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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/16/04

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Ryan: Way to ask the easy ones.

Jonathan: It should not be this tough to figure out if you want your marriage to be legit or not.

Ryan: You know, can we talk about something else? I hate Physics. Can we talk about that?

Jonathan: Physics. Matter and energy in movement. Fine. It matters to me. Where are you focusing your energy? Are you moving toward spending the rest of your life with Greenlee? And this isn't multiple choice.

Ryan: Well, it doesn't have to be because the answer is yes.

Greenlee: I came to apologize, on behalf of my husband and Cambias Industries and to see if there isn't some way that we can work all this out.

Seth: I'm not going down!

Jamie: Let go of him!

J.R.: Don't be stupid, Seth.

Seth: If you double-cross me, I swear to God, I'm going to kill you!

Jamie: Nobody threatens my brother, you low-life piece of trash!

Seth: Nobody messes with me!

Jamie: Keep your filthy hands off him!

Tad: Get him out of there, Derek! Get him out of there now!

Derek: Ok, let's move on cellblock two! Right now!

Seth: You lying son of a bitch! You set me up!

Brooke: Jamie? Jamie?

Seth: Nobody messes with me.

J.R.: Jamie?

Brooke: Oh! Oh, God!

[Brooke screams]

Seth: You get what you want?

J.R.: You're going to die.

Bianca: Babe, I can't tell if you're ok or not. Please say something.

Babe: If I -- if I was wrong about J.R., and he's not who I thought that he was, then I've been wrong about everything. Everything that I've done, every choice that I've made. Especially about you, sweetie. Oh, Bess.

Bianca: Babe, what do you mean? What -- what choice did you make about the baby?

Derek: Open it now!

Seth: Get off!

Tad: Jamie!

Guard: Back off! I said back off!

J.R.: You're dead!

Tad: Jamie, Jamie!

Seth: Ow! Get off!

Tad: Listen to me. Come here.

Seth: Ow! Damn it!

Derek: Get an ambulance in here now!

Seth: You set me up! Call my lawyer! Get off me!

J.R.: You're a dead man!

Derek: I said get him out of here!

Seth: What, no thank-you? Aah!

Tad: We're going to fix you up. You're going to be fine.

Brooke: Jamie?

Tad: Just fine.

Brooke: Jamie!

Tad: Look at me.

Brooke: Jamie! Jamie, Jamie --

Jamie: Dad -- shouldn't be in here.

Tad: Where the hell's the ambulance? Jamie?

Jamie: J.R., I loved you.

Ryan: I'm falling for my wife. What can I say? I mean, Greenlee's -- she's --

Jonathan: If you say she completes you, I'm out of here.

Ryan: I won't, but I could. You know, I mean, she's -- she's Greenlee, with all that implies.

Jonathan: The thrills, the chills, the spills.

Ryan: Hey, don't you be busting my chops here.

Jonathan: Hey, the little woman is bigtime hot. But did you ever think that maybe this is celibacy gone wrong? I mean, come on, you have a dry spell here. She has those eyes. I mean, not to mention the rest of her.

Ryan: And, what, I've got the hormone control of a 15-year-old boy? Ok, yes, on occasion, I am painfully attracted to Greenlee. Yes, but there's a lot more than that. All right? I'm myself. I can relax. I can trust her completely, and you know what that means to guys like you and me. That's why I told her to check out that Ethan guy. Because her instincts are unbelievable. I can count on her. I never worry, and I never wonder.

Jonathan: Hey, Ry, you're preaching to the choir here. Greenlee is the best. Totally covered my butt when she didn't have to. I mean, she's hot, she's smart, she's trustworthy. So make out with her at the company Christmas party!

Ryan: Well, it's a little late to go slow here, Jonathan. Greenlee and I -- we've already had history, ok? And now we can have a future, at least I think we can. I'd be an idiot not to give it a shot.

Jonathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. I mean, isn't -- you came to me, and you were saying that you didn't want her to know this so that she didn't know it wasn't just business anymore. You didn't want her to -- send her into the street screaming to get hit by a truck.

Ryan: She deserves to know that things have changed.

Jonathan: What if they change back? Then what?

Ryan: You're supposed to have my back here. Man, that's why you were born.

Jonathan: I was born to watch your back, and that's what I'm doing here. Man, if I just let you sideswipe Greenlee with this, I'd be a pretty useless brother.

