AMC Transcript Wednesday 7/7/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/7/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Maria: Delicious.

Derek: You know, Independence Day is traditionally a family day. Try to enjoy it.

Livia: So we can enjoy it.

Danielle: I'm chained to you on Independence Day. Hello? Am I the only one who gets how wrong this is? Maybe they'll get it.

Derek: You keep it to yourself.

Danielle: Fine. I brought some important reading.

Tom: Anita, Maria. Welcome to Paradise.

Anita and Maria: Hi!

Maria: Hey, Happy Fourth!

Livia: What can we get for you? We've got beer, we've got wine, we've got soda.

Danielle: Yeah, what's up with that? I mean, is it legal to have alcohol in a public park? I mean, it's not like we're at home in our own backyard.

Derek: Weren't you reading a magazine?

Danielle: I would hate to see you get arrested, Chief.

Derek: Thank you for sharing.

Livia: Danielle's here under protest.

Maria: Oh.

Derek: Yeah, she's at that age.

Danielle: What? Excuse me. I've been stripped of my civil rights.

Livia: And my mom thought I was a drama queen.

Tom: Where's Edmund?

Maria: I think he'd rather be someplace else, also.

Danielle: Where are the kids?

Maria: They went off to camp yesterday.

Danielle: Oh, lucky them.

Livia: So what do you think of our location?

Maria: I think it's great. It's beautiful. It's perfect, quiet --

Danielle: Boring.

Livia: Some of us like a little privacy.

Tom: And nobody else's radios blaring. We can hear ourselves talk.

Danielle: I'm going for a walk.

Derek: You stick around.

Danielle: I'm falling asleep.

Derek: Well, if you need a nap, take one.

Danielle: I don't nap! Daddy, let me check out the populated areas. Maybe I can score some sparklers.

Derek: Sparklers? Hmm. Now, that's illegal.

Danielle: Oh, Lord, take me now.

Livia: Derek, I beg you, set Dani free.

Derek: What?

Livia: It's time for Dani to take a walk.

Derek: And let her run off to find that punk? Forget it.

Danielle: He's not a punk, Daddy.

Derek: I said no. And if you can't be pleasant, you can be quiet. And not another word about -- don't even mention his name.

[Balloon pops]

Reggie: Oh, sorry about that one.

Edmund: George, you got something to say, just say it. Look, I called you because I wanted to start at the top. No, I do not have too much time on my hands. What I'm trying to do is stop a crime, a murder before it's committed.


J.R.: Come over here. Come say hi to my new little buddy. Wow. He certainly is a sturdy little guy. You know, my wife and I thought we were having a little boy, but we ended up having a little girl.

[Krystal has a flashback]

Babe's voice: The stuffed lamb that went missing, the teddy bear. You were coming here to give them to my little baby. And when we left the hospital and you disappeared, you were here to say goodbye. This is where you come to feel close to my little boy --

Krystal: No, no, no, Babe.

Babe's voice: To tell him he's not forgotten.

Tad: Hey.


Bianca: David, what's wrong with you?

David: You're right. Bess does need her mother.


Edmund: Yeah, and you're a credit to the Bureau.

Maria: Who was that?

Edmund: Someone I used to call a friend.

Maria: Was that George?

Edmund: Yeah, McKeegan. He's not taking me seriously on this. You know, he could cut through all the red tape and get me everything I need.

Maria: But this is all based on one garbled phone call, right?

Edmund: Thought you were behind me on this.

Maria: I am, honey, but I just think maybe it's a lot to ask.

Edmund: What, to save someone's life?

Derek: Hey, Edmund.

Edmund: Derek.

Derek: What are you up to?

Maria: He's just hot on the trail again.

Edmund: I was on my cell phone the other day and some lines got crossed. I picked up portions of another phone call. It was somebody discussing a murder.

Maria: You know what, I'm going to let you guys bat this around, and I'm going to go help out with the food.

Derek: Are you sure about that?

Tom: Is everything ok over there?

Maria: Yeah, it is. He's -- Edmund's just investigating this thing, and he's kind of hit a brick wall.

Livia: Well, that's fantastic. He's working again. It's great.

Anita: Well, it would be if -- I'm sorry.

Tom: If this is private --

Maria: No, no. It's -- it's ok.

Livia: We do not want to pry. Danielle, would you help me with those plates?

Danielle: Even by all rights, I should be on strike.

Livia: Thank you.

