AMC Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Erica: Your nerve is mind-boggling.

Bianca: What's going on?

Erica: No, don't tell me to calm down.

Kendall: No, it's all right.

Erica: The fact that you would call and think that you could possibly make it up to me just shows how little you know me. Did you really believe that I could forgive you? You're sorry. It's too late for "Iím sorry." "I'm sorry" doesn't begin to take back your treachery, so you just keep your phony regrets and you go straight to hell.

Edmund: It must be a relief to have the trial over.

Jack: I'll put it to you this way -- that's an experience anybody could have lived without.

Edmund: Listen, you know that Maria and I still consider Bianca family, so if she needs anything, just tell her, just ask.

Jack: Thanks. I'll pass that along. I got to tell you something, though. For the hell she went through, she's doing remarkably well.

Edmund: Better than her mother? You know, I never thought I'd feel sorry for Erica after what she put us through with Maddie, but seeing your child relive your worst nightmare -- that's got to be tough for anybody to face.

Jack: Well, it looks like you're facing some pretty tough stuff, yourself.

Edmund: Yeah, but I got a shot to make it all the way back. I mean, I know I can survive this. Maria is sure that I won't. I mean, if it's up to her, I'll spend the rest of my life in that.

Joe: Congratulations, Anita. I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Maria: No, no, no. Anita, I won't let you do this.

Babe: Mama, what's wrong?

Krystal: Who said anything's wrong?

Babe: It's bad. I can tell. You have that same scared-rabbit look that you had back in Salinas, when we got kicked out of the apartment without even bus fare.

Krystal: We've come a long way since Salinas, honey.

Babe: I totally knew something was up at Dr. Joeís. The way that you told that fib about you and Tad being engaged to shut him up -- you knew he was going to say something, but what could it be, and really, how bad can it be? Oh, my God. Tad knows about Paul and me still being married, and he's out there right now telling J.R. that we're not really husband and wife.

J.R.: You got something to say, Tad, say it.

Tad: You're excited about the baby, aren't you?

J.R.: Yeah. You're looking at the happiest guy on the planet.

Tad: What about Babe? You happy with her?

J.R.: Why? Is there a reason I shouldn't be?

Mary: So it's true. It's really happening. That little tramp is going to give birth to a Chandler heir.

Adam: Yes, yes, as much as I hate to believe it, as much as it makes me sick to say it. Yes, Babe's child is a bona fide Chandler.

Mary: So what are you going to do?

Adam: What do you propose I do, Mary?

Mary: Well, I don't know, but you've got to do something. The situation is unacceptable.

Adam: If I want my son and my grandchild in my life, I have no choice. I have to accept this little tramp as part of the whole damned package.

Mary: No.

Tad: What would you do if you caught Babe in another lie?

J.R.: Now, Tad, she didn't lie. She told me that the baby was mine from the beginning, and that's the truth.

Tad: She lied about sleeping with your brother. And right now I'm kind of concerned that the Carey women are big on keeping secrets.

J.R.: There's another secret? Is that what you're getting at?

Tad: I just want to know how you would take it if you found out that Babe was still playing hide-and-seek with the truth.

J.R.: It would kill me. I mean, not to sound over the top, but when I found out about her and Jamie, it ripped me apart. I couldn't take another hit like that, especially not now with the baby on the way. And if Babe's done something, though --

Tad: Do you love her?

J.R.: Say it again.

Tad: Babe. Do you love her?

Babe: Mama, if a bomb is about to drop, if Tad is set on telling J.R. that my annulment to Paul was never filed, you got to tell me. I don't think I can take another surprise attack.

Krystal: Babe, Babe, Babe, honey, you are reading me every which way but right, ok? I'm not afraid about anything.

Babe: Then why are you hitting the hard stuff in the middle of the day?

Krystal: Oh, come on. What do you think? I'm celebrating. My little girl just got the good news that her hubby is the father of her baby.

Babe: So Tad's not out there spilling the annulment beans to J.R.?

Krystal: Would you just give yourself a time-out, all right, and quit looking for trouble?

Babe: I know, Mama. I should. I just can't. I should be celebrating and relieved, but I'm really having trouble getting there.

Krystal: You still want J.R. to be the father of this baby?

Babe: Why would you even ask that?

Krystal: I saw the way your face dropped to the cellar when Jamie left Dr. Joe's office.

Babe: Jamie wanted to be this baby's daddy real bad.

