AMC Transcript Wednesday 5/12/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/12/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Jack: Who's up for takeout from the mysterious Far East?

Reggie: Yes, I'm saved. I'm over here getting my butt handed to me.

Jack: Ah, my niece didn't tell you she's a card shark, huh?

Bianca: Well, Uncle Jack taught me everything I know.

Reggie: Oh, so now you to decide to tell me.

Jack: So, any word from Aidan?

Reggie: Um -- sorry, J, nothing. Maybe it's time you called off the dogs, you know, forget about Erica.

Jack: Forget about Erica?

Reggie: If Erica would rather party in Vegas than be here with us, let her stay where she is.

Pug: Desiree, girl, you lit up that room tonight. That is a gift that can't be taught. You brought that audience joy tonight.

Scott: If you're going to toast Desiree again --

Huck: Use this. That bubbly-pop eats out your stomach faster than straight lye.

Erica: Well, I'd watch that stuff if I were you.

Pug: Oh, we'll watch it, sugar.

Huck: Yeah, watch it disappear.

Erica: Well, winning isn't going to feel so good if you think you have ten cards in your hand instead of five.

Pug, Scott, and Huck: Oh!

Bobby: Gentlemen, the lady has thrown down the gauntlet.

Erica: Well, I don't want to publicly humiliate you, so let's play in my suite.

Huck: Oh, sounds good.

Erica: Ok, follow me.

Pug: Desiree, after that dance workout you had tonight, I'll walk, you steer.

Erica: Put me down!

Scott: Ms. Desiree, you just drive him like you would any would any other mule!

Pug: That's right! "Gee" for right, "haw" for left! Let's go, boys!

Erica: Ok! Whoo-hoo!

Pug: Come on, boys!

Aidan: Desiree Dubois, otherwise known as Erica Kane. Get her room number.

Krystal: It can't be. No. Oh, it's gone. The annulment paper. It's gone.

Babe: Our marriage isn't legal? J.R., where would you get that kind of idea?

J.R.: You want to deny it? You want to tell me the truth? Swear to me, beg me to believe you? That you weren't married to Paul Cramer when I got married to you in San Diego?

Babe: No, I don't. God help me, it's true.

Maggie: Grocery store, school registration, the library. Oh, you know what I need? I need one of those passes that send you straight to the head of the line. You got one of those? Jamie, don't go into the light. Come back! Come back!

Jamie: I'm sorry. Do you ever just wish the world could stop so you could take a breather, or at least slow down so you can catch up?

Maggie: Oh, you've got it bad. But guess what -- it's your lucky day, because I happen to be in my own anger angst. I've brought reinforcements! Look. Root beer floats, the poor man's antidepressant. You want one?

Jamie: Yeah, hit me. No, make it a double.

Maggie: It's Babe, isn't it?

J.R.: Smart move going with the truth, because I found this.

Babe: The annulment paper. How did you --

J.R.: It doesn't matter. What matters, Babe, is that that's bigamy. That's a felony. You could do time for that. And it also makes me not your husband.

Babe: What are you going to do?

J.R.: I don't know, you tell me. You're just one surprise after the next. First, it was -- it was my brother, and then Paul Cramer and this one-night marriage.

Babe: I never meant to hurt you.

J.R.: You told me I was your husband. You looked at me in the eyes and you lied to me. Hell, Babe, our marriage has been nothing but one big lie.

Babe: No, it's not, J.R. I love you.

J.R.: You have all the answers, don't you?

Babe: I signed this annulment. I did. And I thought I had plenty of time to file it with the court. But then you swooped into town, you blissed me out, and you wanted to marry me in, like, 20 minutes, and there was -- there was no time to go file it at the court.

J.R.: And there was no time to tell me that I was marrying somebody else's wife?

Babe: I wanted to. I did. I just thought if you knew the truth that you would leave me. And so I put it off, and the longer I waited, the harder it got.

J.R.: So you're saying it was easier to lie than come clean?

Babe: I'm saying that if you knew the truth, I thought that you would cut me out of your life. And then I wouldn't be able to love you like I wanted. There are a million reasons for doing what I did, but there's no excuse.

