AMC Transcript Monday 5/17/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 5/17/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Music plays]

Reggie: Jamie, this girl is a trip. But thanks, man, you're a smooth dude. Thanks a lot.

Jamie: Anytime.

Danielle: Smooth how? What?

Reggie: Hey, Maggie, remind me to have you on my team all the time.

Maggie: Oh, my pleasure.

Reggie: Mia, you came to the party kind of late, but you pulled through, too.

Danielle: You scrawny little rat. You played me!

Reggie: Yeah, I did. You know, it was like a three-pointer at the last seconds of the game -- spla-dow, right there.

[Doorbell rings]

Livia: That better not be Ms. Danielle with some weak excuse for being AWOL since this morning or I'm --

Tom: No blood on your brother's carpet. Jack.

Jack: Hey, Tom.

Tom: Good to see you.

Jack: Nice to see you. Hey, Livia.

Livia: Hey, what's up?

Jack: Well, listen, I'm sorry to just barge in like this, but I have a plane to catch in a couple of hours. Erica's out in Las Vegas with a bottle for a companion. And I know you've been down this road, Tom, and I'm just -- I'm looking for some guidance on how to handle this.

Tom: Don't go.

Woman: So wrung out, your hair aches, huh?

Erica: Oh. When I'm on stage, I don't want to stop, but, yeah, once I get out here, hurts to blink.

Woman: That's why I have my own special energy drink. Care to try it?

Erica: Sure, I'm always interested in new things. Thanks.

Woman: Keep it. I have a new one in my purse. Have a ball.

Rudy: That answers my question! Is this why you nearly ruined the finale? This is not happening.

Kendall: I know it's a surprise, isn't it?

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Kendall: Same reason as you. I came here to have you and hold you from this day forward, if you will do me the honor of making me your bride.

Minister: Shall we begin?

Kendall: I'm ready if the groom is.

Jack: Aidan Devane saw her out there, said now champagne is her drink of choice.

Tom: So you fly off to Vegas and do what, pour the bottle down the sink?

Jack: What, you think that would be pointless?

Tom: Vegas has got a lot more bottles, Jack.

Jack: Erica has been -- she's been beaten up emotionally in the past year. I think she feels that the world has screwed her over, and from her point of view, I mean, maybe it has.

Tom: Well, we both know how her mind works. That doesn't mean we can change it, Jack.

Jack: Ok, Tom, so what are you saying, that I should do nothing at all?

Tom: You do what you have to do. My feeling is that you can't help Erica no matter where she is or where you are, but you could make things worse.

Jack: Well, gee, not exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Livia: Doing nothing may be the most loving thing you can do for Erica right now. Trust me, I know.

Erica: Is this your idea of a pep talk -- snide remarks and insinuations?

Rudy: I'm searching for some explanation of where your talent was. Perhaps you left it in this bottle of brandy.

Erica: This mostly empty bottle came into my possession about one minute ago and actually touched my lips for about two seconds -- and long after I finished smiling and prancing for your high rollers in Hawaiian shirts with their not-so-trophy wives.

Rudy: My mistake.

Erica: Yes, it was. It certainly was. And if I am suddenly no longer your gift from the gods of dancing, then I will just get my things, and I'll go check out The Follies and see if they're hiring.

Rudy: You'd break my heart and then desert me? Desiree, you were late on both your entrances and off a half-step throughout. It pained me to see you so not yourself. I asked myself, what happened to this golden child?

Erica: If I was off, it was because of personal reasons, and I want you to rest assured, Rudy, that that will never happen again. Are we done here?

Rudy: Sure. Of course. Get your rest, my love.

[Quartet plays]

Ryan: Guys.

[Quartet stops]

Ryan: Reverend, I've got a 1976 Grand Cru champagne on ice. Go knock yourself out.

Minister: Excuse me?

Ryan: The lady in white and I have some things we need to discuss.

Minister: Of course.

Ryan: You're really here.

Kendall: You're shocked.

Ryan: One thing that doesn't surprise me is you make a beautiful bride.

