AMC Transcript Monday 4/5/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 4/5/04

By Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Jack: Thanks, Myrtle. If she resurfaces, you'll be the first to know. Oh, don't worry, sweetheart, I'll keep looking. The problem is I've run out of ideas. Thanks. Thanks. Oh, you.

Tad: Yeah, me. What?

Jack: You can help me.

Tad: Sure, anything you want. Whatever Bianca needs, you just --

Jack: Help me find her mother. Look, Erica's missing. She's taken off and nobody knows where she is.

Greenlee: Who's got it bad for whom really isn't your business, is it?

Bobby: It was just an observation.

Greenlee: Which brings me to, why are you observing me?

Bobby: I was just passing by, heard a bit of the conversation between you and what's-his-name -- Ryan?

Greenlee: And just felt compelled to throw in your two cents?

Bobby: Sorry it isn't what you wanted to hear.

Greenlee: I've had two conversations with you -- three if you count this one. You think you know me?

Bobby: Wow. I really make you angry. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: You think a few seconds of eavesdropping on Ryan gives you insight into who he is, who he wants?

Bobby: Are you mad because he wants the other girl or because he doesn't want you?

Kendall: No, Bianca, no, you're too upset to go see Babe's baby.

Bianca: Look, Babe can't be with her baby right now, so I should be.

Ryan: But you don't have to go right this second.

Bianca: Listen, Ryan, I just promised Babe that I would mother her child if she couldn't, and Babe's too sick right now.

Ryan: Yeah, but when Babe asked that promise of you, she didn't -- she didn't know about Miranda.

Bianca: It doesn't matter. Babe can't be there to hold her little girl, so I'm going to be.

Kendall: Bianca, please don't do this.

Ryan: Just give yourself just a little bit of time.

Kendall: Yeah, you know what, listen, let me take your room so we can talk about this.

Bianca: No, listen, you -- you can take the wheelchair, all right? I'm going to go to the nursery, because that little girl is going to know how much her mother loves her.

Tad: Did Erica leave one of these for anybody else?

Jack: No, and I've checked with everyone from Opal and Myrtle to her assistant at Enchantment, her driver, Coral, everybody.

Tad: She didn't notify anybody?

Jack: Nope. Nobody at all knows where to reach her.

Tad: Whoa. Jack, maybe you shouldn't try.

Jack: Tad, I don't think Erica should be alone. I mean, she loves Bianca with all her heart, but this baby has brought back everything that she has suffered with since her 14th birthday. She's just tied up in knots.

Tad: And now that they've called off the search, that's going to be one massive dose of guilt.

Jack: Yes, exactly, and I don't think she can handle it. I really don't. I mean, just please, will you just please help me find her?

Tad: The good news is she's high-profile. I mean, she's kind of hard not to notice.

Jack: Well, she's blended in before. Believe me, if Erica wants to disappear, she can be a very resourceful woman, but you can be a very resourceful guy.

Tad: Yeah, well, ok, so what happens if I find her? What then?

Jack: You bring her home.

Tad: How do you suggest I do that, Jack, throw her in the trunk? She's not going to let me force her to do anything she doesn't want to do.

Jack: Ok, ok, let's just concentrate on finding her then, huh?

Tad: You're right, she is resourceful, ok? What if she's left the country? With her assets, she could be hopscotching the entire planet by now.

Jack: Tad, I don't care how long the game goes on as long as in the end you find her. Now, she took her car. It may end up in an airport parking lot. There's a place to start.

Tad: Yeah, maybe it won't. Maybe she's on a cross-country, you know, field trip to California.

Jack: All right, then you find out her destination for sure and you tell me. Ok? I'd like to get started on this as soon as you possibly can, please?

Tad: Ok, with all due respect -- I mean, you're one of my best friends in the entire world, but, you know, in light of everything that's happened, you know, with Bianca, Kendall, and the baby, maybe you should just give her some breathing space.

Jack: What she needs, Tad is help.

