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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/30/04

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[Music plays]

Ryan: What? What, are you here -- you here to pile it on?

Aidan: What do you mean?

Ryan: Are you here to lay into me for messing Kendall's life? Well, if you are, just save it.

Aidan: You want to carry on hitting the bag, or you fancy going a few rounds with someone

Ryan: Bring it on.

Reggie: I can't do this, all right? I can't do -- I have to go.

Danielle: I'll come with you.

Reggie: No, Danielle.

Danielle: I won't talk to you. I won't even sit next to you. I just don't think you should be --

Reggie: What, alone? I have to be alone, ok? Just -- I just have to go.

Danielle: Sure. Your call.

Reggie: I mean, I'll call you or come get you -- I just have -- I just have to go.

Danielle: Reggie -- I guess there are worse places to hang out than a rich girl's penthouse. Hmm. I wonder how rich you have to be to keep things like this lying around.

[Door opens as Danielle holds up a very expensive gold necklace]

Danielle: I knew you'd come --

Greenlee: Who are you? What are you doing here? And what the hell are you doing in my clothes?

Tad: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: Bianca.

Tad: I know. There's no answer, Jack. At least, there isn't one that makes any sense. Either way, it wouldn't matter because no answer is going to take away the pain. Come on. Your family needs you. Come on.

Erica: Bianca --

Bianca: Don't! Don't say it. Don't even dare.

Edmund: Excuse me.

Maria: Hey.

Edmund: I've been sent here to notify you that you've been selected, lucky you, to be the love of my life.

Maria: When did that happen?

Edmund: The moment I met you.

Maria: You're crazy. What are you doing here? Are you here for physical therapy?

Edmund: Yep.

Maria: Damn it!

Edmund: Honey? What's wrong? Baby?

Maria: There's just a lot -- I don't know. It's just really unfair, you know, with what's going on with Bianca. The one thing that she could really count on was that baby, and now that's just been totally ripped away from her, and -- I don't know, honey. With all that's going on with us right now, I still think that we're really lucky. We've got our kids, and they have their dreams, and we get a chance to watch them actually grow up and we get to love each other while they're doing it. I just think it's wrong to ask for anything more.

[Maria sighs]

Anita: Keep your hands where I can see them.

Edmund: Your timing stinks.

Anita: I'm sorry. I just -- I need to get out of here before I have a total meltdown. Are you busy?

Edmund: You go, you go. I've got physical therapy.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: Ok.

Maria: Ok, then I'll meet you back here later.

Edmund: I love you.

Maria: I love you.

Greenlee: Mind if I ask you a personal question? Aside from what you're doing in my penthouse and why you're dressed up as me? How much do you pull down a week?

Danielle: Uh -- I'm between jobs.

Greenlee: Translation -- you're broke, which means you have no way of replacing that designer original you stole from my closet.

Danielle: I didn't steal it. I didn't even sweat in it. I've only had it on for like five minutes.

Greenlee: Oh, sweet. You can cherish the memory from your jail cell.

Danielle: What?

Lt. Perry: Jack, I need a word.

Jack: Well, Lieutenant Perry, I guess I don't have to ask why you're here. You've found the body of my niece's baby.

Erica: Bianca, I know you feel you're beyond comfort.

Bianca: Is that why you're here -- to comfort me?

Erica: Yes. If I can, if you let me. I am so very, very sorry.

Bianca: What are you sorry for? Are you sorry that my baby died? Is that what you're telling me?

Erica: Yes. I was frantic with worry. And after the last time we saw each other and we said such terrible things to each other --

Bianca: We said such terrible things?

Erica: I said such terrible things to you. And to you, Kendall. I was horribly unfair, and I so apologize.

Bianca: So you take it all back. You are amazing, mother. You come in here from where? Did you stop by the chapel? Did you light a candle and show god how much you're suffering?

Erica: I did light a candle, yes.

Bianca: How many?

Erica: Excuse me?

Bianca: How many candles? One for me? One for my sister? One for my baby? I want you to tell me how many. I want a number.

Erica: I prayed to God to watch over you, honey, and to love you the way I love you.

Bianca: But you could only really manage one prayer, one candle, right?

Erica: I know how much you've suffered, and I -- I know you're not yourself.

