AMC Transcript Thursday 5/6/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/6/04

By Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Liza: Are you teasing? If I give you the wrong answer, are you going to turn me over your knee?

Tad: Spare me the oh-so-cute routine, all right? I have just about OD'd on all your little games.

Liza: Good, you know, because they used to be our games. They were Olympic-sized games and you always went for the gold.

Tad: Well, if that's the case, then you'll believe me when I say if you don't tell me right now what kind of head trip you're pulling on Krystal, you will regret you ever took me on.

J.R.: Babe, you have the biggest heart of anybody that I know.

Babe: And Bianca's is right up there in size, and that's why I picked her.

J.R.: Yes, as Bess' godmother.

Babe: And as my maid of honor -- two for one.

J.R.: Have you even asked her about this yet?

Babe: Godmother, yes. Maid of honor, no, but Bianca, she's going to be cool with the short notice.

J.R.: We need some time to talk this through.

Babe: What is there to talk about? I see. Bianca is my best friend, and I want her to be there for me and for Bess. And I always thought that that was my call. Are you trying to say that what I want doesn't even matter?

Ryan: It's nice to see you up and about, especially here.

Bianca: I just came from Fusion, which is code for "I've seen Kendall, and I know what happened."

Ryan: Details or broad strokes?

Bianca: I know that you two aren't together anymore. Do I need to know more?

Ryan: Well, only one thing -- that you can't plead her case.

Bianca: All right, then let me plead mine. It was all my fault.

Ryan: You didn't make Kendall stick it to Greenlee.

Bianca: No, I did it for her. I was the one that put that clause in banning Greenlee from Cambias. I was messed up, Ryan, we all were, but look what it's done to all three of you. Please, Ryan, if I insist that that clause be taken out, will you take Kendall back?

Kendall: Lovely, lovely choice. You'll be the envy of the unemployment line -- that's your big event, isn't it?

Greenlee: Needle me all you want, I still won't share my news. Though, it would serve you right if I did.

Kendall: No, you are going to tell me exactly what's going on.

Bianca: It was the world's dumbest move, Ryan. You can just cross out that clause or ignore it altogether.

Ryan: Bianca, you don't have to do this.

Bianca: Well, somebody's got to do it. You and Kendall deserve another chance.

Ryan: You are the world's greatest cheerleader, Bianca, but it's too late, the game is over. So what's next, you know, with -- with you? School? Work? Travel might be good -- you pick the place, I'll supply the jet.

Bianca: I'm going back to work, but let's forget about that right now. Let's focus on what's really important.

Ryan: Getting back to day-to-day rates right up there, Bianca.

Bianca: You can keep changing the subject, Ryan, but I'm just going to keep changing it back. You love Kendall, Kendall loves you.

Ryan: You know what? Sometimes it's really -- it's a relief to focus on work and numbers because what it does is it keeps the brain very busy and allows the heart time to heal.

Bianca: Hmm. There's another way for your heart to heal, and I think we both know what -- or who -- it is.

Ryan: I was talking about you.

Bianca: No, you only think you were. Please, Ryan, hear me out on this one.

Ryan: Bianca, you've been here before trying to do damage control for me and Kendall.

Bianca: You listened to me before because you knew I was right.

Ryan: This time it's different, ok? There's nothing else to say. There's no going back.

Bianca: You can't know that.

Ryan: Yes, I can. I'm sorry, Bianca, but it's over. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change that.

Bianca: Why?

Ryan: Because I offered Kendall everything that I had, and she said no.

Greenlee: What's your deal, Kendall? You want to rip my dress right off me? That's only fair, I guess. Here. This spot right here will give you optimum rippage. Go ahead, I'll cover the damage with my first unemployment check.

Kendall: What kind of maneuver is that?

Greenlee: It's a nifty little trick from my new book, "Confrontation for Dummies." I call it giving in.

Kendall: You would've rather jumped off the roof of the Fusion building. This -- this is about Ryan, isn't it?

Greenlee: My -- it's awe-inspiring. Really, your paranoia knows no bounds.

Kendall: Yeah, well, consider it well-earned, well-deserved caution. I'm not going to let you blindside me again.

Greenlee: Oh, wouldn't dare try it. You're the master. You played me, you beat me, you wiped the court with my heinie. You're the champ, I'm the also-ran.

