AMC Transcript Wednesday 6/30/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/30/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Music plays]

Danielle: You know, they have tables at the taco food place, you know. No blankets required.

Reggie: Yeah, they also have little 6-year-olds running around playing tag, lights that burn your eyes out. Feel that breeze. Smell that air. Check out those stars.

[Owl hoots]

Reggie: Pull up a rock. Let me introduce you to nature.

Danielle: We've met.

Reggie: But not with me. An experienced guide makes all the difference, trust me.

Danielle: Ok. Show me the nature.

J.R.: Thirsty?

Babe: Thank you --

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: For tonight. I so need this.

J.R.: Oh, James, man.

Babe: Hi.

J.R.: Thanks for making it, man.

Jamie: You said haul it, so I ditched my date and here I am. What's wrong?

Babe: Nothing. Just me and the mister. We're just taking it low key.

Jamie: That's why you called?

Babe: Yeah.

Jamie: To hang?

J.R.: Yeah.

Jamie: Well, you should have said something. I would have brought Nicole.

J.R.: I didn't mean for you to blow your date, but you and Babe hung out with Maggie and Bianca the other night. Just looking for some equal time. It's been way too long, huh? Huh?

Jamie: It's been way too long since we partied together. Count me in. Let's remind J.R. how it's done.

Babe: All right.

J.R.: Well, that's why you're the man. I knew I could count on you.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Kendall: Just leave me alone.

Greenlee: No, something happened between you and Ryan. Where is he?

Zach: Hey, don't move. Let me call an ambulance.

Ryan: Yeah, you do that, because you're going to need one when I'm through with you! Agh! You -- you totaled my bike!

Zach: That's a waste of fine machinery plowing it into anything that moves.

Ryan: What? I only plow into idiots who make a right without signaling!

Zach: At least the fall didn't injure your attitude. Let me call the paramedics, let them deal with you.

Zach: You know what? That's a very good idea. I'll call the police and have them deal with you, unless you want to drop the phones and deal with this, you and me, right now. Huh? Oh, this is -- what is this? Convenient. This is your girls from Vegas to come and rescue you?

Maria: Ryan! I saw your bike back there! Are you ok?

Ryan: I'm fine, I'm fine. Just the bike, you know --

Maria: Are you ok?

Zach: Survived worse.

Greenlee: I was there. You called. Ryan went.

Kendall: Yeah, I bet you threw a hissy fit at that.

Greenlee: What happened?

Erica: Now is not the time for restraint, Kendall. My goodness, if you got Ryan back, please, give Greenlee all the details, since she asked so nicely, and she deserves it so much.

Greenlee: She'd whip out a slide show if she had something to show. Little glitch? How'd you blow it with Ryan this time, huh? We're utterly rapt and dying to know.

Kendall: What is that?

Erica: A little celebration.

Kendall: What, are you toasting your freedom from the hospital in Vegas?

Erica: As well as my return to Pine Valley. It's been so much fun so far.

Kendall: Celebrating is what made you an involuntary patient. Is this how you thank Ryan for saving you?

Erica: Oh, I'll buy Ryan one, too, if he cares to join me.

Greenlee: Oh, he has such lovely Kane women to choose from.

Erica: She never stops talking. You notice that?

Kendall: Why are you here?

Greenlee: I asked you first.

Erica: Asked and answered, counselor.

Kendall: Have you even seen Jack yet? He's been in hell since you left.

Greenlee: Funny -- Ryan gets further away from hell the farther you get away from him.

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee, would you just go away, please? I have my hands full here. Would you just please put the drink down and come with me, please?

Erica: Thanks, but no.

Kendall: You need to listen.

Erica: No, you need to back off. I'm going to have this drink. And afterwards, if the spirit moves me, I may have another. Join me or leave me alone. I don't need you to tuck me in.

Greenlee: There. Your mommy mission is a bust. Not that you'd spare Erica a kick in the pants if you had Ryan at home waiting for you. So, how did you wreck the best thing that ever happened to you? This time, I mean. The other times are old news.

