AMC Transcript Friday 7/16/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 7/16/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Anita: Where is he?

Zach: What -- what do you --

Anita: Bobby. He's not in his office or in his room. Where have you stashed my husband, Mr. Slater?

Bobby: It's all there. My debt's paid in full.

Palmer: I assume this was honestly obtained?

Edmund: Ahem -- before you start handing out large sums of cash, you may want to check with Anita's divorce attorney.

Palmer: Divorce? Good God, Bobby. Don't tell me you managed to screw up your marriage, as well.

Krystal: Honey, what in the world is going on? What are you and Jamie and J.R. hollering about?

Babe: Mama, it's terrible. I hardly believe it myself.

Bianca: Save Babe and Bess -- from what?

Maggie: Jamie, what happened?

Jamie: No, it is so twisted, I can barely believe it.

Babe: Jamie drugged me, Mama. It was Jamie.

Jamie: It was J.R. He did it! My own brother!

Krystal: Jamie wouldn't do that.

Babe: I didn't want to think so either, but it's true.

Bianca: Wait a minute, wait a minute. J.R. slipped the drug into Babe's drink?

Maggie: Jamie, are you sure?

Jamie: He is out to wreck her life, and he will not stop until he does it. Babe will listen to you, Bianca. Make her take Bess and get away from J.R. before he does something even worse.

David: Go ahead. Prove to me that you didn't drug Babe.

J.R.: I don't have to.

David: I already told you -- anybody hurts my daughter, they're going to answer to me.

J.R.: As much as I'd love to take you on, you got the wrong man.

David: All right, give me proof -- hard evidence that Jamie drugged Babe, or I will crush you and your entire world around you.

Bianca: Wait a minute, hold up. Why would J.R. drug Babe? What would he -- what was he trying to do?

Jamie: To get her to sleep with me.

Krystal: So Jamie drugged you to get you to have sex?

Babe: I know it's sick, but, Mama, how crazy was he about me?

Krystal: Well, I know he teetered on the edge of stalker, but, honey, he wouldn't do that.

Babe: Yeah, he slipped over. My heart stopped. I could have died.

Krystal: Oh, honey, I thought you and J.R. and Jamie got through that whole mess. I mean, you guys were tight!

Babe: I thought we were.

Krystal: So you're saying Jamie's just putting on one big act?

Jamie: Yeah, I thought I was in love with Babe, but I backed off. Now, I'm straight with you. I wanted J.R. to marry her, and I wanted that marriage to work.

Maggie: I know, so why would J.R. want Babe to get under the sheets with you?

Jamie: Grounds for divorce, so he can dump Babe.

Bianca: Wait a minute. J.R. and Babe just got remarried.

Jamie: He can dump Babe and keep Bess.

Bianca: Jamie, J.R. loves Babe. What you're saying is -- who would do something like that?

Jamie: Like father, like son. J.R. is not a Chandler for nothing. When Adam wanted custody of J.R., he got Dixie to believe she was going insane, even had her committed, the whole thing.

Bianca: Yeah, well, Adam is Adam.

Jamie: But J.R. is turning into him, and Babe loves him too much to see it.

Babe: I thought Jamie was going all-out, being a real close friend to both me and J.R., but then he does this.

Krystal: Was there any hint that something was off with him? Did he try to -- did he badmouth J.R., try to get you to leave him?

Babe: No, never. He was so pro J.R. He was pro us. Jamie was the one that wanted us to stick together.

Bianca: So you're blaming J.R. for drugging Babe, but he claims that you did it.

Jamie: The dealer said that J.R. paid him to get out of town.

Bianca: You're trusting the dealer on this? So, Jamie, you're telling me that you didn't actually see J.R. spike Babe's drink.

Jamie: No, but he did it, or he had someone else do it.

Bianca: Look, the thought of anybody intentionally hurting Babe makes me sick. But J.R., her own husband? Jamie, I can't even go there.

Babe: So you don't think Jamie could have drugged me?

Krystal: Honey, Jamie is Tad's son. There is so much good in him. Honey, that is about as wild as thinking J.R. drugged you.

