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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/23/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Maria: This is incredible. I mean, really incredible. It's like stepping through time. This place is --

Zach: Our place, our time.

Maria: This is exactly, exactly the way it was -- everything. All of it's here.

Zach: No. There's one thing missing.

Maria: No, I mean, but you remembered every detail, every touch. You remembered it all. It's just -- it's amazing. I -- even the compass.

Zach: You found your way back without it. How's it feel?

Maria: I don't know, it's -- I don't know. It's strange, it's familiar, and -- I mean, this is -- recreating the casita, it's, like, really -- it's either very crazy or it's --

Zach: Or I love you that much.

Babe: This is crazy. My husband and I, we should be downstairs dancing, drinking champagne, but instead --

Bianca: Oh, no, no, no. No bubbly for you, Babe. Otherwise, J.R. will know that you're not really pregnant.

Babe: Yeah, and that was a big old bust, bringing the bun-in-the-oven line to see his reaction.

Bianca: Well, J.R.'s act is pretty convincing these days.

Babe: Bianca, is it an act? There are so many versions of J.R. floating around, I don't even know which one to believe anymore. And how am I supposed to believe? I need to know this. I mean, does my husband -- does he want to keep me in his life or does he want to kick me to the curb forever? It's just craziness.

J.R.: Hey, Babe. I've been looking all over the place for you. Hello, Bianca.

Babe: Hi, honey. I was looking for you, too. We just -- we came up here to freshen up. What's in the bag?

J.R.: Oh, this I got down at the little hotel gift shop. I just couldn't resist.

Babe: A pregnancy test. I --

J.R.: Yeah. Put me out of my misery, Babe. Let's find out for sure if we're having another baby.

Kendall: Sure you want out? You're much safer here with me.

Ryan: I would be safer strapped to a side of beef in a tank full of piranhas.

Kendall: That would be a lot less painful than having your soul slowly stripped away by your wife.

Ryan: I'm out of here.

Kendall: So am I, so why don't you follow me? Let's see what Greenlee's doing behind her hubby's back.

Ryan: I am not going anywhere with you.

Kendall: No, you have to. You have to know what you married.

Ryan: Know what, Kendall? Your sick plots, your revenge fantasies, the little tricks that you scraped together? My God, they bore the life out of me.

Kendall: Really? Ok, well, then -- then you don't seem to care if your wife is cheating on you right now?

Bobby: Don't, don't think of him. Greenlee, I want you.

Greenlee: No, no. No, uh-uh. Wrong, wrong. I'm not doing this.

Bobby: You were -- you were doing just fine.

Greenlee: I'm married.

Bobby: So's Ryan, but I didn't see him pulling away from Kendall.

Greenlee: I trust my husband. We don't know what they were doing.

Bobby: That kind of kiss leads to other things.

Greenlee: It doesn't matter what was on that screen. I won't cheat on my husband.

Bobby: Even though he'd cheat on you?

Greenlee: Ryan and I made a promise.

Bobby: And I'm sure he meant that promise at the time, but you get that itch, ok, and the only one who can scratch it for him, to get at all those places, is Kendall. I mean, the guy's -- the guy's never going to get her out of his system.

Greenlee: You know, I'm not so sure. Tonight on that gazebo, Ryan held me and he kissed me. He kissed me like -- like he had wanted to do it for a really long time.

Bobby: You're incredibly kissable. But for Ryan, maybe that's as far as it goes.

Greenlee: That's not the vibe I got.

Bobby: If it were me, I would grab you and I would hustle you into an elevator and press every -- every button from the lobby to the 33rd floor. Him? If he really loved you, if he really wanted you, he would've done the same.

Greenlee: Maybe I misread his body language. Maybe the kiss was just a kiss, and he's still got it bad for Kendall.

Bobby: Any guy who would have you in his arms and then let you go is hopeless. Not me. Greenlee, let me prove it to you.

Greenlee: No, until Ryan comes to me, and he tells me he wants out of this marriage, I will not break my promise. I'm staying faithful.

Bobby: You'll stand by him, even though he's broken his promise to you?

Greenlee: Yeah. I gave him my word.

Ryan: The chances of Greenlee cheating on me are about the same as you ever telling me the truth.

Kendall: Always so quick to defend the wife and condemn me. Well, you know the saying, "take a picture, it'll last longer"? Well, this intimate Bobby-Greenlee photo lasted right until we ran out of film. Then they had the decency to go inside before taking things further. Yep, the crazy kids, they're hooked on each other. In fact, they're here right now in this hotel. So if we hurry, we can catch them live and in person.