Kendall: I was a fool, Ryan. I was stubborn. I was too willful to reach out. I couldn't trust. I don't have the words. They're all jumbled in my head. But my heart makes sense. Can you hear it? I wish that you could hear it, because it says that I love you. Forget what we said before. Of course -- of course love is enough if you just do it right, if you do it right and you don't hold anything back.

Ryan: Is that how you love now? Is that why you're here?

Kendall: I admit that I held back before, but now -- now everything in me is yours -- my trust, my real faith, forever. Ryan, let me give you pine cones at Christmas. Let me burn your bagels in the morning. Let me put my feet in your lap --

Ryan: Stop.

Kendall: When we read the Sunday paper.

Ryan: Kendall, stop. Take a look around.

Kendall: I know. Ryan, listen to me, I know that I -- I totally caught you off guard with all this, but I feel like this -- this is our chance. This is the perfect chance for us. It's like -- it's like a window has been opened, and if we reach really fast, we can have a chance at our dreams. I will put all of this in my vows to you. I will say it before God and the minister. I won't destroy what we're meant to have. I will never hurt you or us, Ryan. I will never hurt us again.

Ryan: I don't know what to say. Where's the other bride? Where's Greenlee?

[Music plays]

Danielle: Oh, my God! You got me so good! The whole Fusion teen queen tryout? See, that was all a joke! Look at me! I'm, like, a walking punch line! I cannot wait for my lawyer to slap a fat, ugly lawsuit on you guys that's going to stomp you so hard! And you'll be named as a co-defendant, boss lady.

Jamie: Hey, hey, hey, just keep laughing. You know it was funny.

Danielle: You want in on the charges, too? I'm sure they'd just love your pretty behind at the pen.

Maggie: All right, calm down. What are you going to tell the judge exactly? I mean, what, you were a victim of a fashion drive-by?

Danielle: Fraud, misrepresentation, humiliation. The list goes on and on. I will own your collective asses, and the irony is I will be the Fusion queen because Fusion will be mine.

Mia: Whoa, whoa, whoa. The rest of Fusion leaves me alone for 20 minutes and I score a lawsuit? Reggie!

Jamie: Hey, what happened to the girl that would, you know, get a tattoo as a gag?

Reggie: No, no, she's -- she's right here, you know? She's just playing around, want to play with our heads and stuff. She's going to laugh later.

Danielle: I sure will laugh -- right after I get on the stand and cry to the jury about my poor, battered self-esteem. Who do you think they'll believe? You, with your record, or publicly ridiculed me?

Maggie: She's good.

Reggie: Wait, Danielle, are you crying?

Danielle: So long, player. You're going down.

Mia: Oh, damn it, Reggie! You'd better fix this! Fix it!

Reggie: I'm fixing, I'm fixing!

Ryan: What did you do with my bride-to-be?

Kendall: Well, I apologized to her for making her suffer and for always assuming the worst. But most of all, I said I was sorry for taking her away from something that she cared so much about -- Fusion.

Ryan: Sounds like a hell of a chat. Why am I not convinced?

Kendall: Me, Greenlee, a civilized conversation? It does boggle the mind, but then again, today is not your average day.

Ryan: Well, the burning question is, why did you follow us here at all?

Kendall: I came here for you. You know that. But we can't move forward -- none of us -- until I work things out with Greenlee. Ryan, I'm finally over the past and all the garbage that goes with it. I'm ready for all of us to finally get what we deserve, including Greenlee.

Ryan: Exactly how many days ago was it that you tried to erase Greenlee from Fusion and from my life? What, she just bought everything that you had to say?

Kendall: Well, no, it wasn't easy. It took a while and a few tears, but you were right, Greenlee has changed. She -- she forgave me.

Ryan: So, why isn't she here sharing this miraculous news herself?

Kendall: Well, she said that it was between us. She said that she would accept whatever decision that we made. She's ok. We're ok. We're both ok. We've worked everything out. I mean, well, I'm not going to have her be my maid of honor, but we'll be friends again someday.

