AMC Transcript Monday 5/3/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 5/3/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Opal: Well, frankly, I'm ashamed to call you "son."

Tad: There's a lizard on your drink and you're ashamed of me?

Opal: Get out to Las Vegas and find Erica.

Tad: Why should I? I told you, Aidan's got it covered.

Opal: Aidan isn't family. Erica needs us!

Tad: So you go find her, ok? Nobody's nailing your feet to the floor, forcing you to drink 80-proof cough syrup in Carmen Miranda's hat.

Opal: This happens to be a Virgin Krakatoa, ok? What, has that scotch of yours got you all twisted and tangly?

Singer: You hit me hard and I know what's shakin'

Opal: Oh. I see. It ain't the alcohol. And it sure as shootin' ain't no virgin.

Singer: You tried to play with my heart

David: You look lovely this evening.

Krystal: Thank you. David, you are just what -- I need.

Aidan: Aidan Devane. I met you in Pine Valley.

Bobby: High point of my time there.

Aidan: I was -- I was visiting your brother-in-law. I don't know if you remember.

Bobby: It looked more like you were visiting my wife.

Aidan: I met your wife a couple of times. She's -- she's a lovely woman.

Bobby: No one lovelier. If you're looking to get some R&R, Vegas is the place. I actually happen to work in the front office here, so how about I set you up with the works and make sure you have a good time, all right?

Aidan: That's very nice of you. Unfortunately, I'm here on business.

Dealer: Place your bets, please.

Aidan: I'm a private investigator.

Dealer: Number two, black.

Bobby: Anita sent you to check up on me?

Aidan: Wow. Spoken like a man with a guilty conscience.

J.R.: How's that for time management? Pretty good, huh? Oh, look -- we have a visitor. Come on in.

Kendall: Oh, I'm disturbing you.

J.R.: Oh, no, no. No, no. Not at all. We love visitors. Isn't that right? Yeah, we love visitors.

[Kendall laughs]

J.R.: So, what's up?

Kendall: I -- make me laugh. Tell me -- tell me a story -- tell me a funny story, give me good news. Give me hope for the future of life as we know it.

J.R.: Did she come to the right place, or what? How does this grab you -- a good old-fashioned wedding, hmm?

Greenlee: You want to elope tonight?

Ryan: Yes. Come on, grab your purse. If we leave right now, we'll be at Elk Green in a couple of hours.

Greenlee: Forget the tonight part, let's just stick with -- you want to elope -- with me?

Ryan: Yes, Greenlee. I'm sober, I haven't lost a bet to anyone, and you're not being punk'd. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Greenlee: Well, then explain it to me again because I'm really not getting this.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: What --

Ryan: We'll talk on the way. Come on, I got you. Ow! What'd you pinch me for?

Greenlee: To see if I'm dreaming.

Ryan: You're supposed to pinch yourself.

Greenlee: I bruise too easily.

Ryan: Look, you're not dreaming. The next time you see this place, you'll Mrs. Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: Wait!

Ryan: What do you need?

Greenlee: Common sense, time to think. We can't just run off and get married.

Ryan: Yes, we can!

Greenlee: Put me down. I'll pinch you again really, really hard. A marriage should be between two people, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah -- one, two.

Greenlee: Just you and me, and Kendall makes three. You're mad at her, so we should go off and get married?

Ryan: This marriage will be good for both of us. You deserve to head up Fusion alongside Kendall.

Greenlee: But that's no longer possible.

Ryan: You haven't been listening. If you marry me, you'll get half of everything that I own, and -- and we can still have fun and excitement and -- and peace, if that's what we want. I mean, who has more fun than us?

Greenlee: This isn't right. I can't think of an argument.

Ryan: Good. Just think of everything that we could share, Greenlee. We understand each other, we're friends. You're my best friend.

Greenlee: Mine too. You may be my only friend, as a matter of fact.

Ryan: None of those emotional ups and downs, no "I love you" one minute, "I hate you" the next because friends -- friends don't pull that stuff.

Greenlee: True.

Ryan: I mean, it's only going to be good. None of the paranoid or the jealous or the wanting to kill each other, none of the craziness.

Greenlee: Because we're not in love.