Jamie: I hate this, too, but J.R. did it. He's been playing Babe the whole time. He's got her so snowed.

Bianca: Listen, Jamie, it's great that you're trying to protect Babe, and it sucks that J.R. tried to pin it on you, but don't do the same thing. I mean, maybe he really is innocent.

Jamie: I am not on a revenge trip.

Bianca: Jamie, J.R. and Babe have gone through enough lately.

Maggie: Yeah. I mean, they nearly lost Bess in the park.

Bianca: That's right. Some guy tried to kidnap Bess, and J.R. brought her back.

Jamie: J.R. brought her back?

Bianca: Yeah. Thank God he got there in time.

Jamie: You saw the whole thing?

Bianca: No, I didn't see the whole thing, but I saw how freaked out J.R. was.

Jamie: And nobody else witnessed the guy that got away?

Maggie: We helped search the park for him, but nothing.

Jamie: So J.R. just happened to be there to save Bess. Wow, what a coincidence. Why am I the only one who's clueing into this?

Bianca: Jamie -- Jamie -- Jamie, don't go!

Maggie: Can we please just try to figure this out?

J.R.: You know what? This whole outraged dad act doesn't really fly with me. Up until a few weeks ago, you didn't even give a damn about Babe, so why don't you back off?

David: You didn't have any evidence against Jamie, which begs the question, why are you out to frame him?

J.R.: I'm not. Jamie did it. He wanted to break us up.

David: Why? Because the two of them slept together once?

J.R.: No, Jamie's been in love with Babe forever. Why don't you ask around? He's been obsessed about it. That's why he drugged Babe. And that's all the proof that I need.

Babe: No, J.R. I don't believe that Jamie drugged me, and I don't want you to believe it, either.

Palmer: A wonderful girl like Anita. How'd you mess that up?

Bobby: Well, I woke up one morning, and it hit me. Why stay married to the most wonderful woman in the world? Why not just wreck our happiness by getting a divorce? What a great idea, huh? What better way to destroy all of our happiness and plans?

Palmer: Well, I am inclined to believe that is precisely how it happened.

Edmund: Close enough.

Bobby: Just strike me off your debtorsí list, ok?

Edmund: Bobby, Bobby, come on. You can't blame us for being upset. You screwed up royally, huh? Anita didn't deserve to be cheated on.

Palmer: An affair? You had an affair? Good God, you don't have the sense God gave a rock!

Bobby: And you never made a mistake in any of your many marriages, I'm sure.

Palmer: So, Anita dumped you, right? You drove off the finest woman you're probably ever going to find in your life.

Bobby: Look, I came here to pay a debt, not get a lecture.

Maria: Ok, Bobby, Bobby, wait.

Bobby: Don't start with me, Maria, not unless you're willing to pull out your own skeletons and compare.

Anita: You're not trying to protect him?

Zach: The only thing I'm protecting right now is my dinner and my financial statements.

Anita: Well, if you would just tell me where he is, I'll get out of here.

Zach: My employees are not under 24-hour surveillance. I don't know where he is. Maybe he's at the movies. Maybe he's at the gym. Maybe he flew back to Vegas to see one of his friends. I don't know. Look at this!

Anita: Oh -- I'm sorry for the mess.

Zach: It's all right. I should have used a fork. Anyway, he's pretty compulsive about his work, so maybe he'll come back. Why don't you hang out.

Anita: Oh, no. You're trying to work.

Zach: It's ok. It's only money. And you came all the way from Pine Valley, so you know what? I don't like the idea of you sitting in a coffee shop trying to come up with your next move.

Anita: Well, I'm not sure there is one.

Zach: So what do you want to do? You want to leave a note? Do you want -- should I give him a message? What do you --

Anita: Ok. Yeah.

Zach: Note?

Anita: No. No. You know what? Yes. Actually, no. What I have to say I should say face to face.

Zach: Ok. I got mu shu and some Crazy Colonel Chao's chicken.

Anita: What army are you trying to feed?

Zach: I just like variety. Have some.

Anita: No, I really -- I can't stay.

Zach: No? And you sat.

Anita: I did.

