AMC Transcript Tuesday 5/11/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/11/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Babe: Finally, honey. What took you so long?

J.R.: Um -- what am I interrupting?

Babe: Oh -- nothing, we were just talking to pass the time till you got home.

Liza's voice: Your marriage is a lie. Tad knew, Krystal knew, Babe knew. All a lie, J.R. And they knew.

Babe: So, our sweet little girl -- she's upstairs and she's dreaming sweet dreams. And I've got the most wonderful husband in the whole, entire universe. How could my life possibly get any better than this?

Kendall: Ryan and Greenlee are at the airport?

Simone: I came to pick up the lipstick samples, and there they were! Look, all the flights have been grounded because of the fog. Well, it's lifting.

Kendall: What flight are they on?

Simone: They're taking the Cambias jet to who knows where. Are you going to get your fanny here? Kendall -- Kendall, are you -- you're coming, right?

Kendall: Stop them!

Simone: What? Wait, no -- how -- how? You're supposed to be here.

Kendall: Just do whatever you have to do. Trip them, stall them, throw yourself in front of the plane if you have to, but whatever you do, just don't let them leave!

Greenlee: Just when I thought we'd be here all night.

Ryan: Fog lifts, and we're ready to take off.

Simone: Ryan, Greenlee, wait up!

Greenlee: Can we move this along, please?

Ryan: Who was that?

Greenlee: Just Simone. Keep moving. Hi.

[Cheers and applause]

Rudy: You were otherworldly! Some of these girls plod along. You float. You raised my work to a new level. I bask in your reflected glory!

Erica: Oh, Rudy, thank you! But stop. Really, I just did what you asked me to do.

Rudy: With grace and panache and a God-given oomph that makes you stand head and shoulders above the herd. Tell her. What was it like out front?

Bobby: It was nothing short of amazing. Congratulations, Desiree.

Erica: Oh. Thank you, Roberto.

Rudy: Sharday, however -- what was that botoxed bovine doing out there? Shuffle, clomp, moo, trip? The girl is hopeless. Sharday! Don't try to run from me. You'll only --


Bobby: Don't be too hard on her, all right? Don't -- ok?

Erica: Oh!

Bobby: Pat, good work. So, it worked?

Erica: Oh, you were watching. It was wonderful!

Bobby: Did you -- did you accomplish what you hoped you would?

Erica: Well, Rudy isn't chasing me.

Bobby: Yeah, but is Erica gone, completely? Has the one and only Desiree Dubois replaced her forever?

Bobby: Well?

Erica: Forever? Nothing is forever.

Jack: Hey, Anita, I just looked in on your favorite patient.

Anita: Edmund should be sleeping.

Jack: Sleeping and making noises like a rather large buzz saw. I hope that's normal. Listen, will you give this to him tomorrow morning?

Anita: Sure. "White House Scandals"?

Jack: Yeah, I had another book all picked out about a trek up to Mount Everest, but I thought maybe since his operation didn't turn out quite -- I thought this was more appropriate.

Anita: Well, Edmund is healing nicely. He should be home soon.

Jack: Well, that's something. Actually, that's -- that's quite a bit. I think despite everything, Edmund knows how lucky he is to have your sister and Sam and Maddie.

Anita: Yes, absolutely. I will -- I'll be sure to give him the book.

Jack: Thanks again.

Anita: Mr. Montgomery --

Jack: Yeah?

Anita: I -- I know you're trying to track down Ms. Kane.

Jack: Well, I'm doing everything I can. I've got Aidan, I have Tad. Both are looking for her.

Anita: Yes, I know. I hope you find her.

Jack: Thanks, I hope it's soon.

Anita: Well, that's why I -- I thought that you should know -- um -- I asked Bobby, and he said he hasn't seen her.

Jack: You asked Bobby?

Anita: Yes. And he said that he has no idea where Erica could be.

Jack: Why would you think he did?

Kendall: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bianca: What? Kendall?

Kendall: Thank you for being the most amazing, fantastic sister, cheerleader, and advisor in the entire universe!

Bianca: I was just trying to sleep.

Kendall: Yeah -- I love you. I love you! I love you so much! And Jack -- Jack -- I love Jack, too! I love you both so much!