Kendall: Shut your mouth before I stick my fist in it.

Babe: Oh. Hmm -- can you tell? It's already working. I can feel it.

J.R.: Feel what?

Babe: Hmm. Tonight, you -- you make life just so pink, so -- mmm -- so happy! I just --

J.R.: Hmm?

Babe: You know, for the longest time, I felt like all the good stuff was just slipping through my fingers, but now I just -- I feel so floaty and -- and just feel so great!

J.R.: Then go with that feeling.

Babe: Oh, God! Mmm, you smell so good. It's like -- it's like warm and -- mmm -- and strong or something.

J.R.: Babe, you don't know what that does to me.

Babe: Yeah, I do. Remember San Diego and the pool, just the two of us.

J.R.: James, hey, hey, hey. Thanks, man.

Babe: Jamie --

Jamie: There you go.

Babe: Oh, good.

Jamie: Hey, buddy, the next one's on you.

Babe: Mmm.

Jamie: Which will be any second. Babe --

Babe: Mmm.

Jamie: Slow down. You're headed for sugar shock.

Babe: I don't know why. All of a sudden, I'm so thirsty. It's like my mouth is really dry. Mmm. Oh, it is so cold. Oh, feel.

J.R.: That's why they make chips.

Babe: Oh, it feels so good.

J.R.: That's why they put them out there -- so we can get more drinks. Water's better. I'm going to go get some.

Jamie: Yo, yo, yo -- sit. I'll go get it. Let your little love-fest continue.

Babe: Hey, love makes me goofy. And it is my right as a wife.

J.R.: Well, you know what? We can chill, if you want. We didn't mean to invite you to make you feel uncomfortable.

Jamie: Hey, if I'm not getting busy with Nicole, at least someone should go home happy.

Babe: Happy -- everyone should be happy. It's a great night. And if they're not happy, I have enough happy to go around.

Jamie: That's not exactly the kind of happy I meant.

J.R.: Oh. Well, the night's not over yet, ok?

Jamie: Well, yeah, because that bartender -- she's got a crush on me. So I'll be right back.

J.R.: Jamie --

Babe: We can still go, to the Canary Islands -- we can take the jet. You work so hard. You deserve it. I mean, I deserve it. Can't you see? We could be rolling around in the sand and -- and skinny-dipping.

J.R.: Yeah, it sounds hot.

Babe: Oh, J.R., you are so sweet. And it doesn't even matter where we are. You know? If I wouldn't get arrested, I would rip your clothes off right now. Mmm.

[Music plays]

[Owl hoots]

Danielle: We're going to die.

Reggie: Then scoot over. The closer you get, the safer you'll be.

Danielle: I love this song. Dance with me.

Reggie: Maybe we'll dance later, ok?

Danielle: Oh, it'll keep my mind off the six-foot bird waiting to peck our eyes out.

Reggie: Well, what about I go to plan B? Make you forget about it?

Danielle: Oh, I see. You're afraid that whatever's out there is going to laugh at your dance moves?

Reggie: Yo, come and watch! We'll show you all the real deal behind the birds and the bees. Yeah, that should keep them quiet.

Singer: Before we go too far

Danielle: Think they're impressed?

Reggie: I think they're crazy jealous.

Singer: I was moving too fast, baby when the two of us want their love to

Danielle: Ah!

[Music plays]

Reggie: All right, calm down. What's wrong?

Danielle: Over there in the bushes -- it was huge!

Reggie: It what?

Danielle: Like a bear.

Reggie: Like a tall squirrel?

Danielle: Ok, nature man, go check it out.

Reggie: Ok.

Danielle: Wait, wait, wait -- and leave me here all alone?

Reggie: Can you make up your mind?

Danielle: He probably thinks we're walking burritos or something.

Reggie: Oh, God --

Danielle: Come on, let's get out of here.

Reggie: Who are you scared of, me or a tall squirrel?

Danielle: I'm not scared. I'm practical.

Reggie: No, you're a punk. That's what you are.

Danielle: No, you didn't!

Reggie: Yes, I did.

