AMC Transcript Thursday 7/15/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 7/15/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Ryan: Where's Greenlee?

Jonathan: She took off.

Ryan: She upset?

Jonathan: She said she had somewhere to go and that you should meet her there.

Ryan: Uh-huh. I'll see you later.

Jonathan: Ok.

Kendall: No, wait. He can't. He can't. I have to -- Ryan has to sign this contract tonight.

Jonathan: Now?

Kendall: Yes -- yes, yes. Of course now, ok? Yes. Don't just stand there. Stop me!

Bianca: I just can't believe it. I mean, how much more does Babe have to go through? Her baby is kidnapped for a second time.

Maggie: J.R. saved her in time. Bess is ok.

Bianca: I know. You're right. It's over. What's that? Fan mail?

Maggie: No, it's for you -- B&M Travel.

Bianca: Oh, my goodness.

Maggie: So it is fan mail?

Bianca: No. Air mail, actually. It's a voucher for a flight to Poland. Lena wants me to come be with her.

David: That's a beautiful shot.

Krystal: Yeah. It almost makes you forget the truth. Not that I don't wake up every morning wishing Bess belonged to Babe.

David: Yeah, you and I both. But we made our choice. Now we have to live with it.

Krystal: I got to say you have kept your word so far, Doc.

David: Well, the general consensus is that I defy trust and reliability. Now, that might be true for the rest of the planet, but where Bess and Babe are concerned, they will always be able to trust in me.

J.R.: Hey, Babe. What's going on? Why'd you hit him?

Jamie: Let's go inside and I'll tell you.

Babe: Don't you dare! He's just spitting lies, J.R. You need to go!

J.R.: Yeah? What lies, Jamie?

Jamie: We need to do this alone.

Babe: There's no nice way to spin this, and I'm not going to let you try. Jamie said you're the one who drugged me.

J.R.: Why would you say that I drugged her, Jamie?

Jamie: She needed to know.

Babe: What, that you're a liar? I should slap you again. Make him leave, J.R. Make him go right now.

J.R.: Babe, hey, hey. Jamie and I have to have this out. Why don't you go inside.

Babe: Fine. Talk, and then leave.

Jamie: I screwed up. I should never have went to Babe first until I talked to you.

J.R.: Yeah, well, we're talking right now.

Jamie: Yeah, and I freaked Babe out. I should have waited, but when we landed up in the police station and I thought I was going to get locked up, that meant that Babe was on her own with you, and --

J.R.: And it was too risky, Babe with her own husband, your brother?

Jamie: J.R., you know I hate this.

J.R.: Yeah, because of Babe.

Jamie: No, because of both of you. You've been acting kind of weird for a while now.

J.R.: See, that's kind of funny you say that, because I thought we were getting along real well.

Jamie: Us? Sure. But you and Babe? When you found out that she lied again and that your marriage wasn't even legal, you went ballistic, worse than I've ever seen you.

J.R.: And I got over that. You were my best man. You stood up there with me.

Jamie: I know you. I know what it's like when you keep it down deep inside and you don't let anyone else see it. I know your face when you're covering and I know that voice you use when you say everything's cool. But it's anything but. That's your face and your voice all the time now because you're mad at Babe. This is me, J.R. If you can't tell me, who can you tell?

J.R.: What big confession are you asking me to spill?

Jamie: All of it. Are you so mad at Babe that you'd cut her loose? And did you drug her so she'd cheat on you and you could get out of your marriage?

Bianca: You know, you could have just called me. Yes, I know. This was much more romantic. I miss you, too. And I would love to see Poland. No, forget Poland. I'd love to see you. Ok, I'll call you as soon as I make all the reservations. Soon. Yes, yes, I promise, soon. Me, too.

Maggie: How sweet is that. It's because she misses you.

Bianca: Yeah, well, she does miss me, but her mother is starting a new treatment.

Maggie: But that's good news. Right?

Bianca: Oh, yeah, it is, except it means that she can't get away to visit me.

Maggie: Well, she's seen Pine Valley. I mean, you've never seen Poland. You could use a break.

