AMC Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Greenlee's voice: "Women of Fusion announced their arrival with energy and style."


Kendall's voice: "The noise you heard last night was Fusion taking off and breaking the beauty barrier."


Greenlee: "To the brains and beauty behind Fusion, I can only add bravissimo!"


Kendall's voice: Guys, we did it! We did it. We pulled it off.

Greenlee: This place always did glow with possibility. As does that ensemble.

Kendall: So, you all ready? No last-minute jitters?

Greenlee: What's to jitter about? This is Ryan's big day. We're just part of the scenery.

Kendall: Oh, I have a feeling this is going to be a big day for all of us.

Man: And finally -- congratulations, Mr. Lavery. It's good to have you back in charge.

Ryan: Good to be back. Thank you. Let's get this party started. Ahem.

Man: All right, Mr. Lavery, these papers will need to be filed with the SEC.

Ryan: I can handle that, thank you.

Man: As you wish. Congratulations again, sir. You're in for a big day.

Ryan: You have no idea.

Adam: Lavery's a buffoon. What makes him think he can keep me out of that boardroom?

Liza: A firm grasp on reality and controlling interest of Chandler Enterprises.

J.R.: Oh, Dad, it's not like this is news to you, anyway. You're not involved in the day-to-day at Chandler anymore.

Adam: Let's see if he has the guts to toss me out himself.

Opal: Ooh. And here I just came for a little peek at the papoose.

Marian: Darlings, do you want to know the antidote for business and boardrooms? It's a huge, fabulous celebration. I think it's high time we have one.

Opal: Oh!

Krystal: Oh, heck. Yeah, it's long overdue. I mean, I think a big, fancy wedding is just what we need.

Liza: Mother meant a christening.

Marian: My, my, Krystal, your mind always seems to segue to romance. You have some poor dupe in mind?

Tad: Morning, all.

Adam: Oh -- it was true all along? You're engaged to Martin?

Opal: Quick, Tad, run while you can. I'll create a distraction.

Krystal: I was talking about nuptials for J.R. and Babe. I think it's high time those two did it up right. Marriage is about love and family, and after everything J.R. and Babe have been through, I think it's high time they can be surrounded by love and flowers --

Mary: And presents? Forgive me, but I think it would be a little gratuitous. This couple already has everything they need, including a child.

Tad: I like it.

Liza: You what?

Tad: I think it's a great idea. J.R., you and Babe were very lucky to find one another. I think you should allow me to show you how happy I am for you. So, what do you say? We'll do it. Ok, we'll shoot the works.

Adam: Yes -- oh, yes, we will. Of course we will, in grand style, befitting a Chandler.

Marian: Well, Stuart will be thrilled. He's a sucker for weddings and wedding cakes.

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, just hold on one second on the rose petals and rice here. We don't even know if Babe's up for something like this.

Krystal: Oh, come on, J.R.! You offer Babe a wedding of her dreams, and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts she says "I do."

Babe: Morning. What? What, do I have baby spit-up on me or something?

J.R.: Oh, no, of course not. You're beautiful. You're even more beautiful every day. Here, sit.

Babe: What are you doing? Why is everyone looking at us?

J.R.: That's because they know how much I love you. And how much I want to make all your wishes come true. And now I'm going to ask you to make one of my wishes come true. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife all over again?

Kendall: Ryan, I don't know why it took so long for me to trust you, but I do. I do, with all that I have.

Ryan: That's all I ever wanted. That's all that we need.

Kendall: What you did here today -- I understand. I know it was the final step to get us where we need to be. And if this didn't make me doubt you, than nothing ever will. Baby, we're home free.

Ryan: Kendall, we have walked through fire together and we made it through to the other side. Let me spend the rest of my life loving you. Marry me.

Kendall: You got a new ring?

Ryan: A new ring for a new us. This could be our happy ending, Kendall, if you just say --

Kendall: Yes, yes, yes! Yes! I'll being saying yes forever, for the rest of my life. I will be saying yes, yes! Yes!

Ryan: Going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Greenlee: You think something big is going down today? Is this about you or Ryan?

Kendall: Both, as a matter of fact. But it's also about you and Simone and Mia. Fusion is about to be reborn today, plucked out of limbo and thrust back into the world. Is that big enough for you? And whatever else may come up.