Danielle: You think you're so big and bad, huh?

Reggie: Only because I am.

Danielle: Well, you may be brave, but I have the keys. And another word -- you'll be playing footsie with Mama Bear all by yourself. Let's see how she likes your moves.

Babe: You have the sexiest skin I've ever seen. It's kind of -- like golden, like it would taste like honey or something.

[Phone rings]

Babe: No, no! Wait, wait --

J.R.: No, no, no -- it's Comstock from the board.


J.R.: Chandler. Yes. Well, can't it wait? All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, I'll be down there.

Babe: No!

J.R.: This acquisition can't wait. Then need an offer by tonight or they're going with the competition. I got to be down there.

Babe: But I need you here.

J.R.: And I promise I'll make it up to you.

Babe: I got an idea. You can -- you can go to the boardroom. And then while you're making the deal, I'll be waiting in your office, lights down, clothes off.

J.R.: And then I'm never going to get to my meeting.

Babe: No! Oh, you want me, too, don't you? I can feel it! Mmm!

J.R.: I never stop thinking about what I want to do to you. But this is work.

Babe: But you're going to leave me all alone in that big bed?

J.R.: Yeah, and I don't want that to happen, so I'm going to leave you here with Jamie, and I'm going to go the office. I'm going to make this as fast as possible. I'll be right back.

Jamie: Here you go.

Babe: Oh! Mmm! Thank you.

Jamie: No problem. Except now the bartender thinks I'm too cheap to order a real drink.

J.R.: Well, listen, I got a deal for you. I'll spring for the next round. You keep Babe company.

Jamie: Where are you going?

J.R.: To Chandler. I got to put out a fire. Sometimes it sucks to be the man, you know?

Jamie: Yeah, my heart bleeds. What's really going on?

Greenlee: Come on, Kendall. We're all bitter enemies here. Spill.

Kendall: Why would you come here? I don't understand. Why would you do this to yourself?

Erica: Why would I do what? Relax? Unwind? Enjoy the music?

Kendall: Look, just go home. Don't screw this up for yourself.

Greenlee: You should listen to her, Erica. Kendall knows from screwing up.

Kendall: Ok, who --

Greenlee: It must have been a biggie tonight.

Kendall: Who are you talking to? I told you, I'm not listening.

Erica: And who are you talking to? Or should I say lecturing and judging?

Kendall: Ok, if you're indignant now, how are you going to be when somebody has to peel you off the floor because you've passed out?

Erica: You see, this is exactly why I didn't want to come back. All the hovering and all the disapproval, and what incredible irony it is that you, with your disastrous life, that you're telling me what to do.

Greenlee: The question is, what kind of disaster was it?

Erica: You know, the question is, why am I still here? I was really enjoying myself before you two showed up. Well, since you're not going to go -- please step aside.

Kendall: I am this close to not caring, but Jackson and Bianca -- they do. And there is no way I'm going to let you drink yourself senseless and then get behind the wheel.

Erica: Get this through your head. You don't let me do anything. I came here to enjoy myself. But being here right now is no longer enjoyable. So I have a driver waiting for me outside to take me where I please to do as I please. Don't follow me.

Kendall: Thanks so much for your help, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, you're not going anywhere until you tell me what you did to Ryan.

Ryan: Believe me, you don't want to get in the middle of this, all right?

Maria: Ok, well, you know what? It comes with the oath, so you've got to tell me what happened and let me check you both out, and then I'll get out of your hair, all right?

Zach: Nothing to worry about here.

Ryan: Yeah, give me five minutes! I can fix that!

Maria: Ah, ah, ah -- just tell me what happened.

Ryan: Somebody failed Driver's Ed.

Zach: And shortly thereafter slammed into my car.

Maria: Ok, well, it's good thing you had your helmet on. Look, follow my finger with your eyes. Don't move your head.

Ryan: I'm not --

Maria: Follow my finger.

Ryan: I'm fine.

Maria: Don't move your head. Pain or dizziness?

Ryan: No.

Maria: Ok. Pain or dizziness?

