AMC Transcript Friday 6/4/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 6/4/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Ryan: Good morning to you.

Bianca: Ryan, what are you doing?

Ryan: I'm just getting dressed.

Bianca: You're playing games! You're dealing out false hope like some kind of pusher. You got to stop.

Ryan: You got all that from "good morning?"

Bianca: No, I got it from you kissing my sister last night behind your wife's back.

Ryan: I have tried my damnedest to get it through to Kendall that we are over.

Bianca: Really? Try harder. Kissing doesn't really seem to get the message across.

Ryan: You think it was my idea? Ok, fine. If you have any bright ideas how to bore it through her thick skull, then please bring it on.

Bianca: Kendall is stubborn --

Ryan: She's obsessed! Hello. Wedding present -- look -- "To the happy couple."

Bianca: Kendall sent that?

Ryan: And I'm sending it back.

[Ryan dials phone]

Greenlee: It's a surprise for Ryan. I want to get him the first issue of "Dynamite Kiddo" comics.

Stuart: Oh -- "Dynamite explode. Ring crack the code."

Greenlee: I knew I came to the right place! Do you know where I can find one?

Stuart: I'm just -- I'm just looking at them. Just don't go away. Stay right there. Stay there. Here. There you are. There you are. Uh -- take your pick. I have more. Some people don't believe this is art.

Greenlee: This is unbelievable.

Stuart: I collect them. "Dynamite Kiddo" is my favorite. Well, next to "Magma Man," of course.

Greenlee: How much are they?

Stuart: Oh, please. It's a wedding present.

Greenlee: That's so sweet. Thank you.

Stuart: Oh. Thank you. Excuse me.

Greenlee: Ok.

Anita: Hey, I heard the news. I guess you found a reason to get married?

Greenlee: Yeah, I thought I'd give that friendship-to-love magic another shot. It worked the first time around.

Anita: Well, it didn't work for me. I'm getting a divorce.

Zach: Too hot? Or were you hoping for vodka?

Maria: It's so good to have you back in this bed. I would roll over sometimes in the middle of the night and go reach to curl up with you, and you weren't here. I just hated that you weren't here.

Edmund: Yeah. Beats a hospital bed.

Maria: Mm-hmm. It feels good.

Edmund: Hey, honey, you know, we should get dressed. The kids will be up soon.

Maria: Yeah. Let Stella take care of them.

Edmund: But I promised Maddie animal pancakes.

Maria: She can have them for dinner, because I got plans of my own for breakfast.

Edmund: Maria -- we both know that's -- that's over now.

[Knock on door]

Danielle: Hey, King Man, what's up?

Reggie: Can you please move your feet out my door?

Danielle: Reggie, please, just listen to me. If you don't like what I have to say, then you can slam the door in my face.

Reggie: Ok. Take that, Danielle.

Danielle: You know, you're one big laugh track, you know that? But now you're going to listen to me.

Greenlee: You're getting a divorce? That jerk. Bobby said he was going to make it up to you. He sounded sincere. What happened?

Anita: Somewhere between protecting Erica and lying to me about it, saving our marriage slipped his mind.

Greenlee: Erica? Are you kidding? Philadelphia was just the beginning?

Anita: Yeah, they moved it to Vegas. Bobby's putting her up at the hotel that he works at. She's performing there, too.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Jack -- what about my dad? Does my dad know?

Anita: Apparently, everyone knows. While Bobby was promising me the moon, he failed to mention that he was hiding Erica on the dark side.

Greenlee: Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on Bobby. I mean, if he's tangled with La Kane, that woman eats men like we eat potato chips.

Anita: Don't tell me -- you're one of those women who never blames the guy when things go bust?

Greenlee: Hell, no. But if Erica�s in the mix, it's a whole different game.

Zach: Thanks, Jim.

Erica: I don't have a drinking problem.

Zach: Whatever you say.

Erica: I have better things to do than to prove it to you.

Zach: Two coffees, please.

Erica: I guess that means you're not leaving.

Zach: Any more ghosts coming to visit you?

Erica: You're the only one who's haunting me. Look, I did a show. I sold out and I was brilliant. And I'm off the clock, so why don't you just take your coffee to go.