Tom: Forget I asked. Who's up for a little two-hand touch before the sun goes down?

Maria: You know, it's just that he's been so, I don't know, more obsessed than he has been interested. I'm starving.

Livia: Knock yourself out a little bit more and help me put these condiments on a tray.

Danielle: Where are they? You got Jamal, like, a divorce from his father, right?

Livia: You know I did.

Danielle: I have a case for you. It's pretty nasty -- mean dad abuses a fantastic young woman.

Livia: Hmm. Well, I'm glad it's nobody I know.

Danielle: Daddy's way too strict.

Livia: Danielle, the only abuse in the relationship is on your part.

Danielle: One day, your father can't do enough for you, he gives you the keys to the world. The next, you're like a prisoner.

Livia: In a word -- Reggie.

Danielle: It's not like he's some loser. He's a great guy.

Livia: Well, this might not be about Reggie. It might just be an overprotective father and a maturing daughter.

Danielle: Whatever. I'm still, like, grounded for life.

Livia: Your dad will mellow.

Danielle: In how many years?

Livia: Well, you could speed it up.

Danielle: What? Oh, let me guess -- if I pretend to just be miss goody two-pumps?

Livia: I think Derek would settle for miss civil and respectful. Give it a thought.


Derek: Well, the Feds have a lot on their plate these days, but I have some time.

Edmund: So you're willing to take this on?

Derek: You know, Edmund, just because we hit a few bumps on the Cambias murder doesn't mean we're incompetent.

Edmund: I never said that. Listen, let's get to the station and get to work.


J.R.: How old is he? Looks about the same age as my little girl.

Kelly: I -- I really have to get going.

J.R.: Oh, ok. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hold you up. Huh. Where did Babe go? I wanted her to see that little kid. What's wrong?

Krystal: Oh, ever -- ever since Bess was born, you know, babies just get to me. They're just so innocent and pure.

Tad: That's it?

Nurse: Mr. Chandler? I have your wife's release papers.

J.R.: I don't know where she went. Can I take care of it myself? Ok, thanks.

Tad: Can I get you a glass of water or something?

Krystal: No. I just -- I need some air.

Tad: Try to take it easy.


Bianca: Babe, are you sure that you should be up? I mean, do you feel ok?

Babe: Yeah, they're -- they're releasing me. J.R. and I, we --

Bianca: Ok, hey, just sit down. It's ok. Just sit down.


Tad: It's another panic attack? What triggered it? Come on, tell me.


David: Are you all right?

Babe: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just -- just a little leftover wooze. I just need to eat something. Bianca, would you mind getting me a glass of juice or something?

Bianca: Oh, of course. Yeah, I'll be right back.

Babe: You were going to tell her. I'm not saying that you shouldn't. I just -- if you do, do you think maybe you could just -- you could give me a little bit of time so I could get home and be with Bess? I just -- I just -- I need to tell her. No matter what goes down, I -- thank you for giving me life and for saving it twice since. And you seem like a really cool guy, and I just hope that we can -- thank you. We don't have much time. We've got go home right now to see Bess.

Bianca: Here you go. I hope orange is ok.

Babe: Great. Thanks. How lucky am I to have such a great friend?

Bianca: Well, it's just juice. Aw.

Babe: I love you, Bianca.

Bianca: I love you, too.

J.R.: I didn't realize the party was in here. The paperwork's done. You ready to go?

Bianca: I'll walk you out. They make you ride out in one of those wheelchairs, right?

J.R.: Yeah, it's just parked right outside here.


Krystal: So, you decided to tell Bianca?

David: I don't want to hear another word from you.

Krystal: Would you just make up your mind and stick with it and quit making Babe suffer?

Tad: Making Babe suffer? What are you up to, Hayward?

David: Nothing that has anything to do with you.

Krystal: I got to talk to him.

Tad: No, you got to talk to me first.

Tad: All right. Two against David's better odds, so I want you to tell me how he's torturing Babe.

Krystal: Oh, you know -- you know the way he is.

Tad: Krystal, I could've sworn that we were past you holding out on me. I'm telling you, if you don't tell me what's going on, I'm going to have to beat it out of him.

Krystal: He's just being his usual pain-in-the-rear self, treating Babe like an inconvenience worse than a stranger.

Tad: Well, what did you expect? Nobody's ever accused Dr. Hayward of being warm and cuddly.

Krystal: Babe just throws her heart out there and follows it. She doesn't need her father kicking it out of his way. I just -- I want to talk to him.