Simone: Wow, Kendall! Stunning. Unfortunately, as good as you look is as lousy as Mia feels. Yeah, she's got some germ bug virus thing.

Kendall: Ok, great. So she's not going to make it today?

Simone: Well, it's no biggie. No, I mean, you know, Fusion's going to be back on top whether she's there or not, right? I mean, this is just a formality, isn't it?

Greenlee: Yeah, from what I understand.

Simone: Ok, good.

Kendall: Yes, but life is full of surprises. It's all how you handle them.

Greenlee: Actually, I'm on a surprise avoidance program, so I have to ask you -- are you sure you're cool with this? Being back in business together again?

Kendall: Yeah, Greenlee, everything is still in motion. Nothing has gone off target yet. If we just ride this out, it'll take us where we need to go.

Greenlee: Ok. I'm going to go get the latest projections so Ryan can see the power player Fusion really is.

Simone: This is really so unreal, you know? Us, here, talking shop. I mean, who would imagine that we'd have a chance like this again?

Kendall: Well, stranger things have happened.

Simone: Than you and Greenlee making nice? Life on Mars, maybe? Did you really mean it? You two are together, for the good of cosmetic kind?

Kendall: I hate to break it to you, but Greenlee's not my focus today.

Simone: What? Well, then what is bigger than the Fusion Four back in action?

Kendall: Finding out what Ryan really feels for me.

[Music plays]

Man: My friend, you spent the night in my joint, sample my music, my food, my carbonated beverage. Prepare to work your butt off.

Reggie: That's why I'm here. Can we get it over with, please?

Man: Easy. Just to show you no hard feelings, you get a helper. I guess your guilty conscience was contagious.

Reggie: Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Danielle: Reporting for duty, sir. Where do you want me?

Simone: Whoa. How did we get to you, Ryan, and feelings in the same sentence?

Kendall: Well, it -- it was inevitable.

Simone: Uh-huh.

Kendall: Ryan and I -- we love each other.

Simone: Right, in that covert, heavy tension, unspoken way.

Kendall: No, no, we said the words.

Simone: You did? Out loud? To each other?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Simone: In English?

Kendall: Yes. Yes. But that was as far as we went. We weren't sure if we can get past everything that we've done in the past that tore each other apart.

Simone: And now you -- you think you are?

Kendall: Well, today we'll find out.

Simone: Wow. And where does -- where does Greenlee fit into all this?

Kendall: Nowhere. You better keep it that way. The only reason I'm telling you is I might crawl out of my skin otherwise.

Simone: Oh. Well, trust me, I don't want anywhere near this loop. You know, it's got "ugly" written all over it. In fact, you know what? Just to make sure that something doesn't spit out of my mouth, I'm going to make sure I'm nowhere near earshot. Yeah, so I will see you at the Cambias central. Hmm. Oh, boy.

Ryan's voice: All I have to say about this is --

Kendall: What? Ryan, what is it?

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you for the wake-up call. You found the way to bring it home to us. Now we just have to rest easy.

Kendall: Are you sure? I mean, what about --

Ryan: There is nobody else. Kendall, there never was. There never will be.

Kendall: Well, you had the honor once. Now it's my turn. Have a seat. Ryan, I have loved you ever since time began. Life without you is like living in the shadows. Will you marry me?

Ryan: Nothing could make me happier!

Greenlee: Kendall? You look pretty far out there.

Kendall: I'm not as far away as you think. I just caught a glimpse of the not-too-distant future.

Greenlee: It's good, I hope -- for all of us.

Kendall: Well, cross your fingers, light a candle.

Greenlee: Being a team again with you, Simone, and Mia -- you know, it means the world to me. I just want us to be us again. Maybe we're on our way. I mean, not so long ago, you couldn't be in the same room with me. Now look at us. I'm grateful you found a way to move on.

Kendall: Well, it's not too hard once you figure out how. Soon, I'll bet we'll all be moving on.

Babe: Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Krystal: Whoo-hoo!

Mary: Whoo-hoo. There'll be a hog-calling contest immediately after the ceremony.

Opal: You're just going to love being a bride again! Only now that you got Bess, you know, I think you're going to have to postpone that honeymoon.

