AMC Transcript Monday 4/12/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 4/12/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Greenlee: Hey!

David: Hey. I figured this was the only place I could come where I wouldn't end up punching someone out.

Greenlee: Huh. What a relief. Can I get you a nightcap?

David: I wouldn't say no to a brandy. Oh -- this was outside for you.

Greenlee: Huh. I didn't order anything.

David: Hey, life is full of surprises.

Greenlee: So what's got you ready to do battle?

David: Why don't we put that subject on hold for a minute --

Greenlee: All right.

David: And tackle another one.

Greenlee: Well, pick another one.

David: Ok -- Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: What's this?

Kendall: A few beers and some gourmet chow. Down payment on a thank-you. It's a start.

Ryan: You don't owe me anything, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, I do, Ryan, I do, so are you going to let me repay my debt or not? Right, it's late. I'm sorry. Maybe I should come back another time.

Ryan: Like hell. I'm starving. Come on. Get in here.

Aidan: Next time we play, the table won't be rigged, pal.

Edmund: Hmm.

Tad: "Next time we play"?

Edmund: Next time we play, if we play, I won't be stuck in this damn chair.

Tad: Hear, hear.

Aidan: What? What, what?

Edmund: What?

Tad: Oh! That's really strange. You know, I could've sworn I ordered a redhead --

Aidan: Oh, thanks.

Tad: But what the hell. Here's to gorgeous brunettes.

Edmund: To brunettes!

Aidan: Brunettes! Mmm, mmm.

Edmund: I have a feeling the party's over.

Maria: Well, yeah, the party's over if you're winning, because I'm going to kick your collective butts.

Bianca: There you are. Hmm. Miranda. Sweet, sweet Miranda. Hi, sweetie. You're safe now. Everything's ok. You're with your mommy now. You're with your mommy.

Nurse: What in the name of God are you doing with that baby?

Bianca: Hey, be quiet. You're going to scare her.

Nurse: What do you think you're doing?

Bianca: Look, we've been through so much. It's been so long, and she needs to know that everything's ok.

Nurse: It's after hours. Do you have clearance to be in this nursery?

Bianca: She needs to be held.

Nurse: By people who have the proper authorization to hold her, and that's not you. Give me the baby.

Bianca: What are you talking about? I have every right to hold this baby.

Nurse: I'm going to call security. They'll get you out.

Bianca: Security?

Anita: You're not calling anyone.

Bianca: Look, she doesn't know who I am. She's accusing me of being here without --

Nurse: This woman doesn't have permission to be in this nursery, not even permission to hold babies.

Anita: Just leave her alone.

Nurse: This nursery is my responsibility, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. Security will escort you back to your room.

Reggie: Well, you know, this is my crib. Jack pays all the bills, but I got him pretty well trained, though. When I first got here, he had this weak, old-man system. I mean, he had speakers made out of coffee cans. But when I saw that, I had to throw it out. And then I got him to hook me up with this state-of-the-art, fine piece of machinery.

Danielle: Nice.

Reggie: "Nice"? Can you say "understatement"?

Danielle: Are you trying to impress me?

Reggie: Do I even have to try? Danielle, I'm trying to offer you a change in scenery, but if you'd rather chill out over at Greenlee's, it's your choice.

Danielle: Stop tripping. I said it's cool.

Reggie: All right, well, come on then.

Danielle: Where to?

Reggie: The bedroom. I'm trying to show you the view.

Danielle: I've seen it from the penthouse. Reggie, you sure there's nothing else you want to show me?

Reggie: Danielle, are you saying I have ulterior motives?

Danielle: Uh -- you're a guy, aren't you?

David: What is it?

Greenlee: Something I can't seem to get rid of.

David: Why not?

Greenlee: It's a boomerang effect. I leave it, and it finds me again.

David: Where did you leave it?

Greenlee: A hotel. They must have thought that I left it there by mistake, so --

David: Hmm. Well, either the cleaning staff is really honest or they're just not into collecting junk. Well, unless I'm missing something. I mean, is this a priceless antique?