Krystal: Well, I guess we're not sure whether he is or not. It all depends on whether Paul Cramer fixed those paternity test results. So if you're having doubts about J.R., and you want to know for sure whether he or Jamie is the father, we can still find out.

Babe: Mama, are you asking me if I want to be with Jamie?

Krystal: Do you?

Babe: No. I love J.R. more than anything, and I want him to be this baby's daddy, and there are no two ways about that.

Krystal: Well, if that's true, then you just forget about everything else. Honey, you made your bed. There's only room in it for you and J.R.

J.R.: Sure, I love Babe. That's why I shut down when I thought the baby might not be mine, but the baby is mine. Now, Tad, I realize that Iíve been a jerk, not only to Babe, but to you and Jamie.

Tad: No, I'm sure there's enough blame to go around.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I just don't know if I can bury everything that happened between my brother and I. But I hope that we can fix the situation between us. You're just as much of a father to me as Adam. In most ways, closer. And -- plus, I want my baby to know both of his grandpas.

Tad: Oh, Lord, do you have to use that word?

J.R.: Ok, ok. You know what? We'll figure out another name for you. But you get my drift.

Tad: Oh, yeah. Definitely. By all means, you sign me up to spoil that kid rotten, give him a lot of bad advice. But if you don't mind, I'd like to give you some. It's going to be hard. It's going to take a lot of work to get past what you and Babe have been through.

J.R.: Now that Iíve found that the baby is mine, everything else is going to fall into place. I'm finally going to have that family that I've always wanted, not Adamís version where the parents use their kids as weapons to hurt each other, but a family where everybody lives under the same roof, that their love is strong enough that they can tough it out. I never got that. And I want my kid to have that. Now, if you don't mind, if we're done, I'd like to go be with the mother of my child.

Tad: J.R., wait. There is one other thing that Iíve got to say.

Erica: Bianca, it must be so cold out, because your cheeks are so flushed. Oh, and, Kendall, you need to look over these contracts with the CFO with your attorney.

Bianca: Mom, who was that on the phone?

Erica: Excuse me?

Bianca: That phone call. You just blasted somebody. You told them to go to hell. Was it Uncle Jack? Did you have another fight?

Erica: Oh, no, no, no. Heavens, no, no. Uncle Jack and I, we're past fighting, and -- Kendall, I want to call your attention to a clause here that really pertains to future trademarks.

Kendall: Can you tell us who was on the phone, Mother, who got you so upset?

Erica: It was my father.

Maria: Joe, thank you very much for helping out my sister, for arranging a job and everything, but I'm afraid you went to a lot of trouble for nothing.

Anita: Maria, what are you doing?

Maria: She's not going to be here in Pine Valley for very long.

Joe: Really? I was given to understand that --

Maria: No, no, no. She's going to be driving back to Chicago very soon.

Joe: Oh.

Anita: Dr. Martin, I will see you first thing in the morning for grand rounds.

Maria: Joe?

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Maria: May I borrow your office, just for a few minutes?

Joe: Be my guest.

Maria: Thank you.

Joe: Ladies.

Maria: What are you doing?

Anita: When did you sign on as my career counselor?

Maria: When I happened to walk through the door and see you uprooting your entire life.

Anita: It's my life, Maria.

Maria: Yeah, you think you're doing it just to help out family?

Anita: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I like Pine Valley, that I want to work at PVH?

Maria: Since when?

Anita: Since I became a physician's assistant.

Maria: Oh, really? Really? So this is all ok with your husband? Bobby's perfectly fine with you just leaving Chicago and he's packing up some van right now as we speak?

Anita: Ok, Bobby hasn't been in Chicago in weeks.

Maria: Nita, are you guys having problems?

Anita: Of course not. He just started this new job, and he's devoting a lot of his time to it.

Maria: Well, ok, that can't be easy for either one of you guys, either.

Anita: Part of the reason why I came back was because of Bobby. I mean, he thinks I should be with family and not at home, alone, waiting for him to walk through the door. And besides, me working here and sponging off you, I can save some money for a vacation I'm planning in the Bahamas.

Maria: Ok. I mean, I don't want you to get me wrong, honey. Believe me, I love having you around, but I just -- you know, I don't want you to give up your whole life in Chicago all to just stay here and hold my hand.

Anita: I'm not giving up my life. I want to be here.

Maria: Ok, but it's not necessary. I'm just telling you Edmund and I are going to get through all this stuff together.

