AMC Transcript Friday 4/9/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 4/9/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

J.R.: To the woman of the hour, the day, and possibly the whole damn year -- my daughter, Bess.

Ryan: To Bess!

Aidan: Well done.

Tad: That, I can drink to.

J.R.: I'll take it one step further. To all of our women, wherever they may be. What? What did I say?

David: Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going.

Man: Whatever, man.

Tad: Careful, Dr. Hayward. If you've come looking for a good old-fashioned rumble, you just might've come to the right place.

Singer: Don't say goodbye baby, bye-bye

Kendall: So we have it out, here and now.

Greenlee: You might be sorry you started all this.

Kendall: A day without regrets is a day without air for me. Let's get on with this.

Anita: They've done studies, you know. Growling stomachs have woken more than one patient.

Lena: Oh -- that's terrible.

Anita: So are the burgers in the cafeteria. Have a salad instead. Go ahead. I'll be here.

Lena: Thank you.

Bianca: Um -- oh -- oh, Anita.

Anita: Can I get you anything?

Bianca: Uh-uh. Could you -- could you just tell me how Babe is doing?

Anita: She -- she's making good progress. But you look uncomfortable. It's ok. It happens when you can't nurse.

Bianca: I'm either leaking or aching. It never stops.

Anita: We can fix it. There's a medication that stops the production of milk. It's just a quick injection.

Bianca: Oh, no, Anita -- I don't want it to away. I canít.

Krystal: What's up, baby? You want your mama? Well, she's there for you whenever you need her. Yes, she is.

Edmund: All right, and this -- quarter page. Blow it up to a full two inches.

Brooke: Are you crazy? It'll go into the bleed.

Edmund: Exactly.

Brooke: Ok. No, no, you know what? You're right, you're right, it's much better, and I hate it when you're right.

Edmund: And tell Sanderson he's off the Indonesia story, all right? Listen, I'm going to be up to full speed by, you know, I think mid June -- surgery, recovery, and then it's off to Jakarta. How's that for a plan?

Maria: No! Edmund -- Edmund: "No," what? No -- I just think that, you know, no more tonight, please, because it's late and -- and I think you should just let Brooke go home.

Edmund: Well, we've gone later before, and you can stick around a little longer, can't you?

Brooke: Oh, I think I'm about ready to call it a night.

Edmund: But we're not done.

Brooke: Well, hey, you did the heavy lifting tonight. I will do the tedious I-dotting to show I'm a team player. How's that?

Edmund: No, no, wait. Actually, I'm sorry, I love tedium, ok? I've made a science out of it lately. And besides, when I'm in recovery I'm going to be out of commission, so I'm going to power through until surgery.

Maria: I thought that you planned to take it easy until then -- the surgery.

Edmund: No, Maria, you planned.

Bianca: I know all about the injection. I take it and I -- I won't leak anymore and I won't feel any discomfort. But if I take the shot, it's like giving up. To take her milk away is like saying that -- that there's no chance, that there's no chance at all.

Anita: You know that --

Bianca: I know, I know. I'm sorry, I know. But I don't feel it.

Anita: Do you want to talk about this later? Because we have time.

Bianca: Once the milk is gone, what else will I have? I just -- I just need it for a little while longer.

Anita: You know what? Whatever you want, whenever you want. I just -- I don't want you to be uncomfortable.

Bianca: No, it's ok. It's a validation. She was here and she was real and -- I'm sorry. What she needed, only I could give her. It just seems like if I have that injection, it makes it official, and it can't be. Not yet, not -- not for me.

Anita: Well, it's your body and your heart. You're in charge, and I won't let anyone try and tell you otherwise.

Bianca: Thank you. You're still you.

Anita: I hope so.

Bianca: No, I mean, when you got all protective just now, it made me flash back to when I was a kid.

Anita: That long ago?

Bianca: I mean when I used to go horseback riding at Wildwind, and sometimes Rosa would tease me and --

Anita: Oh. She really knew how to dish it out.

