AMC Transcript Thursday 4/15/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/15/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kendall: I love you. I have to go find -- I have to go find Bianca and her baby and -- and Babe's baby. I have to go.

Ryan: I love you, too.

Krystal: Babe, no, no -- listen, you're barely done with your fever. You're still on antibiotics. You can't be roaming all over town. Then I'm going to be worried about my baby.

Babe: Please, Mama --

Krystal: No, listen to me. I'm still the boss of you, and I say you stay here, you get better, ok? You let your mama take care of everything. Don't I always? Well?

Babe: Yes, Mama.

Krystal: There's my girl. Now, let Mama get to work.

Krystal: You better not be trying to spread any of that ugliness you tried to shove on me earlier.

Tad: Shh! Stop it! I don't like the idea any better than you do.

Krystal: Well, then you scrub it out of your head with steel wool. Babe's daughter was not that poor soul lost in that crash. Bianca is not Bess' true mother. You get that in you head, or you're going to be the sorriest son of a bitch that ever drew breath!

Man: Ms. Kane, please let me say how sorry we all are for your loss. And we're honored that you came to us.

Erica: I'd like to be alone, please.

Man: Of course.

Erica: So, this is how it ends, Daddy? I don't think so.

Babe: Please '

[Babe pulls out her IV and gets out of bed then falls down]

Tad: Krystal, I'm only concerned with one thing.

Krystal: It better be J.R. You claim you love him as much as I love Babe. Well, here's your chance to prove it.

Tad: I'm only concerned with finding Bianca and the baby she took from your daughter and my son.

Krystal: Well, you do that.

Adam: Kidnapping -- right here in this hospital.

Officer: Who got snatched?

Adam: My infant grandchild, taken out of her bassinet in the nursery.

Officer: Jeez. A baby girl?

Adam: Yeah. We found the perpetrator. It's a deluded young woman who recently lost a child of her own.

Officer: You made an ID already?

Adam: Yes, Bianca Montgomery. One of the employees virtually handed her the child and escorted her out of the hospital. I want the child found, returned unharmed, and I want the people responsible for this debacle to be punished!

Officer: We'll do our job, don't you worry. When did the abduction take place?

Adam: Last night.

Officer: And we're just getting the call now?

Adam: Yes. Staff of this hospital willfully delayed notifying the police. They seem to think it advantageous for you to dip your doughnuts than find a missing child.

Officer: Doesn't add up. They should want this solved ASAP.

Maria: What's going on?

Officer: We got a call about a kidnapping. Now, this guy's trying to claim that the hospital's trying to hush it up.

Adam: Meet one of the criminally negligent. Her sister's the one who let a sick woman walk out of this hospital with my grandchild.

Officer: We got to call the chief of detectives. For all we know, this is federal jurisdiction.

Second Officer: If they cross state lines, this could get real big real fast.

Tad: Oh, I don't think that'll be necessary. I'm sorry, Officer, I'm Dr. Lawrence Reddigo. I work down in Psychiatric, and I can see you've met one of our favorite campers. Off the reservation on another field trip, Adam? Naughty, naughty.

Bianca: All right, Miranda, it's time we had an important talk about why we're here in my mother's house. Even though I thought I'd never see this place again. Or her, for that matter. That's what I told her, and I believed it, too. But here we are. And there is so much to say. So listen carefully, Miranda. Now that you're a Kane woman, you have every right to know.

Erica: I know you think you weaseled out of it this time, dying 10 minutes before I got to your bedside. Coward. But then again, you always were, weren't you? Run and hide. It wasn't enough that you escaped your punishment. You had to inflict punishment on all of us, all of us Kane women. My mother, my daughters -- all of us had to suffer, suffer for your failings again and again and again. And you would run like hell right now and hide, wouldn't you? Well, too bad. I've got you right where I want you in so many ways. I won't let you cut and run this time. I won't let you cut and run ever again, not even in death!


Greenlee: Oh, God, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Ryan: Greenlee, what is it?

Greenlee: I should go. I just thought that you wanted to know -- forget it. This is stupid.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Greenlee: No, you know what? This is just too weird. I didn't mean to interrupt this, whatever this is.