Zach: And that means that --

Anita: I'm really not that hungry.

Zach: Ok, then, this is perfect, because an hour from now you won't even know that you ate anything.

Anita: All right. Do you have any chopsticks?

Zach: You want to live dangerously, huh? Oh, yeah. Here you go.

Anita: You keep lacquer and mother-of-pearl chopsticks in your desk?

Zach: Never know who's going to show up.

Anita: I guess I'm proof of that.

Zach: All right, well -- cheers.

Anita: Cheers. And thanks.

Zach: Hmm.

Anita: You know what? I really -- I can't stay long.

Zach: That's ok. I'll take all the time I can get from you. I want to get acquainted.

Anita: This is dinner or an interview?

Zach: Well, maybe a little bit of both. I met your sister on the Fourth of July in the park. Tell me about your family.

Anita: It's a small family.

Zach: Yeah? Just you and your sister?

Anita: Well, there's Maria, Julia, Rosa, Mama, Mateo, and me.

Zach: Whoa, and that's a small family?

Anita: Well, in Papa's family standards, yes. They were practically childless.

Zach: Oh. Do you want something to drink? I got everything. What would you like?

Anita: Just water.

Zach: Water? Ok. Here you go.

Anita: Thank you. Are you sure I'm not keeping you from work?

Zach: Yeah, I don't think the boss is going to come in tonight and fire me.

Anita: It must be nice to be at the top rung of the ladder.

Zach: It's got its moments. You gamble?

Anita: I'm a sure-thing girl.

Zach: Oh.

Anita: But I didn't say I couldn't.

Zach: Care to play?

Anita: Sure. I guess I can count to 21. Are you after my money, Mr. Slater?

Zach: Zach, please. And, no, I don't want your money. We'll play for something else. We'll play for candy. What do you think?

Anita: Great. Sweeten the pot.

Zach: There you go.

Anita: All right.

Zach: Hey.

Anita: What? Do I have soy sauce on my nose?

Zach: No, you look --

Anita: Ready to break the bank.

Zach: Yeah.

Anita: All right, hit me!

Zach: You say that if you want another card.

Anita: Oh. Ok.

Zach: Ok.

Anita: Ooh. Hey, that's pretty good, right? 21. Bingo!

Zach: No, it's 20. A face card's 10.

Anita: Oh, well, that's not fair. A Jack should be worth 11.

Zach: It's worth 10. That's the rules.

Anita: Oh.

Zach: Hey, no, wait, no, no, no, no. I remember. You're the girl in the picture.

Anita: What picture?

Zach: Bobby's picture, a picture in his wallet. The girl with the hair all flowing and the wild secret in your eyes. That's you.

Anita: I didn't know that Bobby had a picture of me in his wallet.

Zach: Oh, no, he does. Yeah, he shows it to everyone that asks him. And people that don't ask him, he just --

Anita: Really?

Zach: Yeah. He's proud of you. And I think he's a little proud of himself, too, for landing such a brilliant and -- excuse me -- beautiful wife.

Maria: Hey, Tommy. Can I have a glass of Merlot, please?

Tommy: Coming right up.

Maria: Thank you. Well, you were right, actually. I'm just like everybody else. I've got a whole set of skeletons in my closet.

Bobby: Well, why don't you go back to your husband and enjoy your marriage?

Maria: Because I would really like to hear what's going on from your side.

Bobby: Oh. So you can use it against me somehow.

Maria: No, look, I -- Bobby, I know that you're a good, caring, decent human being, or you would never have given us Sam.

Bobby: Yeah, but now I've ruined Anita's life.

Maria: But you still love her.

Bobby: Yeah, I do. Every time I think about losing her, it feels like I'm getting kicked in the gut.

Maria: So then do something about it. You've got to do something to stop it. There's got to be some way that you can reach her.

Bobby: I've tried. Ok? I haven't stopped apologizing. I even explained to her it had nothing to do with her, it all had to do with me. I felt like nothing, a disappointment, so I got involved with this woman, but it had nothing to do with her. I don't know if you -- you would get this, but it is possible to have -- I don't want to call it a love affair, but heat with someone else and still love the woman that matters in your life.