Anita: Look, I'm sure you will, but, I mean, Edmundís paralysis has worked you both over.

Maria: Well, we're going to get through it, ok? You know, we will. I know that it's going to be a tough road, getting Edmund to understand that he's not going to walk again.

Anita: Maria, what if he doesn't understand?

Maria: But he will, because he has to, eventually. I love him, and I want to do everything that I can to help him see that we can still have a wonderful, fulfilling, you know, rich, happy life.

Anita: Ok, Edmund wants that, too, but he wants it standing on his own two legs.

Maria: Well, that's not going to happen.

Anita: But what about the surgery? It could reverse his paralysis.

Maria: Ok, surgery is just not an option.

Anita: Not for you, but Edmund sees it as his only hope.

Edmund: Jack, would you help me help her see this? I mean, I know I can beat the odds. But she's so focused on the risks. She won't even discuss it.

Jack: Well, that's understandable, isn't it? I mean, she's afraid of losing you.

Edmund: But she's already lost me. I mean, you know, the man that I was. She says it doesn't matter. It's easy for her to say. You know, she's got her life back. I want mine. I'm not going to accept that this is the way that it has to be.

Jack: Edmund, even if you could walk again, you're never going to be the same. I mean, what happened, it went too deep. You can try to leave it behind, but it's already a part of you. Now, how big a part -- that's up to you.

Kendall: Erica, that was your father on the phone?

Bianca: That was Eric Kane?

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Bianca: Well, what did he say? What does he want?

Erica: Oh, does it really matter?

Kendall: Well, it does sound like it matters a lot to you. He got you all worked up.

Erica: Yeah, well, you'd be worked up, too, if you got a call out of the blue from a dead man.

Bianca: Excuse me?

Erica: That's what he is to me. He's dead -- dead and forgotten.

Kendall: Tell us what he said to you.

Erica: Do we really have to get into this? He opened with "Hello, Princess," which was his old pet name for me.

Bianca: And then what?

Erica: Oh, I don't know, Bianca. He said something about wanting to heal old wounds and make peace with the past. He wanted me to forgive him, as if I could ever forgive him for what he did to me.

Kendall: Well, where did he call you from?

Erica: Some casting couch, probably. My father was known as a woman's director for good reason -- reasons that he made shamefully obvious.

Bianca: So why is he calling you now?

Erica: He didn't say, and I don't care. I couldn't care less.

Bianca: I'm calling Uncle Jack.

Erica: No! I don't want Jack to know. I don't want anyone to know about this, not ever.

Bianca: Mom, you can't just pretend that that phone call didn't happen.

Erica: As far as Iím concerned, it never did. That man has no place in my thoughts or in my life.

Bianca: We get that, Mom, but he's your father and --

Erica: He's the one who started all of this. He's the one to blame for everything that happened. And I will never, ever forgive him for that.

Tad: There's someone else that we have to talk about, somebody who was in the picture a long time before you and Babe ever met.

J.R.: You mean Mom.

Tad: Yeah. Yeah. I know that Dixie would be absolutely over the moon about this baby. I know she's every bit as proud of you as I am, so you go ahead. You give that child as much love as you possibly can.

J.R.: You know, I -- I've been thinking about Mom a lot lately. I just wish she was here, you know.

Tad: She is. Always. Go on.

J.R.: Thanks, Gramps.

Tad: Oh, God.

Tad: I'm sorry I couldn't do it, Dixie. I couldn't do it. I just don't have the heart.

Krystal: Oh, you have the heart, all right, to do right by those kids in there.

Tad: You were eavesdropping?

Krystal: Oh, no, I didn't have to. I just left J.R. giving Babe a big old bear hug. That was my first clue that you didn't take the wrecking ball to their marriage. Thank you.

Tad: Do me a favor. Don't thank me for lying to my son. I didn't do it for you. I didn't do it for Babe. I did it for him.

Krystal: Well, of course you did. He's your son.

Tad: I watched him grow up being torn in half by his parents. I'll be damned if I'm going to do that to him with his son. So you're going to keep your word to me. You're going to fix this, Krystal. If you have to break your back, you make sure that J.R. never finds out that his devoted wife, the mother of his child, is a bigamist.

J.R.: Comfortable? Feet up? Feet down?

Babe: J.R., settle down. It's ok, Iím fine, but you know what? Definitely eighty-six those pancakes, because I'll be feeding my tush, not the baby.