Ryan: You know what? You have hit an all-time low for the year, Kendall, and it's not even Labor Day yet! I trust Greenlee. This picture? Doesn't prove a damn thing.

Kendall: All right, you know what? Look. Look at this picture, huh? Does this look like a fake to you? Where were you when this picture was taken? Did your wife tell you about her new little hottie? No, I don't think so. You know, he drops by all the time. Funny, it's always when you're never home.

Ryan: You know what? Greenlee doesn't need me to sign off on her friends.

Kendall: This moment between Greenlee and Bobby, this looks like friendship to you?

Ryan: It means nothing. Until I talk to Greenlee about it, the photo means nothing.

Kendall: Oh, right. Ok, like she's going to admit to having a little toy on the side?

Ryan: You know, it's funny because Greenlee tells me the truth. She's kind of funny like that.

Kendall: You just have it all figured out, don't you? Greenlee can't do any wrong and I can't seem to do a single thing right. Well, you know what, this time you're the one who's wrong, Ryan. Why can't you see that? Why can't for once I be the one that you believe?

Ryan: There is only one thing that I want from you. I want you out of my life.

Kendall: That's because you still love me and you can't admit it.

Ryan: Love you? Actually, Kendall, you kind of -- you kind of frighten me, all your sick plots and your fascination with my marriage. If I wasn't here to support Bianca and to honor her daughter, I would slap a restraining order on you. So why don't you just back off already?

Kendall: If I have to rip your eyes open, I will, and I will show you that I'm right about your lying, cheating little wife.

Ryan: Kendall, I want you to get this. I just want you to get it. I want you to really listen, all right? Get it good. We're over. I love Greenlee. Do you understand? You can't win.

Maria: This is exactly the way -- did you do this all from memory?

Zach: Well, it's easy if you have the real thing to fall back on.

Maria: You still have the casita?

Zach: Yeah. Didn't seem right for someone else to have it after us.

Maria: Hmm.

Zach: And there were times when the world got me down, I would -- I would go in hopes that the house itself had the power to restore me.

Maria: And did it?

Zach: Not without you. And then I saw your picture in the Pine Valley paper. And I went back to the house and I stepped in. And there you were, everywhere -- kneeling in front of the fireplace, throwing your head back and laughing, sitting right there reading a book. You have to understand the power of those memories. I -- I wanted to find you and bring you back.

Maria: Hoping that I would feel the same way?

Zach: Yeah.

Maria: And then you just brought the casita to me?

Zach: You know, I took a chance. If nothing else, I still have my memories.

Maria: Is that enough?

Zach: No. There have been other women in my life -- wonderful, beautiful women -- but I never loved any of them. I tried to. You're the only one. The only one that touched my soul. The only one.

Babe: J.R., this is -- this is kind of personal. Don't you think we could hold off on the pregnancy test till we get back to Pine Valley?

J.R.: No, no, I can't wait. I'm too excited! Unless, of course, it'd make you feel uncomfortable?

Bianca: No. Are you kidding? No, not at all. Babe, you must be so excited. Why don't you go take the test?

Babe: Are you sure?

Bianca: Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm just as curious as J.R. is to know what the results are. Aren't you?

Babe: Of course. Sure. Why not? I mean, the H in HPT could stand for "Hotel Pregnancy Test."

Bianca: You don't mind if I stick around here while you --

Babe: Are you kidding me, girl? I want you here.

J.R.: How amazing would it be if it turns out to be positive on the same night that we're honoring Miranda? I mean, that would only give us that much more to celebrate -- especially since you're so sure that you're pregnant, right?

Babe: Right.

Bianca: Right. Right, so hurry up, Babe. I can't wait to see the look on J.R.'s face when you hit him with the news.

Babe: Neither can I. Ok.

Bianca: And all those doubts that you had about Babe not wanting you, wanting Jamie -- that's -- that's all over with, right? I mean, you have to know how much she loves you.

J.R.: I do, yes.

Bianca: And doesn't that just make you feel great, I mean, knowing that your marriage is going to last forever? Just the thought of having another baby with Babe must make you feel -- well, you tell me.

J.R.: It's, uh -- well, I love Bess more than I thought I could love anyone. And to have another baby -- well, I can't even think of words to describe it.

Babe: J.R., sweetie?

J.R.: Yeah?

Babe: I hate to do this to you.

J.R.: What is it?

Babe: I'm not pregnant, after all.

Bobby: Greenlee, have you thought about what happens if Ryan leaves you? I mean, just picture it -- him popping the news that he's in love with Kendall and he wants to leave your marriage, I mean, if he can't love you the way that you love him.

