AMC Transcript Monday 3/15/04

All My Children Transcript Monday 3/15/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kendall: So, I have been handed an amazing opportunity, and I want to share the wealth.

Mia: Well, this is sounding really good.

Kendall: Yes. I want for you guys to take back your old jobs.

Simone: Oh.

Kendall: But this -- this is good. You guys are going to be shareholders, which means you'll have more power and more voice in how the company's run.

Simone: Oh. Well, that sounds good -- shareholders.

Mia: Extremely good. But --

Kendall: No, no, no, no, please, please don't go all negative on me. Please just tell me I can count on you like the good old days.

Mia: As long you're willing to ignore the bad old days over Aidan.

Kendall: Well, life's too short to hold grudges.

Simone: Good. Then that means Greenlee's back on board, too, then?

Greenlee: Why do you want me to wait? For what?

Ryan: I don't want you to go.

Greenlee: Neither do I.

Ryan: Well, then -- then don't. Stay.

Brooke: Oh, thanks. And listen, thanks for calling me to let me know the results of the paternity test. I tell you, when I was gone, I spoke to Jamie once, and do you think he said anything to me? No, not a word. Can you believe that?

Tad: As a male who was once Jamie's age -- is this a trick question?

Brooke: Listen, I think it's just a relief that turns out that -- Jamie, what's all this?

Jamie: I'm moving out. I'm going to get the rest of my stuff.

Tad: He's moving out.

Brooke: Says who?

Bianca: I just put a bid on an adorable little house with a front porch and a great big old fenced-in backyard.

J.R.: Great for kids?

Bianca: Yes, and dogs. I could just imagine Miranda blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, practicing piano, and waiting for her dates to arrive.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. You want her to grow up secure.

Bianca: And knowing where her home is.

J.R.: Well, you'd better have a big old housewarming party.

Bianca: I plan to.

Babe: J.R.! Oh, Bianca, I'm so glad you're here, too!

J.R.: What, the TV�s broken?

Babe: No, but my favorite story's been pre-empted. Bianca, they're showing a special live interview with your mom.

Reporter: Your daughter Bianca is giving birth to the baby of the man who raped her. How does that make you feel?

Erica: We all have a choice. We can mire ourselves in the past or we can lift ourselves up and face the future. I choose the latter. I've begun a whole new chapter in my life.

Reporter: This is the new business you want to announce?

Erica: Exactly. It's all about helping women to build a strong future and to live that future fully.

Reporter: That sounds more like philanthropy than business.

Erica: Well, I want to give something back.

Reporter: How are you bankrolling this? With the Cambias fortune your daughter now controls?

Erica: Excuse me?

Reporter: What do you say to the people who believe you and your daughter plotted the Michael Cambias murder to get your hands on his money?

Greenlee: It's been great up till now. A classic adventure, like some road movie -- one of those wacky 1970s things, you know? I warm the back of your bike, you do your damndest to get over Kendall?

Ryan: Greenlee, I wasn't trying to use you.

Greenlee: I don't feel used or abused. I was happy that you asked me to come along. And nobody's had to fight harder than I have to get over someone I loved. I mean, look at what I did to you, slamming you into the middle of Pablo and me. I'm sorry I was such an idiot. I didn't even play it well. You'd think I would've learned something since kindergarten when I flirted with Kent Jones to get his graham crackers.

Ryan: Oh, you started early.

Greenlee: Like you're surprised? It was as much negotiation as it was flirting. I just offered a flash of my frilly underpants in exchange for a snack.

Ryan: A businesswoman in the making.

Greenlee: You might get over Kendall, you might not. But however it goes, you don't need me hanging around, especially since I'm the reason that your romance went south.

Ryan: Greenlee, I told you it wasn't your fault.

Greenlee: Maybe not 100%, but if I hadn't been set on exposing her as a liar and obsessed with Fusion, would the two of us be in this hotel right now? I want to do the right thing, Ryan, and I think the best thing that I can do for you is to walk out that door and keep on going.