Maria: Oh. Actually, I do get it.

Krystal: I thought I saw you get in your car and drive off.

David: I came back.

J.R.: I don't want to believe it either, Babe, but it makes perfect sense.

Babe: Can't you see that it doesn't fit with who Jamie is?

J.R.: Yeah, but Jamie loved you long after he should have let you go.

Babe: I know. And it took him a while to get over it, but he did. And think what a great friend he's been to us ever since. J.R., he was your best man. He's Bess' godfather.

J.R.: Jamie's not stupid. This could be an act. This could be an act to cover.

Babe: You think that's why he helped us stay together? J.R., every wrong step that I made, Jamie was right there, warning me to do right by you.

Krystal: Good grief, J.R. If Jamie wanted to split you two up, he's had plenty of chances. Instead, all he's done is push you together.

Babe: Exactly. Honey, I don't know why he'd accuse you of drugging me, but --

J.R.: It's crazy.

Babe: I know it is. But think about it. There were a lot of people at SOS that night. The drink could have been meant for anybody, and somebody else could have drunk it anyway.

J.R.: Yeah, but Jamie tried to pin it on me.

Babe: And he's dead wrong. So don't you think you could be wrong about Jamie, too? Isn't it possible?

J.R.: When he accused me, I just -- I freaked. I wanted to hit him back. I wanted to hurt him even worse.

Babe: You and Jamie -- you've stood by each other through a lot. He's the brother that you love and the best friend that you could count on. There's no way that he could have done something so awful to me.

J.R.: I need to talk to him, see if I can't set this right.

Babe: Oh, come here. You really will?

J.R.: I'm going to do all I can.

Babe: Oh. Thank you.

J.R.: No, thank you. Thank you for talking me down.

Babe: Oh. Finally. Oh, my goodness, life can get back to normal.

David: Unless Jamie was right. Have you even considered that J.R. was the one who drugged you that night?

Krystal: You won't let things settle for five seconds before you throw it right back at the fan.

David: You have to consider the possibility.

Krystal: No, she doesn't.

David: All right, listen. I soft-pedaled what J.R. said the night that he took Bess to the hospital.

Babe: You're changing your story.

David: No. I'm just giving you the entire picture this time. J.R. gave the impression that you didn't give a damn about Bess --

Babe: He did not!

David: That you would rather be out partying than taking care of your own child.

Krystal: Oh -- and you know what? I think you just read something into whatever J.R. was saying.

David: No, I wasn't the only one he said this to. Maria Grey was there. He wanted us to think that Babe was a lousy mother.

Krystal: You know, I think that you'd accuse the tooth fairy of breaking and entering and petty theft. It's that Chandler feud thing.

David: This isn't personal. Look, he painted the picture that night that Babe was a bad mother, ok? So maybe spiking her drink is phase two in his plan. But I think Jamie figured it out first.

J.R.'s voice: No one is going to ever take my child from me.

Jamie: I saw you and that lowlife talking.

Reggie's voice: I'm here for J.R. He wants seconds for the stuff you brought him.

Jamie: You drugged Babe to come on to me so we'd hit it again.

J.R.: Why would I?

Jamie's voice: You want to leave her and make sure you get custody of Bess.

J.R.: Babe, Jamie's the one who drugged you.

Jamie: He is working you, Babe. He's pulling an Adam. The only reason he gave you that drug is so that he had a reason to divorce you and keep you away from Bess.

Reggie: Yo, James, what's up, man?

Jamie: Ok, I need the Lieutenant bad, and you're the only person I trust.

Reggie: I'm in. What are we going to do?

Jamie: We got to protect Babe and Bess from my brother.

Maggie: Oh, hi. Goodbye.

Bianca: Whoa, whoa, Maggie. Hold on.

Maggie: What do you want?

J.R.: Is Jamie home?

Maggie: Why? So you can pin another unsolved crime on him? What are you trying to do, pull an OJ?

Bianca: Maggie, hear the man out, please.