Ryan: Wait, don't get too close to this guy.

Maria: Why?

Ryan: All right, because he's got a habit of turning people into patients.

Zach: I'll pay for the damages.

Ryan: Not enough money in the world.

Zach: Then we're done here.

Maria: We have not even started.

Reggie: Oh, tough little city chick from the mean streets of the city. Purse-snatchers, history. Gang-bangers, laid out.

Danielle: Oh, you want to play like that, huh? Mr. Big strong nature man with your poly-blend blanket and drive-thru junk food. You don't want creepy crawlies all over you, either.

Reggie: Oh, really? Something crawling all over me? Hmm, let me picture that. Nice.

Danielle: Well, don't let me stop your picture. Looks like you're having a good time. Uh-oh. There's one. And there. Ooh, that one's ugly. Oh, Reggie, that big one's about to --

Reggie: Got him.

[Owl hoots]

Reggie: Oh. That was a pterodactyl. Mm-hmm.

Danielle: Shut up.

Reggie: What's wrong?

Danielle: Just remembering how much smoother your moves are now than the last time we were at your place.

Reggie: How much smoother?

Danielle: Final grade's not in yet.

Reggie: Oh. There's one big difference, though. Greenlee's not here to interrupt.

Greenlee: I'm going to find out about Ryan one way or another. Here's your last chance to put your twisted spin on things. Knock yourself out.

Jamie: What's up with you? First, you yank me away from Nicole, saying you, me, and Babe will hang tonight. Now you're blowing us off.

J.R.: The guys down at CE -- they cannot go to the john without my ok. I can't let this deal go bad.

Jamie: So that's it? This is just about work?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why else would I bail on you and my wife? Listen, if it's a hassle, I can take Babe home.

Jamie: It's not a hassle. It's just -- do your business and get back to your wife.

J.R.: Thanks, man. Hey -- I'm sorry. I got to run, Babe.

Babe: Not without this. Don't be long.

J.R.: I won't.

Jamie: Wow, you did that without breathing. You ok?

Babe: I don't understand it. Totally thirsty. I'm fine. Great, actually. Oh, it's so good, like nothing is ever going to be bad. Oh -- I know this song! Come on, let's go dance!

Jamie: Seriously?

Babe: Yeah, you're my date now!

Greenlee: Just tell me. What happened with Ryan?

Kendall: Drop dead. Oh -- oh. Perfect.

Maria: All right.

Ryan: Thank you very much for the ride, even though I didn't need it.

Maria: Will you get him upstairs for a CT scan, please? And don't try to sweet-talk your way out of it. She follows orders.

Ryan: Oh. Hey, beautiful. How you doing?

Zach: Lovely view.

Maria: Cube 1. Thanks. Hi. Can you get him a CBC, a PTT, a PT, a Chem 7, and also get him in for a chest X-ray and a lateral, please?

Zach: "Him" doesn't need any X-rays, or any other tests. I'm fine, Dr. Grey.

Maria: And also let me know when you can get him for a CT scan. Thanks.

Zach: It's amazing to watch you work. But then again, it was amazing to watch you sit and read the paper.

Erica: Oh.

Lily: You're Erica.

Erica: Oh, yes. Lily! I am! How wonderful to see you!

Lily: It is?

Erica: Of course! Wow! What a -- what a surprise! My goodness! Give me a hug!

Lily: I don't do that!

Erica: Oh, that's just for strangers. This is me! It's Erica! Well, my goodness, we really have to catch up. Ahem. How long have you been home? Do you like it here? I mean, your father must be so happy. How is your father? Oh, come on, Lily, we can't catch up like this. Come sit next to me. Come on, sit down next to me.

Lily: No, don't! Just leave me alone.

Erica: Well, my goodness, what -- what's wrong?

[Door slams]

Babe: Oh, this is amazing. Oh --

Jamie: Babe, are you ok?

Babe: Ok? I am -- I am awesome.

Jamie: How about we just sit down for a minute.

Babe: Don't you know you have the most amazing eyelashes. I'm so jealous.