Krystal: Babe, we're in trouble. Somebody took --

Babe: Mama --

J.R.: You mean this? You're busted, Krystal. Party's over.

Jack: So, Reggie, what's with the attitude, huh? I mean, it wasn't too long ago you were practically shoving me on a plane to go to Vegas to get Erica to bring her home.

Reggie: I've had time to think. Erica's out there living it up while you're here stressing. It's just not fair. All right, one call. That's all we need. She can't even do that. So I say forget her, just like she forgot us. I'm sorry, J.

Jack: How about you, Bianca? How do you feel about Erica?

[Pug cackles]

Erica: Well, I'm going to call room service.

Pug: And tell them they did a fine job.

Scott: Yeah, this is deluxe.

[Huck whistles]

Erica: Oh, Roberto, did you do this?

Bobby: Only the best for the casino's newest star.

Erica: Oh, but you're impossible. I mean, how would you know this is exactly what I would suggest?

Bobby: It's my job to anticipate. Do you want me to take it away?

Pug: Don't make me break your arm, son.

Bobby: Cut for the deal?

Pug: That honor goes to Desiree.

Erica: Oh. Let's get this party started!

Pug: All right, let's go!

Singer: Do you know that girl who drives a GTI? She's got that look in her eye. She's got all those cards. I don't know what they are. She thinks they'll get her far. What did I do now? Never taught me how she's got her hands on the money. She's not losing any sleep. She's got all designer clothes 'cause she's trying to look chic. She's got a penthouse apartment that she lives in in the week. She's got everything she needs except she's never met me. She's had a change of heart. She wants a brand-new start. She said she's tired of being lazy. She's gone and got a job in her daddy's firm but the pay is lousy. What can she do now? They never taught her how. She's got her hands on the money. She's not losing any sleep. She's got all designer clothes 'cause she's trying to look chic. She's got a penthouse apartment that she lives in in the week. She's got everything she needs except she's never met me.

Pug: Ah! Desiree, darling, you should be toasting lady luck. She sure is on your side this evening.

Erica: Hey, Roberto, you think it's just luck?

Bobby: No, I think brains and talent factor in.

Pug: Drink up, Desiree. A lady like you deserves enough champagne to drown in it.

Erica: Oh. Hey, Puggy, drown? Never. I mean, I may fill up a tub and soak in it, but I am never going under, because I'm a survivor. I mean, come hell or high champagne, I'm going to float above it! Here is to beating the odds.

Pug: To beating the odds.

Bobby: Cheers to that.

Scott: You go, gal!

Huck: Desiree, you are something else!

Pug: Yes, she is.

Bobby: You certainly are.

Pug: Let's play another game, see if we can beat her.

Scott: Get my money back.

Jamie: I'm totally ticked off at Babe, but --

Maggie: But you've still got it for her.

Jamie: I don't even know where the hell my head is or where it's supposed to be. I saw Babe with Bess today. Babe was amazing. I mean, she's a mom, and it's like she's got this whole other side that I haven't seen.

Maggie: And she's married to your brother.

Jamie: Maybe. There's more trouble now, and when I found out, I was pretty much on her side. Maggie, I understand her. What do you do when when you're hung up on somebody that you're not supposed to be hung up on?

Maggie: I know what you mean, because I feel the same way. I feel that way about Bianca.

Bianca: I don't know how I feel about anything anymore. I mean, the last time I saw Mom, I was so angry, and I got to tell you, I meant every word I said to her. But that was just part of it. I have so much more that I need to say to her, and she's not here, and that makes me mad, too.

Reggie: Bianca, you're entitled to your feelings.

Bianca: I don't know, maybe not. Maybe I'm being unfair. But I'm just so angry about everything. I mean, Mom's gone and Miranda�s gone, and all I have are questions, no answers.

Reggie: You have questions that Erica can't handle, so that's why she's out on the run.

Jack: Maybe she's lost, lost inside. We have to bring her home.

Bianca: Yeah, but what if she's not? Uncle Jack, you may be trying to save somebody who doesn't want to be saved, at least not by you. So maybe Reggie�s right. If Mom comes back, then we'll deal with her. But if she doesn't, then we're going to be fine without her.

