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All My Children Transcript Friday 7/30/04

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Reggie: I mean, one minute we were at the Chandlers', and --

Jack: At the Chandlers?

Reggie: And the next thing you know, she just flipped and ran off.

Jack: And you couldn't stop her?

Reggie: I didn't think she as going to keep running that fast.

Jack: Oh, for Pete�s sake, "run that --" and now she's out there all alone scared to death! Reggie, you know Lily can't handle it out there. Anything could happen!

[Car door closes]

Erica: Are you all right? I'm so sorry! I didn't see you, Lily! Lily? Lily?

Lily: No!

Erica: Lily, it's me! It's me. It's Erica.

Lily: No!

Erica: Oh, Lily, what are you doing out here?

Lily: No!

Erica: Are -- are you ok?

Lily: Stay -- stay away from me!


[Bianca sighs]

Bianca: Chill out. He's dead.

[Bianca screams]

Bobby: You're just so beautiful. I never want to let you down ever again.

Anita: Well, then don't.

Bobby: Ok.

[Anita giggles]

Opal: Whoopsie! Oh, so sorry. Well, I guess we don't need any tongue depressors in this room, do we? Well, don't mind me. I'll just let the two of you get back to your loving.

Anita: Don't I wish, but I -- I have to get back to pediatrics.

Bobby: Ah. Ok. Ok.

Edmund: Hey.

Bobby: Hey.

Edmund: How you doing?

Bobby: Edmund, what are you doing here?

Edmund: Physical therapy. Listen, you got a minute?

Bobby: Yeah, sure. What's up?

Edmund: A favor. It's about your boss, Zach Slater.

Zach: It's me, Zach.

Bianca: Oh -- oh, my God! Mr. Slater, I -- I didn't recognize you.

Zach: I didn't mean to scare you.

Bianca: I -- I thought -- oh. I thought you were somebody else.

Zach: Here. You're shaking.

Bianca: I'm fine.

Zach: You thought I was Michael Cambias, didn't you? Kendall told me this is where it happened.

Bianca: I haven't been back here much. What were you doing in there?

Zach: Well, I came to see your sister, and I saw the place was for sale, so I bought it.

Bianca: Wow. Not -- not a lot of people would want to live in a place where a man was killed.

Zach: Well, luckily, I'm not afraid of ghosts. But he still haunts you, doesn't he?

Bianca: Yeah, he does.

Greenlee: Look! I really look like I'm flying!

Ryan: You're a natural. You're my little butterfly.

Greenlee: Ah, just wait till I learn arabesques and gazelles. Maybe you could be my catcher.

Ryan: I'll catch you anytime.

Greenlee: Oh, then I'd have to ribble you. A ribble is when you kiss the catcher.

Ryan: Well, better than kissing The Great Trapezeena.

Greenlee: God, you've got to try it, Ryan. Oh, God. I was so excited and so scared all at the same time. I -- I grabbed onto that bar, and my heart was beating a million times a minute. And I was afraid that I couldn't do it, and then I just stepped into space, and I flew. I felt that thing that I've always dreamed about -- the air, the speed, the rush. It was like the best sex you ever had.

Ryan: Well, when you put it like that --

Greenlee: And I did it. I really did it, it was real. These prove it. God, I flew. It was better than I ever imagined. I wish you could know the feeling.

Ryan: Hmm. It was amazing just watching you. I mean, you looked so incredibly happy. I thought you were going to fly right out of the big top and never come down.

Greenlee: I learned something else -- that the best part about running away to the circus was coming home. I didn't mean what I said earlier about pickles the clown being of help. It was you, Ryan. You made this happen. You took some little-girl fantasy that I had and you made it come true.

Ryan: You deserved a little happy.

Greenlee: When I was up on that platform, I looked down. You smiled, you waved.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: And it felt better than flying, because I realized that we're a team. You're on my side. Doesn't matter if I soar or if I belly-flop. You'll be there.

Ryan: And I always will be.

Greenlee: I want -- I want you to see this one, look.