Bianca: Kendall, what happened?

Kendall: I love you both for -- for nagging, and -- and preaching at me and talking and talking and talking even when I wouldn't listen to you. That's family. Bianca, that's real, true family! You did it! You did it! You and Jack got to me!

Bianca: Did -- did what? Got to you how?

Kendall: I'm -- I'm going to stop Ryan from leaving with Greenlee. I'm going to stop him. I will not let him leave!

Bianca: But, Kendall, you told him that you would never --

Kendall: No, no, I take it back. I take it back, all of it. I forgive Greenlee. I forgive Greenlee for everything. I'm not going to let my stupid anger mess up my chance to be with Ryan. That doesn't make any sense. I forgive Greenlee, and I'm going to get on my knees and beg Ryan to forgive me, too.

Bianca: That's the best news ever! Oh, Kendall, hurry, hurry! Now!

Kendall: Ok, he's the worth the risk, and so am I. I mean, isn't happiness worth any risk?

Bianca: Hurry! Hurry!

Kendall: Yes. Ok!

Bianca: Hurry!

Kendall: I'm going, I'm going! Wish me luck!

Bianca: Good luck! Oh, please, God, don't let her mess this up.

Security Guard: Ok, folks, you have fun. Your own plane, huh?

Ryan: Yeah. Thank you.

Simone: Ryan!

Ryan: No, no, wait, wait --

Simone: Greenlee! Wait up!

Greenlee: Come on, come on. Our plane is waiting.

Ryan: Well, why? Why? We're just going to sit in the jet waiting for --

Simone: Greenlee, don't go! I need you! It's urgent! Ryan --

Greenlee: All right, all right.

Ryan: We got -- we got to -- excuse me. I'm just --

Simone: Ryan! Ryan! Oh, thank God! Oh, my God. I didn't think you guys could hear me over the announcements and everything.

Greenlee: You said it was important, Simone.

Simone: Oh, my God --

Ryan: You needed us?

Simone: Yeah, I do. That's -- that's why you guys can't leave. You can't go.

Greenlee: Because?

Simone: Ah.

Greenlee: Could you give us specifics, Simone?

Ryan: What is it?

Simone: Business. Mm-hmm. Nothing that Mia and I actually can't handle.

Greenlee: Ok.

Simone: Um --

Greenlee: Simone?

Simone: Well, gosh, you know what? They way you look at me, Greenlee, sometimes, you make me feel like a big old liability. Like I don't know what I'm doing. It doesn't make me feel good.

Greenlee: I'm sure whatever it is, that Kendall can handle it.

Ryan: Yeah, that's why I made her boss.

Simone: No, she can't! She can't. You know -- she needs you, Ryan, actually. Yeah, you're the top dog.

Ryan: Look, I put her in charge. She can take a crack at whatever it is --

Simone: The Sealy things -- yeah, yes.

Ryan: The Sealy things?

Simone: You didn't sign them.

Greenlee: The corporate seals?

Simone: Yeah. Yeah, you need to sign them, right?

Greenlee: Simone, Kendall said that she can take care of it. Why don't you just talk it over.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Good luck, Simone.

Simone: No, she can't. No, you guys -- God! Throw myself in front of the plane? Yeah, how? How? How? How? How?

J.R.: Tad?

Tad: No, I'm fine, thanks.

Babe: Honey, what'd they do to you at that office?

Tad: Yeah, no kidding. You look like the bottom fell out of the market.

Babe: You know, it's probably just way too much for one man to take. I mean, with all of our wedding planning and you being a top power man of a megacorporation.

Tad: You under pressure, son?

J.R.: Yeah, I'm under a lot more pressure than I've ever been.

Babe: Well, then, sweetie, here. Why don't you just take a seat and relax?

J.R.: Oh, no, you and Tad were talking.

Tad: Oh --

Babe: So? What is more important than my hubby's health and happiness?

Tad: Yeah, that's what I'd like to hear.

Babe: See, I was lucky enough to latch on to a wonderful guy, and I'm just smart enough to do what it takes to keep him around. So, honey, whatever you would like, your wish is my command.

Tad: And that's my cue to get lost before you two get too personal for witnesses.

J.R.: No, no, stick around.

Tad: That's all right. You got more interesting things to pursue.