Kendall: I don't want Greenlee duPres' name mentioned around me ever again.

Simone: Kendall, we were all horrible to you.

Kendall: Not like she was.

Simone: Look, Greenlee's attack in the courtroom, that was beyond awful. It was stupid and cruel.

Kendall: Oh, that doesn't even begin to describe it.

Simone: It was miserable and humiliating. I could still see the look on your face. It was horrified.

Kendall: You know what, can you please just drop this, please?

Mia: Simone, why don't we just move on, ok?

Simone: Standing in the middle of the courtroom, in front of everyone, with your dress ripped open so the whole world could see your pregnancy pooch thing tied around your stomach like one enormous falsie?

Mia: Simone!

Simone: I mean, come on! Thank God you were wearing nice lingerie.

Mia: Simone, let's just not -- let's -- enough. Let's not relive this, ok? This is --

Simone: I'm sorry. Look, we were all horrified for you. We felt terrible for you, Kendall.

Mia: Yes, Kendall, we really did.

Simone: Greenlee, she freaked out, ok, to say the very least, but she didn't intend to wreck your life.

Kendall: Yes, she did. She came damn near close to ending my life.

Simone: Remember when it was just the four of us? Yeah, when we were scrounging around for backing and office space, concocting our famous lip-color recipes? Those were -- those were the best days.

Kendall: Yeah, well, nothing lasts forever.

Simone: We could get those days back. I know we could, Kendall. I mean, Fusion got off the ground because of Greenlee.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Greenlee accomplished plenty, all right. She nearly got me executed, turned Bianca's life inside out. We can only wait and see what happens with Bianca's baby.

Simone: Greenlee didn't intend to hurt Bianc--

Kendall: No, I don't give a damn what Greenlee did or didn't intend to do. If Greenlee had kept her big mouth shut and her hands to herself, I would've been acquitted and the story of Bianca's baby wouldn't be in every trashy tabloid in America!

Reporter: It's an allegation that's been simmering for some time. I'm sure you'd like to set the record straight. Did you know all along that Bianca was the killer? Were you in any way involved with the shooting?

Erica: I've been in the public eye long enough to know that people believe just what they want to believe, despite the facts. I'm here to discuss my new mission -- the importance of fresh starts, the need to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Reporter: But is it wise to forget past traumas? Shouldn't they be dealt with and resolved?

Erica: If you yearn to rid yourself of clutter, whether it's emotional jumble or just useless junk -- books, newspapers, magazines, clothes you haven't worn in years -- do it. You get yourself out from under the weight of the old you and you create a new you, and often a new look equals a new outlook.

Reporter: So your mission is?

Erica: My mission is to hold hands with the women of America and give them the strongest foundation possible to live a much more fulfilling life.

Reporter: An admirable aim, but isn't it somewhat unrealistic?

Erica: Oh, no, it's quite realistic, and I believe I can make a difference.

Reporter: Make a difference by telling us the truth, Erica. You haven't talked to the press in months and your fans worry you're hiding something. Tell us how you survived this terrible trauma. Tell us your side of the story.

Bianca: You want the real story? I'll give it to you.

Jamie: Ah, no place would be like home without my chair. So, what'd you guys want to talk about?

Brooke: Well, this morning, if I recall correctly, at breakfast I asked you if there was anything new, and you told me that we were out of cereal. So --

Jamie: Oh, thanks, Mom.

Tad: He said thank you.

Brooke: Ahem -- Jamie, I may have a different set of priorities, but, if you'll look at me, I do think that moving out rates a lot higher than being out of cereal.

Jamie: Sure, but the apartment only came through a couple hours ago.

Brooke: I didn't even know you were looking for an apartment. Tad, did you --

Tad: I'm sorry, I didn't eat a lunch. I --

Brooke: Did you know he was looking for an apartment?

Tad: No, of course I didn't. I would've said something. I would've discussed it with you.

Jamie: I wasn't looking. It just came up.

