AMC Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Maggie: Ok, does the pacing help? I find it really soothing.

Reggie: Well, yeah. This way helps me figure out how to get Jamie out of this mess.

Maggie: And this way?

Reggie: Well, this way is what I want to -- this way is what I want to do to J.R.'s face.

Maggie: Well, just one thought for me -- I might lose one of my best friends.

Lily: Is your friend going to die?

David: What are you doing here?

Jamie: Enjoying the weather, just like you.

David: Not very smart, Jamie.

Jamie: At least I have an excuse. Or did Babe already yank your visitation rights away?

David: All right, look, why don't you get out and go home, ok? Being here isn't going to help you at all.

Jamie: Oh, your concerned. It's touching. Now go to hell.

Adam: Tad, you've said enough. Now say goodbye.

Tad: Yeah, as if I ever listen to you when you speak. I'm sorry, this was between my son and me.

Adam: Oh, well, then you're on your way because your son just made bail.

J.R.: Dad, Tad's right. If this is between him and me, I say we're done. I'm a lost cause, remember?

Krystal: Tad, what's say you and I take a breather, huh, right now, just you and me?

Adam: Let him breathe somewhere else. I want you gone when I get back. And FYI, I'm going to be in my library for all of one minute. Son?

Tad: Well-placed, Adam. Start to lose control, so you run away, when we both know you're just afraid of the truth.

Babe: You've been spying on us, recording everything that we say in here?

Brooke: Marriage to Adam was an education. Sneaky Tricks 101.

Babe: And you think that you caught something on there or someone?

Brooke: This is where the magic usually happens for Adam. Let's rewind the tape and hear his latest trick.

[Tape winds]

Maria: It's pointless for me to lie to you because you know me too well. You always did. And seeing you again just -- it brought it all back, and it's like it never ended.

Zach: It didn't. Not if you feel the way I do.

Maria: I do. What I feel for you, Zach --

Zach: What we feel for each other.

Maria: No, but I won't act on it. I can't. I'm still married, and I love my husband.

Zach: I know. And he loves you. I've seen it.

Maria: He grieved for me, and I didn't know.

Zach: There was a sadness in your eyes sometimes. Maybe -- maybe you were grieving, too.

Maria: He is the love of my life. And you were someone that I fell so madly in love with.

Zach: No, you didn't. Maureen fell in love with me.

Maria: Her name, my heart. I don't want her to be a part of me, but she is. And the casita, that was just our own perfect little world, you know? It was so intense and it was so incredible.

Zach: Because of you. Just you.

Maria: It was -- it was the most perfect happiness that I've ever felt, really.

Zach: Well, this is strange. We've never done this -- discussed the past. So what do we do now? Do we deal with what's still here? Do we just bolt without a word?

Maria: No, you know what, I am so sorry for hurting you, Zach, when I left.

Zach: We're talking about now.

Maria: But it's all the same. It's all mixed up, you see, the chemistry and the history and the reality, regret. We have to find a new place for us now. We can't go back and relive the past.

Zach: What, you mean like friends?

Maria: Well, you know, old lovers do that. They're friends if there's no big fight and there's no -- you know, the love just goes.

Zach: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Maria: Right?

Zach: What if it didn't go? You just said --

Maria: Yes. Yes, it's still there. It is still all there. Where was it going to go? How could it go anywhere? I just left. You have no idea how it ripped my heart out getting on the plane that day and thinking I was never going to see you again.

Zach: Here I am.

Maria: Yeah. But it's just as over now as it was then.

Zach: It wasn't.

Maria: Then it ends now.

Zach: No. Not yet. Something else I need from you.

Maria: I can't, Zach.

Zach: Just tell me -- why? If it was so perfect, why didn't you say goodbye to me? Hmm? If I hadn't raced to the airport, I wouldn't even have seen your face.

Maria: That was not the way I wanted to do it. It's not the way I wanted to do it. That we all owe to someone named David Hayward.

David: Why don't we try this again, shall we? I want you to get out of here. And while you're at it, stay away from my daughter.

