was loaded.

Greenlee: I saw your face. You knew exactly what you were doing.

Kendall: No.

Jack: All right, look, this is not the time or the place. Listen to me. Not the time or place.

Erica: Oh --

Jack: Why is she here?

Erica: She got away.

Greenlee: She had to see if her plan worked. She shot him, and she needed to see if he was dead. She -- I don't want her anywhere near him. Why is Kendall here? Why isn't she being arrested for trying to kill my husband, you murdering bitch!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jonathan: We'll deal with it, Greenlee, I promise, ok? But Ryan needs us. We got to stay calm. Come here. Come here.

Kendall: Jack, I didn't know. I swear, I thought they were blanks. Oh, God.

Bianca: Ok, Kendall, come on. Come on.

Erica: It's a nightmare, Jack. Just like last year. It's another nightmare come to life.

Kendall: Bianca --

Bianca: I know. I'm right here.

Kendall: What did I do?

Bianca: I told you, it -- it was an accident. It was just an accident.

Kendall: No, but when -- when I pulled the trigger, I wanted it done. There -- there -- there's this moment -- I remember this moment so clear, and -- and there was this moment I wanted Ryan dead.

Bianca: You didn't mean it.

Kendall: No, I -- I knew it was just a game. I knew that, but -- but I -- I thought maybe I could stop hurting. I -- I hurt so much, and I thought maybe if -- maybe if -- maybe if he was gone, it would stop and I would be free. I don't know. I know, it's horrible. It's horrible. It's -- it's evil. It's a very evil thought, but I -- I remember it. I remember feeling it. I could -- I could see it. It was like this -- this flash that just burned in my eyes. Like the flash of -- of a gun. Oh, God -- oh, God, Bianca, what -- what did I do? How did this happen? Am I losing my mind? Am I going crazy? I don't know. Did I -- did I really try to kill Ryan?

Tad: David, I'd like you to come with me. I think the baby needs to be checked out.

David: I'm there.

J.R.: Bess doesn't need a doctor. She's just fine.

David: You better hope she's fine.

Krystal: Babe and Jamie aren't here? I've checked everywhere else in the house -- in the gardens, and they're nowhere, Tad.

Tad: No. No, they're probably with Bess. I sent them to see her. They're most likely waiting for us right now.

Krystal: Oh, my God -- you found her? Oh, Tad, thank you!

J.R.: Ho-ho.

Krystal: Oh.

J.R.: You're such a liar!

Tad: You just keep telling yourself that. You'll know soon enough.

Babe: Where's my baby? Please, I have to know.

Man: When I'm ready, hot stuff.

Jamie: Shut your mouth and tell her where her baby is.

Babe: He doesn't know. You don't even know, do you?

Man: Chill. Of course I know.

Babe: What do you want? You want money, right? I'll pay you. How much?

Man: Little baby's daddy's loaded, you know? So I'm thinking maybe it's him I should be talking to.

Babe: No.

Jamie: You can't talk to Babe's husband.

Babe: Not ever. He's ruining my life. He can never be a part of the baby's life again. Here, this is all that I have now, but I'll get --

Jamie: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. How do we know you can deliver?

Man: Little girl's wearing white jammies with circus animals on them. She got a blanket with pink and blue squares. Am I right?

Babe: That's her favorite blanky. And she was wearing those jammies. But J.R. has to be out of it, understood?

Man: No, this -- this isn't really going to be enough. I mean, I'm running a big risk here, and you being so desperate and all, I think it's going to have to cost you a lot more than this.

Jamie: Now, listen here, lowlife. If you're scamming us or you don't hold up your end of the bargain, I will personally hunt you down and make you sorry you crawled out from whatever rock you lived under. Now tell the woman where is her baby.

J.R.: Yeah, we'll see who's lying. Yeah, it's me. Is Bess there with you? Oh, she is? Good, good. No, no, no, there's nothing to worry about. Beverly, have you seen my father or heard from him? Well, just -- if you do, tell him to call me right away. All right, thank you. Oh, and, Beverly, can you kiss my angel for me? Thanks. Looks like you lost your touch, Tad. What kind of feeble attempt was that?

Tad: It was worth a shot. I was kind of hoping you'd slip up like your father did when you were a baby. And it was fun watching you sweat.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: Well, there might be some similarities from back then to now. But the only difference is this mother's unworthy, and you don't get to play white knight like you did with my mother.

