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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/19/04

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Maria: Edmund?

Anita: Sam?

Maria: Maddie? Oh, my God, we saw the tree. It's halfway in the house. What's going on? Where are the kids?

Edmund: Upstairs, safe and sound.

Maria: What happened?

Edmund: Well, it was a rough night, but we had a timely visitor, Anita -- your husband.

Anita: Bobby.

Jack: Reggie? Reggie, are you here?

[Reggie and Danielle are asleep together]

Ryan: Just park it and get over here!

Greenlee: Agh! Ugh! This place gives me the creeps.

Ryan: Yeah, you go that right.

Greenlee: Why did we pull over?

Ryan: Because of that.

Erica: Oh, Kendall, what now?

Kendall: I want Bianca. I want Bianca. Tell me that she's here.

Erica: No, she isn't here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think you should leave. Well, what? Oh, my God, what? What are you saying to me? Where is Bianca?

Babe: Bianca, Bianca, your baby wants out. You have to push again.

Bianca: No, I can't, not anymore. It's been too long, Babe.

Babe: Don't you dare poop out on me now. You can do this. Just one more push, come on!

Bianca: Don't make me do it again.

Babe: Come on.

Bianca: Oh!

Babe: You think of her. Miranda wants to see her mommy. Give it all you got. Ready? Now, push!

Babe: Bianca -- here she comes.

Kendall: Well, she took off with Babe yesterday to get as far away from you as possible. Then the storm hit. No sign of the car, no word from them. And we both know what the storm was like last night. We know what a storm like that means to the both of you. What, aren't you afraid now, Mother? Aren't you concerned? Aren't you going to cry to me and tell me how much you love her?

Erica: I do love her. You know that.

Kendall: Yeah, and I also know what you did to her. I heard you try to drown her in your child-of-rape neurosis.

Erica: I just told her the truth, that her life is never going to be the same. I didn't wish some curse on her. I just told her the truth, what it's going to be.

Kendall: It was your truth, Mother, not hers. It doesn't have to be hers. But it always comes back to you and your endless well of pain. Well, was it cathartic? Do you feel cleansed? Do you feel great about it? Because if Bianca and her baby are lying somewhere in a ditch, those are the last words you ever said to her.

Jack: Reggie?

Reggie: Hey, what's up, Pops? Uh --

Jack: Well, let's see -- a huge storm bashes Pine Valley, my son doesn't come home, he doesn't call. I find him in his sister's apartment doing who knows what, and all I get is a "what's up"?

Reggie: Um -- what's up, sir?

Jack: Don't push your luck, kid.

Reggie: Look, all right, Dad, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't call last night. Things got really crazy.

Jack: Yeah, for everybody.

Reggie: All right, look, I came here to get out your hair, ok? I got something to eat, listened to some music, and then I just crashed. That's it, that's all.

Jack: All right, all right. Last night was not good, that's for sure. But this nonsense of you not calling home -- that is going to stop right now. Got it?

Reggie: I got it.

Jack: Good. Now, by the way, have you seen Bianca anywhere?

Reggie: No.

Jack: Because she didn't call home last night or come home.

Reggie: Bianca went out in this mess?

Jack: Yeah, she was upset, and Babe Chandler took her someplace. Nobody knows where, and we haven't heard a word since.

Reggie: Wait a minute -- they both went out in this mess? Jack, what are we going to do?

Jack: I'm going to Chandlers. I figured if I could get enough people together --

Reggie: Well, I'm right behind you.

Jack: Well, all right, let's go.

Reggie: I got to clean up -- I got to clean up this mess first. You know, I don't want Greenlee walking in on me, you know, on her stuff.

Jack: Yeah, well, if she did, at least I'd know where to find her. Two minutes.

Reggie: Look, Danielle, I'm sorry. I got to go. If Bianca�s out there --

Danielle: You'll find her. You will. If you want me to clean up and head out -- if you don't want me here --

Reggie: No. Stay.

Danielle: I'll be here when you get back. Now go find your girl.

Greenlee: The water did all that?

Ryan: Just hang on. You might not want to --

Greenlee: What? You think someone's in there?

Ryan: Just -- just stay back.