Tad: No, don't.

Krystal: I just want to tell him how Babe is so fragile.

Tad: You can't.

Krystal: No, he's her father. He's got to admit that he's got to make the effort.

Tad: Why? Look, in my experience, David Hayward has never made the effort for anybody or anything unless he's guaranteed something on the back end of the deal.

Krystal: Well, what about his daughter, her love? I mean, isn't that enough?

Tad: I'm not sure what love means to him. He claimed he loved Dixie. That didn't prevent him from ruining our lives as we knew it. You know, he wanted her, and that was all he cared about. He was willing to risk an entire boatload of people to get to her.

Krystal: Yeah, but that wasn't the same thing.

Tad: Yes, it is. It's exactly the same thing. That's what I'm telling you, honey -- when it comes to David, it doesn't matter what's going on around him or inside. It's all personal. If he wants you, he will move the earth off its axis to get you. And if he's finished with you, if you get in his way, he will bury you.

Krystal: His own flesh and blood?

Tad: David doesn't know how to give -- not to you, not to Babe, not to anybody. All he knows how to do is take. And he will take until there is nothing left.

Krystal: People change, right?

Tad: People maybe, but not David. I'm begging you, just steer clear of him. If you shove Babe at him, you and your daughter will regret it for the rest of your lives.


[David sits alone in his cabin]

Bianca's voice: I hate seeing you holed up in this place like a hermit. Everybody needs support, David -- friends and family. You need someone you can call, someone who'll come running no matter what. You miss having a child.


Danielle: Oh! Shoot.

Maria: Here, here's some paper towels.

Anita: Do we have club soda?

Danielle: Of course not. There's a fountain over there by the balloons. I have to go throw some water on this.


Edmund: Derek, I don't know what we're waiting for, all right?

Derek: You know, Edmund, our families are over there waiting for us.

Edmund: Listen, I understand a fragment of a conversation of a phone call is not enough to go on, but if we dig --

Derek: Yeah, we will learn more, but I can't officially take on this case.

Edmund: Until, what, you get some solid evidence?

Derek: We have no names, no numbers, nothing to identify the caller.

Edmund: All right, I tell you what -- ok, we get the phone records of every call that was made at that time that I heard the potential killer, all right? We match that against anybody who was convicted of a violent crime --

Derek: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Edmund, Edmund, that's a lot to ask.

Edmund: Isn't saving a life worth it?

Derek: I will file a report the first thing tomorrow, but that's the extent of the force's involvement at this point.

Edmund: Well, let's hope at this point it's not too late, Derek.

Derek: You know what, you're assuming that a crime hasn't already been committed. Come on, let's get over there with our families.

Edmund: All right, listen, I got some calls to make.


Livia: Anita? This isn't the best time --

Anita: You found Bobby? He got the divorce papers?

Livia: No. They have not been able to locate Bobby. He's not in Las Vegas or San Diego. Bobby's disappeared.


Adam: Don't mind me.

J.R.: Dad, I just -- I didn't know you were back.

Adam: Yeah, I just got home.

J.R.: How was Chicago?

Adam: Forget about Chicago. I want to know what's got this house in such an uproar. I just passed Winifred, who darted past me squealing something about Babe's special menus?

J.R.: Uh-huh. Babe was in the hospital. I almost killed her.

Adam: They haven't charged you?

J.R.: No, I wasn't arrested. It wasn't anything like that.

Adam: Well, for God's sakes, J.R., what is it? What happened?

J.R.: I wanted to prove that maybe she was an unfit mother. Listen, I wanted her to cheat on me, act like a slut in front of public, so I got this drug. It was supposed to set her off. It was supposed to make her throw herself at Jamie -- and it worked. She practically jumped all over some other guy, but Jamie stopped it. But then all of a sudden, she dropped. She had some sort of allergic reaction. Like, that or the drug was laced with something. But then she stopped breathing. She went into respiratory arrest and they had to shock her heart.

Adam: But she's ok? She's all right? Nobody knows that you gave her the drug?

J.R.: They know about the drug. They just don't know how she got it.

Adam: Ok, but your hands are clean? There's no way to trace anything back to you?

J.R.: Yes, of course. I paid off the dealer, and I covered my tracks with Jamie.

Adam: Ok, you're in the clear! Stop looking so guilty.

J.R.: Dad, she could've died!