Krystal: Thanks for trying, Tad.

J.R.: Oh, come on, I knew he was bluffing when he said it wasn't a good hiding place. It's the very last hiding place you can think of.

Tad: J.R., you know as well as I do a judge is going to make you give the baby back within the week, so why do you insist on torturing everybody?

J.R.: Well, Tad, maybe I like to see you sweat. Just in case you were thinking about hitting redial.

David: Way to blow it, Tad.

Tad: Well, it was worth a shot.

David: J.R. came this close to coming clean, and then you had to come in with nothing in your hands but your --

Krystal: Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a minute. Now, if this was a scam, then where are Babe and Jamie?

Tad: Don't look at me. I don't know.

Man: Easy, Popeye, the kid's safe.

Jamie: Where?

Babe: Jamie, please!

Man: You don't need to know, ok? I'll get her, and I'll bring her back here.

Jamie: Ok, why can't we all go?

Man: Because you'd never get through. The two of you just chill out. Wait for me till I get back with your baby.

Jamie: Why should I believe a word you say?

Man: Tell me how you have a choice.

Jamie: All right, no double-cross.

Babe: Please, just be careful with her. Just keep her safe. Oh, God. Jamie, could he even be for real?

Jamie: I wish I knew. There's just something -- it's the best shot we have right now.

Jonathan: It doesn't make any sense. When I left the casino, everyone was getting ready for some big dinner thing that Slater was putting on. Everyone was fine, and now my brother's lying in --

Greenlee: Jonathan, Ryan is not going to let a little thing like a bullet get him.

Jonathan: Whose idea was this stupid game?

Greenlee: Zach Slater.

Jonathan: How did it get so wacked?

Greenlee: You know Kendall. The game wasn't exciting enough for her, so she had to make it real. I swear to you, Jonathan, Ryan's going to make it. He has to.

Jack: Oh, I certainly wish you could have kept Kendall from coming down here. It's not helping one little bit.

Erica: Well, she had to find out how Ryan was. We all do. Oh, God, Jack. I am so worried about him. I am so afraid.

Jack: Why would Kendall do such a thing? I mean, how -- what made her so hurt and angry that she would actually pull a trigger?

Erica: Stop right there. You know that this was just a terrible, terrible accident.

Jack: Well, I know that's what we'd all like to believe, yes.

Erica: I do believe it. Kendall didn't try to -- to kill Ryan. Kendall's not capable of that.

Kendall: I don't want him to die.

Bianca: Oh, I know that, Kendall.

Kendall: No, I want him to live. He has to live! I just -- I just want him to be happy, even -- even if it's with Greenlee. I don't care. I just -- that's the truth, Bianca. He just -- he has to live. And Greenlee's wrong. She's wrong about me. I don't want to dance on his grave. I don't want to be the -- the horrible, evil person that everyone thinks I am.

Bianca: You are not evil.

Kendall: No, they all need to know that I didn't -- I never wanted this to happen. I never meant this to happen. They need to know that, especially Ryan. He has to know that I want him to live! I don't know what to do! I need your help!

Bianca: It's ok, it's ok. Everything's going to be ok. He's going to know. We're going to make sure he knows. Everything will be ok, Kendall.

Jonathan: I still don't understand how a stupid game got so out of control. What did Ryan think was really going on? I mean, did he know Kendall was up to something?

Greenlee: Not for a second did he think that those bullets in that gun were for real. I mean, he thought the game was safe. How could it go wrong?

Jonathan: Kendall -- how was she acting?

Greenlee: Well, you know Kendall. Obsessive-compulsive stalker, and she'd been getting worse all night.

Jonathan: Like how?

Greenlee: She threatened me. I won't even mention the fact that she blackmailed some guy to seduce me. I mean, she was after both of us, me and Ryan. Hmm. I thought she was just trying to torture us, not finish us off for good. I warned Bianca, tried to get her to help her sister.

Jonathan: What did Bianca say?

Greenlee: Bianca and Erica both -- one word of criticism about Kendall and they close ranks.

Simone: Oh, my God. I came as soon as I heard. Is he ok?

Greenlee: We don't know.

[Simone sighs]

Greenlee: He's still in surgery.

