AMC Transcript Friday 4/16/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 4/16/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Bobby: Ms. Kane, what brings you to Vegas? It's -- it's Roberto. The poker game in Philly? Puggy and the boys have been all over me to get another game going. Ahem. Ms. Kane, there are a lot of people looking for you back in Pine Valley. Jack Montgomery's been tearing up the place. You could save him a whole lot of stress if you gave him a call.

Erica: Call? Calls can be traced. I don't want to be found.

Kendall: I hope to God that we find Bianca and Bess.

Ryan: Count on it.

Kendall: So, do you think we're on the right track?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I mean, it makes sense for her to take the baby back to the cabin where the baby was born.

Kendall: You still expect life to make sense?

Ryan: Man, I hate this place. You know, it's just ripped so much from -- from so many.

Kendall: It almost took Greenlee. She told me about her little plunge at the mineshaft. Ryan, when Greenlee disappeared, you accused me of doing something bad to her.

Ryan: But it wasn't you, Kendall. It was me. I damn near killed her.

Bianca: I don't blame you for staring. I find myself doing it all the time.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Just looking at her, drinking her in. So tiny, perfect, precious. I know, bragging rights come with motherhood, but honestly, Greenlee, don't you think my little girl is beyond beautiful?

Tad: Bianca --

Bianca: Oh, guys, just be quiet, ok? She's a little fussy.

Greenlee: Bianca was just showing off her beautiful Miranda.

Bianca: What are you all doing here? Is there something wrong?

Krystal: You know, I sure was wrong about the folks in this town.

Babe: What do you mean?

Krystal: Well, I guess I had them mostly for a heartless bunch, but, honey, there are people that never even laid eyes on your little girl and they are out there searching high and low. And they're going to find her. Your Bess is going to be back in your arms real soon. I promise you.

Babe: I just hope that I'll know her when I see her.

Krystal: Honey, don't say that! Don't even think that!

Tad's voice: And especially after everything that happened that night, ok? The storm, the flood, the rescue, a helicopter crash. Cramer could easily have been in shock. The incubators look exactly the same. Obviously, they weren't secure. What if he was confused about which baby was which? What if he was --

Babe: Mama? What -- did I say something wrong?

Krystal: No, it's just the idea that a mother doesn't know her own child. I mean, that's crazy.

Babe: It is? Because when in was sick and then once I was feeling good enough to hold Bess, it was like she was a whole nother being.

Krystal: Honey, babies change from hour to hour. I mean, first, you had my Aunt Pauline's chin, and then quick as a wink, you morphed into cousin Cora. It's no big deal.

Babe: I never said that it was. You're the one that's making a big thing out of this.

Krystal: It's just that I don't want you to fret about anything. And as soon as your baby's back, all those worries are just going to disappear.

Jamie: J.R., you are not Adam. You're not even close. I was there when you were searching for Babe. And when you found Babe and the baby, that's when it clicked. You are all about what they need, what makes them happy. If anything, J.R., that's the anti-Adam. And I'm clear on that now.

J.R.: If I'm not my dad, how come my insides are screaming to go after Bianca and get my baby?

Jamie: Hey, it would be weird if you didn't feel that way. But the thing is you're not out there tearing around like a madman. You're not going off on Bianca and trying to rip a baby out of her arms. You understand that she's wounded, and you're trying not to make things worse.

J.R.: I may not have a choice.

Jamie: You're coming at this straight from the heart, and that is something that your father would never do.

Brooke: Adam, you are going to stop and listen to me!

Adam: No, no, I'm going to call the white coats at Oak Haven and have them send over a butterfly net.

Brooke: Well, you better tell them that you take an extra tall.

Adam: Oh, me? I didn't break dance on my cell phone! I didn't rip the cords, the wires out from under the hood of my car!

Brooke: I am trying to help you, because when this tragedy is resolved, you will thank me.

Adam: Thank you? For what?

Brooke: For stopping you from doing something that you will regret.

Adam: I will not regret rescuing my grandchild from the clutches of a deranged baby-napper!

Brooke: Did you miss the memo? J.R. and Babe don't think of what Bianca did as kidnapping. They don't think that their baby is in any danger from her.