J.R.: Well, the view's ok from back here.

Babe: Stop.

J.R.: Hey, when is your next prenatal checkup?

Babe: Two weeks. Why?

J.R.: Well, I'm going to go with you. I have a bunch of questions I've been thinking about, you know, about the pregnancy. I'd like to ask the doctor.

Babe: Really? Like what?

J.R.: Well, like what I can be doing to make everything as easy and stress free for you as possible so you can give birth to a super baby.

Babe: J.R., I love you so much.

J.R.: I love you, Babe. And I love you.

Babe: You know, ever since we found out the baby's yours, you've been the most loving, sweet husband ever. Which kind of makes me wonder.

J.R.: About what?

Babe: If we had found out today that the baby wasn't yours, where would I be right now?

Mary: Correct my memory if Iím wrong, but didn't I hear you tell baby once that no child of hers would ever wear this gown? Let's see, the phrase, "When they sell snow cones in hell" comes to mind.

Adam: Yeah, that was before I had proof that there was Chandler blood running through his veins, and now I must treat its mother as if she were an honored member of this family. And so do you.

Mary: Why should you punish me?

Adam: Well, because you're living off my dime and you have to obey the house rules. From now on, we will satisfy Babe's every craving and creature comfort, from midnight snack attacks to "Pretty Woman" night in the home theater.

Mary: Great. I'll serve her the pork rinds.

Adam: Yeah, you'll only have to serve up the whole pig if it'll make Babe think that she's died and gone to a swap meet. At least until after the child is born.

Mary: And then what?

Adam: Once the baby is safely delivered into the heart and bosom of this family, Babe will begin to disappear from the picture.

Mary: Darling, that's going to take more than a prayer and an airbrush.

Adam: I'll find a way if it's the last thing I ever do.

Mary: All right. Well, we do have a little bit of time before this heir makes its debut.

Adam: Yes. It's time for you to jump-start operation spoil Babe into a false sense of security. I want you to help put together the baby shower for Bianca Montgom--

Mary: Adam -- Adam --

Adam: Yeah, Bianca Montgomery.

Mary: We're not serious about that. Now, I meant it. You can't throw a shower together at the last moment. You've got to do the engraved invitations, the catering, the menu --

Adam: Forget the engraving. Invite the guests in person.

Mary: You want me to make house calls? I can't even send a messenger?

Adam: Babe will prefer that you make the rounds yourself, and it will impress Bianca with your personal touch.

Mary: Erica Kane is the reason that I lost my daughter, and now you want me to throw a shower for her?

Adam: Do it, or Iíll find somebody who will while you find yourself someplace else to live.

Erica: I told you about the legacy of the Kane women -- our strength, our tenacity, our determination not just to survive, but to prevail. But there's another legacy, the one my father left us -- the legacy of rape and secrets and lies. He didn't tell me I'd be all alone at my own birthday party. He didn't care what his friend might do to me. He only cared about what he needed, never mind me, the one who adored him, idolized him. I loved him more than anyone on the face of the earth, and he abandoned me. He forgot me. He's to blame for everything that's happened. He's the reason why that night will never end and why we will relive that night over and over and over. How can I forgive such a betrayal? And the worst lie of all, that I was important to him -- he wounds me in my heart to the very core, and then he says, "I'm sorry," and he believes that that will erase all the pain and all the suffering. Well, I can't, and I won't forgive, not now and not ever. And maybe he will finally know how it feels to have someone you believe loves you turn their back on you and shut you out.

Kendall: Is that how you feel about us, Mother?

Bianca: About what we did to you? Mom, we don't want what happened between you and your father to happen to us. We don't want you to feel so betrayed by us that you can never get past it.

Kendall: If that's how you feel, then tell us and we'll deal with it. We don't want this to break our family apart, with you over there, your feelings shut out, and us over here, trying to reach out to you.

Bianca: We love you, Mom. Let us help you. Please, let us in.

Mary: Knock-knock. Hope Iím not interrupting anything.

Kendall: What the hell are you doing here?

Mary: And a gracious good afternoon to you, too, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, either you're here to cause my mother trouble or you're using Greenlee to cause me grief. Either way, it's a very bad time.

Mary: Actually, I'm here to see Bianca. Babe Chandler sent me.

Bianca: Babe. Is she ok? Is her baby ok?

Mary: Yes, mother and baby are fine, so fine, as a matter of fact, that she would like to throw you a baby shower, Bianca.

