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All My Children Transcript Monday 3/22/04

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Joe: The father of Babe's child is J.R.

Babe: We have another little person inside of us.

Bianca: My baby's father is a rapist, and I killed him.

Erica: If Bianca has that child, her life is going to be a tragedy.

Babe: So, where should we go?

Bianca: Anywhere. Anywhere far away.

Babe: It's a cabin, and it's empty and it's dry.

Bianca: My water just broke.

Babe: I can't wait for help to get here. We're going to deliver this baby together, now.

Mary: Darling. Oh, we've been so worried.

Jack: Thank God you're all right. But, listen, this might not be the best place for you just right now.

Erica: Ryan, how could you do this? How could you bring her here? You know what she's done to my family.

Ryan: Erica, we didn't plan this.

Greenlee: I don't want to cause trouble.

Kendall: You know what? That's all you, do, Greenlee, ok, and I don't want to see your face anymore, either of you. So can you just please leave? Both of you, go.

Ryan: We'll go. All right, Kendall? Just as soon as we say what we came to say.

Jack: All right, Ryan, say it.

Ryan: Uh -- it's about Babe and Bianca.

Bianca: Go to sleep, little one. Go to sleep, Miranda. When you wake up, everything's going to be ok.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: I promise. Babe, where are you?

Babe: Please, Paul, you got to help me -- I mean, help us. Bianca -- she's in real trouble. She needs a doctor.

Paul: I'm not a doctor.

Babe: I know, but you can help us, Paul. I'm in labor right now!

Paul: Look, I don't know what you're trying to pull here.

Babe: Nothing, I swear! I just need your help.

Paul: Yeah, I've heard that one before. I'm not going to let you play me again.

Babe: Paul, I'm not playing you! I swear, I am having this baby right now. I need your help fast! Ow. Please, Paul, I am in labor right now. I am having contractions!

Paul: It's a false alarm. It's too soon.

Babe: Yeah, I know that it's too soon, but it's happening, ok? I'm in trouble.

Paul: Call your husband. It's not my kid.

Babe: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything, for -- for lying to you and saying that the baby could be yours.

Paul: Yeah, you expect me to believe you after all the crap that you've pulled? Call 911. I got a job to do.

Babe: But, Paul, you can help us. You can save us. I mean, you can just get in that -- that whirlybird of yours and you can come!

Paul: It's not like I can just borrow the chopper, especially in this weather.

Babe: Yes, you can! Ok, listen, we're -- we're in a cabin, and it's off Route 32 and it's -- it's just north of town. It's just right past the falls.

Paul: No, look, I already told you --

Joe: Excuse me --

Paul: There's nothing I can do.

Joe: Excuse me. That telephone is for emergencies. Personal phone calls, please use a pay phone.

Paul: No, you don't understand. This is an emergency.

Joe: No, no, no, no. There are people with real problems who need that line.

[Dial tone]

Babe: Paul? Paul, are you there? Ok, Paul, can you hear me? Damn it! You have got to help us.

Automated Voice: All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again.

Babe: No. Oh, God.

Ryan: Greenlee and I were about 30 miles south of here on Route 32 where it runs parallel to the river, and we -- we saw a car on the bank. A flash flood must have swept it into the river.

J.R.: Are you sure whose car it was?

Ryan: Yes. It was -- it was Babe's.

Krystal: How can you be sure, Ryan? I mean, there must be all kinds of cars like hers.

Ryan: We -- we called the rescue squad. They ran the plates, and there's no doubt that it was -- it was Babe's car.

Krystal: Oh, my God. What else, Ryan? There must be something else. What about Babe? Where is she? Where's my daughter?

Ryan: She wasn't in the car.

Erica: And Bianca?

Ryan: The car was -- the car was empty.

Krystal: Well, there's got to be something, I mean, some kind of clue, something to tell us what happened and where they are!

Ryan: Yes, we did find something in the river.

Krystal: What?

[Ryan pulls a backpack out of a bag]

J.R.: That's Babe�s.

Adam: Are you certain it's hers?

J.R.: Yes.

Krystal: My baby doll --

Jack: Wait a minute, wait a minute. How can you be sure Bianca was with Babe?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. I mean, maybe -- maybe Babe dropped her off.

Ryan: No, they were together.

Kendall: Well, how can you be so sure?

[Greenlee pulls a purse out of a bag]

Erica: Bianca.

Kendall: That's Bianca�s. I was with her when she bought it.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Maggie: This can't be happening.

