AMC Transcript Thursday 2/19/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/19/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: Oh. This isn't a nightmare that I can wake up from. Oh, God. It's so cold. What -- what -- water is still coming in. Oh, God. I'm going to drown in here -- if I don't freeze to death first. It's like the Titanic, but I don't have a deck chair that I can cling to. No one cares if I turn blue and die.

Ryan: I give a damn about you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan?

Ryan: Greenlee?

Reggie: Go on, I want you to tell them. Tell them, Kendall. Tell them I helped you get rid of Cambias.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

Opal: Jackson is going to bust a gut.

Palmer: Well, obviously she couldn't have done it alone.

Simone: The bodies are totally piling up.

Mia: Well, Kendall wouldn't have involved Reggie.

Jack: Don't you say another word --

Reggie: Go on, tell them, Kendall! Tell them!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Reggie: Will you please tell them?

Judge: I will clear this courtroom!

Livia: Your Honor, may we please request a short recess?

Judge: This court will stand in recess for half an hour. Ms. Hart, you may step down. Bailiff, please escort the jury out. Ms. Frye, Mr. Singer, approach. When I return, I expect to preside over a trial and not a free-for-all. Ms. Frye, you control your trial groupies. Sedate them or get them out of my court. I will not tolerate another disruption. Or else, everyone will be held in contempt. Clear?

Livia: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Good. 30 minutes, people.

Bailiff: All rise.

Jack: God, Reggie, what were you thinking about?

Kendall: I told you to stay with Bianca.

Reggie: I can't just let you take the heat. I had to help you.

Livia: "Help"? Judge Lampert wants to rip my head off. How does this help my client?

Reggie: Wait, if you would --

Livia: You screwed up big time.

Jack: Just wait. You, with me, now.

Livia: We have to clean up this mess.

Jack: We will clean up this mess. Just let me have a moment with my son.

Reggie: Jack, if I don't testify, Kendall's going to be sent away. You don't even care!

Jack: "I don't care"? Reggie, I care very much. I care very much about both of you.

Reggie: Don't worry about me.

Jack: Oh, I knew -- I knew you were involved in this, I knew it. That's why I didn't push the point beyond what you and Bianca told me.

Reggie: Look, I didn't want to give you details, ok? You'd have to turn me in.

Jack: No --

Reggie: You're an officer of the law.

Jack: I understand that it would put me in a bad position, but now I need to know -- I need to know how you're involved in Michael Cambias' death.

Livia: Reggie cast a shadow on everything you said and everything you're going to say. So when this court reconvenes, you're going to have to tell them how Reggie fits in.

Kendall: What if Reggie doesn't fit in?

Livia: You can save Reggie's skin, but it's going to cost you your own.

Aidan: Kendall. I thought you were going to take the DA's deal and plead guilty.

Kendall: Uh -- it didn't work out.

Aidan: Did Singer withdraw his offer?

Kendall: No, I -- I changed my mind. I got to go, I need air. I can't breathe, I have to go, I have to go.

Ryan: Hey.

Babe: You shouldn't even be here.

Paul: How else was I supposed to see you?

Babe: No.

Paul: Ooh. That's not nice.

Babe: We're in my husband's house. Coming on to me here is just plain stupid.

Paul: You were happy about it when I told you how I felt.

Babe: Yeah, and that was in Llanview. This -- do you have a death wish? What if Adam or J.R. walk in through that door?

Paul: I'll say I came to settle the deal with Adam. He's going to give me the big money just to clue in J.R. "J.R., man, Babe's not the girl for you --" but for me. Oh, yeah!

Babe: But you wouldn't go along with Adam, would you?

Paul: And sell you out? No, no. Unless you try and do me wrong. And you wouldn't do that, would you, baby?

Babe: No. But you'll still fix the paternity test if it needs fixing?

Paul: You know it. Another.

Babe: Isn't it great that we can both get what we want? You'll help me keep my marriage together, and I'll stay quiet about our Britney marriage, and that way you can inherit your Aunt Betsy's 30 million.

Paul: I liked the Britney thing, but Aunt Betsy's money probably won't be happening. So I'm afraid that I'm going to have to find my money elsewhere.

Babe: Who the heck has that kind of money? And please do not say Adam.

Paul: You, Babe. You're loaded. And we're going to scratch each other's backs really good.

