AMC Transcript Thursday 2/26/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/26/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Jamie: What do you want?

Tad: J.R.?

J.R.: We had the paternity test done.

Jamie: It wasn't supposed to happen till the baby was born.

J.R.: I couldn't take the suspense.

Jamie: So tell us who the father is, then.

J.R.: We get the test results tomorrow at the hospital. I want you to come down there to hear that the baby's mine. Or if it's yours, just to see your reaction and Babe's when we get the news.

Babe: You're charged, so why don't you ring already? Please ring.

Krystal: Hey, hey. Save a bite for me? Babe, honey. Come on, now, having a baby is hard enough. You keep this up, you're going to squeeze out a sumo wrestler.

Babe: Gross.

Krystal: Here, come here. Sit up, sit up. Hmm -- listen to me. Now, I know this binge probably started out as a craving, but it looks to me like you're eating to forget, huh?

Babe: Mama, I am so depressed.

Krystal: Well, honey, when you come down from this sugar high, you're going to feel even worse. So, who's driving you to the ice cream? Jamie or J.R.?

Babe: Paul. He should be back from Canada by now. Why hasn't he called?

Krystal: He's probably just taking care of business.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Hello?

Paul: Hey. It's me.

Babe: Paul.

Paul: I'm back.

Babe: With my paternity results? You got the results, right?

Paul: Oh, I got them. I got them right here.

Babe: And? Who's my baby's father? Paul, it's J.R., right? J.R.'s the daddy, isn't he?

Greenlee: Open it, Ryan. Open it. Help me open it.

Ryan: Greenlee?

Kendall: Sorry to disappoint you.

Ryan: You shouldn't have followed me here.

Kendall: I'm not going to let you get away with this again. No. No way, Ryan.

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan, where are you? Help me. Get me out of here.

Ryan: Why'd you bother, Kendall?

Kendall: No, you can't just slip on your gear, hop on your hog, and leave me out in the dust. I've been there. I won't do it again.

Ryan: Well, I said goodbye this time. I even gave you the keys to my penthouse.

Kendall: Oh. You know what, you can take your lovely little parting gift back. I don't want your stupid penthouse.

Ryan: Hey, my bad. So what do you want, Kendall? What? What, you want to blast me? Go ahead. You want to say that I colluded against you, that I joined forces with Greenlee?

Greenlee: I'm in this hole, Ryan. You're my only way out.

Ryan: Because that's what you really need, right? It's the same thing, Kendall. Nothing has changed. You're delusional. And you know what? Maybe I am, too, for thinking there was some reason for me to come back to Pine Valley. Well, goodbye again, and this time it's for good.

Kendall: No, no -- Ryan, no! No, Ryan -- Ryan, wait.

Greenlee: Ryan, are you giving up on me?

Ryan: Wait? Why should I?

Kendall: Because -- because what if I want to try again? What if I want to give us -- you and me -- another chance?

Babe: Paul? Paul! He hung up!

Adam: I caught you.

Paul: Mr. Chandler, sir --

Adam: Anybody I do business with earns the right to call me by my first name. We are doing business, aren't we?

Paul: I'm not sure J.R. is going to listen to a word I have to say about Babe.

Adam: Well, it's certainly worth a try, isn't it? Don't you want to know what's inside?

Paul: This isn't the amount you offered me.

Adam: I pay people what they're worth. I've doubled the amount. To earn it, all you have to do is tell my son the whole truth about the pretty little slut he married.

Krystal: Babe -- Babe, now, listen to me. Listen to me. Your health and that baby's health are the most important things right now. So I want you to just breathe. Breathe, ok, and relax. Now, Paul is not going to wreck your life because I'm not going to let him. Now, you trust your mama, don't you?

Babe: Always, Mama.

Krystal: Great. Now, listen to me. I've got those unfiled annulment papers tucked away. Paul can't prove that you didn't try to file them, so he can't prove that you didn't think they were signed, sealed, and delivered when you married J.R.

Babe: But what about the paternity test?

Krystal: You and J.R.'s baby just sit tight. Now, I�ll fix Paul Cramer and those test results.

Jamie: Why are you trying to humiliate Babe? Why not keep it private?

J.R.: I figured you had a vested interest.