Adam: But she didn't! It's not -- it's not as if you were trying to hurt her.

J.R.: All I want is Bess.

Adam: Yeah, well, we need another strategy, one that doesn't put anybody in jeopardy.

J.R.: No. I don't think strategy is the right choice anymore.


[David daydreams]


Babe: Surprise! Hey! Oh, where to start.

David: What's going on? What are you doing here?

Babe: You so need me here.

David: Well, I thought you were going home. Why are you here?

Babe: Well, yeah, but after I said goodbye to you, it just didn't feel right, so it just made more sense coming back to your place.

David: Look, I'm sorry, I don't understand. What's going on?

Babe: You're more like me than you think. Don't you ever just want somebody that you can count on no matter what? I'm your girl. Come here! You are my father, and I'm going to stick around no matter what. Well, unless --

David: Oh, so there's a catch?

Babe: Well, yeah. Of course. I mean, you expect me to just spend much time in this bachelor dump? This place needs some serious redecorating.

David: That's it? You just want to, what, change the rugs and put a coat of paint on the walls?

Babe: Oh, there's more. Come on. Come on! Ok, now look outside. Look how gorgeous it is. I mean, look at the leaves and the ferns and the flowers. Oh, look over that at that cute little squirrel and the birds going after the berries.

David: Yeah, well, we are out in the woods, so --

Babe: Yeah, and I bet that you've never even had a party. We need to share this view with some other people.

David: Well, people generally are afraid of what I might put in the punch, so --

Babe: Do you even know what the holidays are all about? I mean, you look around and I don't even see one bit of red, white, or blue. Where is your spirit?

David: I'm not dressing up as Uncle Sam.

Babe: Yeah, fine, but you still have to celebrate something. That's what life's all about -- family and friends and home, being together.

David: That's what you really want? With me?

Babe: Well, wouldn't you?

David: I guess I can give it a shot.

Babe: I knew you would. Oh, I knew you'd been missing out on so, so much.

David: Did you miss having a father all those years?

Babe: I didn't really notice just because Mama was so great. But, oh, now that I met you, I don't want to miss out on a minute. Come here. We can be so happy, Dad. I'll love you forever. Just tell me that that's what you want, too.

[Knock on door]

David: No point in asking what I can do for you, because I don't really care.

Tad: Maybe we should talk about what you can do for your brand-new daughter. Why don't you try the right thing for a change, Dave? If you can't at least be civil to Babe, walk away and don't look back.

David: No matter what comes my way, I can always count on you, can't I, Tad, hmm? If it's bad, you pile on. If it's good, you just got to make sure I don't get it.

Tad: You mean like Dixie? Well, considering she was my wife, yeah, I would've pretty much done anything to keep you away from her.

David: And now it's Babe. Or is it Krystal? Well, hey, I guess the truth is out, huh? Krystal and I were with each other before you ever even knew her. And that just makes you crazy, doesn't it? Can't change the past, Tad. Krystal and I did sleep together and we did make Babe. So if that interferes with you in your pursuit of Krystal, well, tough luck.

Tad: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't really see how a drunken one-night stand affects much of anything.

David: You're right. Whatever you say.

Tad: You're right about one thing -- I care about Krystal. I care a lot. I also care about Babe, and I don't think I'll sit quietly on the sidelines while you steamroll over both of them the way you do over anybody that walks through your life.

David: What, what, you couldn't keep Dixie from coming to me, so, what, this is supposed to be your second chance?

Tad: They haven't hurt you, David, either one of them, so why don't you just leave them alone?

David: I don't need your permission! Babe is my daughter!

Tad: In what way? You were a sperm donor. You didn't even remember that night. You didn't remember it happened till two days ago. Neither did Krystal. She's done a damn good job of raising her daughter by herself. You've got no claim to Babe. If you can't appreciate her for who she is or you don't approve in some way, why don't you just stay away from her? On the other hand, if you do hurt her or Krystal, I give you my word I will do everything I possibly can to bring you down, for their sake, and Gillianís and Dixie's, and anybody else whose life you've torn up.

David: You know something? I think I'm going to pay someone a visit. Feel free to follow me so you can see firsthand how seriously I take your warning.


Adam: We can't just let this situation coast, J.R.

J.R.: Well, then we're playing by the rules. I'm filing for divorce.

Adam: That gold digger and her mother will take you for everything you've got.

J.R.: All I want is Bess.

Adam: I'm including Bess. You think they're just going to hand that baby over to you?

