AMC Transcript Friday 8/27/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 8/27/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kendall: Oh, isn't this day amazing, or what? I mean, can't you just feel the energy?

Erica: You seem excited.

Kendall: I had a major epiphany this morning. You were right. Mother, all the games, me and Ryan -- they have to end. Over.

Erica: Well, that would be wonderful -- if it were true.

Kendall: I tried to be so upfront with Ryan last night, completely honest, but he just -- he shot me down. Look -- brutal proof that Greenlee does not deserve Ryan. Ryan has to know that. So that's why I need you, Mother. You have to make him see it.

Greenlee: Dibs on the shower.

Ryan: Wait -- Greenlee?

Greenlee: No, cutting, I called it.

Ryan: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, I know we said that we were going to hold off.

Greenlee: What, on our big talk?

Ryan: Yeah. I think we should bump it up.

Greenlee: To when?

Ryan: Now.

Greenlee: Like now now?

Ryan: Starting with what happened after I left you last night.

Zach: It'll be right here when you need it.

Bianca: Thank you -- for everything. You know, I bet when you offered to host this fundraiser, you didn't expect it to turn into a sting operation -- J.R. Chandler busted for the creep he really is.

Zach: I'm glad to be of service. People have to be brought to justice.

Bianca: Yeah, well, I don't know how much justice we got. I mean, now J.R. can just torture Babe to her face instead of behind her back. He's hidden their daughter from her.

Zach: That's an all-time low.

Bianca: I don't even think we've hit bottom yet. You know, I grew up with J.R. It's just hard to believe that somebody that I loved like a brother could do things that were so horrible.

Babe: Morning, sunshine. It's a brand-new day.

J.R.: Then why aren't you gone? Are you out of your mind?

Babe: And right by your side until you bring that baby home.

J.R.: I'm not into kinky -- hey, hey, hey!

Babe: Oh.

J.R.: Open these up, now!

Babe: Whoops -- there's no key.

J.R.: Game over. I have work to do.

Babe: Oh, no, no, no -- you have a baby to bring home and until you do, I'm your shadow. And as far as the bathroom goes, I really hope you can hold it.

J.R.: Winifred? Call a locksmith now. Problem solved, sweetheart.

Babe: Oh, you keep working on that smug little smirk of yours -- you're going to need it for the judge. My lawyer just filed a motion. The court is going to force you to bring Bess home.

J.R.: Oh, yes, the good old court system. How long is that going to take -- what, days? Weeks? Months?

Babe: You wouldn't dare keep her gone that long.

J.R.: But, Babe, it's for the good of our own daughter. All that anger, all that tension -- you've created an unhealthy environment. So until things calm down, it's within our daughter's best interests to stay away.

Babe: The judge is going to tell you to bring her home.

J.R.: And if that happens I'll comply, but until then, there's nothing that you can do about it.

Krystal: Did they find her?

[Krystal sighs]

Jamie: Tad and David are still looking. I'm sorry.

Krystal: No. Don't -- don't you dare apologize. After all you've done, I should be bowing down, bending backwards. All that time I spent wasted, doubting you.

Jamie: No, I mean, who can blame you? J.R. is slick. And who wants to believe that their daughter fell in love with the son of sleaze?

Krystal: Jamie, he promised her the world, only to yank it right away. I mean, you know him better than anybody. How could he be so twisted?

Jamie: I just know I can't let him go after Babe again. And I will do whatever it takes.

Krystal: Oh, wait -- wait a minute, super Jamie. Tad just hauled your wounded self back to the hospital. Did you get your superhero checkup?

Jamie: Yeah, the justice league told me to go kick Chandler butt.

Krystal: We could use 12 of you.

Jamie: Well, Dad's out looking. And David. I just hope they find Bess quick because the sooner that we can get her and Babe out of here --

Krystal: Do you think J.R.'s got some new moves to make her look like an unfit mother?

Jamie: I'd bet my cape on it.