Jamie: What happened to you and me against the world, you know, triumphing over the Chandlers to prove my innocence?

David: Trust me, I want nothing more than to nail J.R. for what he did to Babe, but I'll be damned if I'm going to do it so she can run into the arms of a Martin.

Jamie: You know, I'm a little more interested in my life as a free man than I am in my next date.

David: Yeah, right. Like you don't have visions of carrying Babe off into the sunset in your mommy's old station wagon?

Jamie: Oh, you didn't say tricycle. I guess that means we're still friends.

David: I gave you a chance to help me out already, Jamie. You didn't want to dirty yourself.

Jamie: David --

David: So now you can go and get out of my way.

Jamie: David, you made it with a woman 20 years ago at a keg party. This little Daddy-saves-the-day fantasy? You're having it on your own. Babe doesn't need you around.

David: My daughter doesn't know whom she can trust right now, which means she needs me now more than ever.

Jamie: Babe needs to get away from J.R. She needs to take her baby someplace safe. But what she doesn't need is the poison that drips off of you like slime.

David: Well, a couple of hours in the can has turned you into a tough guy, huh?

Jamie: You know what? I could go to jail for a really long time and the world will think that I drug people to have sex. Now, you may be used to that, but it makes me sick, and there is no way that I'm going to sit at home and wait for someone else to clear my name. I'm going to crack J.R.'s game wide open without you dragging me down. So let's try this again. Get out of my face and stay away from Babe.

Babe: I wake up next to my husband every single morning. I don't need to spy or eavesdrop to prove that he didn't have anything to do with me being drugged.

Brooke: So this tape means nothing to you? No interest at all?

Babe: I don't blame you for not believing me. And I know that this must break your heart into a thousand pieces because this is your son that we're talking about, but Jamie drugged me. He drugged me, and he would've gone further if given the chance. And after all's said and done, he blames his brother. I swear to you, I didn't lead him on and I have no idea why he would betray us like this.

Brooke: This must break your heart, too.

Babe: I just want this all over with.

Brooke: Of course you do. This must be awful. Because either you have to believe that your husband did all this for some horrible reason or you have to believe that your friend wasn't what he seemed. I mean, that's a frightening prospect. You must be terrified.

Babe: I'm not.

Brooke: Well, then you're stronger than most. I mean, to have someone so close to you smiling at your face, holding such a secret? And there's nothing quite as ugly as dark family secrets, but then you know that already, don't you?

Tad: You're nothing but a high-hand wussy who's afraid of the truth.

Adam: The truth? That J.R. is innocent and Jamie is deluded? Yes, I'm worried. I'm worried about the impact this is going to have on my son and his family. I'm a father, so I worry. But I'm also a Chandler. I have no fear.

Tad: No, you're also a Chandler, and you give me a headache.

J.R.: You know, if this is between us, why do you insist on the Tad-and-Adam show? I've seen it in reruns. It gets old fast.

Adam: Tad is powerless to clean up Jamie's mess, so this is the way he copes. Actually, I give you my sympathy. Watching your son dissolve into despair and delusion must be impossible to watch. As a matter of fact, I -- I'm going to ask the judge, tell him that I think Jamie should get extensive psychiatric care.

Tad: Oh, that's just swell. You mean you're going to vote for a padded cell? I'm shocked.

Adam: Well, it's a lot more humane than -- than hard time with vicious criminals.

Tad: You mean like living with you?

Adam: Oh.

Tad: I should think J.R.'s already had enough of that punishment for everybody.

J.R.: What are you aiming for? If this is all a big setup to goad me into a confession, give it up! The only thing I want to confess is that I hope Jamie's ok, wherever he ends up.

Adam: Well, I can promise you one thing -- regardless of where Jamie pays for his crimes, neither he nor you will ever be welcome in this house again.

Jamie: You can't threaten me and you can't scare me, and there is no way you can take me.

David: You're really sure about that, huh?

Jamie: Unless you're packing a hypodermic and some sort of hard-core sedative, I got you beat.