Adam: What if they're wrong?

Brooke: And what if they're not? J.R. and Babe know that Bianca's heart has been ripped out. That's why they want to handle this their way, so they can let her down easy. And if you go after her and corner her and go demonic and snatch that baby away from her, she could shatter completely.

Adam: Too late. Bianca's already lost her mind.

Brooke: She hasn't lost her mind. She's lost her baby. She's not crazy. She's grieving. Adam, I know where she is, because I've been there. And you were right there with me.

Tad: Looks like Babies B Us had a blowout sale.

Bianca: Oh, no, it's just your standard baby care.

Aidan: Yeah. These little nippers can be really hard maintenance, can't they?

Bianca: Oh, no. Not Miranda. She's still in the eat, sleep, poop, and coo stage. You get into a rhythm.

Tad: Well, we -- we don't want to be in the way. We just wanted to stop by and, you know, make sure that you and the baby were ok.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Well, is there a reason that we shouldn't be?

Tad: Well, sweetheart, you took off from the hospital without a doctor's discharge, and, I mean, nobody knew where you were going.

Bianca: Oh, well, there's no reason to worry. We've been here the whole time. Hello.

[Miranda coughs]

Bianca: Oh, sweetie, why are you so fussy? You couldn't be hungry already. I nursed you, what, an hour ago? All right. Would you excuse me for just a moment? I am going to just get her Binky from the sterilizer.

Greenlee: Her what?

Bianca: Her Binky. Her pacifier. Not to be confused with her mother. All right, sweetie.

Tad: Ok, now what the hell are we going to do? She really thinks that baby is her own.

Greenlee: What is it, some kind of postpartum thing?

Tad: Damned if I know.

Aidan: The question is, what's our next move?

Tad: I have no idea. But whatever we do, we'd better proceed with caution, because I don't want anything we do to push her further over the edge.

Aidan: Are you thinking shrink?

Greenlee: No. No, no, no. The only person that can get through to her without breaking her is Kendall.

Aidan: Sounds right.

Greenlee: Will you guys go track her down? I'll stay here with Bianca and the baby. And don't worry, I'll keep my eye on her the whole time. Just go get Kendall.

Ryan: Greenlee almost died, thanks to me.

Kendall: Yeah, but you ended up finding her.

Ryan: With some help, you know, because Leo kept drawing me back to the mineshaft. I guess -- I don't know. I guess he just didn't want to see her go out like that.

Kendall: Ok, so you saved her and the two of you rode off into the sunset.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hello? Tad. Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you very much. Ok, ok. We'll be right there. Greenlee was right. She found Bianca and Bess. They're at Erica's.

Bobby: If you don't want to be found, you won't be found. In Vegas, even, a fabulous face is just another face in the crowd. Another cool thing about this town. Notice there aren't any clocks anywhere on the walls? Time doesn't exist here. No curfew means high rollers stay at the tables a lot longer. You know, they can have dinner at 3:00 a.m., wake up at sundown. It's a total escape. It's a safe place to look back if you want to talk to me about what made you ditch Pine Valley.

Erica: No, I don't want to talk about it. No, I -- if I talk about it, I'll break. If I break, then I'll never recover.

Bobby: Ms. Kane -- Erica --

Erica: No, do not call me that. Erica Kane no longer exists. There is no longer an Erica Kane.

Anita: When you --

Maria: Cheated -- you can say it.

Anita: When you cheated on Edmund, did you stop loving him?

Maria: No. Oh, my God, no. The love was always there.

Anita: So why turn to somebody else?

Maria: Just, like, desperation. I -- I had just been forced to give Sammie back, and, I mean, literally Edmund had to pull him out of my arms, and I was just -- I mean, I blamed Edmund, but Kelsey was the one who wanted her baby back, but I blamed him, and I turned away from him, and I just -- I ended up in bed with Dimitri. It was --

Anita: I just -- I don't understand why.

Maria: I know. I don't understand why, either, and there's really no easy answer. It was just this -- I needed to feel something, like something other than this incredible pain and the emptiness that I felt, giving Sammie up.

Anita: So did you want to try and hurt Edmund, too?