Zach: Are these friends of yours?

Erica: Ryan is a good friend. But Greenlee du Pres? My God -- how did she do this? Kendall must be crazed.

Ryan: Thank you. The sooner, the better. Ok. Yeah, I appreciate that. I wasn't going to give Kendall the pleasure, but let me guess, she packed another surprise in there.

[When Bianca lifts up the lid of the large wooden chest, she�s shocked to see her sister urging her to be quiet.]

Bianca: It's empty.

Ryan: Really? No cobra or boiled rabbit?

Bianca: Ew.

Ryan: Well, nothing Kendall does surprises me, but that -- that is one ugly trunk.

Bianca: Yeah. It's a good thing you're getting rid of it. It doesn't exactly go with the place. When is the company coming to pick it up?

Ryan: They're not. I called maintenance. They're just going to throw it in the incinerator.

Bianca: What? No, you can't do that.

Ryan: Yeah, I can. I might even go down to watch it and roast some weenies. You should come with me.

Bianca: Oh, no, no, no, you can't burn it. It's -- it looks hand-painted.

Ryan: I would take an ax to it for firewood if I had one.

Bianca: Um -- no. You know what? It's starting to grow on me. Really, I'm going to have a crew come and take it over to my place.

Ryan: What?

Bianca: I'll take it off your hands.

Ryan: No, no, no, no. Trust me, the incinerator is the best place for this, ok? And now, if we're finished talking about Kendall and this and all that, I really have to finish getting ready for work.

Bianca: Ok, but before I go -- could I get a glass of water?

Ryan: Yeah, sure. I mean, if tap water is ok, because that's all I got.

Bianca: That's fine.

Ryan: Yeah?

Bianca: You go get ready. I'll get the water myself.

Ryan: Ok. You know where it is.

Bianca: Yeah, I do.

Kendall: The incinerator? Doesn't he know quality when he sees it? I spent good money on this thing!

Bianca: Kendall, you could be toast. What are you doing here?

Kendall: I need to find out what Ryan really feels for Greenlee.

Bianca: By hiding in a trunk?

Kendall: This is the only way! If I am going to see this marriage up close and personal, then I have to get a front-row seat. Now, close the lid before Ryan gets back. Come on!

Bianca: I am not leaving without you.

Kendall: Bianca, I need to -- I need to find out the truth.

Bianca: What you need is a shrink, and I'm taking you to mine right now.

Reggie: Why are you busting through my door for?

Danielle: How else am I supposed to talk to you?

Reggie: How about never?

Danielle: Look, I know you said "I'm sorry" won't cut it --

Reggie: Then why are you wasting my time?

Danielle: But I don't know what else to say.

Reggie: So leave!

Danielle: Reggie, I feel really bad about what went down with your sister. I didn't mean to freak her out. I would have backed off if I had known she was --

Reggie: She was what?

Danielle: Challenged.

Reggie: Lily's not challenged, ok? It's called autism spectrum disorder, and she's different. She's not stupid.

Danielle: I wasn't dissing your sister.

Reggie: Good, because she's smarter than at least half the people in this room.

Danielle: All right, already. I get it.

Reggie: Well, make sure you do, because she doesn't deal the way we do, especially when people gets in her space like you did.

Danielle: Why don't you cut me some slack? I thought you were punking me. How was I supposed to know Lily was -- has autism spectrum disorder?

Reggie: Because I told you at least three times.

Danielle: Ok. I'm sorry. Like I said, I was wrong. I -- I was all about me.

Reggie: As usual. Are we over, here?

Greenlee: Erica's whole, entire universe is about Erica, which means trouble for any man or woman who gets around her. Having experienced the phenomenon firsthand, I feel like I owe it to people to warn them.

Anita: Well, thanks for the info, but it's not about Erica. It's about Bobby�s lies. I decided to give him a second chance, and I got slammed. I'm hoping Stuart will buy this. Divorce attorneys cost money.

Greenlee: Don't tell me it's some kind of fertility god.

Anita: No. Bobby saw it at an antique store and he had to have it. He insisted it was worth more than they were asking for it, so I went back and I got it for him for our anniversary as a surprise. Turns out the surprise was on me. It was right before I found out about the affair.

