AMC Transcript Monday 6/7/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 6/7/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Bianca: Are you still there?

Erica: They didn't tell me that it was my daughter. They didn't say that it was you.

Bianca: Well, I didn't think that you would take my call.

Erica: You've been on my mind. How are you?

Bianca: Ok. Better a little bit each day.

Erica: How did you know where to find me?

Bianca: Desiree has gotten some very good reviews.

Erica: Well, if you found me, then --

Bianca: Yeah, we all know.

Erica: Then the cavalry must be ready to ride to my rescue, no matter how I feel.

Bianca: Don't worry. No one's coming to rescue you. We've all decided to leave you exactly where you are, just the way you want it.

Isabella: Forgive me, Edmund. That sounded so cruel. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Maria: Mama is really upset, honey, and -- and she really wasn't thinking.

Edmund: You know, I'm with Isabella on this one. Really, I mean, there's no doubt about it -- this bad boy puts the "worse" in "for better or worse."

Maria: Honey, it does not.

Edmund: Hey, listen, I -- I don't have time, really. I got to go do a recon of the grounds and find a place for Sam to build his castle. As you were.

Maria: General. Mama, how dare you come into my house and talk about my marriage like that! Edmund and I are fine!

Isabella: Maria, how can a marriage be fine without the love of a marriage bed?

Kendall: Well, lucky for you guys, I'm here. I know as much about this married couple as the bride and groom themselves.

Ryan: Kendall, this is a private meeting, so if you'll excuse us --

Kendall: This might be about your private affairs, but it's also about Fusion and Enchantment. And I have to protect my interest in both companies, so the only way to do that is to tell you guys what I know.

George: Ms. Hart is a key player in this. You have our attention.

Kendall: Very good. That's true, I am a key player. And who else overheard a very private conversation that the newlyweds had about this very hearing just this morning? Ladies and gentlemen, it does appear as if the happy couple has committed a serious crime. They just might honeymoon in cellblock eight.

Man: If the Laverys married for the purpose of funneling moneys out of Cambias Industries, we want to know about it.

Kendall: Well, then I guess I'm the lady you want to speak to. Happy to be of service to you. Oh -- excuse me one second.

Ryan: This is ridiculous! I am the best shot this company has right now. Do you really want to mess with me? She's got no evidence.

Greenlee: My husband is a gentleman so he won't say it, but Ms. Hart is the ultimate woman scorned.

Man: Time for you to substantiate your claims that the Laverys have committed a crime.

Kendall: What claims?

George: We want the proof.

Kendall: Oh, well, I don't have any proof.

Man: What about the honeymoon in cellblock eight?

Kendall: No, I just said it appeared as if they had committed a crime. That was an observation, not an accusation. Ryan waited until after he married Greenlee to file the Cambias transfer papers. Now, to your sharp eye, that might look like some white-collar shell game. That's all I meant. Sorry -- I didn't get your hopes up, did I?

Man: You're saying that no crime was committed here?

Kendall: Well, aside from those shoes with that dress, no. As much as I hate to admit it, Ryan and Greenlee's marriage is entirely real.

Bianca: You're so quiet. You still want to be left alone, don't you? That's why you went to Las Vegas in the first place. That's why you've been ignoring all the calls to your cell. You changed your hair and your name all so that you could be alone.

Erica: I intend to stay here. I'm grateful that everyone respects my decision.

Bianca: That's it? That's all you have to say?

Erica: Bianca, I'm confused. You say that you are not trying to get me to come home. Then why did you call?

Bianca: Is it really so hard for you to understand why?

Erica: Well, the last time that we saw each other, you said to me that you didn't want me in your life anymore. You said that I was no longer your mother. Those were your words. And now here we are. I mean, we're on the phone. All I ask is why. I read about Ryan marrying Greenlee. If you've called me for Kendall's sake, I have to tell you I don't think that Kendall wants my support, either.

Bianca: No, this is not about Kendall!

Erica: Well, then why? I mean, Bianca, you picked up the phone and you dialed. I believe there has to be a reason why you reached out to me like that. Would you like things to be right between us again?