Kendall: Then why are you here?

Greenlee: Because I had this idea about where Bianca might've taken the baby. I would've gone there myself, but you said that you wanted to know first, so here I am.

Kendall: Well, then, if you have any idea where Bianca went, then tell us.

Greenlee: Well, the one place that no one would ever look -- the one place that no one did look -- which is why she might be there. A hide-in-plain-sight kind of thing.

Ryan: Ok, ok, so, where? Where?

Greenlee: Your mother's penthouse. If you want to find Babe's baby, maybe that's where you should look next.

Jamie: Babe? Oh, my God, Babe! Just don't move. I'll get a doctor.

Babe: No, no, no.

Jamie: Babe, we need to make sure you're ok.

Babe: No more doctors. Jamie, please, just help me back to bed. I need to find my baby. She needs me.

Jamie: I know she does. Bess will be back here soon. My dad's on the case, and a bunch of us are doing the footwork. We found you and Bianca in the middle of nowhere. We'll find Bess.

Babe: Jamie, if I don't get her back --

Jamie: You will. And then you and J.R. and the baby will be back together again, safe.

Babe: That'd be so beautiful.

Jamie: And I'll be there cheering the three of you on. Yeah, I know. I never thought I'd say that, either. But it's the truth.

Adam: This moron is Tad Martin! I am Adam Chandler. Adam Chandler. J.R., would you explain to these gentlemen exactly what that means?

J.R.: You called the cops when I specifically asked you not to?

Tad: It means he's a titan of industry. We've got to tell him that two or three times a day or he gets a little testy. Living proof that boatloads of cash is no defense against paranoid delusions.

Adam: Yeah, I'm not the one who's illegally impersonating a physician.

Officer: You need help here?

Adam: Either you help me find my granddaughter, or you'll be digging yourself out from under a billion-dollar lawsuit.

Tad: I love this one. He wants to have the entire hospital arrested. You want to give me a hand? A little zap's not going to hurt anything.

Adam: I'm going to zap -- J.R., I want to find your daughter. This moron wants to play dress-up!

Officer: Dr. Grey, you saved a buddy of mine a couple of months back. Which one of these guys do we believe?

Maria: Well, I -- I think you're very well-meaning and all, but -- but his warped and tangled little mind really is -- so, Doctor, have you thought about adjusting his meds?

Tad: Are you kidding?

Adam: Wait a minute, I'm -- I'm not insane! I'm Adam Chandler!

Officer: He's lucky you covered for him. Filing a false report is a pretty big deal.

Adam: Wait a minute. I'll have your badges! Come back here! Come back here!

[Tad growls]

Tad: Why don't you just get stuffed! Nobody's listening to you anyway.

Adam: The hospital board will listen to me!

Maria: Why would you even want to sic the cops on Bianca like that? Ok, how far is Bianca really going to get? Where is she going to go? Can you just stop thinking about yourself for two seconds and think about a girl who's in a fragile state, and you're -- her recovery is at stake right now.

Adam: Poor, little, defenseless Bianca walked into this hospital and wandered out with a baby that wasn't hers! She's a flat-out wacko! And she has our Bess.

Tad: She needs help, not a SWAT team.

Adam: What do you think, she's going to waltz back in here and say, "Oh, sorry, gee, I made a mistake"?

Maria: Yes, she just might.

Adam: No, it won't happen. And when it doesn't turn out nice and neat the way you predicted, there are going to be some people who got in my way who are going to be very sorry they were ever born!

Erica: Parents are supposed to protect their children. Parents are supposed to love their children and keep them safe. But not you. You left me alone. Your friend Richard Fields raped me and left me pregnant. And years later, that child came back into my life so broken, so broken that I could never put her back together again. She begs for love while she pushes it away. Does that sound familiar? And my Bianca -- my daughter with Travis -- Bianca was not immune from the curse you put on this family, either. Bianca was raped, too, and she was left pregnant, too, and somehow she loved that baby. But no one is safe from the filth you put on this family. No one -- no one, no matter how innocent, because now that little baby is gone, too. Come back! You come back! You wake up! You wake up, you son of a bitch! I haven't even begun to hate you!