Jamie: Babe, I'm a guy.

Babe: Oh, no. You are my friend. And I'm so lucky to have you. Mmm, I love you to death.

Jamie: Babe --

Babe: I was -- I wanted to know what it felt like. It's weird, your shirt. It's soft on the outside, but then -- but then underneath, it's not so soft at all.

Jamie: All right, ok. Babe, Babe, what is wrong with you?

Babe: Nothing, all right? Nothing could ever be wrong.

Jamie: Hey, had soda, water. What else did you drink?

Babe: Nothing. That is just -- I just -- I haven't been able to be me in a while.

Jamie: This was never you. Tell me, Babe. Pills? Pot? Blow? What?

Babe: Drugs?

Jamie: What did you take?

Babe: Nothing! I'm a mama now. I would never, ever take drugs. Jamie, it was so much more fun before. Let's go back to dancing. You just close your eyes, and it all just -- mmm -- just floats away.

Jamie: All right, I'm taking you home.

Babe: Home? Why? Aren't you having fun?

Jamie: Yeah, I'm going to settle the tab. Just do not move.

Babe: Ok. Oh. Never been so thirsty in all my life.

Kendall: You know, you really should work on your clumsiness before you hurt someone. If you came here looking for me, sorry.

Jonathan: Trust me, I didn't. Bumping into you is getting old fast.

Kendall: Oh. It won't happen again.

Greenlee: Things were real frosty there between you and Mr. Handsome. He came to Fusion looking for Ryan. You wasted no time ticking him off.

Kendall: Out of my way, Greenlee.

Greenlee: When you don't stay and fight, something is up. What is it?

Ryan: Well, that was fun, but I think I'm going to head outside and --

Nurse: You need to wait here for your test results.

Ryan: You mean the ones that say I'm completely fine, I shouldn't have come here in the first place?

Nurse: Yes, those. Anyone you want me to call for you?

Ryan: No, thank you. I can take care of it myself.

Maria: Great, thanks. You know, back at the stable, I didn't think that I was going to see you again, thought that was probably that.

Zach: Well, blame your friend on the motorcycle.

Maria: You're fine, though? Honestly?

Zach: You don't have to worry about me, Maureen.

Maria: It's Maria.

Zach: Maria. Maria, I --

Maria: I just got your test results back, and the X-rays showed no internal damage.

Zach: So I'm good?

Maria: You are fine. There's no reason to keep you.

Ryan: I'd be happy to show him out, make sure he never comes back.

Greenlee: Hiya.

Jonathan: You are the --

Greenlee: The lovely young lady you met at Fusion. Is that the phrase you were looking for?

Jonathan: It'll do.

Greenlee: And you know Kendall Hart.

Jonathan: We met. Once was more than enough.

Greenlee: How much more? That much more. Interesting.

Jonathan: Not to me.

Greenlee: Seems that you know a lot of people. Ryan Lavery? You were looking for him at Fusion. Did you find him?

Jonathan: He found me.

Greenlee: So, how do you two know each other?

Jonathan: I'm sure Kendall would be happy to tell you.

Babe: Oh! You're back.

Jonathan: "Back"?

Babe: Oh, you won't be sorry.

Jonathan: I think you've got me confused with someone else.

Babe: Oh, honey, I wouldn't forget that face in a million years. Take me home, J.R.

Jonathan: "J.R."?

Babe: Mm-hmm. Take me home, honey. Just make love to me all night long.

Reggie: What? Where are you going?

Danielle: I'm right here.

Reggie: You said my moves were smooth.

Danielle: Maybe because I don't know you all that well.

Reggie: So why don't you just lie back over and get to know me?

Danielle: I'm serious, Reggie.

Reggie: I'm serious, too.

Danielle: You know what I mean.

Reggie: And you know what? Don't do that.

Danielle: Ok. You don't like to talk about the time before you moved in with Jack. I get that, and I'm not trying to get all up in your business. I just -- I want to know you. You're not just some sex object to me, Reggie.

Reggie: So why don't you just kick me where it counts next time, ok?