Ryan: It's the ideal union. Greenlee? You know that I'm right. So what do you think? Will you say "I do"?

Greenlee: I got to go.

Ryan: Is that a yes or no?

J.R.: If Bess turns over, cries, or sighs, we'll be able to hear her. So, Babe and I were on ceremony number two. We're going to invite friends and family this time.

Kendall: So when's the date?

J.R.: Uh -- I don't know, but soon. Mary's got an army of contractors ripping the living room apart right now.

Kendall: Yeah, I know, I saw. But you can have the ceremony anywhere.

J.R.: Yeah, you know, I really don't care, to tell you the truth. All I care about is standing up there with Babe in front of all those people that matter and telling her how I feel.

Kendall: Wow. So much has changed over the past few months. How did you turn it all around?

J.R.: I guess it's sort of the way it shook down. You know, I met Babe, and a few weeks later we're married. And then we come here, and then she's all freaked out she messed up with Jamie. And then I have my dad instilling all sorts of doubts in my head, and I just --

Kendall: Yeah, but you ended up not listening to your dad and trusting Babe. When and why?

J.R.: Well, through everything, Babe was always clear about one thing -- how much she loved me. After through the bad stuff, she never stopped.

Kendall: Well, what if she was saying that to your face, and then checking out her options behind your back?

J.R.: If you really love somebody, you need to take that leap of faith, you need to trust them. Babe is so brave and -- and she gave me this miracle -- our little girl.

Kendall: I need a miracle to turn things around with Ryan.

J.R.: Keep yourself open to the good stuff. When it comes, don't push it away. It'll happen one day.

Kendall: No, it won't. I'm too much like my mother. Erica and I -- we don't get happily-ever-afters.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Jack?


David: Is he steaming yet? You're using me to stick it to Tad.

Krystal: Well, then we have the same agenda, huh?

David: Me? I'm not doing that.

Krystal: Oh, come on, admit it. You love watching Tad squirm.

David: All right, I admit this is the beginning of a perfect evening -- sitting across from a beautiful, very intelligent woman, while smoke pours out of Tad's ears.

Krystal: A little smoke.

David: And mirrors. And whatever magic may follow.

Singer: The party's just begun

Opal: Dr. Frankenstein and the floozy -- works for me.

Tad: Doesn't work for me. She deserves better.

Opal: That's it. You are cut off till you can talk sense!

[Tad growls]

Tad: Aren't you supposed to be at home with Petey?

Opal: Petey is with his trainer.

Tad: His what? He's a child.

Opal: It's more like a tap dance teacher/babysitter, but he likes me to call her his trainer.

Tad: It frightens me that that doesn't concern you.

Opal: Well, it frightens me more your fixation on Babe's big mama.

Tad: I don't have a fixation.

Opal: What is this new leaf you turned that has got you circling Krystal?

Tad: Oh, absolutely, I'm trying to separate her from the rest of the herd. Hopefully I can get her, you know, alone at the watering hole so I can jump on her back.

Opal: Please, please, just spare me the details.

Tad: Would you just lighten up? I am not after Krystal, Mama. Whatever I am is still in hibernation.

Opal: Well. Prepare for a rough wakening, nature boy -- grizzly predator in the house.

Liza: I am this close to victory.

Mia: Oh, my God -- hiding behind furniture, stalking Tad and Krystal, eavesdropping -- this is embarrassing.

Liza: You know what? Whatever those two are hiding is going to get Krystal scurrying away from Pine Valley.

Mia: Would you just please forget about it?

Liza: No, it has something to do with J.R. and Babe. It makes this wedding ceremony critical.

Mia: You know, I sit here and I give you all kinds of advice, but you don't listen. You talk, and I sit here and I worry.

Liza: Well, anyway, I got to get to the bottom of it.

Mia: No, you don't. You should concentrate on your family and all of the good things in your life with Colby and everything that's going on and -- you know, I might as well be talking to myself and I am.

Liza: Hi, Opal.

Opal: I wish.

Liza: Tad.

Tad: Hi. How are you?

Liza: Got a minute?

Opal: No, not really. Tad and me are -- um -- having a little mother/son --

[Phone rings]

Opal: Thing.