Bianca: Oh. I know who I am now, and I can finally see who you are.

Erica: I'm your mom.

Bianca: Oh, don't you dare try some Mother-of-the-Year speech now.

Erica: I love you so very much, more than life, more than anything in the world.

Bianca: Of all the lies, that's the worst.

Erica: No --

Bianca: Yes. Yes, you're a liar, mother -- an unforgivable liar.

Greenlee: Don't even think about making a break for it.

Danielle: Are you for real?

Greenlee: As real as it gets, honey. Yes, I would like to report a break-in and burglary in progress.

Danielle: If you're Greenpea, Reggie didn't paint you mean enough. You're nasty in the worst way.

Greenlee: Hold on. You're a friend of Reggie's?

Danielle: Why, you want to take him down as an accomplice?

Greenlee: No, he's my brother. Sorry, false alarm. Ok. So, friend of Reggie's, how did you get in my place and help yourself to my couture collection?

Danielle: First, admit it looks drop-dead gorgeous on me.

Greenlee: It looks better on me. Start talking.

Danielle: Oh, too long a story. Wait for the movie.

Greenlee: I'm in no mood. I'll take the highlights.

Reggie: Greenlee duPres, the gift that just keeps on giving.

[Music plays]

Anita: Hey, let's go hit the sauna. Maria, how can you just stand there and watch them go at it? We should stop them before they get hurt.

Maria: No, no, no, no, no. No, let them do what they have to do.

Erica: I don't blame you for lashing out at me. But I am not lying to you.

Bianca: You're lying now. You're lying about lying.

Erica: How am I doing that?

Bianca: You come in here and you tell me how sorry you are that I lost my baby, but you're not sorry. Privately, you want to plan a party. You are thrilled that my baby is gone.

Erica: Bianca, that is not true.

Bianca: It is true. From the second that you found out I was pregnant, you wanted my baby gone and forgotten, and now look -- the legacy of rape is over. The shame of your daughter carrying her rapist's baby is gone, and all it took was a flash flood and a helicopter crash, and your deepest wish came true.

Erica: No, Bianca, you couldn't be more wrong. I never wished that.

Bianca: Liar! When I left you the other night, there was no way that you were ever going to accept my baby. I tried to reason with you, and you wouldn't even listen to me. You put a curse on my baby. And now, with Miranda out of the picture, you're all about comfort and apologies. Where's the itinerary?

Erica: The what?

Bianca: The -- the itinerary. Well, don't tell me that you haven't booked the cruise. The island getaway? You, me, and Kendall? Nothing like a month of tanning in the tropics to fill in the stretch marks. We'll forget all about pesky babies and the sacrifices they require. We'll forget what I did for love and what you did for pain. And we'll race to see who can get on with their lives first. And if you ever catch me looking sad or far away, you'll take my hand, and you'll tell me once again how sorry you are. But deep down, you'll be sighing with relief, if not jumping for joy.

Erica: Bianca, you couldn't be more wrong. I would never wish any harm to an innocent child.

Bianca: But my baby wasn't innocent. She was the product of rape.

Erica: Honey, of course your baby was innocent. And I wouldn't wish harm to a hair on her head. I never would wish her -- her dead.

Bianca: But you did. You did the day that I went to the clinic for the abortion!

Erica: Bianca, that is not the same thing. I have only ever wanted what's best for you, and I have made mistakes. I have made many mistakes. I know that. But please believe me when I say that they were done in the name of love. And no matter what else you believe, please understand that I would never wish this agony on you. I would throw myself in that river if I could have spared you this pain.

Jack: I don't want to hear any excuses. There's a baby out there, Perry.

Lt. Perry: And we've busted our hump to find her. But we can't send more men out, and those who are on the scene are exhausted. The recovery effort's been called off. I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: Bianca, Erica, Kendall -- God. How do we get through with it like this? How do you let go of a baby that's lost? How do you say goodbye to an empty grave?

Tad: First, it doesn't even seem real. And if it did, it'd probably kill you. And then you just sort of start to get used to living with the impossible. The pain never goes away. Wake up in the morning, go to bed at night, it's still there, but eventually, you get to the point where you can start to function. You'll get up in the morning, you'll get dressed, you go to work. You might even be able to answer people when they talk to you. And then sooner or later, you can sleep soundly through the night without waking up in a cold sweat, calling her name.