David: Yeah, well, try to get this beyond that thick skull of yours, Jamie -- I have no interest, no desire whatsoever in aiding your cause. But if I find out that J.R. hurt Babe, you will be cleared. So you can say thank you and get lost.

Jamie: And if I don't scamper home, what are you going to do?

David: You're absolutely right, I have nothing. Except this.

Tad: Where Jamie's life is on the line, I'm not going �

Reggie: So "to lose," Lily, can mean a couple of things.

Lily: Dad explained it. When someone dies, you say you lost them, even if they're not missing. Like Bianca's baby.

Reggie: Right. Miranda died. But when Maggie�s talking about losing a friend --

Lily: Jamie?

Reggie: Right. She means he might be going away where she won't see him anymore.

Lily: But if he knows where he is, then he's not lost, and if he's not dead, then he's not lost, so --

Reggie: It's complicated.

Lily: I usually have a dictionary or thesaurus for this kind of thing.

Maggie: Oh. Since my place has been tossed, I mean, I barely even know where my shoes are. I'm sorry.

Reggie: No, that's ok. We're going to work on it when we get home. But trust me, nobody is dying.

Lily: Everyone dies eventually.

Reggie: Ok, but nobody we know is dying right now.

Maggie: If only we could use that logic on PVPD -- "Because I said so."

Reggie: Well, if I thought it would work, I would try it.

Maggie: Yeah, well, you playing smart-ass with the chief didn't win many fans, so not even Danielle could get anything past the front desk now.

Reggie: Well, then we work on J.R., ok? We try to make him slip, do something.

Maggie: Yeah, good luck. That guy must have nerves of steel to tank his brother like this.

Lily: Reggie?

Reggie: Yeah?

Lily: So which "lose" did the man mean?

Reggie: What?

Lily: When he said, "Babe has lost her baby." Babe told me her baby wasn't dead. So is she going away somewhere Babe can't see her anymore? If we go home soon, maybe the thesaurus can help.

Reggie: Wait a minute. What man told you this?

Lily: At the groundbreaking ceremony Dad took us to. He had blond hair, a fuzzy bottom lip, and a red tie, and he was mad.

J.R.: What is this? What, do I need a restraining order?

Jamie: No, I meant to turn left at the cobwebs. I know the way out.

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Tad: That's a good question, considering you promised to stay away.

Jamie: Well, with a prison sentence over my head, I thought I would do the PD's job and get the proof that J.R. set me up.

J.R.: You know, Adam's right, you have lost your mind.

Krystal: Tad, get him out of here.

J.R.: You know, I almost feel pity for you, but then I remember what you did to my wife.

Tad: He's got a right to say his piece.

Jamie: What it's like, J.R., to share one brain with your twisted old man?

Adam: You're not helping your case, Jamie.

J.R.: No, you know what, I am done talking! And that goes for you and you. My daughter's upstairs right now and I don't want any more anger in this house.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'll get rid of all of it.

Tad: How? You going to move out?

Adam: No, I want to make this clear so there's no misunderstanding. In a few seconds, I'm going to go up there and make a phone call, and then a few minutes later, the police will come, arrest you both for trespassing, put you in a nice father-son cell so you can bond together! Let's time it, shall we?

Tad: That's always your big trick, isn't it? Whenever anybody gets in your way, you just call one of the judges you keep in your jacket pocket and throw them in a cell -- or worse, Oak Haven.

J.R.: I told you, you cannot use that to push my buttons.

Tad: Let's be real clear here -- that's the man that threw your mother into a rubber room like a dog -- or worse, like garbage. And now you're telling me you want to do the same thing to your brother. Why, J.R.? Because you think you're a team, that he's got your back? You be real careful, son, because what do you think he's going to do when you make a mistake, or, worse, start thinking for yourself? What do you assume he's going to do for you then?

J.R.: What do you want to do? You want to make this me and Dad against you and Jamie? I didn't pick sides, Tad. Jamie picked them for us, and you went along for the ride.

Adam: My son has made himself quite clear. Now, I want you to get the hell out of here, and take your son and his mother with you. Brooke. Where's Brooke?

Brooke: You know secrets from both ends now, how damaging they can be.