Brooke: Well -- uh -- where in the 50 states is it?

Jamie: Would you relax? It's just a couple miles from here. I had to move out sometime.

Tad: True enough. Not to be the monkey wrench, though, but how do you intend to bankroll this little extravaganza?

Jamie: Easy -- I'll just get a good-paying job someplace.

Tad: Thank God you got it covered. I was starting to worry.

Jamie: Come on, I'm smart enough and strong enough to get a job someplace. Besides, I'm not paying all the rent. I'm sharing it with someone.

Brooke: Oh, good. You're sharing the apartment with a roommate. And who would that be?

Jamie: Maggie.

Brooke and Tad: Maggie Stone?

Jamie: Yeah. Perfect, huh?

Tad: Well, that would all depend. You just started seeing one another.

Brooke: Aren't you moving a little too fast?

Jamie: We're -- it's not like that. We're not getting married or anything. We're friends.

Brooke: Uh-huh. Well, it seemed to be a little more than friendly when I walked in on you at your father's and you and Maggie --

Jamie: Mom --

Brooke: Should I go on?

Jamie: Mom, we had sex. It's no big deal.

Tad: Ooh. You were doing so good up till that point.

Jamie: Maggie and I really like each other, but we know what's going on. Yeah, we hooked up, but that doesn't mean there's any big commitment or anything.

Brooke: Oh, well, thank you for the explanation because I feel so much better.

Jamie: Maggie is a pal. We're not like you and Dad were when you were --

Brooke: Uh -- stop. Stop right there. Don't --

[Tad chuckles]

Brooke: Stop it! I'm not 100, you know, but I am your mother, and this is -- it's just a shock.

Tad: Yeah, especially coming on the heels of the whole Babe situation.

Brooke: Exactly.

Tad: I mean, one minute you say you're prepared to settle down with Babe, take responsibility for her and the baby, and then the next minute you're setting up shop with Maggie. It's getting kind of hard to keep up.

Jamie: Well, this ought to be a relief for you guys. I mean, after the Babe thing, I'm all about no commitments. That's why living with Maggie is cool.

Tad: Yeah, Jamie, that's easy to say, but when you start sharing a living space with somebody, things can get complicated.

Jamie: Dad, there's two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We're not going to be on top of each other all the time.

Tad: It's not the "all the time" that's got us concerned.

Jamie: You're kidding, right?

Tad: No, I'm not. I'm afraid you might be bouncing into this thing a little too quickly. We just don't think you should get involved in a situation you're not ready for, that's all.

Jamie: Look, my love life is pretty cut and dry. If you want to untangle somebody's, try your own.

Brooke: Hey, you know what, this is not your father's -- this is not about him.

Jamie: Last time I checked, you were juggling -- what was it? -- Two girlfriends and one fiancée? Isn't that right?

Simone: Greenlee regrets what she did to you. If you would only meet her halfway.

Kendall: No, not even to direct her the rest of the way to hell.

Simone: Kendall, she would apologize, I know it.

Kendall: Ok, no amount of apologizing or groveling is going to cut it, Simone. Greenlee will never work at Fusion ever again.

[Phone rings]

Simone: All because of Ryan?


Mia: I'll just get that. Fusion.

Kendall: If it were just Ryan, maybe I'd be able to forgive her someday, but it's much bigger than that.

Mia: Yeah? Uh-huh?

Simone: Because Bianca was dragged into it.

Kendall: Then Erica found out about Bianca's pregnancy before Bianca could possibly prepare her for the news. "I'm sorry" from Greenlee is not going to heal Erica and Bianca.

Mia: Ok, that was Marian on the phone just now. She says Erica's on the news being interviewed and it ain't pretty.

Reporter: This is a fantastic surprise. Bianca Montgomery, Erica Kane�s daughter, is joining the interview. Bianca, welcome.

Bianca: I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's no way that my mother can answer questions about Michael's death because she wasn't there. I killed Michael. I shot him. And I hate that I did it, but I didn't have a choice.