Greenlee: It'd be an understatement to say that this is awkward all around. A multibillion-dollar conglomerate at stake, lying parents, birthrights, the truth. Ryan and I want to help. For starters, why don't we spring you from the roach motel and set you up at the Valley Inn?

Ethan: Is this a way of keeping your enemies closer?

Greenlee: Are we enemies already?

Ethan: I'm the guy who can take your company away from you.

Greenlee: If you're actually the Cambias heir.

Ethan: I'm either the Cambias heir or I'm a con man. Either way, why would you help me?

Greenlee: Maybe we'd like to keep an eye on you someplace it doesn't smell of stale -- everything. But then again, wouldn't you rather keep an eye on us from the Valley Inn?

Ethan: Actually, I have absolutely no interest in keeping an eye on you whatsoever. Once I prove my paternity, the petty details will take care of themselves.

Greenlee: Did you just call me petty?

Ethan: Did you call me a con artist? You're amused.

Greenlee: Popping up as a dead man's son and a very rich dead man's grandson is awfully convenient and hard to believe.

Ethan: Edith, the woman who raised me --

Greenlee: Friend of Hannah, your supposed birth mother. I took notes. Did you ever wonder if Edith made all of this up?

Ethan: Then why not claim I was the bastard grandchild of somebody a little closer to home?

Greenlee: There was press about Senior Cambias' death. Headlines about the grandchild codicil. Maybe Edith knew easy pickings when she saw them. No living relatives to call you a phony. Billions if you pull it off.

Ethan: Edith didn't forge those letters or the birth certificate. She didn't think in dollars and cents and stealing. She was too good for that.

Greenlee: Hmm. But if this is true, then good old Edith lied to you your whole life. So many possibilities. I'm not ruling you out, either, Mr. Cambias. But if you did forge anything, don't try and pin it on Edith. You're in for trouble, and that we'll make sure you get.

Paramedic: Single penetrating wound to the lower left quadrant. Major blood loss.

J.R.: Jamie?

Tad: Get away from him!

J.R.: No!

Paramedic: He's fading! Move!

Brooke: Hang on, honey! Do it for me! Hang on! You're going to be fine! Just hang on!

Derek: You want to talk about what Seth said about you?

J.R.: What? Are you kidding me?

Derek: That scum just knifed Jamie. Seems to me that a loving brother would be compelled to talk.

J.R.: Are you arresting me?

Derek: Just looking for answers.

J.R.: You want answers, you speak with my lawyer!

Bianca: Babe, please, you're -- you're upset, and I'd like to help. So just tell me, what choice did you make about Bess?

Babe: I gave J.R. this baby, the greatest gift I could ever give him. Because I thought that any baby would be lucky enough to have such a good man as her daddy. And I knew that he would love her just as much as he loved me with the warmest, safest love any girl could ever want. Makes me sick to think about it. But if I was wrong, I'll make it right.

Bianca: You know, Babe, even if J.R.'s feelings have changed towards you, he's Bess' father. You can't change that.

Babe: I'll -- I'll make it so he -- so he can never take her away, ever.

Bianca: I know you're scared, but there's no way that J.R. would ever hurt this baby. You don't have to be worried about that.

Babe: He wouldn't deserve what I've done. He wouldn't deserve to be her daddy.

Babe: It would break my heart, but I would do what had to be done.

Bianca: What would you have to do, Babe? Tell me.

Aidan: I need to see a doctor. Or a brilliant physician's assistant. Only the best will do.

Anita: Is this a matter of life or death? Or at least severe trauma? ER stands for "Emergency Room," sir.

Aidan: This is an emergency. It's quite tragic, really. You see, I have my foot stuck in my mouth.

Anita: Oh, sounds painful.

Aidan: It is. It only hurts when I speak, though.

Anita: All right. Open up. Let's take a look. Uh-oh.

Aidan: What?

Anita: Scary. Yeah, it's -- it's dark in there.

Aidan: Nothing?

Anita: No. No toes, no foot.

Aidan: Well, there goes my excuse for my bad behavior.

Anita: Is that why you're here? Excuse hunting?

Aidan: Well, no. Apology time, really. You see, I'm just -- I'm sorry I busted in on your big night, and for landing a kiss that really wasn't mine to land.

Anita: Oh, that -- that's my fault. It's -- it's dangerous to toss kisses in the dark without warning.

Aidan: Well, I must admit, it's not the first time it's happened to me. But am I forgiven?

Anita: You are so off the hook. You had no way of knowing what you were walking in on, and Bobby and I had a fabulous evening anyway.