Babe: Do you already know what's on the tape? Am I on it?

Brooke: I don't know. It's only been here since Jamie's arrest. The only thing I am out to do is exonerate my son.

Babe: And I kept something from you about him a while back. When you asked for the truth about me and Jamie and the Pine Cone, I lied to your face. You must just think I'm a horrible person.

Brooke: Oh, Babe, no. Listen, that is all over, you know? It's over.

Babe: Not for everyone, obviously.

Brooke: I was talking about what it's like living in this house, where truth and lies sometimes just blur together, you know, and all of a sudden, you know, you -- you don't seem to be able to separate any of them.

Babe: Maybe when you were here, but it's not like that anymore.

Brooke: Little lies, big lies -- sometimes you just walk by them like they're not there. I understand where you are. I was young and I was in love when I came to this house, just like you. And Adam was a handsome rogue, a bad boy who had a few issues with being honest with the rest of the world, but I knew he would never lie to me.

Babe: But Adam is Adam, and J.R.'s not.

Brooke: And I know what it's like to survive in this house. And you begin to decide whether to believe things or to ignore them. And then all of a sudden, you find yourself slipping into your own self-truths and lies to yourself, sometimes to others, because you're just trying to protect your heart and protect the people that you love.

Babe: I don't know how many ways you want me to say this, but I know my husband, and he didn't lie.

Brooke: And I know I have said that same thing in this same room while my husband piled one lie on top of another. And one of us in this room is wrong now, and it's time to find out who.

Zach: Who does that? Who saves a woman's life and then convinces her she's a killer?

Maria: The many ways that Hayward plays God is mind-boggling.

Zach: For what? For kicks, for a laugh? What?

Maria: No, for safety because he didn't want anybody to know that I was his lab rat.

Zach: The drugs saved your life, right, so why not tell the world and let you go home?

Maria: Because they were illegal and they were untested, and I was living proof of that, so I could bring him down, so he kept me running. But, David, I told you before, nobody knows where I am right now.

David: Do you really think that's going to stop them from coming after you?

Maria: You don't understand. I really love him, David.

David: Then you have no choice, Maureen. Now, tell me something -- does this man, does he have any idea what you've done?

Maria: No, no. Of course not.

David: Well, he will when they find you.

Maria: But how do you know --

David: They're very close.

Maria: That they know for sure where I am?

David: They're very close, Maureen, and I can't protect you if you don't move now.

Maria: God, David, please, I don't want to keep running anymore!

David: Now, answer me this -- does he love you?

Maria: Yeah! Yes, very much.

David: Really?

Maria: Yes.

David: Will he continue to love you once he finds out the truth?

Maria: Don't do this, please, David. I need your help right now. I can't just leave him.

David: I'm trying to help you, so you have to listen to me. If you love this man, I'm telling you, go now --

Maria: I can't.

David: Before he knows the truth, before he watches you dragged away in cuffs, before he's cuffed himself! Listen to what I'm telling you, Maureen. If you stay, you're going to bring him down with you and you're going to be left with absolutely nothing.

Maria: Ok. Ok, I'll go. I'll go.

Zach: To save me?

Maria: You would have your memories, I would have my freedom. It was supposed to be enough.

Zach: So this doctor, this --

Maria: David Hayward.

Babe: I'm sorry that you were unhappy here and I'm sorry for how Adam treated you, but --

Brooke: The sympathy goes both ways.

Babe: My husband is kind and he is loving and he would protect me with his life.

Brooke: You believe in him. But you used to believe in Jamie, too.

Babe: I did. And I would've gone on calling him my friend forever, but the proof -- it doesn't lie, and even if I didn't see it, it was Jamie all along.

Brooke: Babe, how well do you know your baby?

Babe: She's my baby. I know her better than anyone else ever could.

Brooke: Or ever will. I mean, you know everything about her -- her cry, her laugh. You know that she likes to be patted or rubbed or rocked or bounced. You know her. When she cries, it's just a cry to the rest of the world, but to you, it means a hundred things.

Babe: It's like it's her own little language and I'm the only other person who speaks it.