Greenlee: That's awful.

Anita: Well, it could be worse, right?

Greenlee: Don't ask me. I'm a newlywed.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Oh. Hello? Simone, Simone, slow down. They want to know what? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. No, no, don't do anything. No one's going to jail. We'll handle it.

Anita: Bad news?

Greenlee: I got to go. Good luck with everything. Oh �

Kendall: Ryan can say whatever he wants, but that kiss was all I need to know. We're not over. Ryan and I are not over.

Bianca: He's married to Greenlee! How much more "over" do you need?

Kendall: Look, if Ryan is just playing me and Greenlee off each other, then I�ll bust him and never look back. But until I see it with my own eyes, I'm staying right where I am.

Bianca: Until Ryan gets curious and you get caught? Or the maintenance guys put you in the incinerator? Kendall, come on, get out of here before Ryan catches you or worse.

Kendall: I'm sure Ryan and Greenlee will spill something over their lattes and their croissants. I'm sure of it. Don't worry, this is not locked. I have no plans of getting burned in any incinerator or getting caught. Ok, now, goodbye.

Bianca: Uh-uh, no, Kendall. There's just one little flaw in your brilliance. Greenlee isn't here.

Kendall: Oh. All right, well, fine, then I'll just have to wait. I'll have to wait.

Bianca: Kendall, what, until you suffocate?

Kendall: No, as long as it takes! Goodbye! Leave me alone! Go away!

Bianca: Kendall, no, no! What am I going to do with you?

Ryan: Bianca? You talking to somebody?

Bianca: Yes, I was.

Danielle: I guess you're right. We're over.

Reggie: Bye-bye, Danielle.

Lily: She said she was sorry. Should I be sorry, too?

Reggie: No, no, no. Why do you have to be sorry?

Lily: I yelled at her last time she was here.

Reggie: Oh, no, no, no. It was all her fault, ok?

Lily: But yelling is rude. Ms. McConnell told me.

Reggie: Lily, whatever Danielle deserves, she just got it.

Lily: But was I rude? I know what the word means. I just can't tell when I�m being it sometimes.

Reggie: I mean, don't bug out about it. I mean -- no, no, no. I mean, don't worry. It's not like we're friends or anything.

Lily: She's your enemy?

Reggie: No. It's complicated.

Lily: Being here is complicated for me. I don't match.

Reggie: Well, I didn't exactly match when I first came here, either.

Lily: Why not?

Reggie: You know, I'm not exactly the same skin color as Jack and the rest of the family.

Lily: I noticed. I notice everything. Red!

Reggie: Lily, why don't you like the color red?

Lily: It hurts my eyes.

Reggie: Well, what else hurts your eyes? It's good to know upfront, just in case.

Lily: Lights that move fast.

Reggie: Like when a camera flashes?

Lily: Like when I'm in a car -- the lights? Everything moves so fast, it hurts.

Reggie: And what do you do?

Lily: I don't look. I look at the stitches in my seat belt or a book or a picture, but not outside.

Reggie: Why do you always do that?

Lily: If something is moved, I have to see it over and over again. If it all stays the same, I can think about something else, like breakfast.

Reggie: Wow.

Lily: Why did you say that?

Reggie: Because you just made me understand. I get it. Danielle yaps and talks, and she doesn't make any sense. But you -- you're awesome.

Jack: Yes, she certainly is.

Edmund: I know -- I know you want me and how much you want me, and I can see it. I can see it in your eyes, the way you touch me, the way you kiss me. I can�t.

Maria: Honey, this doesn't have to be over, not if we don't want it to be. We can still make love. No, it won't be exactly the same, but that doesn't mean that it won't be great. Really, we can still make love. We can still hold each other and touch each other. We don't have to lose touch completely just because, you know -- honey, I love you, and I -- I want --

Edmund: I don't want you, ok? I can't, not like this! You know I don't mean that.

Maria: I know what you meant.

Stuart: It's in mint condition, and it has the artist's mark. There's a market for pieces like this. I'm no expert, but I would say -- I would say if you take this down the street to Mr. McGregor, the antique dealer, I bet he'd buy it right on the spot.

