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All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/29/04

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Reggie: You guys see her video lately? Banging one, right?

Man: Oh. Please, she already ordered that skirt online.

Woman: Reggie, tell him I'm entitled to look cute at will.

Reggie: Well, you know, that's kind of like halfway covering her thong, so good choice.

Man: Yeah!

Danielle: Hey, baby. Did you tell your friends what we did, yet? Flowers are fine, but Reggie really knows how to show a girl his love.

Woman: Oh?

Greenlee: Mother, Ryan is not my personal property. Does the whole concept of a human being with a soul just escape you?

Mary: Darling, he's prime real estate, and you're about to get outbid. If you act quickly, you can keep the deed.

Greenlee: Oh, what do you want me to do, connive my way into his heart? That's how sad, pathetic people with no self-respect go after affection. No offense.

Mary: Well, it sure beats lonely nights with only your scruples to keep you warm. Speaking of which, how was the sex with Ryan?

Greenlee: What? Don't say it again.

Mary: Well, you rode his bike all day, your arms around his tapered waist, your head on his muscled back. What, you slept like celibate lambs all night?

Greenlee: I'm not doing this with you.

Mary: Oh, my God. You didn't sleep with him. I don't believe you! If you're going to be that stupid, you deserve to lose him.

Greenlee: Ugh.

Ryan: You would do that to us? Pin all of our hopes on one issue, one person -- on Greenlee? I cut her out of our lives, personal and professional, or we're finished.

Kendall: Ryan, this can't be a surprise to you. This was inevitable.

Ryan: What if I give you the wrong answer? Then we're done?

Kendall: You deserve a shot. Can't you see this is the only way?

Ryan: Take it back.

Kendall: If I don't --

Ryan: It'll be bad, Kendall. The worst.

Mary: Sex with Ryan can offer all kinds of possibilities, physically and emotionally.

Greenlee: One more word, so help me, I will carve out my eardrum.

Mary: I don't know why you're being so resistant when all I'm trying to do is help you.

Greenlee: By giving me icky advice based on the icky way you live your life.

Mary: I'm simply trying to point out an avenue for happiness for you, and I want you to be proactive.

Greenlee: You want me to use sex to get Ryan to fall in love with me.

Mary: Well, duh! It's not as though you haven't been under the covers with him before, and as I understand, it worked out for a while. That was before Kendall came on the scene, I take it?

Greenlee: Thanks for bringing that up. Now I'm horrified and ashamed.

Mary: Well, there's no reason to be ashamed, and there's no shame in trying. Besides, he has billions now, so try again.

Greenlee: You know what, I can grow and I can change. I've learned my lesson. I won't do that again to myself or Ryan.

Mary: Greenlee, I'm not asking you to take him by force. I'm just suggesting that you help him want you back.

Greenlee: And trample over Kendall to do it. Which -- that is just such a tempting thought, but if I have to scheme to get him --

Mary: Seduction, not scheme. Seduction has a very respectful history. It's as simple as a bared shoulder, a waft of perfume, the anticipation, the excitement. Nothing's going to happen if he doesn't want it.

Greenlee: And he doesn't want it to. Conversation over.

Mary: So you're telling me that you've never shared a moment, an accidental touch, a kiss that felt like more --

Greenlee: It's not love, Mother.

Mary: Well, whatever it is, wouldn't it make you happy? Wouldn't it make Ryan happy?

Ryan: So what you're proposing is that I erase a good friend from my life and have Fusion toss away one of the founding partners?

Kendall: No, we can survive without Greenlee, Ryan. Thrive, even. I know it.

Ryan: But that's not what it's about, is it? I mean, what -- what was all that about you and Greenlee working things out? What was that, like a long-term setup?

Kendall: This was not a whim, if that's what you're asking. Can't you see -- can't you see this is the only way?

Ryan: Kendall, look, you know what? It's been a hell of a year. We're tired. We've seen a lot, but this is the time to make sense of it all, ok? So just -- just humor me, ok? Just humor me. Come, sit. Sit, all right? This -- this -- this -- this is the corporate us -- papers and dividends. In this stack is Greenlee du Pres somewhere, a colleague, a co-worker, someone who makes really good decisions, who can close the deal. That's in this. This -- this is the private us. This is Ryan and Kendall. We're -- we're Christmas at my empty penthouse. We're -- we're you getting up and putting on one of my shirts when you want to get a glass of water.

