AMC Transcript Tuesday 4/20/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/20/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Babe: It's ok, Bianca. I understand.

Bianca: How can you? I don't. When I saw her, held her, when I heard her cry, everything inside me said, "This is your baby, she's alive." And once I held her in my arms, I couldn't let her go.

Babe: Bianca?

Babe: We can do this. I promise. Hey, we worked our way through all kinds of stuff. We can work through this, too. All right?

J.R.: Bianca --

Babe: Hey, Bianca, everything's going to be all right. I swear. We all just want what's best.

Adam: Thank God she's all right. Bianca, I'm her grandfather. I'll take her now.

Ryan: Shh, shh, what the hell do you think you're doing? You stay out of this.

Bianca: I'm sorry, little one. I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to -- I only wanted to -- Goodbye, angel. Your real mommy loves you so much. And I know you already love her, too.

Paul: You know, you are one lucky little kid.

[Baby coos]

Paul: That's right, you're a Buchanan. You know what that means? That means no jumping through hoops. That means no playing the odds. That's right, your life is set. And so is Kelly's. Which is why I know she's going to give me the money I need. Oh, come on, I know there's no way you want to go back to your real mom. And there's no way that you can. That's never going to happen. The Chandlers would put me away forever if they knew you were J.R.'s kid. So it's better this way. Babe only wanted you so she could keep her hooks in that husband of hers.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Why are there so many emergencies in Pine Valley, huh? I got to go, ok? Everything will work out. I promise.

Babe: We missed you so much, baby.

J.R.: Yeah. You made your daddy bonkers.

Kendall: Bianca, you -- you want to go? Let's go.

Babe: Thank you, Bianca. For bringing Bess back to us.

Adam: Not soon enough.

Bianca: No, he's right. Adam is right. Bess is back where she belongs. I'm so sorry. I -- I didn't want to scare anybody or upset anyone. I just -- I saw her, and I thought she was my baby. And -- and being with her was the only thing that mattered. It just felt so right, but I know -- I know that it wasn't. I know it was wrong.

Kendall: No, no, Bianca, nobody blames you. You're mourning the loss of your own daughter. That's perfectly understandable.

Bianca: I don't understand it. I looked at Bess and everything in my heart told me that she was my little girl. And that feeling was stronger than anything -- reason, fact, reality, common sense. I couldn't ignore it. I didn't want to. It's ok, I -- I know you don't have to worry, Babe, I know that she's yours. I really do, I swear. I just -- Why do I still feel like she's mine?

Adam: May I be so bold as to suggest we get some medical attention for this child? Who knows what she's been through?

Tad: Can't you give it a rest?

Adam: Do I have to take her to another facility to get her the help that she needs --

Bianca: No --

Adam: Because I will.

Bianca: I -- look, I swear that Mira-- Bess -- Bess is fine. She's all right. I took good care of her, I kept her warm, I fed her. I made sure she slept. She was never alone or in any danger.

Babe: How could she be anything but perfect with you watching out for her? I mean, look at her. She's all pink and happy. Isn't she, Dr. Joe?

Joe: Yes, she is. But in a case like this, the hospital mandates a complete examination. Fran? I assure you it'll be as quick as we can make it.

J.R.: Not without me.

Joe: All right. Babe?

Babe: I'll be waiting for you, Bess.

Joe: Ok. We'll be back before you know it.

Babe: Bianca -- uh --

Kendall: Bianca, you look exhausted. You know what? Let's go to your room, ok?

Babe: But wait. Let's you and me -- let's go talk.

Kendall: No, no. You can talk later.

Bianca: No, Kendall, it's -- it's ok.

Kendall: No, Bianca, you don't have to do this.

Bianca: I do need to talk to Babe, I do. I need to.

Ryan: Go ahead, say it.

Kendall: No. No. How can somebody be that forgiving? No, Ryan, I swear, if she makes this worse for Bianca --

Adam: What about the hell that Bianca put us all through? Hmm? I hope Babe makes that very clear to your sister. I'm going in there.