Kendall: Ok, see -- see, you're smiling right now. The only reason you'd be smiling is if you had another grenade to toss my way.

Greenlee: That's what's ticking you off -- that I can manage to smile?

Kendall: Yeah, no -- it's not that same little bitchy smile that you always do. It's this really weird, satisfied smile, which is why I have to watch my back even more.

Greenlee: Wow. It's not enough that you kicked me out of my own company. Now you want me to sob hysterically as I cringe at your feet.

Kendall: I really don't care what you do.

Greenlee: As long as I suffer loudly and then go away?

Kendall: No, you see, this is a smokescreen so that you don't have to tell me what you're really up to.

Greenlee: Now, here's an interesting thought -- if we ran Fusion together, you wouldn't have to ask me what I'm up to. There'd be no secrets between us. But you used your sister to boot me out of my company. You're the winner in all this, Kendall. Smile -- it increases your face value.

Kendall: I couldn't be happier.

Greenlee: Super. And while I'm not at your level of bliss, I plan to use this as a learning experience. The mature approach could serve us well, don't you think?

Kendall: I think being left with nothing has sent you completely over the edge.

Greenlee: FYI, this little fashion makeover -- it's for the wedding.

Liza: Krystal and I -- our paths hardly ever cross since you went monk on us.

Tad: Yeah, and yet you managed to work in a little after-dinner head game in the ladies' room at SOS? You know, I'm sure you were so slick she never even saw it coming. You make a little casual comment, pretend to know more than you do, and wait for her to dump the rest.

Liza: I didn't go after Krystal. And even if I did, would she need you to protect her? She's not exactly a hothouse flower.

Tad: Maybe not, but this also involves J.R. and Babe, and it's never a good idea to go after my kid.

Liza: Well, I honestly don't know what it is that you think I'm doing, but you're wrong. Why don't we just take a step back and we can talk later.

Tad: No, we won't talk later, ok? I've had it, I'm done, Liza. I mean, you skulk around, you spy on me. Now you're -- now you're screwing with Krystal's head? What's next, stove-top rabbit stew? Is this really what you're about? Because if it is, I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Liza: Don't you -- are you listening to yourself? Did you hear just the way you just talked to me?

Tad: Well, Liza, I don't even know who the hell you are!

Liza: I am your friend! I am the one that will tell you that Krystal Carey is bad news! And while she's trying to bring you down, I'm trying to protect you.

Krystal: You know J.R. would give you the world. He just wants to make sure that making Bianca the godmother is the right thing for everybody.

Babe: Well, this isn't about everybody. It's about me and J.R. and Bess -- or at least that's what I thought.

Adam: And all eyes are on me -- understandably so. I made it quite clear how I feel about Bianca being anywhere near Bess.

Krystal: Well, heck, you're just a little gun-shy after what she did. I mean, nobody can blame you for that.

Adam: Well, I don't want to complicate what is already a complicated issue. So, the decision is yours -- you and J.R. I leave you to it.

Babe: So, what, you going to try to talk me out of it?

J.R.: No. I'm going to tell you the truth -- I don't want it to happen.

Babe: What do you think, Mama?

J.R.: This isn't about her. You already said it, Babe. It's about you, me, and Bess.

Krystal: J.R. is right, ok? This is a decision that should be made between a husband and a wife together.

J.R.: Our wedding should be romantic and beautiful with no tension. How relaxed can we be with Bianca standing there right next to us? I just think it's too soon to be pulling her into something this big.

Babe: And when will it be ok?

J.R.: Maybe never.

Babe: I love you, J.R., I really do, but I'm sorry, I just don't get this. How can you be so kind and caring when it comes to me, but then when it comes to Bianca you don't even have an ounce of compassion for your old friend?

J.R.: That's not true. I care about Bianca. That's why I think we should leave her alone.

Babe: Yeah. That's not how a friend thinks, that's how your daddy thinks.

J.R.: Well, my father's not always wrong.

Babe: You know what? If you and Adam are going to gang up on me and tell me who can be a part of our wedding, then maybe there shouldn't even be a wedding at all.

Greenlee: Gosh, Kendall, that was sweet of you to wait for me.

Kendall: Ok, if you don't stop with your little cutesy act, I'm going to vomit. Just, please, tell me, what wedding?

Greenlee: It'd be my pleasure to share the good news.

Kendall: Great. So then let's get on with it.