Jamie: Don't worry, it's going to be ok.

Maggie: How can you say that?

Jamie: I have an idea. Are you up for it?

Maggie: Yeah.

Jamie: Ok, let's go.

Tad: James? Jamie?

Opal: I don't understand. How could this be? What in blue blazes would make those two girls go out in a storm like this?

Kendall: Not what. Who. Who could say things that would hurt Bianca so much she would have to run anywhere to escape?

Opal: Now, Kendall, now is not the time --

Kendall: Who's been tormenting her for weeks, for months, for her entire life? Who could leave Bianca so hurt and so confused that she would tear out into a raging storm a week and a half shy of her due date?

Bianca: It's so cold. You just wait till summer, Miranda. We're going to forget all about this. I hope Babe's ok. If it's this cold in here, imagine how cold -- oh, yeah.

[Miranda fusses]

Bianca: Shh, ok. Oh, the fire. No wonder. I got to get up. I can't let the fire go out. Oh -- come here, sweetie.

Kendall: Well, how does it feel, Erica, to know you're the reason Bianca�s missing, or worse?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That is enough.

Kendall: No, no, Bianca�s had enough! That's why she ran out of that room and into Babe's car. That's why she risked her life and her baby's life -- to get away from you, Erica, as fast and far away as she could. Well, you proud of yourself? You and your truth? Your reality? Is this real enough for you?

Opal: Kendall, you don't need to be doing this.

Kendall: You know, she told Bianca that she ruined our lives. Why? Because Bianca chose to keep her rapist's baby. Because Bianca loved that baby so much, she wanted to give it life and give it a chance. And you couldn't stand that, could you, Erica? You just hated that. You killed her, Erica. You killed my sister before she even stepped foot into Babe's car.

Jack: All right, stop it. Stop it right now. Just stop.

Kendall: Oh, now you're silent? You're silent, you got nothing to say? Come on, Erica! Come on, we're all waiting to hear you! Come on!

David: Kendall, not now. This isn't helping anyone.

Kendall: I just want -- I want my sister. I just want to see my sister again.

David: It's ok.

Kendall: I just want to see her again.

J.R.: Bianca will be back. So will Babe. It's like Ryan said -- the car was empty. That means the girls must've gotten out of the car before it got swept upriver. They're probably just -- just trying to dry off somewhere. All we have to do is find out where the car got swept up. We find the spot, we find the girls.

Aidan: Anyone from the rescue squad have an idea where the car came from?

Ryan: When Greenlee and I left, they hadn't pinpointed a location.

J.R.: Well, we're just going to have to figure it out.

Adam: It shouldn't be a problem. We have plenty of manpower.

Aidan: Well, listen, if the circuits are working, I'm going to call some friends of mine and see what we can come up with.

Tad: Adam, if you got a computer, I can print some more maps, see what I can find out online.

Adam: Yeah, use the computer in my office. I'm going to call Governor Brooks and the State Police.

J.R.: Ryan, you take me to Babe's car.

Ryan: Yeah, ok.

Greenlee: I'll go with you.

Ryan: No, Greenlee. You've already seen the car. I think it's better if it's just the two of us, ok?

Greenlee: You're right. Take care of him.

Babe: Oh, God. Oh! Oh, that was the worst one yet. You just hang on, baby. Mama's not ready to be singing about any bottles of beer yet, ok? We just got to wait for Paul. He's going to come down from the sky in his big old whirlybird and rescue us. I hope.

Paul: It's about time you showed up.

Man: Paul, sorry. Nasty out there. I just flew a flood vic.

Paul: Yeah, it's my turn now. I got clearance for the bird.

Man: Yeah? Where you headed?

Paul: Llanview. It's an emergency.

Man: Isn't it always?

Paul: Yeah. Is the chopper ready to go?

Man: She's all yours.

Paul: All right, cool. Excuse me.

Jamie: Hey, don't you remember me?

Paul: Yeah, how could I forget? "I'm Babe's wannabe bodyguard." Now, if you don't mind, I have a chopper I have to catch.

Jamie: Just hold on.

Paul: What, are you going to hit me again? There's a hell of a lot of witnesses.

Jamie: I'm not going to hit you again because you're going to help me.

Paul: I don't think so.

Jamie: You got a chopper. Babe is in trouble. We're going to find her.

Babe: Oh, J.R. -- oh, I wish you were here. You would know just what to do. I know -- maybe you're out looking for me.

[Phone rings]

Babe: It's worth a try. Please, J.R. -- please, please, please pick up. Please.