Babe: Hold on a second here, Paul. I -- I don't even have that 20,000 that I offered you in the cafe. I had to give that back. Adam -- he hates me. I don't have any access to his money at all.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey! Settle down, ok? Once I bring the Chandlers proof that you're carrying one of them, all right, you will be in the clear.

Krystal: Paul, hi! It's great to see you again. Can I get you another drink?

Kendall: Oh, God.

Boyd: Kendall, when you get back on that stand, I want you to --

Kendall: Boyd, it's ok, it's ok. It's all taken care of. Don't worry about it.

Boyd: No, you have to tell the truth.

Kendall: Of course I'm going to tell the truth. What else would I do?

Boyd: Look, Kendall, I'm serious, ok? Everything I did has to come out.

Kendall: Boyd, it's all under control, ok?

Boyd: There's no time to be a hero, all right? Protect yourself.

Kendall: Boyd, listen --

Boyd: Look --

Kendall: Just trust me, please.

Boyd: Don't, ok? I don't need you taking a hit for me, and neither does Reggie. It's time to tell it all.

Mia: Hi. Can you talk?

Aidan: Now is not a good time.

Mia: Well -- um -- maybe you can just listen while I talk. Unless you're still upset about that Fred Lomax disaster, because, you know, really, I mean, the guy just bolted on me. There was nothing that I could do about that.

Aidan: So, what do you want me to do about it?

Mia: Could you just, I don't know, give me another chance? Please? I promise I'll be the most trustworthy, nonjealous girlfriend that you --

Aidan: It's too late, Mia, all right? We gave it a couple of goes. It just didn't work out. It didn't click for either one of us. I think it's better if we just both move on.

Opal: Jack, what was Reggie going on about in there?

Jack: Uh -- we have nothing more to say at this time.

Opal: Oh, come on. I mean, I'm not that VHS chick with the microphone. I'm practically family. Now, what happened?

Reggie: I'm going to try Bianca on her cell phone.

Jack: Yeah, ok. All right.

Opal: You got to tell me, is he really deep in the dreck?

Jack: I'll tell you this much -- no matter how this comes out, I'll be proud of that kid.

Opal: He caused quite a ruckus in there.

Jack: Yes.

Opal: I mean, I just hope the Special Prosecutor doesn't roast him for it.

Jack: You and me both.

Kendall: Jack, did Erica show up yet?

Jack: Erica's not coming to court today.

Kendall: No, but she has to.

Jack: I just talked to her before court convened. She's at Myrtle's.

Kendall: Oh. So then she's going to pick up Myrtle and they're both going to come?

Jack: No, Kendall, that's not the plan.

Kendall: No, Jack, Erica promised she would get me out of this.

Simone: Well, you can't say this trial isn't chockfull of surprises.

Ryan: Yeah, that's -- that's for sure.

Simone: Like Kendall and her ring finger, for instance.

Ryan: Her ring finger?

Simone: Well, yeah -- it's naked. Your engagement ring isn't on it.

Ryan: Why should it be? We're not engaged.

Greenlee: You're probably wondering why I'm wearing your ring.

Ryan: Not really.

Greenlee: I didn't want to lose it, ok? Satisfied?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm pretty much satisfied with everything you say because I'm not really even here except for in your imagination.

Greenlee: Don't mess with my head. You came here to save me.

Ryan: In a deck chair? Greenlee, sorry, but, no, you conjured me up just like you conjured Kendall, yeah.

Greenlee: You didn't call for emergency backup to arrive with ladders and stuff?

Ryan: No. No, I can't pull you out of this hole, but I can -- I can save you from yourself.

Greenlee: Uh -- in case it's escaped you, hypothermia's the real threat here, not me. Oh, and there's starvation.

Ryan: You have fallen so far off track, I don't even know if it's possible to get you back on it.

Greenlee: You know, I've apologized for all of my sins to Kendall, to Bianca, to you. I'm really, truly sorry that I ripped her dress. I was trying to prove that I was right. I didn't mean to get her convicted.

Ryan: Come here. I believe you.

Greenlee: You do?

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Good. Because I don't want Kendall to die.

Ryan: That's not what I'm talking about.

Greenlee: Ok. I give up. What is this about?

Ryan: Us -- you and me.

Simone: Ryan? Where are you?

Ryan: Huh?

Simone: Where'd you go? You were holding my hand.

Ryan: Yeah.