Greenlee: My big event that I'm going to?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Is Babe and J.R.'s wedding.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: You didn't hear that they're renewing their vows? I thought you and J.R. were such pals. I guess you were too busy planning to overthrow me.

Kendall: No, no, I knew that. J.R. told me, but how did you land on the guest list?

Greenlee: Oh, my mother's the wedding planner. I mean, she may be broke, but she sure can spend other people's money.

Kendall: Oh, so she's your date? How very sad for both of you. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: I know. Poor single me, how will I ever go on? They say that you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. Looks like we both have our work cut out for us.

Kendall: I'm extremely happy how my life is going. Fusion keeps me very satisfied.

Greenlee: Well, make sure you keep an eye on that. All work and no play leaves you a paycheck and diddly-squat else. Hmm. Well, actually, for someone who's left with nothing, I'm all booked up. I got to run.

Myrtle: Any luck? I thought the last one was smashing.

Greenlee: Oh, they were all great, Myrtle, but I think the one is still waiting for me.

Myrtle: Well, don't give up, you'll get it.

Greenlee: And I'll snatch it right up, thanks.

Myrtle: Go snatch.

[Myrtle laugh]

Greenlee: Bye, ladies.

Kendall: What -- what is up with her? What's going on with her?

Myrtle: Well, she's very peppy, I must say I saw that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, did she say what the dress was for?

Myrtle: No. No, she just said it was for a very important occasion.

Ryan: I know Kendall. I -- I can see straight into her soul. She can't -- she can't let go, she can't let herself be content. She plants landmines and she steps on them herself.

Bianca: Because she doesn't think that she deserves to be happy.

Ryan: The "because" doesn't matter anymore, Bianca. She just -- she just can't do it. Now, I knew it was going to be tough for her to have Greenlee back at Fusion, you know, as her full and equal partner, but I was going to hold her hand. I was going to get her past it, and she wouldn't let me.

Bianca: You caught her off-guard --

Ryan: It's way too late. It's too late. If -- if you could've been inside my head and seen the hopes that I had for me and Kendall, she trashed them. And I know that we've been there before, but that doesn't make it any easier. And now -- and now those pictures in my head are gone, and I finally get it. What Kendall is capable of giving me is not what I want.

Bianca: Oh, Ryan. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: Don't -- don't -- don't get sucked in by all this, all right? You have been through hell. You need to focus on you, not all of this junk.

Bianca: Shattered dreams are shattered dreams. Doesn't matter how or why. They're still lying in pieces on the ground. I'm so sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too.

Krystal: Honey, what are you saying? Of course you want this wedding.

Babe: Not if there's going to be this big-old-ugly cloud about Bianca hanging over it. The day is supposed to be about love, and if it's not that, why even have one?

Krystal: Honey, honey, love means a healthy dose of compromise, you know, even for catered affairs.

J.R.: The wedding and the christening should be about how much we love each other and how much you love other people around you.

Babe: Does this mean that you understand?

J.R.: Yes, whatever you want. This wedding will be your dream come true.

Babe: Not if Adam has anything to say about it. Honey, I don't mean to make you tangle with your daddy. It's just that if my best friend isn't welcome, I feel like I'm not welcome. And if he's going to keep acting like that, I just -- I really can't have the wedding here.

J.R.: I'll handle Adam. You concentrate on the cake and the flowers and those little almond candies that I like.

Babe: Thank you for making me your wife all over again.

J.R.: Yeah. All right.

Babe: Is he not the sweetest thing ever?

Krystal: Honey, get out the crash cart. You almost gave me a heart attack! Baby doll, have you forgotten why you need this wedding?

Babe: But it doesn't mean that it still can't be awesome.

Krystal: "Awesome" means being legally married to the father of your child. Good night! Baby doll, you cannot afford to go bridezilla on J.R., you've got too much to lose!

Babe: You know what? I don't even care -- they can forget the stupid tablecloths and -- and drop the dumb cake, for all I care, but you know what? God -- I love Bianca, and I want her to be a part of this.

Krystal: Well, honey, it's about priorities, ok? I know you love Bianca, but you love J.R. and you want to be his lawfully wedded wife, with the emphasis on "lawfully."

Babe: But J.R., he saw it my way, and I'm sure he can convince Adam to come around.

Krystal: I don't know if that's in the plus column.