Automated voice: All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again.

Babe: Damn circuits! God. Ok, maybe you're home. Please be home -- and warm and safe, and thinking of me.

[Phone rings]

Krystal: Thank God the phone lines are finally working. Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?

[Dial tone]

Babe: Hello? Hello? It's me, it's me! God, no.

[Babe trips over the phone cord and severs it]

[Dial tone]

Krystal: False alarm. I sure was praying it was Babe.

Jamie: You're going to take me up in that chopper.

Paul: Sorry, pal, no passengers.

Jamie: Don't you get it? Babe is out there and she needs our help!

Paul: And I got a job to do.

Jamie: Listen, Babe got caught in a flash flood. They found her car but not her. She could be stranded or hurt.

Paul: That's not my problem.

Jamie: How can you turn your back on her?

Paul: Look, I don't take orders from you, ok?

Maggie: Stop!

Paul: You get the hell out of my face!

Joe: Hold it, hold it! What's going on here?

Jamie: Grandpa, you got to help me. You got to convince this guy to let me up in his chopper.

Joe: Why? Is this about Babe? Have they found her?

Jamie: Not yet. They found her car and she wasn't in it. There's no word yet on Babe or Bianca.

Joe: Oh, my God, that's --

Paul: Look, look, I'm sorry about Babe, all right? Ok, but you can't just hijack a hospital helicopter. Dr. Martin, I am needed in Llanview. I have to go right now.

Joe: All right. I understand.

Jamie: That could've been Babe's only chance!

Joe: Hey, wait. Stop. You're not going anywhere, Jamie.

Opal: Tell me you got some news. Something, at least.

Tad: Not really. I put a call in to Derek. They still haven't figured out where the car got swept into the river.

Aidan: All we know is that they're somewhere along Route 32.

Opal: Oh, my Lord, that is a long stretch of road.

Aidan: Well, we're ready to split up into search parties.

Tad: Yeah, but Aidan had a good idea. Instead of spreading out all over town, maybe we should just concentrate on that one stretch of road.

Mia: You can count me in.

Liza: Me, too.

David: I'll take the mountain area around my cabin.

Erica: Where can I search?

Tad: Erica, maybe you should stay here. It's still a mess out there.

Erica: I don't care.

Jack: Erica --

Opal: Honey, you're already shaken up enough.

Krystal: You know, I had the same gut instinct, but let's just wait here by the phone, and the minute they call with good news, we'll be there.

Jack: We will find them and we will bring them home. I promise.

Adam: Let's all try to keep in touch as closely as possible. I'm going to stay here and coordinate all of our efforts with my security team and pressure the authorities.

Tad: So we're set? Everybody knows what they need to do? Let's do it.

Adam: Thanks for your help.

Tad: We'll find them.

David: Why don't you come with me, all right? Come on.

Opal: Now, don't you worry about a thing. We are going to bring your girls back to you. That's a promise.

Greenlee: Jack? I'm really, really sorry. I know that I can't make up for what I've done, but I want to go with you. I want to help you look for Babe and Bianca. Please let me help you.

Jack: Ok, let's go.

Krystal: Well, I am just going to sit right here by this phone, because I know Babe is going to call the minute she gets a chance.

Reggie: Erica?

Erica: Yes, Reggie? What is it?

Reggie: I mean, I know you love Bianca. I mean, she's your daughter. But why couldn't you just let her be, let her have what she wants?

Erica: Find her, Reggie. Bring my baby home.

Ryan: You want me -- you want me to go with you?

J.R.: No.

Ryan: I know. I know.

Babe: Oh, God -- spaghetti. Doesn't look like anything here is going to be helping us. We better get back to Bianca and Miranda, honey. Hold on, peanut. We're going for a walk.

Tad: You ok?

Ryan: They're extending the search downriver.

J.R.: I remember when I got this car for Babe. She came downstairs for breakfast in her PJs like -- just like she always does. And I told her, I said, "Babe, I've got a surprise for you." And she was so excited. She was so excited, I could barely even get her to put her coat on. And then I walked her downstairs to the door. I told her to wait. She hates to wait. And I pulled the car around, and she started jumping up and down like -- like a kid who just got a pony. You see, when she's happy, it's like fireworks. And she was crazy about these, you know? Had to have them with her so that lady luck could always be on her side. No!

Adam: Blast!

Mary: What's wrong?

Adam: I've called every contact I know. No one will authorize additional crew to look for Babe and Bianca. The city's resources are stretched too thin, it seems.