Bianca: Well, you always got up in her face and made her leave me alone.

Anita: Well, you didn't grow up in a household full of loudmouths. She knew she was supposed to be nice to you.

Bianca: Well, you always cheered me up. You always made me feel like I was a part of your team. You were so great to me then, and you're so great now. I'll never forget it.

Kendall: We need to talk because some things have changed.

Greenlee: Is this like an "alias throw me off-guard" technique?

Kendall: No. I get it now why you took Bianca to the crash site.

Greenlee: I didn't want to. But even whacked out on painkillers and laid up in that hospital bed, that girl's beyond strong. And on my end, it wasn't revenge or spite or anything like that.

Kendall: She needed to go, so you went.

Greenlee: I was just a set of wheels to get her there.

Kendall: You tried calling my cell, but I was damned if I was going to take your phone call. So you took my baby sister to the place where she lost her child to help her. And I'm struck by the horrible thought that you aren't all bad.

Greenlee: Now, that's a good one. I almost buy that you're cutting me a break.

Kendall: What else do you want from me?

Greenlee: A little more of this honesty that you're dishing out, but this one's a toughie. What about me and Ryan?

David: You guys can't possibly be for real with this "booze it up and break a few heads" routine? You all need to get a life.

Aidan: Why don't you get one yourself. We got a baby girl to toast.

David: Really? Well, then maybe someone should buy me a drink, huh, since Iím the reason that baby still has a mother.

Tad: Well, maybe somebody would if you'd gone to a bar where you hadn't screwed over half the patrons. Try Latvia.

David: What, and leave before my big date?

J.R.: What the hell's he talking about?

David: What, you haven't heard? Oh, this is going to be fun. You went out with Krystal, Tad. What was she like? Better yet, what was she like when you stayed in?

Tad: Cheers, mate.

Krystal: That's right. You smile. Yeah. Nobody's got more to smile about than us. I could just sit here and watch you smile and sleep and fuss and squirm. Oh. You remind me so much of your mama when she was your size. I'd watch her back then just like Iím watching you now and think life just couldn't get any better. But check us out. Check us out. Yeah, your mama's almost well and she's feeling fine, and you -- you are the princess of Pine Valley. You've already survived more than those folks on those "live in the jungle and eat a snake" shows. You know what I think? You're -- you're my good-luck charm. I've got Tad Martin rethinking his hiatus, mm-hmm. Yeah. He thought I was drifting over to Dr. Doom and he almost did a spit-take. Like I said --

[Bess coos]

Krystal: Oh -- nobody's luckier than us. No.

Ryan: Just back off!

J.R.: Watch your mouth, Hayward!

David: Oh, come on! You've got to enjoy the irony here. While you wouldn't even buy me a beer for saving your wife, her mother went so far as to invite me to dinner.

J.R.: You watch what you say about Krystal, and you watch how you treat her, or I swear to God --

David: No, no, maybe you better watch it, J.R., because if I treat her too good, I could end up being your father-in-law.

Tad: Oh, you smug --

Ryan: Ok, one more word, Hayward, I let them go, and not even you could fix you after that.

Aidan: Why don't you just leave, David? If you're really interested in a beating, I could organize a dozen takers, but not tonight.

David: Gosh, Tad, Iím sorry. I didn't realize I was going to stir up all these deep and evidently unrequited emotions.

Ryan: Go! All right, what were we talking about?

Aidan: Women --

Ryan: Women.

Aidan: That it's all their fault.

J.R.: Is that your way of getting me to buy another round? You guys really bite at all this guys'-night-out stuff.

Tad: Yeah, we do. So maybe we should give it a rest and stop whining.

J.R.: For the record, you're not whining.

Aidan: You know, beer makes me brilliant. Come on, let's go.

Ryan: Where?

Aidan: On a mission of the utmost importance.

Tad: The details being --

Aidan: On a need-to-know basis.

J.R.: And why are we doing this?

Ryan: To stop bitching and moaning and start taking some action.