Zach: One call and I can have my best people looking for Bess.

Bianca: Oh, actually, two of the best people already are looking for her and they're going to find her, but thank you.

Zach: Well, if you change your mind, you let me know.

Bianca: I will. You know, you're an interesting man, Zach. I mean, you barely know me, and you really don't know Babe and Bess at all, and yet, it's so clear that you want to help us.

Zach: Ah --

Bianca: This is amazing and don't -- and don't just shrug it off. I'm saying thank you.

Zach: All right. Then I'm saying you're welcome.

Bianca: But you still won't tell me why.

Zach: No. I don't know you well enough. But I do know you have a connection to that child.

Bianca: Yeah, it's incredible. You know, I always thought that the whole godmother thing was just a formality, tradition.

Zach: Hmm.

Bianca: But when I hold that little girl in my arms, look in her eyes, hear her coo, I feel really, really connected to her.

Zach: She's lucky to have you.

Bianca: Oh. No, it's the other way around -- I'm lucky to have her -- and Babe. You know, we were moms-to-be together -- you know, excitement, nerves, cravings. J.R. was -- was right there with us the whole time back when he and Babe were still in love. And we made a vow to each other that we would never make the same mistakes our parents made. We thought that we'd raise our kids together, go on family trips to theme parks, best friends -- all of us, for life.

Zach: And now?

Bianca: Now I can only think back to a time when Miranda was still safe inside me, and J.R. and Babe were -- were still happy because Miranda�s only with us in spirit. Babe and J.R. are only married on paper. Listen, all the things that we would've done differently -- what?

Zach: You're the one that's interesting. Just trying to figure you out, that's all.

Bobby: I just want to make sure you're driving safely, Mrs. Warner. Oh, because you were drunk with love when you left this morning. Oh, right, right, yeah. That -- that was me. Ok. Yeah. I love you. Ok. Bye.

Aidan: Private moment?

Bobby: Didn't stop you.

Aidan: Well, I can leave and come back if you like.

Bobby: I didn't see your name on the VIP list -- must've been an oversight. Ah -- sorry. Rules are rules.

Aidan: You and your boss are all about hospitality. I thought you'd welcome me with a nice, bright, shiny smile.

Bobby: Yeah, well, I'm not on the clock yet.

Aidan: So how about last night, then, when you were sneaking around your boss' office with a very married Greenlee Lavery?

Bobby: Greenlee and I are friends. And now, I have some more work to do.

Aidan: Oh, just one more thing, Bobby. This special entertainment that Slater has planned for the guests tonight -- what is it, exactly? And what's the big secret?

Erica: Kendall, how did you get that picture? I don't suppose they posed for you.

Kendall: Why not? Greenlee's shameless. She was with Bobby again last night. I haven't seen him yet today, but I'll bet you all my chips he didn't go to sleep lonely.

Erica: Ok. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me what are you doing with Bobby?

Kendall: No, see, Ryan wouldn't listen, either. I tried to show him this photograph, he barely even looked. I mean, can you believe how stubborn and blind some people can be?

Erica: Will you listen to yourself? Talk about stubborn and blind. You tried it, it didn't change anything, you have your answer. It's time to just move on, give it up!

Kendall: No, you can't want me to quit.

Erica: When it will only wound you, yes.

Kendall: You and I never give up. Ryan is mine, and there's no way Greenlee can have him.

Greenlee: Sorry. I'm useless without my shower. Some people need coffee, I need a shower. And coffee. How about I order up some room service, ok?

Ryan: Wait, wait -- Greenlee? Wait, wait, wait, no. Just come here, sit down. Sit, sit. Now, this talk is -- is long overdue.

Greenlee: Ok --

Ryan: I need to --

Greenlee: We really need to talk about --

Ryan: Go on.

Greenlee: You go ahead. I'm ready.

Ryan: Greenlee --

[knock on door]

Greenlee: It's ok. I can wait.