Aidan: Good. Well, I'm glad to hear it. So then all is well, and I am cured.

Anita: Aidan.

Aidan: Anita.

Anita: I missed you while you were gone.

Bianca: Babe, if you're scared or you need help, you know you can count on me.

Babe: I know. And that's the craziest part of this whole thing.

Bianca: So then tell me what -- what you meant when you said that you want to make sure that J.R. never gets Bess.

Babe: J.R.?

Bianca: J.R., what's wrong?

J.R.: Jamie -- he was stabbed.

Babe: God.

J.R.: He was in his jail cell.

Babe: Jamie? J.R. is -- is he --

J.R.: They took him to the hospital. They're not sure if he's going to make it.

Tad: Jamie.

Joe: How is he?

Brooke: Joe, can you help him? There was a lot of blood.

Paramedic: 70 over palp. Can't stop the bleeding.

Second Paramedic: We got a type and cross on the way in.

Anita: All right, cubicle two.

Joe: All right, get in there. Jamie, can you hear me?

Tad: He was in and out.

Anita: I can't get a radial pulse.

Joe: Have the OR prepped and ready.

Anita: Ok.

Joe: Jamie? Jamie? Jamie? Son, do you know where you are?

Jamie: Mom?

Brooke: Yes, honey, I'm right here.

Tad: We're both here. We're not going anywhere, and neither are you.

Joe: That's it, son. That's it.

Jamie: I blinked.

Tad: No. No, you didn't. You were great. You were wonderful. We couldn't be prouder of you.

Anita: OR�s ready.

Tad: Jamie?

Joe: Let's go.

Anita: Come on.

Tad: Jamie?

Brooke: Let him go. Let him go.

Tad: Yeah, this is Tad Martin. No, no, I don't want to talk to Derek. I just want you to get a copy of that tape to Livia Frye as quickly as possible.

Adam: Martin. Did I just see -- was that Jamie? What happened?

Aidan: Was that Jamie Martin? What happened?

Anita: Stab wound.

Aidan: Is it bad?

Anita: It's ugly. But ugly is what we do here.

Aidan: You know, you really are amazing.

Anita: I'm employed. I'm just doing my job.

Aidan: Anita, I missed you, too.

Anita: See, the thing about this job is that you're reminded daily that you can't take life for granted.

Aidan: Wouldn't it just be easier to write yourself a note?

Anita: You also realize that you need all the friends that you can get. Do you still qualify?

Aidan: Well, that's your call, really. I already told you and your husband how much I care about you.

Anita: Even after how I treated you before you left town? I mean, you filled me in on Bobby and Erica so that I could protect myself, and --

Aidan: Yeah.

Anita: You took a beating for it.

Aidan: And you've already apologized, and I've recovered. Then again, well, there is this one bruise.

Anita: I'm glad you told me.

Aidan: Well, can you tell my bruise that? Why are you glad?

Anita: Sometimes you need to blow up and get crazy so that you can get sane again. Bobby and I -- we opened up, laid it out there. And now, where we are -- it's more honest, something I can depend on, not second-guess myself.

Aidan: And you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Anita: I still need your RSVP for my friend list.

Aidan: You got it. But I think Bobby will --

Anita: What? What about him?

Aidan: Well, he might cross me off the list. Bobby and I don't get on, and that's just -- that's just the way it works sometimes.

Anita: But if I like you both and I think that you both have these great qualities, then why wouldn't you like each other?

Aidan: Interesting logic. You know, you might be right. Anyway, you got lives to save, so how about I give you a call later to check up on Jamie?

Anita: Well, if I'm not here, just ask whoever's on duty for the info.

Aidan: And if they tell me to shove off?

Anita: Tell them you're my friend.

Aidan: Will do.

Ethan: Exactly how much longer does this exam last?

Greenlee: Even if you are lying, you could still score big. I'm prepared to give you lots of lovely money to take a flying leap back over the Atlantic.

Ethan: A bribe? Maybe my story's not so fantastical, after all.

Greenlee: You need money. I can give it to you. Either that, or you could stick around and maybe end up in jail for fraud.

Ethan: Oh, I see. So you're looking out for my best interests?

Greenlee: I'm looking out for Cambias.

Ethan: Well, isn't that what I said?

Greenlee: Take the money and go home happy.

Ethan: I want what's mine.

Greenlee: Ryan is a good, decent, honorable man, the kind the Cambias line stopped producing. That why Senior left him a huge estate after only knowing him for a few weeks.

Ethan: How much does that work out to an hour, do you think?