Maria: Mama, first you insult my marriage, and now you're insulting my sex life? You know what? Really, we're -- we're seriously done here.

Isabella: I didn't mean to hurt you, Maria. I say these things with pride. You and Edmund are proof that love and faith and hard work can preserve any marriage. There's always hope.

Anita: Yeah, Mama, I got it the first time. Can I talk to Maria alone, please?

Isabella: Just don't talk to your sister. Listen to her. Tonight, my rosary will be for your happiness.

Maria: Thanks.

Anita: Well, if Mama has me this wound up, you must be a wreck.

Maria: I'm used to it. But you know what? Edmund -- I've got to go find him.

Anita: What?

Maria: When I get there, what the hell am I going to say?

Anita: You know what? Nothing. Let me do this for you -- for both of you.

Bianca: Wow, Desiree. You sound just like Erica Kane.

Erica: I'm not sure I understand your tone.

Bianca: Well, your tone is coming through perfectly clear. Betrayed again. Yeah, it's true. I did say some very horrible things to you the last time I saw you, and you left me during the worst moment of my life.

Erica: So this -- this is about recriminations?

Bianca: I saw your picture as Desiree, the "Toast of Las Vegas." You're there and we're here, and I just had to know why. Why would you turn your back on us like that? I just don't understand why you would hurt us like that.

Erica: Oh, I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to hurt any of you.

Bianca: But you did.

Erica: I don't know what you want me to say.

Bianca: Well, I guess that makes two of us.

Jack: Let me talk to her.

Kendall: Well, this love fest is on the up-and-up. Trust me.

Ryan: Well, I'd say Kendall here served her purpose, so, time for you to go.

George: How do we know this isn't something you and the Laverys cooked up together?

Greenlee: Fat chance.

Kendall: Yeah, listen to Mrs. Lavery here. As the "ultimate woman scorned" -- that is what you said, right, Greenlee? -- I would rather pin this marriage on greed, fraud, or bad voodoo if I could. Being here gives me heartburn. And as much as I hate to admit this, I know these two much better than I really would like to tell people, so I do have to say the one reason that they did marry is love.

Greenlee: What we've been telling you. Ryan and I are the real deal.

George: As is the signed affidavit we have from the minister.

Man: He claims Ms. Hart was in a wedding gown beside Mr. Lavery prepared to take wedding vows shortly before you and he married. Now, how do you explain that?

Kendall: Could you guys be any slower? I mean, do I really have to lay this out for you? I'm one desperate woman.

Jack: Bianca?

Erica: Is -- is Jack there with you?

Jack: Yeah, Jack�s right here.

Erica: Jack. How are you?

Jack: Well, I'd certainly be much better if you were here with me.

Zach: Patch me into sector seven, number 28.

Jack: I love you, Erica. And I miss you so much -- we all do. We want you home.

Edmund: I come here to -- to remember, you know? Like birthdays, anniversaries, Sunday mornings in bed. It's so real. I mean, I could smell her shampoo. I could feel that little ridge on her shin from when she flipped it over when she was a kid on her bike. And she'd be with me, with all of our best memories, and it'd be perfect. And then she'd be gone.

Anita: She's still here, Edmund, in that house, close enough you can touch her.

Edmund: And here I am again, searching for new memories -- when I could give her everything.

Anita: You still can. You do. You know why Maria is not off somewhere pining for better days? Because when she needs happiness and peace, your wife turns to you.

Edmund: Santos women. You're very smart, very strong, and you're very sweet liars. Except Isabella. She had it right. What did Maria do to deserve a marriage like this?

Maria: Come on in. It's so good to see you.

Livia: Even in my official capacity? Papers for Anita.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, I know. She told me. If she's got to go through something this tough, I'm glad she's at least going through it with you. She will be back any minute.

Livia: How's Edmund doing?

Maria: Oh, you know -- you know Edmund. He's superhuman even on a bad day. I -- I just told a ridiculous lie and I -- I apologize. I'm sorry.