Kendall: Oh, my God, no.

Bianca: I went to see Michael that night to try to resolve our problems.

Reporter: And you succeeded.

Bianca: I never meant to hurt him.

Reporter: Yet you were armed, weren't you?

Bianca: He had threatened me, and I brought the gun with me in case I should need it.

Reporter: And you say it was self-defense?

Bianca: Yes, I had to protect myself and my baby.

Reporter: Which brings me to the most amazing part of all this -- your decision to give birth to the baby of the man who raped you.

Bianca: My baby is innocent. I love her very much.

Reporter: But how will you make the child understand? How can you prepare a child for the revelation that it was conceived in rape, that you killed its father?

Erica: Stop it! You shut the hell up and you leave my daughter alone! It's over! Do you hear me? It is over! And you let it stay that way!

Greenlee: Ryan? You still with me? What, did I say the wrong thing?

Ryan: No, you said everything right. You said every -- every word right.

Greenlee: Ok. So now it's your turn. I mean, to say goodbye or tell me how you feel.

Ryan: I feel -- I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience. I mean, what you said wasn't just dead-on, it was -- it was as if you actually felt it.

Greenlee: Well, yeah. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Ryan: Yes, Greenlee, that is the way it's supposed to be, but -- I'm touched. I'm a little weirded-out, but I'm deeply touched.

Greenlee: I guess that's good.

Ryan: It's just -- it's tough to get used -- I have just spent so much time with the predictable you, the you that says whatever you need to say to get exactly what you want.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, those days are over. So it's time for me to head off into the sunset, leave you to grapple with your demons alone. You'll get over them a lot faster that way.

Ryan: Hey, wait, wait, wait, what about our challenge? What about me trying to get us to where we got to go with the 100 bucks I got in my pocket?

Greenlee: Without me hanging around, I bet you can do it on less than 20, maybe even 10. So -- adios, amigo.

Ryan: Wait.

Greenlee: Is this some sort of test to see if I can follow directions?

Ryan: I just thought that maybe I rated a kiss goodbye?

Ryan: Greenlee, you -- you still with me?

Greenlee: A kiss? You want a kiss?

Ryan: Yes, it's an old custom. We're friends, Greenlee, and who knows the next time that we're going to see each other, if we're going to see each other.

Greenlee: Friends, yeah. Friends do kiss.

Ryan: Yes, all the time.

Greenlee: No big deal.

Ryan: Absolutely not. No, it's just a -- it's a gesture.

Greenlee: Sure, I'll give you a kiss goodbye. Goodbye.

Ryan: Goodbye.

Brooke: Funny -- you didn't mention a fiancée in our phone call.

Tad: You're out of the will. I didn't mention a fiancée because I don't have a fiancée.

Jamie: Well, Krystal says you do and she's it.

Brooke: You proposed to Babe's mother?

Tad: Lord.

Jamie: Yeah, she was really carrying on at the hospital when we went for Babe's results.

Tad: Yeah, nice. Tell you what -- next time, just light the sofa on fire, ok? Can't you see what he's doing? This is just a classic diversionary tactic.

Brooke: Well, it's working -- temporarily.

Tad: I am not engaged to Krystal, ok? She only -- she only announced that to --

Brooke: To what?

Tad: To keep me quiet about something.

Jamie: Yeah, Dad's got this big secret about her and Babe.

Brooke: I leave town for a few days and the whole world goes mad.

Jamie: So, Dad, spill -- what do you know about Babe that's such a big deal?

Tad: I am not about to discuss that with you or anybody else.

Jamie: Well, then I'm not going to discuss moving or Maggie and me. And now I have to go meet her and sign the lease with the landlord. I will swing by and pick up my boxes and my chair, and then tomorrow I'll get my junk out of your place.

Brooke: Just a minute. One of us has to cosign your lease.

Jamie: Mom, you're not going to talk me out of this. It's done.

Brooke: Go after him!

Tad: He's 20 years old.