Brooke: And that won't ever go away. And you'll translate her to the rest of the world for years to come because -- because you know her better than anybody else ever could. You'll know when she's hurt or when she's angry, when she's lying.

Babe: I know what you're getting at. And all I can say is that I -- I really am sorry that it got this bad.

Brooke: Babe, listen to me. You know your baby and I know my son. And this is not just some defense of my sweet, perfect son, because he isn't, God knows. But when he told me that he didn't do this to you, every instinct screamed to me that it was the truth, and I am saying this to you as one mother to another.

Babe: Then I guess we'll just have to listen to the tape.

Adam: What's going on in here?

Brooke: This is a private conversation. Do you mind? Jamie, what are you doing here?

Jamie: Mom, I just --

Brooke: We got -- we're going.

Tad: I know, I know.

Babe: No, no, no, wait. Not until we hear the tape.

J.R.: What tape?

Babe: Brooke planted a tape recorder in here for proof that J.R. framed Jamie.

Adam: You bugged my house?

Brooke: Oh, save your indignation for somebody who doesn't know your history.

Adam: Don't get cute with me, Brooke. This is my home, my property, and, so, my tape.

Tad: Not yet. Let's have a listen, shall we?

[Tape plays]

J.R.'s voice: I don't like it. It's gotten way too ugly, way too fast. What do we do now?

Adam's voice: There's only one thing we can do. Once they put a judge on the case, I'll give him a call and ask him to go easy on Jamie.

J.R.'s voice: I hate this -- all of it. We were getting back to a decent place -- friends again, brothers -- and out of nowhere he goes after my wife.

Adam's voice: You love your brother, J.R., but we both know it wasn't out of nowhere. He looks up to you. He sees you with a beautiful wife and child. I'm not excusing him, mind you.

J.R.'s voice: You can't, I can't, no matter how much I want to. I try to hang tough around Babe, tell her it's over now, but I lost a brother and I've almost lost a wife. I couldn't do it, Dad. If I lost Babe, I don't think I could --

Adam's voice: I know, son. And you know Tad will do whatever he can to save Jamie, as will Brooke. We keep Babe safe and get Jamie the help he needs.

[Tape stops]

Brooke: You sneaky, son of a -- you found the tape, didn't you?

Tad: Yeah, I got to admit, for a minute there, I really thought you had a heart.

Adam: That was private family business.

Brooke: Ah.

Adam: My son needed to talk. He didn't expect an audience.

Babe: J.R., I love you so much. I told her that you didn't do it. Oh.

Krystal: Tad? You knew? You knew and you helped?

Tad: Yeah, for Jamie's sake.

Krystal: Babe? Come on, let's go check to see if anybody bugged the diaper pail. I'm sure Adam and J.R. will show these nice folks out.

Adam: Well, did you enjoy your illicit peek into our private lives?

Tad: Oh, shut up. You two sounded like a radio program. I mean, you knew the walls had ears, so you gave the performance of your life. You know what? All that proves is you're at the top of your game.

Zach: He kept you running for five years.

Maria: David is complicated. And -- no. Do you hear me, Zach? No.

Zach: What?

Maria: What do you mean, "What?" I know -- David and I have made our peace, ok? I hate what he did to me, but he did save my life, and he saved Edmund's life after he was shot, so whatever it is that you're planning or you're thinking right now, just stop! Because there's not going to be any vendettas or any revenge, ok?

Zach: Are you friends with this man?

Maria: Let's just say that we have been through the war together and now we're colleagues.

Zach: He needs to be dealt with.

Maria: No. The last thing I need to worry about right now is you going after David, and I just want you to leave what's in the past in the past! Please! All of it.

Reggie: Lily, what else did that man say about Babe and her baby?

Lily: He had blond hair straight-up, fuzzy bottom lip, striped suit -- blue -- red tie. I didn't like that tie. Red confuses me, makes everything move so fast, and my brain starts to hurt.

Maggie: I know, Reggie -- Reggie told me. What did you do when you saw the red tie?

Lily: I walked away. I didn't want to see him or the man with the silver hair. But I heard them.