Maria: No, no, no -- I -- no. Truly, I was only thinking about my own hurt.

Anita: Yeah -- I mean that sounds like it's one of those "it's not you, it's me" cop-out.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, there's some truth to that.

Anita: I would never do that to Bobby -- never.

Maria: Honey, you can't say that, because you just -- you don't know what the future's going to be. You can't. I mean, sometimes, you find yourself in a position that you never in a trillion years would have thought you'd been in. And you can really love somebody with all your heart, honey, and -- and still turn to somebody else.

Bobby: Forgive me. I've mistaken you for someone else. I meant to call you Desiree.

Erica: Desiree -- with the fast shuffle and the poker face.

Bobby: So, you do you remember me?

Erica: Of course I remember you, Roberto. That was such a good time for me. I wish I could do that all over again -- invent my life from the ground up.

Bobby: Who says you can't?

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Welcome to your family. Soon, you're going to meet all the people who love you, like Kendall and my mother and Uncle Jack, and Reggie. And you, too, Greenlee. I want you to be part of this, too.

Greenlee: It means so much to me that you would think of me as part of the family.

Bianca: Well, that's what you are.

Greenlee: You know, I had an imaginary sister growing up. I'd just boss her around. We played board games, and I -- I'd move all her men and make her lose. I'm ready for a real sister. You know, someone that I can call on the phone ten times a day and talk about nothing. I want you to be my sister, Bianca. I want you to know that no matter how tough things get you have me.

Bianca: Well, so far, the toughest thing are the 2:00 a.m. feedings, and even those aren't so bad. Pretty soon, she'll be sleeping through the night and I'll have to make up excuses to go in and look at her. But I guess a mother doesn't really need an excuse to love her child. It's just what happens naturally. And I know that motherhood is going to be hard, but I'm ready for it. I want to be the best mother I can possibly be to this little girl.

Greenlee: Would it be ok if I held her?

Bianca: Oh -- no.

Jamie: You doing ok, Babe?

Babe: Haven't taken any more spills, but I'm not going to be ok until our baby's back with us.

Adam: Well, now that you've herded us in here, what's this about?

Tad: We found Bianca and Bess.

Babe: Oh. Are they ok?

Tad: The baby's just fine. Bianca took wonderful care of her.

Adam: I want to see her. I want to see Bess. Is she back in the nursery?

Tad: No. I left Bianca and Bess at Erica's house.

Adam: Not alone? Bianca could take off again.

Tad: She won't. They're with Greenlee, and they're waiting for Kendall to get there.

J.R.: Well, I'm not waiting.

Adam: No, I'm not, either. I'm going to get Bess.

Tad: J.R., please, I'm begging you, just give Bianca a chance to spend some time with her sister.

Adam: Yeah, and thank you very much, but we'll take it from here.

Brooke: Adam, I don't think Tad has told us quite everything.

Tad: Bianca's in a very bad place. For some reason, she thinks that the baby she took from the hospital is Miranda.

Greenlee: I'm sorry --

Bianca: Oh --

Greenlee: Bianca, I didn't mean anything.

Bianca: No, it's -- I'm sorry, Greenlee. It's not you, it's me. It's just -- for a while, I thought I lost Miranda, and I guess it's just hard for me to give her up now. You know, I just want to hold her and never let her go.

Bianca: Oh. Ryan, Kendall. This is perfect. Thank you, Greenlee. Can you do me a favor? Can you grab my camera and snap a few shots? This is definitely a baby book moment. Hey, sweetheart, hey, sleepyhead, you have a visitor. Aunt Kendall, I want you to meet your niece, Miranda.

[Music plays]

Erica: Desiree --

Bobby: Desiree of the desert. I'd know you anywhere, even without my baseball cap.

Erica: I thanked you for that, didn't I?

Bobby: Yes, you did. But that was back in Philly. This is Vegas. Name your pleasure.

Erica: What do you mean?

Bobby: Las Vegas, aka Sin City. Anything Desiree desires is a snap of my fingers or a phone call away.

Erica: You work here?

Bobby: Yes, I do. This casino is my turf. I work in the front office. You know, I'm PR with a touch of administration on the side. I'm kind of high up on the food chain -- the guy who makes all the fun happen. I can comp you a suite with a view of the strip that will take your breath away.

