AMC Transcript Thursday 2/5/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/5/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Greenlee: You're a liar, Kendall! And I can prove it.

Jack: Greenlee --

David: What are you doing?

[Judge bangs gavel]

Kendall: What are you doing? Get away from me!

[Gallery murmurs]

Kendall: Get off me!

[Kendall screams]

[Gallery murmurs]

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: There! See? She's the liar, not me!

Greenlee: See? I was right! Liar! There is no baby Cambias.

Judge: Not another syllable. You are in contempt. Rusty, show the jury out.

Livia: Your Honor, if ever there was a time for a sidebar --

Judge: Ms. Frye, Mr. Singer, Mr. McCoy, let's huddle.

Greenlee: See? I was right. I proved what a scum-sucking liar she is.

Ryan: Zip it, Greenlee. Just zip it.

Livia: Your Honor, due to the unorthodox turn this case has taken, I move for an immediate mistrial.

Alan: Your Honor, the jury has more than sufficient evidence to render a fair and unbiased verdict. I move that we play it as it lays.

Livia: Your Honor, there is no way this jury can reach an impartial verdict after that prejudicial display.

Judge: All right, I will hear arguments in my chambers. Court is in recess.

[Judge bangs gavel]

Judge: And you -- don't even think about leaving until I deal with you.

Myrtle: Good heavens, I thought I'd seen everything. Darling, I think we should go home.

Greenlee: I knew I was right. I knew Kendall was lying, and I proved it. I came through for you just like I promised. I'm your secret weapon.

Ryan: Shut up, Greenlee! Just shut the hell up!

Maggie: Ok. All right, was that wild enough for you?

Jamie: That was through the moon roof. That was a total out-of-body experience.

Maggie: Yeah. Ah, yeah. Yeah, out of body, out of mind, out of time. I -- I don't even know where I am, what I'm doing here, or why I even care. James? James, why do you look like you've just been -- come in from a crash landing or something?

Jamie: Well, stop me. Just remind me I have no worries nine months from now.

Maggie: Oh, crying the baby blues? You're cool. I told you.

Jamie: You're sure?

Maggie: Yes. You were the one who was here. I told you. I'm on the pill. You brought protection. Come on, don't worry. I am not going to be a player in the Pine Valley baby boom, I promise.

Greenlee: Ryan, what's your problem?

Ryan: You, Greenlee. You are my problem.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm your hero. I totally saved the day.

Ryan: Is that what you call this drive-by? Saving the day?

Greenlee: I cut the cord on Kendall's pregnancy fake-out. There is no baby, which means that she can't steal the Cambias bling-bling from you. Fusion is still mine, Kendall's out, and we get to keep what's ours all along. Take a picture, Ryan. This is what winning looks like! Kendall got what she had coming all along.

Ryan: Now it's your turn.

Greenlee: What the hell are you doing, Ryan?

Mia: I don't get it. Why is Ryan coming down on Greenlee? Kendall's the one who screwed this whole thing up, faking the pregnancy. This is so twisted.

Opal: That woman is about as desperate as they come.

Tad: Yeah, well, staring down the barrel at a death sentence will do that to you. Right, Palmer?

Palmer: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Tad: Why don't you enlighten me?

Boyd: It was all for nothing.

Lena: What's that supposed to mean?

Boyd: You want the dirt? Ask Kendall. I'm going to get drunk.

Jack: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Try manhandling me with big daddy watching.

Jack: Go with Ryan now.

Greenlee: Did I fall in a rabbit hole? Why are you trying to get rid of me?

Jack: Get out. I'll catch up with you later.

Greenlee: The judge told me not to leave.

Jack: I don't care what the judge said. You get out of here. I'll handle the judge.

Greenlee: I don't believe this. You're still mad at me? Did somebody spike the punch? After all the crap she's pulled, you're still protecting that bitch? What is wrong with you people? Kendall is the mother of all liars. She lied about hitching up to Michael, she lied about the baby, and God knows what else she's lying about.

Jack: You're out of here.

Greenlee: Ow -- damn it, Ryan, you're hurting me!

David: Bianca, are you all right?

Bianca: I'm not the one that you should be worried about, David. Mom, are you ok?

David: Erica, I think you should sit down.

Jack: You know what I think? I have a better idea. Why don't you let me take you home now.

Erica: I don't understand.

Kendall: You will never understand, Erica.

Jack: Why don't you let Myrtle take you home, and I'll be there as soon as I can, ok?

Erica: I don't understand.

Jack: I know you don't, sweetheart, but you will. I'll explain it all to you, and everything's going to be ok, I promise.