Brooke: So? So what?

Tad: So as much as we hate to hear it, part of what he's saying makes sense.

Brooke: Oh, which part? You know, the hooking up without any commitment? That part?

Tad: Don't be ridiculous, no. The part about him striking off on his own, you know? We should be grateful he's decided to go to Pine Valley University. He could've gone to school thousands of miles from here.

Brooke: He's confused. And this whole Babe thing and you --

Tad: No, no, you don't, ok? Let's just stay on subject, which is him.

Brooke: Uh-huh, you are reverting to your old ways.

Tad: That is so unfair!

Brooke: Chasing every woman in town --

Tad: No, I'm not! I don't have to chase anybody. They chase me.

Brooke: Oh, oh, you've never been the one to go after somebody?

Tad: Don't have to.

Brooke: Do you hear yourself? Do you hear yourself? What does that sound like to a college kid?

Tad: What do you mean, what's it sound like? I'm sorry, it's the truth. It's a fact. He knows it. The whole town knows it! Look, you're just trying to berate me, because you want somebody else to blame for this. Well, guess what, honey -- what's Jamie's big crime? He is nearly a grown man. He just wants to cut the apron strings a little bit.

Brooke: I am not trying to foist all the blame off on you, I am not, and I don't think he is too young to move out, but I am concerned that his chief role model is somebody who has been tumbling from bed to bed --

Tad: Oh, here you go exaggerating. You know what --

Brooke: To bed without any real commitment to any of the tumblers -- unless, of course -- ha-ha -- Krystal's not lying.

Tad: Of course she is, ok? She is lying, I swear it. I did not propose to Krystal Carey. She just broadcast that to the whole world, because she didn't want me to go into what I know about Babe.

Brooke: Which is? Does this concern our son?

Tad: No, no, no, it's more J.R.'s problem.

Brooke: Well, could it become Jamie's?

Tad: Look, as much as I want to discuss this with you, you know --

Brooke: Hey, you know, I went to prison to protect my sources.

Tad: Ok, you remember I started seeing Krystal because I wanted to find out about Babe, right?

Brooke: Yeah, I remember that was one of the reasons you got cozy together. So?

Tad: Well, it worked. Turns out that J.R.'s new bouncing, pregnant, bubbly bride is a bigamist.

Erica: Get out! Get out now!

Bianca: Mom, Mom --

Erica: This wasn't an interview! You shut that camera off and get out!

Reporter: Your mother thinks the past is best forgotten, but with the murder a matter of public record --

Erica: This was not a murder, and you people, you just won't let go of it. You have no morals!

Reporter: Your child will ask questions about her father that you will have to answer!

Bianca: I am prepared for that.

Reporter: But isn't the thought overwhelming?

Bianca: Yes, it is. Look, if you will just let me explain --

Kendall: Bianca! Don't say another word to these people! Don't say another word!

Reporter: Joining us now is Erica Kane�s other daughter, Kendall Hart. Ms. Hart, as you remember, was on the verge of being convicted of the Michael Cambias murder. What must it have been like to fear a life behind bars for a crime you didn't commit?

Kendall: No, I'm not going to answer your questions.

Reporter: Were you shocked when your sister came forward to admit her guilt?

J.R.: All right, you know what, that's enough! I'm putting an end to this travesty!

Reporter: Move or I'll call security!

Babe: Do you even know who you're talking to? This is J.R. Chandler and, you are so lucky that he hasn't already tossed you and that stupid camera out the window.

J.R.: I'm sure you're aware of my position at Chandler Enterprises. Well, I also work closely with Liza Chandler, who runs WRCW. Now, if you don't want to become her former employee, I strongly suggest you end this interview right now. Now!

Reporter: Due to the interference we've encountered, I'm forced to terminate this interview. So, Steve, back to you in the studio. Happy?

Babe: Once you're on the street maybe.

Kendall: Bianca, are you ok?

Bianca: I think we should worry about Mom right now, not me.