Ryan: Hey!

Jonathan: Hey.

Ryan: What is it?

Jonathan: Huge news.

Ryan: Can it wait?

Greenlee: Fabulous! I love news.

Jonathan: Ok. Ever since I lost the biotech firm to the Chandlers for you --

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Jonathan: Ever since I blew it once, I've been wanting to redeem myself and find another one, so this -- this is a small company with a major breakthrough in molecular machinery. It's so much better than the other one, and it's a killer bargain.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, this is a beauty on paper. I actually looked into these guys.

Jonathan: Oh? And?

Ryan: And the -- well, the beauty's only paper deep. It's a loser. I mean, way to be proactive. I'm serious. Maybe next time.

Jonathan: I put an option on it.

Greenlee: You what?

Jonathan: I wanted to get the jump on it, so I put an option --

Greenlee: Are you crazy?

Ryan: Whoa -- wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Maybe it's not so bad. Maybe there's a way that we can work this out.

Greenlee: No, no, no -- you know what? I don't think so. I don't think so -- not until you have the whole scoop on Mr. Proactive. Go ahead, Jonathan. Step up and come clean.

Kendall: Ryan adores you, Mother. If you talk to him, then he will listen.

Erica: Ryan may be very fond of me, but that doesn't mean that I can come between him and his wife.

Kendall: Don't ever call her that again. Look, Mother, Mother, we're talking about Ryan here -- my soul mate.

Erica: Kendall, listen to me. You and Ryan had your time together, and I know that you loved each other, but I can't help you do this.

Kendall: Mother, please --

Erica: Because you are just begging Ryan to reject you again, to hurt you again.

Kendall: No, no, this -- this is not just for me, ok? This is for Ryan and for you. Mother, if you do this for me, I will give you whatever I can. You want Enchantment back, it's yours. You want it, Mother. I know you want it.

Erica: Kendall, I want you to be happy. Every mother has a dream for her child and mine for you is that you find love, but not like this.

Ryan: Is there some secret that nobody's clued me in on?

Jonathan: Beats me. What's the password?

Greenlee: Don't do this, Jonathan. You already lied. Don't make it worse. Just get it over with.

Jonathan: Ok, I admit it. When I said I didn't drink out of the carton, I really did.

Greenlee: Tell him, Jonathan, about your background -- your credentials. Great. Make me do it for you. I know how much faith you have in Jonathan, but he lied. He doesn't have an MBA. He flunked out a year short. He deserves an executive position at Fusion just about as much as Santa Claus.

Babe: You can go and have that locksmith come out here and take these off.

J.R.: Yeah, with a chain saw if possible. Oh.

Babe: But I'm going to be right by your side. I am going to stick to you like a bad tattoo making your life one miserable moment after the other until you bring that baby back.

J.R.: Yeah? Well, I'm willing to suffer for my daughter's sake.

Babe: Look at you, acting all cool. But I'm getting to you. You want me gone? It's not a problem, but not without Bess.

J.R.: Why? So you can raise her the way Krystal raised you? Truck stops and cotton candy dinners?

Babe: You think I'll let her grow up like you -- spoiled, spiteful, and no heart at all?

J.R.: At least my daughter will have everything.

Babe: Your daughter? You think that she's all yours? Guess what -- she's not.

J.R.: My flesh, my blood, my baby.

Babe: You're just as sick as your daddy.

J.R.: Yeah? The man's a genius. He said I should've shuffled you off to the psych ward a long time ago. But, you know, you really are unstable. You better watch it -- they may pump you full of meds and tie you down to a bed!

Jamie: One more word and you'll be counting ceiling tiles in a hospital.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, but your lie isn't just hurting Fusion now. It's undermining Ryan at Cambias.

Jonathan: I screwed up, Ryan, huge -- like an idiot. Greenlee's right -- I should've told you, but this is exactly what I didn't want to see. I didn't want to look at you and see you let down.