Jamie: Well, if you turn out not to be the father, what, are you going to hand Babe over to me?

Tad: Why don't you just go and see what happens.

Jamie: You plan to toss Babe out of the Chandler family and never look back.

J.R.: I'll call you with the time if you want to come down.

Jamie: So much for "better or worse," huh? Supposedly, you love Babe till death do you part?

J.R.: You know, you care about my wife so much, I suggest you come down and you join us.

Jamie: Oh, I wouldn't miss it. And I hope to hell that you're not the father because that baby deserves better than your messed-up family.

J.R.: Yeah, we do all right.

Jamie: Well, in business, maybe. But with people and relationships, you take after your old man, and that's sad.

J.R.: Do you want to come down to the hospital? Yes or no?

Jamie: I'll be there.

J.R.: Smart man.

Tad: I don't like the way you treat your brother. But I am proud of you.

Jamie: For what?

Tad: For sticking up for Babe and her baby.

Jamie: I don't mean to make you choose sides.

Tad: I'm not. I love J.R. I just think somebody should do something about his Adam tendencies before it's too late.

Jamie: It'd be great to have the old J.R. back again.

Tad: Well, I'm going to help you out, no matter what happens.

Jamie: What is that supposed to mean?

Tad: Before I got sidetracked with this job I'm doing for Erica, I was on to something. I thought I was.

Jamie: You were butting into Babe's life?

Tad: Well, I heard her and Krystal talking about something, some kind of document. It sounded pretty important.

Jamie: Then leave it alone, Dad. Just back off.

Tad: James, we don't even know what this document is or why they're killing themselves trying to hide it.

Jamie: Well, if Babe thinks it could destroy her life, then --

Tad: Well, maybe Babe is being shortsighted. Maybe if it's the truth, it could help her have a better life and do something for you in the mix.

Jamie: Dad, you're going to make things worse. I can feel it. Just please don't --

Tad: I can�t. I'm not going to back off until I find out what Babe and Krystal are hiding.

Brooke: This is a public hospital!

Paul: I'll be in touch.

Brooke: Don't make me call the chief of staff. You know, Joe Martin is a close friend of mine, and I --

Adam: What have you done now? Let her go.

Guard: My orders are to escort this woman out of the building.

Adam: Ooh, must have been a good one, Brooke.

Brooke: Adam, I have this under control, thank you.

Adam: Yeah, well, I am Adam Chandler. I hold a seat on the board of this hospital, so I can take care of public enemy number one.

Guard: My orders are --

Adam: Damn it! Unhand her, or I�ll have you terminated, effective immediately! Now, go. Just go. Go, go. Take a break. Take a -- take a nap. Just go!

Brooke: I could have taken care of that myself, you know.

Adam: What have you done, Brooke? Invaded some poor patient's privacy so you could finish your story?

Brooke: I was visiting Edmund.

Adam: Oh, Edmund called hospital security? Oh. Take a hint, Brooke.

Brooke: It wasn't Edmund.

Adam: Oh, Maria had you thrown out? Hmm. I thought this -- this battle over Edmund was settled some time ago.

Brooke: It was another matter.

Adam: Well, whatever it is, I'll fix it so Maria can't evict you from the hospital yet.

Brooke: That's nice. Why would you come to my defense?

Adam: Well, old habits die hard, Brooke. Hmm? It's -- we've been so close for so many years.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What do you want?

Adam: Huh. A friend can't do a good turn for you without you --

Brooke: A good friend, yes. A mediocre ex-husband, maybe. You? Don't make me laugh.

Adam: How's Jamie doing?

Brooke: Fine. Why?

Adam: Haven't noticed any nervousness? Tension?

Brooke: Get to the point.

Adam: Babe gets the paternity results back tomorrow. I was wondering if Jamie knew that and how he was dealing with it.

Brooke: You louse.

[Adam laughs]

Brooke: You are praying that Jamie is the father.

Adam: I'm quite sure he's the father.

Brooke: Well, Jamie and I will decide what to do if we have to decide anything when we know who's who and what's what. But that is our business, not yours.

Adam: You're so strong, so formidable. You're going to make one hell of a grandma.

Brooke: You're damn right I will -- someday. And you know what you're going to make, Adam? The same mistakes over and over again until you are a bitter, isolated, lonely old man.