Reggie: Have you seen this girl?

Woman: No.

Danielle: Something's up with your cousin, huh?

Reggie: Ahem.

Danielle: Look, I did something stupid and messed things up between us, but it doesn't mean I don't care about you. I really am sorry about Bianca.

Reggie: What's that, your hundredth lie of the day or something?

Danielle: I don't so much lie as embellish. It's all about the spin, remember?

Reggie: Either way, you're full of it.

Danielle: Who knew you'd take it all so seriously?

Reggie: A normal person with a brain would take this seriously.

Danielle: Just because something isn't the whole truth doesn't mean it's a whole lie, either. I just took it too far. I said I was sorry. What do you want from me?

Reggie: You strung me along with your line of crap. So the question is, what do you want from me?

Tad: Adam is doing his Tasmanian devil thing, so we need to keep him away from loaded weapons until we can find Bianca ourselves.

Brooke: I'll do whatever I can for what it's worth.

Tad: For what it's worth, if anybody can soothe the savage beast, you can.

J.R.: With any luck, it won't take that much time.

Aidan: Whatever Bianca's thinking, the cops are sure to send her into a tailspin.

Tad: Yeah, no kidding. She needs to see familiar faces, to know that we just want her and the baby back safe and sound.

J.R.: Where do you want me to begin?

Tad: Well, you might try your wife's room. You could hold her hand and say it's all going to be ok.

J.R.: Yeah, but what about after that?

Tad: You do it again and again and again.

J.R.: So, you're telling me that I can't go looking for my daughter? Are you kidding me?

Aidan: Look, anyone can look for Bianca and Bess. Only you can keep your wife sane.

Tad: I promise you, I will contact you the second we know anything. And in the meantime --

Brooke: I will sit on Adam if I have to.

Tad: You just stay strong, ok? Come on.

Brooke: So, what about you? Are you hanging in there?

J.R.: I have to for Babe.

Brooke: And Adam isn't making it any easier, is he?

J.R.: When is he ever?

Brooke: Is he what's getting to you?

J.R.: I just --

Brooke: J.R., it's ok.

J.R.: I just want my daughter back.

Adam: Idiots and lunatics, all of them! And my grandchild is God knows where. Next time I see Tad Martin, I'm going to take a pin and pop him like a tick!

Brooke: Adam, I know where you are, and I'm so sorry. I mean, worrying for a child -- it's like hell on earth. I understand the fear and the panic.

Adam: They want me to do nothing. When in my life, my whole life, was the last time I was willing to sit and do nothing?

Brooke: Never. If I were you, I would use all I can. I would use force, I would use money, I would use sheer force of will. I would do whatever it took to find that baby.

Adam: I wish other people felt that way.

Brooke: You're just a father who wants his family home and safe and sound.

Adam: I love my children and my grandchildren down to my very core.

Brooke: I know that, Adam.

Adam: But why can't other people see that? Why is it no matter what we do, parents always get the blame?

Erica: God, make my father hear in death what he ignored in life. Make him beg, make him plead, and make him pay for his sins -- his vile and hurtful sins.

Erica's voice: My father never would've had an affair with you.

Maureen's voice: Believe me, it happened. I -- I was very much in love with Eric Kane. He said he was already saddled with one child --

Erica's voice: "Saddled"?

Maureen's voice: And didn't want another.

Erica's voice: I never learned how to love.

Nick's voice: You are brimming with love. You just can't trust.

Mona's voice: There's a desire on your part, Erica, to fix it so that people will leave you.

Jackson's voice: What your father did, what he's done his whole life, has nothing to do with you. The man is just quite simply incapable of love.

Erica: I loved him more than anyone on the face of the earth, and he abandoned me. He forgot me. How can I forgive such a betrayal? When he destroyed me, he destroyed any hope for my family. I dare you, God. Tell me that a man like that doesn't deserve to be damned to hell for all eternity.

Ryan: The penthouse?