Greenlee: Didn't you want to talk about Ryan?

David: Yeah, Ryan. Look, I'm not trying to meddle into your personal life.

Greenlee: But you're about to.

David: Because of Leo. When Leo died, I made a promise.

Greenlee: You're being a big brother to me.

David: I vowed that I would look after your best interests.

Greenlee: And you've never been a Ryan fan.

David: What is there to be a fan about? I mean, the guy came to town as a con man.

Greenlee: Bad boys can be very --

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- dangerous, yeah.

Greenlee: I was going to say sexy. I guess we all have a little grifter in us. But Ryan and I are just friends, David.

David: Great. Ok. Then to stay on the safe side, just avoid him.

Greenlee: He's not a mass murderer.

David: Look, I just -- I just don't want you getting caught up in the middle of Kendall and Ryan right now.

Greenlee: Ryan claims that they're over, and Kendall's saying the same thing.

David: I don't give a damn what they claim. Believe me, it is far from over.

Ryan: Mmm!

Kendall: You've forgotten, haven't you?

Ryan: No, I haven't. Our rained-out date. We ate these in the car. Your favorite food, along with cotton candy. So, like, what's all this here?

Kendall: Ok, this. This is Cajun ketchup and mango chutney.

Ryan: On corn dogs?

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: All right, since when did I become your food tester?

Kendall: Like about a second ago. So I'm going to try this one, mm-hmm. Mmm! Yum. Very yummy.

Ryan: Really?

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Mmm.

Ryan: All right, it's a good thing because otherwise, I would've thrown you out of here.

Kendall: Mmm, mmm. Lucky for me. I don't want to go home. Too many dark thoughts and too many regrets.

Ryan: You can't control everything, Kendall. Nobody can.

Kendall: Well, I can cope. During the day, it's -- you know, I can blow off the terrors because I don't -- I just can, but at night, it's when I'm sleeping and I can't defend myself -- that's when they take over. Sorry, I didn't intend to turn this into a pity party. I'm sorry. Should I have stayed away?

Ryan: No, you were right, I was hungry.

Kendall: Kendall 1, life -- well, too many to count.

Ryan: Careful. A side dish of "sorry" is really bad for the digestion.

Kendall: I'm just -- I'm just so sick of making the same mistakes over and over and over again. I think I need one of those little angels that sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear, "Don't screw up, do the right thing."

Ryan: Well, you got to be careful because they always come with the devil on the other shoulder, you know, and they say, "Don't be miss goody two-shoes. Drink that long island iced tea, get behind the wheel, go home with that stranger."

Kendall: I just want the angel.

Ryan: Hmm. Would you listen to it?

Kendall: Probably not.

David: While you and Ryan were out having your fun little road trip, Kendall poured out her heart to guess who.

Greenlee: Why'd she pick on you?

David: Well, we were on the same team -- hiding Bianca's pregnancy, faking Kendall's.

Greenlee: So Kendall hates me.

David: She blames you for pretty much everything.

Greenlee: Well, I nearly got her convicted.

David: The way Kendall sees it, you attacking her in court was just the first domino that fell, followed by Bianca's exposure, Erica's freaking out, and, finally, Bianca losing the baby.

Greenlee: So it's all my fault?

David: Of course not, of course not. But Kendall has the whole thing intertwined right now, and I don't know where she's going to go with it, and she's certainly not the type to forgive and forget.

Greenlee: Neither am I.

David: Greenlee, look, everybody is really raw right now. A baby is gone. Hell, I wanted to hit someone, anyone tonight. I can only imagine what Kendall must be feeling.

Greenlee: You know, I know Kendall's hurting, but I don't want her to take it out on me.

David: I'll do the best I can.

Greenlee: You know, if you get the chance, could you reassure her that there's no romance between me and Ryan?

David: Hey, you're going to have to convince me first.

Greenlee: I care about him as a friend.

David: Hmm.

Greenlee: Ryan and I have a connection that I don't expect anyone else to get, but it's not love, not "in love" love.

David: Is that for you or him?

Greenlee: No, Ryan and I agree on this, and I'm sure he's explained it to Kendall.