Danielle: I guess I just want to know how you got to be this guy that I like so much.

Reggie: I like you, too.

Danielle: And you know a whole bunch of my stuff -- only child, cop parents, divorce, Mama tried to rule my world, and here I am.

Reggie: With Daddy Chief ruling it instead.

Danielle: Like I can't think for myself.

Reggie: You really have to get from underneath him.

Danielle: Oh, trust me, I hear you. As soon as I turn 18, I'm so gone.

Reggie: Where to?

Danielle: LA, The City of Angels. Oh, I'm going to do it up in style.

Reggie: Are going to go all supermodel fashion star on me?

Danielle: That sound good, but, no. I prefer the old-school way, you know -- stocks, bonds, companies, deals.

Reggie: Oh, so you're going to be the worker type, sitting in a bank vault counting all her money.

Danielle: Nope. I'm going to be at all the parties, front row at the fashion shows. Everybody's going to know my name, like Oprah or Erica Kane.

Reggie: Oh. Erica Kane. I'm not so sure anybody wants to be her right about now.

Erica: Jack. Lily's all right, isn't she? I mean, it was all -- it was so strange. I mean, I suppose that it's impossible for us to ever really know what happened, but, I mean, I just -- I haven't seen her in such a long time, and I just wanted to give her a hug. She's so lovely, Jack. She's really beautiful. You must be so proud. I wish I had known that she was here. I would have brought her something. Maybe she would go shopping. I bet she would love to go shopping with me, wouldn't she? Jack, you're just staring at me. Well, I know that it's a surprise, and I didn't know whether I should call or come over or just leave it alone. It's just that everybody's been on my case about not seeing you. Not that I didn't want to. It's so good to see your face. How does it feel to see mine? I'm here, Jack. You can talk to me. I'm sure that there's something you would like to say to me.

Jack: Get out.

Erica: Did you just say --

Jack: Get out!

Erica: Well, you're upset about Lily, and I understand that. But she just went off, and I --

Jack: You've had a few drinks, huh?

Erica: Don't do that, Jack. I came to see you. Meet me halfway.

Jack: You have a few drinks, you come over into my home? You upset my daughter.

Erica: Oh, you know that I would never do anything to upset --

Jack: You did upset her, didn't you? Now I want you to leave.

Erica: It's what you really want? You want to open that door and watch me walk through?

Jack: Now.

Erica: So much drama. So blown out of proportion. I mean, Jack -- Lily is probably in her room now. She probably has her headphones on, and she's -- and here you are. You are making me the villain yet again. I mean, it's almost funny. The woman you say you love always comes last on the list. You have to protect Lily and Bianca and Greenlee and Kendall. You must protect them at all cost. Oh, yes. Your love for me must go very deep for you to just toss me out in the street like I'm nothing.

Jack: I never tossed you out on the street. You ended up there all on your own.

Ryan: So, why don't you take a hint. You're not really wanted here.

Maria: Ok, this is obviously a whole lot more than a car accident.

Zach: The tests say I'm fine, so I'm free to go, right?

Ryan: Don't try to stop him, because he's got a habit of not listening to women.

Maria: What do you know about him, Ryan?

Ryan: You want to handle this, Slater? You don't like to brag about trailing women all the way from Vegas. Sounds a little evil.

Zach: Thank you for the excellent care. I think I've had enough.

Ryan: So is it because you didn't screw Erica up enough in Vegas? You wanted to make a little road trip --

Maria: What do you mean -- Erica Kane? How do you know her?

Zach: We met.

Ryan: Ah. Come on, don't be modest. You met Erica and Kendall. You got to know them pretty well.

Maria: Ok, can we just -- can we take a step back here for just a second, please?

Zach: I'm not here for Erica or Kendall. I have business. I was passing through.

Ryan: Oh. Well, don't let the door hit you on the way out. You might want to count the scalpels after he leaves.

Maria: Ok, now, just -- will you sit right there, please? Stay. Ryan --

Ryan: You don't know the whole story.