Bianca: Yeah. She's hoping for a little bit more than a break, like maybe the rest of the summer.

Maggie: Very cool! Very cool -- European summer.

Bianca: Yeah. It could be amazing.

Maggie: It could be unreal. I mean, no reason for you to stay here. Your mom's in rehab.

Bianca: That's true. And Kendall is in one of her untouchable phases. Couldn't help her if I tried.

Maggie: Call. Check the flights. I mean, come on. Why stay here? You don't have a lease. You're not in summer school. You have no commitments.

Bianca: This is true. The cosmetics industry will survive without me. I am absolutely free to do as I please.

Kendall: You're just going to let me follow him?

Jonathan: If you want to go, go. If you want to stay, stay. I have a Master's in business, not a babysitting degree.

Kendall: No, you don't get it.

Jonathan: The contract needs signing. What's not to get?

Kendall: Have Ryan sign this contract tonight. Meanwhile, we take precautions.

Jonathan: I want these why?

Kendall: Because I need you to lock the back stairs.

Jonathan: But I'm doing that because?

Kendall: Because it's the only way.

Jonathan: You know, saying that you have issues is like saying a piranha has teeth.

Kendall: Yeah, like I haven't heard that before. Ok, we're just going to work, that's all we're going to do is work, and you're going to keep me here no matter what.

Jonathan: Did we miss our meds today, because you're acting like about five kinds of crazy right now.

Kendall: Yeah, like a pill could fix this.

Jonathan: You should give it a shot. They can do wonders now.

Kendall: Hmm. I just need you to keep me here.

Jonathan: You need a professional hand-holder, hire one. In the meantime, count me out of your psychodrama.

Kendall: You're going to take these keys and you are going to use them if you know what's good for your brother.

Ryan: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Over here! Long day at the office, dear?

Ryan: Well, it must have been, because I am officially delusional.

Greenlee: Consider yourself surprised. Our once-a-day deal, a little easier than I thought.

Ryan: Ok, now, wait a minute. I've seen the thimble you call a purse. This could not fit into that.

Greenlee: No, but my ultra-tiny phone could fit in my ultra-tiny purse. "Hello, Simone? Wardrobe, ASAP. Hello, Valley Inn? Your best table to go."

Ryan: All in the time since you left the office.

Greenlee: Well, Kendall blowing and declaring herself part of the scenery? That's some serious motivation.

Ryan: Well, some people would respond with, like, flame-throwers, not with pretty breakables.

Greenlee: I thought you could use a little detox.

Ryan: This is amazing.

Greenlee: Just fresh air, peace, quiet.

Ryan: Really? Because right now I'm kind of more into the view. You look --

Greenlee: So will you once you put on this.

Ryan: You're unbelievable. All right, get rid of this.

Greenlee: Hmm, hmm. Yummy. You know, tonight is like a long string of surprises -- like pearls.

Ryan: But our prenup only called for one pearl a day.

Greenlee: Well, sometimes too much is unbearable and sometimes too much is fabulous. Tonight, dear husband, you're in for fabulous.

[Door closes]

Krystal: Baby doll?

Babe: Oh, Mama, thank goodness.

Krystal: Well, hey, if one parent's good, then two must be better.

Babe: Oh, God!

David: Can't say I'm not used to that reaction.

Babe: No, I'm sorry. It's just now's not a good time.

Krystal: Honey, what's wrong?

Babe: Nothing.

David: Well, you're obviously upset.

Babe: Well, just --

Krystal: Is Bess ok?

Babe: Yeah, yeah, she's fine, she's fine.

David: What did J.R. do?

Babe: What is it with you people? You automatically assume it's J.R.? My husband loves me. He would never hurt me.

David: Well, that heated defense is enough for me. I'm convinced. What did he do?

Babe: Just leave it alone.

Krystal: Have you forgotten your daddy crib sheet already? If Babe doesn't want to talk, then you got to back off and quick.

J.R.: You think I'm scum? You think I'd try to kill my own wife?

Jamie: I don't think you planned to hurt her.

J.R.: But to get her high -- for what? Do you realize how nuts this sounds?

Jamie: Yeah, crazy as hell, but it all fell together.