David: And why should she trust him?

Greenlee: Because he's telling the truth? But -- Kendall did make an attempt to bury the hatchet with me. And I want to believe it, but I'm just not sure.

David: All right, maybe she is being sincere. But just keep your eyes open, ok? And for your own good, just stay the hell away from Ryan.

Kendall: So -- so what's next? Any -- any big plans now that you've got everything you wanted? You got the whole Cambias enchilada reverted back to you.

Ryan: Yeah, because Miranda died. I came back to town a big shot, Alexander Cambias' heir. I was going to rule the world, you know. And then it all got taken away from me, I couldn't really care less, and now it's been handed back to me and I kind of wish it hadn't.

Kendall: Bianca wanted you to have it all back. So, any plans, Mr. Big?

Ryan: I'll just do whatever I can for Bianca whenever, wherever she needs it. I mean, all the businesses have managers in place.

Kendall: Yeah, but, you know, long term, Cambias has offices all over Europe, Scandinavia, even Australia. And then there's London, New York, LA. Doesn't the CEO have to be at one of the power centers?

Ryan: I own the controlling interest, so I am the power center wherever I am.

Kendall: So -- um -- you going to stick around here?

Ryan: Well, there is one thing that would keep me in Pine Valley.

Kendall: Oh. What's that?

Maria: Ta.

Aidan: Not too bad.

Maria: Are we having fun yet?

Tad: Not too shabby. Too much fun. Way too much. Instead of screwing around in a bar, I should be out there in the world doing my job trying to track down Erica.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Tad, you work too hard, man.

Maria: Aha.

Tad: I don't know, I'm just worried about her. I mean, for instance --

Maria: Victory.

Tad: I know she left town in Palmer Cortlandt’s jet, right, but the old goat won't give up the ghost and tell us where she landed.

Aidan: Know her flight plan?

Tad: Nope, because my contact at the FAA came up with bupkis.

Maria: Aw, honey.

Aidan: You know the registration number of the jet?

Tad: Yeah, right here, for all the good it did me.

Aidan: Oh, why don't I show you how we do it across the pond.

Maria: Yes, sir!

[Music plays]

Reggie: It's disgusting what men and women have come to these days -- you know, the trickery, the lies. Their brains have been so -- so short-circuited out by sex, I'm surprised the human race has even lasted this long, you know?

Danielle: I know.

Reggie: I mean, what kind of man can't control himself when he's in the presence of such a beautiful, fine female such as yourself? It's sad. It's really sad.

Danielle: Yeah, some guys are out of control.

Reggie: You know, some guys don't even have any discipline.

Danielle: Not like you.

Reggie: Oh, no, you know, a real man knows how to control his urges. You know, if the urges control him, then the man got a problem.

Danielle: Been there, fought them off.

Reggie: Oh, I'm pretty sure you have. Here, take this. An attractive woman like yourself probably brings on all types of wild, mangy beasts, but they don't see you for what's inside like I do.

Danielle: I'm so glad that's not you.

Reggie: Respect, you know, that's my motto. You got to have it for yourself and everybody else you care about.

Danielle: So you respect me?

Reggie: Oh, and I value our friendship. Plus, I don't consider making love a casual thing. You know, the mood's got to be right, the woman has to be perfect. And if you don't save it, how can you savor it with the right person?

Danielle: That's from the heart, isn't it?

Reggie: You know it.

Danielle: I've never met anyone like you. Aren't you lonely so far away?

Anita: Bianca has clearance.

Nurse: She is not on my list. You will not find Bianca Montgomery. You can't do that.

Anita: It was an oversight. It's my responsibility. Can you wait for me outside, please? I'll explain the situation.

Bianca: All right. That's better. See? We're ok. Nobody's going to bother us.

Anita: You just take as much time as you need.

Bianca: Thank you for understanding.

Anita: It's not a problem.

Bianca: Look at you. You are so perfect. You know, they told me that you were gone, that I wasn't going to get to hold you ever again. But here you are. You're my perfect little girl. Oh, sweetie. Did you miss me? Did you miss your mommy as much as your mommy missed you?