Greenlee: Hey, be careful.

Ryan: You, too.

Ryan: It's ok. It's empty.

Greenlee: What? Tell me. Tell me.

Ryan: Bianca Montgomery.

[Baby cries]

Babe: Oh, she's here! And she's a she! You were right. She's gorgeous -- well, in a covered-in-goop kind of way, but she really is gorgeous.

Bianca: Is she -- is she all right? Is she ok?

Babe: Yes. All her fingers and toes, and all the little baby parts. All here.

Babe: That's right. Oh. Oh. You tell your mama just how happy you are to be here.

Bianca: Hi. Hi. Hi, little one. Oh, my �

Maria: Anita, how psyched are you?

Anita: Bobby, what are you doing here?

Bobby: Well, I dropped in hoping to see my wife. I got a little more than I bargained for. How are you.

Maria: It's so good to see you. How have you been?

Bobby: Good, good.

Maria: Wow.

Edmund: Yeah, it was -- it was very good to see him. Listen, you know that old oak that we talked about cutting down? The wind just blew it straight into the house.

Maria: Wow. Where were the kids?

Edmund: They were upstairs. They were kind of stuck, but they were just scared, not hurt.

Maria: Thank God.

Edmund: I would have gone up there myself, but you know this thing doesn't have four-wheel drive. So all of a sudden, there he shows up -- the man of the hour.

Maddie: Mommy!

Sam: You totally missed everything, Mom!

Maria: Oh, there you guys are! Yay!

Edmund: Shh, shh, shh. Guys, Abuela's still sleeping. She came in after the drama, peeled the kids off the ceiling. She's a little bit tired.

Maria: Oh, I'll bet, I'll bet.

Maddie: A tree hit the house, and the branch came in right through the window. There was rain and glass and everything.

Maria: Oh, scary, scary. But you guys are ok, right?

Sam: Sure, it was cool.

Maria: "It was cool."

Maddie: You cried.

Sam: I did not!

Maddie: You did, too!

Maria: Oh, knock it off. I just want a big squish, ok? Thank you. I love you guys. I'm just glad you're all right.

Sam: You missed everything, Mom. That man climbed over the tree branch, then the dresser it knocked down to get us. It was like that "Extreme Rescue" show.

Edmund: No higher praise.

Sam: You rock, Mister --

Bobby: Oh, I'm sorry, Sam. I guess you're wondering who I am.

Sam: I already know who you are. A friend of my dad's, right?

Bobby: True, true, but I'm also your uncle. I'm Aunt Anita�s husband.

Maddie: So you're related to us?

Bobby: Totally.

Sam: Cool.

Edmund: Totally.

Anita: Hey, you guys, it's time you shucked the PJs and got it in gear. Bobby, could you help me get the kids upstairs and dressed without waking my mom?

Bobby: Yeah, sounds like another mission. I'm all over it. Let's head on upstairs, and if you guys are really quiet, I will show you guys some more rescue tricks, ok? Just in case another tree attacks!

[Maddie squeals]

Maddie: Whoo!

Maria: Man. Damn tree. You know, you're absolutely right. You were saying we should cut it down, and thank God everybody's ok. How you doing?

Edmund: How the hell do you think I'm doing?

Greenlee: Bianca didn't -- she wasn't --

Ryan: No, let's just stick with the facts. We found Bianca�s purse inside the car. Bianca's not there right now. But that's -- that's not her car, is it?

Greenlee: No. Is that -- oh, my God. That's --

Ryan: Greenlee, what do you think you're doing?

Greenlee: Ryan, we've got to help her! Ryan --

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: She's pregnant. I got to do something!

Ryan: That's, like, a garbage bag or a backpack or something.

Greenlee: You can't be sure of that. Ryan --

Ryan: Listen, Greenlee -- look at me. You can't save Bianca because she's not there, and you cannot get into this river because the current will suck you under in seconds. Do you hear me?

Greenlee: Of course I hear you! You're in my face! Let go of me!

Ryan: Not a chance.

Greenlee: We have to do something.

Ryan: All right, listen, just relax. Just relax. Take this. I want you to call 911. Get a rescue team. I will get the backpack, ok?