Krystal: Hold -- hold it right there. Where do you get off? You don't have a clue about Babe. In fact, you are so full of meanness, you don't recognize love when you see it, and Babe loves with everything she's got! Did she hold it against you for -- for trying to kick her out all those times or for trying to pay her off? Did she hold it against J.R. for forcing her to take that paternity test? Hell, no!

Adam: No, I don't -- I don't think those offenses quite compare with stealing a baby.

Krystal: Does money make you stupid? Babe knows that Bianca acted out of pain, not malice. She's not going to kick her to the curb just because she's mourning her own baby the only way she could!

Tad: Krystal, nobody's attacking Babe.

Krystal: There's just no end to this. Maybe Babe's blood isn't blue enough for all of you, but I'll tell you one thing. She does not put any rules or restrictions on where she gives her love, who she gives it to, and how much she gives it. With all of you people, it's one mistake and sayonara, and that's one hell of a way to live.

[Phone rings]

Lena: I have to return this call.

Maggie: Well, you should use the pay phone. It's right through there.

Lena: Ok. I'll be right back.

Adam: Could I -- could I interrupt for just a moment?

Kendall: No, you better not say one more word about criminal charges.

Adam: No, no, absolutely not. Babe and J.R. are both against any kind of legal action, and I totally agree.

Ryan: Well, yeah, you better.

Adam: It was a tragedy. Jail is the last place Bianca should be. She belongs where she could get compassion and understanding -- and professional help. If you can send her somewhere where she can get that, then maybe she won't hurt anyone else.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'll tell you who I'd like to hurt right now.

Derek: I know that Livia found Danielle here alone with you, wearing nothing but a trashy nightie!

Livia: Now, I did not say it was trashy.

Greenlee: FYI, that was my nightie, and there's nothing trashy about La Perla. Danielle looked adorable in it.

Reggie: Greenlee, enough with the help, please.

Derek: You were aware of this?

Greenlee: Jackson was out of town. I was in charge.

Derek: You were here, supervising?

Greenlee: No, I was upstairs in my apartment. Then I heard loud music. It sounded like there was a party going on down here.

Reggie: Greenlee --

Greenlee: And I didn't want the neighbors to be disturbed.

Derek: So if there wasn't any music, this delinquent would've been doing whatever with my daughter?

Greenlee: You're overreacting. Nothing happened. Reggie told me.

Derek: You believe him?

Greenlee: He's my brother.

Livia: You're not exactly a credible witness.

Greenlee: I'm trying to resolve this, and you're both getting on my nerves. Both of you. So maybe you want to take a good look at your daughter --

Reggie: And start looking at all the words that's coming out of her sassy mouth.

Derek: Boy --

Reggie: Look, Danielle lied to me from day one. And if I never, ever see your daughter again, it wouldn't be too soon.

Danielle: Real nice, Reggie, after I hauled my pretty little butt all the way over here just to save yours. Look, Daddy, Reggie didn't do anything wrong. You got to believe me. I was so stressed out with Mom -- I was trying to stay out of trouble, not start it or drag you in.

Derek: Look, sweetheart, I know you've been unhappy, but that doesn't excuse what you did. A sweet little girl like you -- anything could've happened.

Danielle: But it didn't because Reggie protected me.

Reggie: Well, save that milk of honey for somebody who cares.

Derek: My daughter goes out of her way to defend you, and this is how you talk to her?

Reggie: I'd rather not talk to her at all. Your daughter played me. She lied to me, she got me caught up in this little game she's playing.

Derek: Honey? What is it?

Danielle: It's just I tried so hard. No one understands me. I tried so hard to do the right thing so you'll be proud. Then it all goes wrong.

Greenlee: That's how you did it, isn't it?

Danielle: Hmm?

Greenlee: You turned on the waterworks at the music store. No wonder you and Reggie weren't arrested.