Greenlee: I'm supposed to stay away from my friend?

David: Look, if you can't even stay away from Ryan, it's a hell of a lot more than a friendship, and when Kendall finds out, it's just going to be one more boulder on the pile. I do not want to see it collapsing on top of you.

Greenlee: If Kendall has something perking with Ryan, it's not going to last.

David: Oh, yeah? And why is that, because he's going to come running back to you? Well, that's great. That's exactly what I'm warning you against!

Greenlee: You know, forget Ryan. Kendall self-destructs in relationships, all relationships. She's emotionally stunted. She's incapable of unconditional love and complete trust.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: What is that?

David: I think it's something resembling music.

Greenlee: Forget music. That's the gut-rattling noise of Reggie. Help yourself to the brandy. I'll be right back.

Danielle: How did you learn so much about women?

Reggie: Oh, well, you know how some people study music, TV, books. I have my eye on you women.

Danielle: I can tell.

Reggie: Oh, yeah, I had to do this paper on the Tibetan monks -- you know, how they control their sexual urges and stuff like that. That whole mind-over-body thing, it's a trip.

Danielle: That is so fascinating.

Reggie: Yeah, and it's not that easy, either.

Danielle: I can imagine.

Singer: A bad bad little boy

Reggie: Yeah, you know, when things get hot, steamy, it's that inner voice inside that says, "Reggie, slow down. Take it easy. Take it slow."

Singer: Everyone can see just how a player can be ooh, yeah

Reggie: Sort of like that.

Danielle: Hmm. Has that inner voice got any other advice?

Reggie: Nah. No, I'm kind of -- I'm letting him take a rest right now.

Singer: Valet service at the door to park his car

Singers: Yeah

Singer: Flashin' nots and whatnots as he goes to the door

Greenlee: Hey. Hey! What CD is that, "Thumping for humping"?

Edmund: One, two, three.

Maria: Oh! Oh, my God!

Edmund: Got it my first time.

Tad: That was really a good trick.

Maria: Oh, honey, you missed the quarter.

Edmund: I missed the table.

Maria: You didn't miss Tad!

Tad: Call 911.

Edmund: Tad, I'm sorry.

Tad: That's all right.

Edmund: I'm sorry.

Tad: Don't worry about it.

Edmund: I'll win this game.

Aidan: Here are you, lad. Vegas.

Tad: What?

Aidan: Check Vegas. Your girl.

Tad: Erica's in Vegas?

Aidan: Well, Palmer Cortlandt’s jet landed there. I can't really promise you whether she's still there or not, but it'd be a good place to start checking, don't you think? Open it up. Well? Huh?

Tad: How the hell did you do that?

Aidan: Well, I've got a couple of friends back in the U.K. that work for MI-5. I mean, they weren't too happy that I woke them up in the middle of the night, but they still did me a favor.

Tad: How could somebody in England know what the FAA was thinking?

Aidan: Well, obviously, they have more talkative contacts in the FAA than you do, huh?

Tad: You know, if you were a woman, I'd kiss you.

Aidan: Really?

Tad: Yeah.

Aidan: If I was a woman and you kissed me, I would do to you what Edmund's doing to that cue ball.

Tad: [British accent] Bangers are on me, baby.

Kendall: Well, like you said, wherever you go, that's where the power is. So why would you stay here?

Ryan: Well, I can't be hands-on with all the companies that Cambias owns. But Fusion, Enchantment, and Chandler Enterprises are local. They could use my full attention.

Kendall: Yeah, that made such perfect sense when you came back.

Ryan: It was your worst nightmare when I came back.

Kendall: Well, I thought it was, but I was wrong. You belong in this town, this apartment, Pine Valley. When I tried to move into this apartment, I couldn't do it. It felt wrong like, like I couldn't fill the space.

Ryan: Come on. Maybe it was just that there were too many bad memories.

Kendall: No, no, Bianca had the same problem when she tried to move in. I mean, it's a place, but without you, it's -- it's nothing. It's nothing like a home.