Simone: Yeah.

Ryan: I guess I -- um -- I must've been thinking about something else.

Simone: Yeah. That's understandable -- after everything you're dealing with. And if you need a little handholding, it'd be my pleasure.

Ryan: Hey, what's going on with Greenlee?

Simone: Greenlee -- where'd that come from?

Ryan: Have you seen her lately?

Simone: No, not since we found her at Fusion after she decimated Kendall on the stand.

Ryan: Right. And how'd she seem to you?

Simone: A mess. She knows how badly she screwed up.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, she does.

Simone: Yeah, well, she wanted sympathy and understanding and we didn't give it to her.

Ryan: I wonder where she is.

Simone: Unfortunately, she's probably planning her next plan of attack.

Greenlee: How could I mess up "us" when there is no "us," except in my own demented imagination?

Ryan: You don't think I'm here to help you?

Greenlee: I think you did this. You entombed me. It's like some premature burial out of Edgar Allan Poe. You put that rock up there so that no one would find me.

Ryan: I found you, Greenlee, so could we please stick to the subject?

Greenlee: About us?

Ryan: Yes, that's better. Now, let's go back to the first day that I came back to Pine Valley. You were all over me like gobs of butter on a hot blueberry muffin, like a delicate lemon sauce on a chicken and -- why are you doing this to yourself?

Greenlee: I'm hungry.

Ryan: Greenlee, you're wasting time, and time is not something you have a lot of, all right? So just go ahead, admit it -- you couldn't get enough of me when I first came back to town.

Greenlee: That is so not true. You were spying on me and I didn't like it.

Ryan: Oh, you hated what I was doing, and yet you were pursuing me?

Greenlee: I -- that is distorted.

Ryan: You told Mia and Simone that you wanted me out of Kendall's bed and you wanted me in your bed.

Greenlee: That was about getting my hands on Fusion, not on you.

Ryan: Yeah, that's right -- all about getting control of Fusion.

Greenlee: And don't forget that I saved you from Kendall. That was very selfless of me.

Ryan: Yeah, it could've been if it was true.

Greenlee: It is true! When I saw that Kendall was using you, I stepped in.

Ryan: You know deep in your heart that that is a crock. You wanted me.

Greenlee: For what?

Ryan: For yourself.

Greenlee: Deep down, I must loathe myself. How could I put those hateful words in your mouth? I mean, first, I bring Kendall here to torture me, now I bring you in here to bust my chops?

Ryan: Greenlee, I'm not here to give you a hard time. I'm not. I'm here to make you see what you've been trying so hard to deny.

Greenlee: If I wanted a shrink, I would've beamed in Sigmund Freud. I mean, at least he would have come with a couch.

Ryan: You see, that just proves my point. Greenlee, you know exactly what you want. It's not relationships, it's not Fusion, and it's certainly not Freud. I'm here because you want me here. You want me any way that you can get me.

Simone: He's kind of glazed over.

Mia: Well, with Singer waiting to rip into Kendall, it's no wonder.

Bailiff: All rise.

Alan: Now, Ms. Hart, care to pick up where we left off? You do remember which version of the truth you were giving us before your friend broke in?

Livia: Objection, Your Honor.

Judge: Sustained. Mr. Singer, let's not waste any more time.

Alan: Ms. Hart, before the interruption, we were addressing the disposal of Michael Cambias' body. You recall that?

Kendall: Yes, I do.

Alan: Will you please tell the court who your accomplice was in this endeavor? Ms. Hart, who helped you move Michael Cambias' body from the murder scene to the meatpacking plant where it was found?

Kendall: Reggie was only doing what I asked him to do.

Alan: By Reggie, you mean Reggie Montgomery, the young man who interrupted your testimony earlier?

Kendall: Yes. He was there. He went to Michael's condo when I was there. But Reggie -- he didn't do anything wrong. He shouldn't be punished.

Alan: Suppose you tell the court what you and Reggie Montgomery did that night.

Kendall: He was only doing what I asked him to.

Alan: Ms. Hart, what were you doing when Reggie Montgomery showed up at Michael Cambias' condo?

Reggie: Damn, girl!

Kendall: Reggie, you scared the hell out of me.

Reggie: I mean, what happened?

Kendall: He's been shot. Reggie, leave. Please go -- go and pretend like you never saw this. Please, please --

Reggie: No, no, no! I'm glad you blew that bastard away.