Jack: She was last seen --

Reggie: At the Chandler mansion. The --

Jack: At the Chandler mansion. I have no idea where she went from there. Well, she couldn't have gone far. Ok, I'll -- I'll stay by my phone here. But, please, remember, don't touch her. Don't approach her directly. It'll just scare her away. Just keep tabs on her, call me, and I'll get right down there. Don't try to put her in a car, and for God's sake, no flashy red lights.

Erica: Lily -- Lily, come away from the road so you don't get hurt.

Lily: The lights!

Erica: Come -- come with me. It -- no, that's ok. That's my headlights -- they -- they're on a timer.

Lily: Red! Red!

Erica: The -- the lights go off all by themselves.

Lily: Red hurts! No!

Erica: Oh -- look, all you have to do is just -- just walk to me. Come on, I'll take you in the car, I'll drive you home -- away from the red. Can -- can you do that?

Lily: I can't! It's spinning! It keeps spinning.

Erica: Lily, just tell me what I can do. What can I do to make you feel better?

Lily: Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Edmund: Zach Slater is not the man he claims to be.

Bobby: Who is?

Edmund: I mean, he comes to Pine Valley, just says he's passing through. Next thing you know, he's setting up shop here, a business, he's throwing money at philanthropy. I just -- I'm not buying it.

Bobby: No. You got to have more than that.

Edmund: Ok. Ok. Um -- does he have any enemies?

Bobby: Ok, is this because he's in the casino business, you assume he's some kind of mobster? What does that make me, huh?

Edmund: I'm not assuming anything, Bobby. I'm just going on instinct, that's all. This guy is setting off more alarms in my head. Has he ever threatened anyone in front of you?

Bobby: Ok, where's this all -- where is all this coming from?

Edmund: So he has threatened people?

Bobby: No, no. No. The guy's all business. What do you think Zach's up to?

Edmund: I don't know. That's what I'd like you to find out for me. Now, I know you work closely with him, you're in his circle, you know his people. I just want you to keep your eyes open, that's all. All right? Who he does business with -- anything out of the ordinary.

Bobby: You want me to spy on my boss?

Maria: You can't do that.

Bianca: I heard a noise, I saw a shadow, and it all came back -- he came back.

Zach: I'm sorry about that.

Bianca: I'm supposed to be stronger than this. All the work that I did, all the -- all the therapy -- I'm supposed to be over it. I'm nowhere. I -- I hear one little noise, and I completely fall apart!

Zach: You didn't fall apart at the groundbreaking.

Bianca: Well, that was because of my daughter. Carrying her and planning for her future -- for our future -- that -- that helped me get over the past. Miranda gave me hope. Without her, it's -- it's harder. Well, you know -- you know how it feels. You said that you lost somebody that was close to you. Who was it? Who did you lose?

Ryan: One lime rickey complete with mint and sugar rim, just the way the green butterfly likes it.

Greenlee: Oh!

Ryan: Now, you just stay there, stay all comfy, and you can go over the quarterlies with me.

Greenlee: Hmm -- mmm -- butterflies don't do paperwork. I should've known there was a catch.

Ryan: Would you relax, please? I'm talking, like, i-dotting and t-crossing. Won't take long, I promise.

Greenlee: All right. But I'm wearing the tiara.

Ryan: Deal.

[Greenlee sighs]

Ryan: What's the matter, you got a kink?

Greenlee: I'm just a little stiff.

Ryan: Did you hurt yourself?

Greenlee: No. Trapezeena said that I'd be sore. It's kicking in earlier than I thought.

Ryan: Oh. Well, I mean, let me help you out. Stay there. Ok.

[Greenlee moans]

Ryan: How's that? Is that -- is that the spot? Is that better?

Greenlee: Oh. Much.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

Ryan: What do you mean?

Greenlee: You sent me into the stratosphere, you whipped up a wicked lime rickey, now you're giving me a massage. I'm going to owe you bigtime, and I always pay my debts, so what'll it be? I want to give you anything. What do you want?

Ryan: You.

Lily: Red! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Erica: Lily -- Lily? Lily, turn around and look at me. Look at me, Lily.

Lily: One --

Erica: Lily, here. You -- take this, take this. Go ahead. Yes, take it, and hold onto it, and -- and turn around and sit here with me just like this. And then you'll hardly see the red at all. You -- you can do that. All you have to do is just -- just focus on me, and look at the pashmina. Do you like blue? Because the more you look at the blue, it'll make the red go away.