Ryan: So what are you saying, you don't think I have any fung shoo?

[Kendall laughs]

Kendall: You mean feng shui.

Ryan: You don't think I know that?

Kendall: Uh-uh.

Ryan: A big, powerful conglomerate guy like myself? Please.

Kendall: Yes, well, if it were a motorcycle part, you'd be all over it, but when it comes to Zen of the living place --

Ryan: I'm kind of clueless, huh?

Kendall: Yeah, slightly, but there's room for growth.

Ryan: Yeah, there's also room for some tables and some chairs.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, don't knock yourself out.

Ryan: You know --

Kendall: You got to go at your own pace, got to be you.

Ryan: Some of you might not be so bad, either. I mean, would you like to help me shop?

Kendall: I think that could be arranged.

Ryan: It's a date -- sometime.

Kendall: Um -- Ryan, there's -- since we have everything out on the table, there's something else we have to put out there -- about us.

Ryan: Serve it up.

Kendall: Um -- well, I -- I own Erica's part of Enchantment and my part of Fusion. So do you think that we can do this? Can we be close and work together and not mess it up?

Ryan: I would like to give it my best shot. I really would.

[Music plays]

Reggie: You know, you're a real messed-up person on the inside. You know that, right?

Greenlee: I can't believe you heard me! I thought the building was vibrating from the music.

[Music stops]

Greenlee: And then I walk in here and find you two going at it?

Reggie: Who are you, the sex narc?

Greenlee: If I have to be.

Danielle: I'm going to freshen up and let you two argue. Bathroom?

Reggie: Down the hall, to the left.

Greenlee: Nice, Reggie. Very nice.

Reggie: Yeah, I know, it was going pretty good till you came and busted it up.

Greenlee: Jackson is with Lily. It's some kind of an emergency. When he's away, you're my responsibility.

Reggie: Oh, no, I'm not.

Greenlee: Disturbing the peace is one thing, but this? Do you even know what you're doing?

Reggie: No, why don't you draw me a picture and leave? Yes, I know what I'm doing! Damn, I'm not a little kid anymore, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Do you even have protection?

Reggie: Why would I need a gun?

Greenlee: Not a gun -- protection.

Reggie: Oh! Yeah. Oh, that's wasp-speak for "rubber," right? Oh, yeah, I think she's got that covered and stuff.

Greenlee: Excuse me? Excuse me? You are so not ready for this.

Reggie: Why don't you just buy a sense of humor, ok?

Greenlee: You know what -- that girl is trouble. You don't know who she is, and she's hanging around you and she's sneaking around. She's taking advantage of you.

Reggie: I thought you were afraid I was going to be taking advantage of her!

Greenlee: No, I'm afraid that you're getting yourself in -- why waste my breath?

Reggie: Yeah, exactly. Why waste your breath?

Greenlee: At least here you can't get arrested. For what it's worth, do not drink, do not do drugs, and do not have sex. But if you do these things against my advice, be careful. And keep the music down so no one calls the cops. God.

[Door closes]

Anita: Babe Chandler gave Bianca permission to visit her baby any time of the day or night. Now, that might not wash with you, but it's the right thing to do, and we're going to honor Mrs. Chandler's decision.

Nurse: If that's true, I should've been notified.

Anita: I told you it was an oversight, one that we just righted. Now, please, Bianca's in a bad place right now. She needs this.

Nurse: Oh, I wonder why. I don't live under a rock, you know? She murdered her baby's father and got away with it -- or not. There are all kinds of justice.

Anita: Are you saying that it was justice that Bianca's baby died?

Nurse: I didn't say that.

Anita: Bianca killed Michael Cambias in self-defense. He'd raped her, but she loved her baby and was looking forward to raising her. How dare you.

Nurse: I don't get paid to listen to your lectures.

Anita: You know, I could put you on report.

Nurse: For what? Not kowtowing to Dr. Grey's sister? You waltz into town and take a job that somebody else earned.

Anita: I earned it.

Nurse: Not here. You don't impress me.

Anita: Darn. And that was my purpose in life.