Babe: What is this, Mama? Aren't you even happy for me?

Krystal: Yes, I am, honey. But J.R. has a point. I mean, I think it might be a good idea to put a little distance between Bianca and Bess. I -- I just think that might be the right thing for everybody.

Liza: Tell me, was I supposed to just let Krystal drag you down? You know, I never did find out what it was she was hiding, and for all I know, she could have you wrapped up in something illegal.

Tad: Liza, I'm a grown man, ok? You don't have to look out for me, I don't need a bodyguard.

Liza: Friends don't need an invitation to look out for one another.

Tad: Well, by all means, consider yourself uninvited. Seriously, I don't want to see you skulking around in the shadows trying to defend poor, dim Tad.

Liza: Oh, come on, you're one of the brightest people I know.

Tad: Well, right now my light bulb is going off, and it's telling me that you're throwing your elbows around in other people's lives, trying to stick your nose in something that doesn't concern you.

Liza: All right, you know what? You don't even want to hear what I have to say.

Tad: No! Not if you're going to try to con me about some big secret, I don't.

Liza: You know, what did she do to you? How -- how have you lost the ability to think with your brain?

Tad: Watch it.

Liza: Whatever Krystal is involved in could create a lot of damage to you and to your family. Can't you see that?

Tad: I don't know what you think you know and it doesn't matter. The only thing that does is whatever happens between me and Krystal is none of your business.

Liza: Of course it is. I'm in love with you. You know, we've -- we've come so close so many times, and we never go for the relationship because we're afraid it's going to ruin our friendship. But I -- I think we're wrong. I think it would make our relationship bigger and better.

Tad: What?

Liza: Well, I think, accepting what I already know to be true -- that Dixie has the largest part of your heart. But that you have a special corner in there that's just for me.

Tad: My God, of course I do.

Liza: I want to save my spot, and that means I can't let Krystal screw this up for us.

Tad: Oh, Liza. Krystal hasn't screwed us up. I have.

Krystal: I just don't see how letting Bianca around Bess is going to do her any good.

Babe: But it will.

Krystal: Just like that? Honey, you don't have any way of knowing that for sure.

Babe: Then how come I can feel it straight down to my fingertips?

Krystal: Here, sugar, sit down, sit down.

[Babe sighs]

Krystal: Listen, you feel for your friend. But, honey, there's just no way you can tape that poor girl's heart together.

Babe: Mama, I love you, I really do, but you are dead wrong on this one. When I woke up last night to feed Bess, I got hit with that exact same feeling that I have been feeling ever since the hospital -- that somehow Bess is the answer for Bianca.

Krystal: Honey, listen, you -- you just can't put that kind of responsibility of healing Bianca on Bess' tiny -- tiny shoulders.

Babe: I know, and that's why it's up to me. I'm the only one that can help Bianca. Does any of this even make any sense at all?

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, it -- it makes perfect sense.

Kendall: Oh -- thank God you are here. I feel like pulling out all my hair, though I'd rather yank out hers.

Bianca: Stop.

Kendall: You are not going to believe the day I had. I just ran smack into Greenlee. Ugh. She was all weird, she was all creepy smiles and quippy remarks. She's definitely up to something.

Bianca: I said stop!

Kendall: Bianca, what's wrong?

Bianca: You, your head, this craziness that's spilling out. Kendall, you are spiraling into misery, stupidity, and pain, and there is no way that I'm going to let you do it. Sit. I said, sit!

Kendall: Ahem. Well, Ryan should not have dragged you into this.

Bianca: I dragged myself into it. I went over there with my usual routine -- "Poor Kendall, so misunderstood, all she needs is love --" blah, blah, blah. How many times have I pleaded your case for you?

Kendall: You know, you have enough going on, Bianca, without trying to get me and Ryan back together.

Bianca: Well, you don't have the sense to do it yourself, so Bianca to the rescue to help save her sweet, loving sister. You know, by the time I left that penthouse, my heart was breaking for the guy.

Kendall: Yeah, well, then your heart was the only one that was broken, Ryan doesn't have a dent in his.

Bianca: I don't know what's worse -- that you're cruel or you're too willful to notice. You drop-kicked Ryan's dreams, Kendall. You completely destroyed his vision of a happy future. Do you have any idea what that does to a person?

Kendall: Yeah, actually, I do. I have some idea.