Babe: Oh. It's perfect. Oh. See? When you come, I�m going to hold you and play with you all day. And then when you're sleepy, you and lamby are going to cuddle up together. See, when I was little, my mama -- she made me a -- a sock horse. And all the other kids -- they just had the same old sock monkeys. But she said that I had to have a horse to go along with the song. I'm going to sing to you every night, just like Mama sang to me. See, there's a lot of people that don't want to bring babies into the world right now because there's a lot wrong with it -- people just hating and killing each other. But I figured that -- that J.R. and I -- we can love you enough and show you how to love, to be strong, to be a good person. The world is going to be a lot better place with you in it. Hush a bye oh, don't you cry, go to sleep my little baby hmm, hmm hmm, hmm, hmm, all the pretty little ponies

Ryan: You still don't trust me. You still don't trust your feelings for me enough to be honest.

Kendall: I give you an opening and you take a cheap shot.

Ryan: Why can't you just ask me to stay because you want us to be together? Why? Listen, listen -- trust is part of love.

Kendall: You want me to trust you? You're all packed up and ready to peel out.

Ryan: Because I can't spend my life taking one step forward and three steps back, Kendall! I can't! Every chance that we had we used up or we threw away. Kendall, it's over. It's really over. Face it, that engagement ring was bad luck for Chris and my mom, and it was bad luck for us.

Kendall: Well, then maybe you should just get rid of it.

Ryan: I did. I threw it down that mineshaft right there under the rock.

Greenlee: I'm calling you, Ryan. Listen with your heart. Save me, Ryan.

Kendall: You threw it away?

Ryan: Yeah. We're over, Kendall. It's ended, and you're the only one you have to thank or blame.

Greenlee: Ryan's not coming. No one is. No Ryan, no rescue. I'm going to die here.

Ryan: You'll get used to it.

Kendall: No, no! No, I won�t. No, Ryan, I won�t. I won�t. I want to be with you. I want to -- I want to believe you and I want to trust you, Ryan. Please, I want us to be happy.

Ryan: You know what you want, Kendall, but what can we build on? I know you still can't trust me. What's holding you back? Kendall, what is going to change?

Ryan: I tried. I tried to help you -- you and Bianca. I was 100% behind you during the trial. If I could have, I would've -- I would've swept in and I would've rescued you, but you just wouldn't let yourself see that.

Greenlee: Doesn't matter. Too tired for anything but sleep. I want to sleep now. Sleep.

Ryan: Why did you have to twist it all up?

Kendall: Greenlee, ok? I couldn't get past Greenlee and your --

Ryan: Just leave Greenlee out of this, and can we just stick to you and me this time?

Kendall: Why did you come to this spot, Ryan? Why here by the waterfall?

Ryan: To say goodbye.

Kendall: No, this is Greenlee's favorite spot, but of course you know that. It's where she feels closer to Leo.

Ryan: That's who I came to say goodbye to -- to Leo.

Kendall: At least admit that you were here for Greenlee.

Ryan: I wasn't.

Kendall: You were waiting for her to show up when I arrived. You thought I was Greenlee. And since she's gone into hiding or whatever, you accused me of doing something to her.

Ryan: You know what, I�m not going to do this. I'm not going to get into this jealous obsession of yours. I'm not going to discuss Greenlee with you.

Kendall: Oh, never mind the fact that she's the problem?

Ryan: She's your problem, Kendall, and you have worked really hard to make her your problem.

Kendall: No, since you came back into town, she's been all over you. She's been trying to make you since day one, and you love every minute of it.

Ryan: That's it! I don't want to hear her name again!

Kendall: Greenlee. Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee! Greenlee has been out to get you. She wants you, and you let her believe that she can have you. You know what I say? I say great, let her have you. Hey, little green pea, come out, come out wherever you are! You can have him! He's all yours! Have a great life! Have fun, baby! I'm out of here.

[Motorcycle starts]

[Babe hums]

Babe: What -- um -- oh. Hi.

J.R.: Hi.

Babe: Hey, I got this for the baby.

J.R.: It's nice. I like it.

Babe: Where you been?

J.R.: At Jamie�s. I think he should be there when we get the news.

Babe: For the test results? J.R., why did you do that? That's between us.