Livia: Well, let's make a "no apologies" rule, and you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

Maria: No, you know what? I do. I really -- actually, I do because I feel like I need to say it out loud that he's not doing well. And everything is a reminder -- you know, the stairs, the furniture is all in the way, and the -- and I just feel useless and really clueless as to how to make it easier for him somehow and how to convince him that I really love him no matter what.

Livia: Well, I can sue someone for you, I can file a motion, or I can listen.

Maria: Oh. God, it's so weird because you and I never really got a chance to be close before or anything, but I feel like we just sort of jumped a stage.

Livia: Well, it's weird but it feels good.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, I needed someone like you around, someone who's direct and honest and has a happy marriage and a lawyer who's used to some touchy subjects.

Livia: Yeah, you'd be hard-pressed to shock me, and even if you could, I'd be faking it.

Maria: And it doesn't hurt that you're not a Santos.

Livia: As in whatever you tell me won't come up at Sunday dinner.

Maria: Mm-hmm. I just ripped into my poor mother -- oh, God -- for even bringing up the subject.

Livia: Bringing up what subject?

Maria: Well, fair warning because it is a touchy subject ahead.

Livia: Try me.

Maria: Ok, I need your -- your verbal expertise. How do I convince my husband that it's ok that we're not having sex, when really it's driving me crazy?

Kendall: I don't know when to quit. Ask anyone. The minister didn't bear false witness. When I heard that Ryan and Greenlee were getting married, I showed up as bride number two. I know -- it's pathetic and pointless because Ryan loves Greenlee. These two -- they're meant to be together. And if I can't come between them, how in the hell can a couple of suits?

George: Well, that's very romantic, but the timing is still suspicious. Now, you waited to file billion-dollar transfer papers until after you were married.

Ryan: You ever been married, Milligan? I mean, no matter how spontaneous it is, there's a lot of planning involved. I had dishes left in the sink -- I mean, I was swamped. I had papers left on my desk.

Greenlee: When Ryan makes a romantic gesture, he goes all out. He just wanted us to have our happily ever after.

George: In the kingdom of Cambias billionaires.

Ryan: Even rich people fall in love, Milligan. No crime in that.

Man: I deal with securities fraud, not fairy tales. Give me some evidence or let me get back to work.

Ryan: So are we done?

Man: Ms. Hart has risked a fair amount of embarrassment to corroborate your story, and I -- I can't imagine why she would have any reason to lie.

Greenlee: So no more investigation?

Man: I think we've wasted enough time here. Congratulations. Gentlemen.

Ryan: Gentlemen, ladies. Milligan!

Kendall: Ok. Well, it's been real.

Ryan: No, no, no, Kendall. You are not going anywhere until you tell us what that performance was all about.

Erica: I miss you, too, Jack.

Jack: Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that.

Erica: But that doesn't mean that you can talk me into coming back there.

Jack: No, I wouldn't even try.

Erica: Nothing you can say could change my mind.

Jack: Erica, I want you back here more than I can say, but, now, that's just me telling you what's on my mind, how I feel -- not trying to change your mind. I realize that you've made a decision, you've made a choice, and I intend to honor it.

Erica: Thank you. If you really can put your own feelings aside and -- and respect my wishes, then maybe there is some hope for us, Jack. Maybe things can work out for us someday.

Jack: Yeah, well, our "someday" would be nothing short of magic, Erica -- our future, the one we've wanted, the one we've worked so hard for, the one we've earned. But that future will never happen unless you're sober. Unless you're sober, our someday will never come.

Bianca: You did the right thing.

Jack: Did I? Well, I guess we'll just see, won't we?

Zach: Hey. Peace offering. I just comped about 20 tickets to Demi and Ashton's entourage. There's no word if the supercouple is going to come to the show or not, but if they do, how about a little private meet and greet?

Erica: I'll see how I feel after the show.

Zach: You're still worried about someone at home finding out?

Erica: Look, I said we'll see.

Zach: Desiree? Something wrong?

Erica: And if there were?

Zach: Then I would try to help you.

Erica: Of course you would. Look, you and I -- strictly business.

Zach: I was being very charming back there.

Erica: Don't be. I'm not the least bit interested in your private life, and you already know way too much about mine. I dance, you sign my checks. That's it.