Kendall: Yes, yes. That's what I'm saying.

Ryan: Well, then you better rephrase it because that's not what I'm hearing.

Kendall: No. Ryan, what you're hearing is a solution. It's a way to protect the life that we deserve.

Ryan: Look, listen -- this is Greenlee over here. She can't hurt us. Kendall, can't you tell the difference between corporate and heart and soul?

Anita: No! Give it back!


Anita: I swear to God --

[Anita sobs]

Anita: Give it back!

Aidan: What's wrong?

Anita: Aidan --

Aidan: What's wrong?

Anita: This stupid thing won't -- it won't give it back. Oh.

Aidan: You want to tell me what else happened?

Anita: It's -- it's Edmund. Maria, she's in there now, telling hi---- God, she's in there telling him that he's never going to walk again.

Reggie: Tiffany, didn't you just say you had a friend you wanted to hook me up with?

Tiffany: Reggie --

Danielle: He's teasing. Our love is eternal, and now we have the proof.

Reggie: Get off me --

Man: Dude, ease up with the sweet talk, all right?

Danielle: If you don't show your friends how deep our love goes, then I will. Turns out love really is skin deep.

Tiffany: Oh, my God!

Reggie: What the hell -- what the hell is that?

Danielle: Listen to him! All shy. The crown is because "Reginald" means "king," right? And Reggie likes me to call him the king man, you know, when the lights are down, all right?

Tiffany: Oh!

Danielle: And it's so cute. At that final moment, he likes to shout "I'm the king of the world!"

Man: The king man? That's cold. She just gave up your love name.

Reggie: No, she's crazy, and she's a compulsive liar.

Danielle: It was all his idea, and so totally poetic. A tattoo is art mixed with pain, right? And love like ours is beautiful and can hurt so good. Come on, king man, let's show them yours.

Reggie: Get your hands off me! Stop it.

Danielle: He said it was for my eyes only, but since you two are his friends, it's ok. Come on, baby. You don't have to be embarrassed. They'll understand.

Reggie: Yo, stop!

Danielle: Reggie said it hurt too much, so he told the tattoo guy to stop, so it only says "I heart Dan."

Man: Dan?

Danielle: You know, for Danielle. King man here has a real low tolerance for pain.

Reggie: And that's why I'm sick of you. If you don't stop, I'm going to drop my pants right here.

Man: Whoa.

Danielle: Baby, let's go to the stock room.

Reggie: No --

Tiffany: We'll give you some privacy.

Man: Yeah. Hey, if you want to use my dorm room, just give me a heads-up.

Reggie: No, no -- you don't -- no, wait, no -- oh, God. What the hell do you think you're doing? You just chased off my friends with your little BS.

Danielle: You calling me a liar, king man?

Reggie: You -- no, no, you -- you did! You are crazy!

Danielle: But at least I told the truth, right?

Ryan: In the last year, you've gone up against Michael Cambias. You've gone up against the legal system. You've had to deal with the loss of your niece. You are by far the strongest woman that I know. Why would you hand over the power to Greenlee to ruin us?

Kendall: Do you think I'd surrender willingly? No, she grabbed it out of my hands.

Ryan: Well, then take it back and put it over here and just forget about her!

Kendall: What -- what, ignore her? You want me to just ignore her, pretend like I don't see her at work, like I don't see her at the boardroom? She'll be in my face 12 hours a day. Ryan, you and I -- we're fire and passion. That is who we are. Separate and apart, it's who we are. Things are never easy for us. Greenlee, she's only going to add more chaos to the mix.

Ryan: She wants Fusion to work as much as we do, maybe even more.

Kendall: You got to be kidding me. To tear us apart, she would sell the entire cosmetics industry. She would break apart the entire cosmetics industry.

Ryan: Why?

Kendall: Oh, no. I know you're kidding. Ryan, Greenlee wants you. She wants you, and if you haven't figured that out, then we don't have a prayer.

Mary: Can Kendall bring Ryan fulfillment and joy?

Greenlee: She doesn't get him. She doesn't get that he hates the drama and he just puts up with it for her sake, until he can't put up with it anymore and she drives him away again. No. No, I don't think Kendall can give Ryan what he wants.

Mary: Do you get him?

Greenlee: He craves adventure, but he likes the quiet. He can work a power suit, but he can also eat takeout on the floor. He will gladly lead, but if you prove you've got the goods, he'll give you the spotlight. Yeah, I get Ryan, and he gets me.