Liza: Just know that Colby�s going to be hinting about the flower girl position.

J.R.: Well, the job's all hers.

Babe: How come I get the feeling that this is your idea?

Krystal: Oh, honey, you know there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do to see you happy.

Babe: You're the best. Ok, so does it make me a really bad mama -- I just want to rush upstairs and wake up Bess and tell her the good news.

J.R.: How is my girl?

Babe: She is snoozing without a care, and, you guys, she has this little whistle noise that she makes.

Opal: Oh!

Adam: J.R. had the same thing. Still does on occasion.

Babe: Oh.

Opal: Oh, Adam, honestly -- any moment you're going to be crowing that Bess inherited the Chandler diaper-filling genes.

Adam: Oh!

Tad: Ah, yes -- the real Chandler legacy lives on. All hail the royal bloodline.

Marian: Well, you know, I have to admit I can't wait to see if young Bess gets the same glorious coloring that Hayley and Colby got.

Liza: Yes.

Opal: Well, honey.

Krystal: Ahem. Excuse me. I'm going to just check the terrace and see if it'll be ok for the bridal luncheon.

Marian: Isn't it exciting?

Babe: I know!

Marian: Well, you're going to have to get a dress --

Babe: For sure.

Marian: Get it made, you know �

Tad: You ok?

Krystal: I'm just kind of letting the relief sink in. Babe's mistake is all but erased.

Tad: So the annulment finally came through?

Krystal: Yeah, her "I dos" with Paul Cramer never happened. Got the papers back a couple days ago.

Tad: So I guess our kids can be married legally?

Krystal: And if everybody keeps their word, then J.R. never has to know exactly when the annulment went through.

Tad: Krystal, we both want our children to be happy. No matter what's happened, we are on the same side.

Adam: Mary, since you're such a gifted hostess and have so much time on your hands, you can be Babe's wedding planner.

Babe: Super.

Mary: All right, I'll see what I can do.

Marian: Morning. It's probably nothing.

Liza: Adam says that Tad and Krystal share some big secret, a secret that would send Krystal and Babe running from Pine Valley.

Marian: Well, he's not going to kick the mother of his darling little baby out into the cold, darling. He's not going to let Adam do that.

Liza: I'm just wondering what Pine Valley would be if it were a Krystal-free zone.

Marian: You mean, if Tad were a Krystal-free zone? Darling, please, go on out there and just take what's yours, ok?

Tad: You could have knocked me over with a feather when Adam agreed. I just hope he doesn't change his mind and try to talk the kids out of it.

Krystal: Well, as far as this wedding goes, I vote for ASAP. We both know what's riding on this.

Babe: So, what do you -- what do you say? Horse and carriage? Limo and disco ball? Tex-Mex theme maybe?

Opal: Oh, well, you have to have me and Palmer -- Tex-Mex.

Babe: You know what, honey? You surprised me with such a beautiful engagement, I will surprise you with the wedding plans.

Opal: Ooh.

J.R.: What, now?

Adam: Yeah. I don't want to miss a second of Lavery's idiocy.

[J.R. sighs]

Adam: Where's Liza?

Marian: Oh, uh, just go ahead without her. She had some research to do.

Tad: You're going to have to get yourself a new project. Might I suggest something a little less stressful, like maybe the bomb squad?

Krystal: I'll be too busy checking the bus schedules and scooting out of town. Can't wait to see Adam's face. Talk about joyful. It's fine by me. As soon as my little girl's properly hitched, it's hasta la vista, Pine Valley.

Tad: No, wait. No, no. You can't just up and leave. I don't want you to go. All I'm saying -- I just mean, what about Babe? After everything she's been through, this would kill her.

Krystal: Come on, Tad, that's sweet. The couple has to endure two in-laws hovering over them? Make that three, counting you. And besides, I mean, I just -- I get stiff sitting still. I need to -- I need to stretch my legs.

Tad: I don't buy it for a second. You're going to choose this moment to stretch your legs, when Bess is finally home safe and sound and upstairs in that bassinet?

Krystal: Yeah. Babe's happy, ok? She's got her husband, she's got her baby. It's time for this free spirit to see which way the wind is blowing.