J.R.: I'm going to try to put a stop to any and all replays. I'm sure Liza would like to have this tape destroyed, as well.

Reporter: There is freedom of speech in this country, Mr. Chandler. You've stopped me, but there are thousands of reporters who are not owned by your former stepmother. Let's clear out. Ms. Montgomery, Ms. Hart, have a nice evening.

Babe: J.R., you're the best.

J.R.: Come on, let's wait outside.

Babe: Yeah, let's go make sure that creepy reporter has cleared out.

Erica: Well, so much for my renaissance pitch. I guess I'll have to find another venue to put across my concept. Ah.

Greenlee: I wish you everything good, Ryan. I really do.

Ryan: I really want you to be happy, too. Wait, you forgot something.

Greenlee: I don't think so.

Ryan: Well, you wouldn't leave the cabin without it.

Greenlee: I thought it meant something, but it was just in my head. You know how you find something, you want it to be an omen, good luck?

Ryan: So you don't want it?

Greenlee: No. It might as well stay here. Maybe it'll be luckier for the next person who finds it. See you.

Bianca: Mom.

Erica: People need hope. They need to know that they can turn their lives around. I mean, my concept could have so much impact.

Bianca: Mom, do you realize what you're doing?

Erica: Well, yes, of course I do. I want to start a movement for change. Do you mean this? Honey, I'm just enjoying a little glass of champagne, and a very fine champagne, I might add. To think that I was going to waste this on Quinn Yager. Kendall, would you like a glass?

Bianca: Mom, you shouldn't drink that.

Erica: I shouldn't?

Bianca: No, it's not a good idea.

Kendall: The interview is over, so maybe we should strategize. Tell us how we can get the word out about your great new venture.

Bianca: Yeah, Mom, it's really exciting. Do you have a PR firm working on it?

Erica: It's really very sweet that you're working together like this, it really is, but I have earned this one tiny little glass of champagne.

Kendall: Please don't. Thanks to J.R., Quinn won't bother you again.

Erica: This interview is over. But she happened to have been right. Thousands of other reporters are just waiting to attack us.

Bianca: Which is all the more reason why we need to keep our wits about us.

Erica: When did you ever get the idea that you can tell me what I can and cannot do?

[Turns on TV]

Reporter: I am standing outside the Valley Inn Hotel, where my interview with Erica Kane ended in chaos only minutes ago.

Kendall: Don't say another word!

Reporter: Joining us now is Erica Kane�s other daughter, Kendall Hart. Ms. Hart, as you will remember, was on the verge of being convicted of the Michael Cambias murder. What must it have been like to fear a life behind bars for a crime you didn't commit?

Kendall: No, I --

Reporter: Were you shocked when your sister came forward to admit her guilt?

J.R.: All right, you know what, that's enough! I'm putting an end to this travesty!

[Turns off TV]

J.R.: You ok? Are you sure you're comfortable?

Babe: Yes, I'm great. Oh, how did I get so lucky?

J.R.: We'll get out of here as soon as we know everything's ok, all right?

Babe: J.R.? You really are such a great guy. Thanks, for taking care of me and Bianca and running off that skeevy reporter.

J.R.: Well, anybody would've done the same. I just wish I would've kicked her out of here sooner.

Babe: Hey, but most people wouldn't even care enough to get involved. The fact that you even came down here with Bianca, it really says a lot about who you are.

J.R.: You're here. What does that say?

Babe: That we're meant to be together and -- and that we stand by our friends.

J.R.: I don't know if I would have a year ago. It's true, I've changed, because of you, because of the baby. I feel like I could take on the world. And I feel stronger and more comfortable than I ever have.

Babe: You sure that you still love me?

J.R.: Babe, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you or the baby -- nothing.

Reporter: It's a sad world when the public's concern can be misconstrued as intrusion. But given all the tragedies encountered by Erica Kane and her daughters and the heartbreak still awaiting them, we understand their need for privacy and wish them Godspeed.

Mia: That sanctimonious horse's rear.