Zach: That's fine with me. And yours is not the only check I have to sign.

Ryan: Well? We're waiting. What was that all about?

Kendall: Ok, why don't you ease off on the demands there, boss, ok? I saved your butts.

Greenlee: We were doing just fine without you.

Ryan: Yeah, and you said you heard a private conversation? Kendall, was that -- now, was that for Milligan's benefit or was that for ours?

Kendall: Why don't you just relax. Take it easy, ok? The SEC just let you off the hook. Open a bottle of bubbly and take your wifey out dancing.

Ryan: I'm not playing here, Kendall. I want to know what is going on.

Kendall: Ok, Ryan, you know me better than anybody else. What's my motivation behind anything? What's in it for me.

Ryan: So? So what is it that you think that you just accomplished?

Kendall: I just kept those suits the hell away from Fusion and Enchantment. Besides, I really don't want to see you go to jail.

Greenlee: Well, not Ryan, maybe. But me in a jailhouse jump suit? The idea must give you a nice, warm glow.

Kendall: Oh, the two of you now are like two little love bugs -- you're joined by the hip. I can't crush one of you under my heel without crushing the other.

Greenlee: Careful. You're glowing again.

Kendall: So what if I am? You're the big winner here, Greenlee -- both of you. You have each other, you have the Cambias fortune, you have a nice, long, happy future together.

Greenlee: With your best wishes, no doubt.

Kendall: I have some questions for you, Ryan. After everything I heard or said I heard, the only reason that you did marry was for love, right?

Greenlee: You really don't know when to quit.

Ryan: I told you at Chandlers' -- I love Greenlee.

Kendall: I just had to hear it again. Ok. Well, my work here is done. In case you don't like the trunk, you can consider today your real wedding gift. You're welcome.

Greenlee: What the hell was that? A free pass?

Ryan: No, not by a long shot. I think we are still in a lot of trouble.

Ryan: Well, before the SEC walked out, I was thinking "billion-dollar fraud, butt in jail" trouble. But now? I'm thinking worse.

Greenlee: But it was a shutout. Bad suits, zero. Team Lavery wins the game.

Ryan: And that trunk that she mentioned --

Greenlee: She bought us that?

Ryan: Big and ugly, and right in the middle of the room.

Greenlee: She's punishing us with bad decor?

Ryan: And she said that she heard a private conversation, and that trunk was heavy as hell.

Greenlee: As in "Kendall hiding like a psycho-stalker in the trunk" heavy? I mean, I know she's whacked, but that would be off the whack chart.

Ryan: I saw Bianca. She opened it, and then she shut it real fast.

Greenlee: Maybe it was musty.

Ryan: And she was talking out loud to herself. I mean, I wasn't even in the room. She was talking to herself, and then all of a sudden Kendall shows up at our private meeting.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. But if Kendall knows, then she knows we're not legit. And if she knew that, she would use that against us, but she didn't.

Ryan: And I don't know why.

Greenlee: Her plan of attack is usually very predictable.

Ryan: Look, we don't know that she knows anything, but if she does, she has serious ammo.

Greenlee: So you think she's just going to sit on her arsenal?

Ryan: And you better bet our billions that she will pull out the big guns as soon as she needs something and refuses to lose.

Kendall: Hey.

Bianca: Hi.

Kendall: Binks, I have big news!

Bianca: Me, too. Um -- you first.

Kendall: I'm getting Ryan back.

Zach: You need help?

Erica: Excuse me?

Zach: You seemed mesmerized.

Erica: I was just about to go to the ladies' room, unless I have to clear that with my boss.

Zach: You're always hanging out in this bar. Why is that?

Erica: What happened to "strictly business"?

Zach: This is business. I gave orders that no one's going to give you anything stronger that a cappuccino. You didn't touch your breakfast. Then why are you still here?

Erica: You continue to overstep your bounds. You are my boss, not my keeper. I'm not going to remind you again.

Zach: Desiree. You do great box office. That could change just like that if you don't get it together.

Erica: You know something? Since you can't stop yourself from hovering over me, I'm just going to have to remove the temptation. I'm moving out of here just as soon as possible.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Yeah?