Krystal: Tad, I swear to you, if I have to file this annulment paper myself, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that marriage to Paul Cramer is null and void.

Tad: You better, because if J.R. ever finds out --

Krystal: I know, I know. He'll throw Babe right back to San Diego.

Tad: You have no idea. He may have his mother's heart, but he's got his father's anger, and there's enough Adam in there for him to do exactly that and never think about what it might cost him.

Krystal: Well, I hate to say it, but I have seen that cold steel look in his eyes.

Tad: I know. There's enough Dixie there. He's vulnerable and he's trusting, and it's the side of him that Adamís done his damnedest to kill. It would be a real shame if the woman he loves is able to kill it instead.

J.R.: Babe, what do you mean, if the baby's not mine? We had the test. It is.

Bianca: Well, I know. It's just that when we woke up this morning, you could barely even stand to look at me, and now you're just falling all over yourself trying to make husband of the year.

J.R.: And that bothers you?

Babe: No, I love it, I really do. It's just that I hope it's not all because I'm carrying the next Chandler heir. And I hope it has a little something to do with the fact that you still love me, baby or no baby.

J.R.: Babe, I love you. And the baby only makes me love you that much more. Look, I know I haven't been husband of the year for the last couple months, and I wish that I could say that I would have been cool if I found out the baby wasn't mine.

Babe: But you can't, right?

J.R.: I don't think I could have looked that kid in the eyes without thinking about the night you and Jamie hooked up. But that's not the problem. It's not Jamieís baby. It's mine. And no matter what problems we've had, I want to work through them for the baby's sake.

Babe: Would you be willing to work through our problems, well, if it was just the two of us?

Adam: Ah, there you are. Babe, this is for you.

Babe: Is this what I think it is?

Adam: It's a peace offering.

Krystal: Tad, I swear to you on my life that Babe loves J.R. more than anything in this world. She made a mistake, but she's learned from it, and she's not going to repeat that.

Tad: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Krystal: You have my word on it. Thanks for being a gentleman. You've made me and Babe -- you've made us real happy.

Tad: Is this the part where you sleep with me to make sure I keep my mouth shut? You're about as subtle as a heart attack.

Krystal: You talk like you know me.

Tad: I don't think I do. I don't think I want to, because I'd swear this is the point where you assume that doing me is the only way Iíll keep your daughter's bigamy a secret.

Krystal: Where does this come from?

Tad: You once told me you were willing to do anything, anything at all to make sure Babe was happy. Did you mean it, or was it just one more lie?

Babe: Adam, you once told me that my baby would never wear this gown.

Adam: I meant what I said about starting over.

Babe: And I meant what I said, too, about wanting my baby to grow up in a happy home. And it looks like we're off to a good start. Thank you, Pops. I wonder if my little peanut knows how lucky he is.

Adam: Yeah, we're the lucky ones.

J.R.: I'll drink to that.

Adam: A toast. An excellent idea. I'll do the honors while you look after Babe.

Anita: You wanted me to convince Edmund not to have the surgery, and he wanted me to get you to go along with it.

Maria: I know. I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean for you to be stuck in the middle of all this.

Anita: Edmund is so sure the procedure is worth the risk.

Maria: But it's not. He's wrong. It's not worth it.

Anita: Considering the alternative?

Maria: Well, Edmund thinks that the surgery's going to work. He thinks that all's going to be fine and well and great, but you and I both know that he could risk his life in surgery and still end up in a wheelchair, or end up a quadriplegic. Or dead.

Anita: I know how scared you must be.

Maria: You know what? It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen, because I'm not going to let Edmund take that chance, ok? I'm not going to -- see, I can't -- I can't lose Edmund again. And I'm not going to be the one to try to figure out how to tell my kids that their daddy went to heaven, and Iím not going to be laying in an empty bed, hating his guts because -- because he left me, you know? I'm not, so -- anyway, it's just not going to happen, and I have to convince Edmund that being alive and being loved is the most important thing and that it doesn't matter to me or to Maddie or to Sam if he's in a wheelchair. It just matters, for God's sake, that he's with us.

Anita: Maria, what if it matters to him?

Maria: No. No, because it just matters that I can see his face and that I can hold his hand and that my kids can kiss their daddy good night. That is all that Edmund should be thinking about right now. That's all that should matter. So Iím going to make him see that. And then he'll forget all about this surgery.

Edmund: Jack, I can't let this chance go by. I mean, that's what Maria can't see.