Mary: At least you have your own team working on it, Adam.

Adam: I want more than that! I want -- I want an army out there! I want every square inch of the 50 miles covered. J.R. gave me this so that I would know that Babe was a part of our family. And I swore I'd get rid of her, but not this way. Well, if this is my punishment, if -- if I'm going to lose my grandchild -- I'm calling the governor again, and this time he's going to talk to me!

Krystal: Babe carried this thing with her everywhere as if she had her whole life in here. I just don't get this thing Babe has for cows. I told her more than once, "if you're going to collect something, go for pizzazz, like pink poodles." You know what I mean? But that's my Babe. She likes what she likes and there's just no changing her mind. Is Bianca like that?

Erica: Yes.

Krystal: I remember when Babe was just a peanut. She just hated milk. I swear, she would just turn up her button nose at that stuff till I was worried sick. And then -- light bulb -- I remembered when I was pregnant I craved strawberry milk. And so I just put a little pinch of that pink powder in her milk, and she just -- she chugged that whole darned bottle. And that's when I knew Babe craved flavor from the moment she was conceived. And her baby's going to be the same way. You know how I know? Just yesterday I -- I caught Babe slurping a huge glass of -- guess what -- strawberry milk. And when she was finished she just had this big old pink mustache, just like she did when she was -- when she was a tot.

Babe: Bianca! I am sorry that it took so long. It's pretty wicked out there.

Babe: I'm so glad you're sleeping through this, little girl. Bianca? Wake up. Bianca? Oh, God. Bianca? Don't you worry, help's on the way. Paul -- he won't let me down, he just can�t. Oh, God, honey, you're like ice. Here, just hold on. I can do something about that.

[Babe groans]

Babe: Oh, God. They're getting closer. Looks like we're going to have to do this one alone, little one. Oh -- oh, God. Please help us.

Greenlee: They'll turn up, Jack. I wasn't going to tell you this. I mean, it's over. I'm fine.

Jack: Tell me what?

Greenlee: Well, after that day in court when I attacked Kendall -- I know what I did was horrible, and I deserved everything I got from everyone. But it was just too much, so I took off. I ended up out by the waterfall -- you know, I feel close to Leo when I'm there. Anyway, I fell into this hole. Who knew there was a mineshaft? And it was pretty deep. I fell a long way. I didn't think I'd ever get out.

Jack: My God, you could've been killed.

Greenlee: No, I'm not -- I'm not telling you this to dump more grief on you. I'm telling you this because I thought it was over for me, but it wasn�t. You know, I was miserable and cold and hungry, but I found the strength to survive until help came.

Jack: Who found you?

Greenlee: Ryan. He found me. He saved me.

Jack: Ryan.

Greenlee: You've got to believe there's a miracle waiting to happen for Babe and Bianca.

David: Oh, great! Looks like that storm caused a lot of damage. Look, just be careful. There's glass all over the floor. There's water --

Kendall: Why -- why are we here? Why are we even here? We should be looking for Babe and Bianca.

David: Kendall, this cabin is right off of Route 32, ok? It's smack in the center of the search area.

Kendall: Ok, fine, great. Well, then let's get to it. Come on, we should be going.

David: Wait a minute --

Kendall: Let's go! Yes!

David: Look at you! You're hardly dressed to go tramping around in the dark and in the mud. Come on, let's just get some gear, we'll get some flashlights, and then we'll be on our way, ok? Just -- Anna has some clothes that might fit you. We'll make our way up the main road and then head up to the falls.

Kendall: Wait -- the falls? Why?

David: Well, a news report said that one of the flash floods originated there. So there's a really good chance that Bianca and Babe got out of their car in that area before it was swept away, so --

Kendall: Stupid falls.

David: What are you talking about?

Kendall: The falls. The falls is where I caught Ryan trying to run off with Greenlee. And can you believe she even showed her face at the Chandlers' today? What, did she expect us to forgive her? Is that what she wanted? To show up and play hero like that's going to make everything all right? Yeah, well, it doesn�t. It doesn�t. It doesn't change anything. Greenlee is still a stupid, selfish bitch, and Ryan is a two-timing --

David: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Kendall: And I'm sick of both of their faces.

David: Ok, look, look, look, can we please reel this in for the moment, ok? Going after Ryan and Greenlee isn't going to solve anything.

Kendall: Well, it's better than thinking about Bianca and her baby -- trapped in that car, all that water, all alone, no one to help her. She must've been so afraid.