J.R.: All right, once again, me not bitching, not moaning. You guys are making me want to go back to the hospital.

Tad: Oh, yeah, remember who threw you out. It's just as well because you're fairly sober, so you're going to drive.

Kendall: What about you and Ryan?

Greenlee: Nothing's going on between us.

Kendall: So you've said.

Greenlee: About a thousand times, and it's getting old.

Kendall: Ok, well, I need some info about your road trip.

Greenlee: Me and Ryan on the road, wind at our helmets, my arms around his waist.

Kendall: All right, ok, enough already. No more.

Greenlee: No, that's it. You're right, there is no more. That's it -- me and the motorcycle monk. No hanky-panky, no hokey-pokey.

Kendall: Well, that must've been a shock.

Greenlee: Please, rejection was waving in the breeze at all times.

Kendall: Just on principle, or did Ryan --

Greenlee: Was he just repulsed by me personally, or was he just not in the mood? Does it really matter? Kendall, woman-to-woman -- nothing happened. Does it matter why?

Kendall: If Iím just falling for another one of your lies, I'm going to hate myself.

Greenlee: And me, too, probably.

Kendall: Well, at least we're both good at something.

Greenlee: God forbid we expand our repertoire beyond hate and revenge.

Kendall: I've been thinking a lot about what Jackson said when he left to go check on Lily. At some point we just need to get over ourselves and be a family.

Greenlee: Well, that sounds like Jackson, but it doesn't sound like you.

Kendall: Hello! Um, what are you doing?

Greenlee: I'm looking for some brass knuckles, switchblades, poison darts.

Kendall: You're not going to find them in there.

Edmund: I'm sorry, Maria, but I have --

Maria: No, it's ok. It's ok, I understand.

Edmund: I think you used to, but I think you've forgotten.

Brooke: Is it ok if I use the phone in the library? I need to break it to the art department that we have a cover change.

Edmund: Thanks.

Brooke: Ok.

Maria: I don't want to feel like we're on opposite sides all the time. I'm with you, Edmund.

Edmund: You're not in this chair. Look, I don't blame you for this, ok? When Iím in my head, I'm not in this chair. And when Iím dreaming, I'm not in this chair. Then I wake up and reality just smacks me. I'm not the man that I was.

Maria: Edmund, you -- one thing has changed about you, and nothing else.

Edmund: That's everything. Look, if I can't be the -- the hard-hitting, globetrotting journalist who cranks out a magazine every week, I -- I don't have a clue who I am.

Maria: Well, honey, this can't be about money. It's not like we're living hand-to-mouth around here in the big castle.

Edmund: It's about me. It's about the man that I -- the man that I am. I'm not the kind of man I want to be.

Maria: Well, then we have two very radically different ideas of what makes a real man. Because you make me feel loved and beautiful. You make our kids feel loved and secure. You -- you give us strength and balance and joy, and that's the kind of man you always were, and you always will be.

[Pounding on door]

Ryan: Edmund! Edmund, get out here!

[Pounding on door]

Ryan: Edmund!

Brooke: Is it -- is it the Huns or the Visigoths?

Maria: Bunch of lunatics.

Brooke: It's the lunatics?

Maria: It's the lunatics.

Aidan: Eddie? Oh, hello. Excuse us, my kind lady.

Maria: Please.

Tad: Thank you.

Ryan: Excuse me.

Edmund: What's up?

Ryan: What's up? Not much, really. We're just here to kidnap you.

J.R.: Yeah, no big thing.

Maria: Ok, boys --

Aidan: Excuse me, but we're men on a mission.

Brooke: Oh, which couldn't be accomplished in daylight hours?

J.R.: I'm afraid that's impossible.

Tad: Mm-hmm. And before you ask, don't bother. This is on the QT, it's confidential. We never break, we never tell.

Brooke: Death before dishonor?

Aidan: We need the benefit from his expertise.

Ryan: Yes, we need to pick his brain.

Brooke: Ooh!

Edmund: It's here for the picking.

Brooke: So Edmund knows something that you goofballs don't?