Maggie: For what? You know, sometimes I'm sorry, but you're just a little too nice and a little too fair. Don't forget that he treated you like dirt, and now he's trying to do it to Jamie. Look, Jamie would never do anything to try to hurt Babe, so you can take you and your crazy accusations --

J.R.: Will you just tell me where Jamie is?

Maggie: Hello! You can't just pretend I'm not here! Don't dismiss me like I'm one of your servants, J.R.

J.R.: I need to find Jamie so I can apologize to him. I said some things today I didn't mean. I just want to set it right.

Maria: Oh, please don't look so surprised. Ok?

Bobby: I didn't think anyone would understand how you can love someone and still -- unless they've been through -- through that themselves.

Maria: Yeah. Look, I know that you still love Anita, and I even buy that you never stopped.

Bobby: If only I could convince Anita of that.

Maria: You hurt her pretty deeply.

Bobby: She's got this set idea of what's right and wrong, and it's -- there's not a lot of margin of error here.

Maria: Well, that's because she is a really good person. She's good and she's honest and she believes that everybody else should be that way.

Bobby: I never claimed to be perfect.

Maria: Yeah, but you know her. I mean, she's a total romantic. Remember when you first started dating?

Bobby: We were kids.

Maria: Yeah, but she -- I mean, literally from the minute that she fell in love with you, she had the next 70 years of your whole life mapped out.

Bobby: You're kidding.

Maria: No. She -- she already knew that she didn't want to stay home and she figured that you would be ok with having a wife that had a career outside the home and, you know --

Bobby: When did she tell you all this?

Maria: Like right after you had your very first conversation in the bleachers of the high school. She said that she figured that you would get married, that you would be together forever, and I remember even one time when she told me that when the two of you are doddering and ancient that she hoped that she went first because she couldn't stand to live without you.

Bobby: And now she can't get away from me fast enough.

Maria: She was young. She still believed in fairy tales then.

Bobby: Anita's idea of a husband -- real people can't measure up.

Maria: You know what? I can't speak for Anita, and I certainly can't solve any of your problems for you, but I know for a fact that Anita thought that you were it. You were the perfect husband.

Bobby: Ok --

Maria: You were the ideal partner to her.

Bobby: Unless you can zap us back to those bleachers, you know, and start over again, there's nothing you or anyone else can say to me that can reignite what we had, ok? I'm just -- I'm tired of the advice that people are giving me.

Maria: Does that include Zach?

Bobby: Zach? What does he have to do with this?

Anita: Come to Mama.

Zach: Oh, maybe I forgot to tell the deck that the odds are supposed to be with the house.

Anita: You want to deal again, or do you want to keep those sad little candies as a memento?

Zach: Oh, I'm going to keep dealing until I break you.

Anita: Ooh, competitive streak.

Zach: Mm-hmm. I remind you of someone else you know?

Anita: Who?

Zach: Your husband. He's just better at hiding it than I am, that's all.

Anita: Bobby -- he's not competitive.

Zach: No? Well, then, maybe he's just a natural winner. I don't know.

Anita: Well, he does have a knack for landing on his feet.

Zach: Yeah. Yeah, he's -- he's good that way. He really is. You know the stories. I mean, that Timberlake thing --

Anita: Justin Timberlake?

Zach: Yeah. Come on, he's told you this. Everyone wanted this guy -- every casino in town, every venue -- but Timberlake's people, they just said, "No, we're not going to do anything" until Bobby wouldn't take no for an answer, so he flew to LA, and he signed the deal over dinner. And Justin opened our Starlight Room at The Seasons.

Anita: Bobby never said a word.

Zach: Yeah. At the reception afterwards, I mean, everyone was there. You know, security was so tight I almost couldn't get in there myself. All the newspapers, entertainment networks -- everyone -- everyone was there, everyone except Justin.

Anita: What, did he walk out?

Zach: No. He was on his way to the airport, because his people screwed something up. I don't know. Anyway, I was there, and I was ready to just tear the place apart, because there was millions of dollars -- millions of dollars in publicity just thrown out window. And Bobby just stepped up, never broke a sweat, and just went out in front of the media and talked to these guys. And when Justin showed up two hours late -- I don't know, I don't think anybody ever missed him.