Jack: You're talking about Dixie.

Tad: Yeah. And her baby. Want to find a bar and get hammered?

Jack: No, I got to go see Bianca, but listen to me -- I want to thank you for opening up an old wound for my sake.

Tad: It's nothing. I just wish I could do something to heal a new one. That's the problem, my friend -- this is a dance you got to do by yourself.

[Music plays]

Ryan: Come on! Come on!

Anita: Maria, this is crazy. We let them keep going and they could walk out of here stupid for life, if they walk at all.

Aidan: Ok, time, time.

Ryan: What, you had enough? Huh?

Aidan: Just getting warmed up, yeah.

Ryan: Sure you are.

Maria: Ok, there you go. Saved by the bell.

Anita: I totally don't get this.

Maria: Well, you helped me to understand my husband, so let me return the favor and tell you a little something about guys. They're fighting to survive the pain.

Anita: Yeah, by inflicting it? That makes no sense.

Maria: Yeah, but you have to see where Aidan and Ryan are both coming from. They've been out in the woods day and night trying to really come through for Bianca and Kendall, and no matter what they did, it just wasn't good enough, because Bianca's baby is gone and there was nothing that Ryan or Aidan could do about it.

Ryan: Time in. Come on!

Maria: And you know what's worse? Feeling powerless.

Ryan: Hit me. Hit me. Come on.

Maria: Fighting -- they feel like they at least have the illusion of being in control, and I think that's what Edmund needs right now. I know he just needs to feel like he's back in control of his life. It's just that what he needs to get there is what's making me crazy. And so I -- you know what? Instead of running back to the hospital and begging him not to go under the knife and everything, I just have to -- I have to take control with a power yoga class and some sauna, and that, you know, helps me from losing my mind.

Anita: So in the end, we all do what we have to do?

Maria: Find a way to live with it.

Anita: They're bleeding. Time to make like EMTs?

Maria: Yeah. Throw in some TLC while you're at it.

Anita: All right, Aidan, you don't even have to tell me where it hurts.

Greenlee: Reggie, your friend was just giving me a fashion show.

Danielle: And the runway's officially closed. If I'm getting kicked out, I'm changing back into my own couture. Excuse me.

Greenlee: Cute girl.

Reggie: Her name's Danielle.

Greenlee: The dress does flatter her more. Shows off her eyes. So, how long have you been seeing Danielle?

Reggie: See? No, no, no, no, we're not together.

Greenlee: Well, I know she's not here just for my wardrobe.

Reggie: Well, she needed a place to stay. You got a problem with her, you rag on me, not her.

Greenlee: Who's ragging?

Reggie: Greenlee, you took off. No goodbye, no note, no nothing. So I figured, hey, the rent's free -- why not let her stay here? It's not like there's anything here you'd miss anyway. You didn't even have the decency to say goodbye to Jack.

Greenlee: It's not like that, Reggie, but I can't get into that right now. Just tell me, is Jack ok with this?

Reggie: Danielle's a runaway. Not that it's any of your business, but she can't go back home. Her mom needs, you know, anger management.

Greenlee: And so you were worried that Jack would send her back into the war zone. So you didn't mention her.

Reggie: Yeah, something like that.

Greenlee: Reggie, are you sure this girl -- Danielle -- isn't playing you?

Reggie: Everybody doesn't lie as much as you do, Greenlee. You want to bust me? You going to tell Jack when he gets back from the hospital?

Danielle: I left money to get your dress cleaned. Wear it well.

Reggie: Come on, Danielle, let's get a cheeseburger or something so I can figure out what to do with you.

Greenlee: Wait.

Erica: Bianca, I hope that I've made it clear to you. The last thing I ever wanted was for you to suffer.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. So now what? The crisis is over. We all go back to a place called normal?

Erica: No, honey. Of course we can't go back to normal. But we can try to hold on --

Bianca: Try to what? Try to what? Forget that you told me that Miranda would ruin my life, that I would be nothing but miserable? Take a good look, Mom. This is miserable. This is how it feels. Nothing seems real and nothing feels right and it never will! There is no way that we can ever go back to Erica Kane�s twisted version of normal, the happy family that never really existed.