Ryan: Yes, very hard to believe, but true.

Brooke: This is about women, isn't it?

[Ryan laughs]

Tad: Is it that obvious?

Aidan: What, that we're in need of help? Painfully obvious.

Ryan: Well, we're here to get the sensei, but we must learn on neutral ground.

Aidan: A bar.

[Brooke and Maria laugh]

Edmund: Ah, what do you say?

Brooke: I say -- I say go.

[Men laugh]

Edmund: What do you say?

Maria: I say go. Go, you're almost gone!

Ryan: We go! We go! Whoo!

Maria: If anything should happen to my Prince Charming, I'm going to stomp you all till you squeal!

Ryan: Don't you worry, we're going to bring him back by midnight, and I promise you I will not let him streak through the bar!

Maria: No streaking.

Edmund: Aw, party-pooper!

Tad: There goes plan B.

Maria: Oh, well.

Ryan: Careful!

Maria: Be careful with him.

Edmund: I don't need these legs anyway.

Maria: Bye. Au revoir. Oh, my. So, then, you're all done here, right?

Brooke: Not really. Not until you say to me what you've been aching to say.

Greenlee: Neat trick, striking me speechless.

Kendall: Yeah, I wish Iíd thought of it a long time ago.

Greenlee: Oh, there's the Kendall we all know and know.

Kendall: Well, here's another shocker for you -- I've been thinking a lot about the way things used to be.

Greenlee: How far back are we talking?

Kendall: The office, ad campaigns, new colors, new creams, dishing gossip over bad takeout when we should've been home in bed.

Greenlee: That's a distant land, far, far away.

Kendall: Yeah, it was so crazy. It was so tense, but wonderful at the same time.

Greenlee: All that and more.

Kendall: All in all, it was probably a lot better than this past year.

Greenlee: What isn't? Last year blew. We did have good times, though.

Kendall: Yeah, we let it get away from us. I mean, I know I did. I was so caught up in anger and then torment, I mean, I didn't know who to blame. It was like a slow death.

Greenlee: Well, I'm a big fan of rebirth. You can always give it a shot. It's never too late.

Kendall: Well, some days I'll settle for just wiping my memory clean. But I wouldn't mind keeping a couple of mental post cards of when we weren't enemies, when we were friends.

Greenlee: Sounds like you'd like to try again -- us working together.

Kendall: Well, if that's what it sounds like, that's because I would.

Mia: Was she serious?

Simone: Well, she wasn't laughing.

Mia: They couldn't possibly --

Simone: Forgive and forget? Slap me, I must be dreaming.

Lena: I didn't realize how hungry I was. How is she?

Anita: She's tired, a little bit uncomfortable.

Lena: Can you do anything for her?

Anita: It'll -- it'll pass. She knows if she needs anything, she only has to ask.

[Miranda cries]

Babe: Come tell your mama just how happy you are to be here.

Bianca: Yeah, it's Mommy. Look at you. You're so -- you're so perfect. I love you. No matter how scary the world gets, Mommy is going to be there to help you through it. Mommy will never lie to you or walk away.

Ryan: Yeah!

Edmund: Oh, gangway, gangway! Oh --

Ryan: Whoo!

Edmund: Oh, that's that whiff of peanuts and stale beer. I'm in heaven!

Ryan: Well, you know what, whiffing is only going to get you so far, man. Dive in, headfirst!

Tad: Let the debauchery begin!

Ryan: What do you want? You want a beer? Tunes? What do you want first? What?

Edmund: What about my dissertation on the fairer sex?

Aidan: I'm sorry, but that subject is strictly off-limits.

Ryan: Yeah, women depress us.

J.R.: Hey!

Tad: Yeah, we know, not you. Move along.

Edmund: Ok, all right. Me here with all the answers and no questions. Hmm. Pour the beer. Here we go, here we go.

J.R.: All right, I call first game.

Tad: Um -- maybe they got some hydraulics on this thing.

Edmund: Yeah.

Tad: Check it out.