Anita: Wow. I wish I was there. We spend so much time apart.

Zach: Yeah. It's tough to be separated from somebody else. And after a while, you almost forget what it feels like to love somebody. And then something happens to jog your memory, and the fog is lifted, and all of a sudden, all those feelings are back stronger than ever.

Anita: Who are you talking about? My doctor was proud of the surgery,

Edmund: Rumor has it you're selling your newest filter to Homeland Security.

Palmer: Yes. They've shown some interest.

Edmund: Cortlandt Electronics. Hmm, a lot of useful gizmos.

Palmer: Oh, you have no idea.

Edmund: Say somebody wanted a record of all the phone calls -- cell phone calls -- made in Pine Valley in one particular day. Could your equipment provide that?

Palmer: Oh, well, that's like asking a professor of Advanced Mathematical Theory to count to three.

Edmund: Really? I need a list of all the calls made in one day last month.

Palmer: We're not in the business of invading people's privacy.

Edmund: Well, we're not talking civil rights here, Palmer. I'm just merely doing research for an article.

Palmer: No.

Bobby: What does Zach have to do with a conversation about my wife?

Maria: He's your boss.

Bobby: So?

Maria: Well, I mean, because I met him, you know, at that picnic on the Fourth, and he just seemed to know a lot about you.

Bobby: What'd he say?

Maria: It wasn't so much really what he said. It was more the way he said it. He just seemed like a very understanding guy, like somebody you could talk to.

Bobby: I never thought about it.

Maria: You got to have somebody to talk to and confide in.

Bobby: Yeah, well, I like to keep my private and business life separate. Or at least, I try to.

Maria: Well, that's funny, because he seemed like he was very open and concerned and, you know, I mean, like you guys were friends.

Bobby: Yeah. We're just friends through work.

Maria: So you didn't know him, then, before you were hired?

Bobby: No, no.

Maria: Oh. Vegas seems like such a strange place to grow up, you know. I mean, it's more like a place that people drift to. They don't want to live there, you know? I don't know.

Bobby: Yeah, well, it's not much different from any other place. It's just -- it's a lot brighter at night.

Maria: So, Zach and his family, they enjoy it there?

Bobby: Ooh, no. No, no, no. Zach -- he flies solo.

Maria: Oh. Oh, well, you know, I guess. I mean, if you're running casinos and hotels, it's not really conducive to settling down.

Bobby: Yeah. Zach and I have never really traded any info, really. I mean, the most he knows about me is, you know, that I have this incredible wife.

Maria: All I know about Vegas is what I know from TV and movies.

Bobby: Ah. Fiction.

Maria: No!

Bobby: Mm-hmm.

Maria: Oh, so you're saying the gangsters didn't start it?

Bobby: You mean -- you're talking about Bugsy Siegel, right?

Maria: Yeah.

Bobby: Yeah, ok. Look, he was involved.

Maria: Oh, there's still those types, though? I mean, those mob types, running things down there? Do you guys ever have any dealings in your casino?

Bobby: Ok, I think I know why you're sniffing around here about Zach.

Anita: Who is she? Did you leave her in Las Vegas?

Zach: No, no. You're not going to do that. That strategy's not going to work with me.

Anita: I don't have a strategy.

Zach: You're trying to distract the dealer by asking personal questions. You don't do that. Come on.

Anita: All right, whatever. I am all in.

Zach: Really? Feeling lucky, huh?

Anita: Feeling? I am lucky.

Zach: Well, lady luck is fickle.

Anita: Oh, then she'll stop me from having sugar shock. Come on, deal.

Zach: Ok.

Anita: All right. Oh, I am so going to win. I'm going to win.

Zach: Well, does that mean you're going to stand?

Anita: Absolutely. Come on, let's see what you got. Oh --

Zach: 15.

Anita: Yes! I am so the winner!

Zach: It's not over yet.

Anita: Oh, come on! You'd have to get a 6. What are the chances? All right, whatever. Hurry up so I can eat your chocolate.

Zach: Overconfidence, a very dangerous thing.

Anita: Come on. The odds are so against you.

Zach: I'm used to that.

Anita: No way!