Erica: Oh, honey, don't say that.

Bianca: Why not, Mother? No. No, you're not my mother anymore. My father is more alive to me than you are.

Erica: Kendall, please, help me explain to Bianca.

Kendall: I'm onboard with Bianca here. What you're offering is a slap in the face. Hey, look at the bright side -- you won't have to relive the trauma of your own rape over and over. Erica wins again.

Bianca: Miranda was my baby. She belonged to me. It was supposed to be about me, Mother, not you. About my dreams, not your nightmares. But now she's gone. And I will never let you say you're sorry. I will never let you tell me that you love me because I don't believe it. We can never go back to normal. Things will never be ok. You have made that impossible.

Jack: Erica, Bianca did not mean what she just said.

Erica: I know how you feel about me, and I know how they feel about me. Just leave me alone!

Kendall: Are you ok?

Bianca: I want to see the baby now.

Kendall: Bianca, listen -- listen, I know -- I know it's very hard for you to believe this, but your baby is gone.

Bianca: Oh, Kendall, I know my little girl is gone. I want to see Babe's baby. You said she had a little girl, too. I want to tell her how happy I am for her.

Kendall: No -- no, no, no. No, Bianca, no, no. I don't think that's a good idea

Bianca: I don't want Babe to think that I forgot about her.

Kendall: No, she won't. She won't, ok, but she's very weak right now. You need your rest. And --

Bianca: And what?

Kendall: Being around a baby, I don't think, is very good for you right now.

Bianca: Kendall, was I wrong?

Kendall: About what?

Bianca: About what I said to -- to Erica. Was I too hard?

Nurse: You'll have to go now.

Kendall: You did exactly what you needed to do.

Maria: Might want to try hugs next time. Less painful.

Ryan: I don't think Aidan was really interested in a hug, Maria. How about you?

Maria: Well, I heard about Bianca and her baby, so I think that the person who needs your arms around her right now is not me.

Ryan: Yeah, well, who is it?

Maria: I think you know exactly who it is.

Ryan: Look, Kendall doesn't want anything from me, all right? We're -- I don't know, we're further apart than we've ever been.

Maria: I think if there's anything to be learned from a tragedy like this, it's that life is just too short to sit it out. Tragedy can either rip you apart or it can bring you closer together. So what's it going to be for you and Kendall?

Anita: You didn't look like you were having much fun.

Aidan: Oh, I got what I needed to get. I gave what I needed to give.

Anita: Yeah, well, there's got to be a less brutal way to go about it.

Aidan: Not when you're dealing with white rage, there's not.

Anita: I still think you'd be better --

Aidan: Anita, weren't you the one that told me you don't need saving? Well, guess what -- neither do I.

Edmund: Jack! Hey.

Jack: Hey, Edmund. Listen, I -- I'm not going to make very good company right now.

Edmund: I'll take my chances. Come on in.

Jack: All right. Don't say you weren't warned.

Edmund: You look a little angry there, Jack.

Jack: Oh, yeah, well -- you know, I'd like to think that I could take anything the world would throw at me, but when the people I love start taking the hits and there's nothing I can do to make anything better, well, that's just -- it's --

Edmund: Hey, hey -- don't even try to make sense of what happened.

Jack: Oh, that's easy advice to take, but there's not one damned thing about what happened that makes any sense.

Edmund: You know, I'm a reporter, and all I ask in my job is why -- why this, why that. Here in this wheelchair, I started to ask "Why me?"

Jack: Well, I'd be interested in hearing what you came back with.

Edmund: Coincidence, bad timing, bad luck, fate, and all that kind of stuff, but it's just circumstances. They're not reasons. I mean, and I figured out, Jack, that I was asking the wrong question. Real question is, what am I going to do about it?

Jack: Yeah, well, I'm not there yet. I'm still trying to figure out where it all went wrong and how the hell we got to this sorry, Godforsaken place.

Edmund: I know exactly what you're talking about.

Jack: Yeah, I bet you do.

Edmund: I'm mad, too. There's no place to put this anger.

Jack: So what am I supposed to do with it? What am I supposed to do with this sick feeling I have in my heart? Listen to me. How am I supposed to help everybody I love if I can't help myself?