J.R.: Well, of course Babe's going to fight. She's going to fight hard. But I can prove that she's a bigamist and an adulteress, and I also set up two nights to where she looks like an unfit mother.

Adam: That may not hold up. All Babe has to do is convince the judge that she was given the drug without her knowledge.

J.R.: Yeah, but we have enough money and power and connections to destroy Babe. I don't want to take any more chances. I want Babe out of my life, and I want Bess legally and permanently. And when we kick off this divorce, I know I'll win.

Adam: I'm with you every step of the way, son. That baby is ours, and we're going to keep her.


Babe: I wish I knew what was right. I guess Dr. Hayward made that decision for me. Dr. Hayward, he's-- see? I almost said that he's your granddad. But he's not. You're not even mine. You see, little girl, Bianca's your true mama. This could be our last time together. My last chance to touch you. What are you thinking about? You just look so happy here. You saved me. You know that, beautiful? If I'd even known that my baby had died, I don't think I would've made it.

[Baby cries]

Babe: Messy. But Bianca, she's stronger than me, I guess. You're going to love her. Because she already loves you. And when she finds out that you're hers --

Krystal: Oh, honey.

Babe: Mama. Why did we have to find out?

[Baby squeals]

Babe: I already love her so much. And now I have to lose her, too. Mama, I have to lose two babies.


Reggie: We made it.

Danielle: Thanks for freeing me from the old folks.

Reggie: My balloon cover was pretty slick, huh?

Danielle: Brilliant. That's how I feel.

Reggie: Do you ever get over yourself?

Danielle: Not brilliant. Like the balloon, like I'd float away if you weren't holding on to me.

Reggie: Then I got to hold you tight.

Danielle: Oh, don't cut off my circulation, though.

Reggie: Is that better?

Danielle: Perfect.

Reggie: What? What? What is it?

Danielle: My dad.

Reggie: Your dad? Where?

Danielle: He'll see us.

Reggie: Your dad is not mad dad or anything.

Danielle: Are you sure?

Reggie: Yes, I'm sure. He's not armed with a glock. He doesn't have me in his sights. And, you know, we shouldn't have to worry about him 24/7.

Danielle: I know, but what else are we going to do? I mean, my Aunt Livia thinks he might chill, but --

Reggie: Your Aunt Livia didn't hear what your father said the last time, ok? Your father wants to go one-on-one with me.

Danielle: Like beat some sense into you?

Reggie: Like it's not going to happen.

Danielle: Because you're not going anywhere near my father. You want things to get worse?

Reggie: Danielle, things can't possibly get any worse.

Danielle: You're kidding, right? Next stop, boarding school.

Reggie: No way.

Danielle: Yes way. My dad can't dump me back on my mom, and he doesn't want me any more than she does. Hello, boot camp.

Reggie: Well, if they don't want you, they're stupid, ok? I'll sneak around as long as it takes. I'm not going to give up on you.

Danielle: I'll talk to my dad. I'll work him. It may take a little while, but eventually he'll come around, hopefully.

Reggie: I'll get an extreme makeover, you know, cut off all my hair and stuff, change my name.

Danielle: Get a rainbow Afro wig and dashiki!

Reggie: I never thought I'd have to be undercover brother just to see you.

Danielle: If I'm not worth it --

Reggie: Did I say you weren't worth it? Forget the balloons, you know? Next time, I'll rent a blimp so your father can watch me fly you away.


Livia: You haven't had any communication with him of any kind?

Anita: No. All I want from Bobby is a divorce.

Livia: If you call him on his cell phone, he might pick up.

Anita: I can't. I can't talk to him.

Livia: Honey, if Bobby wants to play hide-and-seek, he can drag this on for a long time, and that will make the breakup that much harder.


Derek: How are you coping?

Maria: It's -- it's been a little lonely. But, you know, I know that Edmund's finding his way, and he just needs this time. I just need to let him do it. And, you know, he's going to come back. He'll be right back. He'll be wrestling you for that last brownie, I tell you.

Derek: Well, you know, if you need to talk --

Maria: Thanks. Thanks.

[Fireworks explode as Maria has a flashback]

Zach: Hey.

Maria: Hey.

Zach: Penny for your thoughts.

Maria: Oh, I don't know. A penny's not really worth much, but a kiss I will take.

Zach: Will you tell me now?

Maria: Yeah. I was just thinking that you make me feel like that when I'm with you, and I just don't ever, ever want this to end.