Tad: Well, you happen to know when the wind's going to pick up? Because I missed the morning forecast.

Krystal: When I find out, I'll -- I'll let you know. Right now, I -- I got a wedding to plan.

Tad: You can come out now, Liza.

[Music plays]

Reggie: Yo, did you forget why I'm here in the first place? How is putting me and Ms. Crime Spree together a good idea?

Man: Keeps me entertained, that's how. I don't like watching young people act like fools over each other. Now, go price the new shipments.

Danielle: Is that a pricing gun in your pocket, or are you excited --

Reggie: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Why are you here? When did you manage to get your father unraveled from your little fingertips?

Danielle: I willingly offered to serve my time.

Reggie: Oh, what a little angel you are.

Danielle: Actually, my Aunt Livia thought I needed a lesson in discipline.

Reggie: Oh, yeah, that's double punishment for me. This is how it's going to go. Don't talk to me, don't look at me. Better yet, don't know me. That's a good one. Don't know me.

Danielle: I'm taking a poll. What's the best pick-up line a girl ever used on you?

Jamie: Excuse me?

Danielle: You know -- "What's a girl got to do to make you sit up and take notice?"

Jamie: Well, usually just stepping up gets my attention.

Danielle: But a girl with any real flair is bound to follow it up, right? My standby is -- "Didn't my daddy arrest you once?"

Jamie: Doesn't that usually scare them off?

Danielle: Oh, I have no use for a guy that scares that easily.

Jamie: Oh. Tough girl.

Maggie: Hey, you.

Jamie: Oh, hey.

Maggie: Hey to you, too.

Danielle: Hi there. Who's your friend?

Jamie: This is Maggie. We're --

Maggie: Together, sort of.

Jamie: Pretty much.

Danielle: Oh, no. No way you're his girlfriend.

Maggie: Why would you say that?

Danielle: Because I'm making a move on your man, and you're not the least bit jealous.

Ryan: I love the smell of power in the morning.

Kendall: Well, good morning, Mr. Chairman. Your title fits you almost as well as that suit.

Ryan: And you -- you put my billions to shame.

Kendall: Well, we are in the glamour business. I try to fake it when I can.

Ryan: You, Ms. Hart, are the real deal. How's Bianca?

Kendall: She's making progress. It's a little slow, but she's going to make it.

Ryan: With you by her side, I don't see how she couldn't. Where are my manners? Please.

Kendall: Thank you. So, are the transfer papers signed?

Ryan: Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Kendall: No last-minute glitches?

Ryan: Well, my signature was getting a little ugly by page 81, but the rest was a piece of cake.

Kendall: We are on the brink of a brave new world. Can you handle it?

Ryan: Without a doubt. You?

Kendall: I see your confidence and I raise you a prediction. This is going to work out just fine for all of us.

Ryan: We want the same thing. What's not to work?

Kendall: Greenlee, Simone, and I had a little premeeting confab.

Ryan: Wow! You three with your heads together -- that would strike fear in any competitor's heart. Just like old times, huh?

Greenlee: Kendall's been great. We're moving beyond our past.

Ryan: Now, are you saying that as the guy who controls your company or as something else?

Simone: Hey. Wow, look who I found in the elevator. Where's a flak jacket when you need one.

J.R.: Ah, there's the man. Or should I say "legend"?

Simone: Yes, that's right. Congratulations. It's nice having a man in charge. What? I have shares now. You can bank those looks.

Ryan: Adam, I would say "What a nice surprise," but it's not.

Adam: As the second-highest shareholder of Chandler Enterprises, I have every right to be here.

Ryan: You managed to say "second" without swallowing your tongue. That's very good. That's progress.

Greenlee: Where's Liza?

J.R.: I have no idea, but I'm sure she wouldn't want us to stop on her account.

Ryan: Well, then let's get started. Allow me to call our first meeting to order.

Adam: I assume the first order of business will be Chandler Enterprises.

Ryan: We'll get to all of my companies eventually, Adam. But first, I have an announcement. I once told a good friend of mine a lot of money can do a lot of good. Case in point -- Cambias Industries is in the process of endowing a multimillion-dollar crisis center and foundation dedicated to women and children. The Miranda Montgomery Center breaks ground this year.