J.R.: Oh, man, don't -- don't tell me that you actually believe all this.

Jamie: First, you accidentally run into Seth at the music store.

J.R.: What?

Jamie: Dude, it's no secret that you have a history with dealers.

J.R.: I explained that. We walked away together.

Jamie: I didn't know Babe was going to end up in the hospital that night.

J.R.: Jamie, nobody knew that Babe was going to be in the hospital that night.

Jamie: Not even the guy who planned it? You claimed maybe Seth slipped her a dose as payback for you not buying. But Seth was nowhere near Babe that night, or even in SOS. It was just you, me, and Babe. No one else was close enough to spike her drink.

J.R.: Ah. Man, you are just way too into this whole scenario, you know that?

Jamie: You got me into it when you called me to SOS. I ditched my date because you said it was urgent, and then Babe was all handsy and you couldn't get out of there fast enough. You bailed from SOS and left me with Babe, who became way too friendly.

J.R.: Do you think I appreciate hearing this?

Jamie: Oh, my God, J.R., you did it. You drugged Babe to come on to me and so we'd hit it again.

J.R.: Why would I? You think that I want a repeat performance? That makes no sense.

Jamie: It does if you hate your wife, if you want to leave her and make sure you get custody of Bess.

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy. You just pull back right now. Do you hear yourself? You hear what you're accusing your own brother of doing?

Jamie: What I'm not hearing is you saying that I'm wrong. Say it and make me believe it.

J.R.: What do you want me to say? That you lost your mind?

Jamie: There's more, J.R.

J.R.: More what?

Jamie: Seth copped to the fact that you paid him to leave town. Yeah. That's why Reggie and I went after him -- to get him to talk. Look, he gave you up, J.R.

J.R.: You know what? It's nice company you're keeping, by the way.

Jamie: I remember when you were using. You were so out of it. But that's not you right now. You are way too calm for that, so if you bought, it wasn't for personal consumption. It was for Babe. J.R., I will bust my butt to help you climb out of this. You want out of your marriage? We'll get you out. Babe won't get hurt, you won't become Adam, and Bess will be in your life. It's not too late. I love you, J.R. You have to know that. My loyalty is to my brother, but you have to trust me. Tell me what you did to Babe.

Babe: This isn't your business. Can you please just stay out of it?

David: Do you want me to just ignore the fact that you're visibly upset?

Babe: My husband will handle him.

David: "Him"?

Babe: This is between J.R. and Jamie, not you.

J.R.: Oh! Would you get out of here, Hayward?

David: Why is my daughter upset over you and Martin? What the hell have you two dragged her into?

J.R.: I'm going to ask you with the respect my wife's father deserves. Please leave. Next time I'll ask you with the respect you really deserve.

David: Bring it on, son.

Krystal: You'd think an MD would have half a brain. Now, come on, let's move it, now.

David: Fine. You better watch that jaw-clenching, Junior. You're going to grind your teeth to dust. I'll see you later.

Krystal: You need to work on that common sense. Let me walk you to the car.

David: I said I'm leaving.

Krystal: Just being a friendly co-parent.

Babe: So, is it over? Did Jamie drop all that craziness about you and that drug?

J.R.: No. I need you outside for this.

Kendall: Ok, let's go over some ad campaigns or brainstorm some ideas, something to just keep me here working away from Ryan. Look, I don't expect you to cut me a break, but the man is your brother, ok? At least just take one for the team?

Jonathan: Ok. Ok. Let's say that I don't feel like hauling this massive load that you've dumped on me. I let you walk. What happens to Ryan then?