Aidan: All right, stay as close to her as you can. Do whatever it takes to keep an eye on this lady without bringing attention to yourselves.

Man: I've had worse assignments.

Aidan: Don't tip her off. Don't let her out of your sight without somebody tailing her. We cannot afford to lose Desiree again.

Man: Where will you be?

Aidan: I have to go back to Pine Valley. My client needs this update face to face.

Krystal: J.R. -- J.R., if you're going to be mad at somebody, be mad at me.

Babe: Mama --

Krystal: I'm the one to blame. No, I'm the one who told Babe not to tell anybody.

Babe: Mama, stop it. I need you to go.

Babe: I lied to you -- again. And I was wrong and I'm sorry.

J.R.: That's all you got to say?

Babe: Damn. Uncle Stuart was right. He said to just let love light the way. But I just kept all the bad stuff around, and now -- now it's ruined everything.

J.R.: Only because you got caught.

Babe: I am not the same person that you met a year ago in San Diego. I have seen the miracle of life, and I watched death snatch it away. I've looked down my fears, and I was able to experience love in its purest form. I'm not scared anymore. So whatever you decide, I'm going to be ok.

J.R.: You're not the only person that's changed. I'm not the same guy who came off that tramp steamer who thought -- thought he knew it all. I've learned more from you than I ever could have sailing the whole world. And what I learned is I can't live without you.

Babe: Do you mean it?

J.R.: I love you. And what we have is just so more important than some stupid mistake.

Babe: Here I thought you were going to cuss me out and tell me to pack my bags, but -- but this -- you absolutely, positively forgive me?

J.R.: I love you.

Babe: So the wedding's on?

J.R.: Marrying you means more to me than ever.

Babe: That night that I met you on the pier, I said that you were my dream man. And I was right. You are. Oh. You saved me that night. And here you are saving me again. I would die for you, J.R. I really mean that. I love you so much.

Maggie: So? Isn't this where you do a double take and spit up your root beer and ask me if I'm really gay? Even though you know I'm the most sensational lover you ever had.

Jamie: I'm not into labels, Mags.

Maggie: Yeah, but you're allowed to freak out.

Jamie: Why? I'm not blind. I'm pretty tuned in to your wavelength.

Maggie: Well, then can you fill me in, because I'm not tuned in to at all here. I mean, I've never felt this way about someone before, let alone another woman. I love sleeping with guys, with you. But the feeling that I have for Bianca -- I don't know how to explain those feelings, and I don't know what to do with them.

Jamie: Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a work in progress.

Maggie: It's a hell of a lot of work.

Jamie: Well, here's to progress.

Maggie: Here's to being clueless together.

Jack: Well, Erica may have left town because of everything that was going on here, but she went to Las Vegas with a specific purpose in mind.

Reggie: What, to have fun, be a party girl?

Jack: To see her father, Eric Kane.

Bianca: Well, why now? She hasn't seen him for years.

Jack: Because he was dying. You know what kind of an influence he had on Erica, good and bad.

Bianca: Mostly bad, from what Mom says. I was there when she got the call from him. She didn't say a word about what he wanted.

Jack: Yeah, well, I don't think your mother was feeling especially loved by any of us at that point, so she went off to take care of it herself, flew to Vegas to settle things with her father.

Bianca: Did she see him before he died?

Jack: No, she was too late. According to the hospital, he died ten minutes before she got there. Too late forever. God knows what not being able to find closure with her father is going to do to Erica.

Huck: I can't take this beating much longer.

Scott: You're down 10 grand. Quit your grousing.

Bobby: It's getting too rich for my blood.

Pug: Well, with a less risky game, would you be more interested?

Bobby: With you sharks, I pass.

Pug: I'm talking business here, son, an opportunity you deserve.

Bobby: How much of his money have you taken?

Erica: Not nearly enough.

Bobby: Aren't you looking to get even?

Pug: You know, this could be really big for you if you were in on the ground floor.

Bobby: Yeah, well, what constitutes "in"?

Pug: Eh, 20. 50 would be better, but 20 would be good seed money.

Erica: 20,000?