Greenlee: If that happens, I could still go to bed at night knowing that I kept my promise to Ryan and myself.

Bobby: You in bed with an unbroken promise sounds pretty lonely.

Greenlee: Marrying Ryan was a huge risk, but I took it. We clicked on so many levels in so many ways. True love seemed like it was possible, especially lately, and if that doesn't happen --

Bobby: You're stuck with nothing.

Greenlee: The harder a promise is to keep, the more precious it is when you keep it. I promised Ryan that I wouldn't do anything to let him down, that I would never give him reason to doubt me, and I never did. If that's all I take away from our time together, it's a whole lot more than what I went in with.

Bobby: Ok. How about you give me a crash course here on loyalty? I think I need it.

Greenlee: First lesson -- go home and make love to your wife.

Bobby: Greenlee, I -- ok, I'm -- I'm going to need to come clean about something here, and you're probably going to want to shoot me. In fact, I'm probably going to hand you the gun.

Zach: You're searching for the truth about me? It's right here. Think back to who we were to each other. The man that loved you, that's the real me.

Maria: Yeah, but what about the man that I met on the highway that night?

Zach: I was running, too. And fate put you in my path, so I thought it might be a good time to stop running.

Maria: You brought me here?

Zach: Yeah. I never let a woman into my life before.

Maria: Why me?

Zach: Because you make me feel real and happy and alive for the first time. And I don't want to lose that. I don't want to lose you.

Zach: It drives me crazy being here with you and not making love to you.

Maria: Huh. This is impossible. This is like -- it's part of my heart that I thought was buried.

Zach: From the moment I met you, I knew that you were the missing part of me. Without you, I'm -- I can feel my soul again. If nothing else, know that I will always love you.

Greenlee: What, Bobby? I'm really in no mood for any more surprises today.

Bobby: Ok, I -- I got to get this off my back. But before I do, I just -- I need you to know everything that I said back at the penthouse about you being an amazing woman -- I meant all that.

Greenlee: It sounds like a kiss-off, which is a little late since I already shot you down.

Bobby: I -- I don't have a thing for you. I love my wife. And me trying to get you into bed, I didn't really want to do that -- although I'd be dead not to want to, you know.

Greenlee: Ok. So what was that kiss all about?

Bobby: I made a bad deal, and getting you into bed was my end of the bargain. Kendall gave me hard cash to seduce you. Oh!

Kendall: Right now, Bobby Warner is touching your wife all over the place, and I know where they are. They're playing each other instead of the tables. So why don't you come with me? Come on, I'll show you.

Ryan: I told you, Kendall, I'm not going anywhere with you.

Kendall: Back in Vegas -- back in Vegas, you told me that we couldn't hook up because you had this big promise with Greenlee? You said that the two of you made this pact that neither one of you would break? How broken does a promise have to be before you admit that she's playing you for a fool, Ryan? I don't understand, how can you stand by and defend her and turn your back on me? I don't understand. How is that right? How is that fair, Ryan? In your book -- your book of things that is right, how is that right?

Ryan: Greenlee has nothing to do with me turning my back on you, Kendall. She could be sleeping with every guy in this casino and I wouldn't go back to you.

J.R.: Bianca, here, please. Thank you. Babe, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that you're not pregnant.

Babe: Really?

J.R.: Yeah, I just -- you got me going thinking that we were going to have a little boy this time.

Babe: Got your hopes up for nothing.

J.R.: Well, I guess we're just going to have to keep on trying. Real hard work, right? Hey, just because we have one false alarm doesn't mean that we're not going to have that big family we always talked about. Bess will have a little brother or sister. And who knows, maybe next time we might have twins.

Babe: How are we supposed to add to our family, J.R., if you keep spiking my OJ with birth control pills?

J.R.: I did what to your juice?

Babe: David tested the OJ that you brought me the other morning. Somebody dissolved a birth control pill in it.

J.R.: Hayward again? Babe, honey, you don't believe that, do you?

Babe: He also thinks that you doctored his scotch with one of his drugs -- the one that turns your hardware into software, permanently?

J.R.: I'm sorry. No, I didn't do it, but I'd like to shake hands with whoever did.

Babe: You think this is funny?

J.R.: It's beyond funny, Babe. It's ridiculous! Hayward set up his own tent city in the Chandler tunnels to spy on us in our bedroom. You should know by now that he's willing to do anything to take a whack at us to split us up.

Babe: So you deny doing anything to my drink?

J.R.: Do I have to deny it? Well, all right. If that's what you want to hear. I never spiked your orange juice with birth control pills or anything else. I'd never do anything like that to hurt you. But what about you, Babe?

Babe: What about me?