David: It's going to be all right, Kendall. It's all going to be all right.

Kendall: Oh, God, why do you keep saying that? Why does everybody keep saying that? That doesn't mean anything! It doesn't mean anything! They're just words!

David: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Where is this coming from, huh? It's not like you to give up so easily.

Kendall: I just -- I just love Bianca so much.

David: We all do, and that is why we're going to find her and Babe, all right? So, enough of this. There's enough water in here already, ok?

[Helicopter approaches]

Kendall: Is that a helicopter?

David: Wait a minute. It wasn't the storm. Somebody was in here.

Babe: 32 bottles of beer on the wall, 32 bottles of beer

[Babe groans]

Babe: God, no! No! No!

Paul: Babe? Babe?

Babe: Paul! Thank God you're here, Paul. The baby's coming.

Paul: Ok --

Babe: You got to help, Paul.

Paul: I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. It's all right. It's ok. Ok. It's all right.

[Babe screams]

Paul: You're almost there. You're almost there, Babe! Just one more push! One more push.

Babe: I can�t. I --

Paul: Yes, you can, Babe. You can do this. You can do this, Babe. Come on, you can try. Come on, one more push!

[Babe screams]

Paul: Here it comes! Here it comes! Ok! Look, Babe, he's here! He's here! Your boy is here, Babe. Your boy is here.

[Baby cries]

Paul: Oh �

J.R.: Babe? Babe! Babe!

Ryan: I'm going to check back with the crew.

J.R.: Anything?

Tad: I know how hard this is.

J.R.: No, don�t.

Tad: J.R., I just want to help.

J.R.: You think it's just like Mom, right? Pregnant woman not in the car -- you just figure for the worst. Man, you've already given up.

Tad: No, I haven't, and I won�t.

J.R.: My wife and my baby are going to be fine, I know it.

Tad: That's all I want, J.R. -- to see Babe run into your arms laughing because we were all so scared.

J.R.: She will! She will. She's not going to die like Mom did. She's going to -- she's going to come back to me. She's going to come back to me. They're both going to show up. They have to. Babe!

Babe: Paul? Is he ok? Paul, is my baby ok?

[Baby cries]

Krystal: Nobody's stronger than our girls. I tell you, when Babe puts her mind to it, she can make the world spin backwards if she had to, and Bianca�s the same way. I'm telling you, any minute now, they're just going to come walking right through that door wanting something to eat. They're going to be hungry.

Erica: My baby.

[Miranda cries]

Paul: Your baby boy, Mom.

Babe: Look at you. You're the most beautiful baby in all the world. Just wait till your daddy sees you.

[Phone rings]

Krystal: Hello?

David: Yes, hello. Who's this?

Krystal: Who's this? And don't tell me you're trying to sell something.

David: Krystal -- Krystal, it's me, David Hayward.

Krystal: David? David, please tell me you're calling because you found our girls.

David: No, no, I'm sorry. We haven't found them yet. But I've got a feeling we're on their trail.

Paul: She's lost a lot of blood. How long has Bianca been unconscious?

Babe: Since I got back. Paul, she's in bad shape. You got to help her out.

Paul: All right, listen --

Babe: It's ok.

Paul: You just hang tight, ok? You keep your baby warm. I'm going to run out to the chopper, I'm going to give the hospital a heads-up. I also have some incubators there for the babies.

Babe: What, what? Why, is something wrong?

Paul: No, no, no, ok? I just -- I don't want to take any chances, ok?

[Baby cries]

Babe: It's ok, baby.

Paul: We'll use the incubators to transport the babies.

Babe: Hey, Paul, thanks for coming, for taking such good care of us.

Paul: I'll be back.

Babe: Ok.

Kelly: I can trust you. You'll help me.

Paul: Kelly, I -- I don't know how.

Kelly: You work at a hospital. You're around babies all the time.

Paul: Yeah, but what do you want me to do, just take one?

Kelly: No, no, of course not. I don't -- of course I would never ask you to do that.

Paul: Then what are we talking about here?

Kelly: I don't know. All I know is you have to help me, Paul. You're the only one I can count on now. You have to help me get a child. Please.

Paul: Hey, it's me. Good news, Kelly. Uh -- I got a baby for you.

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David: Stop messing with Greenlee's head. You want to torture someone else, do it in another town.

Greenlee: Watch out, Kendall! There's a hole in the ground that you might not want to fall through.

Paul: You need to rest.

Babe: Wait, what are you doing? What are you giving me?

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