Mary: So you can make Ryan happy.

Greenlee: I could give him bliss.

Mary: So do it.

Greenlee: I can't be the woman he deserves if I scheme to get him.

Mary: Greenlee, why do young women buy Fusion lipstick?

Greenlee: Because we have the better product.

Mary: Because you convince them that you have the better product. You let them know that your lipstick will bring them soft lips and beauty and pleasure, while the other brand will bring them dry lips and misery.

Greenlee: Lipstick can't bring misery.

Mary: Kendall can bring Ryan misery. So why don't you save him from all that?

David: You better stop yourself right there, Greenlee.

Greenlee: David.

David: I see those wheels turning. Your mother just poured some poison down your ear, and you damn well better have the good sense to shake it out.

Aidan: I'm sorry it didn't work. But don't worry about Edmund and Maria. I mean, individually, they're strong. Together, they're like a force beyond belief.

Anita: Yeah, before, maybe, but after all of this?

Aidan: They're only going to get stronger. And you want to know what makes them invincible? Their love. Their love -- love defies death, it defies pain. It defies legs that don't even work.

Anita: Yeah, but no one can know how they'll handle this.

Aidan: We do. We know how much they love each other, how much they've been through, and they're still together. They'll do whatever it takes, Anita.

Anita: It is a miracle, what they have, yet it's so -- it's so real. I envy them for that.

Aidan: We'll all be there for them -- when Maria needs a break or when Edmund needs to vent. I mean, they have each other and they have us. Listen, it's going to be ok.

Anita: You know, you may be right.

Aidan: Of course I am. I know these things. I just hope that Tad forgives me for telling him I'm not going to be able to go to Vegas.

Anita: Vacation?

Aidan: No, it's not that. It's my PI gig. I've got some leads. But I just -- I don't want to leave Edmund and Maria if they're not settled in.

Anita: Oh, my God. How could you?

Anita: I know what you and Tad are doing for Jackson.

Aidan: Well, usually that's confidential, but I think everybody in the town knows that we're looking for Erica.

Anita: And you're going to Vegas to harass Bobby, as if he had something to do with it.

Aidan: Bobby is in Vegas?

Anita: You stop it!

Aidan: Stop what?

Anita: You know what, I thought you were so upfront, but you are just as devious as the next guy. Yeah, I never should have told you anything about Bobby. I admitted that he cheated on me, and then Jackson tells you that Erica and Bobby went to Philadelphia together, suddenly the bells start going off in your head and you know exactly where to find Ms. Kane!

Aidan: You know, I am looking for Erica. But the fact I'm going to Vegas has got nothing to do with your husband.

Anita: Please don't do that! When someone lies to you, it's like they're saying you don't deserve the truth or you're too stupid to know the difference.

Aidan: I'm not lying here, Anita. There's no lies -- not coming from me, anyway.

Anita: Well, then admit that you didn't come here to comfort me about Edmund. You are trying to get to Bobby and Erica, and you're going through me to do it!

Maria: Hmm. This is perfect.

Edmund: You know, I don't know what next year is going to hold for us, but as long as you're in my arms, it's going to be our best year ever.

Edmund: So -- so that's it? No -- no more options. No more -- no more chances?

Maria: No. No.

Edmund: Um -- Dr. Marshall will be -- will fill me in on the details, right?

Maria: Um -- I can tell you anything that you want to know.

Edmund: No, you told me the big thing. He can fill in the blanks.

Maria: Yeah, Dr. Marshall isn't going to be coming in.

Edmund: Why? Is he scared I'll run him down and beat him senseless?

Maria: I sort of suggested that he was unwelcome.

Edmund: He's scared you'll run him down and beat him senseless.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Maybe he's a genius after all. I have to admit, he had me going there, you know? The statistics, percentages, optimistic, positive -- thinking, you know, all for nothing.

Maria: Honey, you were brave and you took a chance, and Marshall just played the big hero. And then when it didn't work out --

Edmund: He just walks away. Do something for me?

Maria: Anything.

Edmund: I'm going to be ok. You know that.

Maria: Yeah, I do. I do. But tell me, what can I do for you? What can I do?

Edmund: Two words -- ice cream.

Maria: Oh, God. Ok. Ok, I'll be right back.

Edmund: I'll be right here.

Maria: Ok.

David: Remember Snow White, the sucker for the crone's shiny apple? Well, if you accept what this witch is peddling, you're going to regret it for years to come.