Anita: Well, how much do you think I could get for it?

Stuart: Well, Mr. M. is tough sometimes, but I think -- oh, about $3,000. Sometimes these things are worth more than just the money. Were you hoping for more than that? Because like I said, I�m -- I'm not an expert.

Anita: No. Actually, that would be great. That would just about cover it.

Ryan: Bianca, there's nobody here.

Bianca: I was talking to myself. Oh, don't worry. I'm not, you know, nuts or anything. It's like a personal mantra that I just keep repeating over and over. It helps me relax.

Ryan: Well, whatever works for you. Where's your water?

Bianca: Oh, right. I'll go get that now.

Ryan: I'm sorry to keep rushing you, but I really do have to get going to work.

Bianca: Oh, go. Please go. I'll get the water myself. I'll lock up when I'm done. I'll even wash my water glass out.

Greenlee: Ryan, we're in trouble.

Ryan: What is it?

Greenlee: Ahem. It can wait until we're alone.

Bianca: Oh, no, no, no, this is perfect. Now that Greenlee�s here, the three of us can carry the trunk downstairs and put it in my car.

Greenlee: What the hell is that?

Ryan: It's a mistake. Maintenance is going to throw it in the incinerator.

Bianca: Oh, but, Ryan, I have the perfect place for it. It's such a waste!

Ryan: I'm going to buy you a beautiful new one for your birthday.

Bianca: No, it's a work of art.

Ryan: Termites are appreciating it inside. I'll see you, ok? I'll talk to you soon. I'm sorry.

Bianca: Goodbye.

Ryan: What's the problem?

Greenlee: Our marriage.

Ryan: Let me guess -- honeymoon's over.

Greenlee: This is serious, Ryan. The Cambias stock took a small hit this morning. Apparently, some people are thinking that our marriage isn't the real deal. If we can't prove that it is, we've got a problem.

Zach: So, Kendall, she knows this guy?

Erica: They were engaged briefly.

Zach: But not a match.

Erica: More like a wrestling match. But I really thought that this time she had a chance with Ryan.

Zach: Well, maybe he wasn't worthy.

Erica: Oh, no, Ryan is a very good, very honest, decent man, and he really has stood by Kendall through so much. I don't know, this time Ryan must have just run into Greenlee�s web.

Zach: Web?

Erica: Spun by a spider. No, the only reason that Ryan would marry this Greenlee du Pres is Kendall.

Ryan: Who's asked you about our marriage already?

Greenlee: A guy from the SEC. Simone said that he showed up at Fusion with two Cambias lawyers looking for you and me, asking all kinds of questions.

Ryan: Don't tell me she made it worse.

Greenlee: She tried to get rid of him the best that she could, but he made it very clear -- if they get a whiff that this marriage isn't for real, we've got a serious problem.

Ryan: So we just, like, you know, let it sit for a little while. Maybe it'll just go away.

Greenlee: Those men are expecting us in the Cambias boardroom in a half an hour.

Ryan: Damn it!

Greenlee: We knew this would happen. I just didn't expect it to hit so soon.

Ryan: Yeah, but I never wanted to drag you into this.

Greenlee: No one dragged me into anything. I wanted to marry you, remember?

Ryan: Yeah, but it's not as if we registered for the his and hers orange jumpsuits.

Greenlee: Maybe we're overreacting.

Ryan: If they're onto us, we're talking about securities fraud here.

Greenlee: So we answer their questions. We hold hands, we look into each other�s eyes, we throw in a few kisses. We can beat this.

Ryan: What if they get their hands on the prenup -- all those clauses and the codicil parsing to this merger right down to the last piece of stock?

Greenlee: Lots of prenups are about business.

Ryan: Yeah, but how many have a no-sex clause with a six-month option to renew?

Ryan: We'll get busted, and we'll spend our 10th anniversary in matching cells.

Greenlee: No, it can't be that bad. As long as we stay married for six months, who's going to know whether we sleep together or not? It's not like someone's going to come in here and spy on us to see if we're legit, and even if they did, lots of married couples don't have sex. Right?

Ryan: But they don't put it in writing before the wedding.