Lily: The light makes it purple.

Erica: I love purple. Do you?

Lily: It's my favorite. Will I catch your disease now?

Erica: My -- my disease?

Lily: My dad said you have a disease called alcoholism. Will I catch it?

Erica: No.

Lily: Does it hurt?

Erica: Sometimes.

Lily: But is it gone now?

Erica: Well -- this disease never really goes away, but I -- I can control it.

Lily: Like me. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have to work really hard all the time. Is it like that for you, too?

Erica: Yes. Yes, it's a lot like that.

Zach: Your mother told me she had some strong daughters. She wasn't kidding.

Bianca: Flattery -- to avoid answering the question. You still can't talk about it, can you, whoever it was that you lost?

Zach: Not even close. How do you get over something like that?

Bianca: You don't. You learn to live with it. But whenever I see a baby or hear one cry, of course, my heart says Miranda.

Zach: I can't even imagine what that would be like -- to lose a child.

Bianca: Any life.

Zach: Even his?

Bianca: I shot Michael in self-defense. But that doesn't change the fact that I killed a man. I live with that every day. I mean, there are times when I'm coming to visit Kendall that I have to drive around the block again and again before I can even work up the courage to come in this place.

Zach: But you do it.

Bianca: There are days when I want to run as far away from here as possible and forget it ever happened, any of it. You can't relate at all, can you? I mean, you're one of those take-charge guys. No regrets, no doubts, right?

Zach: Nothing gets by me unless I let it.

Maria: Honey, why are you dragging Bobby into this? That's not fair.

Edmund: I just asked Bobby a favor.

Bobby: Maria, it's all right.

Maria: No, you just asked him to spy on his boss.

Edmund: I have my reasons.

Bobby: Edmund --

Maria: Suspicions are not reasons.

Edmund: All right, Maria, would you please stay out of this?

Maria: Would you just -- no. You have no right to ask him to risk his job and put it on the line all for you and for your investigation --

Bobby: Ok, whoa, whoa -- ok, time-out, time-out. There's no reason to argue here, ok? The answer is no. Edmund, I can tell you one thing. Zach's personal life -- it's off-limits. In all the years that I've known the guy, I couldn't tell you where he goes or what he does after he leaves the door, and, frankly, I couldn't care less.

Edmund: Bobby, anything you could help me with --

Maria: Edmund --

Edmund: No matter how small -- would really help.

Maria: Edmund, please.

Bobby: Whatever you think about the guy, I owe him a lot. He had faith in me, and he gave me a real shot, and so I'm not going to cross him.

Edmund: Even if it involves something sketchy happening?

Bobby: I don't know what you think Zach did, but I can't help you. Ok? Look, I -- I got to be somewhere.

Maria: Ahem.

Bobby: Later.

Maria: See you.

Maria: What are you thinking, Edmund? Come on. I mean, you've got one fuzzy, anonymous phone call, and you're ready to peg a murder on Zach and -- and totally put -- totally gamble Bobby's job?

Edmund: I need answers, Maria.

Maria: But you don't even have the questions to ask, Edmund. Bobby and Anita are just getting back together, they're finally putting their life back together, and you're -- you're asking Bobby to totally gamble his future and Anita's future on a hunch that you have.

Edmund: It's more than that.

Maria: No, it's not. It's a bunch of what-ifs --

Edmund: Listen, Zach Slater is more than just a guy who happened to land in Pine Valley.

Maria: Please -- please, Edmund, just let this go before someone gets hurt?

Edmund: Someone could die if I don't find out who made that cell phone call and why.

Maria: Oh, my -- well, you already pinned -- you already decided in your mind it's Zach! You're just waiting, pinning everything on him!

Edmund: Ok, you're right, you're right. You know, I shouldn't have -- I shouldn't have involved Bobby. Ahem. He's too close to Zach. I'm going to figure it out, one way or another. I'm going to find out the truth about Zach Slater -- everything -- down to his -- the name of his favorite dog, his first crush.

Maria: Well, if you -- if you need somebody to spy on Zach, then I'll do it.