Kendall: Well, then, I track him down and I make things worse. That's what I do. No matter where he goes, no matter who he's with, I find him and I do or say something completely embarrassing and gut-wrenching, something that shows how pathetic I am if I don't get my way. Or I hurt him -- I definitely hurt him. I hurt him, him and Greenlee both. And then, he rejects me. He rejects me again. He always rejects me again, and I crawl home and I sit in a corner and I plot new ways to get revenge, or I cry. I sit and I cry in the corner. Yeah, and I kid myself. I kid myself if you keep me here tonight, maybe -- maybe I won't ruin three lives again. Maybe I'll change things, but you know what? One night is not going to cut it. I'm sorry. A thousand nights is not going to cut it, because -- because this is who I am. This is who I am. I am a woman. I am a woman who wants a man who doesn't want her back. And I don't want to be this way anymore. I'm tired of being this way. I'm tired of having all of this anger towards Ryan and this jealousy towards Greenlee. I'm sick of it. And actually, there's a joke. There's a joke in all of this. I hate women like me. I can't stand them. They're dependent and they're needy and they're self-indulgent and they're self-centered, and I really -- I wish that I could just not be me anymore. That would be really great. Oh, I'm sorry. This is ridiculous. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for dragging you in all of this. Please, please just get out. Just get out while you can, ok? Listen to anybody, ok? I use people, I suck people in, I use them and I hurt them, and then I blame everything on them, and I -- I can't change. No wonder -- no wonder Ryan hates me. And I don't blame him, because I hate me, too.

Greenlee: Your vintage, monsieur. Only the finest hops and barley malt. I know how you savor it after a long day at the office.

Ryan: Lovely selection.

Greenlee: And pour l'entree, ribs au barbecue avec extra sauce with a side of pomme frites, extra crispy, with lots of ketchup.

Ryan: Ooh, ooh, ooh! Oh. How you spoil me. Dare I hope that that those rib--

Greenlee: Benny's Rib Shack? But of course, only the finest for the man of the park.

Ryan: Ooh.

Greenlee: Sit! Ahem. May I?

Ryan: Spectacular. Now, may I --

Greenlee: Oh, by all means. And some soothing sounds to aid digestion.

Announcer's voice: And it's a grounder to third, just past Rayben's glove out to Benincheck in left. Merinda tags second. Oh, but Benincheck overthrows and Merinda heads to third!

[Machine stops]

Greenlee: What are the team's colors?

Ryan: Red and white.

Greenlee: Oh. Fabulous. I have the perfect ensemble. Now, don't be dainty. I've seen you go through a rack of those in three minutes flat.

Ryan: All right.

Greenlee: I don't care how greasy I'm getting, I'm not stopping till I get this thing done.

Ryan: You are not greasy. Greenlee, you're gorgeous.

Greenlee: What's wrong?

Ryan: This.

Greenlee: "This"?

Ryan: Us, this arrangement, this marriage, friends forever with bands of gold. I want you to be honest with me. Is it enough for you?

[Door closes]

Jamie: I thought I said this should stay between us.

J.R.: No, Babe should be here when I lay out the truth.

Babe: I know that you didn't drug me. That's the only truth that matters.

J.R.: No, this matters, ok? For all of us. This isn't going to be easy.

Babe: I just got the chills.

J.R.: It's ok. You're safe now.

Jamie: Just say it.

J.R.: Babe, Jamie's the one who drugged you.

Maggie: So, did you score a flight or what? Hey, you know, I wonder if the movie will be dubbed in Polish. That would be really funny. What's wrong?

Bianca: I hung up. Before the ticket agent could take my reservation, I hung up.

Maggie: Ok, so you'll book a flight for the following day.

Bianca: No, or -- or maybe I won't.

Maggie: Why?

Bianca: I can't do it. I love Lena. So why can't I leave Pine Valley?

Maggie: BJ's has the best pancakes.

Bianca: It's not Kendall. It's not my mother.

Maggie: This is your home.

Bianca: They say that home is where the heart is. So if that's true, I should be able to board that flight.

Maggie: Or maybe a little bit more of your heart is here with the people that you love. Or maybe it's with someone in particular.

Babe: Jamie? No. No, no. He would never.

Jamie: J.R., do not do this.

J.R.: You know, it makes me so sick. I swear, I would help you out. I would help you out of this hole.

Jamie: What you're doing is sick.

J.R.: I would stand by you. We won't let anybody come after you, but you got to let me help you. Hey, look at us. We'll understand, we will, but you got to tell us how you did it. No, forget how. Just tell us why.

Jamie: Babe, you are not buying this, are you? He's just trying to cover his own butt.