J.R.: Well, you were never pregnant, were you? You just made it up to test me. Because if I had fixed your orange juice, you would never be expecting.

Babe: I don't know who to trust anymore.

J.R.: Well, it hurts me that you would take Hayward�s word over mine. But you have every right to be confused, so many people standing in line taking shots at us, your own father leading the pack. Babe, you got to know no matter what anybody says, what lies they throw at us that I love you and I love our life together. And this time next year, you may be giving me a son that I will cherish as much as I cherish our little Bess. You're my family, my future, everything that I've ever wanted. So, are we ok now? Good, good. Then I'm going to go down to the casino. I got to do some networking. Um, since you're not pregnant anymore, maybe you'll come downstairs, meet me for a cocktail, have a little moonlight swim? We can get to work on our little -- little brother or sister for Bess, huh? I love you. I'll see you later, Bianca.

Babe: Maybe J.R.'s right. Maybe David lied just to try to break us up.

Bianca: No. No. Look, J.R. just put on a good show. But if David said that he found birth control pills in your orange juice, I believe him.

Babe: I hate this. I absolutely hate this. Confronting J.R. is going to do nothing for me. We got to find another way around him in case he's planning on taking Bess.

Bianca: No, that can't happen.

Babe: I won't let it happen, I'll see to it. That baby belongs with her mother.

Bianca: Well, if he's acting, we just have to be better actors. We got to set the stage ourselves, try to shock J.R. into revealing the man behind the perfect husband.

Babe: How are we supposed to do that?

Bianca: Well, you already tried shocking him with his worst-case scenario.

Babe: Another baby.

Bianca: So maybe this time we should give J.R. exactly what he's looking for. You said that he spiked your drink at SOS to get you to sleep with Jamie, right?

Babe: Yeah, I mean, that's what Jamie said. Jamie said that J.R. wanted me to do something so bad that it would prove to any judge that I'm an unfit mother.

Bianca: Well, I think I know what J.R. would think is so bad.

Maria: I can't. Don't. I can't do this. I can't do this.

Zach: Edmund.

Maria: Yes, Edmund. He's my husband. I love him.

Zach: You love me, too.

Maria: And I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't. That was another woman.

Zach: No, same heart. And the heart doesn't forget, even if the head does.

Maria: Ahem. You know what, you're right, you're right. You're actually very right, because the day that I remembered, the day that I got my memory back, I remembered how much I loved Edmund. I mean, that didn't go with my memory, and it never will.

Aidan: Lights. Heady invention, really.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll file that. So what's the buzz on Slater?

Aidan: It's quiet. Real quiet.

Ryan: Nobody made you out as a spy?

Aidan: No. I think I was born in the wrong time. I mean, Connery, Caine, they walk into a casino, they break the case, the bank, nab the bad guy, and bag the babe.

Ryan: Well, I'll just pay you time and a half just not to get noticed.

Aidan: All right. Well, I sat at the bar for 10 minutes, kept my ears wide open, finished a martini -- [as Sean Connery] shaken, not stirred. [normal voice] If he's planning something, Ryan, he's keeping it on the sly.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know what, not sitting with me. He invites his a-list here, and for what? Why, because he wants to raise money for the Miranda Center? I still don't buy it.

Aidan: Well, I'm not done sniffing. When it gets quiet, I'm going to go downstairs, I'm going to have another look around. But my keen powers of observation tell me that you're not just in a fizz because you don't trust Zach Slater.

Ryan: "Trust." Well, now, that's an obvious one, isn't it? No gray area there. You either trust somebody or you don't.

Aidan: Well, if you're talking about trusting Slater, forget about it.

Ryan: So then who do you trust these days?

Bobby: Kendall -- she swore that she'd show the photos to Anita if I didn't get you into bed. I couldn't stand to lose my wife again.

Greenlee: So you parked your conscience and you went after me?

Bobby: Oh, no. No, no, I tried to stall this. I tried to create some sort of end run so I could stop it, but this woman, she is -- she's one-track. She's totally driven.

Greenlee: Well, what if we gave the money to Kendall? Would that make it go away?

Bobby: Right, right, she is not about the money. All she wants is to tear you from Ryan, and make sure it hurts. I'm really -- I'm really sorry, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah. So am I.

Bobby: Well, I guess -- guess my marriage is toast. Well, maybe I can do good by my wife, you know, soften the blow, tell her the truth before Kendall gets to her.

Greenlee: Wait. Before you put your marriage in the toaster, let's see if we can cram Kendall in there first.

Aidan: Is there something else brewing here, Ryan, other than this Zach Slater business? Is Kendall back in action like you predicted?