Greenlee: Alexander saw that Ryan was worth it. Ryan will find out who you really are, and when he does I'll be right beside him.

Jonathan: What?

Ryan: You laying down the law, getting all tough on me.

Jonathan: And why not me?

Ryan: You used to be my water balloon target.

Jonathan: Well, I was helping you out. Then and now.

Ryan: By killing my buzz about Greenlee?

Jonathan: After my screwups here, I owe you a favor or two. Just know how Greenlee feels about you.

Ryan: What, you don't think I can handle the rejection?

Jonathan: Have you ever had any?

Ryan: If she's not into me, then I can handle it. All right? At least I tried. You want me to punk out.

Jonathan: No, no, no, no, not punk out. Just hold on. I mean, Greenlee's going through a weird time right now. And wait at least until we prove that this Ethan guy is a fraud. And then take a breath, have a moment, spill your guts.

Ryan: What are you so worried about?

Jonathan: I'm worried that it's not so much about Greenlee being Greenlee, that it's more about her not being Kendall.

Kendall: Bobby. Hi, it's your benefactress here. How are you? Listen, I have super news for you. I'm here at the hospital with your wife. You know, she really is lovely. You should be so grateful for her. Anyhoo, we're about to have a nice, little, friendly chat about the money I gave you to save your hide, and, of course, the terms of our agreement. Yeah, thought you'd like to join in on the fun. Ok. Bye. Anita.

Anita: Hey, Kendall.

Kendall: Got a second?

Adam: Martin, I asked you a question! At least do me the courtesy of --

Tad: You're lucky I don't tear your heart out through your throat!

Adam: I beg your pardon?

Tad: You did this. You set the whole thing up. It's your fault. You pushed and you prodded, and now J.R. is exactly the kind of man you always hoped he would be.

Adam: I'm simply asking you about Ja--

Tad: Why? Why do you care? Because you found out Jamie was sharing a cell with your paid witness, so you figured you'd slither in here and do some damage control?

Adam: You're making a lot of assumptions. You're going to have to --

Tad: Yeah, well, you're going to have to forgive me. I tend to be a little anxious after watching my son get shanked!

Adam: Jamie was stabbed?

Tad: They're in there trying to keep him from bleeding to death right now. Congratulations, Adam. You won. J.R. is definitely your son.

Adam: I swear, I --

Tad: As a matter of fact, he had a front row seat. You want to know what happened, you can get the gory details from him.

Adam: I had no idea, I swear to you!

Tad: No, no, no, listen to me. If anything happens to my son, I will tear your heart out.

[Brooke cries]

Adam: Brooke, I just heard. I'm so sorry.

Babe: What did the doctor say?

Bianca: Does Brooke know?

Babe: How did this even happen?

J.R.: It was that drug dealer, Seth.

Babe: He was in the exact same jail with that guy.

Bianca: But I -- I don't understand.

J.R.: It was such a blur. It looked like a punch at first, and then -- all that blood.

Babe: You were there?

J.R.: I was.

Babe: But you said that you were going to work. Oh, my God, J.R., what did you do? Is this Jamie's --

J.R.: Oh, God. Oh, God, I never wanted it like this. He wasn't even supposed to be there. If he would just -- if he wasn't playing the hero --

Babe: J.R., what did you do?

J.R.: I had no choice!

Babe: Well, are they right? Are Tad and Jamie and David -- are they all right about you? Did you drug me? Is this all because you want me gone?

Bianca: I should go.

Babe: No, Bianca. Please, you're a part of this, too.

Bianca: I shouldn't be.

Babe: So I'm waiting for an answer, J.R. did you do what Jamie said? Did you tear our lives apart? Because if you did, you are going to get exactly what you wanted -- me out of your life forever, and you can wave bye-bye to your sweet little girl! So what's it going to be, J.R.? Did you drug me or not?

J.R.: Oh, God, Babe, not you, too. I may have lost a brother. Please, please don't tell me that I lost you, too.

Brooke: Was it worth it? Using your son to try and get my son killed?

Adam: Brooke, Brooke -- you know I would never do that!

Brooke: Oh, I know you, Adam! My God, I know you too well.

Adam: Brooke, you're upset. Let me get you a glass of water.

Brooke: You and your son wanted Babe gone so badly, you forgot that Jamie was my son, my boy who is lying in there, and it's because of you and the poison that you have bred into J.R.! And I can promise you, if I lose another child, I will not suffer alone! I promise you that!