Tad: Call it a hunch, but I'm guessing that's yours.

Opal: Let's see. Oh, it's Daphne on her cell. Daphne?

Tad: Petey's tap-dancing prison warden.

Opal: Yeah -- Petey what? Oh, well, I guess it's good you had your cell in your pocket, huh? Yes, well, of course. Yes, I'll -- I'll be right there. No, don't -- don't be worried, there's plenty of air in there. Just -- just take tiny breaths. Yeah, all right. See you.

Tad: Code Blue at Chez "Singin' in the Rain"?

Opal: Oh, and Petey is so high-spirited.

Tad: That's one way of putting it.

Opal: Yeah. Well -- uh -- be careful. I'm calling you tomorrow morning early, like as a wake-up call?

Singer: Baby you're the best

Liza: Well, now that you've been abandoned --

Tad: Join me.

Liza: Oh, I'll just take a minute. I wanted to share some good news with you.

Tad: By all means, hit me.

Liza: Well, Ryan has asked me and J.R. to stay on at Chandler Enterprises.

Tad: Liza, that's hardly news.

Liza: I need you -- on -- on the team. We make a great team together. What can I do? What can I say or do to sweeten the pot to get you onboard?

Singer: Now, now now, now

Ryan: Just the people to help me celebrate. I'm buying.

Tad: What's the occasion?

Ryan: I might be getting married.

Anita: Jackson left with Bianca a few minutes ago.

Greenlee: My timing's off across the boards. Thanks, anyway.

Anita: Um -- wait. This is -- this is going to sound kind of awkward, but can I ask you something?

Greenlee: Sure.

Anita: Gosh, I -- I don't really know where to start. Um -- can you tell me what happened in Philadelphia?

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Anita: You ran into my -- my husband, Bobby, there?

Greenlee: Right. Right, he was with Erica. There's nothing to tell, nothing else happened. I mean, I talked to him for, like, two minutes.

Anita: Well, do you -- do you know why he was with Erica?

Greenlee: No. Why?

Anita: Um --

Greenlee: Oh.

Anita: Yeah, I was kind of hoping that you could -- you could tell me.

Greenlee: Well, your husband said that there was nothing between them, that they were just pals.

Anita: And -- and you believed him?

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Anita: Bobby is good at getting people to believe him.

Aidan: Yeah, my acquaintance with your wife is -- is purely social, there's no business involved.

Bobby: What a relief.

Aidan: Is there a reason why your wife would need to check up on you?

Bobby: Is this how you got into the P.I. field -- asking for answers that are none of your business?

Aidan: Well, yeah, that's pretty much the job description. That, and the occasional trip to Sin City.

Bobby: Why are you here?

Aidan: Because I'm looking for this woman. Have you seen her?

Bobby: Yes.

Aidan: Where?

Bobby: On about six billboards and three magazine covers. Her name's Erica Kane. You're not very good at this, are you?

Aidan: That's very cute. Very cute. Have you seen her personally?

Bobby: Sadly, no.

Aidan: Why don't we try this again? And this time tell me the truth.

Singers: Run away

Singer: Run away from everything you are nothing could incite you

Bobby: Is that also part of the P.I. field -- trust no one?

Aidan: Everyone's got to trust somebody. I mean, it's very hard to do the job otherwise.

Bobby: But I set off your radar?

Aidan: Yeah, you did. You evade like a pro.

Bobby: You know what? You're killing me here. I'm the king of hospitality, and here we are getting off on the wrong foot. I'm --

Aidan: Well, same foot as the one in Pine Valley, if I remember.

Bobby: Yeah, you didn't trust me then, either. Why is that?

Aidan: You know, a gut feeling, I suppose.

Bobby: Does that really work for you?

Aidan: Yeah, it saved my life a couple of times.

Bobby: Well, take a look out there. This is a land of hunches, you know, but that little ball can still land on black and wipe a man out. Gut feelings and a buck will get you a cup of coffee, my friend.

Aidan: Well, this is more than a hunch. You learn how to read the signs.

Singers: Run away

Aidan: They're all there if you know where to look. I mean, for instance, you didn't even seem the least bit interested in why I was looking for Erica Kane.