Ryan: Well, the world really has tilted if anything you're saying is true, Kendall. You and Greenlee almost friends. What's next?

Kendall: What's next is, "do you take this woman?" Will you make me your wife? Greenlee won't stand in our way, Ryan. We have her blessing.

Greenlee: No!

Erica: You've come to gloat, haven't you, Daddy? And you've risen straight from hell to do it. It swells your withered, black heart to hear Rudy say that I messed up. Come on, Daddy. Stop hiding in the shadows. Step out! Take credit for it! Say "I told you so"! I was never, never good enough. You want me to think that I failed again. You want me to think that I'm going to lose all this, too. Say it to my face, damn it! To hell with you. I've only just begun to win.

Bobby: Erica. You all right?

Erica: Roberto. Please -- please get me out of here.

Kendall: Can I be honest with you?

Ryan: Yeah, that might help.

Kendall: I don't think I would be here if it weren't for Bianca and Jack.

Ryan: Go on.

Kendall: I was just holding on to all of that old anger, till my sweet little sister, Bianca, launched on me. You should've seen her. She was pointing her fingers in my face, telling me to sit down and shut up. She made me see what life would be like without you. And I hated the idea of us never being us again. And then Jack -- Jack made me realize that I'm not the victim here. Love takes work. So I damn well better get down to business. And I thought it seemed pointless to wait. Worse, it seemed dangerous.

Ryan: Because I wasn't traveling alone.

Kendall: Yeah, you and Greenlee off on another jaunt together, top 10 on my "Visions of Hell" list.

Ryan: And you didn't even know why we were here, our wedding day. That didn't make your head explode?

Kendall: Ok, well, maybe there was a small explosion.

Ryan: Like mushroom-cloud small?

Kendall: About the same.

Ryan: And you didn't run out of this place cursing my name and stabbing a Greenlee voodoo doll?

Kendall: Well, that was my first instinct. But then I realized that's not who I want to be anymore. I made the mistakes that brought you here. I pushed you straight into Greenlee's arms.

Ryan: And you show up in this dress trying to pull me out again.

Kendall: I wanted to make a grand gesture to show my love and my new trust. I don't know, I guess maybe -- maybe it was a bad idea. I just -- I jumped at the chance to do it, realizing we had to grab this chance now. And I thought maybe it would be the same for you. But you need time.

Ryan: You mean this isn't how it happens for everybody? You propose to the one with the straight hair and -- and marry the one with the curls?

Kendall: We never did do things the easy way.

Ryan: And what if I say "Sorry, Kendall, Greenlee is going to be my wife, and a thousand grand gestures couldn't change my mind"? What then?

Kendall: Then I wish you the best and I walk away.

Ryan: You're saying that you'd give me your blessing to marry Greenlee?

Kendall: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Greenlee: Ryan, come save me!

Simone: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Simone? Oh, bless you! Bless you, Simone.

Simone: What are you doing in there?

Greenlee: The heinous witch locked me away from the handsome prince. Open the door and get me out! I have vows to say and a bony butt to kick.

Simone: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: Open the door, Simone, now!

Ryan: Yesterday I couldn't even mention Greenlee's name in a positive tone, and now you're throwing rice?

Kendall: I can't stand the thought of the two of you saying vows, making plans, and sharing a wedding night -- not when it should be you and me in that four-poster bed. That's why I'm here. I know this is a huge risk, wearing this dress, making up with Greenlee. If I took a second to think about it, I would probably die of embarrassment or go running in the woods, but -- but I had to try. I had to say it to you, and I had to tell you that in my heart, I'm your true bride.

Ryan: Ok, that's how you feel. But why the rush?

Kendall: Well, I -- I can't come running to you, opening my heart to you after you are Mr. and Mrs. I had to --

Ryan: No. I mean, why the mad dash to tie the knot? Why just not break up the wedding and then just take it from there?

Kendall: Because, Ryan, right now, this moment -- this moment feels right. It feels perfect. We have a chance at everything we've ever dreamed of -- trust, honesty, peace, passion.