Tad: Yeah, maybe, but she's made it perfectly obvious she doesn't need it from you.

Jack: Tad, believe me, finding her is the right thing to do. This is no time for Erica to be alone.

Tad: She thinks it is. So maybe it's time for you to accept that Erica knows what's in her own best interest and let her go.

Greenlee: You know, I don't owe you any explanations. You're some nameless intruder who feels compelled to comment on my life.

Bobby: You're right. I'm intruding. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: No, wait. You're right. Ryan does have it bad for Kendall. They've engaged and disengaged more times than I can keep track of. He always goes back. She insults him, she takes him for granted, she thinks that he betrayed her, but he always goes back for more.

Bobby: Hmm. Sounds like love.

Greenlee: She doesn't trust him, but he's always there for her. How do you love someone who doesn't trust you?

Bobby: I can't help it.

Greenlee: I wasn't talking about you.

Bobby: Sure you were. You just didn't know it. This condition that your pal Ryan has? I've got it, too.

Anita: You've already seen enough trouble in your life. Yes, you have. But you're safe now. From here on in, it's all cake.

Kendall: You know what, if I thought for a second this would be good for you, I would be all for it, but -- but won't this make your own pain deeper? I mean, you want to hold your baby. Holding Babe's? Bianca, I'm sorry, it's not a good idea.

Bianca: Babe wants me to.

Kendall: Yeah, but the staff is taking care of her. They're giving her plenty of love and reassurance. So are Babe's mom and J.R. Bess is -- she's fine.

Bianca: Listen, Kendall, Babe risked her life and her baby's to save me. This is the least I can do. That baby needs a mother's love.

Ryan: Kendall just said that Krystal has been in there --

Kendall: Yeah, I mean, and Bess is fine.

Bianca: I'm sorry, you guys weren't there, ok? You weren't there. You don't know what Babe and I went through to bring Miranda and Bess into this world. I have to do this. Please don't try and stop me.

[Babies cry]

Liza: Hello! Could you be harder to find?

Mia: What? I've been right here.

Liza: Well, I didn't know that.

Mia: Well, since when do I give you my schedule?

Liza: Just sit down, ok? I need to talk to you. It's very important that I talk to you.

Mia: What is it? Is it about Colby? What's wrong?

Liza: No, no, no, it's about Tad. He's taking a sabbatical from women.

Mia: Is that all?

Liza: Yeah, well --

Mia: How long is that going to last, a week?

Liza: What are you talking about? This is a matter of life and death.

Mia: What, you want to kill Tad?

Liza: No, I want to kill Krystal, but I'll settle for knowing her secret.

Mia: What secret? Clothing two sizes too small? Push-up, padded bra?

Liza: Look, you know what, I know that that all makes her very easy, but you know what, actually, when Tad called his sabbatical, she actually turned up the heat.

Mia: Yeah. That's not surprising.

Liza: The two of them have formed this sort of alliance to protect her secret or Babe's secret, I'm not exactly sure which.

Mia: Listen, Tad is way too smart to get suckered in by Krystal, ok?

Liza: Oh, please. What are you saying? He's a man. She's available and attractive in a flashy sort of way, and she plugged into that manly protectiveness when Babe was missing.

Mia: Ok, so Krystal's made inroads. What's the deal with the secret?

Liza: Well, Adam says the secret is so big that it will drive Krystal and Babe right out of Pine Valley.

Mia: I get it.

Liza: So that's good. We have to do this!

Mia: No, no, wait, wait, "we"?

Liza: Yes!

Mia: No, no, not me.

Liza: No, I need an ally.

Mia: Well, then you can find someone else. I know where you're going, and I know exactly what's waiting for you, and I'm not going to help you do it, Liza. I'm sorry.

[Babies cry]

Kendall: Bianca, what is it?

Bianca: My baby.

Kendall: Oh, Bianca.

Bianca: My baby!