J.R.: Well, if it was only between us, we wouldn't even have to take a test.

Babe: If it turns out that I�m wrong and somehow you're not the baby's daddy, I'll walk right out that door and you won't ever have to see me ever again. You can start over with somebody new, but she won't ever love you as much as I do. Nobody could love you as much as I do, J.R., and you'll never be as happy with somebody else as we were when we first got married. J.R., we can be that happy again if you would just let us.

Brooke: If it is J.R.�s baby, you're going to want to bring that child into the family, but you have done nothing except insult Babe from the minute that she arrived.

Adam: I was very cordial to her till I found out she was a moneygrubbing tramp.

Brooke: Keep it up. Keep it up, and J.R. is going to make sure that your grandchild never comes near you. And I know how much you're going to love being cut off from your granddaughter or your grandson. I have a piece of advice for you, Adam -- just behave yourself until the test results are in, and then be prepared to do a hell of a lot of damage control.

Ryan: You know, I thought we were cool, man. So -- so why am I back? Well, I thought I was going to ride until I ran out of gas or until I ran out of road, and then I hit the town limits sign and I come back. Something was drawing me back, Leo, and if it's not you and it sure as hell isn't Kendall --

Kendall�s voice: Why did you come to this spot, Ryan? It's Greenlee�s favorite spot. You were waiting for her to show up when I arrived. Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee!

Ryan: That was for you. Greenlee! Greenlee?

[Ryan groans]

Ryan: Greenlee, are you down there?

[Ryan groans]

Ryan: Greenlee! Greenlee, are you down there? Hold on, hold on. Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee, can you hear me? Greenlee!

J.R.: Our happiness is up to me, hmm? Babe, are you admitting that the baby's not mine?

Babe: No matter what I say, you just want to make it ugly. You want this baby to be anybody else's but your own. Is that how it is, J.R.? You just want an excuse to kick me out of your life?

J.R.: No! No, I don't want to stop loving you. I -- I don't want to lose you.

Babe: You haven't lost me, J.R. I'm right here. And I love you now as much as I did when we first got married.

J.R.: When it was just us against the world.

Babe: It can be like that again -- wild and crazy in love -- if you would just believe in me, believe in our love.

J.R.: We're going to have plenty of time to figure out the future once we get the paternity test. What'd I do with my briefcase?

Krystal: You listen to me, Paul -- you cross my Babe and I will decimate you. I'm not fooling.

Paul: I don't have the results.

Krystal: Weren't they ready?

Paul: Yeah, they were.

Krystal: Well, did you lose them?

Paul: They're in Dr. Martin's office.

Krystal: Well, what'd they say? What'd they say? Did you have to fix them so that they'd say that J.R.'s the daddy?

Paul: You'll find out tomorrow when Babe meets with Dr. Martin.

Krystal: You listen to me -- I will do more than hurt you if you cross my little girl. Now, I can drop a 300-pound man. Featherweight rodent like you will be no challenge at all.

[While searching Krystal�s bedroom, Tad comes across her journal]

Tad: Nah. Why not? Might just be the answer to all our prayers. No. New Year�s Eve. "Tad Martin proved he got his reputation the old-fashioned way. He earned it. From the moment --" My God, I'm good. Yeah. Talk to me.

David: Hey -- Kendall.

Kendall: You have time for a visit from a former co-conspirator?

David: Are you all right?

Kendall: Yeah, I'm fine. Actually, I'm terrific. I'm great.

David: Well, that's good news. So what are you doing here?

Kendall: I'm saying goodbye to an old friend. I could sure use a new one.

David: Oh, I make a lousy friend --

Kendall: Well --

David: Or so I've been told.

Kendall: I make a lousy everything, so I guess you and I are a pretty good fit, huh?

David: Have you been drinking?

Kendall: No, but that does sound like a great idea.

David: Come on, Kendall. Something's wrong. Are Bianca and Erica --

Kendall: They're fine. They're fine. We're all fine. We're all going to be fine. Even me -- I�m going to be fine because what went wrong, I'm going to fix. Is this label right? You didn't add any, like, extra-special ingredient that's going to make me howl at the moon or chase 18-wheelers on the highway?

David: Nope. What you see is what you get.

Kendall: Oh. Too bad.

David: Sorry. I don't think so.