Greenlee: You can't go in there. You said --

Ryan: I said you would get sucked under, all 4 1/2 pounds of you. I'll be all right. Look, you see that tree branch wedged beside the rock? It's going to hold me.

Greenlee: Yeah, but what if it doesn't, Ryan?

Ryan: I'll come back, Greenlee. I always do.

Mary: Adam, they're fine. Bianca had that awful run-in with the reporter, and she and Babe have probably gone to some lovely spa to destress, and they can't call us to let us know because all the phone lines are down.

Adam: J.R. didn�t live with me much when he was growing up. We didn't play games together, but when we did, I was always the giant out to eat the little boy. He made me feel like a giant, grabbing great fistfuls of life. In those moments, I knew that being a father was my better self, my truer self.

Mary: I know you're a loving father. That's always been clear.

Adam: Yeah. J.R. was a great kid. A great kid. He was smarter than other kids his age, and that's not just parental delusion. No, he could make me laugh at myself.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Now, nobody else could do that. I made him laugh, too. Sometimes he'd laugh so hard, he couldn't laugh anymore. That felt better than any business deal I've ever pulled off. I was hoping we could have that kind of laughter in this house again. A new Chandler. Oh, my God. What if I never get a chance to see my grandchild?

Babe: She's clean and cuddly and ready for Mommy.

Bianca: Hi, little Miranda. Hi. Hey there, it's Mommy. Look at you. You're so -- you're so perfect. I love you.

Babe: How awesome is this? And just think, I'm next.

Bianca: She really is a miracle, isn't she? She's so beautiful and tiny, and --

Babe: And she's here and she's safe. You did great.

Bianca: We did great.

Babe: Now all we got to do is get you cleaned up and find some baby doctor help for the both of you.

Bianca: Oh, no. We're fine.

Babe: I'd really feel a lot better if we could get some expert opinions here in case I missed any crucial points during the birthing video on TV.

Bianca: You were amazing. You're a miracle, too. You just became Miranda�s guardian angel.

Babe: Hey, we're the wonder twins of the mama set. We just got to stick together.

[Miranda cries]

Bianca: Shh, shh, shh.

Ryan: Ah. I usually pay for rides like that!

Greenlee: Stop it. I saw you. You almost took a header twice. You could've been yanked straight under.

Ryan: But I wasn�t. I'm still here.

Greenlee: Yes, because you're a big, strong, man and not a tiny, pregnant woman who doesn't know what to do.

Ryan: Stop, stop! Just stop!

Greenlee: You made it, Ryan, and it wasn't easy. I mean, what if someone else might -- someone else might not be --

Ryan: I know, Greenlee. I know. That's why we need help, all right? That's why -- did you get through? Did you call 911?

Greenlee: Yes, yes, yes. The rescue crew is on the way. They said to wait here and not get in the water. I didn't tell them you were hip-deep at the time.

Ryan: Ok, it'll be our secret. Let's just see if it's worth the effort here. Ok. Oh, my God. Babe Chandler.

Greenlee: So Bianca was in there, and she isn't now. Neither of them are. Oh, God. Bianca.

Babe: She's her own teeny-weeny lactating specialist.

Bianca: You were very hungry, weren't you?

Babe: I'm going to give you two some alone time, but make sure you stay bundled up.

Bianca: Ok.

Babe: Auntie Babe is headed for an obstacle course up the road.

Bianca: Oh, no, Babe. Are you sure you should go out there? It's probably a mess out there.

Babe: Hey, women exercise all the way up until giving birth, and I'm not due for weeks, so I'm still fine. Bianca, you look a little pale. Are you sure you're going to be ok while I'm gone?

Bianca: We'll be fine. We'll be perfect.

Babe: You are delirious in love with that baby. "Perfect" is going to come when we get you in the hospital, ok? Now, Dumbo is off on her little obstacle course, and don't you two dare laugh at me while I'm gone.

Bianca: Babe? Be careful.

[Erica holds her mother�s framed photograph]

Erica: I know you see everything now. Tell me it's not true. Bianca's all right, isn't she? I know you kept her safe before. I know you have. And sometimes knowing that you are watching over her is the only thing that got me through. Please, please, please keep my baby safe again. Please, please keep my baby safe.