Mary: Just proves my point. Snow White got herself a prince.

Greenlee: Mother, go away, please.

David: Yeah, that's a good idea. And you might want to hurry. I saw some thugs eyeing your broomstick outside.

Mary: You just remember that he leave people much worse than when he found them.

David: Bright, shiny apples for sale. Looks like you had a rough day. Hopefully, Mary was the worst of it.

Greenlee: She just blended right in.

David: Sorry to hear that.

Greenlee: "Stay away from Ryan and Kendall," you said. "I can handle it," I said.

David: Hmm, ok. So you're ambivalent about advice. After hearing Mary's pep talk, I can understand why.

Greenlee: That, and I thought you were protecting your new pal Kendall.

David: What, as opposed to protecting my family, you? Greenlee, you're the only one I'm worried about here. Let Kendall have him. Wave goodbye and don't look back.

Greenlee: There's more to all this than playing odds or evens for Ryan.

David: What, are you talking about this place?

Greenlee: It's not just an office.

David: No, that's where you're wrong. Sell all your shares to Ryan. He can afford it. And then take all that money and then do something special for yourself.

Greenlee: That's what Fusion was supposed to be -- my ideas, my passion, mine. Now it's gone.

David: What do you mean, it's gone?

Greenlee: No, please, don't make me go into it. It's too awful. Let's just say that I am left with a whole lot of nothing right now.

David: Well, that's certainly not true. No, even if you have let Fusion slip away, all your passion and all your ideas, Greenlee, you have an abundance of that. Now you just have to find a new outlet.

Greenlee: When you got barred from practicing at Pine Valley hospital, did you say, "What the hay, I'll take up welding"?

David: No, of course not. I'm a doctor. It's what I do.

Greenlee: Well, I'm Fusion. It's what I do.

David: Ok, fine. Then keep Fusion. But then get rid of Ryan and all the useless baggage that goes with him.

Kendall: We know what lengths Greenlee will go to -- at least I know. You seem to have forgotten it. And as far as the two of you being a couple, that's not a new idea.

Ryan: You're right, we have a past. So what?

Kendall: No, Ryan, she's not the past. She's a living, breathing, conniving present, and she will not go away unless you make her.

Ryan: Oh. Ok. Well, then should I be afraid of Aidan?

Kendall: Wait, what? No. Why -- that's ridiculous. I don't want Aidan.

Ryan: And I'm not worried about Aidan or David or anybody else because I trust you. Kendall, we burned our old life to the ground, and in this new life, it has to be you and me against the world, Kendall. No, actually, forget that. It has to be you and me. No fighting, period. Just you and me holding on to each other tight as the world goes by, as we just soak up the peace.

Kendall: Yeah, in what lifetime?

Ryan: Hey, I'm cracking myself wide open here. I'm telling you what I want. Ok, I need peace. We both do, and it takes a hell of a lot more guts and raging all the time. We're standing on a cliff, Kendall. We're standing right on the edge. If I ask you to take my hand and take the leap with me, we can touch the clouds. To trust, you have to risk.

Kendall: You want me to risk everything.

Ryan: Yes. I'm asking you to take my hand. Take a leap with me. Today, Kendall -- because if we can take the first step, the rest of it's going to be a breeze, if you let it. You can't do it, can you?

Kendall: I didn't say that.

Ryan: I ask you to stand beside me, to take my hand, to see Greenlee for what she is -- friend and a colleague.

Kendall: Why can't you see that she's so much more than that?

Ryan: Only because you say she is. You can't let her go, can you? Why? Why, are we not worth it? Because this is not about Greenlee. This is about us.

Kendall: Yes, and I'm asking you to take this leap for me. Forget the ring, forget Fusion, just accept how I feel. Just accept that Greenlee can only do us harm. Trust me enough to make this move. Trust me enough to walk away from Greenlee.

Ryan: And if I do?

Kendall: Walk away?

Ryan: Turn my back on a friend -- someone who's made mistakes but has paid the price, wants to be better. If I do that, I better be damn sure that this is your path to eternal bliss.

Kendall: Greenlee's the only thing standing in our way.

Ryan: Are you sure? No glitches, no second thoughts, no -- no additional demands?

Kendall: With Greenlee in my life, I have to look over my shoulder. If she's gone, I can look to the future without fear.

Ryan: All right, you're asking me for a guarantee. I'm just asking you for the same thing here because I know you, Kendall. You see slings and arrows when I see roses.