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello. No. I refuse to discuss it. He's what?

Reggie: Why are you stopping us?

Greenlee: Because it's dumb for Danielle to look for someplace to live when I've got tons of room right here.

Reggie: So what are you saying, that she can stay with you?

Greenlee: I've got more personal space than I can use. She can take the spare bedroom, full kitchen privileges. She can even have you over for pizza or whatever.

Reggie: And what's in it for Greenlee?

Greenlee: I want the pie half-veggie.

Reggie: And what else?

Greenlee: Nothing. Well, I mean, you know, not nothing.

Reggie: Watch your back.

Greenlee: It's not evil. I was just thinking that it would be nice to cut you and your friend a break.

Reggie: See, Greenlee, that would be good, but you don't do nice.

Greenlee: I'm no Mother Teresa, but I don't wear a bloody hockey mask, either.

Reggie: Are you ok with this?

Danielle: I don't know. She doesn't sound like the spoiled Miss Bitch you told me about.

Greenlee: Hey, Miss Bitch has feelings. I'm not going to make excuses for being generous. I made my offer. Take it or leave it.

Danielle: I'm all for it!

Reggie: You're going to be ok, right?

Danielle: Where are you going?

Reggie: I have to go to the hospital to make sure Bianca's ok.

Danielle: Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll just take a nap or something.

Reggie: Sleep with one eye open, ok?

Greenlee: Where's Reggie?

Danielle: He went to the hospital to check on his sister. Hey, thanks for letting me stay.

Greenlee: No problem. There are two conditions to you living here.

Danielle: I knew it was too easy.

Greenlee: Major one -- play it straight with my brother. You hurt him, I will tweeze you bald and shred you alive.

Danielle: Don't hurt Reggie. Check. What's number two?

Greenlee: Stay away from my closet. If I catch you anywhere near there, the only couture you'll be wearing is a Versace neck brace.

Edmund: Come on, Jack. You know what to do for Bianca and everybody else that you love.

Jack: I'll tell you, Edmund, if I ever did know, I've long since forgotten.

Edmund: You do everything you can think of. Ok? And you just keep doing it. And when that runs out, you love them. And you just keep loving them. And you don't try to control what's going to happen, because what's going to happen is just what's going to happen. Because when we're powerless, all we have to fall back on is love.

Edmund: All right, session's over. I got to go to therapy -- physical. Take it easy, Jack.

Jack: You, too, Edmund.

Anita: You know, maybe I'm wrong about this whole boxing thing.

Aidan: How so?

Anita: Well, when my husband got frustrated, he started to mix it up with another woman. Had he taken up sparring, maybe we'd have a better chance of getting our marriage back on track.

Aidan: What, so Bobby cheated on you?

Anita: It's like boxing is just so much more honest. You stand there and you take it. An affair -- that's -- that's hitting below the belt.

Aidan: Yeah, and it's way messier, too.

Anita: You think?

Aidan: I know. I'd rather have my teeth knocked down my throat than get tangled up like that.

Anita: Teeth down the throat -- that would have to hurt.

Aidan: Nothing hurts more than loving someone that doesn't love you back.

Anita: How do you get over that?

Aidan: Ready for your first boxing lesson?

[Alone at her condo, Kendall cries for her lost niece.]

Kendall: No -- No.

[While the music plays, Maria wheels Edmund home; Jack breaks down as he holds and comforts his heartbroken niece; Greenlee sadly mopes around her penthouse then gazes at a photo of Ryan; Kendall cries as she looks at a photo of herself and Bianca at the baby shower; Ryan walks into her condo and just stands there staring at Kendall. At her apartment, Erica has a drink for the road, picks up a small bag, and leaves town.]

Singer: Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and those dreams that you dare to dream they really do come true. Someday I'll wish upon a star, and I'll wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Oh, yes where troubles melt like lemon drops, way above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me. Gonna be somewhere over the rainbow, oh where pretty little bluebirds fly, birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh, why can't I?

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Tad: I'm sorry. I thought you might need --

Krystal: What? What exactly do you think I need?

Anita: What'd you think -- I was going to get revenge on Bobby by jumping in the sack with you?

Kendall: I don't have the energy to fight you.

Ryan: Well, then don't.

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