Reggie: Ok, what did the guy with the red tie say?

Lily: "Whatever else I have to do to get Babe out of my life, she has lost that baby."

Maggie: Oh, my God.

Reggie: Oh, yes!

Maggie: Lily, this is really great.

Reggie: This is not great yet. I'm going to need you to do one more thing for me, but it's not going to be easy.

Lily: Most things aren't.

Reggie: Yeah. True enough. I need you to tell some other people exactly what you just told us.

Lily: Other people?

Reggie: Well, like in your mysteries.

Lily: I love them. They work like math. You add up all the clues and you find out who did it.

Maggie: Good, what you heard the red tie guy say -- that's like a clue.

Reggie: An important clue, and you get to help Maggie and me become detectives. So you have to tell the people your clues.

Lily: That's the best part.

Reggie: Yeah, so you think you could do it?

Lily: Yes.

Reggie: Even though you're going to have to go to a place that you've never been before? And you're going to have to tell the guy with the red tie.

Lily: No. No red tie.

Reggie: I promise, Lily, he will not have any red on.

Lily: Ok, then I'd like to do it. Can we go now?

Babe: I admit it, for a second there, Brooke had me all turned around. I kind of thought maybe Jamie didn't do it and I was fooling myself. But now that I heard that, I know that J.R. loves me.

Krystal: Honey, he loves you more than life itself. You heard it with your own ears. That wasn't for show.

Babe: We're going to be just fine -- me and J.R. and Bess.

Krystal: Yeah. You're going to be perfect. Now, why don't you just go check on that little peanut right now, ok?

Babe: I gladly will. Oh.

Krystal: What in the hell are you doing?

David: What do you think I'm doing? Protecting our daughter.

Krystal: Well, then you are barking up the wrong tree and you are sneaking around the wrong tunnels, because I already know that Tad and Brooke tried to trap J.R.

David: I know, I know, and they failed miserably. I heard.

Krystal: Oh, you heard?

David: Yeah, I heard. Adam is one step ahead of Brooke and Tad. That tape was a joke.

Krystal: That tape proves that J.R. loves Babe -- no lies, no jokes, no laughing.

David: You can't possibly be serious! That tape was like open-mike night at the Liars' Club. I bet you they did six takes, they were laughing so hard.

Krystal: No, you're the one that's lying. You claim that you're out to protect Babe? You'd rather see her heart broken by her own husband than admit that you are wrong. This thing you have with the Chandlers? Let it go. They are not looking for a fight.

David: Well, that's their problem then, which I'm going to use to my advantage. If I can stay beneath the radar, at least one of us can protect our daughter.

Krystal: Oh. Oh. However did I manage without you all these years?

David: I'm not so sure you did.

Krystal: You did not say that to the woman who could yell, "Yo, Adam, guess who's here."

David: Ok, look, I'm just saying I never would've let Babe get involved with a Chandler in the first place. I know Adam all too well, ok, and J.R. is turning out to be a gigantic chip off his old man's jaw.

Krystal: You would say that if he was the handsome male version of Mother Teresa. You just won't give J.R. the credit that he deserves.

David: Yes, I can and I will. But you have to understand something -- I've had years' worth of run-ins with that kid, ok, and I'm telling you he's not the same person. He's becoming more like his father every day, which means he cannot be trusted.

Krystal: Well, you know what? I think that's just Babe's judgment against yours, and since she's not the nut job sneaking around in secret passages in somebody's home, then my vote goes with her. David, Babe knows her own mind, all right? You've just got to accept that.

David: Babe knows what J.R. wants her to know, which is the same for you, and that is why I'm going to keep a very close eye on J.R. and Babe. And if that jerk steps one half-inch out of line, I'm going to be the first one to know.

Krystal: I should just let you go for it. You'd certainly get an eyeful, and that'd serve you right.

David: What is that supposed to mean?

Krystal: Babe and J.R. are planning another baby, and they plan to start right away, so if you are not careful, you will be the first to know.