Ryan: And how do you figure that? We've had about six seconds of peace since the day we met, forget about trust and honesty.

Kendall: You didn't mention passion. Ok, all right. I admit it's been crazy. I would never want to go back. Ok, no more darkness, no more drama. Only pure, positive, grabbing-you love. But if you don't want that from me, if Greenlee gives you that, then -- then I'll -- I'll let go. No more gestures, no more games. You can have a lifetime with Greenlee, and -- and I'll just have to deal. But seeing you here and feeling this close, I know one thing -- I will never stop wanting you, I will never stop loving you, and I will never forgive myself for ruining it all.

Greenlee: Come on, Simone. Key, lock -- open now!

Simone: Kendall really locked you in there?

Greenlee: No, this was a test for Ryan. I have to grow my hair and haul him up through the window!

Simone: Oh, you would look good with long hair.

Greenlee: Simone!

Simone: You know what, don't yell at me! You know, this is a lot to take in!

Greenlee: Kendall shoved me in here, locked the door, and hauled ass down to Ryan. She's going to spin her lies and suck the life out of him.

Simone: Wait, she's with him now?

Greenlee: Yes.

Simone: I beg to differ, because the last time I saw Kendall, we were downstairs finding out that you two were getting hitched, and the last thing she wanted to do was stay here. She wanted the hell out of here! She told me to call the pilot.

Greenlee: To get rid of you while she took care of me and put on that bride-zilla dress.

Simone: Oh, like Ryan wouldn't notice.

Greenlee: Simone, can I explain Kendall's brain to you after you open the damn door?

[Simone sighs]

Simone: How am I supposed to know that you didn't lock yourself in there to try to make Kendall look bad?

Greenlee: The same way I know that once upon a time, you had more than ten brain cells. Simone, you and I should be gagging from all the smoke that Kendall was blowing. I should've run when I saw her, but she said she was sorry, she wanted to get past all the bad stuff, she had a change of heart. Ugh! Liar!

Simone: You know, the whole reason Kendall wanted to come up here was so that she could make peace with you and Ryan. Yeah, she was all weird and -- and happy before. You know, she had this, like, righteous in-love glow. Did you ever think that maybe she meant what she said to you? Huh? Huh?

Greenlee: Then why did she lock me in a turret?

Simone: Well, there is that.

Greenlee: I have to get to Kendall. Let me out of here, Simone!

Simone: Hold on a sec! You and Ryan are getting married, and Kendall's the bad guy here?

[Simone chuckles]

Greenlee: I'm not the other woman, Simone.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: I didn't break them up. Kendall did that about six zillion times. Kendall and Ryan don't work together. Ryan and I do. Just trust me!

Simone: Oh, man.

Greenlee: This is how it should be.

Simone: Man, and to think that I actually came up with Kendall, because I thought she was going to do something nutty. You, honey, are a triple-nut sandwich.

Greenlee: Get me out!

Kendall: Dance with me.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: This may be my last time to feel your arms around me or it may be just the beginning, but I'm not afraid anymore. Take my hand. If we dance off of this cliff, if we take this leap, then we're unstoppable. No more fear. We won't hurt each other. I won't hurt you, you won't hurt me, not anymore.

Simone: The timing is too funky. Ryan becomes a billionaire and then he and Kendall part ways, and then you drag his fanny to the altar before he can return the ring?

Greenlee: No, Ryan proposed to me. He picked me. He wants me. And I'm not like Kendall. I'm too smart to push the man away.

Simone: Yeah, well, obviously, Kendall wised up.

Greenlee: You really think so?

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Open the door and we can go ask her together.

Simone: Greenlee, Ryan and Kendall have sparks, you know, and my gut says root for the fireworks.

Greenlee: Ah!

[Quartet plays while Ryan and Kendall dance together]

Tom: The upshot was I ended up in a dive across from a liquor store, 87 paces door to door. Went to bed drunk, woke up drunk, stayed drunk for as long as I could.

Jack: And you stayed away?

Livia: Yes, I did.

Jack: How did you manage to do that?