Ryan: This actually isn't my "let down" face. This is my "it's cool" face. A lot of people get those two confused.

Greenlee: "Cool"?

Ryan: Yes. He embellished his resume -- I mean, that's a fine old tradition.

Jonathan: I lied.

Ryan: I have exaggerated plenty in my day, and not to make good for my brother. I had far, far less noble reasons.

Jonathan: I don't have an excuse. I just thought I'd -- thought I'd work my butt off. You were so proud about the Ivy League thing that -- I promise to take it like a man when you have to fire me.

Ryan: I'm still proud of you and nobody's getting fired.

Greenlee: Fudging your resume is one thing. Not having the guts to back it up --

Ryan: So we find a position better suited for his skills. He's aggressive, he's creative. He -- he's a go-getter, so it's up to me to put all that to use.

Greenlee: It's up to me to talk to you in private.

Ryan: Greenlee, I know this looks --

Greenlee: You know what? I've never used my position at Cambias to go against you until now. Ryan Lavery, you are making a huge mistake.

Bobby: I have no idea what Zach has planned for tonight. That's the truth.

Aidan: Are you and the truth all that close?

Bobby: You trying to push me here?

Aidan: If it'll get you to tell me about tonight, because something's going on.

Bobby: Like I said, I have no idea.

Aidan: That's too bad because this was your chance to prove to me that you're playing with the good guys.

Bobby: Meaning you?

Aidan: Well, it's too bad you can't tell the difference. And Anita has all that faith in you.

Bobby: Are you threatening me?

Aidan: Look, let me just give you a heads-up -- you do your job and do it carefully, and that goes for sneaking around with Greenlee or covering Slater�s tracks. Whatever mess you get yourself into, Anita does not need you dragging her down. Do not hurt her again.

Bobby: Stay away from my wife. You hear me?

Aidan: Give your boss my regards.

Zach: Reading people is in the job description. When I met you, I saw a loving, caring, remarkable young woman.

Bianca: High praise, I think.

Zach: And it bothers me that whenever somebody writes about this event, they mention that --

Bianca: That I killed Michael Cambias -- I know.

Zach: Does that get to you?

Bianca: Um -- something that I have to live with every day.

Zach: Well, just how you can't imagine that J.R. would be doing those things, I can't see a poised young woman taking another life.

Bianca: I didn't do it for sport or for fun. I -- it wasn't even revenge. It was self-defense. It made me sick to do it, so sick that I blocked it out for months.

Zach: But did you ever think that your delayed memory might have been wrong, that you didn't kill him?

Bianca: The night that I was raped was the worst night of my life. Taking my rapist's life was right up there with it because -- because that did something to my soul. And don't you think that if there were even the slightest possibility that it wasn't me, that I would've made absolutely sure?

Zach: I'm sorry.

Bianca: Look, I -- I'm very grateful for everything that you've done, and I -- I think that we can be friends, but this conversation --

Zach: It's upsetting you, I know, and I didn't mean for it to. It's just I'm -- I'm grasping at straws here. A lot of people wanted the man dead.

Bianca: You know, my mother and my sister were both in the room with me when my memories came back, and both of them tried to take the blame for what happened, and a lot of my friends allowed themselves to look very guilty, so that no one would be punished; but in the end, the gun was in my hand.

Zach: I can see how you would inspire that kind of loyalty.

Bianca: Yes, but it was my responsibility. Look, I really appreciate your concern. But what happened that night is a part of my life now, and there's nothing that you or anyone can do to change that.

Zach: You're very brave.

Bianca: I'm just realistic because nothing can change the fact that -- that Michael is dead. And nothing can change the fact that he raped me, and nothing will ever bring back the little girl that I lost.

Jamie: Way to follow through, Babe. Nice work with the cuffs.

Babe: Thanks.

J.R.: Oh. She use them on you, too?

Krystal: Hey, potty mouth, got a message from Winnie. The locksmith had an emergency. You're going to be cuffed for a couple of hours.