Tad: By all means, feel free to gloat. I mean, we're all really impressed with your little piece of fiction. Better yet, it's not too late to stop this train wreck.

Adam: As I said, I planned to call the judge -- that was until Jamie proved himself a stalker.

Tad: Oh, come on, Adam.

Brooke: Adam, don't do this. I mean, you can get what you want, whatever that is, without taking my son down to do it!

Tad: Hey, you want to make a phone call, why don't you call that high-priced shark you paid to defend your friend the drug dealer, Seth? You got him to change his story once. I'm sure you could do it again.

Adam: To your version? The one where my son is criminal?

Tad: No. Leave J.R. out of it. Just get Seth to state that he made the whole thing up.

J.R.: Boy, that's generous. You and Jamie have been pounding me since the whole thing started. Now you just want to let me off the hook?

Tad: I don't want either one of you to have to go to prison.

J.R.: Oh, we should just sweep this thing right under the family carpet, is that it?

Jamie: Oh, you think you're going to get a better offer?

Adam: Brooke, I'm sorry that you have to go through this, but I don't see any way that I can prevent it.

Tad: Sure. So that's it? Not even a whisper of regret? Ok, J.R. You make your choice. Now I have to make mine. But I am going to find the truth. And when I do, I'm going to bring both of you down.

Maria: Don't do that quiet, thoughtful thing that you do.

Zach: I'm just listening.

Maria: No, you're not, you're stalling. All of this, all of what we feel, what David did -- all of it -- that all has to be history.

Zach: History, tucked away, neatly tucked away -- so we can't feel, can't touch it, and can't remember what it was like?

Maria: We cannot take another step. We can't. Not until we do this. No friendship, no working together -- nothing. Do you understand?

Zach: What about Hayward?

Maria: It's not your problem. Hayward is -- I mean, he's just -- we have a very convoluted history, and now we just stay at arm's length.

Zach: Is that what you want me to do, be at arm's length?

Maria: If you don't want me to walk away. I don't want to, Zach, but I will, and I won't look back.

Zach: I know what you're capable of.

Maria: Promise me that you're not going to try to bring the past back to life.

Zach: I told you five years ago, you can trust my word. I always keep my promises. Do you know how much I love you? I'm never going to leave you. Trust my word. And I always keep my promises.

Krystal: Babe and J.R. love each other. They want their family to grow. What more proof do you need? This has got to stop!

David: All right, listen to me -- I'm just trying to get to the truth here, ok? If J.R. is innocent, then there's nothing to worry about. I will leave them both in peace. But if he is guilty --

Krystal: He's not.

David: If he is guilty and I'm able to find proof that he drugged Babe, would you want our daughter with a man like that, a baby with a father like that?

Krystal: I could see why you like these tunnels, because you've got the same dark, twisted, nasty turns in your brain.

David: Yeah, well, at least this brain is trying to protect our daughter.

Krystal: And so how do you plan on getting at this supposed cosmic truth?

David: I'm going to watch J.R.'s every footstep, listen to his every word. I'm going to know him better than anybody else ever has.

Krystal: Oh, yeah? You planning on moving in here?

David: Hey, welcome to my new home. But I can't do it without your help.

Adam: All right, Tad, who do I call, the cops or the judge?

Tad: Oh, spare me. We're going.

Adam: Oh, for crying out loud. What, do I need a security team to keep the riffraff out of here?

Reggie: What's up, James?

Tad: It's all right, Reggie. We were just on our way out.

Reggie: No, no, no, hang on a second. We actually came by for a little private time with J.R., but I guess this works, too.

Brooke: Reggie, I don't think now is the time.

Reggie: No, no, no, trust me, you want to hear this. You see, Lily was at groundbreaking, and she wants to share something -- something that J.R. said that's going to turn around things a little bit. Go on, Lily. Tell them what you heard.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: To pay your debts and keep your marriage together, you're willing to bed another woman.

Reggie: Just tell everybody what J.R. said at the groundbreaking.

Jamie: Wait, just until Babe gets back in here. She has to hear this.

Babe: What do you want me to hear?

David: One peep and I will scream the truth about Bess.

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