Derek: Arrested?

Kendall: Stay the hell away from my sister.

Adam: A bunch of macadamias protecting the biggest nut of all.

Maggie: How can you talk about putting Bianca in a padded cell?

Adam: I'm talking about getting her the help she needs.

Maggie: She is in pain, Adam. Why can't you see that?

Adam: Why are you bothering me?

Jamie: Because she cares about Bianca. So do I.

Adam: Oh. Really? Why don't you take the lady, find an empty ambulance, and play doctor. Hmm? Let the grownups do what has to be done.

Maggie: She is not crazy, Mr. Chandler. She is the most loving person I've ever known.

Adam: Well, I can see why you'd be confused about this. Along with your -- your mad-scientist cousin, David, and your psychotic Aunt Vanessa -- may she rot in hell -- it's easy to understand why you wouldn't understand normal behavior. I'm going to go see my grandchild. See how many babies I can stuff in my pocket and walk out with.

Bianca: I know that it's hard to vent in front of a crowd. But now it's just the two of us. We're all alone, and you can tell me how you really feel. I'll understand if -- if you never want to see me again.

Babe: Oh. Bianca, I am not mad at you. You are my best friend, the only friend that I've ever had. You think I'm just going to throw that away because you're grieving?

Bianca: But I -- I took your child.

Babe: Your arms -- they were just aching for your own baby. If you think I'm going to hold that against you -- you were just sad and confused.

Bianca: But I'm not confused anymore. I know what I did was wrong and -- and I don't know how I can ever make it up to you.

Babe: I do. Share my baby with me.

Ryan: Tad and Aidan have tracked Erica to Vegas.

Jack: Vegas? Why would she go to Vegas?

Kendall: Oh, she probably pulled a Britney -- a quickie wedding would perk Erica right up.

Jack: Oh, please, please. Just give me one little break here, please, Kendall?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: I got to take this. Lavery. Yeah, what do you got?

Jack: Hey, is --

Kendall: No, you know what? I don't care if Erica's on the moon. She should've been here and she wasn't. Bianca needed her, and where was Erica? She was taking her pity party on the road.

Jack: No -- look --

Kendall: Excuse me if I'm a little short on sympathy, I'm sorry.

Jack: Kendall, Erica is struggling just like the rest of us. Please, please, don't hold this against her.

Kendall: Yeah, but how can you defend that woman? Jack, do you know why Bianca took the baby to Erica's? Because she wanted to make things right. After everything Erica did, after she tore her to pieces, Bianca wanted to give Erica a second chance. She wanted to show our mother that we could heal, not in spite of the baby but because of her. Bianca wanted Erica to see Miranda. She wanted to show her that the baby could be lovable and innocent. And where was Erica?

Jack: Kendall, Erica had no way of knowing that Bianca was going to do that.

Kendall: Wait -- wait a minute, hold on. If Erica really gave a damn about her family, she would've been home, Jack. If she had only been here, we -- we could've been spared hours of pain and worry.

Jack: Maybe. Maybe. But you want to know what I think? I think you're so busy being angry at Erica that you're missing the point. Now, Bianca was willing to forgive Erica. That's why she did what she did, so that they could get past all this and -- and try to reconcile. You know what I think? I think maybe you could take a lesson from your sister. That's what I think.

Ryan: That was Aidan. Now we know why Erica went to Vegas. She seems to be all right, but there's -- um -- there's bad news.

Jack: What?

Kendall: What is it?

Ryan: Erica's father, your -- your grandfather, he died. I'm sorry.

Jack: Oh, my God. I mean, how much more does Erica have to take?

Kendall: Erica can deal. It's Bianca I'm worried about.

Bianca: You want to share Bess with me?

Babe: I would love it if -- if you're up to it. Oh, Bianca. The night that -- that we welcomed Miranda into the world, I shared your miracle. And now you can share mine with me.