Ryan: Ok, why don't I take you back to your room, ok? Let's go back to your room. Come on, come on.

Greenlee: What did you do to whoever she is? How did you lose her trust? How bad a boy are you?

Bobby: Ok, when did I stop being the intruder and become an object for analysis?

Greenlee: You contributed your personal observations. I want more.

Bobby: Ok. Spinning your wheels over a guy who is hooked on someone else -- it's a great way to waste your life.

Greenlee: Don't pull any punches.

Bobby: Well, it's the best advice you could get.

Greenlee: Why do you care?

Bobby: I owe you.

Greenlee: For what?

Bobby: Well, thanks to you, my record is still 100%. I told you I never met a woman I didn't like until you.

Greenlee: Yeah, I remember it only too well.

Bobby: Yeah, and I meant it. I mean, you were a royal pain.

Greenlee: You're not the first to notice.

Bobby: Yeah. Well, now I know why.

Greenlee: I wish you'd tell me.

Bobby: You screwed up and you're trying to make it right, which puts you exactly where I am. So that means I got to like you now or I'm a jerk.

Greenlee: Oddly enough, you've grown on me, too.

Bobby: Hmm. So now you're no longer a black mark on my record. I still haven't met a woman I didn't like.

Greenlee: Oh. Women everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

Bobby: Well, I like them. Doesn't mean they have to like me.

Greenlee: I sure didn't.

Bobby: Hmm.

Greenlee: How did we get off to such a rocky start?

Bobby: Let me see -- you jumped to about a million wrong conclusions about me and treated me like dirt.

Greenlee: It wasn't all my fault.

Bobby: Oh, right, right. Ok, yeah, you accept your 98% of the responsibility, I'll accept my 2%.

Greenlee: Listen, bad boy, you might have insight into matters of the heart, but your math skills suck.

Liza: You are the one that told me to go after Tad. You're the one who told me I deserved to get what I want!

Mia: You do, but not --

Liza: What, what? Not what? Now you're telling me that I'm going down some path you've already been on?

Mia: Well, look at how I screwed things up with Aidan.

Liza: You and Aidan were not meant to be.

Mia: Oh, yeah, because I morphed from girlfriend into stalker.

Liza: Kendall got in your way.

Mia: No, Kendall did not wreck us, I did. I -- I fixated on whatever I thought Aidan was doing with Kendall. I became obsessed with it. And what did that get me -- Aidan? No. When he found out that I was not trusting him and thinking that he was a liar, he left me. For Kendall? No, because he was telling the truth when he said it was over between them. And I should've listened to him, and I destroyed everything and I almost got Kendall thrown into prison in the meanwhile.

Liza: Well, I think you're being too hard on yourself, but I understand why you're afraid to help me.

Mia: Liza, please don't do this. You are going to screw up everything.

Liza: I have way more experience being sneaky and devious.

Mia: Well, you know what -- that doesn't matter.

Liza: No, no, no, when you were a kid, you were honest about most things.

Mia: Of course I was.

Liza: Of course? No, no, not "of course." At my mother's knee, I did not learn "do not lie." I learned "do not get caught," and I learned very well.

Mia: Ok. Ok. So suppose you find out what the secret is.

Liza: I will.

Mia: And you spread it around so that Krystal has to leave Tad and Pine Valley. What about Babe and J.R.? They just had a baby. What if you break J.R.'s heart?

Liza: Well, I might be able to drive Krystal away and still allow Babe to keep everything she's got.

Mia: Oh, might? Well, I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to Babe and J.R., and what about Tad? I mean, you think that eventually he's not going to find out what you did?

Liza: You know what? I just don't want to let this continue anymore. Tad picks all these wrong women, and then he comes running back to me, and then he dumps me for someone else. This is it. I am not going to let him toss me aside so he can start playing house with Krystal Carey.

Tad: I know better than anybody sometimes letting go can be real hell, but you got to do it.

Jack: It's just not possible.

Tad: Yes, it is, Jack.