Bianca: Don't you dare make this about how much you've been hurt. I have fallen for that way too many times. You hurt Ryan badly, Kendall, and, God forgive me, I helped! I was angry at Greenlee, so when you came to me with that idea for that clause banning her from Fusion, I jumped all over it. But we were wrong, and it's time to step up and admit it. If not, you got a damn good chance of condemning yourself to a lifetime of misery and loneliness!

Kendall: All right, you know what? You need to relax, you're turning red!

Bianca: I'll go purple if I thought it would help! You want revenge on Greenlee, fine. Get a dartboard with her picture on it. But you're letting revenge completely destroy your chances of -- of having a happy future. I'm so mad I could scream!

Kendall: All right, well, then scream at Ryan. He's the one who chose Greenlee over me.

Bianca: Uh-uh. That's not true. He chose his own dignity. But Greenlee is waiting in the wings. If she's smart enough to take a shot at Ryan -- which I think she is -- then I say, "Goodbye, Ryan." It's exactly what you deserve.

[Knock on door]

[Music plays]

Greenlee: David!

David: Hey.

Greenlee: Come in! Sit down! Tell me good things!

David: It looks like your closet threw up.

Greenlee: Oh, you know, I'm a big fan of options.

David: Are you planning a trip?

Greenlee: An adventure.

David: Oh. And very happy about it, I see. It's been quite a while since I've seen you smile.

Greenlee: Guess so. You're not the only person who's noticed.

David: Well, I hope this bit of news doesn't crash your mood.

Greenlee: Hmm. Hit me with it.

David: I confirmed my suspicions -- Ryan is still in love with Kendall.

Greenlee: Frightening, isn't it? The girl certainly does weave a spell.

David: That doesn't surprise you?

Greenlee: It surprises me that you expect me to be surprised. And it surprised me that Ryan shared with you the surprise that Kendall's not out of his system? No. Hand me that dress, will you?

David: Well, first of all, Ryan didn't give me that information willingly.

Greenlee: Ooh. Seems someone was scheming for some info, and for once, it wasn't me.

David: All right, all right, Greenlee, Greenlee, just -- just stop -- stop folding for one second and listen to me, please. Ryan is still in love with Kendall, which means forget Mary's advice or whatever else you were thinking of doing. Stay away from him, or else, I'm telling you, he's going to con you and he's going to hurt you.

Greenlee: Ryan has been nothing but upfront with me so far, and believe me, I'm feeling no pain.

David: Oh, really? Ok, well, has he mentioned that Kendall is still in love with him?

Greenlee: More old news.

David: Why isn't this registering? The two of them are not over each other yet.

Greenlee: Kendall may not be done with Ryan, but he's definitely done with her.

Livia: Insurance -- ok. Stock portfolios -- fine. What -- what's this? No sex either with each other, nor with other people?

Ryan: Well, that's where the six-month option comes in -- revise, renew, or retreat.

Livia: Very thorough and very explicit.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, you know, it's all Greenlee. She's a very proactive problem solver.

Livia: Right down to the division of household labor.

Ryan: I give her two weeks before we get a full staff.

Livia: Uh-huh. Huh. Well, I can really see why you didn't want the Cambias attorneys involved with this.

Ryan: Yeah, I like my privacy. And besides, it's all for the better of the company -- Cambias gets a good businessperson, Greenlee gets what she deserves.

Livia: You're very optimistic.

Ryan: And as for the details of this prenup, nobody is going to know about them unless this arrangement crashes and burns, which I don't think is going to happen.

Livia: One question -- Ryan, have you sought some professional advice?

Ryan: Well, yeah -- I came to the best.

Livia: I mean a doctor's advice, because you are seriously off the deep end.

Tad: Liza, I don't know where or when or even why it happened, but somewhere along the line you became my best friend. I mean, no matter how much destruction you caused in my life, no matter how much havoc I wreaked in yours, you and I never drifted so far apart that we couldn't find one another again.

Liza: Well, we never have to drift apart ever again, and we've been moving to this point since we were teenagers.

Tad: I don't think where we're moving is what you've got in mind. I know you love me, and I love you right back, but just not in the way you're thinking.

Liza: I know that Dixie holds your heart.

Tad: No, that's -- that's not what I meant.

Liza: Not Dixie?