Bobby: This is Vegas. It's part of my job description not to ask too many questions. You know how the saying goes -- "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Aidan: Yeah if that really is your story.

Bobby: You know what?

Singers: Run away

Bobby: You're a lot smarter than I pegged you for. Ok, yeah, you got me. I'll spill all.

Greenlee: Bobby told me a little bit about you.

Anita: Um -- in Philadelphia, or here at the hospital?

Greenlee: The second time -- here. I was a mess that day and I started spilling to him how I'd messed up my life, and he was sympathetic because of mistakes he's made with you.

Anita: Oh.

Greenlee: I don't -- I don't mean to embarrass you. I just think that maybe you should know he said he was going to do whatever it takes to make it up to you, and that he'd keep trying until you said it was ok.

Anita: Um -- you know, I -- I have to get back to work.

Greenlee: Wait a minute. My turn to ask something, please. Why did you get married?

Kendall: So Ryan doesn't see Greenlee as a serious threat but I do. So I drew the line. I said either she's out of our life completely or we have no life.

J.R.: And this got you --

Kendall: Nothing.

J.R.: Ryan swears that Greenlee's just a friend, right?

Kendall: Yeah, but she won't stop at friendship. J.R., I just came from Fusion, I saw the two of them together. And Ryan claims that he loves me and he wants to marry me, but who does he walk out with? Greenlee.

J.R.: Something's missing here.

Kendall: Hold on, think about this. How would you feel -- how would you feel if you walk in, Babe and Jamie are all over each other, and you want to put distance between them, but she insists that you share your company with him and that you work side by side with him?

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second here. What, is this about Fusion or love?

Kendall: Both. Both, they're all tangled together.

J.R.: Hmm. Well, you know, I did offer Jamie a position at Chandler a while back. I wish he would've taken me up on it.

Kendall: Bull.

J.R.: That's exactly what I'm talking about. What happened between Babe and Jamie is over. Nobody wants to go there again, and the reason why that I know that this is true is because Babe is totally committed to me, my marriage, and our baby.

David: Maybe I should call it a night, give you a chance to go hang out with Tad.

Krystal: Tad? Why would I want to do that?

David: Well, for starters, he can't seem to take his eyes off of you.

Krystal: He's probably just willing me to leave, that skunk.

David: Now, that's a subject I can warm up to. Tell me more.

Krystal: Tad doesn't think I'm good enough for him. And the thing is --

Singer: Real love

Krystal: He's right.

Singer: Will shine through

David: Tad is never right.

Krystal: David, I've done things, all right? Things that nobody should've done.

David: So have I.

Singer: Now, baby

David: Life would be boring if we didn't raise a little hell sometimes, right?

Singer: I can give you what you need

David: Here's to making life more interesting.

Singer: I know what it takes for a heart to break

Tad: Come on, let's talk about something interesting -- like the fact that the Ryanator might kind of sort of be getting married. Don't you want to discuss that?

Liza: Not until you accept my offer.

Tad: I can't. I'm sorry, I just can't. I told you, no more neckties or corporate nonsense for me. I'm going to rebuild my detective agency. Thanks, but no, thanks.

Singer: Every cloud has a silver lining my love will shine through I'm going

Tad: So, fill me in. Kendall said yes?

Ryan: No.

Tad: She said maybe?

Ryan: No, she wanted to negotiate.

Tad: Ah. Which is why the marriage is a maybe?

Ryan: I rejected Kendall's counteroffer, I didn't like the terms.

Singer: If I can break through

Tad: But you're still getting married?

Singers: I can give you what you need

Ryan: No, not to Kendall.

Tad: What do you mean, "not to Kendall"? What did you do, have a mail-order backup?

Ryan: I just proposed to Greenlee.

Anita: Why does anyone get married?

Greenlee: Forget the rest of the world. You and Bobby -- why?

Anita: Because I loved him, of course, and I wanted to be with him and only him.

Greenlee: Well, for some people, that kind of love comes after they say "I do."

Anita: Not many. I mean, if you take your vows seriously, how can you make those promises if you don't really mean it, or if he doesn't really mean it?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Anita: I mean, without the kind of love that makes you happy to be alive every single minute of every day, marriage would just be lonely.