Pug: Well, that's not much, considering a 500% return.

Erica: Is this venture of yours legal?

Pug: Oh, now, Desiree, you're already killing me. Now, don't wound me. It's all on the up-and-up. It's just a little idea I've been kicking around with my friend Warren.

Erica: You mean The Warren?

Pug: Well, I ain't talking about the movie actor.

Erica: Then it's my treat.

Scott: You mean mine.

Huck: A mountain of those chips are mine, too.

Erica: Well, they were yours.

Pug: Well, what about it? You got Desiree here ready to stake you.

Bobby: Thanks, I can't take your money.

Erica: You can take them. They're just chips.

Bobby: Thanks, but I got a little put away.

Pug: How little?

Bobby: Well, I'm not in for 50, but 20. Hell, with your track record, I'd be a fool to say no.

Pug: Well --

Huck: You sure would.

Pug: I just don't let anybody in, Roberto.

Bobby: I know you don't.

Pug: You treated us good. We want to treat you right.

Bobby: I appreciate it.

Pug: All right, then. To our new partner, Roberto.

Scott: Roberto.

Huck: Welcome aboard!

Scott: Hey, we got to get you a hat!

Bobby: Yes, you do.

Erica: I'll take care of that.

Bobby: Ok, well, I hate to be a killjoy, but we've got to get up in the morning, so --

Huck: Ain't it morning already?

Pug: Oh, I can't go to bed without winning a single pot.

Erica: Well, yeah! We have to give these boys a chance to get even.

Pug: That's right. Now here, Roberto -- your deal.

Bobby: Oh, ok.

Pug: All right!

J.R.: Your daddy has missed you so much today. But your daddy's been very, very, very busy. I went and talked to a lady today. You know what we talked about? You.

J.R.: And wait until you hear what she said.

Pug: Desiree, it was a pleasure celebrating your opening night with you.

Erica: Oh, the pleasure was mine, Puggy.

Huck: Don't encourage him.

Scott: Yeah, you'll be sorry.

Pug: Hey, they're just jealous, sweetness.

Erica: Oh, you have sweet dreams.

Pug: You have the same.

Erica: Thanks.

Pug: Dream about your triumphs. Well, get along there, sidewinders.

Huck: Night, Desiree.

Erica: Good night.

Scott: Good night.

Pug: Come on, boys.

Bobby: Great talking to you, guys.

Huck: All right.

Bobby: I'll see you soon.

Pug: All right, Bobby, I'll call you tomorrow.

Bobby: Always great, always great.

Erica: Oh, God, that was marvelous. Thank you for arranging all this.

Bobby: It was my pleasure.

Erica: Now, you stay for a nightcap?

Bobby: Aren't you finished celebrating?

Erica: Oh, we celebrated my evening, but now it's time to celebrate you, your assistant mogul-ship.

Bobby: Oh, is that what Puggy offered me?

Erica: Oh, you stand to collect a nice piece of change.

Bobby: I don't even know what his scheme is yet.

Erica: Well, everything Puggy touches turns to gold.

Bobby: Except for the cards he was dealt tonight, huh?

Erica: Oh, yeah, but nobody has control over that unless they cheat.

Bobby: Oh, no, no, no, he's a good man.

Erica: And so are you, and I really appreciate it.

Bobby: Will you at least try to get some sleep tonight, huh?

Erica: Yeah, I'll try -- if you do something for me.

Bobby: What's that?

Erica: Let me grubstake you in this venture with Puggy.

Bobby: No, no, no, I wouldn't feel right about that.

Erica: Oh, please. Come on, you've done so much for me. I mean, you made it possible for me to start over. Let me repay you.

Bobby: Well, just say thank you.

Erica: Roberto --

Bobby: That's all I'll accept.

Erica: With all my heart, I thank you. I thank you for this fabulous, fun, new life.

Bobby: With all my heart, you're welcome. All right? Now, good night.

Erica: Ok. Good night.

Bobby: Get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning --

Erica: Ok.

Bobby: Starlet.

Erica: Good night. Thanks again.

Bobby: All right.

Erica: Whoo-hoo!

Bianca: I didn't even know him, but Mom must feel so alone. I'm so sorry.