Doctor: Nurse Teel, we got a crash C-section. I need you in the OR.

Anita: Bianca is fine.

Nurse Teel: She better be.

[Baby sneezes]

Bianca: God bless you. But then he already has, hasn't he? He's blessed us both. We're back together again. You're safe and sound in my arms.

Bianca: And now that I've got you here, I'm never going to let you go.

Greenlee: Life was so much simpler when I was an only child.

David: Well, at least he turned down the music.

Greenlee: Oh, I turned it off, which could be a big mistake. God knows what we'll hear now.

David: Well, you can take your mind off it now. Why don't you explain this?

Greenlee: Uh -- it was from Leo.

David: I've never seen it.

Greenlee: He only gave it to me about a month ago. I'm not crazy. Leo sent it as a sign -- about Ryan.

Ryan: Well, you've got a lot going on, business-wise.

Kendall: And otherwise.

Ryan: Well, I don't want you to take your talents to any competitors.

Kendall: Oh, so you just don't want me to go to the competition?

Ryan: No. No, because you're valuable to both Enchantment and to Fusion. I would like you involved with both companies. You all right teaming up with me?

Kendall: I'm very all right. Ok, well, it's getting late. I should -- I should probably get out of here.

Ryan: You can't leave yet.

Maria: What are we drinking to now?

Edmund: To freedom.

Aidan: To women.

Edmund: To free women.

Maria: I think you guys need to get out more.

Edmund: Amen to that.

Tad: Wait a minute. No, no, no, we're drinking to a new mate, all right, because tonight fish and chips not only did me an amazing solid, he proved what a wonderful defective he is.

Edmund: What's wrong with him?

Tad: Have you been drinking?

Edmund: Yes, I have.

Tad: So am I!

Edmund: Cheers.

Maria: You just said that Aidan was defective.

Tad: I did not.

Maria: Yes, you did.

Tad: You got to get your ears checked out. I said "detective," with a t, t, t -- you know, based on the verb "to detect."

Maria: Hmm.

Tad: And the noun "detective," I believe. So, with no further ado, let's raise a glass to my new partner, Aidan.

Edmund: Salud.

Maria: Ah, salud.

Tad: Pardon me.

[Maria laughs]

Tad: Hey! Another tray of your finest grog. Let me tell you something -- he got an answer for me when all I could get was a bruised chin from banging my head up against the wall. You know, I got a great idea.

Aidan: What's that?

Tad: Come aboard, man. You got to defect with me. What -- what have you got going on right now?

Aidan: Nothing much. Just looking for trouble, I suppose.

Tad: Well, there you go. I can supply you with plenty of that.

Edmund: Ah, you, my dear, are a goddess!

Maria: Whoo!

Edmund: Second only to my wife, of course.

Maria: Gracias.

Edmund: You're welcome.

Tad: Oh, get a room. What do you say?

Aidan: I think it's the best offer I've had in a while. I'm in.

Maria: Ah! Cheers.

Tad: This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Edmund: Oh, you two are in love or something. My gosh. Hmm. Listen -- now that you two are happily married, would you do me a favor and help me win back the money that my wife beat me in pool? Grab your sticks.

Tad: Not a chance. The only cue I'm taking is to get the hell out of here --

Edmund: Aw!

Tad: Before she starts playing me for my clothes.

Maria: Ha, ha.

Tad: But I demand a rematch.

Edmund: Oh, if I survive the surgery, you're on, and if not, we'll have a rematch down -- you know, down in the hot zone.

Reggie: And I think we were about here. Now, what were we doing?

Danielle: Something we probably shouldn't.

Reggie: Look, please don't sound like my drone of a sister.

Danielle: It could be a good thing she walked in.

Reggie: Damn!

Danielle: What you said about respect and making love -- it's not just something to do with just anybody.

Reggie: Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

Danielle: I'm serious, Reggie. I like you, but --

Reggie: No, no, I don't want to hear this.

Danielle: I want it to be special when it happens.

Reggie: "When it happens"?