Babe: J.R.? No, this doesn't make sense.

J.R.: No, Babe, it's because he still loves you. Something like that, something twisted. But he still wants you. That's why he's got the drugs, because he was hoping that he could get you back.

Jamie: Never!

J.R.: It all started falling together when he came blowing in here and tried to pin this thing on me. Now I understand why you got so upset when I said hi to Seth over at the music store, because you figured he was going to slip and ruin your big plans.

Jamie: No. Whoa, whoa. J.R. hooked up with Seth at the music store.

J.R.: Yeah, but I didn't buy drugs from your friend.

Babe: You're friends with this dealer?

Jamie: Babe, look at me. Do I hang out with dealers?

J.R.: You know, maybe we can get over this if you just drop the act.

Jamie: You're deranged. You know that? You've completely lost it.

J.R.: Well, this all happened the same night as SOS. Whoa. Jamie got the soda for you, Babe.

Babe: That's right. You did.

Jamie: You want to know why he has this down so well, why he knows every little intricate detail of this plan?

J.R.: And what were you and Seth up to when you got hauled into jail, anyway? Were you buying his silence? Were you getting some more drugs for my wife? You weren't going to do it again, were you? Come on, Jamie. You got to come clean, man. I can help you out. I can help you with this.

Jamie: That's it. It's over. You're lost for good. Babe, go get Bess. I'm taking you as far away from this place as I possibly can.

Jonathan: Do you want some water or something?

Kendall: How about a lobotomy? That would be good. Anything to make me stop. I don't want to dream about him. I don't want to worry about him. I don't want to chase him. I don't want to seduce him. I -- I don't even want to love him anymore. God, could I be a bigger drama queen? Like I'm the first person in this world who's ever had to get over someone. You have, haven't you? Please say yes. Even if you're lying, say yes.

Jonathan: Yeah. It was traumatic. The epic love of a lifetime.

Kendall: Your first?

Jonathan: Ms. Edwards, Calculus.

Kendall: No, I'm -- I'm serious.

Jonathan: Oh, you don't know serious until you've seen a 16-year-old boy in love.

Kendall: Ok, let me guess. She was 26 years old and a 36-C.

Jonathan: No. She was pushing 40 and saggy. But, gosh, she was brilliant. And funny. I used to send her equations signed "Anonymous." So, one day, though, I catch her making it with the coach in this two-tone sedan. No, the French Lit guy, sure. The pompous debate stiff, ok. But not the coach. This guy -- this guy was like a tackling dummy with arms and --

Kendall: Oh. Ok. So this is your first heartbreak.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Kendall: So how did you recover?

Jonathan: My Econ professor in college. I sent her anonymous growth charts.

Kendall: Oh, God.

Jonathan: Hey. The drama queen laughs.

Kendall: Yes, she does. That was a pathetic story, I'm sorry. A little pitiful there.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Kendall: But -- but it is -- it is better than chasing after the man of your dreams and boiling his bunny.

Jonathan: I -- that's scary.

Kendall: Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Kendall: This can't be the rest of my life. I mean, I have to find a way to get Ryan out of my system. Will you help me?

Ryan: When we started this ride, Greenlee, we both knew the deal. Friends, co-workers. I mean, this marriage wasn't about hearts or flowers. And we were cool with that. I mean, we thought it could work.

Greenlee: Well, it has so far. No hearts. And those flowers over there really aren't ours.

Ryan: No sex.

Greenlee: All there in that prenup black-and-white.

Ryan: Yeah. But now, in big, bold Technicolor, things have shifted. I mean, it's pretty hard to miss, Greenlee. If either way -- it just feels good when it's just the two of us, a little too good.

Greenlee: Well, it sounds to me like good old chemical attraction.

Ryan: Hmm, which is fine for two people that have less on the line.

Greenlee: It's true. I want you sometimes, and sometimes I get the faint sense that you want me, too.

Ryan: You know it's not faint.

Greenlee: I was being discreet.

Ryan: Well, forget about discreet and be honest.

Greenlee: I know when you want me, bigtime. When we climbed into bed, there was a big "what if" when the lights went out.