Jack: Listen, I didn't even want to burden the two of you with this. I just wanted you to understand that Erica did not leave town because she stopped loving us.

Reggie: Jack, I get that, but that doesn't give her a pass to just disappear whenever she wants to.

Jack: Look, I am not going to stop until I know that Erica's safe. Now, it seems to me this family has a lot of healing to do, and that healing can't begin until Erica comes home.

Reggie: Jack, I'm -- I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I didn't realize.

Jack: No, no, no, it's -- look, I know this is not going to be easy, but I want this family to work so badly, and I want to know that you're all going to step up. Now, are you with me, huh? Good. Well, deal me in the next hand of whatever you're playing there, and I'll reheat the kung pao.

Krystal: Baby doll? Are you all right?

Babe: Mama, he forgave me.

Krystal: Oh!

Babe: Can you believe it?

Krystal: Oh, thank God! Oh! How could he not love my baby doll?

Babe: I had no idea that I could ever love anybody as much as I love him. Oh, I'm -- you know, I am going to prove to him that I love him and that he can trust me. I'll -- I will jump over the moon if he asks me to! I would do anything! Oh, God.

Krystal: What? What? What is it?

Babe: The paternity test, Mama. I have to tell J.R.

J.R.: The lady I saw today, she was very wise and told me all sorts of things about you. About how your daddy can keep you safe. Safe and happy.

Livia: Legally, the child belongs to Babe and the husband she was married to at the time of the child's birth.

J.R.: What? What, Paul Cramer is my daughter's father?

Livia: Technically.

J.R.: But she's mine.

Livia: Not in the eyes of the law. You would have to sue to establish paternity.

J.R.: Well, we already did a paternity test. Why can't we just submit that to the court and get it over with?

Livia: It just doesn't work that way. If I were Babe's attorney, I would insist on another one, and that requires a court order.

J.R.: Well, how long will that take?

Livia: Months. And if she hires a bulldog of an attorney, it could take years.

J.R.: There's got to be something we can do, some sort of temporary custody.

Livia: No court is going to give you custody of Bess.

J.R.: But I'm her father.

Livia: Legally, you're just another face in the crowd. I'm sorry, J.R., but at this moment, you have no legal right to your child.

Maggie: Oh, we are so messed up.

Jamie: Hey, I am definitely more messed up than you are.

Maggie: You know what, at least you know what you want.

Jamie: Oh, my brother's wife? That's straight up.

Maggie: Hey, I didn't say it was easy, but come on, I'm dealing with my whole sexual identity here.

Jamie: That's only part of you. I mean, you're totally locked in to being a doctor. You know exactly what you want out of life. I don't even have a clue about the whole career thing. I'm a mess.

Maggie: Yeah, but you know what, you're so open to whatever is thrown at you in life.

Jamie: Yeah, I wish life would throw me something that I didn't want to throw back. I mean, I should have some clue, right? But when I look into my future, all I see is a big question mark.

Maggie: Here we are, all these questions and no answers.

Jamie: Well, hey, if there's no solutions, maybe there's no problem.

Maggie: Hmm?

Jamie: I read that somewhere. Anyways, whatever this struggle is, at least I have a friend who's just as messed up as I am.

Maggie: Oh, thank you so much.

Jamie: You're welcome.

Krystal: I am so proud of you and your courage and your love, but what exactly are you going to tell J.R.?

Babe: That I thought that there could be a chance that the baby wasn't his and that we asked Paul Cramer to switch the test results, but we're not even really sure if he did, and that there's just a teeny, tiny chance that Bess is Jamie's.

Krystal: Oh, good lord. Babe, no, no, you can't throw that at J.R.

Babe: Mom, I can't keep any more secrets from him.

Krystal: I understand that, honey, but don't you know what Bess means to him?

Babe: Of course I know what Bess means to him. He loves her more than anything. You know, he used to say that he could never love a child that wasn't his own, but now that he's held Bess in his arms, he has gone head over heels for her, and there's not going to be anything that's going to change that.

Krystal: Oh, Babe. Babe, honey, you still do not understand men.