Livia: Well, I can't tell you how many times I got in my car. I knew I couldn't help him, but I just wanted to see his face. And I just knew that would make the problem worse, so I left him a message -- "Don't come home until you're sober."

Tom: Livia knew. It was the only way. If I stopped because of her, I'm not really stopped. So she let me be. When it was over, I -- I went home.

Jack: "When it was over." How'd you pull yourself out of it?

Tom: It's different for different people, Jack. It's an ugly fight. Always will be.

Jack: Yeah, well, Tom, I'm not sure how much fight Erica has left in her, to tell you the truth.

Tom: I doubt she knows, either. She may have to hit bottom before she finds out. But it's up to her to get through it, Jack. It's still her fight.

Livia: It's terrible and it's cruel and it hurts like hell, and you can't fix her, no matter how much you love her, so you have to detach, and, with love, it's her problem.

Danielle: Aunt Livia.

Reggie: Danielle, hold on!

Danielle: Get away from me!

Reggie: Can you just calm down, please?

Danielle: Kiss my restraining order!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who's kissing whose what here? Stop it!

Reggie: Dad --

Livia: What happened to you? Is this some weird cry for help?

Reggie: I can explain all that, ok?

Danielle: Oh, save it for the courtroom! Shifty McCon Artist here ran a bigtime scam on me. Slap him with criminal and civil charges that'll make his head spin!

Jack: All right, just tell me what's going on, the short story, now.

Reggie: Ok, she punked me, I punked her back. She's a big baby and a sore loser.

Danielle: Once the judge awards me damages, you'll be slipping me your paycheck till you're 100.

Reggie: Why don't you just do it then, but leave Fusion and my friends out of this. This is all me, not them.

Livia: Well, it looks like it's all on my niece.

Tom: Well, maybe it's the new thing, hip thing.

Danielle: I want this case in front of a judge before Reggie can make a run for it. The guy's a flight risk.

Reggie: You think I got my G-4 jet and a passport waiting?

Jack: All right, just -- just hush a minute. He's not going anywhere.

Danielle: Well, he'd better go to the bank and get some cash to take care of what else he did to me.

Livia: What?

Jack: Yeah, what?

Reggie: I didn't do anything.

Danielle: You're going to have to cough it up bigtime for the laser treatment, buddy. I have to erase this nasty tattoo he made me get.

Livia: Tattoo? Where?

Tom: It's better than the alternative.

Reggie: Listen to the girl. You think anybody ever made her do anything she didn't want to? Besides, why would I want my business on her backside?

Danielle: Oh, you know exactly where it is, and you loved it.

Tom: Ok, that's enough.

Livia: You, bedroom. I want to see this tattoo now. I'm going to get to the bottom of who's scamming who, and I'm going to put an end to it.

Reggie: J, look, I swear to God, I had nothing to do with that tattoo. It was all her idea! You got to believe me! And this whole thing about this lawsuit is crazy.

Jack: All right, you know how much I don't need this right now?

Reggie: Dad, I know. I'm sorry.

Jack: You're sorry. Well, good, why don't you take your sorry butt home and try not to get tattooed or arrested on the way? Can you do that?

Reggie: Yeah. You're not coming with me?

Jack: I'll check in on you later, all right?

Reggie: Why, you got someplace to go or something?

Bobby: Mineral water, or how about some dinner after all that hard work?

Erica: Oh, neither, thank you.

Pug: I'll prove it to you. Hey, Desiree, honey! Come over here and give me some sugar!

Erica: Well, now, Puggy, what are you making all that noise about?

Pug: Well, I told these folks I knew the hottest little lady on the strip. May I present Ms. Desiree Dubois and her ever-loving sidekick, Roberto.

Man: Hey.

Pug: Me and Bobby got a little enterprise going, going to make us look like Donald Trump, only rich, so skedaddle!

Bobby: Haven't you ever heard of jinxing a deal, huh?

Erica: Nice to meet you.

Pug: It's never too early to start popping champagne corks.

Bobby: Ok.

Pug: You in?