Simone: How in the world did Kendall get ahold of a loaded gun? I -- how are you? Is there anything I can get you? Do you want me to call anyone?

Greenlee: Uh -- no, I can't think. How's everything at the office?

Simone: Uh -- ok, well, here's the thing, my sweet friend. Even if I told you that the building was crumbling and the roof was on fire, you wouldn't remember. So here's the deal, ok? I'll take care of the office, and you take care of yourself and Ryan.

Greenlee: It's ok, Simone. Because, you see, when Ryan wakes up, he's going to ask about the office. So is the roof on fire and the building crumbling?

Simone: Well -- well, you're wrong about one thing. When Ryan does come to, he's going to ask first for you, and then second, for a double cheeseburger with fries. Eventually, he'll come around to asking about the office. But all right, ok. So there's one small, little glitch with some of the perfume bottle tops, that's all.

Greenlee: Not the Enchantment signature fragrance.

Simone: Yeah -- the bottles are going to be shipping on schedule, but the tops to the perfume bottles were cut wrong. Can you believe that? The -- the necks are too wide.

Greenlee: Well, what's the make-good on them?

Simone: Well, I've negotiated a pretty good price reduction, and they're rushing the manufacturing. But unfortunately, we're really coming close to our rollout date.

Greenlee: Well, they've never done anything like that before. They never mess up like that.

Simone: Well, it's ok. Don't worry. I'm taking care of it. I have it handled. Enchantment perfume will ship out and hit the stores as planned. Ok? So just, please, will you just call me when Ryan's out of surgery?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Simone: Ok. And if you need anything, I've already been praying, and I'm going to go to the chapel right now, too, ok?

Jonathan: Thanks, Simone.

Simone: All right.

Erica: How can you turn on Kendall now?

Jack: I don't know what to believe. I mean, we all saw her with a gun in her hand. We know she pulled the trigger.

Erica: Someone set my daughter up. They used her -- her fragile emotional state to get to Ryan. I mean, you have to believe that.

Jack: Did she say anything to you that might explain how this all happened?

Erica: Well, now, is that Jackson Montgomery the lawyer speaking? Or perhaps the protective father of Greenlee? I don't know if I should say anything to either one of you.

Jack: Oh, come on, Erica, please, we're on the same side here.

Erica: No, I'm serious. I am serious, because I sure don't want to put you in a position of having to choose between Greenlee and Kendall. I'm not going to let you sacrifice my daughter for yours.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you really think I would do a thing like that?

David: Well, you may have blown the best chance we had, Tad.

Tad: What's he whining about?

Krystal: The mad doctor has J.R. convinced that he's got Adam on ice somewhere and that he's going to stay put until Bess is back in her mama's arms.

Tad: You kidnapped Adam?

David: Why, you want to join him?

Krystal: David has him stashed.

David: Allegedly.

Krystal: Allegedly stashed. Where, in a packing crate, is it?

David: Hypothetically speaking.

Tad: You know, as far as I'm concerned, you're walking scum. I mean it. You got the moral fortitude of a stick insect. But this Adam-in-the-box idea, I really like.

David: Yeah, well, thanks to your brilliant strategy, we're back to where we started.

Tad: No, we're not. Not at all. J.R.'s not as clever as he'd like us to believe. Apparently, neither are you, because you don't listen. He just told us where he's hiding Bess.

David: Hey, if you know where Bess is hidden, then spill it. I'll go get her.

Tad: Oh, yeah, what are you going to do, ride in on your black horse and chemically castrate everybody? Unlike nailing somebody in a packing crate, this is going to take a little finesse.

David: Oh, wonderful. Then you're at a great disadvantage, aren't you?

Tad: Why don't you just slime your way back to the castle? You and Igor can try to resurrect your dead conscience, ok? I got work to do. I'll take care of Bess.

David: Oh, yeah, that's what I'm going to do -- not!

Tad: Go home.

David: Forget it. Let you fall on your face once again trying to save the world?

Tad: Fall on my face?

Krystal: Stop it, for God's sake! Boy, the last time I saw two boys fight like this was the quarterback and the tight end my junior year behind the bleachers. And that's already too much information. My point is that when this is over, you two can beat each other senseless, but unless you can work together to bring Bess home, then I'm going to make you regret that you woke up this morning. You got me? Now, what do you have?