David: Let me walk you ladies to your car, ok?

Jamie: So, forget about raves and bar scenes. The next time I want to hook up, I'll just go play in traffic.

Maggie: Maggie Stone, unsafe at any speed.

Jamie: Sounds like one of those lame Driver's Ed movies.

Maggie: I still can't -- I mowed -- I actually mowed you down. God.

Jamie: Well, you made up for it with the emergency roadside service.

Maggie: Ok, so you going to report me to the DMV or something?

Jamie: Nah, you give good bumper.

Maggie: I swear, I'm usually a really, really safe driver.

Jamie: I've seen you handle a stick shift.

Maggie: Well, you know, I just -- I just wasn't really focused on the road, you know?

Jamie: I've been there. I once went from here to Philly with zero recall of road signs and freeway exits.

Maggie: Yeah, like you're on autopilot.

Jamie: So who's really in the driver's seat?

Maggie: Ok. I called a time-out, remember?

Jamie: So even though we got to know each other, you really don't want to get to know each other?

Maggie: I think we know everything that we need to. Oh!

Adam: What the hell are you doing in my car?

Lena: Did the dress fit?

Bianca: Yes. Thankfully you had your dry cleaning in your car.

Lena: Is Kendall ok?

Bianca: She's got to be terrified.

Lena: I guess Greenlee ripped Kendall's dress and her alibi, huh?

Bianca: If Kendall is found guilty, she could face the death penalty.

Lena: That won't happen. The judge will rule for a mistrial.

Bianca: I hope you're right. Now that everybody knows that Kendall's not pregnant, the questions are going to start flying. Everybody's going to want to know where Kendall got that blood for her pregnancy test and how the DNA just happened to match Michael's. There's real proof that a baby exists, and it's not going to be long before everybody starts wondering whose.

Jack: Reggie, I want you to go home and wait for me there, ok?

Reggie: Well, first I have to find Greenlee, ok?

Jack: No, no, no, no --

Reggie: I have to give her what's coming to her.

Jack: No, you don't have to do that at all. Let me take care of this, will you, please.

Reggie: You're cutting me from the team now?

Jack: Reggie, I'm just trying to do a little damage control here, ok?

Reggie: Well, the damage is already done. That little midget with the motor mouth just blew Kendall's defense.

Jack: Just watch your mouth. Greenlee will answer for what she did. You don't have to worry about it.

Reggie: What, and Kendall's supposed to be paying? No. It's not fair. Kendall was almost home free. She didn't even kill Cambias.

Jack: Oh --

Reggie: I can prove that.

Jack: Shh -- I want you to go home. I want you to wait for me. I want you to do nothing. I want you to say nothing. Do you understand me?

Reggie: Yeah, I understand.

Jack: Good.

Reggie: I'm going to go home.

Jack: Yeah.

Reggie: There's a lot of good I can do there.

Jack: You won't get into any trouble there. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie -- don't do a thing.

Reggie: Yeah. What would I do?

Lena: Call me if you need anything, ok?

Jack: I'm so sorry for what Greenlee did. Livia will -- she'll work it all out.

Bianca: You're not going to leave, are you, Uncle Jack?

Jack: I'm going to go deal with Greenlee, and then I'll be back. You stay strong, ok?

Kendall: I had a future. I was going to get married. All my dreams were going to come true.

Bianca: They still will, Kendall.

Greenlee: You jerk. This is so bass-ackwards. You're treating me like the bad guy, taking me prisoner, when Kendall's the one who should be working the chain gang.

Ryan: Here, here, here. Hide this. Hide it, hide it. Here we are. Hide this. Hide this! Hide anything that could be used as a lethal weapon, Greenlee, because I swear to God, I could kill you right now.

Greenlee: Come on, Ryan! Give credit where it's due. Kendall used every backhanded trick in the book to get the Cambias fortune, and I took her down.

Ryan: What Kendall did is none of your business.

Greenlee: Holding on to Fusion is sure as hell my business. So is protecting you from that snake in the pooch.

Ryan: Ok, wait a minute. You promised me. You promised that you would trust me. Did you do that?

Greenlee: I stopped Kendall dead in her tracks. I took her on while you handed her the keys to the whole Cambias cookie jar.

Ryan: My business, not yours! Again, Greenlee charges in where angels fear to tread and leaves us all with hell to pay.

Greenlee: You know, I'm really tired of being treated like a human piņata.

Ryan: You gave me your word, Greenlee. You gave me your word that you would let me handle everything and back off Kendall.

Greenlee: That was before.

Ryan: Before what?

Greenlee: Before she hijacked the brains of everyone I care about. Damn it, Ryan, I saved your butt.