Ryan: And when we woke up, we weren't exactly jumping out of bed. And every time you get out of the shower and you're wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around you and you're all wet, your shoulders --

Greenlee: And you're waiting to go in and we slide right next to each other.

Ryan: You never just want to reach out and make the towels go away?

Greenlee: You mean give in to the attraction.

Ryan: People do it. We did.

Greenlee: And it was lovely, as I recall. But the next time I give in to attraction, I don't want it to be because my towel itches. I want to be in love. I've had sex, I've had friendships, and I've had amazing --

Ryan: Leo.

Greenlee: We had laughs, we had talks, plus endless amounts of love. I think I can have that again.

Ryan: Oh, you can.

Greenlee: You told me that there's a man out there that will love me back. I can wait. I'm patient. Sort of.

Ryan: I want that for you. Hey, I want it for me. I mean, I didn't believe in it when I was a kid. I didn't expect it, or I didn't want it. And then when you least expect it and you think you're safe --

Greenlee: Gillian.

Ryan: Blindsided by passion, magical, but real, as real as the pain when I lost her.

Greenlee: Too real.

Ryan: Unlike Kendall, where you don't know what's real and what's rigged.

Greenlee: Ahem -- chaos.

Ryan: You see, even I wish I'd called uncle 10 rounds ago. I'm just -- I'm punch-drunk. I feel like my brain has been pommeled within an inch of its sanity. I feel like I'm aching, yet I'm numb, like I -- you know, like I partied too hard and I'm laying on the floor.

Greenlee: The love hangover. The hair of the dog.

Ryan: I think it's time to go cold turkey.

Greenlee: Smart move. You can rehab with me, if you want.

Ryan: You'll be my sponsor? I can call you up in the wee hours of the morning?

Greenlee: Oh, from way across the bed. When I married you, I promised to be your safe place. Check me out. Still here, still safe.

Ryan: Thank you for that.

Greenlee: It's not charity. You're my safe place, too, until I find love again. Right now, this very minute, I'd like nothing more than to stay your wife.

Jonathan: You asked nicely. Besides, I think my brother could use a break.

Kendall: Can you blame him?

Jonathan: But no drastic measures, ok? No locking elevator doors, no chaining yourself to a desk.

Kendall: You're not up for the melodrama?

Jonathan: Business school -- the practical type.

Kendall: Ok, so you are the master of taped-up broken hearts. So please share your wisdom.

Jonathan: Here it goes. If you are sending Ryan anonymous growth charts, for God's sake, stop it now. Don't --

Kendall: You geek.

Jonathan: Oh, yeah, yeah. Curse of the MBA.

Kendall: No. No, no, no. You are hot, you're funny, and you're a lot nicer than I deserve.

Jonathan: Oh, if only Ms. Edwards could have seen it.

Kendall: I guess I missed all of that in the beginning when we met. Well, except for the hot part and your name.

Jonathan: Oh, yeah, Ryan Lavery's kid brother, ripe for the scamming.

Kendall: You know, I could have ruined it. I could have destroyed your entire relationship with your brother, and I wouldn't have even given a damn. That's the kind of woman that I've grown up to be, one that really doesn't care what happens to anyone else. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm really embarrassed.

Jonathan: Oh, forget it. Ok, kind of impossible, yeah, but you want a new life, go get it. Stop stalling. There's no excuses. Just take the past, shake it off, and you move on.

Kendall: Ok, except the past works with me here in this office. The past drinks his coffee and walks by my desk every day. He wears designer suits and yummy cologne --

Jonathan: Stop, stop. Here, hold on. Here. Focus. Be the folder, Kendall. Be the job, Kendall. You are a major player at a cosmetic giant, ok?

Kendall: Uh-huh.

Jonathan: So go, go, go!

Kendall: Ok! All right. That's a good one.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Kendall: That is a good one. Ok, you should whip out that pep talk the next time I look at Ryan and I have the urge to wreak havoc. But I don't think you can do much for me after hours. That's when I go home and everything around me reminds me of Ryan and how much I've screwed up. So what are my options, just to sit home at night in the dark and plot and think of new ways to screw up again?