Maria: Ok, then fill me in. What the heck do you know about him and Kendall and Erica?

Ryan: Not my story to tell. Doesn't mean I can't warn everybody that comes within ten feet of the guy.

Maria: So what, you don't trust him?

Ryan: No, I don't.

Jamie: Ok, Babe, let's get you home. Babe? Babe?

Babe: Come, sexy.

[Babe giggles]

Babe: Oh, come here! Baby?

Jonathan: Oh --

Babe: Where are you going? Don't leave me.

Jonathan: No, look, like I said, whoever you think I am, I'm not.

Babe: Oh, you're so silly, playing games. No games tonight.

Jonathan: No, no games, no games. Just, you know, a nice cup of coffee and sleep it off.

Babe: Oh, you're so good. Come here. I knew that you wouldn't ditch your wife for work.

Jonathan: You're married? That's even better. No, let's call your husband.

Babe: Oh, J.R. -- J.R. --

Jonathan: Let's call your husband now.

Babe: Oh, it's been so long. I just want you to take me home, but, first, just --

Jonathan: Hey -- hey, oh -- -- ah -- ok, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, no, no nibbling, no touching. No -- come here.

Greenlee: Ryan. You ok? No, no, wait. Save your strength. I want to look at you.

Ryan: Can I speak now?

Greenlee: Only if it doesn't hurt.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: What do you think? Maria called the patient's wife. You're the patient, I'm the wife.

Ryan: I'm fine. You?

Greenlee: Dying of guilt. I thought you were with Kendall, not being hauled off to the hospital.

Ryan: Oh, fitting end to the day. You know, when you asked if I thought I could survive --

Greenlee: Another run with Kendall.

Ryan: No more. Not ever again.

[Ryan recalls walking into Kendall's bedroom]

Ryan: Kendall? You needed to talk to me?

Jonathan: Kendall, where's the

Jack: You left. Now, why isn't really the point anymore, now, is it? But you left Enchantment, Pine Valley, your friends, your daughters. You left me. You're so wrapped up in your little private hell, Erica, you don't realize the hell that you have put the rest of us through -- all the ugly what-ifs, not knowing where you were, how you were, or even if you were. So don't you come in here stinking of booze and tell me that I don't care. I wish to God I didn't.

Erica: Well, you didn't seem the least bit happy or relieved to see me. You just cared about Lily.

Jack: You bet. You bet. She's my daughter. She is my child, Erica. It is my job to protect her. That is what parents do.

Erica: Well, you rest assured Lily is safe from me. You're safe from me. You're both safe from me. I will never come here again.

Jonathan: Hmm -- uh-uh.

Babe: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm!

Jamie: Get away from her!

Jonathan: Hey --

Babe: What are you doing?

Jonathan: If you're the husband, I had nothing to do with this.

Babe: Stop!

Jamie: You knew she was married and you still went after her?

Babe: J.R. -- Jamie, it's J.R.!

Jonathan: The lady did it on her own. I had nothing to do with it.

Jamie: So that was somebody else I just pulled her off of.

Jonathan: Back off, man, and take care of your friend, ok? I'm out of here.

Babe: Stop -- ooh! Whoa! Whoa! J.R. -- oh, it's not J.R.! Where is J.-- J.R.?

Jamie: What? You wanted J.R. To see this?

Babe: I just want J.R.!

Jamie: You don't even know this guy. How is he worth tossing away your marriage?

Babe: Oh, I just -- I would never -- I just --

Jamie: You said you love my brother and that you wanted this marriage.

Babe: I love J.R. I just want to know, where's J.R.?

Jamie: Not here, thank God.

Babe: Where's J.R.? I just -- whoa --

Jamie: Babe? Babe! Babe, are you ok?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan: Maybe the honeymoon isn't over.

Danielle: You dialed the wrong number if you're looking for a booty call.

Krystal: Got any plans tonight?

Tad: Why, you got something in mind?

Krystal: How about making love to me?

[Monitor flatlines]

Nurse: Set at 200.

David: Clear!

J.R.: Don't die, Babe.

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