Greenlee: Did you just say you wanted me?

Ryan: Well, today was about you, not about me.

Greenlee: Not even just a little?

Ryan: Today you -- you really surprised me up there. You were just like this little, tiny peanut. You were so small up on that trapeze. I mean, anything could've happened. You were so brave. It could've broke. The net could've -- could've broke. The trainer could've dropped you.

Greenlee: Well, now I'm scared.

Ryan: But you went for it anyway. Greenlee, you knew what you wanted, you faced your fear, and you went for it. You know how many people would've climbed up that ladder, and then they would've climbed right back down again because they'd be all freaked out? But not you.

Greenlee: I wanted it too much.

Ryan: Well, exactly. You're not afraid of the unknown.

Greenlee: Well, once you've had road rash on the back of a hog, this was a piece of cake. No bugs in the teeth, no helmet hair.

Ryan: Do you know what I was thinking about when -- when you were up there doing your little flips and spins and flying all over the place? I was thinking about -- about our marriage.

Greenlee: It's a circus?

Ryan: No. It's spontaneous. I mean, it's the craziest thing I ever did, but it's worth every high-flying minute.

Greenlee: It's hard to be scared of heights when I've got you as a safety net.

Ryan: That's good, because you're mine, too. You know what else I was thinking about? I think it was right around the time you -- you got that cotton candy in your hair. I was thinking how incredibly lucky I am to have you. Because you're -- you're funny, and you're a little weird. And you're smart, and you're beautiful. You're sexy.

Ryan: You know what I -- you know what I just remembered? That I -- I'm supposed to meet Jonathan at the Valley Inn bar.

Greenlee: What's the occasion?

Ryan: I -- um -- just another crash course for Fusion. You know, we don't want another makeup meltdown while he's on-watch.

Greenlee: Have a great time. I'll finish up the quarterlies.

Ryan: You sure?

Greenlee: After the day you gave me, the least I can do is give you one less thing to worry about.

Ryan: You -- you are the greatest. I'll see you later, ok, my butterfly?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: Butterfly.

Reggie: I swear, Jack, I'm so sorry. When we get Lily home safe, I'm giving her a tour of the city, all right? I'm talking about maps, emergency numbers, phone locations, the hospital, the police --

Jack: Yeah, I get -- I get the idea.

Reggie: She will never be lost again.

Jack: Well, you know what? It would've been just fine with me if she hadn't been lost this time. Tell me something -- so what part of your brain told you it was a good idea to take her over to the Chandlers' -- the Chandlers' of all places? You know Lily has schedules. She needs those schedules! You know that, damn it! You just trot her over there?

Reggie: If I knew she was going to flip out -- I didn't think she was just going to go crazy --

Jack: Yeah, you didn't think! You didn't think! That's exactly right!

Reggie: Don't worry, it won't happen again.

Jack: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Ok, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm scared to death for Lily. Where could she be?

Erica: How did you get out here, Lily? What are you doing all alone out here?

Lily: I'm lost, but not "dead" lost or lost "gone away." I'm just lost.

Erica: What happened?

Lily: Reggie and Maggie took me to a big house.

Erica: Why?

Lily: So that I could solve the red-tie-guy mystery.

Erica: Did you?

Lily: I couldn't. People made mad faces and they were yelling. And the man with the white hair grabbed me, so I hit him, and I'm not supposed to hit people.

Erica: Oh, but you were scared.

Lily: I ran.

Erica: Well, you're safe now. I mean, I don't know exactly what happened with Reggie, but it's all right. It's very hard to go to a new place and meet strange people.

Lily: Yes.

Erica: I did that, too.

Lily: You did?

Erica: Mm-hmm. And sometimes I wanted to run. I mean, I was in a new place with people I didn't know, and I didn't trust them and I didn't like them. But then after a while I realized that I didn't have to be afraid of them, because all they really wanted to do was just help me get better.

Lily: Like my tutor wants to help me?

Erica: Yes. And your family. Lily, you don't have to be afraid, because your father and Reggie and Bianca -- they love you so much, and so do I. I bet your family is very, very worried about you, Lily, I mean, especially your father.

Lily: When he's worried, his mouth and his forehead get little wrinkles.