Jack: No, it's not.

Tad: Take it from me, it is possible. I have done it.

Jack: I'm not taking the easy way out, Tad.

Tad: Well, I'm not saying this is easy. Look, sometimes letting go can be the hardest, most miserable thing you can do, ok? But for your own best interest and for Erica's, you know, maybe it's time for you to cut your losses and fold.

Jack: You know, there are other private investigators I could hire to take care of this.

Tad: Oh, come on, don't do that to me! That has nothing to do with it, and you know it! Look, I'm your friend, ok? I know better than anybody she's gotten under your skin, but Erica's -- you know, for Erica, this is escape time. Now, I know that leaves you with nothing but the smell of her skin and, you know, her voice rattling around in your head, but she wants and needs to move on.

Jack: Well, if that's she wants and needs, then she can tell me that herself.

Tad: She just did. What do you call this?

Jack: You want to know what I call this?

Tad: Yeah.

Jack: I call this a cop-out. Tad, Erica's drinking. That means all that time in rehab, her recovery -- it's already been compromised. I mean, she could be out there on a bender right now. Who the hell knows.

Tad: Come on, don't tell me that. All the time she's spent trying to beat the drugs --

Jack: Time, yeah, and she fought. She fought the good fight, and now she needs help fighting. She needs help from me.

Tad: And I quote -- "Don't look for me. You won't find me." I'm sorry, I must have lost something in the translation.

Jack: I know Erica better than anybody else does.

Tad: Including better than she knows herself?

Jack: Yes, including better than she knows herself, you're damn right! When she puts up roadblocks like this, it doesn't mean stop, it doesn't mean quit. It means "show me how much you love me, show me I'm worth the extra effort, prove to me that you will not abandon me, that you will be there no matter what."

Tad: Ok, maybe that was valid once upon a time, but not now.

Jack: No, it still is. No, please, just help me find her. Just make sure she's not a danger to herself, that she's pulled together, that she's all right.

Tad: What then?

Jack: Erica's been my life since I remember feeling truly alive. But if she thinks she needs to be rid of me, well, then I'm just going to have to live with that, aren't I -- but not until I know she is safe. Tad, could you do what you've just asked me to do, huh -- stop before you know if the woman that you love more than life itself is safe?

Tad: Guess I should start with the airports, huh?

Jack: Thank you very much.

Tad: Yeah. Get off. Listen, I will make sure that she is in one piece, that she is safe.

Jack: Great.

Tad: After that, if she says, "Sayonara, Jack" --

Jack: Then it's Sayonara, Jack. I accept that.

Bobby: Anita, this is Greenlee duPres. Greenlee, this is Anita Warner, my wife.

Greenlee: So nice to meet you.

Anita: Hey. Um -- Bobby, listen, I -- I can't take you to the airport after all.

Bobby: You can't get away?

Anita: No, I'm -- I'm really busy.

Bobby: They give you breaks, don't they?

Anita: Yeah, but there's just no telling when I'll be able to get away.

Bobby: Ok, well, we'll play it by ear. I'll wait for you.

Anita: Listen, I don't want you to miss your flight.

Bobby: Look, I'll stick around, all right, until you can leave. I'll be waiting.

Greenlee: She's the one who doesn't trust you.

Bobby: Yeah. I made good and sure of that.

Greenlee: The situations aren't the same. I mean, Kendall and your wife are nothing alike. Kendall has no reason not to trust Ryan's love. He's been great to her. It's all in her head.

Bobby: Maybe Kendall doesn't trust Ryan's love because she expects it to go away, because she doesn't think she deserves it.

Kendall: Can I get you anything?

Bianca: I thought I could do it. I wanted to do it. I'm so sorry.

Kendall: God, no, Bianca, no, don't apologize. It's ok.

Ryan: You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for.

Bianca: I looked inside that room and I saw the empty bassinet, and Anita Santos was holding that baby.

Kendall: It's just too soon. It's just too soon, that's all.