Adam: Tax dodge. Shrewd.

Kendall: Bianca will be very grateful. Thank you.

Ryan: And yes, Adam, the next order in business is Chandler Enterprises.

Adam: Let's skip the small talk, Lavery. I'm prepared to make you an offer that you would be a fool to refuse.

Liza: Tad --

Tad: Don't, ok? Don't start. I just -- you're hiding again. I want to know why.

Liza: Well, Krystal came out here and you followed her. I thought something was wrong, and then I realized it was an intimate moment, so I backed off.

Tad: Intimate? How -- how do you get intimate out of any of that?

Liza: You were just begging her not to go.

Tad: I was not.

Liza: All right, it was a heartfelt plea.

Tad: Heartfelt -- excuse me, you must be hitting the bar again with Mary.

Liza: You know, I got to tell you, this hiatus of yours looks suspiciously like a cover. Are you falling for Krystal?

Tad: Oh, please. I stop putting out, so all of a sudden, I'm in love?

Liza: You know, we used to tell each other everything.

Tad: All right. I'm telling you this. You're nuts.

Liza: All right, fine. Now, tell me. You want to have an honest conversation with a friend, why don't you give me a call?

Maggie: Jamie and I aren't so much boyfriend and girlfriend as we are friends with benefits.

Danielle: Hmm.

Jamie: Most excellent benefits.

Danielle: So you don't mind me stepping in?

Maggie: Jamie can handle himself. Plus, aren't you a little young?

Danielle: Too young?

Jamie: Sorry.

Danielle: Well, I'll look you up in a couple years. Until then, stay cute, all right?

Maggie: Oh, you --

Reggie: What, Danielle, now you're messing with the customers?

Danielle: Anybody ever tell you you're a major buzz kill? I'm doing the diva section here, ok? No boys allowed. It's called creative marketing.

Reggie: No, it's called the manager's going to get on your butt, that's what it's called.

Danielle: Jealous looks good on you.

Reggie: Look, slacker, you're making more work for me, so why don't you go clean the DJ booth? You know?

Danielle: You trying to get rid of me already?

Reggie: Oh, no! I mean, I just want to make you look good in front of the manager, you know.

Danielle: It's so sweet of you to put your own feelings aside.

Reggie: Yeah, I know. Aren't I a doll?

Reggie: Sucker. You know, Reggie, that's the way you take down trouble, you know?

Danielle: A shiny happy good morning to all the folks checking out our tunes.

Jamie: Reggie, this girl is a trip.

Reggie: Yeah, off a six-story building.

Danielle: This goes out to the beefcake in the R&B section. Braids, brawn, and uptight as hell -- Reggie Montgomery. This goes out from me to you.

Brady: Well, I can see that

[Music blares]

Danielle: Open the door!

[Music stops]

Danielle: That was for all the misunderstood sisters out there.

Man: You want me to regret my good deed?

Reggie: Did you see me on the microphone?

Danielle: I'm sorry, I just got carried away by all the great music you have here.

Man: Let it just carry you on out of my store, both of you.

Danielle: But our debt to society --

Man: Paid in full. You're cute, but you're trouble. And I don't need more trouble. Just go.

Reggie: Right.

Danielle: How much do you so love me right now? I got us off the hook, so what should we do with the rest of our day?

Reggie: Why don't we both go and play in traffic, ok? And you're going to go first.

Danielle: How long you plan on being mad at me? Because when you're over it, we could have some serious fun.

Reggie: Take a hint. Leave me alone. Stay away from me.

Jamie: Hell, yes.

Reggie: Hell, yes, what, Jamie? What?

Jamie: Hell, yes, she was worth getting busted for. She's hilarious -- and hot.

Reggie: She lied to me. She played me out for, like, a month. I almost got jail time. Yeah, she's a damn laugh riot.

Jamie: Reggie, man to man -- you're not in jail. She came clean. Look at her. If I was you, I would get over it.

Ryan: And what could you possibly have to offer me, Adam?

Liza: Sorry, everybody.

Ryan: This is my pond. I could use you as bait.

Adam: Well, let me dangle this for you. I'm offering you full market value on all of your shares of Chandler Enterprises.

Ryan: Well, there was this island that I had my eye on. But I could buy that and anything else that I want without your money.