Ryan: The deal was that I was going to take care of you, I was going to make sure that you would get Fusion back.

Greenlee: You turned on me. You and Jack and everyone else turned on to Kendall's side, and I had to show you that you were protecting the wrong person.

Ryan: You had to show Kendall. You were so bunched up that she was going to cash in on this monster jackpot, and you wanted her to pay through the nose. Who cares if she goes to prison?

Greenlee: That's not what I want.

Ryan: Well, guess what, Greenlee? After the stunt that you pulled in court today, that's probably what's going to happen. Now the judge might decide that Kendall should go straight past jail and go right to death by lethal injection.

Maggie: Ok. Oh --

Adam: Of all the brass-plated nerve.

Maggie: Mr. Chandler, we are so sorry. We had no idea that this was your limo.

Adam: Who the devil are you?

Maggie: Oh, Maggie Stone. I -- I actually know your son, J.R..

Adam: Your Aunt Vanessa murdered your sister.

Maggie: Ok, yeah, I don't know what the hell that has to do with anything, but like I said, I am friends with J.R. I know him.

Adam: Further proof that he has a serious blind spot where women are concerned.

Jamie: Just back away from Maggie, ok?

Adam: Oh, you're going to give me another roundhouse to my solar plexus?

Jamie: Just let me explain.

Adam: Explain why I caught you hand-buffing my upholstery?

Jamie: I'll pay for the drinks and any damages that --

Adam: The drinks? You actually helped yourself to my 24-year-old single malt?

Jamie: There wasn't any beer.

Adam: Oh. That rips it. That rips it.

Maggie: Excuse me. Who are you calling?

Adam: I'm calling the police.

Maggie: No, Mr. Chandler, you can't. Please, please, can't you just cut us a break, really?

Jamie: Derek Frye will toast my butt and then my mom will burn the ashes.

Adam: Yeah, well, you should've thought of that before you played grand theft limo.

Jamie: We didn't steal your car. We just -- we didn't take it out of park. We just used it.

Adam: The way you used J.R.'s wife?

Jamie: That's why you're on my case -- because I wouldn't help you bust up J.R. and Babe? What a cheap shot.

Adam: Yeah, but a couple of oversexed teenagers busting into my car and using it for a no-tell motel -- I call that a cheap shot. But then you've been there, you've done that, haven't you, James? Yes, I want to report a break-in. It's Adam Chandler, and I have the criminals in custody.

Greenlee: Ok, ok, I wanted Kendall to suffer because she was lying about everything under oath.

Ryan: Oh, and you are all about telling the truth.

Greenlee: She was getting away with -- everything.

Ryan: So the penalty for taking home all the marbles is death.

Greenlee: No. No. I wanted her banished to the cornfields, not pushing up daisies.

Ryan: Well, you should have thought about that before you stormed in the courtroom and ripped off her dress.

Greenlee: So she -- she's impersonating a pregnant woman. She lied on the stand. I don't see the mandatory death sentence.

Ryan: Ok, well, let me make the connection for you. She lied about the baby, then she probably lied about other things, like her marriage to Michael and how he ended up in cold storage. Do you understand now why I wanted you to back off Kendall and her pregnancy?

Greenlee: You knew. You knew she wasn't pregnant?

Ryan: Yeah, I knew. What difference does that make?

Greenlee: What difference? Are you cartooning me? I mean, what else did you decide not to tell me? You and Kendall are such best buds, pillow talk and synchronized cover stories. I bet she told you everything about herself -- all her childhood traumas, what feels good where, and how she tests positive for killing Michael Cambias. Huh? Well, Ryan? The whole truth -- did Kendall kill Michael?

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Jack, perfect timing.

Jack: Thanks for holding Greenlee at bay.

Greenlee: What, am I under quarantine?

Jack: I'll take it from here.

Ryan: Good luck, Jack. You're going to need it.

Greenlee: Hold on, Ryan. We're not finished.

Ryan: Oh, Greenlee, we are so finished, it's not even funny.

Greenlee: So this is you, what, running back to Kendall?

Ryan: Warp speed.

[Door closes]

Greenlee: So what, Dad? You going to take me over your knee and spank me? Send me to bed without my supper?

Jack: No, see, we're just going to sort a few things out.

Greenlee: Well, I know, I know, I know. I'm a bad girl. Not as bad as Kendall. She was only baking a bogus bun in the oven. Kill me now. Ryan's not the only rat. You knew Kendall's pregnancy was the all-American fake-out. You and all the rest of the liars can go to hell.