Ryan: Nothing I can't handle.

Greenlee: First off, is Anita here with you?

Bobby: No, no, she had to work.

Greenlee: Perfect. Your wife is miles away while Kendall is here for the fundraiser. That buys us time. If you avoid Kendall, she won't know what did or didn't happen between us.

Bobby: Ok, whatever you have planned for Kendall, I want in on this. I owe you that much.

Greenlee: Let me sleep on it and we'll talk tomorrow.

Bobby: No, you're not -- you're not going to let it slide, right?

Greenlee: I am not going to let Kendall trash my marriage on top of yours.

Bobby: Ok, look, your marriage may not be trashed. I called Kendall's cell phone so she'd know the exact moment that we were looking at that screen. I mean, maybe she faked that kiss. Maybe she made it look like Ryan was coming on to her, just like I faked us. He may not still be hooked on her.

Greenlee: Bobby, I told you, I trust Ryan. If he still wants Kendall, he'll tell me. He will. Now, you go out of here, call your wife at work, and tell her you love her.

Bobby: That's it?

Greenlee: That's all she needs to hear. I'll take care of Kendall.

Bobby: Thanks.

Greenlee: For the sock in the stomach?

Bobby: No, for cutting me a break.

Babe: Are -- are you sure about this, Bianca?

Bianca: I'm positive. Babe, this seems like the best way to get a true reading of the way J.R. really feels about you.

Babe: But if J.R. reacts the way we think, he's not just going to stop at me. He's going to go after you, too.

Bianca: Fine. Fine, bring it on. This was my idea. I've totally signed off on it.

Babe: You're sure?

Bianca: Yes. Babe, I want to do this for you, because the sooner that you find out the answers that you need to protect Bess, the better. Babe, don't worry about me, please. You have to think about Bess, what's best for her and for yourself, and this seems like the best way to find out the truth. Come on, Babe, please. For Bess, say you're in.

Babe: Ok. I'm in.

J.R.: Well. Kendall. What's your pleasure?

Kendall: Men chained to cement pillars at the bottom of the ocean.

J.R.: Present company exempt, I hope?

Kendall: Have you seen Bobby Warner? I can't find him.

J.R.: No, you know, it's not my turn to watch him.

Kendall: I can't find him. I don't know where he is. I can't find him anywhere. I have no idea if he slept with Greenlee or not, but if he did, I doubt Ryan would even care. He's so -- he's so blind by his stupid little wife, it makes me ill.

J.R.: Kendall? Relax. Just chill out for a second, ok? Everything's going to fall into place. Why don't you try faith on for a change?

Kendall: Huh, faith?

J.R.: Yeah.

Kendall: Faith, J.R.? Faith? What has faith ever done for me except for get my hopes up and then shoot me down? No, I seriously think it's time for me to kick faith to the curb. I may never get Ryan back.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. I didn't know you were here.

Ryan: Yeah, um, sorry. I kind of lost track of you tonight. Something came up and I couldn't get away.

Greenlee: Same here.

Ryan: Well, I'm -- I'm beat. How about you?

Greenlee: Asleep on my feet.

Ryan: You want to call it? We got a big day tomorrow.

Greenlee: Right.

Ryan: Cool if we share?

Greenlee: We have before.

Ryan: Good night, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Good night.

J.R.: There's no way I'm going to let you give up on Lavery.

Kendall: What the hell do you have to say about it?

J.R.: Well, I do know what it takes to get what you want and how easy it is to get discouraged. As a matter of fact, today, for instance, I had to dodge a major bullet with Babe. But I stayed focussed, and now the chips are falling my way.

Kendall: Sweet-talker. You have Babe wrapped around whatever it is you have her wrapped around. But I don't have that power over Ryan.

J.R.: You want to bet? Drink up. Just loosen up. I'll help you out with whatever you need.

Kendall: No, I'm going to sit this one out, ok? You can give it your best shot.

J.R.: Kendall, listen, we're not going to let people walk all over us and get away with it. Ryan and Greenlee have earned payback, and so has Babe. Now, watch me, keep your eye on the prize, because nothing's going to stop me from cutting my slut of a wife loose and hand-feeding her to the sharks.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Hi. I'm sorry to barge in, but we need your help.

Zach: Who's "we"?

Bianca: Well, me and my friend, Babe Chandler.

[Door opens]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ethan: Now that we've got the flattery out of the way, why don't you tell me exactly what it is that you really want in return?

Babe: I have to prove that I'm an unfit mother.

Bianca: And we can't do it without you.

Edmund: I saw Zach leave. Stop lying to me. Tell me the truth.

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