Babe: Sweetheart, you just want to relax?

J.R.: Yeah, I'd like that. But I can't, not now.

Babe: Why? Did Mary grab you on the way in? Because if she did --

[Babe laughs]

Jamie: No. Mary was busy. I was upstairs, you know, getting the info for the tailor for the tux. And she groped me.

Tad: You're kidding. She made a grab for your inseam, huh?

Jamie: Yeah. Gee, how'd you know?

[Babe laughs]

Tad: Sometimes, I swear, Brooke caught you when your real parents chucked you off the turnip truck.

Jamie: What --

Tad: How could you be so stupid as to give Mary Smythe an opening like that?

Jamie: I didn't! She was hiding in the dark, and then she pounced out at me.

Tad: You are such an idiot.

Babe: I need the -- that card for the tailor. I could have sworn it was on the dresser.

J.R.: Hey, Jamie -- ahem -- come on. I'll be back.

Jamie: J.R., what's the deal?

J.R.: You got to help me.

Jamie: You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

J.R.: When I treated you like dirt -- when I got so angry at you and I'd freeze you out, I wouldn't let anything touch me, or even get to me.

Jamie: Yeah, like your old man, like Adam.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I get it now. I get why he was -- he's like that. And sometimes, it's like that's the only way you can survive. But if I go down that way, I'm afraid of what I'm going to do or what might happen.

Jamie: J.R., just -- just chill.

J.R.: No, you got to talk me out of this, man, because I'm -- I'm about ready to tear everyone down and anything that gets in my way.

Tad: You and I can finish our little talk about your mother and what she's up to.

Babe: Mama always says that she lives her life like an open book.

Tad: Yeah, with big print and no footnotes. I've read that one before, too. But I'm more interested in the chapter she edited out. You know, the one about secrets and lies.

Babe: Not really. Doesn't even sound anything like Mama.

Tad: We both know her better than that, don't we?

Babe: You know, I'm -- I'm going to go check in on Bess.

Tad: She's asleep, remember?

Babe: I don't know what you want me to say here.

Tad: I want you to tell me the truth. I want you to tell me what's going on, because I know it's not about the annulment. I know that you and Cramer were hitched when you and J.R. got married. And I know that the only reason --

Babe: Tad --

Tad: You're renewing your vows is to make it legal.

Babe: If anybody hears you --

Tad: Now, it's perfectly obvious to me that your mother never told you that I knew. I'm sorry, Babe, I wish I didn't.

Babe: How long? When did you find out?

Tad: A while ago.

Babe: You didn't tell anyone, did you?

Tad: No, because your mother convinced me not to.

Babe: Well, thank God.

Tad: I know J.R.'s crazy about you. And I'm sure it's mutual. I didn't see the point of stirring up trouble.

Babe: Tad, I love J.R. and Bess with all my heart, honest, I do. All I want to do is just spend my whole life making them happy.

Tad: Well, I'm glad to hear it. Because you got a shot, as long as the cat stays in the annulment bag. Now, I want to know what else your mother is hiding.

Babe: I really don't know what it is. I --

Tad: I am not going to let this thing go. I promise you that if there is something else floating around out there that could hurt J.R., I'm going to find out about it sooner or later, so you might as well tell me now.

J.R.: She knew. She knew all along, and she kept it quiet. She played me and I let her. Hell, man -- I made it easy for her.

Jamie: Who are we talking about?

J.R.: I caught her once. She was almost out the door, then she suckered me back in again. I don't expect you to understand what this feels like, but to give everything and expect the other person is on the same level, only to find out -- that bitch! That lying, cheating --

Jamie: J.R., brother, you got to tell me what's going on.

J.R.: Babe. Babe will be damn lucky if I let her out of this alive.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Ok, I'm coming.


Bianca: All right, I'm coming! Oh, please don't let this be Kendall. Oh.

Danielle: Hey, these are heavy. I know it's kind of late.

Bianca: I think you might have the wrong apartment.

Danielle: Oh, no, it's cool. Should I put this stuff in Reggie�s room?

Bianca: You're a friend of Reggie�s?

Danielle: Yeah. And you're Reggie�s cousin, maybe sister-to-be, Bianca.