J.R.: It's called using a telephone book, Winifred.

Jamie: Hang up, drama king. Might as well break away from the bogeyman now, Babe. J.R.'s covered.

Babe: Hmm.

J.R.: Thank God!

J.R.: Is there any reason why you guys are still here? No, you know what? Don't answer that -- just leave.

Jamie: We got posters up with Bess' photo all over town -- train stations, airports, whatever. My dad's got all kinds of connections. He's checking them all out.

Babe: My dad, too. Hmm.

Jamie: Well, they'll cover all the bases.

Krystal: Yeah, legal or otherwise.

Jamie: And Bess will be with you soon. I know it.

Krystal: Yeah. Yesterday would've been fine with me.

Jamie: In the meantime, don't eat anything that comes out of this kitchen.

Babe: You think they'd really poison us? What am I saying?

Jamie: I'm sure J.R. and Adam have a special stash for occasions. But I've ordered lunch, so it'll be here soon.

J.R.: So kind, so considerate, so pathetically overeager. You've thought of everything, haven't you, Lancelot?

Jamie: Well, if you liked that one, you're going to love this -- I'm moving in.

J.R.: Well, will you be bedding down with Babe, as usual?

Krystal: Somebody hand me a stapler. J.R. needs help keeping his mouth shut.

Babe: Ignore him, Mama. He's so not worth it.

J.R.: Yes, Mama, listen to baby doll. I'm so not worth it. Here's a little tip, by the way, Jamie. You don't really need to do this whole hero routine. Babe's easy!

Krystal: I'm going to follow that slime wherever he goes.

Jamie: How you holding up?

Babe: I'm great. Fine. But Bess --

Zach: The last thing I wanted was to upset you.

Bianca: Oh, no, no, it's not you. All right, maybe it is a little bit you, but I was -- I was off-kilter before I walked in the door.

Zach: It's a strange place. You know, too much activity.

Bianca: Yeah, maybe that's it. I'm just tired. And -- and wired. I don't know. Itchy in my own skin. I can't really explain it.

Zach: Maybe it's time for you to head back to Pine Valley.

Bianca: Oh, no, no, that's not what I meant. Look, you've been so generous with your time and your money and your casino. There's no way that I'm leaving now.

Zach: You're drained, and I don't blame you for talking about Miranda all day.

Bianca: All right, maybe that's it, but the farewell dinner is tonight.

Zach: Go home.

Bianca: I have a speech to give.

Zach: Erica can give it, or Kendall. I'll get a car for you.

Bianca: No, no, no, no, no -- and miss the big entertainment?

Zach: It's probably not your thing, anyway, trust me.

Bianca: I -- I feel terrible skipping out.

Zach: A nice, soothing car ride home will be great.

Bianca: Sounds good. All right, all right, I'll take you up on it. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Kendall: No, no, you don't get it. I'm not surprised. No one does -- except me and Ryan. And he just -- he won't admit it, though.

Erica: Kendall, I want your happiness more than I can say. But I won't help you go after Ryan any more than you'd put a drink in my hand.

Kendall: You've gone to the other side. That's it -- you're -- you're cozy again with Jackson, so you have to coddle his darling daughter Greenlee. Well, way to keep your man, Mother. Turn your back on your own daughter.

Erica: This is not about Jack. And certainly not about Greenlee. I'm looking out for you, for your heart, for your future.

Kendall: You have everything that you want. You can afford to keep your hands clean. But what do I have? Tell me that.

Erica: Ok, I know it's not the same as having Ryan, but you have me, and you have your sister. You have people who love you. And when we see you this close to the edge, that is very scary. You said you were done with the games.

Kendall: I am.

Erica: Then prove it. Accept Ryan's decision and move on. Give up the anger. Give up the revenge.

Kendall: Oh, God, mother, you wrote the playbook on getting a man back. Operation -- snare Jackson. Not to mention the legions that came before him.