Bianca: For a second, that baby was Miranda, waiting for me to come in and hold her.

Kendall: Bianca -- Bianca, it's ok. This is ok. You've just begun to grieve.

Bianca: I don't understand. I know that Miranda -- I know I lost her, but I can still feel her. She's still with me.

Kendall: Yes, yes, of course. Of course she is.

Bianca: When I looked in and I saw Bess, I felt like if I just went in the room and held out my arms, somehow, magically, Miranda --

Ryan: When you lose someone, when you lose someone that you love, someone that you think you're going to spend the rest of your life with, it's like -- it's like you feel like you're not whole, like part of you has been taken away.

Bianca: No, but that's not it. I could feel her presence. Standing outside that nursery door, Miranda was there with me.

Kendall: Bianca --

Bianca: Ryan, you saw them searching?

Ryan: Yeah. Yes, we scoured the entire crash site.

Bianca: Yeah, but they could have missed something. I mean, they don't know. They can't be sure that nobody walked through the crash site before they got there. I mean, maybe -- maybe somebody did. Maybe somebody found Miranda. You don't think so? Why not? What makes you so certain that Miranda�s gone? Please tell me. Because if there is even one chance in a million that my child is still alive, I have to find her. I can never, ever give up looking for her. Did they find her? Did they find Miranda, her body? And you're not telling me because you think it's kinder?

Ryan: No, no, I am not lying to you.

Kendall: No, no, of course not. No, Ryan -- we would never lie to you.

Bianca: Well, then she could still be out there. Look, I can feel her! I know she's with me!

Ryan: If there was any chance, if there was, like, one in 10 million, Bianca, I wouldn't be in here with you right now. I would still be out in the woods --

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: And I'd be looking.

Kendall: Yes, we both would be. But -- but we're sure. Bianca, we're sure. I wish to God that we weren't, I wish -- I wish that we could think that Miranda survived, but we don't. Miranda's gone.

Bianca: But wouldn't I feel that? I'm her mother. I love her.

Ryan: Like I said, she was a part of you.

Kendall: She's always going to be in your heart.

Bianca: Well, then we have things to settle.

Kendall: No. No, no, nothing that can't wait.

Bianca: Yes, we do -- the Cambias estate.

Ryan: No, absolutely not. No, we don't need to discuss this now, Bianca.

Bianca: Ryan, without a Cambias grandchild, it all belongs to you, and with Miranda -- look, it's all yours, and I just want to wrap up all the details right now.

Ryan: The businesses are being taken care of.

Bianca: Yes, but they should be in your name, and I want to sign the paperwork.

Ryan: Well, we will, ok, but I'm in no rush.

Bianca: I am. Look, Ryan, it's yours. I'm glad. I -- I want you to have it. I know you're going to do great things with it.

Ryan: If you ever need anything -- I mean anything at all -- you know it's yours, just like that, that simple. You know that, right?

Bianca: I do, thank you.

Ryan: Ok.

Bianca: I think I'm kind of tired right now.

Kendall: I can stay if --

Bianca: No.

Kendall: I can stay while you sleep.

Bianca: No, that's ok. I want -- I want to be alone.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Sure.

Ryan: We'll clear out.

Bianca: Yes, Dr. Joe Martin, please?

Bobby: Hey. You mine now?

Anita: Oh, I'm -- I'm not on break.

Bobby: You were just passing on by to see if I was still here? I told you I'd be waiting.

Anita: I'm not sure that's smart.

Bobby: Look, the one I introduced you to -- Greenlee --

Anita: Listen, Bobby --

Bobby: She and I --

Anita: Really, you don't have to explain.

Bobby: Anita, I know what you're thinking. It's --

Anita: No. No, you don't.

Bobby: After what I put you through, trust me, I do.

Anita: You're not inside my head. You've never been me.

Bobby: I realize that.