Babe: Come here. Hey. We'll grieve for Miranda together. And we'll love Bess together. Oh. Babies can never have too much love, can they? Hey.

Babe: I'm glad that you feel that way, because I want you to be Bess' godmother.

Bianca: After what I did to you and J.R.?

Babe: I freaked a little. Ok, I freaked more than a little, but I always knew that you would never hurt Bess because I know how much you love her. And it's partly my fault, anyway.

Bianca: Babe, how can you say that?

Babe: It's true, Bianca. I asked you, if something were to happen to me, if you would be Bess' mama.

Bianca: No, that wasn't an invitation for me to take Bess from the nursery.

Babe: You listen to me. I understand what's going on, I was there, too. Bianca, we were fighting for our lives, for our babies' lives. I mean, it was crazy for both of us.

Bianca: Yes, but you didn't take a kid out of a nursery and pretend that she was yours.

Babe: For a second, I thought my baby was a boy. Can you believe it? After what we've been through, you and me, we have every right to be confused.

Krystal: I know what you're thinking.

Tad: Because you're thinking the same thing.

Krystal: I am not. Just because Bianca feels like that baby is hers, that does not make it true.

Tad: I understand that.

Krystal: Tad, did you see the look on Babe's face and J.R.'s when they put that baby in their arms? That was -- that was pure bliss. And, honey, there is not a lot of bliss in this world right now, so don't take that away from them.

Tad: I'm not trying to take anything away from anybody.

Krystal: Especially because all you've got is this cockamamie theory that -- that would just blow their world to pieces! I mean, how can you put those two people through so much anguish over what, over some crazy fantasy of yours? I mean, my God, you don't have any proof.

Tad: You're right.

Krystal: I am?

Tad: Yeah. The last thing I want to do is give Bianca a sense of false hope, put J.R. and Babe through some more grief.

Krystal: You mean that?

Tad: Well, like you said, I don't have any proof. I got to go. Um -- I'll see you later.

Krystal: Hey, Paul Cramer. Hey -- hey -- not so fast.

Danielle: It was totally an accident, Daddy. It's not like we broke in. We were just listening to tunes, and all of a sudden -- boom -- locked in.

Reggie: That girl lies like a rug.

Greenlee: And Daddy's lapping up every word.

Livia: Why didn't you call somebody instead of spending the night in a store?

Danielle: Because I didn't want to get in trouble.

Derek: Oh, you found trouble the day you met this one.

Danielle: Daddy, don't be like that. I begged Reggie not to call anyone because I didn't want to worry you. And I knew if the police or the owner had called you -- well, that would've ruined my surprise.

Livia: What surprise?

Danielle: Me coming to live with my daddy!

Derek: Oh -- look, I'm -- I'm glad you're here, baby, but there are rules. And the first rule is to stay away from delinquents. And you, don't think you can hide behind my daughter's good heart. I hold you responsible.

Livia: Now, I know we're in the court of Derek, but don't you think we should hear Reggie�s side of the story before --

Derek: I know all I need to know!

Greenlee: This is insane. Miss Priss is the one that got Reggie locked up in that store.

Derek: Well, apparently Reggie hasn't been locked up long enough. But I can change that.

Ryan: What do you got, anything?

Jack: Well, according to a Mr. Ronnie, Eric Kane had no funeral, he was cremated today.

Kendall: Well, was Erica there?

Jack: Yep. Paid cash and left.

Ryan: Did she give a local address?

Jack: Nope. Gave her address right here in Pine Valley.

Ryan: Well, that could be good news. Maybe she's coming back home.

Jack: Yeah, or maybe she's running even farther away from us. Damn it. I mean -- her father -- he was such a major force in her life. I mean -- and now he's gone. He's gone, after years of silence.

Kendall: Oh, whoa, whoa. You have been out of the loop. Good old gramps called Erica a few weeks ago. She totally blasted him.

Jack: Erica never said a word to me about that.