Greenlee: We'll shred the prenup. No one will know. The SEC will have no idea that this marriage is fake.

Ryan: Well, they may not be that easy to fool, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Well, I've handled tougher. Didn't I help you to start to get over Kendall last night?

Ryan: Oh, yeah, I can't wait to see the next step of that program.

Greenlee: Then I sure as heck can be a wife madly in love with her husband today.

Ryan: It's one way to go, but I have an alternative.

Greenlee: I'm open to suggestions.

Ryan: We make this marriage real.

Greenlee: You're not serious?

Ryan: Why not? Forget the prenup. I mean, it's not as if we repulse each other.

Greenlee: Just the opposite.

Ryan: So why not go for it? Do the deed, consummate the marriage right now.

Greenlee: Take away travel time, we have about 15 minutes for consummation before the meeting.

Ryan: Forget about -- forget about them. Make them wait, Greenlee. Now, come on. Look how close we are. Look how much fun we have. I mean, who knows? Maybe -- maybe we can fall in love for real. So what do you say? Do you want to make an honest couple out of us?

Jack: Lily, you remember Bianca? She's going to be sleeping in the other bed in your room.

Bianca: I slept on the couch last night, because I didn't want to wake you up.

Lily: You look different. You're bigger.

Bianca: Well, you've grown up a lot yourself.

Lily: My father loves your mother.

Bianca: Yeah, very much.

Reggie: Yo, J, have you seen my take-home quiz? I'm supposed to turn it today, and if I don't, my grade is going to tank.

Lily: Stop!

Reggie: Oh, Lily, you saved my life. Wait a minute -- these aren't my answers.

Lily: They're mine.

Reggie: Lily, this is serious. I mean, if you want to scribble on pieces of paper, there's some all over the house. But this is algebra.

Lily: It was wrong.

Reggie: Say what?

Lily: Now it's right.

Jack: Check it out.

Bianca: Reggie, x equals 7.

Reggie: Yeah, and I equal wrong. Lily, did you do this good on all of the answers?

Lily: Yes.

Reggie: She aced my quiz. Yes!

Jack: Lily, I'm very impressed, but Reggie needs to do his own homework, ok?

Lily: Ok.

Reggie: We'll talk later, ok?

Jack: I'll talk -- to your teacher about a makeup quiz. Get out of here.

Reggie: Oh, boy.

Bianca: Ha-ha.

Reggie: Take my fun.

Bianca: Lily, you're amazing.

Lily: Reggie says I'm awesome. I'm going to go work on my schedule.

Jack: Ok. I'll be -- I�ll be in in five minutes.

Lily: Ok, Daddy. Goodbye.

Bianca: It's really good to see you, Lily.

Jack: She has come such a long way. I am so proud of her.

Bianca: I hope I�m not in the way, Uncle Jack. Your bachelor pad is pretty full up now -- Reggie, Lily, and me?

Jack: No, no, no, it's just more love to go around. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for Lily to live with me.

Bianca: Hmm. It's almost like that -- that big family honeymoon that you were planning for last summer.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. If we had a nice, warm, Mediterranean breeze blowing in through the window, it'd be just like the south of France, wouldn't it?

Bianca: Well, what's really missing is the bride.

Erica: If only she could've realized that Ryan is the man who loves her so much, he never would have hurt her. Then she wouldn't be alone. Why couldn't she just stop pushing him away? Oh, why couldn't she realize that he loves her so much? Any man worth having is not going to cave in to your every demand.

Jack: Will you please listen to yourself? Stop pushing me away.

Erica: You betrayed me.

Jack: No. Only in your mind.

Anita: Hey. Something wrong?

Maria: Oh, hi. I didn't even know you were back already.

Anita: Nice way to answer the question. Um -- are you ok?

Maria: I will be. I will. What about you, though? You don't look so good. Did you already -- did you talk to Bobby again?

Anita: No. But I -- I talked to Livia Frye.

Maria: Really? Already?

Anita: I -- I had some time.

Maria: Oh, honey, I know that that had to have been really a tough -- I mean, going from thinking about getting a divorce to taking that first step, that's -- I'm really sorry.