Erica: Ok, yes. I did play a lot of games in my lifetime. But I never found any kind of joy or peace in them.

Kendall: Ok, is this supposed to be recovery-speak? Because it makes me want to hurl.

Erica: No, as a matter of fact, this is reality-speak. Because I believe that even if you were to get Ryan back, that wouldn't make you happy.

Kendall: No, no, you're wrong.

Erica: No, I'm not. Because all this malice and all this -- this -- this game-playing -- this is never going to hurt them as much as it's going to hurt you.

Kendall: Well, if you believe that, then you've been doing it wrong. Now, if you don't mind, I need to take some time to think over what you've said.

Erica: Well, good. Why don't you come with me? Come on, Kendall. Let's go outside. Let's get some air. Let's get some perspective.

Kendall: Thank you for the advice, really, but I can handle it from here.

Ryan: Greenlee, you have no idea what it's like to grow up with nothing. Not just with nothing, but as nothing. That he knows what Princeton is, is like a miracle for my family.

Greenlee: He lied to you.

Ryan: And we didn't fill him in on the truth about our marriage for how long?

Greenlee: This is different. You're his brother, not some mark.

Ryan: Which is why I understand. Because I know what it feels like to want to be someone so bad that you'd do a lot worse than you lie on your resume. I mean, did you see his face in there? That was embarrassment and shame. I don't want to make him drown in that, not for one second.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Yeah?

Aidan: Ryan, you and I need to talk -- gazebo. I'm already there.

Ryan: I'm on my way.

Greenlee: You're going?

Ryan: I know -- I know you don't know what this is, but please, just trust me, and you'll understand, ok?

Jonathan: Ryan, I --

Ryan: Listen, I got to run. We're cool. Don't worry, you'll make it to the majors yet.

Greenlee: Well -- huh -- I guess that's that.

Jonathan: Why the hell couldn't you keep your big mouth shut?

Babe: You shouldn't even be nice to me.

Jamie: Well, now kind of seems like a bad time to be mean, considering your husband's a jerk and your daughter's missing.

Babe: The guy I should have listened to, I turned against. Among many other stupid things. Somebody should just smack me upside the head and keep on smacking.

Jamie: You know what? You're right. You beat all those dumb blonde jokes by a mile. I mean, thinking that the guy that swept you off your feet actually was in love with you. Believing the vows that he said in front of God and everyone. Putting your faith in a man who swore he would never hurt you -- yeah, you're a sucker.

Babe: You can't make me laugh.

Jamie: Well, I'll take that smile as a victory.

Babe: Go ahead. But you can wave this smile goodbye, because there's not going to be another one for a good long time.

Jamie: Babe, I know your world's caved in. And everything that seems to mean something is gone. But it'll be back -- your smile, your baby, your faith in love. They'll all be back. I'm here to make sure of that.

Greenlee: Did you just go off on me?

Jonathan: That was way, way out of line.

Greenlee: Tell me how you really feel.

Jonathan: I feel like a jackass. Between the lie and blowing up, I -- I just wish that you and I could have talked about this first.

Greenlee: We did. Back at Fusion. I said, "Gee, Jonathan, if you're lying about anything, why don't you tell the brother who trusts and loves you?" If you had just told him --

Jonathan: I'd choke before the words got out. I grew up knowing my dad considered me a loser, ok? The last thing I'm going to have is have Ryan thinking that, too.

Greenlee: Well, you heard him. He said it was cool.

Jonathan: Which means I'll have to work even harder. Look, I'm sorry about before. And I promise you -- I promise you that you're not going to regret keeping me on. Ok, so I'm sorry, boss. And I'm going to go now. And I promise you that I'm not going to buy any companies between now and then, ok?

Greenlee: Oh, God -- no offense, go away. Not now.

Bobby: We've got no choice.

Greenlee: Can we do this later?

Bobby: Not unless Kendall falls into a coma or accidentally burns those photos.