Kendall: No, I -- I can't take the credit for it.

Reggie: Well, then who shot him?

Kendall: I can't be sure, but -- go, ok, please? Please, you need to leave now, ok? If somebody heard the gunshot and called the police, that's not good --

Reggie: No, no, what's the plan?

Kendall: Uh -- get rid of the body.

Reggie: Where are we going to store him?

Kendall: No, you're leaving, I'll think of something.

Reggie: Look -- I know a perfect spot.

Kendall: No, I don't want you involved in this mess. Reggie, please, please --

Reggie: Look, I have to pitch in, ok? It'll be faster. But we have to clean up before I take you there. You ready?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Kendall: Let's do it.

[Kendall grunts]

Reggie: It's the heaviest garbage I ever pulled out.

Kendall: Reggie helped me get Michael's body to the meatpacking plant, and then I sent him home.

Alan: And before that, he cleaned up the murder scene.

Kendall: We did that together, yes.

Alan: After Mr. Montgomery left the meatpacking plant, you hoisted the deceased onto the meat hook where the police found his body? Ms. Hart? Did you accomplish this yourself, or did you have assistance?

Judge: Answer the question, Ms. Hart.

Kendall: No. No, I couldn't lift his body by myself.

Alan: Who helped you?

Kendall: A friend. I had to call a friend.

Alan: Identify that friend for the court, Ms. Hart.

Kendall: Boyd Larraby.

[Gallery murmurs]

Kendall: Hey, hey. Look, this plant's been deserted for years. There's no way anybody will ever find him.

Boyd: Trust me, they're going to smell him from a mile away unless we get him on ice.

Kendall: Well, can we bury him?

Boyd: Kendall, every inch of this basement is poured concrete. Now, the refrigeration's functional, I can hook up the power. It's going to be our best bet. Come on, give me a hand. Let's get this over with.

Kendall: No, no, it's not going to be over until we do one more thing -- if you're game.

Boyd: Come on, anything you want or need, consider it done.

Alan: And what was the next favor you asked of Mr. Larraby? What did you need him to do?

Kendall: Marry me.

Judge: No, louder, please, so the jury can hear you.

Kendall: I asked Boyd to marry me.

[Gallery buzzes]

Kendall: Yes, Michael was already dead before I faked our marriage.

Alan: You asked Boyd Larraby to impersonate Michael Cambias?

Kendall: Yes. We took his wallet and his credit card and his cell phone, and we dressed him up in Michael's clothes, and then darkened his hair more like Michael's color.

Alan: Please continue.

Kendall: We flew to Vegas. We bought the tickets on Michael's credit cards. And when we got there, Reverend Lomax married us.

Alan: All right, let me get this straight. You happened to find Michael Cambias after he's been shot. He's dying, but you don't call the police?

Livia: Objection, Your Honor. We've already heard Ms. Hart's testimony.

Judge: No, I'll allow it. Overruled.

Alan: Thank you, Your Honor. So, Ms. Hart, did you even consider getting aid for Mr. Cambias?

Kendall: No, I didn't.

Alan: Did you consider calling the police to tell them of his murder?

Kendall: No, I didn't.

Alan: You claim you didn't shoot Mr. Cambias, but you decided to cover for whoever did, is that correct?

Kendall: Yeah. I wasn't thinking clearly.

Alan: No? By covering up the murder, you could get your hands on the Cambias money, which amounts to billions of dollars. Is that why you did it?

Kendall: No, no, this wasn't about the money. This was about getting back what Michael stole from my family. He stole Enchantment and Fusion, and he attacked my sister. I wasn't going to let him beat us.

Alan: You didn't want Michael Cambias to beat you, so armed with a .38 caliber revolver, you went to his home. You wanted to get back at him for what he did to your sister.

Kendall: No, but I didn't go there to kill him.

Alan: Then why go with a loaded gun, Ms. Hart?

Kendall: I wanted -- in case he attacked me, I wanted to protect myself.

Alan: But you found Mr. Cambias had already been shot?

Kendall: Yes, but I didn't do it. Someone else did it. I didn't do it.

Alan: How convenient for you.

Livia: Objection.

Alan: Withdrawn. No more questions.

Greenlee: You're so full of yourself. You really think that every woman in the universe is so hot for you.

Ryan: Greenlee, you are not "every woman," and you have been hot for me since I came back to Pine Valley.