Kendall: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you.

Ryan: Well, I don't know. Who's next? Maybe it's, like, Maria that I can't talk to or maybe you don't want me talking with Erica anymore. Or Tad, maybe he's --

Kendall: Stop it, stop it. Ryan, stop it, just stop it!

Greenlee: I'm not going to listen to you rip Ryan apart. He's my friend, and we have more important things to discuss.

David: What, you don't like what I'm saying to you, so you shut me down?

Greenlee: Talk to me about Bianca. Do you think it's my fault that she took Babe's baby?

David: You've been carrying that around with you, huh?

Greenlee: It weighs about six tons, so it's pretty hard to drop.

David: Look, Bianca's getting better, and Bess is just fine. That was terrible what everyone went through, but it's over, and it had nothing to do with you.

Greenlee: Kendall blames me. She believes that me taking Bianca to the crash site made her snap, but it wasn't like that at all.

David: Of course it wasn't like that, and I'm sure Bianca knows that.

Greenlee: And what about the rest of the world? Kendall's doing a major press tour -- evil Greenlee strikes again. I mean, she's going to turn everyone against me.

David: Meaning Ryan. Well, believe me, it's not the worst loss, ok?

Greenlee: I'm not exactly surrounded by friends and loved ones. I'm not ready to lose the few I've got.

David: Greenlee, Greenlee, the guy is a punk and a poser, ok? No, no, no, no. I know. I know. I know it's the last thing you want to hear right now, but someday you're going to thank me, believe me. Look, I know that being lonely stinks. But right now, it's a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

Greenlee: I'm not like you, David. I don't want to be alone forever.

David: Well, that's not such a great excuse for making the worst mistake of your life -- replacing Leo for that two-bit loser Lavery.

[Music plays]

Maggie: Ok, ok, show me. Show me the ink. Come on! Tiffany told me you guys are tattoo buddies now.

Reggie: You see? Don't you see how fast these things get around?

Danielle: Mine's cute. You want to see it?

Reggie: No! Leave your pants on. Nobody wants to see your business. Maggie, just ignore her, ok? She's been lying to me since the second I met her. As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't even exist.

Maggie: Ooh.

Danielle: He's just playing.

Reggie: No, I'm not. Go away. Her daddy, Derek Frye, wants to fry my butt. He thinks I got busy with his little angel.

Danielle: I told him you didn't.

Reggie: So what? Just shut your mouth, ok? She's not even crazy. She's stupid. She got a permanent reminder of somebody who can care less.

Danielle: You should have seen the look on Tiffany's face.

Reggie: Danielle, the look was horror. How can somebody be so pathetic? And then she said I got one, too, and to prove it, she tried to unwrap, you know, the package.

Danielle: He's not telling it right. It was so much funnier than that.

Reggie: Funny? How can a girl be so desperate? Damn, get a life already.

Danielle: You know what? Fine. Forget it. That's the last time I hang with someone who can't even take a joke.

Maggie: Ok, so she's too freaky for words. I mean, I thought it was funny when she was hitting on Jamie, but maybe she is as crazy as -- oh, great, you're both crazy.

Reggie: No, I just think she's funny as hell, that's it.

Maggie: Reggie, I mean, she's obviously, like, you know, this close to being a stalker.

Reggie: No, no, I mean -- Danielle's just messing with me. And I get that, that's the joke, you know? I'm not even upset. She thinks I am, but I'm really not. I'm just messing with her back. I, King Reggie -- I think she's funny as hell.

Aidan: You know, these last few days have worn you down. Why don't we just talk later?

Anita: You are after my husband and you're trying to go through me to get there.

Aidan: You know, there's no reason for you to be in the middle of this.

Anita: When you target my husband, you involve me. At least have the guts to be upfront about it. You know, I never pegged you as a liar.

Aidan: I'm not a liar, thank you very much. A few minutes ago, all I knew was that Erica flew to Vegas. I didn't know your husband worked there. I didn't know about Philly, and I sure as hell didn't realize that your husband would lead me to her.

Brooke: Does he know?

Maria: He knows.

Brooke: How is he?

Maria: He's Edmund. Being brave and quiet. Bad joke now and again, and -- and he's dying inside.

Brooke: I'm so sorry.

Maria: I know, thanks.

Brooke: Will you tell him for me? No, don't do that. I don't want him to think that this is pity.