Kendall: No. No, I'm sorry, I don't see it. Bianca would never be that out of it to bring her baby to see Erica. Bianca told Erica that she was not her mother anymore. Do you think she would honestly risk letting Erica reject her child?

Ryan: Probably not. But that's sharp thinking, Greenlee, I mean, like out of the box. That's certainly what we need right now.

Greenlee: Just not that particular box or thought.

Ryan: Well, I mean, Kendall's right. I -- I just don't see it.

Greenlee: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry that I interrupted anything. But I'm going to keep trying.

Kendall: Yeah, well, we all will.

Greenlee: Ok. I'm out of here.

Kendall: So -- so, I guess we're right back to where we started.

Ryan: Yeah, looks like it.

Kendall: When I said that --

Ryan: I know exactly what you said. It sounded a lot like what I said.

Kendall: I can't tell if we talk too much or not enough.

Ryan: Well, maybe it's not about how much we talk, but it's about what we say. You know, a little can go a long way.

Kendall: That's true. I do remember one thing you said. You said that --

Ryan: Love isn't enough.

Kendall: How'd you know what I was thinking?

Ryan: How could I not?

Kendall: Why do you think it's inevitable that I would say that? Because -- because you still believe it?

Ryan: Well, you believed it, too, if I recall. Has that changed?

Kendall: A lot has changed. But that --

Ryan: Hasn't changed for either of us.

Kendall: If love isn't enough, then what chance do we have? Any of us, anybody, anywhere? I mean, the people that we care about, the people that we want to love and protect -- are we all just lost forever?

Ryan: Wow, I hope not. I don't want to believe that.

Kendall: I don't, either.

Danielle: I wanted some fun, some excitement, no big deal.

Reggie: See, that's it right there.

Danielle: What?

Reggie: You said you were an abused kid for fun. You're sick, that's what it is.

Danielle: I'm not sick. I'm creative. You might want to rethink dismissing me. A girl like me is going places.

Reggie: You think it's all about you. What about the real kids who really did get abused at home? They're a laughingstock to you?

Danielle: Gee, you think maybe you can blow this out of proportion a little bit more? Admit right now this isn't about me. It's all about the beef you have with my dad.

Reggie: Damn right it's about your father! I told you the chief wanted to put me away, but did you tell me you two were related?

Danielle: What was I supposed to do, blurt it out?

Reggie: No, this is much better.

Danielle: Look, if I could go back, I would.

Reggie: Whatever. Do me a favor and forget me because you know what? I've already forgotten you, sweetie.

Tad: Keep this, all right? Show it around to your friends. All we need to know is where she is, where she's staying.

Man: And?

Aidan: And we show our gratitude with nice, crisp hundreds.

Tad: Wait a minute, ok? You find her, you don't go anywhere near her. We don't need to freak her out. You call us, we'll take it from there.

Man: You had me at "nice, crisp hundreds."

Tad: Coffee?

Aidan: Well, no e-mails about Bianca. Tad? You with me, or what?

Tad: Yeah, no, I'm just hypothetically scratching my head. Let me ask you a question. If you suspected something, and if it turned out that you were right you could basically help or screw over everybody you ever loved, what would you do in that situation?

Jamie: Hey, you look better already.

J.R.: Thanks for being here to help. You know, you can't be taking off, not when we need you to get well.

Babe: I know, I'm sorry. It's just -- this is making me nutso, absolutely climb the walls crazy nutso. I just wish that Bianca would call, just call and say that the baby's fine -- soon, before something bad happens.

Maggie: Guys, would you mind if I had a moment with Babe?

J.R.: Yeah. There's one corridor I haven't paced yet.

Jamie: Right behind you.

Maggie: Babe, look, I know this is way out of line, and I have no business asking you a favor like this.

Babe: Ask away. I don't think there's much I can do for anybody right now.

Maggie: Yes, you can. More than you know. Please, Babe, I'm begging you -- don't hate Bianca.

Jamie: Dude, I know this look on your face. You're about ready to detonate.

J.R.: I can deal.

Jamie: You can talk to me.