David: All right, look, I think I saw some delivery flats out back. That should raise him up a good five, six inches or so.

Edmund: Yeah, I should've brought a booster seat.

Tad: Here, Edmund.

Edmund: Anybody up for arm-wrestling?

Ryan: If the man wants to play pool, then I say he plays pool. What do you think, like, a foot, a foot and a half off the bottom?

Tad: That is a beautiful thing.

Ryan: Thank you very much.

Aidan: Nothing like power tools, man.

Edmund: You're a lunatic. Put that thing down. You made your point.

Ryan: No, actually, I haven't quite made my point yet.

[Chain saw starts]

Ryan: But, oh, I intend to! Woo-hoo!

[Chain saw revs]

Ryan: All right, yeah!

Bartender: Hey! Hey! Turn that off! Turn that off!

[Chain saw turns off]

Bartender: You touch my table, I'll make you a foot shorter, pal.

Tad: For your information, my dear man, this table is in clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ryan: Hell, this whole bar is one giant health code violation!

Aidan: Yeah, it could get messy if we involve the law.

J.R.: And expensive. You got that kind of cash?

Bartender: Why do you guys got to bust my chops? I can't let you hurt the table.

Ryan: I promise you, the table's not going to feel a thing.

J.R.: Can we hurt it now?

Bartender: What's that?

Tad: I would say that -- offhand, that's about enough money to put your table out of its misery.

J.R.: So? What do you think?

Bartender: You kidding me? 1,200.

Aidan: 600.

Edmund: I'd say 600 is about right. I'm a lousy pool player.

Bartender: 750 and you don't break the cues.

J.R.: Done.

Ryan: All right!

Tad: Good, ok.

Bartender: Makes me miss the truckers.

Ryan: That's what I thought.

David: Hey, Iím impressed. All that so Edmund could play some pool. That's great.

Tad: Yeah, it's called friendship, David. Don't strain yourself trying to figure it out.

[Chain saw starts]

Ryan: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Whoo!

Maria: You want me to tell you what you already should know?

Brooke: If you need to say it, I can hear it.

Maria: My husband is going to roll into surgery with his bad heart, and chances are pretty good that his heart will stop, and chances are pretty good that he will die. And if that horrific moment happens, Brooke, Iím not going to blame the doctors. It's going to be on you.

Brooke: I did the research. I'm responsible for that.

Maria: No, you're responsible for every single time you never said to him, "Edmund, this is a really bad idea, this could kill you!" I mean, pretending like he's going to actually get up and go to Jakarta after that, and for humoring him and supporting him and not telling him what a terrible idea this surgery is.

Brooke: You blame me for everything except breathing.

Maria: Be serious. Actually, I blame you for that, too.

Brooke: Edmund makes up his own mind. He's strong-willed and he's stubborn.

Maria: Ok, so rather than try to talk him out of it, you actually back him up and egg him on? But why? Just so that you can be sure that you're not me so that I look like the overbearing shrew, you'd actually give up Edmundís life, all so that you can look better?

Brooke: I don't want to be in the middle of this. I know this is painful enough for you already, but he's my friend and he always will be. Do you think you're the only one who's frightened here?

Maria: Well, I think --

Brooke: You think you're the only one who has anything to lose?

Maria: I think I'm the only one standing here in this room right now who stands to lose her husband and the father of her children.

Brooke: He's not my husband, but I love him. You know, it's this dirty secret that everybody knows, and I -- I know that this surgery could kill him. And when he talks about it -- God, yes, ok, I nod and I support it, and I assume that he's going to be ok because -- please, God, he has to be ok, you know? But I want to shout "No" as loud as you do, because if Edmund dies, it's my worst nightmare, too. And if you don't know that yet, then you're not as smart as I thought.

Krystal: Oh. I know, I know, it's after hours and Bess needs her sleep, but how can you tear yourself away from this sweet little girl?

Anita: Well, I'm not here to boot you. I'm here to join you. Sometimes the only way to get through a day of illness and pain is with a little dose of sweetness and light.