Zach: 21. Well, with the last hand, the house takes it all. I like that.

Anita: Oh, man! I guess in the end I lost.

Zach: You just keep playing the game, ok?

Krystal: You won't even admit that this could be some mistake, that Babe got drugged by some big mix-up?

David: Believe me, I don't trust Jamie or J.R.

Krystal: Well, you got a big hate on for their dads, too.

David: But between the two brothers, I would say that J.R.'s definitely more capable of doing something this despicable.

Krystal: Well, you would know about that, wouldn't you? Pine Valley's master chemist? How many people were on that boat when you slipped them that Spanish fly recipe, huh? Now, if we're going on track records, I'd guess you were the culprit.

David: J.R. is Adam Jr., and not just in name only. He's turning out exactly like his father. So I'm telling you, do not trust that kid. He's got no scruples, no conscience whatsoever --

Babe: You know, one more word against my husband and you're never going to see me or Bess again.

Reggie: I mean, it's bad enough J.R. made Babe like some kind of drug abuser, but then he staged a fake kidnapping? I mean, this is one sick dude.

Jamie: Ok, we don't have any proof there. That's why I need the whole story from Seth. He can admit to selling J.R. the same drug they found in Babe's system.

Reggie: I'd like to beat it out of that lowlife pusher.

Jamie: We need hard facts to back this up.

Reggie: You know what? I'll pay Seth a visit, all right? I promise I'll just get what we need, no bloodshed. I'll be his best friend.

Jamie: Oh, yeah. Being tight with Seth -- that's going to get you props from Derek Frye.

Reggie: Don't you worry about Derek Frye.

Jamie: He's going to cut you off from Dani for good.

Reggie: Jamie, this is about your rep and keeping Babe breathing, ok? Derek Frye can kiss m--

Jamie: You're still on probation. I'll take Seth. And this time I'm getting all the goods on J.R.

Bianca: No, Jamie was pretty upset when he left here, J.R. I really hope you can get through to him.

J.R.: Yeah, me, too.

Maggie: Question -- why should we believe a single word that's coming out of your mouth?

J.R.: I didn't think before I mouthed off today. Jamie wouldn't be that skeevy. I know that. It's just when he accused me of hurting Babe I lost it.

Maggie: Big whoop. Look, not for nothing, but this Jamie's and my apartment and --

J.R.: Maggie, you'd stand by Jamie. You take his side no matter what.

Maggie: Yes, definitely.

J.R.: Well, that's how I feel about my wife. How would you feel if Maggie accused you of drugging Lena?

Bianca: Well, that's -- I mean, it's inconceivable. I would never hurt Lena.

J.R.: Well, that's how I felt when Jamie accused me. You'd be mad at Maggie, wouldn't you?

Bianca: You know what? It would really help matters if we knew who did drug Babe.

J.R.: Well, that could be anyone. But all that matters right now is that Jamie and I, we rule each other out. Neither of us would do anything to hurt Babe. We need to be protecting her together.

David: I'm just trying to protect you. That's all.

Babe: Stop trying to twist things. You can't keep me away from my husband. I love him. Just leave us alone.

David: I couldn't live with myself if I stood by and watched him hurt you.

Babe: What, you don't think I can think for myself? What, that I can't live without you? I've done just fine so far, and I'll do great for the rest of it.

David: No, no. You're a very intelligent young woman. I just think you got involved with the wrong man.

Babe: Do you hear yourself? Where is the proof? J.R. is a great father and a great husband.

David: Why are you just buying his act? Why don't you at least question his motives?

Babe: Where do you get off talking to me like this? What, is it because you kept the secret about Bess?

Krystal: Look, we are grateful. Now, don't --

Babe: Yeah, sure, but it doesn't mean that it's open season with me against the Chandlers, ok? Listen here, Daddy -- you stay away from me and from Bess, and if that means that you have to spill the truth about Bess, then so be it.

David: You think that just because I'm angry I would tell the world about Bess? I would never, ever use that information as a stick to hurt you, Babe, any more than I would use you to get back at the Chandlers.

Babe: You know, then, I'm sick of talking about this.