Tad: What do I -- you were standing right there. You both heard him talking about, you know, how it's the last place I would ever think to look.

Krystal: I heard it, but I don't get it.

Tad: Well, I do. Unfortunately, I can't get my hands on Bess unless -- and God help me, I never thought I'd hear myself say this -- Hayward, I need your help.

Jamie: Bess will be in your arms again before you know it. You'll see.

Babe: You don't know. I have made such a mess of things. I thought that what I was doing was right for everyone, but all along, I just -- I knew it was wrong. Want to know what my solution was?

Jamie: What?

Babe: Cupcakes with pink frosting. I thought that -- I wanted to learn how to bake, so I thought that I could turn that place into this real happy home if it smelled like one. How lame is that? Like pink frosting can make all these lies go away.

Jamie: It wasn't your fault.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: I'm not that innocent, Jamie. I've hurt a lot of people that I care about, and it's not even over.

Jamie: Don't do this to yourself, Babe. You're the one who was hurt. You gave J.R. your love and your trust, and he took them like a hostile takeover. He betrayed you, not the other way around. J.R. betrayed everyone.

Babe: I'm really sorry that he hurt you.

Jamie: Don't beat yourself up about that one. You're going through enough.

Babe: It's just that when I finally want to do the right thing, it's like something else just blows up in my face.

Jamie: It'll all work itself out, Babe. I swear. You have to trust in that. See, there it is. You know, that's the first thing I noticed about you that night on the beach -- your smile. Whenever I drive past that spot on the shore where we met, I think about that night and your smile. It lit up the sand like the sunrise. Keep smiling, Babe. Before you know it, Bess will be with her mother again.

Bianca: Kendall, last night you blamed Zach Slater for what happened to Ryan.

Kendall: Yes. This whole thing was his idea. He told me to follow the directions -- the game, the rules. He made me the murderer. He told me to get the gun, shoot, and kill Ryan.

Bianca: Did you check the gun before you fired it to make sure that it was loaded with blanks? Why -- why would Zach want you to kill Ryan?

Kendall: I don't know, but he was watching.

Bianca: What do you mean? Zach was there when you pulled the trigger?

Kendall: No, he was watching everything. He's seen everything. He's got these monitors in his surveillance room. He's got cameras and microphones everywhere.

Bianca: Well, I knew that Zach had some surveillance equipment, because he used it to help Babe. How do you know about that?

Kendall: Well, I -- I had to talk to him about something. He made me a promise, and I had to make sure that he kept it.

Bianca: What promise? Kendall, tell me.

Kendall: He -- he promised me that Ryan would get what he had coming.

Jonathan: Kendall. She's been trying to destroy Ryan for months. Everyone knows about it. I just never thought she'd be twisted enough to try to kill him.

Greenlee: Maybe she snapped. She knew.

Jonathan: She knew what?

Greenlee: Ryan and I -- we finally told each other how we felt. We're in love for real. He was so sweet when he told me. He even carried me over the threshold. When he gets better, we're going to make up for everything, including the best honeymoon ever. I mean, you're not surprised. I mean, he said he told you how he felt.

Jonathan: Yeah. He's got it bad, Greenlee. You -- you kind of took him by surprise. He -- he didn't know how you felt, so he was going to wait till, you know, the time was right.

Greenlee: I'll tell you how I felt -- like I was in a dream. My God, I thought, "Please don't let me wake up and have this not be true." And then when he convinced me it was for real, my -- my hands started to shake, my knees got weak, and it felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

Jonathan: And that was a good thing?

Greenlee: I've wanted it since the day we got married. Every time Kendall would sabotage us -- maybe when she found out that it was for real she couldn't deal.

Jonathan: Poor Kendall. It's my turn to deal.

Erica: You're right, Jack. I'm sorry. I know, of course, you wouldn't sacrifice Kendall for Greenlee.

Jack: Of course I wouldn't.

Erica: I'm just so worried about Kendall and Ryan. I mean, God, please let him live. I don't know what any of us will do if he doesn't make it.

Jack: Are you so sure that this was an accident? Because I'll tell you what I think. I think somebody intentionally put that bullet in that gun, made sure that gun ended up in Kendall's hand, and then gambled that she would do exactly what she did.