J.R.: I could tear the lid off this place right now, rip down the walls, and bust through the floor. My baby's out there. Bianca has her. I know everybody wants me to be careful around her --

Jamie: Bianca's just whacked out with grief or something. This is not like her at all.

J.R.: I get that. But I want my baby back right now here with me. I don't really give a damn anymore about what happens to Bianca. If it comes down to between me choosing between her and my little girl, I know who I'd choose.

Bianca: Mothers and daughters. You're us and we're you. And there's a constant push-pull, love and anger and a lot of fights. Let me just warn you, sweetheart -- when you love somebody, you fight a lot. But forgiveness -- that's what makes love work. Not that long ago, I thought I'd lost you, and it broke my heart. And I said terrible things to my mother. I hurt her on purpose. But now that you're here and you're safe with me, I can realize that it was a mistake to go after her like that. And if I ever want us to have a chance to weather all the bad stuff together, then I've got to do that now with my own mother. So that's why we're here. We're going to wait for her to come home. And I'm going to say I'm sorry and that I love her, and that I want her to meet perfect, little you. And I know as soon as she does, as soon as she lays eyes on you, she's going to fall in love with you, and everything's going to be great.

Erica: God, I want you to hold this man, Eric Kane, accountable. Send him to his true home. Send him where he belongs. Damn him to hell for all eternity. My children didn't deserve this. Did I deserve this? And will we never be free of it now?

Man: Miss Kane, can I get you anything?

Erica: I'm through here.

Man: I do hope these final moments gave you some measure of comfort and closure.

Erica: Are you joking?

Aidan: Are you serious?

Tad: Yeah.

Aidan: You're asking me about knowing a secret that can tear lives apart?

Tad: Oh, very good -- irony. I remember this.

Aidan: Look, my last little secret walked into a courtroom and almost got an innocent woman the needle.

Tad: Yeah, I know. Ergo you should be willing to part with some of your hard-earned wisdom, right?

Aidan: Well, your kind of secret is like King Kong sitting on your chest, pounding his ten-ton fists into your solar plexus every five minutes or so.

Tad: Lovely.

Aidan: And you know what the worst part is? You get used to it because it's part of the job description.

Tad: What job description?

Aidan: Well, as a private investigator. You know, secrets are our business. Every case we touch could potentially tear lives apart.

Tad: Yeah, I know that, Francis, but where does that leave me?

Aidan: You got a decision to make, and I can't really help you out with that. And you haven't really got any options, have you, Tad?

Tad: So, what are you saying? I should just, like, hold my nose, jump in, and forget the angst?

Aidan: Well, either that or you give the gorilla a new home. You get all the information that you can, you do all the research, you check it, you recheck it, and once you know what's what, you set King Kong free.

Tad: Oh, that's easy for you to say. This little monkey could flatten half of Pine Valley.

Aidan: Well, after you confirm the info, it isn't a guess anymore. It takes on a fancy new name -- the truth. And that shall set you free.

Babe's voice: My baby -- dead. My baby's dead.

Krystal's voice: No, it's not. No, no, she's very much alive. Honey, is something wrong?

Babe: Um -- I don't know. I -- maybe her cheeks are plumper or something.

Krystal: Oh, honey -- honey, when you were an infant, you changed from hour to hour. Every time the nurse brought you in to me, it was like getting a little surprise package.

Babe: Yeah, yeah. It's just like I'm holding my baby for the first time.

Krystal: No way. Oh, baby, no. No.

Maggie: You know Bianca has a good heart. If she were herself, she never would have done any of this.

Babe: I know. And I know how she feels. My baby's bassinet is empty, and it just hurts to breathe, I miss her so much. And when I heard about what happened to Miranda, it just killed me. And I hate that Bianca has to go through that. And now I'm going through it, too. I just keep waiting and watching the clock. I'm just watching the minutes tick by, but my baby's still gone. I just keep getting more and more afraid.

Jamie: Of course you're freaked out. Your baby is missing. No one would blame you for how you feel.