Kendall: Well, Bianca and I were there. She barely even talked about it. Erica blames him for her rape, and for unleashing a curse on all of us. There's no way that she's wailing over his ashes.

Jack: It's not that simple. You have to realize this man was a major influence in her life, the big, famous Hollywood director. He was the reason that Erica always dreamed big, and always went after what she wanted, did not stop until she got it -- everything. Everything except her father.

Kendall: Yeah, but she hated him.

Jack: No. I -- as much as she blamed him for the many things that have gone wrong in her life, I think she loved him and wanted his love very much.

Kendall: Even though he completely betrayed her?

Jack: Kendall, you don't know it's possible to love somebody even though they've betrayed you? I just hope Erica made peace with her father before he died, because if she didn't --

[Phone rings]

Jack: Excuse me. Yeah, it's me. Look, I'm in a hospital. I can't talk on the phone. What? Uh -- look, I'll tell you about this later. I've got to go. Tell Bianca I'll be back as soon as I can. And you, thank you so much. What you did here today was truly above and beyond.

J.R.: Great news -- Bess is in top shape. Get this -- she's even stronger than when she left.

Adam: Oh. That's great news, wonderful news. There is one thing I want to talk to you about -- Bianca.

J.R.: I told you I didn't want to press charges.

Adam: Oh, no. No, no. No, that's not what I want. I -- I don't want Bianca in prison. But she does need, well, psychiatric help. Her family seems unwilling or unable to -- to see that. Bianca's admitted herself she's unstable. So, the only way that Bess is going to be 100% safe is for us to keep Bianca as far away from her as we can.

Babe: So what do you say? You want to be Bess' godmother?

Bianca: I -- I am overwhelmed that you would ask me, but I don't know if it's a good idea.

Babe: Bianca, it's a great idea. I'm not going to push you, but you have to think about it.

Bianca: Ok, I will.

Babe: Good, because there's something else. I'm thinking about changing Bess' name -- well, part of it, anyway.

Bianca: I thought that you and J.R. decided on Elizabeth Charlotte.

Babe: Well, we did, and we're still going to keep "Elizabeth" for J.R. and for his granny, but I would like to change Bess' middle name to Miranda. If that's all right with you.

Bianca: Miranda?

Babe: That way Miranda will live on. She'll always be a part of us and our baby.

Tad: Damn it.

Joe: Still at it? Well, maybe this'll help.

Tad: Gee, thanks.

Joe: You hacked into my computer, and now you're trying to sneak into my office, huh?

Tad: I can explain it.

Joe: Yes, you can, and you will, now that Bess is back where she belongs. So tell me, why are you so desperate to get into my computer?

Tad: Because maybe Bess isn't back where she belongs.

Krystal: Why'd you run away from me?

Paul: You know, I'm just sick and damn tired of everybody harassing me about the chopper crash.

Krystal: That's the only reason?

Paul: Well, that, and I wish I never had to see you or your daughter again.

Krystal: Well, I guess you didn't hear.

Paul: No, I didn't hear, and I don't want to. Now, excuse me, I have a job to do.

Krystal: Bianca took Babe's baby.

Paul: What? Well, did you get her back? Is she ok -- the baby, I mean?

Krystal: Little Bess is in the pink. She's back with her mama.

Paul: Ok, thank God. Wow. Why would Bianca do something like that?

Krystal: Well, you know, mother love is a strange thing, Paul. Bianca just had this -- this strong feeling that that baby was hers. She acted on it.

Paul: That's crazy. I mean, it's impossible. Why would anybody believe that?

Krystal: You seem kind of worked up about it all.

Paul: Wouldn't you be, huh? I mean, Babe has got to be flipping out right now, and -- and she's already had her fair share of hell.

Krystal: Oh, yeah. More than we know, I suspect.

Paul: Oh, what? You going to try and make this my fault, too?

Krystal: Well, you know, I've been thinking. When Babe was all feverish and everything, she just kept going on and on about you and some secret?