Erica: We can fix that. I'm sure that there's nobody your father would rather see than you, and -- and I hope maybe that he would like to see me. Come on, Lily, let -- let me drive you home. Let's go see your dad together.

Zach: From what I've heard, Cambias was despicable. It's hard to believe that anyone could be that evil.

Bianca: Well, you didn't know him. Everything he touched rotted. He got a rush from hurting people, and he never stopped. If the devil exists, he lived in Michael Cambias.

Zach: You kept the devil's child, started a foundation in her memory.

Bianca: Miranda wasn't Michael. No child is responsible for what her parents did. Miranda would've been surrounded by love and -- and kind, good people. I would've made sure of that, and she would've grown into an amazing woman.

Zach: Like her mother. Do you think Cambias, people like him, turn out the way they do because they're not surrounded by good, kind people and love?

Ryan: Thanks, man.

Jonathan: Ry, hey. What's up, man? What's going on?

Ryan: Hey, thanks for coming. You're my excuse to get out of the house.

Jonathan: Greenlee problems?

Ryan: Yeah, Greenlee problems. I swear to God, if I spent one more second in that house, I would've ended up making love to my wife.

Jonathan: That's a bad thing?

Ryan: There's a few things that you need to know about my marriage.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Bobby: Well, I realized I didn't have enough friends in this town, and then I thought of you. So I thought I'd stop by, say hi. It's not too late, is it?

Greenlee: Come be my distraction. Ahem.

Bobby: Isn't that what husbands are for?

Greenlee: If they're around.

Bobby: Yeah. Ok, well, maybe I can help. What do you need distracting from?

Greenlee: Oh, just -- uh -- number crunching.

Bobby: Hmm. Looks like you're the one who's being crunched. You sure you're ok?

Greenlee: Just a long day. I'd rather hear about yours.

Bobby: Ah. Well, you don't exactly look like a captive audience. You seem a little preoccupied.

Greenlee: It's late.

Bobby: I don't want to be nosy, but is everything ok with you and Ryan?

Greenlee: What is with you? You drop by out of nowhere in the middle of the night because you're thinking about me, and now you're asking me questions about my marriage? Give it up, Bobby. What do you really want?

Edmund: I asked you to keep an eye on Slater, and you turned me down cold. Now, all of a sudden, you want to play spy?

Maria: Because I know you, Edmund, and I know that no matter what I say -- no matter what anybody else says -- you're going to keep after Zach till you get to him.

Edmund: It still doesn't explain why you have a change of heart.

Maria: Because Bobby can't do it, and he shouldn't, because he's too close to Zach. And I -- I really got nothing to lose. I mean, I -- I have access. Very important in a spy. Because I'm going to be working with him in that Miranda Center fundraiser. And -- and now that Bobby and Anita are back together, we'll be seeing him socially.

Edmund: So you're ready to get close to him?

Maria: Honey, who's the best listener you know? And if that doesn't work, then I will pull an alias, and I'll sneak into his files and see what I can find.

[Maria sighs]

Maria: Am I hired?

Edmund: Absolutely not.

Zach: I'm -- I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable --

Bianca: Oh, no, it's ok. Don't -- don't worry about me.

Zach: I -- I feel an easiness with you. I don't know why. Maybe because we both lost someone. Maybe we have something in common. I -- you know -- ah -- if I can help in any way --

Bianca: Oh. Well, listen, don't -- don't worry about me. You don't even know me. I really -- I should get going. But I'm sure that I'll see you again soon.

Zach: You absolutely will.

Reggie: Jack, I can't take it anymore, all right? I'm about to hit the streets, see what I can turn up. You want to come?

Jack: I can't. I need to stay here in case she comes back.

Reggie: Well, I'll keep you posted.

Jack: Yeah. Hey. Are you ok? How did you get back here?

Lily: We're home, Dad.

Erica: I took the -- the back way home. It's so pretty this time of year, and -- and there she was.

Jack: Well, thank God you found her and not some stranger.

Lily: Erica's not strange. She's like me. We like purple.

Erica: Yes, purple is my favorite color from now on.

[Jack chuckles]

Erica: Lily and I got better acquainted.

Lily: I have a disorder, and Erica has a disease. We're going to work on them together, help each other.