Bianca: What's the matter? You couldn't be hungry already. That's right. That's right. You recognize that voice. That's Mommy's voice. You've been hearing that for months and months, and you're going to go on hearing it for years and years. And I'm going to tell you the same thing when you're 30 that I told you on the day you were born. I love you. I will always love you. And no matter how scary the world gets, Mommy is going to be there to help you through it. Mommy will never lie to you or walk away, and Mommy will always be proud of amazing you. And even when you're all grown up, I'll still love you. And I'll still protect you, and I will always be so grateful that God gave you to me.

Bianca: Close your eyes, sleep is more than it seems. Soon you'll discover a garden of dreams. A blossoming tapestry lights up the dark. Dreams are the flowers that bloom in your heart. Rose dreams are red, like the new valentine, violets are blue 'cause they�re sad all the time, daisy dreams shine like the sun in the park. Dreams are the flowers that bloom in your heart. So dream and bloom, bloom and dream, and watch your garden grow. When you awaken with a smile, everyone will know. You've been to dreamland and now you've returned, eager to share everything that you've learned. Believing in dreams isn't really so hard. Dreams are the flowers that bloom in your heart.

Edmund: The kids were trapped upstairs, and all I could do was listen to them scream for me.

Maria: Yeah, but, honey, you said yourself, everybody's ok and that they were just scared.

Edmund: I couldn't get up the stairs, Maria. I tried. Want to hear how I tipped the chair over and tried to crawl up there? You want to hear about how Bobby came in and walked over my useless legs and went up there and rescued my kids?

Maria: Honey, it was a really bad storm, it was a half-dead tree. Thank God, no harm. It's over now. I think we should just be grateful and let it go.

Edmund: We've played a lot of what-if games since I've been in this chair. Yeah, there was no real danger this time around. But what if? What if?

Bobby: Anita, Anita -- hold up, hold up. Come here, come here. God, I'm glad you're ok. I was worried about you when I heard you went out in the storm.

Anita: People needed us, so we went to help.

Bobby: Yeah, like it's nothing. I love that about you. The kids are great. Did you and the rest of the Santos gang used to bicker like that?

Anita: Oh, yeah, times 10. More of us, so way more noise.

Bobby: Sam's a good kid. He's good-looking, polite.

Anita: Yeah, Maria and Edmund did a great job.

Bobby: Yeah, the best. No matter what, I did one thing right -- I let two great parents raise a great kid. They really do love him, don't they?

Anita: With all their hearts.

Bobby: I'd like to do that. Be great parents for our own great kid.

Anita: How did you get to us having kids?

Bobby: It's not a huge leap. We're married, we got love to give. We've talked about it before.

Anita: We weren't ready before.

Bobby: We could be now. I mean, just imagine it --- you and me and our own amazing kid, or four. Just -- just think about it. I want you back, Anita.

Fireman: Ok, unit 6 out. I'll get some men on a recovery effort downstream.

Greenlee: Wait, you mean rescue, not recovery, right? Like boats and helicopters? I mean, you might want to call the hospital and get Bianca�s OB because they're going to want to make sure that the baby's ok.

Fireman: Ma'am, if anyone was in that car before the flood hit -- I mean, look at it. Nobody could survive that. I'm sorry.

Ryan: Hey, do you think you could tell the Pine Valley Police to hold off on notifying the families? Because I know these people. I think they'd want to hear it from me.

Fireman: No one will fight you for it.

Greenlee: Are you going now?

Ryan: Well, you'd want to know right away, wouldn't you?

Greenlee: No. I don't want to know. I wish I didn't know. Wait -- you don't have to do this.

Ryan: Greenlee, this is not something that they should hear from a stranger.

Greenlee: No, no, you don't have to do this alone. I'll come with you.

Ryan: You're sure? You're sure you want to be there?

Greenlee: Yes. They can say whatever they want to me. I deserve it. But I need to be there for Jack. If he hears about Bianca, it'll kill him. If he doesn't want me there, I'll leave. If I can help my dad at all, I need to be there.

Jamie: We got here as fast as we could.

Maggie: Has anyone seen them? Any news?