Anita: What choice did I have? I don't want to live my life in a lie. Not anymore.

Maria: I know, I know. But you know I�m here for you, right? You know I�m here.

Anita: Yes, I am counting on it because I'm going to need all the help I can get in about five minutes.

Maria: You're going to tell Bobby?

Anita: Mama.

[Door opens]

Isabella: Hello! Where's my little girl? It must be very big news for you to call so early in the morning.

Anita: Yeah, it is. I didn't want you to hear it from anybody else.

Isabella: What is it, mija?

Anita: Well, Mama -- um -- I want -- Bobby and I --

Isabella: You're having a baby, right? Mija! Felicitaciones! I'm so sorry. I should've let you say it. But I'm so excited! I'm so happy for you. Finally, you and Bobby will have the family you always wanted!

Anita: No, we're not having a baby! We're getting a divorce.

Isabella: You're what?

Anita: Bobby and I are getting a divorce.

Isabella: No. You can�t. I can't let you.

Maria: Mama, this is not your decision to make.

Isabella: It's Anita�s decision, I know that. But I also know -- and so do you -- marriage is a sacred covenant. You took vows before God, unbreakable vows.

Anita: Yeah, well, Bobby didn't seem to think so. At least not when he was cheating on me.

Zach: Exactly how did I betray you?

Erica: What?

Zach: How did I betray you? By cutting you off at the bar? It's for your own good and the good of my hotel.

Erica: I don't have a drinking problem.

Zach: I'm trying to understand what it is that you're saying.

Erica: I don't need another one of your special lectures on the evils of demon alcohol. Look, if you don't mind, I'd just like to finish my breakfast in peace, alone.

Jack: Well, you said it yourself. I mean, she's decided that whatever she's facing she's going to face alone. That's her choice. I can't help her unless she lets me.

Bianca: Seems to run in the family.

Jack: Oh, no, honey, it gallops.

Bianca: Kendall is on a spin that you wouldn't believe. I tried to talk to her. She wouldn't listen to a word I said.

Jack: Well, that's Kendall. If she's going to crash and burn, she's going to do it on her own terms.

Bianca: Well, it's the burn part that I'm worried about.

Jack: Honey, you can't fix your sister any more than I can fix your mother.

Bianca: I know, but it's so frustrating.

Jack: Yeah.

Bianca: I mean, we love them so much, and I feel completely helpless.

Jack: Kendall and Erica both have their own demons. They have to face them down themselves. All we can really do is just stand by then and hope and pray they find some peace.

Bianca: Soon would be nice.

Jack: Soon would be great. I couldn't agree more. But for the time being, I've got the rest of my loving family around me, and there is so much that I want to do for that little girl in there.

Bianca: Well, there's something I can do to help.

Jack: What's that?

Bianca: Step one -- I get my own place.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no. I love having you here.

Bianca: I know, Uncle Jack --

Jack: No, why would you want to leave? Come here -- no, talk to me about this.

Bianca: Listen, Lily is going to have a hard enough time adjusting, and she should have her own room that she can keep in proper order, her order. It would really help her to have her own space, and I -- I should jump back into my life.

Jack: And you don't think you can do that from Montgomery Central here? You're wise beyond your years. You're absolutely right about Lily. I miss you already, but I understand. Hey -- how about Erica�s penthouse? I mean, she -- she deeded it to you, right? You could move in there.

Bianca: I can't live there.

Jack: You can't live there. That would be a really dumb thing. I'm sorry. Look, how about if I call Marian, ask her to keep her eye open for a nice little place?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, don't worry. I don't need you to fix this for me, too, I swear. I'll be ok.

Jack: I know you will.

Lily: Daddy?

Jack: Yeah?

Lily: It's been seven minutes. You said five.

Jack: Oh, you are absolutely right.

Lily: What do I do after I brush my teeth and read 14 pages in my book?

Bianca: You go. I'll -- I know the way out myself, ok? Goodbye, Lily.

Jack: See you, kiddo.

Bianca: Ok.

Jack: Let's go figure this out.

Ryan: So what do you say, Greenlee? You want to hop into bed and give everybody what they want -- a legitimate marriage?

Greenlee: No. I want to stick to the prenup, at least for now.