Jack: Well, what can I say? I agree with you. Life is a series of calculated risks at best.

Edmund: Absolutely. Unfortunately, my wife thinks I take too many risks. You know, she warned me, don't get involved with the Calatravases and Juan Pablo and, you know, something bad's going to happen. She was right.

Jack: Yeah, well, old pal, I'm not the one laying in the hospital bed, so I'm not going to presume to tell you what to do, but I will tell you this -- sometimes the risk we take on the chance that it won't turn out in the end, it's worth the price we pay.

[Knock on door]

Edmund: Come in. May I help you?

Man: Jackson Montgomery.

Jack: That would be me.

Man: You've been served. Have a nice day.

Jack: You, too. Well, it looks like I'm going to get to pay the price now.

Edmund: Was it worth it?

Jack: I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Mary: Babe is so excited about this shower that she has all these darling little games planned, like the one everyone guesses how big around you are by cutting a length of string and the one where you taste different baby foods and guess --

Bianca: You know what? Babe is so sweet to think of me. Please thank her for me, but I think now is not really the time to have a shower.

Erica: Now is the perfect time. Please tell Babe how grateful we are to her for her thoughtfulness and that she can certainly count on all three of us to be there.

Bianca: Mom, are you sure about that?

Erica: Of course I'm sure. A baby shower -- it sounds like so much fun.

Mary: Wonderful. So Iíll expect to see the three of you tomorrow afternoon at the Chandlers' at 2:00. Bye.

Bianca: Mom, you didn't have to do that. I don't need a shower, and I don't want one if it's going to make you more upset.

Erica: Bianca, I'm fine. But you girls are really going to have to excuse me, because I have a million things to do today. I'll see you at the shower.

Kendall: Ok, what the hell was that?

Bianca: I don't know.

Kendall: That -- did you hear her, with everything about her dad and that phone call and everything she said? Do you think maybe she was really ranting at us?

Bianca: Mom has a lot of issues with her father that go back a really long time. Maybe this was good for her to just finally get them out, you know?

Kendall: Yeah, but didn't you feel like she was speaking in code, like maybe you and I were the real targets?

Bianca: Well, what if she was? If mom feels like we betrayed her, she's allowed to feel that way. The important thing is she's willing to be a part of the shower, which means that she's trying to get past the pain and really reach out to us.

Kendall: Well, I guess it's a start.

Bianca: It is. It's a fresh start for all of us.

Krystal: You want to know how far I'll go to protect my little girl? How's begging for food at restaurant back doors grab you? Or working all hours in some greasy dive fighting off a loser with bad breath and keeping a smile on my face so that I can keep my job and buy my little girl a winter coat? I have done things that I cannot even put into words to keep that little girl warm and fed. Sleeping with you is nowhere near as low as I would go. So if warming your bed will keep Babe married to the one man she loves more than anything in this world, then just move over and don't hog the sheets, because if hot sex is what it takes to keep your mouth shut --

Tad: That won't be necessary. I don't think I'd have the stomach. I meant what I said. I'll keep Babe's secret, but I'll do it for J.R.

Krystal: Well, aren't you the good old boy. Now that I know that your one and only motivation is to protect your sons, then I guess I can just tell you to go to hell.

Adam: Sparkling cider for Babe.

Babe: You know what? I'm not really thirsty right now, so why don't you and J.R. go ahead?

Adam: Well, all right.

Babe: Thank you, though.

Adam: To the next Chandler grandchild.

Maria: Hey, baby.

Edmund: Hi.

Maria: How was your visit with Jackson?

Edmund: Fine.

Maria: Good. Good, good. You know, I have got a whole list of stuff I need you to help me do once you get home. I swear my computer is possessed by the devil. Sam needs help with his science project that he's doing for the science fair, and Maddie's got, like, boy problems. There's this guy with cooties, and he keeps pulling her hair, and she'll tell you the whole story when you get home.

Edmund: Hey. Come here.

Maria: Yes?

Edmund: You know I love you more than anything. I can't keep this from you.

Maria: Yes? What is it?

Edmund: I'm calling Dr. Marshall. As soon as he clears his schedule, I'm having that surgery.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Maria: You can't leave me.

Anita: I don't think this is a good time for you to be in there. You're the last person they need to deal with right now.

Jack: You get to throw the book at me.

Kendall: No, Jack, Jack, you can't do this.

Ryan: Greenlee! Where'd you go?

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