Adam: Well, how about this? You accept my offer, and I will allow you to continue doing business in Pine Valley.

Ryan: Please, Adam, what's next? "Leave the gun, take the cannoli"?

Adam: You smarmy little --

J.R.: Dad -- continue, Ryan.

Ryan: Thank you. I intend to leave J.R. and Liza as the head of Chandler Enterprises, as my show of faith in them.

J.R.: Thank you. We appreciate the confidence.

Liza: The potential for Chandler Enterprises is really boundless, now that the obstacles have been eliminated.

Ryan: Yes, it's nice to cut out the dead wood, isn't it?

Adam: You are a pathetic bunch of sycophants. The only thing worse than a stupid mistake is an expensive mistake. You just made both of them. Don't get too comfortable in that chair, little man.

Liza: Well, I'd better go follow him, make sure he doesn't steal the stapler.

Ryan: Well, I'm sorry you two have to take the fallout of all this.

J.R.: Well, thanks, but it comes with the last name.

Adam: I'm going to tear his head off with my teeth.

J.R.: What did you expect, Dad? That Ryan would just roll over?

Adam: I thought he had half a brain. Obviously, I overestimated him.

Liza: Oh, boo-hoo. You're acting like the kid that didn't get picked for kickball. You know we have work to do. I'll see you in the office.

Adam: So that's it? You're just going to sit back and let me take the heat?

J.R.: You're a grown man. You walked into the fire yourself.

Adam: You're a man -- you're a man who should remember that family is more important than friendship with Ryan Lavery.

J.R.: This is business, Dad. Walk it off.

Adam: No! That man is toying with my life. My company. I built it! It's mine! And I'm going to get it back.

J.R.: You lost it to Michael Cambias. Now, I'm not about to just give up because you said so.

Adam: Who taught you the business that you now so capably run? I did. I built that business from the dirt with my bare hands. And what did he do to earn it? He picked up a -- a dying old man in a broken-down limo.

J.R.: Ryan is in charge, end of story.

Adam: All right, so that's it. Is that it? You just -- just forget about me? What about Bess?

J.R.: What? Why does my daughter have anything to do with this?

Adam: I built that company for our family. It's your birthright. It's Bess' inheritance. Doesn't she deserve what is rightfully hers? Ryan Lavery doesn't carry Chandler blood in his veins, but Bess does. So do you.

Babe: I can't believe I made something so perfect. I never done something so right my whole entire life.

Krystal: She's beautiful.

Babe: I can't take all the credit. I mean, look at those little cheeks. Where do you think she got those from? Who are you going to look like when you're a big girl, huh?

Krystal: Oh, honey, you tell your mama, you are an individual with your own style and flair, huh?

Babe: Mama, I already know that your strength and love passed on from you to me. And now, from me to Bess. You can't blame me for wanting her to have your smile, too. Hey, baby.

Krystal: Honey, if she gets my smile, then you're going to have to spend a fortune in braces.

Babe: Mama, are you ok? I've never seen you like this.

Krystal: I'm all right. No, I'm fine. And if you tell anybody I'm a softy, then you are in big trouble, missy.

Babe: Not a word. Did you see that?

Krystal: What?

Babe: I think she just winked.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: Can babies even wink? Because if they can, she just did.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: Will you hold her just while I go grab the camera?

Krystal: Oh, twist my arm.

Babe: I'll be right back.

Krystal: Oh. You are so beautiful. You're just as beautiful as Babe's baby. And your mama loves you so much. Just as if you really were her own. You see why I can't take that away from her? And you're going to have such a wonderful life. You, your mommy, and your daddy. Oh, I wish I could see it. But I can't stay. I just can't stay. I can't stand to lie. I can't stand pushing Tad away. And if he gets any closer, the secret just might tear a hole in my heart and find a way out. Can't risk that. I can't risk telling Tad. Or baby doll. Oh, my precious baby, Babe's your mama now. And no one is ever going to know any different.

Ryan: With all that's happened, Fusion is still golden, but I want to make it platinum, which is why I intend to merge Fusion and Enchantment.

Simone: The competition?

Greenlee: How could that possibly work?

Ryan: How could it possibly fail? It's the marriage of equals.