Anita: You're not the one who --

Bobby: Who came into this marriage all full of hope and love? That was both of us, Anita. Did I end up disillusioned and hurt? Yeah, well, maybe in my own way. I damaged both of us, and I am so damn sorry.

Anita: I know that you are, but I still feel what I feel.

Bobby: What can I do? How -- how can I change this? Just tell me. How can I get us back?

Liza: Tad, are you there? Anybody in there? Hello? Ok, Tad, it's Liza. Some hopefuls at WRCW came by today, one of them gave you as a reference, so I was just giving you a call. Call me back when you can. All right. Bye. Ok, since I'm by myself, it's time to retrieve the key. Oh, come on! Honestly. Would you be in here? Oh, what, is this thing filled with lead? Oh, please don't let Tad come. Aha! Ow. Yuck. Excellent. All right. Oh, yes. Oh, this is ridiculous. I feel like I'm in high school again. I should really get a grip and just leave here before someone -- maybe in a minute. Ok. Oh, I hope Jamie doesn't come. But, then, he has his own place, so he's not bound to drop by or anything -- even though that's really not the point. The point is I really should be better than this. All right. Mia was right. This is going to end badly.

[Key turns in lock]

Liza: Oh, no!

[Diving behind the sofa, Liza crouches there hoping to avoid detection.]

Tad: Jamie? Could've sworn I turned that off. Whatever. Nothing wrong with saving time. Ok, Erica. Let's see if you took wing on a commercial flight.

Greenlee: Dad.

Jack: What can I do for you?

Greenlee: Should be what can I do for you. You can tell me anything.

Jack: I'm sick and tired of all the loss.

Greenlee: Miranda.

Jack: Yeah, Miranda�s a large part of it. I just can't lose anyone else.

Greenlee: You won't lose me.

Jack: That a promise?

Greenlee: Yes.

Jack: Thank you.

Greenlee: Anything I can do to make you feel better?

Jack: No, afraid not.

Greenlee: Well, tell me about it. Let me decide.

Jack: Ok.

Greenlee: "I've gone away. You won't find me. I've been hurt enough. Erica Kane." Ahem. What are you going to do?

Jack: I'm going to find her.

Greenlee: She says not to try.

Jack: I don't think Erica's thinking straight right now.

Greenlee: Maybe you should --

Jack: So I'm going to find her and I'm going to bring her back here before she goes someplace or does something that she can't get back from.

Greenlee: I know things have been really rough for Erica, but they haven't exactly been smooth for you, either.

Jack: Yeah, but Erica can't handle it.

Greenlee: She looks like she's trying.

Jack: Hiding is not trying.

Greenlee: You know, sometimes it helps to drop out of sight for a while.

Jack: Greenlee, Erica is my heart. I'm not going to give up on her.

Greenlee: I don't get it.

Jack: Well --

Greenlee: But I don't get a lot these days, so whatever you want, I want. I'll help search for her. Wait a minute. Maybe you don't have to.

Jack: Why's that?

Greenlee: I met somebody that may be able to give you a lead.

Bobby: What can I do?

Anita: You know, I don't know. Maybe nothing. It's not like I have tons of experience at marriage, or even relationships. I just -- I hate what goes through my head anytime I see you with another woman.

Bobby: Greenlee and I, we were just --

Anita: Talking? Chatting? I know. I know that, but it doesn't change what goes through my head. God, I wish that it did because I hate going back there. I hate going back to how I felt when I found out that -- that you had an affair.

Bobby: Ok, well, then how -- how can I get us back to being us?

Anita: You know, I liked who I was then, but that Anita was naive and clueless. I mean, I thought dreams came true and that our marriage was solid. Until Tracey dropped the bomb. You know, I still hate a ringing phone because of that one time I said hello, like a thousand other hellos, only to hear that you were cheating on me. A few seconds on the phone detonated my entire life.

Bobby: We could -- we could go to counseling, find a therapist, go as often as it takes for as long as we have to.