Zach: Who said it would?

Maria: Hey, things happen. Things have happened to me.

Zach: It's New Year's Eve. It's a new beginning, a new millennium. The past is gone. It's just you and me.


Tom: Any luck?

Derek: When did she take off? Didn't anybody notice?

Livia: I was on the phone. You were with Edmund.

Tom: Danielle spilled something on her dress.

Derek: Yeah, poured it all over herself, more likely.

Livia: She'll turn up.

Derek: I bet she and Reggie planned this.

Livia: As ticked off and bored as Danielle was, it was probably spontaneous.

Derek: Ok, ok, maybe she wasn't in on it, but Reggie -- I warned him. I told him the next time he got near Danielle, all bets were off.


Danielle: That was nice.

Reggie: Nice like -- yeah. Nice like that. You know, this place isn't exactly, you know, private. Anybody could walk in on us.

Danielle: You want to go someplace else?

Reggie: Yeah. Let's go someplace where we can make our own fireworks.


Derek: I forbade her to see Reggie and she disobeyed me!

Livia: You sound just like Daddy.

Derek: I am her daddy!

Livia: Well, I mean our daddy. You remember how he'd get all puffed up and his mustache would bristle out whenever he was disapproving us, and he'd treat us like we had half a brain between the two of us?

Derek: Yeah. He thought it was still 1940.

Livia: And he told you to quit sports because your grades were dropping. When he told you to quit, what did you do?

Derek: Yeah, that's different. You know, Reggie -- Reggieís bad news.

Livia: He had some trouble in his past. He's under a different influence now -- Jackson. Can we give him some credit?

Derek: Well, since Dani met Reggie, she's -- she's almost been arrested. I mean, she tried to use her connection to me to influence the arresting officer.

Livia: But she's still you and Mimiís daughter. So there's got to be a lot of good under that smart mouth. Just remember what we were like when we were young.

Derek: No, you're the one who spiked Daddy's blood pressure.

Livia: Well, now, he was easy, sort of like you.

Derek: Hey, hey, hey.

Livia: I'm the big sister, so bring it on. Come on.


Anita: Bobby's doing this to irritate me.

Maria: Worried about him?

Anita: I hate him for making me worry. As soon as I find him, I'm divorcing him. I just -- why do I have to care about where he is or what he's doing? God, why do I care?

Maria: Because you've spent your entire adult life loving him, and you really thought that you were going to last forever.

Anita: Anyway, how are you and Edmund?

Maria: Oh, well, Bobby and Edmund have a little disappearing act in common.

Anita: He's just frustrated -- Edmund. He's trying to get to the bottom of that phone call.

Maria: Yeah, but you know what? I wonder if he really thinks that somebody's in danger or if --

Anita: If what?

Maria: If he's using this as an escape. If he's just using it to focus on something else other than us. You know, we're just so not connected.

Anita: You'll find your way back.

Maria: Just when he goes away, so do I.

Anita: You find yourself pulling away?

Maria: Yeah. I mean, in my head. I just go other places, headfirst into this -- this memory.

Anita: Of Edmund?

[Maria finds Edmund and holds his hand while watching the fireworks display until Zach appears]


Babe: Hey! Welcome back. Is this why you wanted me down here?

J.R.: No.

Krystal: Well, what are you boys cooking up?

Adam: Actually, this doesn't concern --

J.R.: I have something I have to say -- something important to Babe.

Babe: Ok. Go ahead.

J.R.: Uh -- this may not come as that much of a surprise --

Adam: Did you just walk into my house without ringing the bell?

David: Well, that's not going to matter when I'm done.

Adam: No, get out! You too, Tad. This is family business.

Tad: Ok. As J.R.'s stepfather, I'd say I qualify.

Adam: We're busy. What do you want?

David: I'm glad you're all here. It's going to save me the hassle of speaking with each of you individually. I have some news that affects everybody in this room.

Bianca: Did you know that your door is, like, wide open?

Adam: Who else is going to stop by?

Bianca: Well, I just came to check on Babe. I can leave.

Tad: No, no, no. By all means, stick around. The more, the merrier. David was just going to wow us with some major announcement.


>> On the next "All My Children" --

Officer: Freeze!

Adam: What's your crucial business about, anyway?

David: True parentage.

Anita: Bobby.

Bobby: Happy Independence Day, Mrs. Warner.

Zach: Small town.

Maria: Small world.

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