George: Milligan. The meeting at Cambias is over.

Zach: And?

George: The Lavery marriage looks legit. The SEC dropped the investigation.

Zach: Ok, thanks.

Bianca: I can only imagine what Mom is going through right now.

Kendall: About a fifth a day, probably.

Bianca: Kendall, I know you're upset, but can we just lay off the sarcasm right now, please, just for a little while?

Kendall: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. She makes me so furious, and I don't understand why she's -- she's throwing her life away for what? For nothing. It's stupid.

Bianca: It's also miserable and depressing. Can we just change the subject?

Kendall: Yes, please.

Bianca: I'm sorry -- going on and on about Desiree. Tell me about Ryan.

Kendall: Mom always did love to upstage me.

Bianca: How can you get him back? He is still married, isn't he?

Kendall: By name only. On letterhead, not between the sheets.

Bianca: Well, you can't know that for sure.

Kendall: No, the amazing thing is, I do know that for sure. I overheard it straight from the horse's mouth -- that would be Ryan. And from the horse's ass -- that would be Greenlee.

Bianca: All right, I get it.

Kendall: No, and as soon as I heard it, Bianca, I knew -- I knew that he still loved me. Hell, even Greenlee knows. And Mary -- she -- she really messed Greenlee up good. I mean, how do you willingly -- how do you willingly marry a man who loves someone else? It's pathetic. I don't get it.

Bianca: Well, does Ryan know that you know?

Kendall: Well, it nearly killed me, but I didn't -- I didn't say anything. I kept my mouth shut. Greenlee was there. She was hanging all over him, playing the icky-poo wife. No, this time -- this time I'm going to be patient. I'm going to wait for the right moment, and then Ryan and I are going to have our chance. I'm not going to screw this up again.

Bianca: You already have!

Kendall: No, Bianca, I just told you, I know --

Bianca: That you got that precious bit of information by hiding in a trunk and spying on him.

Kendall: Yeah, proof that I need that Ryan loves me.

Bianca: Kendall, the man faked a DNA test for you. He's offered you a ring more than once. And -- oh, yeah, that's right -- he told you that he loves you, again and again and again. If that isn't proof enough for you, then you're the horse's ass.

Kendall: All right, go on, Binks. Don't hold back.

Bianca: Kendall, you're the reason that you and Ryan aren't married right now. Your need to -- to demand proof of love instead of just believing. You pulled a Mom. Look where that's gotten her. So go ahead. Go ahead, tell Ryan that you tricked him into revealing the truth. So he'll, what, take you in his arms and kiss you until you can't see straight? Yeah, right. If I know Ryan, he'll tell you to go straight to hell.

Maria: Sometimes it feels like this has been going on forever. And the little things I can deal with. I just break them off into small pieces and I deal, you know. But the big things -- intimacy and, you know, the before, during, and after -- all that "at peace but giddy" feeling. Right now, I really could use a "cosmo." To tell you the truth, it wouldn't hurt.

Livia: Come on.

Maria: Oh. Edmund and I -- that's -- we have some pretty serious chemistry, you know. Great sex -- we had really, really, really great sex. And now it's -- I'm just lucky if I get a kiss and a hug good night, you know? This is insane because my husband is in a wheelchair, and I'm complaining about what, you know?

Livia: About the loss of a vital connection. You have watched Edmund cope, and now you are watching intimacy slip away. That's got to hurt. Let's not forget our "no apologies" rule.

Maria: I have to say I miss it. I really do.

Livia: Well, this brings us to another "cosmo" moment. Dr. Grey, you are aware that there are an infinite variety of lovely ways to make love, don't you?

Maria: Oh, yeah, I am very aware. Yeah, and I love my husband and I find him infinitely attractive, you know, regardless of his legs.

Livia: Then what's the problem?

Maria: It's Edmund. He's not having any of it. He won't even test the waters, nothing. He won't even broach the subject.

Livia: Hmm.

Maria: And I keep trying to convince him that there are all kinds of different ways -- different great ways to -- you know, just different. But to tell you the truth, I'm having a hard time convincing him because I'm having a hard time convincing myself. What we had was really awesome, and it made us us.