Jack: Well, that's great. That's -- that's great. Maybe we can all help each other.

Reggie: Yeah, starting with me. Lily, look, I'm so sorry I took you over to the Chandlers'. I should have never gotten you involved. I'm sorry.

Lily: I'm sorry, too.

Reggie: Sorry for what?

Lily: I didn't solve the mystery.

Reggie: No, Lily, it's ok, all right? We're all just glad you're back home.

Jack: Yes, indeed, we are.

Lily: I like it here. I want to go to my room. I need my schedule.

Reggie: Oh. Can I come with you? I got a list of phone numbers I want to give you -- just in case.

Lily: Ok.

Reggie: You know, the place was pretty dead without you.

Erica: Thank you, Reggie. It's good to be home.

Jack: My God, I missed you so much. I love you.

Bobby: You're right. You caught me.

Greenlee: My marriage is none of your business.

Bobby: I -- I was actually looking for answers, about my own.

Greenlee: You and Anita? I don't get it. I thought she was over you.

Bobby: Hmm, yeah, well, so did I, but she tore up the divorce papers and she wants to work it out.

Greenlee: Well, that's great! Isn't it?

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. I never thought it was possible.

Greenlee: Whoa, back up. All I've heard from you is how much you want a second chance with Anita. What's with the attitude?

Bobby: I met a woman.

Greenlee: What?

Bobby: No, don't worry, nothing happened, but --

Greenlee: You -- you're -- you're -- you screwed up before because you cheated on a woman. How could you be so stupid?

Bobby: I can't --

Greenlee: I mean, how could you make the same mistake twice?

Bobby: I can't believe it myself.

Greenlee: Well, then don't.

Bobby: I can't just turn it off.

Greenlee: Well, you're not trying hard enough.

Bobby: You think I want to feel this way? Ok, I love Anita, but I -- I can't just get this woman out of my head.

Greenlee: Well, let me get a stick. Please, tell me it's not Erica Kane.

Bobby: No, no, it's not.

Greenlee: Well, that's something.

Bobby: What am I going to do?

Greenlee: I know what's going on.

Bobby: You do?

Greenlee: It's obvious. It's panic. You're about to have it all -- the woman you love forever and always. Getting everything you want can be scary sometimes. Not that I'd know.

Bobby: You know, what's scary is, is that -- the way I feel about this woman. I mean, I have to do something. I -- I can't just go back to Anita -- not now. It's not fair to her, and I don't want to hurt her again.

Greenlee: Well, you love her. Right? I mean, you want to be with her?

Bobby: Only if I can make her happy.

Greenlee: Well, then you've got to deal with this now. It's the only way that your marriage stands a chance.

Bobby: So you really think I should tell this woman how I feel about her?

Ryan: You know, I thought I could handle it. I mean, I've done everything in my power to honor the prenup, but now --

Jonathan: You are not going to break it off with Greenlee, are you?

Ryan: Well, I can't. I mean, I don't know -- I don't know when, I don't know how. But I'm falling for her.

Greenlee: You absolutely have to go to this woman and tell her how you feel. Trust me, it's the only way.

Bobby: The woman is you.

Maria: What is with you? I ask you to stop investigating Zach, you get mad at me. I tell you I'm onboard with you, and I'm going to help you out, you tell me to forget it. Well, you know what? I'll tell you what. How about if you forget it, I will?

Edmund: I can't do that.

Maria: Edmund, please -- please, let this go. Give this case to Derek or something. Just leave it alone and leave -- leave Zach Slater alone.

Edmund: Why?

Maria: "Why?" Because this case and your obsession with it is pulling us apart.

Edmund: Is it the case that's pulling us apart? Or is it Zach Slater?

Bianca: Mom?

Bianca's voice: Everything he touched rotted. He got a rush from hurting people, and he never stopped. If the devil exists, he lived in Michael Cambias.


>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: We're having this big fundraiser. Zach Slater is sponsoring it.

Erica: What's he doing here?

Zach: What's on your mind?

Ryan: Maria Grey.

Edmund: I'm asking you straight up. What's going on with you and Slater?

Bobby: You deserve a man who puts you above all else.

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