David: I am genuinely concerned about you.

Babe: And so is J.R. He loves us just like we love him, so if you want to be any part of our lives -- mine or Bess' -- you're just going to have to accept that.

[Door closes]

Krystal: Well, so much for your shot at Father of the Year.

David: You just watch out for her. Don't let all this blind you to who J.R. really is, because if you do she's going to suffer more.

Reggie: I got your back, all right, man?

Jamie: Thanks.

Reggie: And you never know, Jamie. Maybe it'll turn out that J.R. never did it. Still a shot.

Jamie: He did it.

Reggie: Jamie, it's got to be rough -- your own brother.

Jamie: At first, yeah. But today, I got it. I saw the real J.R. underneath, uncut and uncensored. We have to get Babe and Bess away from him.

J.R.: I just want a chance to tell you how sorry I am.

Bianca: For what?

J.R.: Well, you know, I popped off at Jamie today, and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to patch things up with him. But it made me think about you. When you took Bess from the hospital, you were flying on pure emotion. You didn't stop to think about it. You just acted. And I really never understood why, and I never let you forget it. Most importantly, I didn't give myself a chance to forgive you. But today I realized that I should have never pushed you away from Babe and Bess. I thought I was protecting them, but in the long run I just realized that I was hurting everyone. So, you know, we used to be good friends. I miss that, I miss you and our friendship. I was wondering maybe you could find it in your heart to forgive such a big idiot.

Bianca: J.R., look, all that matters now is that you protect your family.

J.R.: Don't worry. I'll take care of Babe and Bess.

Edmund: Thanks. Come on, Palmer, help out an old friend here.

Palmer: Show me one. I'll consider it.

Edmund: I'm asking you nicely.

Palmer: What's in it for me?

Edmund: You know Roy Crayfield?

Palmer: The name's familiar.

Edmund: It should be. He's suing you for what, 50 million?

Palmer: He'll never see a dime.

Edmund: Business editor at "Tempo" doesn't think so.

Palmer: Oh, what the hell do I care what the --

Edmund: She's interviewed -- let me see -- the entire R&D team at Crayfield's Siwel Corp. I tell you what -- I supposed an advanced draft of her article could somehow be made available. Could save you millions.

Palmer: Very well. You'll get your phone records.

Bobby: Ok. If you want to know personal details about Zach --

Maria: No, no --

Bobby: Why don't you just ask me?

Maria: Look, I think you misread me. I -- that's not what I --

Bobby: Is Zach a big bad mobster? Have I exposed Anita to the dark underworld? No, I haven't.

Maria: Well, you can't really blame a girl for worrying, can you?

Bobby: Well, relax. Relax, ok? Once the divorce is finalized, Anita's free. None of you ever have to see Zach or me again.

Maria: Yeah, but don't be so sure. It doesn't always work that way. When you love somebody that much, somehow they never disappear for good.

Zach: I tell you what -- I'll split the pot 50/50.

Anita: No, that's not how you play the game.

Zach: Just open your purse.

Anita: Ok.

Zach: There you go.

Anita: Thank you. And thanks for the fun. But I can't keep waiting for Bobby.

Zach: Well, why don't I get you a hotel room and you can surprise him in the morning?

Anita: Oh, no. I have to get back to Pine Valley. My sister, she's on this board.

Zach: Sister -- Maria, right?

Anita: Yeah.

Zach: Yeah.

Anita: Yeah, they're having a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Women and Children's Center, so while she's there, I told her I would pick up the slack at the hospital.

Zach: Ok. Well, drive carefully. It's getting late.

Anita: I will. Thank you.

Zach: Ok.

Anita: Bye.

Zach: Hi. There's a groundbreaking ceremony for a women's and children's center in Pine Valley tomorrow. Get me all the information you can. It's time to give back.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: What brings you to Pine Valley -- or should I say who?

Jamie: We just got to talk to Phelps.

Greenlee: It's a bit early on the job for a crash and burn.

Jonathan: I'm in trouble.

Adam: Chandler Enterprises will be back where it belongs -- in Chandler hands.

Ryan: I wouldn't count those shares just yet.

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