Greenlee: This is such a stretch!

Ryan: Did you want me to remind you of every time that you tried to kiss me, every time that you tried to get into my bed, every time that you do get into my bed.

Greenlee: Just to break up you and Kendall, to get my company back.

Ryan: To get me back. Me, Greenlee, this is what you want. Kendall's not even here.

Greenlee: She was earlier.

Ryan: Yeah, but you got rid of her, and you brought me back, me alone. Greenlee, the excuses aren't going to cut it anymore, all right? You've been wishing that I come here. You've been willing me to come here to save you, and there's really only one reason why.

Kendall: Do you think the jury's going to lean their way?

Livia: It's tough to say.

Kendall: I lied too much.

Livia: It'll be tough convincing them to see past that.

Jack: Ok, so how did Erica seem to you?

Ryan: Jack, she was curled up on my father's grave in the dead of winter.

Jack: Why didn't you call and tell me that?

Ryan: She called you, remember?

Jack: She didn't mention that.

Ryan: And when I left her, she seemed fine, ok? She's fine. She's at Myrtle's, she seems ok. Now -- now, what about Greenlee?

Jack: I leave messages for her everywhere, I haven't heard a thing back from her. I think you're absolutely right. I think we just need to wait for her to resurface in her own time.

Ryan: Yeah, I guess. Did somebody turn up the heat? God!

Greenlee: This is so confusing. They're warm.

Ryan: Believe it, Greenlee, I could be the one that you've been waiting for.

Greenlee: I don't see it.

Ryan: You hold back because you -- you love to take me on, you love to challenge me. But if you could just let that go, let yourself be soft and vulnerable, then I would take total control. But you want to be the one to make the power play, no matter what the cost.

Greenlee: So do you.

Ryan: No. No, Greenlee, there are things that I want more, and wanting them isn't a mistake, despite what you might think.

Greenlee: What things? If you mean love, why don't you say it?

Ryan: Greenlee, this is your fantasy. Your fantasy, and you're still afraid that I'm going to stomp on you if you show me that you care. That's why you won't go with what's in your gut.

Greenlee: I'm going to punch you in the gut if you don't shut up.

Ryan: Go ahead! Go ahead, wreck your hand again.

Greenlee: Stop harassing me.

Ryan: Why are you pushing me away? Why? I could be the one, Greenlee. I could change your life. You -- you could love me.

Greenlee: Like hell I could.

Livia: Your Honor, the defense would like to call Dr. David Hayward to the stand. So you were arrested?

David: Yes, that is correct.

Livia: On what charges?

David: For murder. More specifically, for the murder of Michael Cambias.

Livia: But you weren't charged, you were released.

David: Mm-hmm.

Livia: Why is that?

David: Because I had an alibi, which, as Erica Kane already testified, was a big, whopping lie.

Livia: So, Dr. Hayward, what were you really doing that night?

David: Hmm. All right, let me see -- August 28, August 28 -- oh, that's right, I was mixing up a recipe for chemical castration and went to Michael Cambias' to try it out on him.

[Gallery buzzes]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order.

Livia: Is that all you intended to do to Mr. Cambias?

David: Well, it's all I've ever admitted to.

Alan: Objection, nonresponsive.

Judge: Sustained.

Livia: Dr. Hayward, how did you feel about Mr. Cambias?

David: Typically, I don't set out to chemically castrate my friends. I wanted the man dead.

Livia: Do you own a gun?

David: Yes, I do.

Livia: What kind of gun is it?

David: It's a .38 caliber revolver. For those of you not keeping track, that's the same caliber that killed Michael Cambias.

Alan: Objection.

Judge: All right, simply answer the questions --

David: Sorry about that.

Judge: As they're put to you.

Livia: No further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: Mr. Singer?

Alan: I have only one question for Dr. Hayward. Doctor, did you shoot Michael Cambias? Did you kill him?

David: That's two questions.

Alan: Humor me.

David: I did not shoot Michael Cambias, nor did I kill him.

Alan: No further questions.

Livia: Redirect, Your Honor. Dr. Hayward, have you ever been on trial?

Alan: Objection. What possible relevance --

Livia: Goes to credibility of the witness.

Judge: Overruled. You may answer the question.

David: Yes, I have been on trial.

Livia: On what charges?