Tad: The other day, you nailed me when you said that my little hiatus was just a way of covering my feelings for Krystal.

Liza: Well, I -- I was wrong.

Tad: No. You weren't wrong, because I do have feelings for Krystal. I don't know where they're going to take me, but I'm going to try to follow them, if she'll let me.

Liza: Tad, I mean, what you and I have is a lot more than what happens in the bedroom.

Tad: If I had ever thought for one second the two of us getting involved would risk our friendship, I wouldn't have done it in the first place.

Liza: Oh, so you -- you never -- well, all this didn't really have anything to do with Dixie. I lost out to Miss Tractor Pull 1993. And you just want me to shake it off and be your good friend?

Tad: Hey -- you and I have been through a lot of really, really bad things together. I know we can get through this.

Liza: You know, I got to tell you, you know what I thought about when we were together? I thought that we were making love.

Tad: Just tell me what to do so I can make this better.

Liza: No, you should go and be with her. You should share your -- your tender feelings with her. And when she pulls the rug out from underneath you and you need a shoulder to cry on, you should go to someone else, because your good friend Liza really doesn't give a damn anymore.

J.R.: All hail the conquering hero. Consider Adam handled.

Babe: You made Adam see it my way?

J.R.: Well, he understands this is what you want -- well, what both of us want -- and he's agreed to not interfere with Bianca doing double duty.

[Babe giggles]

Babe: Did you hear that, Mama? I have my maid of honor and Bess has her godmother.

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. Way -- way to go, J.R.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Please, this is the way it should be.

J.R.: Well, it's your choice.

Krystal: Well, since that's all settled, I'll just go check on Mary, make sure she hasn't booked a fleet of harpists to pluck you down the aisle.

[Babe and J.R. chuckle]

Babe: You --

[Door closes]

Babe: You make my heart happy. I just -- I just don't want us to get all wrapped up in this wedding and forget why we're doing it in the first place. You're my forever man, J.R. And, yes, I promise I won't be that cheesy at the ceremony.

[J.R. and Babe chuckle]

J.R.: This is only the beginning. I am so in love with you.

[Music plays]

David: That smile tells me that you have a plan.

Greenlee: I'm smiling because life suddenly doesn't suck.

David: Well, that's great, wonderful! And the reason for that is?

Greenlee: Actually, it was all Ryan's idea.

David: Greenlee, Greenlee, no! Oh, come on! Whatever he's offering you, run the other way!

Greenlee: David, I've examined all the angles, and it's going to work out to my advantage.

David: Oh, great. Great, so he sucked you into some kind of business scheme -- like the jerk needs any more money. I'm telling you, Greenlee, that you're going to end up taking all the risk on this.

Greenlee: Oh, I'd say it's about 50/50.

[David sighs]

David: All right, all right. Start from the beginning.

Greenlee: Well, that's a very long time ago. At the same time, not. Anyway, I can't get into it.

David: Which is another way of you saying you don't want me to talk you out of this.

Greenlee: Well, you could try, but it wouldn't work. David, you told me to do something for myself. This is it -- for myself. Forget sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Behold, I am on the edge of greatness -- money, power, and a wonderful friend by my side.

David: Yeah, well, if that friend is Ryan Lavery, I'm going to staple you to that chair.

Greenlee: The red or the pink?

David: All right, what is this really about? What, this is another way for you to screw over Kendall, isn't it?

Greenlee: No. But I did have a ringside seat while she did it to herself.

David: Whatever this is, please, just forget it, let it go!

Greenlee: I can't, it's impossible. A big, beautiful opportunity just fell into my lap. I have six months to make it pan out.

David: Six months?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

David: You can't possibly leave yourself exposed for six months, that's suicide!

Greenlee: Well, there is inherent risk and the possibility of an awful outcome if it takes a nosedive. But I will have tried, David. I will have said, "Boy, howdy," to life's infinite possibility. Oh, it makes me proud just to think about it.

David: Fine, think about it all you want, just don't actually do it!

Greenlee: Oh, you wouldn't say that if you understood. If this works out, I'll have the world.

Livia: I don't really know you, Ryan. Our only contact came during Kendall's murder trial. I assume you remember that?

Ryan: Yes. It's in the past.

Livia: Well, what about Kendall refusing to take off her engagement ring because she was so very much in love with you?

Ryan: In the past.