Bianca: And -- yeah. What's your name?

Danielle: Danielle. Reggie talks about you all the time. Oh. Um -- are you ok? I -- I mean, should you be up? Um -- I mean, I -- can I just say how sorry I am about all that you've had to go through? I'm just really sorry about everything.

Bianca: Thank you. Thank you. So what is all this? Are you doing a fashion intervention on Reggie?

Danielle: Oh. These are for me, for tomorrow.

Bianca: Which is? I'm sorry, I've -- I've been kind of out of the loop.

Danielle: Well, thanks to Reggie and his friends Jamie and Maggie, you're looking at Fusion's next teen girl!

Bianca: The -- the what?

Danielle: Fusion's new teen girl! Well, maybe. It's not a done deal yet, but I'm up for it, and they think I'll nail it! Isn't that great?

Bianca: Uh -- yeah, I'll say.

Danielle: What? Some other girl's got a lock on it?

Bianca: Um -- no, it's just -- I've never heard of a Fusion campaign featuring a teen.

Reggie: Hey. What's up --

Danielle: Could be your number, since your cousin here has never heard of Fusion teen girl. What's up with that?

Simone: No, no! Wait!

Security Guard: No one allowed beyond this point without a clearance!

Greenlee: Just keep walking.

Ryan: Ok. Thank you.

Greenlee: She want to get arrested?

Ryan: I don't know.

Simone: I'm not leaving, ok? I'll be right here.

Security Guard: I'm watching you.

Simone: Ok.

Ryan: Hey, Simone, I told you to call Kendall.

Simone: Kendall is clueless. Corporately speaking, ok? She's a baby chick among wolves, all right? She's unprepared for this burden. I mean, Fusion could end up being, you know -- what's the opposite of "fuse"? You know, split. Yeah, it'll fall apart. She can't handle it.

Ryan: Pete Carroll. Have Kendall call Pete Carroll. He's a partner at Nash, Carroll, and Nash. Tax is one of his specialties, all right? He practically wrote the book on corporate governance.

Simone: Ok, well, who has time to read?

Ryan: Just have Kendall call Pete.

Simone: Ryan, I mean, you and -- and Kendall -- you should go see Pete together. You know, that way, you guys can, you know, smooth over this whole thing. I mean, I just don't want to see this whole thing become this big mushroom cloud, this mess while you're gone.

Ryan: Does Mia have a problem with this? Or Liza? Anybody else worried?

Simone: Oh! Yeah! I just got off the phone with them. I mean, they practically begged me to keep you here. Yeah, I mean, just until Kendall, you know, is fine. You know, when she gets the hang of it.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Well, the quarterlies aren't due for another month, and we'll be back by then.

Simone: Oh! I can't face her if I let you go.

Greenlee: Face her? Did Kendall ask you to keep us here?

Simone: Ok, fine. All right? I confess. It wasn't Liza or Mia on the phone. I called Kendall -- about the samples. And I -- I mentioned that I -- I saw you guys and you were taking off. And she panicked. Ok, I shouldn't tell you this because she would kill me, but she's terrified -- yes -- that when she's put to the test, she will fail.

Greenlee: Well, we wouldn't want that.

Simone: No.

Greenlee: Could you call Pete now?

Ryan: And smooth things over? Absolutely.

Greenlee: Tell Kendall she has nothing to worry about.

Ryan: Come on, Greenlee.

Simone: No -- I failed. I failed.

Kendall: Hey, Simone, Simone. Where are they? Where are they?

Simone: Oh! They went thataway.

Kendall: Ok. All right.

Simone: Oh, gosh, I've always wanted to say that.

Security Guard: Hey!

Kendall: Thanks, Simone!

Security Guard: Did somebody come --

Simone: You're welcome!

Security Guard: Oh, my God.

Simone: Wait -- run, Kendall!

Tad: I've already proved I can keep my mouth shut. I give you my word, I will not make whatever it is public.

Babe: Tad, if there's another secret, it's Mama's alone, because I really don't know what it is.

Tad: Scour your memory.

Babe: Yeah, I'm -- I made some colossal mistakes in the past, and sure, Mama helped to straighten them out, but that's all over now. The a word, the one you already found out about -- the annulment? -- That was my last, final, stupid mistake.