Erica: Thank you, but I can pay my own way.

Bobby: No, no, no -- credit cards, live phone calls can be traced. Let me stake you. You can do anything you want. You can stay as long as it takes for you to figure out what you to be next. What do you say? You game? I have some business to attend to, but maybe these will help you make up your mind. Odds, you hit the road. Evens, you take your chances here. It's just another roll of the dice, huh?

Anita: Bobby said he never stopped loving me.

Maria: Believe him.

Anita: And forgive him? Is that what you're saying?

Maria: No, I'm just -- honey, this is your marriage, and you're going to have to come to that decision on your own. Or not.

Anita: Edmund found it in his heart to forgive you.

Maria: Yeah, I -- you know, I mean, the whole reason that I even told you about me and Edmund is because I wanted you to know that you're not alone in this. I mean, husbands and wives that really do love each other sometimes do these horrible, hurtful things that they wish that they could take back. And believe me, I wish that you had been spared, but, you know -- I just want you to know that no matter what, if you decide to give your marriage another chance or you decide that you need to walk away, I'm on your side, Anita.

Anita: Oh. Thank you. Aidan, any news on Bianca and the baby?

Aidan: They're found and they're safe.

Maria: Oh, my God! Yay! Oh.

[Pager beeps]

Anita: Oh.

Maria: Like -- ok, I've got to run, but don't hand in your resignation, ok, because let's see if we can save your job now that the baby's back and safe. You be strong. You made my day. And I'll see you guys later, ok?

Anita: Thank you, too, for finding them.

Aidan: Well, Greenlee duPres was first on the scene, and Tad and I closed in after.

Anita: Oh, my -- it's just -- it's so amazing. I mean, so many people turned out for the search. Of course, if I hadn't screwed up --

Aidan: Oh, come on, it's over. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Anita: No, I --

Aidan: Take your sister's advice and, you know, sit tight.

Anita: No, I should have my license revoked. Because of me, a child was taken from this hospital.

Aidan: Look, Anita, it wasn't as if you organized the kidnapping or anything. You had a grieving mother hold a friend's baby, and that's it.

Anita: Yeah, it's -- it was wrong.

Aidan: But nothing is wrong about reaching out to somebody that's hurting.

Babe: J.R., Pops, please. Let's just give Kendall a little bit of time with Bianca.

Brooke: I'm with Babe.

Jamie: Yeah, me, too. You with me, J.R.?

Adam: Well, Bianca's not the only one that's snapped her twig. You've all lost your minds.

Babe: You heard what Tad said. Bianca thinks that Bess is her baby. And I know how she got there. Bianca gave birth to a beautiful little girl. And she got to hold her and nurse her and fall in love with her. And then that baby was taken away. Oh -- if that were to happen to me, I would just die.

Krystal: Oh, Babe, don't -- don't talk that way.

Babe: Mama, it's true, and there's no way I would have survived. But somehow Bianca did. She looked for something to hold on to. And there was Bess. Our baby is Bianca's life preserver. Now, we're all going to help Bianca let go, just -- just as long as we're sure she's not going to go under. J.R., please. A mother already lost her baby. If we don't do this right, we could lose Bianca, too.

Bianca: Isn't this better than looking at a sonogram?

Kendall: She -- she's -- the baby's beautiful.

Bianca: All right, Greenlee, snap away. When Mom gets back, I want to get a picture of all of us, three generations of Kane women.

[Camera beeps]

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Ooh.

Greenlee: Ok, so I'm going to go so you have some family time alone.

Bianca: Oh, all right. Greenlee, I'll e-mail you those pictures.

Greenlee: Ok.

Bianca: Thank you, and, really, I meant what I said. Come by whenever you want. You're part of this family, too.

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: Greenlee, I don't even -- if you hadn't followed your hunch, then -- I -- thank you.

Greenlee: Ryan, Bianca loves that baby so much. She needs that baby to be Miranda, and when she finds out it's not, it's going to destroy her.

Ryan: I know.

Greenlee: You shouldn't be out here comforting me. You need to be in there. Bianca and Kendall need you.