Jonathan: Ok, Hart.

Kendall: Ok.

Jonathan: Here's what we're going to do.

Kendall: All right.

Jonathan: We're going to go out, we're going to get some food. We're going to come back here, we're going to look at the play book and find ways to keep you out of trouble.

Kendall: Or we could order in. Come home with me.

J.R.: This is it, isn't it? This is what you wanted all along. Maybe you didn't want to get my wife into bed, but you wanted to set me up so you could rush in and carry her off.

Jamie: Do you hear yourself? You have completely lost it.

J.R.: No, I get it, Jamie. I get it. You wanted to be the hero. You want to be like Tad rescuing my mom. Tad swooped in, rescued Dixie from Adam. Well, Babe's not Dixie and I'm not Adam!

Jamie: The hell you're not!

J.R.: I'm so sorry, Babe. You know, I just wanted us to be a family. I wanted you and Jamie to be able to hang out. I only encouraged it. I'm sorry.

Jamie: This is sick. He is working you, Babe. He's pulling an Adam. The only reason he gave you that drug is so that he'd have a reason to divorce you and keep you away from Bess.

Babe: Why would you do that? Why would you lie? Do you really hate us that much to ruin our marriage?

Jamie: What marriage? J.R. didn't even want to dance with you at your own wedding. You don't even exist to him. You're just something in the way.

Babe: Shut up, ok? Don't you say anything about him or about us!

J.R.: Hey, hey --

Jamie: Jamie, you're evil. I didn't see it before, but you're evil. Babe --

Babe: Go!

J.R.: Shh, he's not evil, ok? He's just family. We can help you through this, ok? We can get this taken care of for you, all right?

Jamie: No, you're sick. You're not going to get away with this. You will not hurt Babe again.

Babe: J.R.'s not the one who hurt me. Just leave us alone.

Jamie: Babe, please. If he can do this, he can do anything. You have to be careful.

Babe: Jamie, go.

J.R.: Come here. It's ok.

Greenlee: Time for another toast. To finding love again, wherever it may hide.

Kendall: Am I crazy to even ask you this? But will you go home with me tonight?

Jonathan: You're not crazy.

Kendall: I'm not?

Jonathan: Sick and twisted, but crazy? No.

Kendall: I don't understand.

Jonathan: You know, you were smoother than last time. Those tears -- those were dead on. Does something like that take practice?

Kendall: No, wait a minute, Jonathan. That's not what this is about. I told you, this is for my sake and Ryan's sake. I told you that. This is for Ryan's sake.

Jonathan: Hey, Ryan's fine, trust me, because you're losing your touch. Will I go home with you tonight? Sloppy. Very sloppy.

Kendall: No, no, you can't just leave. You can't leave me. Jonathan, you can't just leave me like this, you jerk!

Bianca: Something just keeps nagging at me. It's like somebody wants me to stay in Pine Valley.

Maggie: Bess?

Bianca: Bess is Babe and J.R.'s baby. I know that now.

Maggie: If that's the reason, it's ok. I'm not going to judge you.

Bianca: No, it's not ok. Lena gave me a ring, and now I can't even fly to visit her. What am I going to say to her?

Maggie: Oh, God. Jamie, what's wrong?

Bianca: What is it?

Jamie: It's Babe and Bess. You guys got to help me save them.

Babe: Would Jamie really be that horrible, just to drug me to get what he wants? What kind of person --

J.R.: We know now. I'm never going to let him come near Bess or you ever again.

Babe: J.R. --

J.R.: You know that, don't you?

Babe: Bess. I need to go see Bess.

J.R.: All right. I'll be up soon. Hey, I'll always take care of you and Bess.

David: Great performance, Junior. You convinced Babe you love her and want to keep her safe. Now it's time to convince me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Anita: Where is he? Where have you stashed my husband, Mr. Slater?

Bobby: Don't start with me, Maria, not unless you're willing to pull out your own skeletons and compare.

Jamie: Babe will listen to you, Bianca. Make her take Bess and get away from J.R. before he does something even worse.

David: If anybody hurts my daughter, they're going to answer to me.

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