[Babe sighs]

Tad: We're talking about my stepson's life here. I love him every bit as much as I love Jamie.

Babe: And I love J.R., too. And I'm not going to mess this up.

Tad: I am sick and tired of shielding you and your mother. I swear to God, if something's about to hit the fan, I'm going to sidestep it. As far as I'm concerned, you two can duck and cover as best you can.

Babe: Tad, what the heck did my mom say to you that got you this worked up?

Tad: Oh, believe me, if I had something concrete, I would use it.

Babe: Tad, I don't know anything, I swear. There is no big, bad secret about me or J.R. or any other one that I know that Mama's keeping. Please, Tad, you got to believe me.

Jamie: So, Babe was still married when you guys --

J.R.: I saw the annulment paper. I saw the date.

Jamie: And Dad knew about this from the beginning?

J.R.: I don't -- I don't know. I know that he knows. For how long, it doesn't matter. Babe, she made a fool out of me. And she used you. That was enough, but this?

Jamie: Because I'm thinking Dad didn't tell you because he didn't want to hurt you. And Babe's got the annulment now, right? So if you go ahead with the wedding, you'll be married, and no one has to know.

J.R.: I know! I know what she did. And she wants to use this wedding to get her out of it.

Jamie: J.R., what -- what are you thinking?

J.R.: I have the ammunition to bring Babe down.

Jamie: The annulment paper.

J.R.: I have Bess. My little girl. At least I know that's true, that's real, that's substantial. I'm going to make damned sure that Babe never sees Bess ever again.

Jamie: No, you won't do that. You don't know why this happened. You don't know why Babe didn't annul that one-night marriage earlier. Maybe she thought Paul did it. Maybe he was supposed to, and when she saw him here, she found out that he hadn't.

J.R.: Why are you working so hard to save her? Are you still in love with Babe?

Jamie: No, I want you to get the facts, all of them, before you wreck your life, Babe's, and Bess', too.

J.R.: Well, that's Babe's doing.

Jamie: This is Adam's MO. You load the big guns and aim for total annihilation before you're even sure who the enemy is.

J.R.: Yeah, well, it sure as hell saves a lot more time!

Jamie: Yeah, but -- Babe loves you. She doesn't care about Paul Cramer.

J.R.: You don't know that. You don't know that, not for sure.

Jamie: And you're not sure that she lied to you in cold blood, but you're going to take her baby away.

J.R.: It's my baby. That's my daughter, and if I find Babe is unfit to raise her, so be it.

Jamie: You asked me to be her godfather, and I'm taking that seriously, J.R.

J.R.: All right. All right, so you'll help me raise her, then.

Jamie: If you take that little girl away from her mother, you will be Adam, and I will never forgive you for that. Hell, you know what Adam did to your mother to get you.

J.R.: That's different.

Jamie: No, not really. Adam didn't think Dixie was good enough to be your mother.

J.R.: My mother was a saint. Babe's just a cheap, lying slut.

Jamie: You'll ruin Babe's life. Don't break her heart.

J.R.: Yeah, well, it serves her right.

Jamie: And your daughter's.

J.R.: My daughter's place is with me. I could give her a better life. Now, if you can't forgive me for that, man, I guess I'm just going to have to learn to live with it.

Jamie: I won't let you. I won't stand by while you destroy your life.

J.R.: And all you are is worried about Babe.

Jamie: Because she is my brother's wife, and because you guys love each other.

J.R.: Not anymore.

Jamie: If you didn't, you wouldn't be set on ripping her apart. But I'll fight you on this, J.R. I won't let you do this to you and your wife.

J.R.: No, she's not my wife.

Jamie: Yeah, but she can be. And everything can be set right. J.R. -- J.R., don't -- do anything stupid.

Bianca: You know, I explained that, you know, I'm not up on everything that's gone down, but I didn't hear anything --

Reggie: Wait a minute, Simone didn't brief you about what's going on?

Bianca: Was she supposed to?

Reggie: Hell, yeah. This is a new nationwide marketing plan to merge the buying power of your teen demographic. You know, Simone's slipping. She better watch her job.