Livia: I hear you and I feel your pain.

Maria: Thank you. I don't know. I just need the -- the words, really, you know, to make this better for me and Edmund, and -- words that we can both believe that will make it ok. But there aren't any, are there?

Edmund: I got lucky when I found Maria. Both times.

Anita: Yeah, you found a partner. Someone who loves you no matter what.

Edmund: Bobby hurt you. I hate that.

Anita: When Bobby and I said our vows, I cried tears of happiness because I felt the words. I knew I found my forever, for better or worse.

Edmund: It's funny how they sneak those words in there, you know?

Anita: Every day at work, I see the worse -- what the patients have lost, the pain -- and I imagine myself in their position, in your position.

Edmund: Sucks, doesn't it?

Anita: Please don't think I'm being presumptuous, but I think I can imagine how hard it would be. And I think I would survive if I had a love like Maria�s to get me through. But this -- I didn't lose an arm, I didn't lose my legs, my sight. But I lost something I never thought I would. I lost my trust for Bobby. I lost the faith in my vows. I lost the other half of my soul. Edmund, you don't know how lucky you are.

Edmund: Yeah, I do. Thank you.

Lily: You're sad.

Jack: Why would you say that?

Lily: Your mouth is down. That means you're sad. Up is happy, down is sad. Eyebrows are trickier. When they're all bunched up like yours, that means you're sad, angry, or confused. But the mouth is easy. And yours is down, so you're sad.

Jack: You're absolutely right. I am sad.

Lily: Because of me?

Jack: Oh, no, Lily. Why would you even say that?

Lily: Because I get in the way sometimes.

Jack: Sweetheart, who told you that?

Lily: Ms. Turner from school. I was in the hallway, and Larry was pushing the food cart. He came real close, real fast. She grabbed me and pulled me away and told me I was in the way. I figured since you didn't have food carts, I wouldn't get in the way. But was I wrong, and now you're sad?

Jack: Lily, you will never be in the way here. I love you. You're my daughter.

Lily: Ok.

Jack: Ok. Could I give you a hug? Not for very long, not -- not too tight. Ok. I understand.

Lily: I want your mouth to turn up, Daddy.

Jack: You got it.

Bianca: I've gone off on you a lot lately, haven't I?

Kendall: Only a couple of times.

Bianca: And I've gotten pretty intense.

Kendall: Well, you have your reasons.

Bianca: It's because I love you. It's because I can't bear to see you end up like Mom.

Kendall: Is that really how you see me?

Bianca: No. Not yet.

Kendall: Ouch.

Bianca: Look, I know that you're -- that you're relieved that Ryan still loves you and not Greenlee. But I just want you to think twice before you go running after him and tell him that he passed your little pop quiz -- you know, the one that he doesn't even know he took. Because you just might end up as far away from love as you are right now. Just as far away as Mom is. I love you.

Kendall: I love you, too.

Bianca: I'll see you, ok?

Kendall: Ok.

Singer: Baby, there's something on my mind tonight there's a reason to believe we almost got it right there's a fire burning in the firelight as we roll on tonight there's paper

Singers: Promises and alibis there is certainly uncertainty in all our eyes

Singer: But as long as you are here I'll be all right as we roll on tonight so you go out I'll go on if there's a doubt, well

Singers: We'll be strong

Singer: As we go on singin' one more for love, my love one more for love

Singer: There's always blood to fill the heart betrayed and there are children being born to every house that's raised and we're gettin' closer to where we got it made as we roll on tonight so you go out I'll go on if there's a doubt, well

singers: We'll be strong

Singer: As we go on singin' one more for love, my love one more for love singin' one more for love, my love one more for love

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David: Once again, I get to say those four special words to you, Krystal -- take off your blouse.

J.R.: Feels like you're willing to think the worst of me.

Tad: I'm just worried.

Zach: You're not fit to perform!

Erica: You can't stop me!

Kendall: You think I'm going to cause trouble for Ryan and Greenlee.

Greenlee: What's she up to?

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