Erica: Oh, no, not me, thank you. Maybe some coffee. I really would love coffee. That will keep me awake before I go back to my room.

Pug: Well, it's on me, on one condition.

Erica: No, I will not marry you, Puggy, for a cup of coffee.

Pug: Oh, well, darn. Well, then maybe you just have to sing for me.

Bobby: Oh, Puggy, she just got off from work. Cut her a break.

Pug: Well, I didn't ask her to dance, did I?

Erica: Well, no, I couldn't.

Pug: Well, Desiree, now, I think that there are probably not many things that you can't do prettier than the next gal. Just a few sweet notes before I have to turn in?

Erica: Help.

Bobby: I hate to say it, but I'm with Puggy on this one. Just a few sweet notes before we turn in?

Erica: Well, I give up.

Pug: Hey, everybody, Desiree's going to sing!

Man: Hey!

[Quartet plays while Kendall and Ryan continue to dance together]

Greenlee: Be smart, Simone. I can't stay up here forever. I will get out. Ryan and I will get married, no matter what strings Kendall tries to yank. You want to know what my husband's wedding gift to me is? Enchantment, Fusion, and a whole lot more. Oh, yeah. Baby's coming back to Mama, and you can bet your lip-gloss I'll clean house. Loyalty is key. If you walk away, guess who'll get the first pink slip.

[Quartet stops]

Simone: Ok, all right.

Greenlee: Thanks, Simone!

Simone: Oh, ow! Oh! Well, wait up!

Greenlee: Back the hell off, Kendall.

Simone: Oh, damn it! Now I don't know who to root for! Ugh!

Minister: Well, it's untraditional, but a lovely way to begin a wedding. I trust you've dealt with those last-minute issues, communication being key to any healthy marriage. Now, rest assured your champagne is intact. Are you both ready to begin the ceremony?

Reggie: I mean, I'm ok on my own or whatever. I just want to know if you're leaving. So are you going somewhere?

Jack: No, Reggie, I'm not going anywhere.

[Pianist plays boogie-woogie]

Erica: Well, all right ok you win I'm in love with you well, all right ok you win baby, what can I do? I'll do anything you say it's just got to be that way well, all right ok you win I'm in love with you well, all right ok you win baby, what can I do? Anything you say I'll do as long as it's me and you all that I am askin' all I want from you is just love me like I love you and it won't be hard to do


Erica: Well, all right ok you win what I'll be waiting for well, all right ok you win baby, one thing more if you're gonna be my man sweet baby, take me by the hand all right! Ok! You win!

Pug: Yeah, Desiree! One more time!

Erica: One more time!


Simone: Greenlee! Oh, shoot. Oh, shoot. I am so dead. Greenlee!

Kendall: If this was our last dance, Ryan, I want you to know it was beautiful.

Ryan: I can't argue that.

Kendall: It's your call now. Whatever feels right for you. You can thank the minister for his time, or you can marry Greenlee if that's what's in your heart. Or you can put your arms around me again and we can start a dance that will last forever.

Greenlee: How many stairs --

Simone: Just out the door at the bottom. That's where you'll see the -- the back lawn.

Greenlee: Now you're helpful?

Ryan: This vision that you have for us -- I've had the same one. I just accepted that it would never happen.

Kendall: And now that it has? You can't trust me enough to take my hand. How can I blame you for that?

Ryan: I look at you, and nothing makes sense.

Kendall: We don't need sense. All we need is faith. And now I feel like I have enough. I have enough to share, enough for both of us. So take some of mine and do what I've done, Ryan -- embrace this. Embrace all of this. See that everything has led us to this. This beautiful place, the minister, the vows -- it all came together. All we have to do is reach out and say yes.

Greenlee: Ryan! Ryan, no! Stop! Stop the wedding! Stop!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Liza: When are you planning on pulling the pin on the bombshell I gave you?

Tad: What bombshell is that?

Babe: Tell me whose child my baby really is.

Minister: Why don't I leave you all to sort this out.

Ryan: Don't move, padre. There's still going to be a wedding.

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