Kendall: No, no, no one's found them. But everyone's here to help. We'll find her. We'll find them both.

Opal: Come on. Come on back over here.

Reggie: I didn't want to bother you. You looked like you were maybe --

Opal: It's all right, it's all right. I can pray in my head while I have a little chat with you.

Reggie: Does it help?

Opal: Praying? You want to give it a try with me right now? You don't have to say a word.

Reggie: No, no, no, that's ok. I mean, if the big man upstairs has something to say to me, he better start explaining why bad stuff keeps happening to Bianca. Until then, he can just leave a message.

Mia: You know, the circuits were totally overloaded. They probably just couldn't get through.

Tad: All right, let's get started. Time's precious. Thank you all for making it here so quickly. It makes it easier to get the information out. All we know right now is that Bianca and Babe left the Valley Inn yesterday afternoon before the storm hit. Now, Krystal and I have already been to the police station, leaving pictures of the girls and the plate number from Babe's car.

Maggie: But what about an APB or search parties?

Jack: Well, the problem with that is after last night, the authorities are extremely short-handed.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Now, if we can give them some kind of location, they could check it out, but the way it stands --

Tad: The way it stands, it's up to us. Adam's already sent out search parties, everybody he could possibly scrape together. But as far as I'm concerned, all the manpower we need is right here in this room.

Jack: All right, so let's go. Let's go find Babe and Bianca and bring them safely back home.

Erica: I want to help. I want to help find my daughter. Have you heard anything?

Tad: Not really. So far, the police know we're looking for the girls. Now, we've alerted everybody we could possibly think of, and they'll do everything they can.

Opal: How you holding up, honey?

Erica: Oh, I'm -- I'm just cold. I'm just so cold.

Jack: Well, look, the first thing we have to do is we have to get out there.

Tad: I agree with Maggie. I say we split up and start searching. We can go through their likely locations very quickly and then start trying to come up with the unlikely ones.

Aidan: Don't forget, there's hotels, highway rest stops, and other places that we can touch base with.

Maggie: Campus. I can go to the parking lot and see if Babe's car is there.

Jamie: Yeah, I'll drive.

Reggie: I got the waterfront -- you know, some Center City spots. Just this once.

Kendall: You know, put me in for Fusion and all the areas around there.

Mia: And what about the Pine Cone and other diners in the area? They might have just needed a break.

Tad: They're yours.

Opal: Anybody try the hospitals? Well, not that I expect to find them there.

Tad: Dad knows to call if either of the girls show up at PVH.

Opal: Well, maybe I better check the other ones in the area just so we can cross them off the list. You got any more of them photos?

Jack: Yeah, there's stacks and stacks right over there.

Aidan: Well, I'm on it.

Tad: David, what do you know about the mountain roads?

David: Well, I slept at the hospital last night, but when I left the cabin yesterday, the roads were pretty rough already. Last time we had a storm this bad, I was stuck in the cabin for several days.

Jack: Do you think an SUV would make it?

David: I'd say it's worth a try.

Jack: Well, you bet it's worth a try because I think maybe Bianca might have headed there. Let's -- let's check it out by all means.

Babe: Oh, God. God bless all you nature types.

[Babe groans]

Babe: Hello! Hello! Is anyone there? Oh, God, I'm not a crazy person. I am just pregnant and I need help. Oh, God. Oh, no offense, sugar, but you are some load. Either that or I need to start to lay off on that ice cream. Of course you couldn't be home. That would make things just way too easy! Oh, God. Oh, yes! Telephone. Oh, yes. You come to Mama. No, no, no -- Mama is going to find a way to come to you. Oh, yes. Ok, Lord, can you just please, please, please just show me some love here and don't let this phone be dead?

[Dial tone]

Babe: Oh! Right on, God. Oh, God.

Edmund: I'm not about to let this be my life.

Maria: But, honey, things were getting better. They were, and you were moving toward some sort of acceptance, and I feel like we can get back to that again.

Edmund: Never. Never. I'm not about to let another man do my job. He's not going to step over me to get to my kids. Do you get the picture?

Maria: Yeah, I get the picture, but I can paint you a whole new picture, which is the picture of the contractor who was supposed to be here to retrofit the house but you canceled him. And if he had been here, you would've been up those stairs faster than Bobby.