Tad: Greenlee? Wait a minute, let me get this straight. Kendall approached you with a list of demands, so you said, "forget it, bring on the understudy"?

Ryan: It wasn't quite like that.

Tad: Yeah, but you're marrying Greenlee?

Ryan: I hope so. You know, if she says yes.

Tad: What if she says no? What are you going to do, go back to renegotiate with Kendall?

Ryan: No, Kendall's had her chance, she's history.

J.R.: It comes down to this -- do you love Ryan?

Kendall: I wish I didn't.

J.R.: But you do?

Kendall: I can't help it.

J.R.: Haven't we both learned that life is too short? Go out there, find Ryan, tell him that you want to marry him!

Anita: I never thought I expected too much from marriage -- just to come home every day to the person that you love most in the world, and share your day, then, you know, make dinner together and cuddle on the couch and wrap your legs around each other. Read magazines or watch bad movies. Then stay up all night talking. Stay up all night not talking.

Greenlee: I had a marriage like that once. We were totally amazing and normal all at the same time. He died.

Anita: Oh, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: I miss it. I miss feeling complete.

Anita: So do I.

Bobby: And that was it. I set her up with a poker game in Philly. She cleaned those boys out, collected her chips, and headed on home.

Aidan: So why didn't you tell me this before?

Bobby: Ah, too much deja vu for my taste. I'd already been raked over the coals by what's-his-name -- Montgomery?

Aidan: Jackson. Yeah, it's her fiancÚ.

Bobby: Nice guy. He thought I had a bead on his lady friend. And then his daughter, a Fusion makeup girl -- she was all over me, as well.

Aidan: You know, a lot of people love this lady, and they're very worried about her.

Bobby: And I understand that. If she were my family, I'd be freaking out, too, but she's not.

Aidan: Well, she came to you when she wanted to lay low.

Bobby: Yeah, but I didn't know I was buying into this -- strangers asking me questions. My wife is upset, and all because, what, Erica Kane's missing?

Aidan: Now, why would your wife be upset about you and Ms. Kane?

Bobby: You know what? I don't need this problem. I don't even want to be in this mix.

Aidan: It sounds to me like you already are.

Bobby: I'm just an innocent bystander, and whatever happened wasn't worth mentioning. Hell, I would've forgotten about it if it hadn't been for you coming back. Why Vegas, anyway? You think she's gone poker-happy or --

Aidan: Her father died recently and she -- she came out here to sort out the funeral arrangements.

Bobby: Wow. That's heavy stuff. They must've been tight.

Aidan: You think?

Bobby: So Erica's in a bad way, the rest of Pine Valley's losing it, and they bring in a PI?

Aidan: Well, like I said before, they love her very much, and they want to make sure that she's ok.

Dealer: Place your bets.

Bobby: How ok can you be when your father kicks it right after your daughter loses her baby?

Aidan: Yeah. It must very hard to handle, eh?

Bobby: For both mother and daughter. Um -- how's Bianca doing? Is she still in the hospital?

Aidan: You know, for a guy who swears that he's forgotten Erica exists, you're very much in the loop.

Jack's voice: Erica, it's Jack, the same Jack who left the last 20 messages, in case you were unsure. Sweetheart, please give me a call. We need you here. Look, if you want me to keep my distance, that's fine, we can talk about that, but Bianca -- Bianca's a different story. Distance is the last thing either one of you need. Erica, it's time. Come home, please.

Ryan: I'll never get caught in the crazy love dance again, never.

Tad: Never say never, amigo.

Ryan: Never, Tad. That's my decision, and I'm sticking to it.

Tad: Yeah, well, it might not be your choice. Trust me. If a woman decides to strike up the band, half the time we're doing the crazy love dance before we even hear the music.

Ryan: Really?

Tad: Yeah.

Ryan: So who's the lucky woman, Tad?

Tad: You know what? Forget it. I'm just trying to give you fair warning. The heart's a renegade muscle, you know? No man can control it.

Krystal: Liza. What a nice surprise.

Liza: Well, I followed you in.

Krystal: Yeah, I know. But didn't I sound sincere?