Erica: And now Ryan is here, fighting for his life.

Jack: If he's gotten this far, he will pull through.

Erica: But it's crazy. I mean, everything was going so well. We were becoming a family again. We were healing. How did this happen?

Jack: I don't know. But I guarantee you I will find out.

Orderly: You can wait in here, Doctor.

David: How long should this take?

Orderly: This isn't standard operating procedure, so Dr. Beeman will have to figure out how to handle it.

Krystal: Did you hear that, sweetheart? The nice man says that we can wait here in this room until the doctor sees you.

Tad: Get your hands off me. Stuck like a rabbit in a trap. They're here, aren't they? Hmm? Mm-hmm, oh, yeah, you've seen them. It's all right. You can tell me the truth. I know because they're everywhere, and they're just taking over, trying to pass themselves off. But I know the secret. See, they haven't got any eyeballs. No, no, they use glass, and it looks real, you know? It looks real -- until they take them out. Till they take them out, and then you know what you see when you stare straight back through the back of their skull? Hellfire, baby. Pure, unadulterated hellfire. Hmm. What's that?

[Tad hums]

Tad: Pray to God for that, boy. Whew, for a minute there, you know what I'm saying? Better safe than sorry. I'm going to be over here.

Krystal: This is one of his good days.

Orderly I'd better go find Dr. Beeman.

David: Sounds like a great idea.

Tad: Whoop! Whoop!

David: All right, I'm convinced. You're out of your freaking mind.

Tad: Like you'd know the difference.

David: All right, explain to me once again -- why am I sticking my neck out for an insane man's hunch?

Tad: Why do you always have to be such a downer?

Krystal: Wait, wait, wait --

Tad: Why can't you say something righteous?

Krystal: Rein it in, all right? Now, listen, if Tad thinks that they've got Bess stashed here, then we've got to give it a shot.

Tad: Give it a shot? I'm telling you -- listen, Adam's made so many contributions to this place in the last few years, it's practically his own private fort. It makes perfect sense, you know? It's secret, it's discreet, it's, like, impregnable.

David: Yeah, and such comfy walls.

Tad: You -- you were there. You heard J.R. talk about the similarities between now and when Adam staged a full-frontal assault against Dixie. Let me tell you something -- I tricked J.R. into coming here for a little do-it-yourself shock therapy. I was going to try to show him what he was becoming. Huh -- little did I know, when he waltzed in here, he was practically whistling, all ready for a meeting with Pop. If we're going to find Bess, we got to start thinking like a Chandler.

Krystal: Oh, God help us.

Tad: And this is the only place that keeps coming up over and over for me. Ix-nay.

[Tad hums]

Dr. Beeman: Dr. Hayward?

David: Yes. Dr. Beeman, thank you so much for seeing us.

Krystal: Oh, thank God you're here.

Dr. Beeman: What can I do for you?

David: Thaddeus Murphy is a patient, and I'd like him admitted for evaluation. Paranoid delusions and possible schizophrenia.

[Tad mumbles]

Dr. Beeman: You're a cardiologist, aren't you, Doctor?

David: Yes, I am, which is why I brought him to you.

Dr. Beeman: Well, I'm sorry, but we need a preliminary report by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist before we can admit a patient for evaluation. I'm afraid I have to ask you all to leave. Immediately.

Krystal: This is crazy.

Tad: Yes!

Krystal: No -- no offense, sweetheart, but my husband is a very sick man.

David: All right, perhaps I haven't made myself clear here. Mr. Murphy is a danger to himself, as well as the people around him.

Tad: As if! You can't believe him, Doc. No way. He's one of them, and I can prove it. I can prove it. Take out his eyes. Go ahead -- whack him on the back of the head. They'll just dance all over the room like runaway gumballs, you know? Pure, unadulterated evil. Hellfire, that's all you'll find.

Dr. Beeman: I'm sorry, Dr. Hayward.

Krystal: Are you deaf? Listen to him! He's going on and on about eyeballs! He's scaring the pants off of me. He needs help!

Tad: Here you go! She's one of them. She's fading, baby. She's under his sway. He wants to have me locked up so -- so he can convert her, turn a new one up, but they don't have sex like regular people. Nah, it's the eyeball thing, baby --

David: Dr. Beeman, please, you're a licensed psychiatrist. I'm sure that you're qualified to sign the necessary papers. I mean, couldn't this possibly be one of those moments where cutting through the red tape makes all the sense in the world?