Tad: I don't want to hear anything about entrapment. This doesn't get swept under the carpet. That was attempted murder.

Livia: Seth will do very hard time.

Tad: Did you see the tape?

Livia: I did. I'm sorry.

Tad: All right. Your brother told me it's inadmissible in court, but there's got to be something you can tell the DA. It just proves once and for all Jamie had nothing to do with that drug buy.

Livia: Jamie pulled it off. He will never see the inside of a jail cell again.

Tad: Well, right now I just hope he sees daylight again.

Livia: Tad, Jamie fought for his life once today and won. He is a very powerful young man. He will do it again.

Anita: I guess I owe you a thank-you.

Kendall: For what?

Anita: Well, loaning Bobby the money. You're doing us a huge favor.

Kendall: Well, anything to help a couple of young lovers.

Anita: I heard you cut a hard bargain.

Kendall: Did he tell you he couldn't live up to his end?

Anita: No, but whatever the interest, we're good for it.

Kendall: Bobby! Your wife -- she is such a keeper. But I bet you already know that.

Bobby: Yeah. What's going on?

Kendall: Well, Anita just assured me that you're going to make good on the loan, no matter what the interest.

Anita: You know I back you on this.

Kendall: Well, thank God. I feel better already.

[Pager beeps]

Anita: Oh -- I have to go. Meet me in the lounge after my shift?

Bobby: I'll be there.

Anita: Ok.

Kendall: Boy, you must have sprinted the whole way.

Bobby: Stay away from my wife!

Kendall: She is so sweet and so trusting, and you -- you are such a liar.

Bobby: I don't lie to my wife, not anymore.

Kendall: No, you just leave out big, honking details.

Bobby: Look, I already told you --

Kendall: Yeah, and lucky for you, I don't listen. Now, I gave you the money. It's time to pay up. So find Greenlee and bed Greenlee. Make it so wonderful, she forgets that Ryan exists.

Ryan: This -- this has got nothing to do with Kendall.

Jonathan: Are you sure about that?

Ryan: Well, I don't have the need to punch a wall, which means Kendall's not involved.

Jonathan: Then why the rush?

Ryan: Why the roadblock?

Jonathan: I just think that if you care about Greenlee, you don't want to yank her around on this and then leave her hanging.

Ryan: Well, you're right about that.

Jonathan: Oh! Did you just say that I was right?

Ryan: I said that you made some slightly effective points here. You know, I mean, this whole Ethan thing could tank us. And then, you know, if I lose Cambias, maybe Greenlee would want to cut me loose.

Jonathan: Do you think she's like that?

Ryan: No, I don't, but she should be. A woman like that could have anything she wants, and she would deserve it.

Jonathan: And so then the argument still stands that you don't know what she wants!

Ryan: From me, no, I don't. But in general, I do. She wants the real deal, you know, like she had with Leo.

Jonathan: Your friend who died. That's some serious loss.

Ryan: Yes, it is, and I can relate.

Jonathan: Is she ready to move on?

Ryan: Well, she says she is.

Jonathan: Do you believe her?

Ryan: Well, she was happy with Leo. Am I the guy to make her happy again? I'm not sure.

Jonathan: Then have some sense, Ry. Mouth shut until you're sure. And now I have to stop talking about this stuff before I turn into a girl.

Greenlee: What are you smiling about?

Ryan: You.

Greenlee: I have info.

Ryan: Hmm. I have presents.

Greenlee: Then you go first, of course.

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: Fresh roasted for the butterfly lady.

Greenlee: Fabulous timing, because I worked up quite an appetite.

Ryan: Aha! The alleged Mr. Cambias. How'd you play that?

Greenlee: I offered him the cash and then watched his eyes as he turned it down.

Ryan: And what did you see?

Greenlee: Complete lack of interest.

Ryan: Really?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. He's either a superslick con or the real thing.

Ryan: So, how would you feel if you had to turn over all your Cambias shares?

Greenlee: Well, if he's the real thing, I'll hand-deliver them with a smile.

Ryan: That's a pretty bold statement.

Greenlee: I'm not about to make you break that promise. It was never about the money, Ryan.

Ryan: I knew that. And I knew I could count on you.

Greenlee: And you always can. Now, let's step back to the moment before all this Ethan brouhaha brewed. What is it that you wanted to tell me?

J.R.: You said that you always would love me and that I could trust you. But now you're threatening to leave me and take my daughter with you? Babe, I just -- I don't think --

Babe: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just -- it's just the whole news. It's about Jamie, and -- and he toasted us at our wedding. We were so happy. I just -- I just wish we could go back there.