Maria: Oh, he wouldn't.

Brooke: He's very brave. I mean, you both are. Don't listen to me right now, ok? I -- it's hard to know what to say. I'm just -- I'm going to come back another day.

Maria: Well, why don't you -- why don't you make the delivery? I think he'd like to see you.

Brooke: Are you the butter pecan?

Edmund: More like rocky road.

Maggie: You know, you better watch out for Danielle because you may wake up one morning with a tattoo and not know where it came from, my friend.

Reggie: Well, you know, I can't think about that right now. I have to devote my brain to a higher cause.

Maggie: Ok, Reggie, you can't become a priest. I mean, not all girls are naughty.

Reggie: No, I'm doing just the opposite. I plan on raising a little hell around here.

Maggie: Yeah? Fill me in.

Reggie: Well, last week I let Danielle play me. This week, I'm going to play her.

Maggie: Oh. So is this naughty?

Reggie: Very naughty. Would you like some?

Maggie: I'm so in.

Greenlee: Your brother was Ryan's friend, and Leo trusted Ryan. That should count for something.

David: So what? Leo was a heterosexual male.

Greenlee: Well, very much so, but that's a little off the subject.

David: No, no, no. My point is this -- that there was no romantic tension clouding Leo's judgment of Ryan. Can you honestly say the same for yourself?

Greenlee: No, I'm not a heterosexual male.

David: And I believe that Leo would want me to make sure that you didn't mess up your life.

Greenlee: And he'd also want me to trust my judgment.

David: You know something, this topic of Lavery really bores me to tears, so I'm out of here.

Greenlee: What, so soon?

David: Actually, there is one last thing. No, no, no, just -- just hear me out, ok? Now, with all this time and all these countless false starts with this guy, isn't it possible that you might be missing something about him? Think about it.

Kendall: You want me to promise something? Ok, fine. I won't be jealous of Maria or Tad. They didn't try to put me in prison. They didn't take my sister to the place where she lost her baby. Cutting Greenlee out of our lives isn't some arbitrary itch that I have to scratch.

Ryan: David's pretty high on my jerk list. I never tried to run him out.

Kendall: Yeah, but he never tried to take me away from you, either.

Ryan: Kendall, don't you know what's at stake here?

Kendall: Don't you care that she hurt me?

Ryan: This is not about Greenlee. How many times do I have to say that before you'll understand?

Kendall: I'm just asking for one simple thing.

Ryan: Yeah, for me to roll over and play dead. But look at me, Kendall. I'm too big to be a lap dog.

Kendall: So you cram Greenlee in my face. That's how you show your love?

Edmund: I guess I have to run another mile on a treadmill.

Brooke: Well, I'm not sure about the etiquette in a situation like this, but do I -- I have to laugh at your lame jokes because you're in that bed?

Edmund: Oh, sure you do. I got a bunch of sympathy laughs because everybody knows, you know, this stinks. Almost everybody.

Brooke: Well, who could possibly argue the point?

Edmund: Maria. In some ways, maybe she got her wish.

Anita: High five. You're the master. You got me to spill the 411. I told you that Bobby and Erica went to Philadelphia, that Bobby works in Vegas. What do you get, an extra decoder ring for being a super spy?

Aidan: Look, I came to this hospital to check up on Edmund and Maria. I came in this room because I heard you crying. There is no ulterior motive.

Anita: You're trying to make Bobby meeting with Erica into something sordid! You'll waste all of your energy on him, and you won't even find Erica Kane!

Aidan: Look, I couldn't care less about your husband, ok? You're the one that brought him up. And if we're done here, I promise you one thing --

Anita: Oh. What?

Aidan: If I see your husband in Vegas, I won't punch him out.

Anita: What is that -- what is that, like some sort of interrogation tactic?

Aidan: It's what he deserves for the way he makes you feel.

Singer: I was lonely through my days but I got by without you despite all my pain I was told don't live in the past that all good things weren't meant to last I don't know why I constantly try I keep going over goodbye in my dreams you came to me made me so reality the burning feel your breath on my skin the feeling I have to hold you again goodbye -- goodbye

Ryan: Will you marry me?

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Rudy: Agree to be my muse, or tell your story walking.

Kendall: Greenlee's only in this for one reason -- to take Ryan away from me.

Mary: Or simply take what's rightfully hers.

Greenlee: So this marriage -- it's strictly business, right?

Ryan: Is that ok with you?

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