Bianca: You know, I read a lot of reports, and I didn't see one mention --

Reggie: Oh, this type of stuff is all -- it won't go down on print, because, you know, it always ends up bouncing around some chat room, and there's a spy somewhere. So that's why Fusion's new teen girl is strictly verbal.

Bianca: Oh. Good thinking.

Reggie: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: Danielle, good luck tomorrow. Um -- I got to go � e-mails. I have to do some e-mails.

Reggie: Yeah, and shouldn't you be getting some rest?

Bianca: Yeah. I will.

Reggie: Ok. Dani, this stuff is great. I'm pretty sure you got a lot of different looks here and stuff.

Danielle: Yeah, they're a couple of outfits I want to run by you if --

Reggie: Oh, I can't. I got about 12 weeks of work, you know, due in the morning, so I can't do that right now. But you -- you should be home sleeping already, because you're going to take this -- you're going to be the biggest thing to hit fashion since full lips and small hips.

Danielle: Speaking of lips, have mine had the chance to say thank you?

Reggie: Make sure you moisturize those tonight. You know -- for tomorrow. You're going to take this. You're going to be just fine, ok?

Danielle: Do my lips look dry to you?

Reggie: Well, you could just butter them up. Make, you know, Fusion's lip-gloss look nice and shiny and stuff, because you're going to take this tomorrow, yes you are.

Danielle: I will. I will. Thanks, Reggie.

Reggie: No problem. Sweet dreams.

Bianca: So what are you going to do tomorrow when she gets wise to your little scam?

Ryan: Yeah, whatever Ms. Hart needs, just make her feel secure, Pete, ok? Yeah, we're getting ready to board, so -- yeah, right, thanks. Ok.

Greenlee: Oh, you know what, it would help if we were on the right plane. We're supposed to be at C, not G.

Ryan: Are we ever going to get this wedding off the ground?

Kendall: Oh, God. I don't know -- I must have taken a wrong turn.

Woman: Now, you didn't tell me it was all this way.

Ryan: Whoa, hey, hey!

Woman: Oh! Oh!

Greenlee: Excuse us.

Ryan: Hey, we nearly, like, ran you right over there.

Woman: Am I in the right place? I can't miss my flight. If I don't meet Lorenzo in Cancun, he's going to find another chick.

Greenlee: I'm sure he wouldn't.

Woman: Oh, you don't know Lorenzo. He's insatiable.

Greenlee: Oh.

Ryan: Great. Well, your gate is back that way.

Woman: Oh. I'm going to leave my bag. I'll make better time.

Ryan: No, no, no. I'll take your bag.

Woman: Oh. You will? Don't let this one get away.

Greenlee: Oh, I'll try not to.

Woman: Are you kids going to Cancun? We could double-date. Lorenzo's like your fellow, a real hottie.

Greenlee: Oh!

[Greenlee laughs]

Ryan: Lorenzo, huh?

Kendall: Ryan? Ryan? Ryan! Ryan! Hey!

Security Guard: I need to have a word with you, miss.

Kendall: I -- I just have to talk to that passenger right over there. He'll vouch for me!

Security Guard: Oh, yeah? Who? Where?

Kendall: I don't know -- I don't know. I don't know where they are! I think they got away!

Security Guard: Too bad you're not so lucky.

Kendall: Get off of me!

Erica: I don't know if I can completely cut Erica loose. I can't let my past and my loss drag me under. I have to stay strong. I have to keep moving forward.

Bobby: I hope I didn't make a mistake.

Erica: What do you mean? What have you done?

Bobby: Well, I invited some old friends to help us celebrate. They're waiting downstairs at the bar.

Erica: Oh, my God. Well, who is it?

Bobby: How about you change and then we'll go down together, check it out. All right?

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. I was just about to have you paged.

Anita: I'm surprised you waited.

Jack: Listen, anything you might know about Erica's whereabouts, even the smallest clue, could be of some big help.

Anita: Well, I only brought it up because I knew that Aidan went to Las Vegas.

Jack: Right.

Anita: And Bobby works in Vegas. He runs the casino at The Seasons.

Jack: Oh.

Anita: And since Bobby and Erica were in Philadelphia together, I knew that Aidan must have thought there has to be a connection.

Jack: But there isn't?