David: Nothing too serious. I was charged with abuse of a corpse -- I buried it on a beach.

Livia: Thank you. That's all.

Judge: You may step down. Call your next witness, Ms. Frye.

Livia: The defense would like to call Adam Chandler to the stand.

Opal: Here you go, Mr. Big.

Palmer: Oh, shut up.

Krystal: Blackmailing my baby doll. I'd love to give you what for, but I guess I can't do that -- till you give her what she needs. How can we deal with this guy? I mean, what does he like? What are his hobbies, besides blackmail?

Babe: He likes whiskey, obviously -- way too much.

Krystal: What else?

Babe: Oh -- um -- I can't even remember. I guess the next thing you'd say he'd like, he has a thing for the ladies.

Krystal: Well, I guess you do attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Paul? Paul, honey, wake up, now.

Paul: Angel? Are you an angel?

Krystal: Mm-hmm. Eyes up here, honey. Yes, with some rather devilish overtones.

Paul: This isn't heaven? I'm -- I'm not dead?

Krystal: No, you're not dead. Although, from what I've seen in Pine Valley, things can turn around pretty quick.

Livia: Mr. Chandler, how did you feel when Michael Cambias took control of Chandler Enterprises?

Adam: I wanted to kill the little -- I wished him dead.

Livia: Can you describe for the court your relationship with Ms. Kane?

Adam: Ms. Kane and I have been married -- twice. We shared a colorful past.

Livia: And, sir, do you still care for Ms. Kane?

Adam: I will always be devoted to Erica.

Livia: And when you learned that Michael Cambias had brutally raped her daughter --

Adam: I didn't think I could hate that man any more than I already did. But I was wrong.

Livia: You were recently arrested, were you not?

Adam: Yes, I was.

Livia: Why is that?

Adam: I had Michael Cambias' gun.

Livia: Mr. Chandler, I would like you to look at this gun and tell the court if you recognize it.

Adam: Yes, that's his. It's his gun. You can see the initials -- "MC"

Livia: Your Honor, I would ask that this gun be permitted into evidence along with a copy of the registration proving that it belonged to Michael Cambias.

Judge: So ordered.

Livia: Mr. Chandler, how did you gain possession of Michael Cambias' gun?

Adam: I took it from Michael's condo.

Livia: When did you take the revolver, Mr. Chandler?

Adam: The night Cambias was shot.

Livia: Were you alone when you entered his condo?

Adam: No, Palmer Cortlandt was with me.

Livia: Yet you told the police that you were not even in Pine Valley on that night. You said you were in Canada.

Adam: Yes, well, I was on a fishing trip. And on the night of August 28, we flew to Pine Valley in Palmer�s jet.

Livia: Were you alone?

Adam: Other than the pilot, it was just me -- and Palmer Cortlandt.

Livia: Why were you returning to Pine Valley?

Adam: Why?

Livia: Yes.

Adam: To kill Michael Cambias.

Adam: Cambias? Cambias? He's not home.

Palmer: Why would he leave the place unlocked?

Adam: I don't know. He told us to meet him here. Why the hell would he run off? Hey -- no, no -- this is no time for cocktails!

Palmer: My nerves, my nerves!

Adam: No, it can wait till we take care of business. Now, don't touch. Come on!


Adam: Palmer and I waited nearly an hour for that lowlife. Finally, we left. We returned to the plane and flew back to Canada.

Livia: So you lied to your brother, Stuart, in order to leave the camp and take this surreptitious trip to Pine Valley. You go to Michael Cambias' condo with a loaded gun, cool your heels for an hour, and then do nothing but slink away?

Adam: We didn't "slink."

Alan: Mr. Chandler, did you kill Michael Cambias?

Adam: Well, if I did, I think I would talk to my lawyer before announcing it on the stand when I'm not the one on trial.

Judge: Mr. Chandler, please, just answer the questions as they are asked.

Adam: No, no, I did not kill him. I wish I had.

Alan: Thank you, Mr. Chandler.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Chandler. Ms. Frye?

Livia: Your Honor, Mr. Chandler was our last -- may I, Your Honor?

Judge: Go ahead.

Livia: Your Honor, request permission to approach the bench?

Judge: I'll allow it. I'm calling a short recess so that the last witness for the defense may reach the courthouse.

Alan: I object. Mr. Chandler was the last witness on the defense's list.