J.R.: I know. I know, and I would give anything, anything to go back there.

Babe: And now Jamie is lying there in a hospital, and we don't even know if he's --

J.R.: Shh -- no. Don't say that.

Babe: Oh, baby.

J.R.: I'm going to call the hospital. There's got to be some news by now.

Babe: Bianca, you're right. J.R. has changed. And I think he might be lying.

Bobby: Can't you see that this crusade to break up Greenlee and Ryan is useless? You can't win.

Kendall: Does someone have performance anxiety? It's ok, Bobby. I have faith in you, really. I mean, you're a go-getter. You're a hustler, you're a player. So go hustle. Play. Do whatever it takes. Now, the Miranda Center fundraiser is at your casino. Consider that your deadline. There will be fancy dresses, open checkbooks. And I can guarantee you, Greenlee will be in one of those hot little dresses. Now, get her out of it and into your bed. Because if you don't, those photos will fall smack into Anita's hands. You decide.

Ryan: I was going to say something to you, wasn't I?

Greenlee: As I recall.

Ryan: Maybe it was how cool it is, you know, to have you here. I never -- I never thought I needed someone to depend on until I realized I had you.

Greenlee: Swings both ways.

Ryan: For better, for worse, in work and in play. And maybe in handing over billions of dollars because I made a promise to a stranger in the desert.

Greenlee: If we hand over, we hand over. Big whup. We'll make more.

Ryan: We?

Greenlee: While my trust fund pales next to the Cambias megabucks, I'm obscenely well off, Mr. Lavery. We can create a brand-spanking-new partnership that'll set the world on fire. How would you like that?

Ryan: I might like that just fine.

Aidan: Oh, new neighbor.

Ethan: Oh, I thought all my neighbors were of the hourly variety.

Aidan: Oh, wow. Voice of a countryman. That's cool. Aidan Devane.

Ethan: Ethan Cambias.

Aidan: Fancy a taste of home, mate? It's pretty hard to get a decent pint around here. Sure cure for the culture shock.

Tad: I'm so sorry.

Brooke: Tad, stop. Jamie did what he had to do, and we could not have stopped him. You said it, and you were right.

Tad: I don't want to be right. I want my son to be fine.

Brooke: Why don't they tell us something?

Tad: I know which side of the gene pool he's swimming in. He's your son -- determined to get to the truth, right all wrongs.

Brooke: He's all you. He's fearless. He has a mouth that knows no bounds.

Tad: He was wonderful in there.

Brooke: Oh, he worked Seth like a pro. He's vindicated himself. You know? He's proved that he's -- he's the man that we've always known he was.

Tad: Yeah. J.R. proved --

Brooke: I know.

Tad: I used to watch them play together when they were boys. I was always so happy that they had one another. What did I do wrong? What happened?

J.R.: What do you mean, you can't tell me? I'm his brother!

Adam: I just left the hospital.

J.R.: Jamie -- how is he?

Adam: We don't know. He was on his way to the OR when I left.

J.R.: It was never supposed to happen this way. That idiot Seth! And Jamie charging in there like the way he did! It was just -- it was never supposed to happen like this.

Adam: Just take a moment, son. Take a moment. This plan is deep in motion. Are you having second thoughts?

J.R.: Well, hell, yes, I'm having second thoughts! I should have taken care of Seth when I had the opportunity!

Adam: Second thoughts about Babe?

J.R.: And what? Tell them I drugged her and lose my child? She's the whole reason that -- that we're even in this mess! She's the whole reason that Jamie's in OR! No. Babe goes. Bess stays. And the sooner the better.

Bianca: So you think that J.R. was lying just now?

Babe: My instincts -- they're so out of whack. I'm not sure of anything right now.

[Baby fusses]

Babe: But I do have to know the truth.

Bianca: Oh, it's ok. Hi, sweetheart. Come here. Come here, Miss Bess. I'm so sorry that your mom and I got so loud. It's just that -- it's just that she loves you so much, and she wants to keep you safe.

Babe: Bianca, if it turns out that J.R. is as bad as everybody's saying, I promise you, I will do the right thing.

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Reggie: You know that it was J.R. that drugged Babe, not Jamie! Cuff him and read him his rights.

Ethan: I don't need your help.

Kendall: Not even if it's about Alexander Cambias, Jr.?

Ryan: I know that Zach is plotting something.

Aidan: You really think it might be murder?

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