Tad: Red tape, there you go -- red tape! Yes, that's bad. That's right! That's where they keep -- they keep their eyeballs in when they're not having sex!

David: Mr. Murphy, please, just try to calm down, ok? This is a wonderful facility. They will take care of you, right?

Tad: Want to take care of you! You can't have her! She's mine! She's my wife! My wife! I want your eyes! Suck them out!

Orderly: Restraints in 5-B, STAT!

Dr. Beeman: Yes, well, I see what you mean!

Tad: Step on them!

David: Well, I hope you do!

Dr. Beeman: Yeah, I think we can bend the rules a little in this case.

[Tad growls]

Tad: You're mine. Mine! You hear me? Mine!

Babe: What? Jamie, tell me what you're thinking.

Jamie: I can't help it, Babe. I got this really bad feeling that somehow J.R.'s behind all this.

Babe: Why would J.R. set this up?

Jamie: I don't know. Why does J.R. do anything he does? Why'd he drug his wife, pin it on his brother, steal a baby? Maybe it's because J.R.'s one sick, sadistic piece of slime.

J.R.: You haven't heard from him, either? No. No one's seen him since the Seasons East Casino. Well, call me back if you hear anything.

Jonathan: You stupid whore. You're pathetic. You couldn't get to my brother by sleeping with me, so you decide to put a bullet in him? What kind of sick, twisted thing are you?

Bianca: Hey, hey! Stop it right now. Leave her alone. Look, you're upset about Ryan, and I don't blame you for that, but my sister is innocent. She wouldn't try to kill Ryan. She loves him. She's a victim in this mess, too.

Jonathan: Until she is lying in an operating room, fighting for her life, that's a little hard to swallow.

Bianca: Get out of here right now! I'm asking you nicely, before somebody does something they regret.

Jonathan: Kendall doesn't get off because you say so. If she had anything to do with it, I'll find out and make her pay for it.

Kendall: You know, he's right. He's right about everything. He's right about me.

Bianca: He is not right, Kendall. There's somebody else behind this whole thing, and I think I have a pretty good idea who it is.

Bianca: You know, I have to leave for just a little while.

Kendall: No, wait -- where are you going?

Bianca: Oh, don't worry, it's ok. Mom and Uncle Jack, they're going to be here with you.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Thank you. I love you.

Bianca: Oh. I love you, too.

Erica: Bianca, honey, where are you going?

Bianca: Just -- please, don't leave Kendall alone right now.

Jonathan: What? What -- God, Greenlee, what happened?

Greenlee: He made it through surgery. I just saw Joe. They got the bullet, and he's in recovery.

Jonathan: He's ok?

Greenlee: It's too soon to tell, but Joe said that Ryan's in critical -- oh, but he's alive, Jonathan! He made it!

Babe: He totally had me going!

Jamie: You want your baby back.

Babe: He's not going to bring her back, Jamie.

Jamie: Bess is safe. She'll be back with you before you know it.

Babe: You don't know that.

Jamie: Well, I know that J.R. would never hurt his baby. A judge will make him return her in a couple of days, and when you have her back, no one will take her away from you ever again.

Babe: When you say things like that, it almost makes me believe it.

Jamie: We'll make it come true. I'm telling you, Babe, when we decide something together, there's no stopping us.

Babe: The last thing I want to do is hurt you or our friendship.

Jamie: I'm here for you, I promise. As long as you need me, I'm there.

Tad: Now, would you do me a favor and get me out of this happy tablet letterman sweater?

David: Forget it. You finally look like you belong.

Tad: Don't even joke. Come on. I'm just happy to know that you can't just snap your fingers and have somebody committed.

David: Well, I'm happy to know just how crazy you really are.

Krystal: So, what now, eyeball master?

Tad: Well, this is the part where we jump out of the giant wooden horse and go find that baby.

On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: What do you want from us? Who are you?

Maria: I can tell you exactly who Zach Slater is.

Tad: Nobody's flipping the switch on this Christmas tree. Now just let me up.

David: And miss my one and only chance to Martinize you?

Babe: Time for the shocker truth about Bess' mama.

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