Babe: Mama, you don't get it. I am so sure that this baby is J.R.'s that I will take another paternity test if I have to.

Krystal: Honey -- honey, no. What if that test says that Jamie is the father? Then what then?

Babe: J.R. will love Bess no matter who turns out to be the real daddy.

Krystal: Babe -- Babe, don't you think for one minute that it doesn't matter to J.R. who the father of that baby is.

J.R.: What about the lies? The bigamy, the adultery? She slept with my brother. Hell, we thought that James could be Bess' father. Doesn't that count against Babe's fitness as a mother?

Livia: Maybe as a wife, but unfortunately, the court is on Babe's side on this.

J.R.: But it's wrong.

Livia: The law's not about right, it's not about justice. Even O.J. got his kids back. The courts are predisposed to leaving children with their parents, especially in the case of newborns. I'm sorry, J.R., you just don't stand much of a chance.

J.R.: There's got to be some way we can fight this.

Livia: We can fight anything. It's just not going to be easy and it's not going to be quick.

J.R.: Well, what if we press charges for bigamy? That's a felony rap. That's prison time. That's got to put some odds into my favor.

Livia: It's not a slam dunk. She could say she didn't know she was supposed to file the petition. The court could accept that, and maybe it really was an oversight on her part.

J.R.: What if I go for it? What if I sue for custody right now?

Livia: At the very least, Bess would still stay with Babe until all the legal proceedings were over.

J.R.: And that could take years.

Livia: And there's something more important you should consider. If Babe knows you really intend to take Bess away from her, she could just run with her, and then you'd have no legal recourse until the court made a ruling. And if she stayed in hiding and just disappeared, you might never see your child again. I'm sorry, J.R., I don't envy your position.

J.R.: But I won't let you go. Uh-uh. I found a way. That's right, I found a way.

Reggie: Read 'em and weep.

Jack: Oh, you got to be kidding.

Reggie: Oh, nope.

Bianca: Oh, not again!

Reggie: I see a lot of deadwood over there.

Bianca: This is fixed. That's it.

Jack: I had a hand that looked like a foot. At least give me a chance to win back my dignity, will you?

Bianca: There you go.

Reggie: Ok, I'll be a fair man.

Bianca: It's all yours.

Reggie: All right, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bianca: Except for --

Reggie: No, no, come on, those are mine.

[Ethereal music plays]

Erica: Daddy? Daddy?

Erica: I can beat you. I will beat you, finally. I call.

Reggie: Call.

[Bianca chuckles]

Reggie: Oh, boy.

Bianca: I win.

Jack: What do you got? Oh! Full boat.

Reggie: Boy.

Jack: Not even close.

Reggie: I thought I had it for good that time.

Bianca: Nicely done.

Jack: Well, here, you might as well take them all.

Reggie: All right, no, I want mine.

Erica: No. No, I can't lose them. Not them. No, I -- I can't lose them. I can't lose anymore! No! No!

Krystal: J.R. truly believes that Bess is his, and no matter what you want to believe, that is going to affect the way he treats her and the way he treats you.

Babe: But I can't just sit here and not say anything to him.

Krystal: That is exactly what you have to do.

Babe: Mama, you're wrong.

Krystal: Honey, sometimes the truth is just too painful to hear.

Babe: He has the right to know.

Krystal: Honey, and Bess has the right to the best family possible and the biggest, brightest future. Honey, it's in your hands. You know that J.R. loves you and Bess. Now, you build on that, ok? Build on that. Don't cause any trouble where there isn't any.

Babe: I just -- I feel so guilty about it.

Krystal: You just concentrate and focus on being the best mama and the best wife there is. And all that loving is going to fill both your lives. You're just going to be so full with love that you're not going to have any room for any guilt.

Babe: J.R. does love Bess so much. And I would hate to ruin that. Bess needs her daddy, and so do I.

Krystal: Yes, yes.

Babe: And I'll just -- I'll just prove to him how much I love him and that he can trust me. And I'll just fight for my family until every last dream comes true.

J.R.: You're my beautiful baby girl, Bess. And you're mine. You're all mine.

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: But your mama is something else. And when the time's right, we'll just have to deal with her.

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