Danielle: If it's right, it'll happen. I don't want to be like one of those girls that just put out because it's a kiss "good night" or something. That's -- that's cheap. That's thinking you're worthless.

Reggie: You know I don't think about you like that.

Danielle: We have lots of time, Reggie. How about we borrow some of that control stuff from the Tibetan monks? It'll make it more special eventually.

Reggie: Yeah. Sure. You know I wasn't playing, you know? I meant what I said. I do respect you.

Danielle: That has to be one of the best things anyone's ever told me.

Reggie: For real?

Danielle: For real. Is it ok if I still stay here? I'd like to.

Reggie: Oh, sure. I mean, you could have any room you want.

Danielle: Thanks, Reggie.

Danielle: I had a really nice night.

Reggie: Me, too. Night. And yell if you need anything.

[Door closes]

Reggie: Oh, God, you're going to pay for that interruption. Oh, Greenlee, when you least expect it, the wrath of Reggie’s going to smack you upside your head. Ooh. I'm going to kill you, with extreme suffering.

David: A rusty old box hits you on the head and you take that as a positive sign from Leo?

Greenlee: That's my interpretation, yes.

David: Greenlee, this is a hunk of rusty tin that someone threw away ages ago. And you should do the same.

Greenlee: I tried, but here it is.

David: It's trash. Trash it. And what else are you going to do?

Greenlee: Stay away from Ryan and Kendall.

David: Smart girl!

Greenlee: Nah.

David: Come here. I got to get out of here.

Greenlee: Hmm. Thanks for coming by.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: And for your advice.

David: Yeah, even though you hated it.

Greenlee: No, it's still nice to have someone care.

David: Sweet dreams.

Greenlee: Thanks.

[Door closes]

Greenlee: They say one man's junk is another man's treasure. Which are you?

Ryan: You can't leave until I -- until I thank you for the corn dogs and for the beer and for your company. That's exactly what I needed.

Kendall: Me, too.

Ryan: Will you do me a favor? Tonight, before you go to bed, will you say "No bad thoughts"? "I will not allow them. I have no room for them inside my head"? Would you do that for me?

Kendall: I'll try to.

Ryan: Ok, good. Because the ghosts -- they get dimmer and dimmer, and they do finally go away. Trust me.

Kendall: Good night, Ryan.

Ryan: Good night.

Edmund: Please.

Maria: Edmund -- ahem. I am a liar and a fraud.

Edmund: No, you're not.

Maria: Yeah, I am, because I basically, you know, pretend like I'm having fun and la, la, la all with what's going on --

Edmund: But you were having fun. I mean, you know, you got your mind off my surgery and you just relaxed.

Maria: No, you know what, that's not true, because I think about the surgery every second of every day. I think about the surgery, I think about the outcome, and then basically, to get through all this, I just pretend like life is normal even though it's not.

Edmund: I know. I know how scared you are.

Maria: But see, I don't know how you can't be terrified.

Edmund: I'm just terrified of losing you and the kids. And I'm terrified of surviving for the next 30 or 40 years.

Maria: Edmund --

Edmund: No, I didn't say -- I didn't say living. I said surviving. If I -- if I can't be who I am, then that's not living to me.

Maria: Edmund, you are the same man whether you can walk or not.

Edmund: I might not be strong enough. I don't want to end up being bitter and angry. I love you. Ok? And the part of me that I love best is filled with you. So I have to do this, Maria. I have to. Can you accept that?

Maria: I'm with you, Edmund, all the way.

Edmund: Let's go home.

Anita: Aw.

Nurse Teel: Two girls.

Orderly: Poor Daddy nearly passed out.

Nurse Teel: Anita, everything all right?

Anita: Fine, just some nasty colic.

Nurse Teel: And Miss Montgomery?

Anita: I told you everything's fine. A few more minutes with the baby, she went back to her room. Oh, God, no. Bianca, what have you done?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Reggie: Your father's the chief of police?

Ryan: Hello?

Kendall: I need your help, now.

J.R.: Bianca and Bess are both gone.

Bianca: Now that we're back together again, no one is ever going to keep us apart.

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