Bianca: Oh, Kendall, it's so perfect to have you here.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Look at how far we've come since that day at the clinic, when you changed my life forever. When I think of everything that's happened, everything that's gone wrong and then got put right again, you were with me through all of it. And she's what made this worthwhile. Oh. Our little girl. Our Miranda.

Kendall: Bianca, please -- please stop.

Bianca: Kendall? What is it?

Kendall: There's something that I have to tell you. There's something that you need to know.

J.R.: I'm with Babe.

Adam: Son, listen to me. Listen --

J.R.: Bess belongs back home with us. There's no question. Now, she's in good hands with Kendall and Bianca.

Adam: I'm not hearing this.

J.R.: Now, if Bianca needs a little more time with Bess to heal, I'm for it.

Jamie: It's a good choice, J.R.

J.R.: If my wife can make this sacrifice, so can I. And in the long run, what difference does a few hours make?

Adam: Well, it would seem I'm outnumbered. Son, this is your show. You run it any way you like.

J.R.: Thank you. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like a few minutes alone with my wife.

Babe: Oh, J.R. I just know from the bottom of my soul that we are making the right decision. But I just want our baby. I just want our little girl.

J.R.: I know.

Jamie: Dad, this sucks. I thought the craziness was over when we found out Babe's kid was J.R.'s.

Tad: James, I'm afraid the craziness has just begun.

Brooke: You were more than I had hoped for just now -- and that is saying something.

Adam: Yeah, that's high praise. I'll run home and jot it in my diary.

Brooke: Seriously. I mean, you listened to J.R., you respected his wishes, and you showed him how much you loved him. And don't pop an artery. But I'm very proud of you.

Adam: Oh.

Brooke: This doesn't mean �

Bianca: Kendall, what is it? Oh. Well, whatever it is, forget about it for now, because there's something that I want you to do. I wouldn't let Greenlee do it, but you are Miranda�s aunt and you have earned a very special place in this baby's life. I want you to hold her.

Bobby: Ahem. You roll yet? You don't have to. No pressure. Even.

Erica: Desiree of the desert is staying.

Greenlee: What are you doing here, Mother?

Mary: Oh, Greenlee. You startled me.

Greenlee: Why are you here?

Mary: I heard that Adam's grandchild had been kidnapped, and I want to offer my support.

Greenlee: There was no kidnapping. The baby's fine. So is Bianca.

Mary: Oh. Good. You know, I'm not surprised that she finally snapped. Her meltdown started when she decided to give birth to the rapist's baby, but still, we are responsible for our choices.

Greenlee: Are we, Mother? Are we really?

Mary: Well, you can't really expect anything from a child of Erica's. Bianca was marked from birth.

Greenlee: You should be the last person who's pointing fingers at bad mothers.

Mary: Greenlee, please tell me we're not going to go down that road again.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah, we are, one last time so I can get you out of my head.

Mary: So we're really going to dig deep, then?

Greenlee: Oh, you don't do deep. You do fear.

Mary: And what am I afraid of?

Greenlee: Of being alone, without a man to take care of you. You're so afraid that you're playing the part of Adam's live-in whatever, although I'm sure he's laughing at you behind your back.

Mary: That was a very hurtful and unnecessary thing to say to me.

Greenlee: The truth hurts, doesn't it? But not just you. When I think about when I was a little girl and all that time I wasted trying to be like you to make you love me --

Mary: I did love you. I do love you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, no. I saw what a real mother's love looks like in Bianca's eyes. You never looked at me like that -- not once.

Bianca: Oh. Don't be afraid, ok? She won't break. Ah, there we go. It's a perfect fit. Ok, Miranda, I want you to take a very good look at your Aunt Kendall, all right? Because this is the woman that helped me through the hardest time of my life. I was hurt so bad that I was ready to give up. But she never gave up on me, and she taught me that love can erase all pain and take away the hurt, and she was right. And now there's no room in my heart for anything but love for you. It fills me up. Oh, Kendall, I know. I know. I'm so happy I could cry, too.