J.R.: I've given you the PG version. You want to see J.R. uncensored? And Babe wants me to give Bianca a break. Hell, Tad impersonated a doctor to get the cops off her tail.

Jamie: Yeah, that sounds like my dad.

J.R.: Except this time I'm thinking that Adam is right on target. My baby, my little, helpless child is missing. And I don't care who I have to roll over in order to get her home safe and sound! Suddenly, all of his over-the-top, hell-to-pay antics are making sense to me. And you want to know some real fear? I feel like I'm this close to becoming my father. I need help.

Adam: That's it. To hell with waiting.

Brooke: Where are you going?

Adam: I am going to the police station. I'm going to put out an APB on Bianca.

Brooke: Adam -- remember, you have known Bianca her whole life. You know that she would never do anything to hurt Bess.

Adam: A minute ago, you understood my concerns. What's changed?

Brooke: Nothing has changed. I just want you to do the right thing.

Adam: The right thing for whom? For Bianca? For Bess? For Tad Martin? My granddaughter's been kidnapped, and all any of you want to do is to keep me from finding her. Damn you all!

Maria: I just think that right now you should really whip out your cell phone and call Bobby.

Anita: Why would I do that?

Maria: Because you're about to be in a whole world of hurt, and I really think that he could help you through this.

Anita: You know, I got myself into this mess. I can't expect Bobby to rescue me.

Maria: Why? I just -- honey, make the phone call because -- I mean, this is your husband. He would expect for you to lean on him at a time like this. You know that.

Anita: Do I? I'm not sure I can count on Bobby for anything right now.


Waitress: Bad day?

Erica: Excuse me?

Waitress: What can I get you?

Erica: Vodka on the rocks. Just keep the change.

Waitress: Thank you. Hey there, boss.

Bobby: Hey, Betty, how you doing? What a great surprise. Erica, it's me.

Kendall: Well, I better get going. Bianca and her baby could be anywhere.

Ryan: You want me to go with you?

Kendall: No, I thought we just said that I --

Ryan: Just a precautionary measure to make sure that you don't slip Bianca some cash and get her and the baby on a jet or something.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that would be my aiding and abetting instinct in overdrive. But, Ryan, you know, of course -- no, I would never -- I would never do that.

Ryan: It would kill J.R. and Babe.

Kendall: Losing someone that you love will do that to a person.

Ryan: So, you're on your way.

Kendall: Yeah. Um, if you -- I would like it very much if you would come with me, if you don't mind.

Ryan: Let's go.

Anita: I can't expect Bobby to change. He's funny and charming and, you know, people love to be around him.

Maria: Including you.

Anita: He loves to be around people, especially women. Always women. They fascinate him, surprise him. And you know, it's going to start off innocent and -- why are you just staring at me?

Maria: I'm just listening. I'm just listening.

Anita: And thinking. I can see your gears turning.

Maria: Yeah, you know, I -- I have just a different perspective on adultery than you do.

Anita: How different could it be? You're a woman who loves her husband.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, but I -- it's just that -- marriage is much bigger than that. I think you were too young to even realize what was going on at that time, so I don't even think that you know that I cheated on Edmund.

Tad: Score.

Aidan: What? What have you got?

Tad: A hit on Erica from Bartholomew's.

Aidan: What, that chichi deli across the street from her building?

Tad: Yeah, the same.

Aidan: Same what, credit card?

Tad: No, no. This is on her tab.

Aidan: What, Erica came home?

Tad: Yeah, according to this. And she ordered food, milk, and disposable diapers.

Aidan: That means '

Greenlee: Ok, then.

Bianca: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Bianca.

Bianca: Hi. Oh, I'm sorry. I was just in the back room. Come on in.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Bianca: Oh, I know. Isn't it crazy how they just take over? But of course she needs every bit of it. Oh, Greenlee, you were wrong. See? Miranda is alive. She's right here with me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica: Erica Kane no longer exists.

Babe: A mother already lost her baby. If we don't do this right, we could lose Bianca, too.

Greenlee: She needs that baby to be Miranda. When she finds out it's not, it's going to destroy her.

Kendall: There's something that I have to tell you.

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