Liza: You know, you did. Uh -- Krystal, I mean this -- you don't have to worry.

Krystal: Now, I don't worry. It gives you wrinkles.

Liza: Seriously. I am not going to tell your secret to another living soul.

Krystal: Liza, whatever you think you know, I don't keep secrets, ok? My life is an open book, big print, no footnotes.

Liza: Well, and I think we should try to keep it that way. You see, J.R. means a lot to me, and Babe, I think, is very good for him. I'd like to see this wedding go off without a hitch.

Krystal: And why shouldn't it?

Liza: Well, maybe we really shouldn't talk about here. We don't know who might walk in. Just know that I swore to Tad I would keep my mouth shut and I will.

Krystal: Tad?

Liza: Yeah. Well, I -- I would never say a word to hurt J.R., and I think Tad knows that. Otherwise, he would've never confided in me. Just be careful. I mean, any evidence you might have is sort of safely tucked away, right?

Krystal: Liza, there -- there is no evidence because there -- there is no secret.

Liza: All right. Just -- just be careful. Adam was very anti-Babe when J.R. brought her home.

Krystal: Yeah, well, he's much better with Babe now.

Liza: I know, because she gave birth to his grandchild. But, see, I was married to Adam, I know his MO. He's most dangerous when he's trying to be your friend. If he finds out anything -- and for God sakes if you have anything, get rid of it -- he will try to ruin Babe's life. We've been in here a really long time. I'll go out first.

Tad: Don't thank me for lying to my son. I didn't do it for you, I didn't do it for Babe. I did it for him.

Krystal: Kept your mouth shut -- Tad, you liar! I am so going to kill you for this.

David: Hey --

Krystal: I'm sorry, I have to leave.

David: Well, what's the matter, you not feeling well?

Krystal: I just -- I have an icky, queasy feeling.

David: Ok, well, let me take you home.

Krystal: No, no, I have my car, I'm fine. I just need to lie down. But you'll give me a raincheck?

David: Of course I will.

Krystal: You really are a gentleman when you're not wreaking havoc on the town.

David: It's nice to be appreciated. Drive carefully.

Krystal: Thank you.

Ryan: So was that her? Is Krystal the "crazy dance"?

Tad: Have another scotch, please?

Liza: I'll see you.

Mia: What? Wait, not a word since you got back from the restroom, and now where are you going?

Liza: I got to go. I got to go! I got to go!

Mia: Where are you -- wait --

Simone: Oh, hey, Liza? Have you -- ok, it's not important.

Singers: The way you move the way you move it

Singer: Move it

Simone: Hey. Any news on the Ryan-Kendall-Greenlee mess?

Mia: No. You?

Simone: Well, if Kendall would've taken your advice and gone after Ryan, would he be sitting here having a drink with Tad? Hi.

Mia: Hi.

Singer: Do it now

Singers: Feel the grove yeah

Mia: I think that Kendall killed it with that anti-Greenlee clause. I think they're dead and over.

Simone: Oh, really? Do you care to put your money where your toasted-cinnamon-plum lipstick is?

Mia: $50 says that Kendall's out of the picture and Ryan is Greenlee's for the taking.

Simone: I'll see that 50. Kendall is going to pull herself up by her ankle straps and reel Ryan back in.

J.R.: Hey, why are you fighting yourself on this? You know you want Ryan, go clear it up.

Kendall: We've tried that already -- we're engaged, we're not engaged, we're engaged, we're not engaged.

J.R.: Then why don't you try sticking to it this time?

Kendall: I'm not the one who hops on the back of my motorcycle and zooms out of town at the first hint of trouble.

J.R.: "The first hint"?

Kendall: This time Greenlee was with him with her arms around his waist.

J.R.: Ok, let's just say, hypothetically, that Greenlee needed to get away. Ryan said, "Ok, just tag along." It can happen. Ryan sticks by his friends all the time. All right, Michael Cambias takes over my dad's company. It passes to Alexander Cambias, and then it was eventually left to Ryan Lavery, right? So what does Ryan do? He offers me a big hunk of it. He wants me to take on Chandler Enterprises as if it's my own company. He wants me to run it.

Kendall: So? So Ryan's really good at business.