Myrtle: Darling, come in. I'll make us a nice pot of hot tea.

Erica: I don't understand, Myrtle.

Myrtle: Darling, darling, don't fret. Now, Jackson is going to come here. He'll explain everything as soon as he gets here.

Erica: Jack can't explain this. He can't explain what I'm feeling now -- or not feeling.

Myrtle: Well, what is that, darling?

Erica: Kendall isn't pregnant. She isn't having that evil man's child. I should be relieved. I should be grateful that we've all been spared the horror. But I'm none of those things.

Myrtle: Sweetheart, when -- when it's known that she is not having a baby, she's going to be in very deep water. And I know -- I know that in your heart you don't want her to go to jail for murdering that monster. What? What is it, darling?

Erica: I tried to deny it, and I couldn't escape.

Myrtle: What?

Erica: The rapist.

Opal: Now, Kendall has caused a world of hurt for my nearest and dearest, but God knows that Michael Cambias was a fiend in human form, and I'd hate to see her have to pay for doing what we were all holding in our hearts all along.

Tad: The judge is certainly taking her sweet time about making a decision.

Opal: Boy, is she ever. I can't wait another minute. I got to go get Petey.

Tad: That's ok, Mom.

Opal: All right. I'll call you later.

Tad: All right. Take a good look, P.C. Kendall's on her last mile. It's time for an 11th-hour save.

Palmer: What's that got to do with me?

Tad: As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to Michael Cambias' murder, you and Adam are still at the top of my list. What I want to know is if you're really going to let an innocent woman take the drop for something with your fingerprints all over it.

Mia: Aidan -- you didn't even blink an eye. You knew that Kendall wasn't pregnant, didn't you?

Aidan: I know that Kendall didn't kill Cambias.

Mia: After everything she's done -- my God, you're still going to give her the benefit of the doubt?

Aidan: What kind of friend are you, Mia? You're as bad as Greenlee.

Mia: Oh, well, Kendall hasn't exactly been the best of friends to us, either, ok? Ever since she supposedly married Michael, she has nothing to do with us. And the shameful way that she uses you constantly --

Aidan: Oh, will you get it through your head, all right? Kendall didn't use me. I signed on to help Kendall because she is innocent.

Mia: I don't know if you're either completely naive or you're stupid. She's using the way that you feel about her to do whatever the hell she wants.

Aidan: You know what? I've had enough of your jealousy and paranoia. There is a life at stake, and all you can muster up is self-pity.

Mia: Is that how you feel? Fine. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Help her. Do whatever you want. But when this crisis is over and she goes back to Ryan, don't come running to me.

Livia: The judge has made a ruling.

Kendall: It's not good news, is it?

Myrtle: You can erase all this from your mind, darling.

Erica: That's what I did when I was 14. I erased everything from my mind. I mean, it wasn't just that I told myself I wasn't pregnant. I really didn't know. I really didn't know. I mean, even when I would wake up in the mornings and I would just feel so sick to my stomach and I would notice that my body was changing, I just wouldn't let myself see. My mother saw, though. She finally saw what I was hiding from myself. She came into the bathroom one morning. She saw me standing there in front of the mirror. She saw a 14-year-old girl carrying a baby. And even when she told me, I didn't believe it. I never made that connection. But she kept after me, and I did finally believe. I did finally see. And then I screamed. I screamed for two days, Myrtle. Then, after that, I never said a word. I never said a word until that child was born, until that rapist's child was gone from my body, gone from my life.

Myrtle: Darling -- darling, sweetheart, stop this. The past is past. Now it's different. Michael's baby is gone.

Erica: Then why do I still feel like screaming?

Kendall: What did the judge decide?

Livia: Can we do this without an audience?

Kendall: No, let's just get this torture over with, ok? Bianca can hear whatever you have to say.

Livia: If Hannah Lampert was a hanging judge, they would be building the gallows in the courtyard right now.

Kendall: Well, if it makes her feel any better, she can throw me and the case out of court.

Livia: There will not be a mistrial. And in addition to murder one, you'll be charged with obstruction of justice as well as perjury.

Kendall: Why don't they just throw the whole damn book at me?

Livia: You have a choice to make. You can go straight to the jury -- murder one, risk death -- or you can accept the deal that the special prosecutor has put on the table.

Kendall: What kind of a deal?

Livia: Plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter. They'll drop the perjury, the obstruction of justice, and you'll be out in 10 years.

Bianca: You can't ask her to plead guilty to a crime that she didn't commit.

Kendall: It's ok, Bianca. Bianca, it's ok. It's all right.

Livia: I think we should go back to my office. We should discuss your options -- the pros, the cons.