Anita: If only you hadn't done something you had to feel so sorry for. You know, and you try to make up for it with flowers and surprise dinners, but every gesture makes me wonder, is this a cover-up for another affair? Or I'll think back to all the great times that we had or our second honeymoon in Cancun, and I actually think, is this to throw me off track? Or had he just been with her when he surprised me with a Christmas tree? I mean --

Bobby: I've come clean about everything with you.

Anita: Yeah, but I believed you before.

Bobby: Anita, I'm not cheating on you. I would never do that to you again. I love you.

Anita: You always said you did, you know? You never gave me any indication that you were looking for something with another woman, something I couldn't give you.

Bobby: Work was going nowhere. There was -- there was nothing for me to look forward to there. The one big deal that I had made, you know, my biggest chance, had gone south, and I was drowning.

Anita: Yeah, but you didn't even let me try to save you.

Bobby: I couldn't tell you that I was a failure, that I had failed us. I knew I couldn't -- I couldn't stand the look on your face when I had to tell you that I'd just basically blown our entire life to bits.

Anita: It was a lousy investment.

Bobby: Yeah. Yeah. I didn't want you to look at me like I was some -- some wounded animal by the side of the road, you know, some dumb animal that can't take care of itself, let alone you.

Anita: So it's my fault that you had an affair?

Bobby: No. No, no, no, it's not your fault. I was stupid. I was scared. I was weak. Pick one. Pick all three. If I could go back, I would.

Anita: Yeah, you'd do it all over again? Go back and not cheat? And when you're able to take that time machine back and tinker with the past, let me know. Until then --

Bobby: Anita, Anita, please. It doesn't have to be like this.

Anita: I just -- I hate the fist that closes around my heart every single time I see you with someone else. I just -- I can't live my life like that.

Bobby: So we won't.

Anita: Right. We -- we have to go on with our lives, because this, I mean, the way things are, it's not fair -- to either of us.

Bobby: Anita, I don't want to go on with my life, I want to go on with our life. Please, don't walk out on us.

Joe: Everything looks good. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Bianca: Yes, I did.

Joe: So, why am I here?

Bianca: It's about Miranda, my daughter. Dr. Joe, I want to get in touch with the pilot.

Joe: The pilot?

Bianca: Yes, the man who flew the MedEvac helicopter that crashed with us in it. How can I get in touch with him?

Bobby: I want to earn back your trust, and I want to succeed at that like I've never wanted to succeed at anything in my entire life. I want you to believe in me again, Anita.

Greenlee: Here he is. He might know something.

Jack: Do you know where Erica Kane is?

Anita: Erica? What's going on?

Jack: Do you know where she is?

Bobby: If I did, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you.

Tad: Ok. Pine Valley Airport's a bust. Let's see what Newark and Philly have to offer. Oh, come on. I know I have that number upstairs. Nothing wrong with a little exercise.

[Liza crawls to the other side of the sofa then stands up once the coast is clear but her exit is blocked by someone at the door  -- Tad!]

Liza: Oh!

Paul's voice: Hey, this is Paul.

Bianca: Hi --

Paul's voice: Leave your name and number. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[Answering machine beeps]

Bianca: Mr. Cramer, this is Bianca Montgomery. I'd like to talk to you as soon as possible. It's -- it's really important. I'm at Pine Valley Hospital, extension 1815. Please call as soon as you get this, x1815. So I can find out what really happened to my baby.

[Babies cry]

Kendall: Why can't that be Bianca's baby in there? Why couldn't Miranda have survived?

Ryan: I don't know.

Kendall: I would give anything if I --

Ryan: Hey. So would I. So would I. I would give anything to be able to take that pain away.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bobby: It's Erica's life. Unless she makes it your business, it's not your business.

Lena: You come with me right now and tell Bianca exactly what happened to her baby.

Ryan: I got, like, endless cash, but in the love department, I got nothing. Help a guy out.

Kendall: You blew everything apart, and none of us are ever going to forgive you.

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