Paul: That's a no-brainer. You saw how crazy she was about J.R. finding out that we didn't get our marriage annulled.

Krystal: That's what I thought, too -- at first.

Paul: Well, what else could it be about?

Krystal: You tell me, Paul. Who does that baby belong to -- Babe or Bianca?

Greenlee: You should be putting those on your daughter, not Reggie.

Danielle: Daddy, you're totally overreacting.

Livia: For once, I agree with you.

Derek: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Livia: Derek, please don't.

Reggie: Oh, you know your daughter's just a chip off the old block. You know that, right?

Greenlee: You know what? We are going to sue.

Reggie: Yeah, sue.

Greenlee: This is police brutality, unlawful arrest.

Derek: You have the right to an attorney or to have an attorney present during questioning.

Danielle: Daddy, Reggie didn't do anything wrong!

Livia: Derek, if you don't stop this right now, I am going to represent Reggie myself.

Derek: Free of charge prior to questioning. Oh, do you understand these rights?

Reggie: This jacket's kind of expensive, dog.

Jack: All right. So what's going on here?

Ryan: How are you holding up?

Kendall: I was just thinking about what Jack said about Erica and her father. To love someone so much for so long and never be able to say it or to make any kind of peace.

Ryan: Did she want to?

Kendall: You know how it is. You think -- you think someday that you will, you know, when the time is right, when things fall into place. But then it's gone. Your one chance to make things right is gone forever.

Ryan: Maybe Erica had that chance. I hope she did.

Kendall: There was so much anger and -- and pain. I mean, at least on Erica's side. So much for her to get past. Maybe there -- there are times when you just -- you can't get there from here. You know?

Ryan: I like to believe that anything is possible.

Maggie: What's wrong?

Lena: Nothing. Everything. That was my mother.

Maggie: Is she worse?

Lena: She wants me to take her back home to Poland.

Maggie: But you can't leave now. Bianca needs you.

Lena: I know, I know. That's what I told her. I'm not leaving Bianca.

Adam: As much as I care about Bianca, my granddaughter's safety comes first. And as long as Bianca has complete access to the child, then Elizabeth Charlotte is never going to be completely safe.

J.R.: I agree.

Adam: You do?

J.R.: Mm-hmm. I love Bianca, too, but I need to protect my family. I don't want Babe to have to go through anything like this ever again. And maybe it's what's right for Bianca, too. The last thing she needs to be thinking about is what she lost.

Adam: It's a very wise decision, son. And I think right now might be a very good time to implement it. It won't be easy, but the sooner Bianca can separate Bess from Miranda, the better for everyone.

J.R.: Hey, baby.

Babe: Hey.

J.R.: I just thought it would be a good time to let you know that Bess is officially perfect.

Babe: I knew it. Well, J.R., I'm glad that you're here because I have some good news, too. J.R., I would like you to meet Bess' godmother.

Paul: What kind of question is that? Of course Bess is Babe's kid.

Krystal: Paul, you were the only one on that mountain. You were alone with those girls and those babies. You're the only one who knows exactly what happened. Now, are you 200% sure that you didn't make a mistake? You didn't mix up those babies by accident?

Paul: Yes, I'm positive. There's no way I could've made a mistake. Bess is Babe's, and you're going to have to trust me.

Krystal: Well, trusting you just doesn't come natural to me.

Paul: You get off my back, Krystal. You leave me the hell alone.

Tad: Look, there's a chance -- just a chance -- that the baby's not with her real mother.

Joe: Do you realize what you're saying?

Tad: Yeah. Unfortunately, Pop, I realize exactly what I'm saying. That's why I did what I did. That's why I need your help, because we got to figure out whose baby that really is.

On the next "All My Children" --

Danielle: I have a confession to make -- you're going to have to lock me up with Reggie.

Krystal: Nobody is taking that little girl away from our kids.

Adam: Is there something I should be worried about?

Tad: You got everybody's blood type on file. Pop, we can get to the truth of this right now.

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