Judge: Overruled.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: This court is in recess. Mr. Singer, if you would like to discuss this in my chambers --

Bailiff: All rise.

Opal: Who the hell is she going to spring on us now?

Palmer: I have no idea.

Opal: Well, whoever it is, I just hope to high heaven it doesn't nail your hide to the courthouse wall.

Reggie: So who's the mystery witness, huh?

Jack: Well, I guess if we knew that, it wouldn't be a mystery, now, would it?

Paul: Not coffee. Give me another drink.

Krystal: Oh, come on, now. This is the finest coffee. I got it in new Orleans. It's just got the nicest amount of chicory in it. You're going to love it. Just give it a little try for me.

Paul: Ugh -- it's mud!

Krystal: Now, Paul, it's the best coffee in New Orleans, you tasteless Yankee you.

Paul: Maybe it's an acquired taste.

Krystal: Well, it does take some getting used to. It took some getting used to for me, just like it did bourbon and men.

Paul: Men? You didn't take to us right away?

Krystal: Oh, well, you-all take some time getting used to, being from Mars and all. But let me tell you -- Babe sure did luck out with you.

Babe: Didn't I, Mama?

Krystal: And, Paul, you -- you scored big with Babe.

Paul: That's what I like to hear.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. Listen, you -- you kids can make out like bandits, but you got to play it smart, all right? We all do.

Paul: We will. And we're off to a pretty good start, huh?

Krystal: Well, pretty much, but, listen. I mean, you just can't come dropping by here like this. I mean, you two got to find a place where you can meet that -- that's not crawling with Chandlers.

Paul: I wasn't thinking.

Krystal: Well, no harm done yet. Right, Babe?

Babe: Right, Mama.

Krystal: All right. So let me tell you what -- let's just get this nice gentleman his coat. All right. There you go. Is this going to be warm enough for you, now? We don't want you catching cold.

Paul: I'll be ok.

Krystal: Ok. Here we go. Let's just keep you all bundled up. Now -- no -- well, I'll tell you what -- why don't you get the gentleman his scarf and his gloves.

Paul: I've got my gloves.

Krystal: All right. Then you're set to go, then. Come on. Now, you sure you're ok to drive?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that -- that coffee really did the trick.

Krystal: All right, then you're set to go. All righty. Take care. We'll see you again. Bye-bye.

Babe: Oh -- oh!

Krystal: Oh, the skeeve factor!

Babe: He is so gross!

Krystal: Oh, I tell you what -- as soon as that man gives you the test results you need, you have got to figure out a way to cut him loose.

Babe: That could be very expensive.

Krystal: Yeah, well, if money's all that man wants, I'll be happy.

Jack: Nice work, Adam.

Adam: I don't need your validation any more than I need your coaching. Who is Livia bringing in for the 11:00 number?

Jack: I don't know, but I have a nagging suspicion -- Myrtle?

Myrtle: Oh, Jack -- Jack, listen, darling. There is no need to worry. Erica is just fine.

Jack: Whoa, whoa -- you didn't leave Erica alone at your place?

Myrtle: Well -- uh -- no. There -- there was something that she had to do.

Kendall: Oh, my God, I'm dead.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Opal: Hey, Ryan. Well, you look about the way I feel, and that ain't good.

Ryan: It's been a rough day.

Opal: Yeah. I think this trial is really turning all of us inside out.

Ryan: You know what? I've got this feeling, I've got this feeling like -- like I'm missing something, something that's really, really important, but I haven't got the slightest idea what it is.

[Water flows]

Greenlee: Ryan -- Ryan, I will love you when hell freezes over. I never should've wished for you of all people to come and rescue me. I don't need your half-baked analysis any more than I need your help. Now, get out of here! Go away, and let me drown in peace!

Ryan: Hell, if it really mattered, it would come to me, right?

Kendall: Ok, so, who is it? Who's the witness?

Livia: Someone who can get you out of this.

Kendall: Someone who can prove I didn't shoot Michael?

Livia: Someone who says they know who did.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Ms. Frye. You ready to call your last witness?

Livia: Yes, Your Honor. The defense calls Erica Kane.

[Gallery buzzes]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal: You keep this up, and I am going to kick your teeth in.

Jack: You know something I don't. Reggie, what aren't you telling me?

Livia: What part did you leave out of your previous testimony?

Erica: The truth.

David: Erica, no.

Erica: I want to make this right.

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