Krystal: Oh, yeah. They're all just so beautiful. But this one is the prettiest one.

Anita: Of course she is.

Krystal: I bet you say that to all the folks.

Anita: Yeah, but this time I mean it.

Krystal: Who do you think she looks like?

Anita: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That is one conversation Iíve learned to avoid. There's no way to answer that question and make everyone happy.

Krystal: Seen a few fistfights in the nursery?

Anita: Oh, gosh, I've lost count. I will say it's probably a good thing if she doesn't take after Adam Chandler.

Krystal: Yeah, well, you're preaching to the choir there, missy.

Anita: Gosh, J.R. -- He's just a different story altogether.

Krystal: Yeah, I hear you. This baby's got some good-looking genes, yeah. Your baby's not going to do too shabby, either. Got any yet?

Anita: Oh, um -- no.

Krystal: Well, I'm -- Iím not one of those women who think you have to have kids to be fulfilled.

Anita: But?

Krystal: But the words "joy" and "happiness" just don't come anywhere near covering it -- when and if you're ready.

Nurse: Why is she still here? You're going to have to leave immediately.

Anita: I said she could stay.

Nurse: Oh, this is my nursery. Rules are rules, and we don't make exceptions.

Krystal: I'm really grateful that this baby's in very confident hands. Thank you, both of you. I'll -- I'll just say good night. Good night, baby.

Greenlee: You having a calm chat with me and not snatching me bald is one thing. Us -- the four of us back at Fusion? That flies in the face of logic and reason.

Simone: Yeah, you know, you said you would never, never, under any circumstance, allow Greenlee back in. I mean, we're talking hell freezing over. She said when pigs fly over your rotting carcass --

Mia: Like we needed the flashback, Simone.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? Listen, I've said a lot of things that aren't true anymore. People change.

Greenlee: Not too often.

Mia: Yeah, but they do. Extreme mental makeover -- you said so yourself. You said you changed a ton in those days down in that dirt hole.

Greenlee: That was an unusual circumstance.

Mia: Yeah, well, Kendallís entire life is an unusual circumstance. I mean, look at how she's helped Bianca. She's changed.

Kendall: As much as it pains me to admit this, as a team, we worked.

Greenlee: In between all the name-calling and backbiting.

Simone: But that's what made it so fun!

Kendall: We filled in each other's blanks.

Mia: Yeah, we made something really special.

Kendall: Yeah, and I could use a little special in my life again.

Greenlee: You're not the only one.

Kendall: Ok, well, this is just talk, so what if -- what if I made the offer official? Could you do it?

Greenlee: Come back to Fusion?

Kendall: Not just come back. You need to pour everything that you are into this. This won't be easy for any of us, but for the trust to come back, for this to work, I need you to promise to be there for the company.

Mia: For us.

Kendall: Mind, body, and soul.

Mia: For God's sakes, we get the chance to be fabulous again!

Simone: Stop thinking. Say yes.

Greenlee: Mind, body, and soul?

Kendall: Fusion deserves nothing less. You taught me that.

Greenlee: Fusion was my baby. I'd like to be there when it grows up.

Kendall: Well, you know what it takes.

Greenlee: Only for the world to shift on its axis. For you to forgive me, for us to work as a team again -- all of us -- mind, body, and soul. I may hate myself in the morning, but Iím in.

Mia: Oh, yes! Oh, you guys won't regret this.

Simone: And neither will you.

Mia: Ok, so, what next?

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Well, we'll meet at the office tomorrow morning.

Kendall: Ahem.

Greenlee: Our office, and we'll talk until we get it right.

Kendall: Perfect.

Simone: You know what? I think the bosses should pop for a bottle of bubbly.

Mia: Oh, no, we've got a big day tomorrow. I vote for decaf capps all around.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: Sounds great.

Kendall: Put it on my tab. I have people to see, you know, places to go.

Simone: What?

Mia: What?

Ryan: Oh! J.R., You got rooked, man!