Kendall: You know, your reputation's bad enough. You want to add "crummy host" to it?

David: How about a fair trade? Straight liquor for straight talk. Why are you really here?

Kendall: I told you -- I was cruising around looking for a friendly face, and yours came to mind. You got a problem with that, then fine, I�ll leave. Better yet, call the cops. They can come and lock me up, and this time they can keep me in there for good and I won't have to harm anybody ever again.

David: And who have you harmed?

Kendall: The night is young, and I feel like getting into a little trouble.

David: Are you sure you're all right?

Kendall: I have never seen things more clearly in my entire life, and what I see is an entire waste. All this energy and effort I�ve completely wasted in trying to be somebody I�m not.

David: And that would be --

Kendall: The good girl who thinks there's some perfect life for me out there and that someone's actually going to give it to me. The only thing that I got is a kick in the butt from my ex-fiancÚ.

David: Oh, all right. So Ryan is responsible for this mood that you're in.

Kendall: I'm not -- I'm in a great mood. I'm in a fantastic mood, actually. The world is at the palm of my hands. The world is at my taking. I can do whatever I damn well please. And anybody who has a problem with it, then they better just stay the hell away from me. But I hope that you won�t.

David: Oh, I don't know. You sound pretty dangerous.

Kendall: You're smirking at me. Funny, it would normally bother me from somebody else, but with you it doesn�t. Maybe because you and I are so much alike.

David: Then why don't you relax and have a seat.

Kendall: You and I pulled the ultimate pregnancy scam. The ultimate. People hate and loathe you just as much as they do me, so I think we're perfect for each other.

David: Hmm. Now I am worried about you.

Kendall: No, seriously, David. You owe it to yourself to give me a shot.

[Kendall gives David a big smooch]

Jamie: Mom.

Brooke: Yes?

Jamie: I wondered how long before you'd show up.

Brooke: Oh, why? Did you leave a message for me? Because I never got one.

Jamie: Dad told you, right? About Babe taking the new kind of paternity test? And we'll be seeing the results tomorrow, and he got you over here to talk me out of it.

Brooke: No, no, but he told me that I could come over here. I just came over here because I wanted to see you.

Jamie: How come? What did I do or forget to do?

Brooke: Would you stop, all right? Nothing is wrong.

Jamie: You're about the only person in town who thinks so.

Brooke: Well, I ran into Adam Chandler at the hospital.

Jamie: That must have been fun.

Brooke: He told me about the paternity test tomorrow.

Jamie: Go ahead -- tell me if the baby's mine to keep my mouth shut and back off.

Brooke: Hey, come on. When am I the enemy?

Jamie: So you're not going to try to talk me out of going for custody if I�m the father?

Brooke: I just came over to, you know, hang out with you, unless of course you're busy studying.

Jamie: I can't concentrate on anything.

Brooke: Excellent. Because then maybe I have a chance of winning. What do you say, huh? High-low Chicago, one-eyed jacks wild?

Jamie: How about five-card stud. It's classic, simple.

Brooke: Then high-low Chicago.

Jamie: If you win the hand, you can call it.

Brooke: Ok, that's fair enough.

Jamie: This is a good idea. Thanks, Mom.

Brooke: Hey, I just needed some extra cash, that's all. Before we start, I just want to say if this baby is yours, he or she will be a welcome addition to our family. If it ever, however, calls me "Granny" or "Grandma," I�ll be very upset. However, I will be very accepting of "She who must be obeyed" or "Hot Mama."

Jamie: It's a good bluff.

Brooke: Oh, I'm just warming up.

Tad: Well, it's definitely a wonderful read with fabulous fleshed-out characters and an excellent male lead, but it doesn't do a damn thing for me.

Krystal: That's all right, Winnie, I'm fine. No, really, I'm good. I'm just going to call it a day. Thanks a lot, now. All right, good night.

[A suspicious Krystal spots Tad hiding in her closet and yanks him out by the ear]

Tad: Surprise! Ow, ow! You trying to rip it off?

Krystal: I should've known you wouldn't stop digging for dirt on Babe! I gave you the benefit of the doubt because you're just so darn desirable!

Tad: Aren't you kind?

Krystal: Well, not anymore. The police can throw your butt in the slammer for all I care.