Ryan: Are you sure? Because I don't mind sacrificing my celibacy for a good cause.

Greenlee: Ryan -- I don't want to make love again because some jerk SEC official is all over us. I want it to happen because we want it. And because, like you said, maybe we could fall in love. And if we did, the two of us making crazy, bounce-off-the-ceiling love would be for real. It wouldn't be just to save ourselves.

Ryan: Wow, "bounce off the ceiling." Ooh, you're giving me ideas.

Greenlee: Ryan, I mean it. I say we stick with the prenup. We've pulled it off so far. And it's not exactly hell playing newlyweds in public. Right, honey bunch?

Ryan: Whatever you say there, sweet cheeks.

Greenlee: Just don't call me "the little woman."

Ryan: Ah. Ok, you got it, but we got to get to the meeting.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know.

Ryan: Thank you. You all set?

Greenlee: Yeah, wait -- for you.

Ryan: "Dynamite Kiddo battles the evil mole men!" I can't believe you found this!

Greenlee: Just don't forget my surprise -- and it better not be that ugly trunk.

Ryan: What, this? No, this is ashes. I just hope we don't go down in flames.

Greenlee: With Dynamite Kiddo on our side? Look out, mole men!

Ryan: Yeah.

Isabella: I'm so sorry Bobby hurt you, mija. Why didn't you tell me?

Anita: Mama, how could I?

Isabella: Does Bobby want a divorce, too?

Anita: Actually, he's -- he's all about giving us a second chance.

Isabella: So there's still hope you can work it out?

Anita: I used to think so. But it's -- it's not just about his cheating, Mama. His lies have wiped out any hope I had.

Isabella: But he's sorry.

Anita: He's always sorry. I just -- I can't believe a word that he says.

Isabella: If you love each other, you learn to forgive, and you could grow stronger together.

Anita: I can't, ok? I -- I deserve more than to put up with a man who lies to me!

Isabella: You want to end your marriage because you don't want to put up with a young man struggling with his weakness? My God, Anita! Think of your sister and Edmund, what she has to put up with for the rest of her life!

Maria: Mama!

[Edmund has entered the room.]

Bartender: Phone call for you, Ms. Dubois.

Erica: Who is it?

Bartender: It's the guy from the "Vegas Insider," who reviewed your show. It's his office.

Erica: Thank you.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Erica: This is Desiree Dubois. Hello?

Dealer: Place your bets, please.

Bianca: It's me.

Man: Mr. Lavery, you signed the papers transferring ownership of Cambias Industries to you prior to your marriage. Why did you delay the filing until after you were married?

Ryan: A memo went out to file the papers immediately. I was shocked when I came back from our honeymoon and the papers were still on my desk.

Man: You knew a delay would ensure that Cambias Industries would become marital property jointly owned by you and Ms. du Pres.

Greenlee: Mrs. Lavery.

Man: Isn't that correct?

Ryan: The delay was nothing more than an oversight, and I can assure you that the responsible party will be punished.

George: I recently found you at Kendall Hart�s home.

Ryan: Yes, I remember. I threatened to fire you.

George: You had obviously spent the night.

Man: Now, before you deny any involvement with Ms. Hart, we have a signed affidavit from a Reverend Lovejoy, the minister who married you in New York? Now, he claims that only minutes prior to marrying Ms. du Pres, you were prepared to marry Ms. Hart.

Greenlee: That was all a mistake.

George: You were engaged to Ms. Hart, and Ms. du Pres is now your wife. Is your marriage a ploy to manipulate this corporation's finances for personal gain?

Ryan: I can assure you that this marriage is based on love, not on finances.

Man: Very touching, Mr. Lavery, but we need more than your word.

Second man: Can you show just cause as to why the Cambias stockholders and the SEC shouldn�t launch a formal investigation?

Kendall: Don't bother with an investigation. I can tell you everything you need to know about this marriage -- the whole damn truth.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: No one's coming to rescue you. We've all decided to leave you exactly where you are.

Maria: How do I convince my husband that it's ok that we're not having sex?

Kendall: The happy couple has committed a serious crime. They just might honeymoon in cellblock eight.

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