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What happened to you "suck at pool," huh?

Edmund: I lied, sucker. A little father-son butt-whupping?

Tad: [Scottish accent] You're going down!

Ryan: Ok. All right, Edmund, all right, man, you got to tell me -- what is it about women? What?

Aidan: Yeah, I mean, are they willful or are they just crazy?

Edmund: Well, actually, there's a logical explanation to this very simple question. Supposedly, before Darwin died, he was supposed to have published a study which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that men and women are actually separate species.

Tad: [Normal voice] Shut up and drink your beer.

Edmund: That's exactly what they said to Darwin.

J.R.: We need women. That's why there's reason enough to keep trying right there.

Edmund: Oh, poor lad. He's young and he's a father. Give him some --

Ryan: Yeah, give him time.

Edmund: Yeah, time.

Aidan: Yes.

David: There's only one rule, you sorry bastards. Never let a woman think that she's got you stumped. Act like you can see right through her. Before you know it, she's going to positively weak in the knees. Then you can do with her what you will.

Ryan: Right.

Tad: No choice.

David: Hey! Hey, come on!

[Laughter and cheers]


Brooke: Edmund loves you. He chose you. I accepted that a long time ago, but it doesn't -- it doesn't take my love away, and it doesn't erase my fear or panic or worry.

Maria: There's nothing that you can tell me right now about fear.

Brooke: We have so much in common. I mean, maybe I was delusional. I just thought that we could work together, you know, with everything that we feel and everything that we think and put it to good use. Because no matter what Edmund has been through, he's never been through anything like this. And I just thought that maybe we could -- maybe we could work together to get him through.

Maria: It's a really lovely idea, Brooke, but --

Brooke: It's not possible. Maybe love isn't enough after all.

[Bianca dreams]

[Baby cries]

Ryan: Bianca! We found her.

Bianca: What? You -- you found her?

Ryan: We found Miranda.

Bianca: You found Miranda? Oh, my God! Oh, my God, that's her! That's her crying, Ryan! You found Miranda!

Ryan: It's a miracle. It's a miracle.

Bianca: Where is she? Where's my baby? I have to see her. Miranda?

[Bianca gets out of bed and quietly walks to the nursery.]

Bianca: Miranda, Mommy's coming! Miranda? Miranda?

[Baby cries]

Ryan: You know what? It's been a blast, but I got to bail. Hey, hey, hey, watch these guys, all right, if you know what's good for you.

Edmund: Hey, it's been a hell of a night, Ryan.

Ryan: A lot better than the day.

Edmund: Come here.

Ryan: All right. All right, hey, hey, hey -- whenever, wherever, this is your crew. You know that, right?

Edmund: All these years, this is the best I can do? I'm lucky, man.

Ryan: Luck, nothing. If these guys got your back, then you know damn well you earned it, all right?

Edmund: My eyeballs are floating here.

Tad: Tell me about it.

Aidan: Yeah, well, you Americans have no pub stamina, do you?

Tad: What?

Edmund: So, who wants to change my catheter? I'm just messing with you. Ok, peanuts. I need peanuts.

Tad: Yeah, ok, here's the peanuts. Here you go.

Edmund: Thank you very much.

Mia: I never thought I'd get to say these words, but here's to the all-new, thoroughly fabulous Fusion.

Simone: Oh, yippee! We're us again! Yay! I said, "Yippee!"

Greenlee: Yippee.

Simone: Oh, come on! We are finally getting back something that we loved and lost. Be happy, you grump.

Greenlee: I'd love to be, I want to be, but I just -- I have to be sure. Do Kendall and I really have a chance of making this work?

[Kendall shows up at Ryanís door]

Kendall: You want a beer? How's this for delivery service?

[Babies cry]

Bianca: Miranda. There you are.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: So, are you going to stick around here?

Ryan: There is one thing that would keep me in Pine Valley.

Tad: Let's raise a glass to my new partner, Aidan.

Bianca: Now that Iíve got you here, I'm never going to let you go.

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