Greenlee: My first mistake was ever wanting to be like you. It didn't get me anything, not even your love. For years, I've been stuck with your persona. But that's going to change. I'm determined to lose the Mary in me.

Mary: I doubt that's going to happen, because they say that mothers live inside their daughters.

Greenlee: You may have given birth to me, but I'm going to cut the cord.

Mary: You may go cut the pursestrings, missy, but you are not going to cut me out of your life. I'm your family whether you like it or not.

Greenlee: No, Jackson's my family. Bianca, Kendall, Reggie -- they're my family. I may have made some mistakes and I've done some horrible things to them, but I'm going to make up for it. I'm going to prove that I am someone to love by loving them first. So, you're off the hook. Good luck. You're on your own.

Bobby: Well, I am glad you're taking me up on my offer.

Erica: Yeah, well, you made it very hard to refuse. What's that?

Bobby: That is your hotel suite, top floor.

Erica: This is the business you had to take care of? Awfully sure of yourself.

Bobby: Well, in high-stakes games, it's the only way to survive. I've made sure you got carte blanche on all hotel services and a generous line of credit at the casino. Anything else you want, you just give me a call, ok?

Erica: Thank you, Roberto. I won't forget this.

Bobby: Just have fun.

Erica: Uh -- those dice aren't loaded, are they?

Anita: Aidan, I'm grateful for your kind words, but I still think that what I did was wrong. Now, I knew the hospital regs, and I ignored them.

Aidan: Guilty, yeah, but you had a hell of a good excuse.

Anita: There's no excuse that justifies a baby gone missing on my watch. You know, my conscience says I should just resign, maybe quit Pine Valley altogether.

Aidan: Is that what you really want?

Anita: What I want is beside the point.

Aidan: Wow. Well, I never really took you as a quitter.

Anita: I made a huge mistake.

Aidan: Yeah, but everybody makes mistakes, Anita. Not everybody just walks away and quits. Why don't you ask yourself what it is you really want?

Anita: I want to stay.

Aidan: Well, then, why don't you do what I taught you in the gym?

Anita: Don't take it on the chin?

Aidan: Right. Look, never give up. You got to make it work.

Tad: Krystal, you're boring a hole through the back of my skull. Enough with the looks that could kill.

Krystal: You said you'd tossed any doubts you had about the baby and the one thing you cared about was making sure that Bess came home safe and sound.

Tad: And that's exactly what happened.

Krystal: Oh, don't try to con me. I heard you talking to Jamie. You still think that Bess might belong to Bianca.

[Babe cries]

J.R.: Hey, hey. It's ok, Babe. No need to cry. Our baby will be back with us before you know it.

Babe: I'm not just crying for our baby. I'm crying for Bianca. And when they Bess away from her, it's going to be like she's losing her baby all over again.

Kendall: Yeah. There you go, sweetie.

Bianca: Oh.

Kendall: Oh, yes. Ok. Sweet dreams, little one, yeah.

Bianca: Oh, Kendall. You're so good with her. Oh, you're still crying. You're such a big baby.

Kendall: Bianca, I --

Ryan: Bianca, why don't we sit down.

Bianca: Ok.

Ryan: Ok, ok, have a seat. You know I love you, right? You know we all do.

Bianca: Well, yes, and I love you, too.

Ryan: And I know the hell that you've -- the hell that you've been through. And sometimes when bad things happen, you can lose your way, and I totally understand how you got here.

Bianca: You mean -- you mean to my mother's?

Ryan: No. I mean how you got in this place, Bianca, why you did what you did.

Bianca: Ryan, what did I do?

Ryan: You saw that baby. You saw her and you needed her to be somebody that she wasn't because you couldn't believe in your heart that -- that Miranda is gone.

Bianca: Miranda isn't gone. She's right there.

Ryan: Oh, Bianca. Bianca, that baby -- look at me. That baby -- that baby belongs to Babe. She's not yours. She's not your Miranda.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee: Reggie managed to almost behave while you were away.

Reggie: "Almost"?

Greenlee: He almost got arrested.

Tad: Whether you want to admit it or not, you're scared to death that that baby's Bianca's.

Bianca: This is Miranda. I'm her mother, I should know. No one's going to take her away from me -- not ever!

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