Livia: And what about Greenlee going into shrieky harpy mode and nearly ruining my case, nearly getting Kendall convicted? I guess that's all ancient history, too?

Ryan: Yes, Greenlee has a certain dramatic flair.

Livia: So does an H-bomb. But if you're intent on going through with this --

Ryan: The vows, the ring, the whole shebang.

Livia: Ok, well, then I guess there's nothing for me to do but draw up this prenuptial agreement. One more question, and it won't be about your sanity.

Bianca: You have an amazing man who's in love with you. Do you ever think about that? Do you think about the incredible future you could have with him? No! You obsess about Greenlee!

Kendall: She obsessed on me first.

Bianca: Forget about her. You know, every time you lost Ryan you swore you would do whatever it took to make it right again, and every time he came back to you, you blew it again. Well, guess what -- there may not be a next time. No Scarlett O�Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow." Ryan is gone. Do you hear me? He's gone, and you're the one who lost him.

Kendall: No, this is -- this is a lot more than just what happened in that boardroom. There are tons of reasons why Ryan and I don't work.

Bianca: No, no, no, stop, not one more word.

Kendall: I just want to explain!

Bianca: Stop, stop! Kendall, I mean it! I'm serious, shut up! No excuses, no finger-pointing! You have been given an incredible gift from the love gods, and you toss it aside like a gum wrapper! It makes me want to smack you upside the head and shake you until your teeth rattle!

Kendall: Can I talk now?

Bianca: No! This is it! Right now, can you prove that you're not going to spend the rest of your life sabotaging your own happiness? Answer me.

Kendall: I don't know how.

Bianca: Yeah, you do. You go to Ryan's right now. You tell him that you're sorry for being so selfish and paranoid and incredibly stupid, and you tell him that you love him. Or get ready for a lifetime of regret.

Ryan: So we're all good?

Livia: Oh, considering the enormous risk you're about to take, you're very well-protected. The only thing left is for me to messenger these to you once they've been printed up.

Ryan: Location to be announced.

Livia: Well, wherever you're going, be sure there's a notary. You want those signatures official when you both sign, otherwise this is so much confetti.

Ryan: Oh. Sounds messy.

Livia: The only thing left is congratulations, I guess.

Ryan: Ha. Well, thank you for trying to make that sound convincing -- and for your confidentiality.

Livia: That goes with the lawyer gig.

Ryan: Hmm.

Livia: I'm worried about you.

Ryan: Certifiably sane, on my honor.

Livia: Your mind may be sound, but your body? Ryan, you're about to step between Kendall Hart and Greenlee du Pres. Which means in order for them to kill each other, they have to go through you. Well, that's a shame because you have a great face.

David: This is crazy. You can't -- you can't just up and leave like this.

Greenlee: Because why? My job? Nonexistent. My family? I can't really help them right now. My friends? Very short list, and if they do care about me, they'll cheer me on.

David: Yeah, well, I refuse to cheer for Ryan Lavery as both friend and family.

Greenlee: You won't be cheering for him, you'll be cheering for my happiness. Feel free to clap wildly.

David: Damn it, Greenlee, I don't want you anywhere near Ryan, especially if you won't tell me what's going on.

Greenlee: I love you, David. I love that you care enough to worry about me, but I'm done sitting on the sidelines. I have been handed a wonderful chance. I'm going to take it, come what may. I can't be late, not this time. Bye.

Bianca: Now, get your butt over to Ryan's and pray that he listens to you. Because if you throw away a shot at a happy future with Ryan, so help me -- it's Ryan, or a thousand what-ifs. Those are your options.

Kendall: Bianca --

Bianca: I know. Run!

Tad: I've been looking for you.

Krystal: Can't imagine why.

Tad: Well, there have been some changes and I wanted to give you an update.

Krystal: On what?

Tad: This.

[Tad grabs Krystal and gives her a passionate kiss.]

[Liza sits at her desk at Chandler Enterprises staring at the annulment papers.]

J.R.: Hey. You ok? You look like someone shot your dog, or you want to shoot theirs. What is it?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal: What in blazes are you after, Tad Martin?

Tad: You and me and a little romance.

J.R.: Something heavy's going down. Just rip off the bandage, I can take it.

Kendall: Come on, already, come on!

Greenlee: Before we go on the marriage-go-round, I've got one more condition -- strip down to your six-pack.

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