Anita: No. I believe Bobby, and if he says that he doesn't have a clue where Erica Kane is then he doesn't. So I was just wondering if you could convince Aidan to leave Bobby alone. Aidan wouldn't listen to me.

Jack: Well, you know what, maybe that's because Aidan isn't convinced that Bobby's on the level. I'm not so sure you're convinced of that, either.

Reggie: Trust me, this girl deserves a lot worse than what I'm cooking up. Why you look so surprised I can sink so low? You're not going to rat on me, are you?

Bianca: No, actually, I'm surprised that I'm having such a good time.

Reggie: Oh, you are? No lie?

Bianca: No lie.

Reggie: Hmm.

Bianca: Between you and Kendall, I feel better than I have in a long time.

Reggie: So then you sort of almost approve?

Bianca: Oh, "approve" is a very strong word, but I won't rat you out.

Reggie: Well, thank you, my cousin-almost-sister.

Bianca: You've very welcome, my almost-brother-cousin -- whatever. Just beware the wrath of a Danielle scorned.

Reggie: Well, don't worry. This will disarm that she-bomb once and for all.

Tad: Ok. God help me, I do believe you. Which means I'm right back to where I started -- knowing nothing and sweating everything.

Babe: Mama is talented in a lot of ways. Bamboozling, for one.

Tad: Bamboozling? Bamboozling? What's that supposed to mean? Do you think she's doing this to, what, keep me off balance?

Babe: It's hard to tell with Mama. You know, she's always lived her life like a big old twister. I could always follow her trail, because I would just look for the guys that she left behind in her wake. They'd either be upside down on their heads or flung into some tree.

Tad: You know something, I survived a tornado once. It's not a bad analogy. Tell me more about her.

Babe: You know, when I was growing up, I was never scared or insecure. I always knew that Mama would take care of me. But then I had these friends, and their moms, they would just chip away at them, tell them that they were fat and they were stupid. Not Mama. She always made me believe that I could do anything I ever wanted. I bet your mom, Ruth, I bet she was the exact same way.

Tad: Oh. I was raised by two formidable women.

Krystal: Prepare to get knocked down by one. What the hell are you doing grilling my baby girl? I thought I made myself clear. Why don't you take a hike while you're able to walk like a man?

Tad: I was just having some trouble figuring you out.

Krystal: What's to figure? I turned you down, now you're here bothering my baby doll?

Babe: No, Mama. Please -- Tad and I were just talking --

Krystal: You can't have my scalp for your lodge pole, you got that now?

Tad: Yeah, I got it. Good night, Babe.

Krystal: What was Tad fishing for?

Babe: He's convinced that you have another big secret that you're hiding. And it's not the question of paternity and it's not the annulment, so what else is there?

Krystal: Look, I am just trying to get you legally wed and keep your life from falling apart.

Babe: You know Tad. He could have really done me wrong, but he kept his mouth shut. So if there is anything else that I need to know, you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Krystal: Of course I would. You just -- you ignore all his foolishness now, you hear me?

Babe: You're right.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: It has just been a really long day. I'm just going to go upstairs and get ready for bed.

Krystal: Ok.

Babe: You coming?

Krystal: In a while. Go ahead. Oh, Lord. Lord, please, please keep my little girl's baby safe and warm in your heart. Please, God, please.

Tad: Aidan, did you find her? No, just -- I don't care. Just tell me. Did you find Erica? Ok, so what does that mean, you're "closing in"? No -- no, no, no -- if the lead is hot, you stay on it. I just want you to call me as soon as you know. Yeah. I will. Bye-bye. Hey, kiddo. Where's your brother?

Jamie: He had stuff to do.

Tad: Oh. Oh. Well, I'm not surprised, with a wedding on the horizon. Are you ok? Is there something that you wanted to talk to me about?

Jamie: No. I'm cool.

Tad: Ok. What do you say you and I stop by my place for a midnight snack on the way back to your apartment, huh? Come on.

Jamie: You know, J.R. and I aren't kids anymore.

Tad: Well, I wasn't suggesting I tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.

Jamie: Yeah.

Tad: James? What is it? Look, you know that if you or your brother were ever up against it, you can always, always come to your old man. You realize that, right?

Jamie: I get that you're trying to help, but there's some things that we have to do ourselves.