J.R.: No, he gave me something that I can cling to, that I can depend on in case my marriage went south. And what about Bianca? Huh? What about everything he's done for her?

Kendall: Well, he loves Bianca.

J.R.: And he loves you, if you let him.

Kendall: I don't know.

J.R.: Look, Kendall, you and I -- we get each other. We both live in the shadows of parents who have big reputations and even bigger egos. Erica and Adam are legends inside their own minds. If we can't trust them, who can we trust?

Kendall: Yeah, you're damn right.

J.R.: Right. But you got to start letting people in along the way. And with Babe, I'm more happy than I ever imagined I ever could be. My life is good, Kendall. It could even be fantastic if you share it with someone. I swear. You need to find Ryan. You need to let him in, you need to stop getting in your own way. Trust Ryan, and go get the life that you deserve.

Greenlee: Yeah, you know, infatuations are fabulous, but give me a good, solid friendship --

Anita: That grows into love?

Greenlee: Yeah. That's what it was like for Leo and me.

Anita: Me, too. Bobby and I -- we were best friends. It sort of kept us grounded.

Greenlee: Yeah, it's like so secure and comfortable and exciting all at the same time.

Anita: Yeah. But you're already ahead of the game because you know each other so well. It makes your love that much stronger.

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, it does. Thanks, Anita. You know, I needed to talk about this.

Anita: Did you hear anything that helped?

Greenlee: Yeah, you got me headed in the right directions. Now I have to go see the one person who can take me where I'm supposed to go.

Bobby: Your new best friend, the lovely Anita, told me about Bianca's baby dying. Those two used to be buds way back when. I'm not about to apologize for wanting to know that a friend of my wife's is ok. And as for Erica being torn up all about this? Yeah, yeah, that's a real far leap for me -- a mother suffering for her daughter. Yeah, I must have -- I must have Erica right in my back pocket here, huh?

Aidan: I'm sorry it set you off. You know, I'll fill you in. Bianca's doing a lot better. She's on the mend. She's got a lot of people on her side, you know, like -- like your wife.

Bobby: And why would Anita need people on her side? Right. She needs friends because her husband is such a jerk.

Aidan: Yeah, well, we all need friends, mate. I'm just here to make sure that Erica gets back to hers. I'm going to leave you my number. I want you to call me if you see her or if you hear from her.

Mia: Ok, well, it's time for me to crawl into my pumpkin and roll off.

Simone: Aw.

Mia: Sorry. Are you coming?

Simone: Actually, I think I'm going to stay a while longer.

[Mia sighs]

Tad: Bye.

Mia: Why don't any of the women I know make the right decision?

Simone: Good night.

Mia: Good night.

Simone: Well, you look like you could use some cheering up.

Tad: Sit down.

Simone: Ooh. Yes, sir.

Tad: You want to hear the sum total of my worldly experience?

Simone: Ok. Sure.

Tad: Never wear white socks with black shoes, and never say never.

David: What's on your mind, Ryan -- Kendall? Or is it Greenlee's turn?

Ryan: I just came outside for some fresh air, David.

David: This must be like a real power trip for you, huh, pitting Kendall and Greenlee up against each other? Does it make you feel like a bigger man?

Ryan: Go back inside.

David: Oh, come on, Ryan. Who won? Greenlee? All right, well, you just tell me when you're finished with Kendall.

Ryan: And why would you care?

David: Oh, I don't know -- hate to see a good thing go to waste. Kendall's needy right now, so if you're not going to help her, maybe it's the perfect time Kendall and I had an affair.

Kendall: "Ryan, I've been thinking about things a lot, and --" that sucks. Ok.

Greenlee: Kendall?

Kendall: Why am I not surprised? Can you come back later?

Greenlee: I can't. It's important. I have to see Ryan, I have to tell him something.

Kendall: What exactly do you have to tell him?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Simone: Is that a little ray of hope.

Krystal: Who's that?

Bobby: I can't imagine Ms. Kane calling me.

Aidan: Maybe she'll need to see a friendly face.

David: The affair was Kendall's idea. I think it's time that I took her up on it.

Kendall: You want Ryan.

Greenlee: If you don't wise up, I'll have him.

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