Edmund: No ramps, no elevators. These are my kids, my house, my legs, and they're going up those stairs! You can count on it.

Bobby: Can't you see her? She'd have your smile and your eyes. Or maybe it's a boy. I'd still want him to have your smile and your eyes. Wouldn't it be amazing?

Anita: To make a child? To have a family with the man that I love? It's what I've wanted for as long as I can remember.

Bobby: We can still have that. Look, I know Maria needs you right now, but come back to Vegas with me for us and our baby -- a baby we shouldn't have to wait another second for.

Anita: What about Tracy? What about the woman that you cheated on me with?

Bobby: Anita, not now. We nearly had us back. Why'd you have to mention her?

Anita: Because I never stop thinking about her. Do you?

Bobby: Not like that. It makes me sick. I mean, I would give everything to take that back.

Anita: Well, you can't go back. It happened, and you hurt me. You hurt us.

Bobby: Yeah, but I can get us back. We are the most important thing, and I know I want to get us back.

Anita: Is that why you want to have a baby? To save our marriage?

Bobby: I'll save our marriage no matter what it takes.

Anita: I won't create a human life to do that. It's a totally wrong reason to have a baby.

Bobby: Tell me what to do. I already left my job.

Anita: That's because your whole office knew that you slept with your co-worker. Does that make you proud?

Bobby: I'm only proud of one thing -- you. I'm proud that you chose me, and I'm proud that you love me, and now I'm proud that I happen to have a job that I'm right for. Vegas can give us what you've always deserved, Anita.

Anita: Did I deserve a husband that breaks my heart? Because that's what I have now. Go back to Vegas, Bobby, without me.

Bobby: I'm not going anywhere. Not like this.

Anita: Don�t. Don't do this, ok? I need time.

Bobby: You're my life, Anita. This isn't the end for me.

Maria: I just don't think you should make a rash decision based on one night.

Edmund: Look, don't brush off my feelings, ok? I'm going with my gut rather than your fears.

Maria: You know, my concern is not just some wifely hysteria, ok? I just think that we should give it some time.

Edmund: Time to do what, so that the window of success can be even smaller?

Maria: You don't know that.

Edmund: I told you I'd come here to decide if I was ready for the surgery. I've decided.

[Miranda cries]

Bianca: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, kitten. I know. I can't drift off. I got to stay awake. I got to stay awake for you, too. Shh. Don't cry. Babe's going to be home -- Babe's going to be home soon, ok? She's going to be back here before we know it, ok? Ok.

[Phone rings]

Nurse: Pine Valley Hospital Emergency Room.

Babe: Oh, thank God! I've got this girl and a baby, and they're in a cabin in the boonies, and the baby -- she's fine, but the mama -- she's real pale and something is not right, but I delivered the baby the best that I could, but --

Nurse: Miss, you need emergency service. Dial 911.

Babe: Wait, wait, wait! Don't hang up, please. God, you can't hang up. She needs a doctor. She needs to get to a hospital pronto, like chopper fast. Wait, wait. Paul. Wait a minute, is Paul Cramer there? Just -- just tell him I need his helicopter.

Nurse: Paul? Hold on. There's a woman in trouble asking for you. Kind of out there.

Paul: Paul Cramer.

Babe: Oh, Paul! I need your chopper pronto.

Paul: Babe.

Babe: Please, my girlfriend -- she just had a baby, and it was a real tough labor and something's not right. She needs to get to the hospital. I mean, that's where you are. Aah!

Tad: All right, everybody, remember -- cover as much ground as carefully but as quickly as you possibly can. Stay in touch if you find out anything either way. That way we won't waste time going over the same place twice. Now, Babe and Bianca are both intelligent and resourceful. I'm sure if something does happen, they'll handle it. We just want to make sure we get there in time to give them a hand, so let's go.

[Doorbell rings]

[Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the Chandlers]

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Kendall: You killed her, Erica. You killed my sister.

Greenlee: I want to help you look for Babe and Bianca. Please let me help you.

Ryan: You want me to go with you?

J.R.: No.

Babe: Bianca? Oh, God. Bianca?

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