Simone: What a load.

Mia: Oh, hey. Distract us. What's up?

Simone: Did your dad send you?

Jamie: No.

Simone: Oh.

Jamie: I'm job-hunting.

Simone and Mia: Oh!

Mia: Sounds familiar.

Jamie: Well, I was on PVU trying to scare something up, but stocking shelves at the campus bookstore is not exactly challenging --

Mia: Right.

Jamie: And the pay is not exactly what I wanted, so -- and I did some work for -- computer work for Greenlee a while back --

Simone: Yeah, I remember.

Jamie: And thought maybe you guys needed some tech support.

Simone: Well, actually, I'm not sure.

Mia: I --

Jamie: One of your guys just gave his notice because he's transferring to Northwestern and he's heading there in a month, and I know he hasn't trained a replacement, and so I figured that the position was still open.

Simone: Hmm.

Jamie: And you can't tell by looking at me, but the computer geeks on campus bow down to me when I walk by.

Simone: Really?

Jamie: And I'm totally flexible, yeah -- days, nights, weekends. Whatever, whenever! And anything else you need, too.

Mia: You know what, listen, Jamie, it all sounds very attractive, but Simone and I, we just barely got our jobs back an hour ago, so, I mean, we really don't know what positions are available.

Simone: Yeah, but, Mia, there's always room at Fusion for someone of Jamie's talent and energy. You're hired. We'll call you and give you the details.

Jamie: Really? I'm hired?

Simone: Yep.

Jamie: You can do that?

Mia: No, Simone can't --

Simone: Discuss your salary, but we'll work that out. I'm excited for you to start working here. It's a great company. You'll love it, Jamie.

Jamie: Wow. Thanks!

Simone: Yeah.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Simone: You're welcome.

Jamie: You guys are the best.

Mia: Sure.

Jamie: Whenever you guys call, I'll be here.

Simone: Ok. Yeah, oh, just like his dad. What?

Mia: What do you think you're doing?

Simone: Kendall said that we would have more involvement and that we'd be, you know, set up more in the operations. Look, Jamie is going to be good for Fusion. He's a hard worker, he'll show up on time --

Mia: And you'll be scoring major points with Tad.

Simone: This isn't about points.

Mia: Yes, but scoring is front and center, is it not?

Simone: I won't only score, I'll win.

Brooke: So how could Babe forget that she didn't file the annulment papers?

Tad: According to Krystal, Babe tried to pretend the whole marriage never happened in the first place.

Brooke: And you bought that?

Tad: Don't you? Like you've never done anything so humiliating, you'd rather just not pretend that you hadn't done it in the first place?

Brooke: I think you know the answer to that, now, don't you?

Tad: I rest my case. So let me ask you something -- did I do the right thing, keeping the truth from J.R.?

Brooke: You asked him if he loves her, and it is his baby.

Tad: Yeah, exactly, so why mess up their lives any more than they already are?

Brooke: You did the right thing.

Tad: So why don't I feel better?

Brooke: I think because you didn't want to lie, this time, but you don't want to break up a marriage.

Tad: Over a clerical error. Well, Krystal swears that J.R. is the love of Babe's life, and he certainly loves her right back, not to mention the fact you-know-who's waiting in the wings to make a play for that baby.

[Brooke gasps]

Brooke: Adam. Oh, that's a terrible thought.

Tad: Yeah, no kidding. And then there's Jamie. Because you know what would happen if anything were to go wrong and J.R. shoved Babe to the curb.

Brooke: Jamie would be waiting right there for her.

Tad: Absolutely. So while I might not be thrilled with the idea of him moving in with Maggie, she might keep him from being Babe's third husband.

Brooke: Well, you're certainly not going to be Krystal's next husband, now, are you? How many times she been married?

Tad: Try not to have too much fun with this thing, ok?

Brooke: Ok.

Tad: You are right about one thing. I've been a bad example to Jamie, and I think it's high time that stop.

Brooke: Well, that sounds like a plan.