Tad: Did we have a fight that I don't know about?

Jamie: No.

Tad: Well, is there some kind of problem?

Jamie: Not that I know of.

Tad: Ok. Well, good night, son.

Jamie: Later.

Anita: I have to get to some patients.

Jack: Ok. Listen, thank you very much for clarifying about Bobby.

Anita: Well, I hope you really find Ms. Kane soon.

Jack: I hope you find whatever you're looking for, too.

[Music plays]

Bobby: Gentlemen, I give you Desiree.

Man: Whoo! Whoo!

Second Man: Desiree! There's our lucky star!

First Man: Not always lucky for our wallets, though.

Third Man: You cleaned us out in Philly!


Erica: Puggy! Hey, Scotty! Huck! Hey!

Puggy: Desiree, you are full of surprises.

Huck: Yeah, and every bit as gorgeous a blonde as you were a brunette.

Scotty: That was some fine show you put on.

Erica: Well, thank you. I didn't do it alone.

Puggy: Well, I wish you had. Them other gals was blocking the view. Roberto, I guess we owe you for clueing us in on the festivities. To Desiree -- a shining star in this Vegas desert.

Huck: Desiree!

Scotty: Desiree!

Puggy: Desiree!

Erica: Oh, thank you!

Bobby: A truly original creation.

Erica: And to Roberto, for letting his creation live and breathe.

Scotty: Roberto!

Huck: Roberto!


Roulette Spinner: Place your bets, please. Hold on. Number six, black.


PA Announcer: Flight 100, have your boarding pass to get through, gate number one.

Ticket Agent: Enjoy your flight.

Ryan: We will.

Kendall: Oh, God, I thought he was going to arrest me.

Simone: Oh, oh --

Kendall: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Simone: Hi.

Kendall: Hi, excuse me. Listen, did a really tall man, about six feet tall, very good-looking --

Simone: Good-looking.

Kendall: Short brown hair come through here?

Simone: With a girl. About yea big with natural blond highlights?

Ticket Agent: Just a minute ago.

Simone: All right!

Kendall: Oh, God, finally! Ok, great. Oh -- oh, no. It's locked -- it's locked!

Ticket Agent: That's right.

Kendall: No -- well, then you have to unlock -- open the door. Unlock it!

Ticket Agent: Well, let me see your paperwork.

Kendall: No, I -- please, please, I'll do anything. I'll give you anything. Please!

Ticket Agent: I'd lose my job.

Kendall: I'll give you a new one, a better one. Please, please. Ryan -- Ryan, don't go! Ryan, please don't go!

Babe: J.R. Good, I'm glad you're here. Wait till you see this. Ok -- so it's covered in roses, and we would stand underneath it. I know it's in here. Wait -- here. Well, if you don't like it, we -- I mean, is it just too flashy? You know, we really don't have to have such a big, flashy wedding if you don't want.

J.R.: I'll tell you what I want.

Babe: Ok. Here. Come sit.

J.R.: I want to talk about our first marriage, the one that wasn't legal, because you were still married to Paul Cramer.

Ryan: To us, our relationship, and the perfect marriage, one based on friendship and is pain-free.

Greenlee: To us.

Simone: I tried.

Kendall: It's not your fault.

Simone: Well, look, you know, we can wait until they come back and then you can see --

Kendall: Hey!

Ticket agent: Hey, watch it.

Kendall: Where'd they go? Where did they go? Where is that plane headed?

Ticket Agent: I don't know. Earlier -- earlier, I talked to the pilot. He said The Thousand Islands. Yeah, The Thousand Islands. Is that right?

Kendall: I don't know, I don't know! I don't know.

Simone: Oh, forget it! Combing through a thousand islands? I mean, it's not possible.

Kendall: Yes, yes, yes! The hell it isn't. It is, it is. Simone, I will go through every single island, no matter what I have to do. I'll turn the entire place upside down, inside out if I have to. I'm going to find Ryan, and I'm going to make things right before it's too late.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Reggie: Forget about Erica. Let her stay where she is.

Erica: Let's get this party started!

Maggie: I've never felt this way about someone before. The feeling that I have for Bianca -- I don't know how to explain those feelings.

J.R.: You're busted, Krystal. The party's over.

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