Tad: Take it easy, take it -- come here, come here, come here. Take it easy. Don't embarrass yourself.

Krystal: Embarrass me?

Tad: Yes.

Krystal: You're the one who's got to explain why you're in my closet!

Tad: I would love to if you'd give me half a minute! I'd just like to keep it private, if you don't mind. And after that, if you don't believe me, then you can dial the cops. Hell, I'll do it for you.

Ryan: Greenlee! It's me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I got you, I got you. Are you ok? Are you ok?

[Ryan groans as he descends into the mineshaft with a rope]

Ryan: Ok, ok. You're going to be all right. I got you here, I got you. All right. We're going to get you out of here, ok? You can open your eyes now. Greenlee, listen to me -- open your eyes, all right? You've got to tell me what happened here. You got to tell me how you got -- how long have you been down here? What happened? Hey, that's it. That's it, come on. Greenlee, hi. Do you know who it is? It's Ryan. I'm here with you. It's Ryan.

Greenlee: Go away.

Babe: Aren't you tired?

J.R.: You know, I -- I just got to get this finished.

Babe: I really wish you'd get some more rest. Ok, then. Good night.

J.R.: Good night.

[Adam watches from the shadows as his son lets Babe go to bed alone]

Krystal: All right, give it to me. I love a good story. Of course, you probably already know that, I guess. So if you're not here to gather info on Babe, why are you here?

Tad: I am here, my shrinking violet, because I wanted to give you this.

Krystal: Nice.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Is this hot merchandise, Mr. Cat Burglar?

Tad: It's bought and paid for. I got it for you.

Krystal: Uh-huh.

Tad: No, I'm serious. Come on, turn around. I'll put it on.

Krystal: I don't think I ought to turn my back on you.

Tad: Oh, live dangerously. Come on. Do it.

Krystal: Yeah, right. You snuck up here --

Tad: Hair.

Krystal: To give me a necklace.

Tad: That's right.

Krystal: Yep, my closet is a virtual waiting room for all my beaus.

Tad: You're paranoid. It was supposed to be on your dresser where you would find it. That's why I was in the closet because it was supposed to be a surprise.

Krystal: All right, then, give it to me.

Tad: I just did.

Krystal: No, give me the sexy, romantic note that you were going to leave with the necklace.

Tad: There's supposed to be a note?

Krystal: Oh, right. You wanted to be anonymous, huh?

Tad: Well, Krystal, how many men have you seen who would creep in your bedroom and leave you a necklace?

Krystal: Sugar, you don't want to know.

Tad: Well, maybe I should be jealous.

Krystal: Ha! Your bedroom's the take-a-number deli of love, not mine.

Tad: Hey, true enough. I might not be a one-woman man at present, but I bought the necklace and I crept in here for you and only you. Ok?

Krystal: I could use some more convincing.

Krystal: All right, I believe you. So how's my necklace look on my top?

Tad: I think it'd look better without it.

Krystal: Well, we'll just have to see about that.

Tad: Yeah, I guess we shall.

Krystal: Whoo! Oh, baby!

[Krystal laughs as they fall onto her bed together]

David: Kendall, you've been through a lot lately. I really think you need to get a grip.

Kendall: I've had a grip. I've had a grip for months now, and where has it gotten me? Nowhere. I try and try to keep it all together and to hang on to that grip, but it's not going anywhere. I want to win for once. I want to have the prize. I want to get the love. I deserve to have the love, too. Everyone else has gotten it but me. It's the only reason why I am here is because I need to be loved, too.

David: All right, come here. It's ok.

Ryan: Open your eyes, Greenlee. Please stay with me.

Greenlee: You're just a dream. I made you up.

Ryan: No, no, you did this -- hey, does this feel like a dream? Hello? Hi.

Greenlee: No, no. That's not --

Ryan: That's not what you want me to do? That's not what you're trying to make me do? Because you're not controlling me, Greenlee! It's me! I'm real! I'm really here. Hey. Yeah. It's really me. It's really me. It's me, it's me, it's me. Ok, I got you. I got you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: I have to say something to you that I think might make the two of us blush.

Krystal: Are you being frisky or sneaky?

Babe: Is J.R. my baby's daddy?

Greenlee: You heard me, didn't you, Ryan?

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