Tad: No, not a plan. Just time for me to make some changes in my life -- some serious changes.

Bianca: Don't hold back, Mom. Please, I want to know how it is you feel.

Kendall: Bianca, maybe should give Erica some time.

Bianca: No, I don't want to put this off. What good can come of that? We've all been waiting for this moment, all of us. So please, Mom, I'm listening. Whenever you're ready, just say it.

Erica: Well, now, why should I bother? We all just witnessed it. Whenever anyone meets any of us, we know their sick thoughts -- who slept with Michael, who killed Michael, who's having his baby. All the rumors and all the dirty jokes, all the lies that become legends, our own family folklore. You can't ignore it anymore, Bianca. You're going to have to live with it, and so is your baby.

Bianca: I know that.

Erica: You kept the truth from me for so long, and not out of concern but out of fear. I know too much. I had a baby who was the result of a rape, and I know what that does to your life and to your heart and to the child.

Bianca: I wanted to protect you, Mom.

Erica: You couldn't. Any more than you can protect your baby. Bianca, the world can be a very cruel place. Your baby will hear the whispers. Your baby will see the smirks. And she will come to you for answers, all the while praying for denials. "Did my daddy rape you? Did you kill my daddy?" These are the things I was trying to save you from, you and your baby. What will you tell her?

Bianca: That I did what I had to do.

Erica: To protect yourself and her?

Bianca: Yes.

Erica: And by then, she will have heard so many versions. Whom do you think she'll believe? Bianca, most babies are born out of love, not out of violence and hatred. How do you think that will make her feel? Would you like to take this one, Kendall?

Kendall: Mother, please don't -- don't do this.

Erica: I have done nothing but tell the truth. I didn't choose to have you, that choice was made for me. I didn't choose to begin this legacy. But, Bianca, you have chosen to continue it. And we will all have to live with this now. And your baby will have to live with it and suffer for it.

Tad: Simone? Hi.

Simone: Tad, hi. I didn't think that you were going to rush right over.

Tad: Well, I told you I was coming. I hope it's all right?

Simone: Oh, no, it's fine. I'm just overwhelmed with some problems here, but there was a bright spot today.

Tad: Listen, before you -- no, no, no, wait just a second. Before you do, there really is one thing I'd like to say first.

Simone: Ok. I can spare a few moments.

Tad: Ok -- um -- as you know, when we first started seeing each other, there were no expectations. It was just sort of fun.

Simone: Yeah.

Tad: And then, somehow -- somehow it's grown into a lot more than either of us expected.

Simone: Tad, what are you trying to say?

Tad: Before I do, I just want you to know I've thought an awful lot about this.

Simone: Oh, my God. You're going to dump me.

[Engine cranks]

Ryan: Listen, don't take any offense, but you should've read the back of the cereal box before you sent away for that thing.


Ryan: Look, why don't you let me help you, ok?

Greenlee: Don't just help me, start the damn thing!

[Door slams]

Erica: Why don't you go after your sister, Kendall?

Kendall: You don't get off that easily.

Erica: I think you're finished.

Kendall: No, I haven't even started.

Bianca: I can't stay here. I have to get out of here. I have to go.

Babe: Bianca, it's cool, I mean, wherever you want to go.

J.R.: Yeah, we'll drive you home if you want to.

Babe: Honey, I think that maybe I should go with her -- you know, girl stuff.

J.R.: Yeah, sure, whatever you say. You got your keys?

Babe: Yeah.

J.R.: Be careful.

Babe: Ok. So where should we go?

Bianca: Anywhere. Anywhere far away, ok?

Babe: Ok.

Erica: Is this necessary for you to feel better? Haven't we said it all over and over?

Kendall: No, I will not let you do this, Erica!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan: You could've killed yourself!

Greenlee: Wow. It's like you really care.

Simone: Liza's my midseason replacement? No way!

Erica: You have to live with this guilt for the rest of your life.

Babe: Do you regret keeping the baby?

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