Kendall: We'll own the entire market.

Ryan: Well, we're not on our honeymoon yet. I need continued focus and enthusiasm from all of you.

Simone: Oh, well, I'm a fount of enthusiasm. I mean, I'm just bubbling over with it. I mean, all the time.

Greenlee: You have your shares, relax.

Simone: Oh, it's just a force of habit. I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, don't be sorry. That kind of -- that kind of fire is good for business. But for the second order of business -- would you give Kendall and me a minute, please?

Greenlee: Um -- of course.

Simone: I feel like I should curtsy or something.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Ryan: How am I doing?

Kendall: Like you were born to do this.

Ryan: Well, I can't do it all on my own. You know that, right?

Kendall: Well, whatever I can do to help --

Ryan: Hmm. You own stock in Fusion and in Enchantment. You know the inner workings. You are the logical choice to run this beauty giant.

Kendall: I'd love that.

Ryan: You're sharp. Kendall, you got brains and you have instinct, and I want to exploit them both shamelessly.

Kendall: Well, I'm flattered. And I'm confident. I know this is the right move for all of us.

Ryan: This -- this office -- this title is more than I ever expected out of life. But it's not enough. I want more. With you. A future, together. I want -- I want our happy ending.

Kendall: God, Ryan, it's like you're saying all the words that are running through my head.

Ryan: Well, that's a good sign, because -- because I got more. We both know what it's going to take for this to work. We both know that we have to let go of all the things that have tripped us up in the past.

Kendall: Yes, and we know what we want and how hard we're willing to work for it. We can kiss all of this baggage goodbye.

Ryan: Right, but it's not just about us. I've made another decision. I want Greenlee by your side -- co-CEO with equal power.

[Music plays]

Reggie: Please tell me they're sending you home soon.

Danielle: You didn't get the memo? I am home. I live with Daddy now, the new girl in school. I wonder how much fun we could have locked in an empty high school all night. "Hard to get" is so sexy.

Maggie: Reggie definitely has his hands full.

Jamie: I just hope he chills in time to enjoy it. You ready? I want to go pick up one of those filter thingies that hook under the faucet.

Maggie: Oh, it's good thinking. We can save money on bottled water.

Jamie: And I'll pop for it, just so there's no custody issues later.

Maggie: Hey, I told you, just don't throw your boxes on the floor. I didn't throw you out.

Jamie: I didn't mean that. It's just circumstances have sort of done a 180. Are you sure you still want to live with me, and not Bianca?

Tad: I talked to Stuart. He said he'd love to do your invitations, if you're interested.

Krystal: Well, I guess that's up to the bride, and Mary Smythe, of all people.

Tad: Listen, I'm sorry about what happened before, you know. Your plans are definitely your own. Go or stay, it's -- it's up to you.

Krystal: Well, I've always done my own thing. Guess I can't stop now, no matter how much I like Pine Valley.

Tad: And your free spirit is pushing you to the open road. So why do I get the feeling there's something else going on with you?

Krystal: Well, I guess I do have pressing business at mind.

[Doorbell rings]

Krystal: My date.

David: Hey. Krystal, you look fantastic.

Krystal: Glad you like the view.

David: Shall we?

Krystal: Yeah.

David: Hi, Tad. Bye, Tad.

Simone: You don't think they're talking about the merger, do you?

Greenlee: I get the feeling that whatever's happening behind those doors, my future is on the line.

Ryan: Now let me just say this right upfront. This is business. Kendall, Greenlee created Fusion. She's got the goods. This is no more than she deserves. All right? But that's it, period. Nothing to do with us. You and I go way beyond this boardroom, and -- and I want us to have everything. That's what I want. I want us to have it all. I imagined many responses. Silence was not one of them.

Kendall: I'm trying to find the right way to phrase this.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Ryan, there's a problem with your business plan.

Ryan: And why is that?

Kendall: It's impossible. Paragraph D -- the papers that you signed -- read them. You're wrong about Greenlee. She will not be in my life, in my business, or anywhere else.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Lena: I love you so much, and I want this to be our new beginning.

Man: It's you! It really is you!

Kendall: Get out. You're history.

Ryan: Don't move, Greenlee. You're not going anywhere.

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