Greenlee: She's got other things on her mind, like my husband.

Bobby: Well, I can't have my wife finding out about this real deal that I just had with Kendall. And until I get those photos back, she can blow our lives to hell, ok? And I'm only telling you this because I'm going in.

Greenlee: In where, Kendall's room? What, are you crazy?

Bobby: Insanely desperate. It's only my entire life at stake here. She's probably got the entire place booby-trapped. Well, if I don't make it out, just --

Greenlee: You know what? You know what? Just -- give me the key. I'll take care of this.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Thank God you're still here.

Kendall: I thought that you said you wanted me to leave.

Ryan: Thank God you didn't listen to any of that, because you knew the whole time that my marriage to Greenlee was a joke. She's a liar and she's a cheat.

Kendall: Yeah, but you -- you said that you loved her.

Ryan: Maybe I was just trying to hurt you. Or maybe she conned me. But I -- I never loved her.

Kendall: But you kissed her. I saw you kissing her.

Ryan: How could I -- how could I care about her if I never stopped loving you? And I never will.

Aidan: All right, this guy has got all the photographs locked up. He's got surveillance.

Ryan: In a cabinet? It sounds like a shrine.

Aidan: Our friend has gone to lots of trouble to gather his collection, Ryan.

Ryan: So me, Kendall, Bianca, Erica, David --

Aidan: David, Adam, Jack, Palmer Cortlandt, Reggie, Maggie --

Ryan: Wow. Zach has got a knack for obsession.

Aidan: You want to care what the common denominator is?

Ryan: They all have a connection to Michael.

Aidan: Exactly one year ago today is when Michael Cambias died.

Babe: Thank you for being here with me.

Jamie: Ain't no biggie. They have cable.

Babe: You make me smile, and you keep me sane. That's pretty impressive.

Jamie: And I can see into your future. And I see more than sane. I see happy. That's why there is no way that we can let J.R. win.

Krystal: Choke on it.

J.R.: Well, guess you probably came to plead baby doll's case. Frankly, I don't care.

Krystal: J.R., it's Bess I'm worried about. If your feelings for Babe have changed, so be it. But it's not right -- it's not healthy to keep Bess from her mama. I mean, can't we work something out? If you just bring the baby home --

J.R.: My daughter, my call. And since Babe and I have reached a level of honesty, I believe that extends to you. So if I'm that sick of Babe, imagine how I feel about you.

Krystal: Well, I don't know if I'm annoyed or relieved.

J.R.: How about just be gone?

Krystal: There's still time.

J.R.: For what?

Krystal: To tell me where Bess is.

J.R.: Bye, Krystal.

Krystal: Ten, nine, eight -- spill it -- where is that baby?

J.R.: What's going on?


Erica: This has all been too much for you. I can see it in your eyes.

Bianca: Well, it did sort of sneak up on me.

Erica: You go home and get some rest. I'm going to cover for you tonight.

Bianca: You know, that would be a terrific sendoff if I couldn't tell how worried you are. And not just about me. What is it, Mom?

Erica: It's Kendall. She's spinning out of control again. And -- and I'm just afraid of what she's going to do next.

Greenlee: Kendall? Anyone? Tiger woman out for blood?

[Greenlee gasps]

Kendall: Don't you even bother screaming, Greenlee, because this is the end!

Zach: Finally. Thank you.

Ryan: Slater.

Zach: Mr. Lavery, how can I help?

Ryan: I just wanted to come in and tell you what a great job you're doing. Really, topnotch. Wonderful fundraiser.

Zach: Why are you here?

Ryan: Yeah, see? You're a sly devil. I knew I couldn't fool you. You want to tell me what's going on with these?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie: I have never regretted the night that I spent with you.

Krystal: Oh, God, I love you, Tad.

Zach: My life is not your business. Treat it like it is and you'll regret it.

Kendall: Everything that's happened to me is your fault! Now, if you disappeared tonight, we would all be better off.

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