Kendall: No, I can't. I can't -- I can't deal with this right now. I can't.

Livia: You don't have much time. Judge Lampert wants your decision in 48 hours.

Palmer: My private jet is available to you anytime. You just say the word.

Kendall: Thank you.

Aidan: Kendall, you've got choices. With my contacts -- whatever you need.

Kendall: No, it's ok, Aidan. You've done enough already. Thank you.

Reporter: There she is.

Reporters: Kendall --

Bianca: Get back!

Reporter: How do you feel about --

[All talking at once]

Greenlee: You and Ryan -- you make one hell of a tag team. You both knew Kendall wasn't expecting anything but a windfall. You risk your career and jail time to protect her and cut me totally out of the loop. And now you read me the riot act for exposing her.

Jack: And you did what you always do, which is take matters into your own hands with no regard for anyone else.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, at least I'm the only person here interested in the truth.

Jack: That's right. You're the only person here interested in the truth. You know, if you'd just come to me, maybe I could have explained the circumstances to you.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, maybe you should have come to me first, sat me down for a cozy father-daughter chat, trusted me.

Jack: This is not about you.

Greenlee: Oh, no, it's about Kendall and what a lying user she is.

Jack: Lies she told to protect somebody else, Greenlee. You know, Kendall's not the only one who's going to suffer because you just had to win.

Greenlee: Who else? Come on, Jack. You came here to set me straight. Remind me why I'm such a train wreck. When I pulled the plug on Kendall's pregnancy, who else did I mess up?

Jack: The person who least deserves it in all this mess -- Bianca.

Adam: So I open the door, and I find these two body-slamming in the back of my car.

Officer: The vehicle was locked when you left it?

Man: I always lock it.

Adam: I want these vandals arrested for breaking and entering.

Jamie: I want to call my dad.

Officer: Well, you can do that down at the station.

Maggie: Are you serious? We're actually going to be arrested?

Adam: No, they're going to escort you to the Policeman's Ball.

Officer: Mr. Chandler, would you and your chauffeur check for stolen property?

Adam: Gladly.

Maggie: This is unbelievable. I'm going to jail. I'm going to be a jailbird.

Jamie: Maggie, it's not that bad.

Maggie: Excuse me?

Jamie: They book you, they do the fingerprint and mug shot combo, and then you get to call someone to bail you out.

Maggie: Oh, right. Ok. "Oh, hi, cousin David. Oh, yeah. Hi, no, nothing new here. Can you just grab your wallet and spring me from jail?" Sorry, not an option.

Jamie: Ok, so Hayward's out. Just call Bianca. She's your roommate.

Maggie: Give her every detail that went on in the back of Adam's car?

Jamie: Bianca's cool. Why would she care?

Maggie: No. No, no, no, no, I'm not bringing her in the middle of this.

Adam: All right, you two ready for your joy ride down to the slammer?

Officer: You two have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Adam: Take me home.

Man: I have to de-ice the windshield, sir.

Adam: I'm surprised those weasels didn't generate enough heat to melt the damned ice.

Maria: A surprising turn of events in the murder trial of Kendall Hart Cambias. The defendant's testimony was interrupted when her business partner, Greenlee du Pres, raced into the courtroom and proceeded to tear Mrs. Hart-Cambias' clothes off, exposing her pregnancy as a sham. Judge Hannah Lampert refused to declare a mistrial. And if found guilty, Mrs. Hart-Cambias could be given the death penalty. I'm Maria Chambers broadcasting live for VH1 satellite radio only on XM.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Yeah. Adam Chandler.

David: Adam, it's me, David Hayward.

Adam: What do you want?

David: I'm in my cabin. I want you to get up here right away.

Adam: Any reason in particular?

David: Cambias' murderer.

Tad: Hey, good-looking. Rough day?

Livia: I've had better.

Tad: So has Kendall. Right about now, you're probably thinking she should take that plea.

Livia: You know I can't talk to you about this, Tad.

Tad: I know, I know. Attorney-client privilege. I know all about it. But there is no law against one old friend talking to another. So do me a favor and just listen, please. If she decides that she doesn't want to cut a deal, she's going to stick it out, I can personally improve her chances of an acquittal. It's no joke. Big, old, healthy double dose of reasonable doubt. I got two people with plenty of means, motive, and opportunity the night that Michael bought it.

Aidan: So those are her options -- hard time or whatever she can stomach for her last meal.

Ryan: This has gone completely, completely wrong.

Aidan: Were you surprised?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm surprised. I mean, the prosecution had no case before Greenlee pulled her strip-search.

Aidan: Well, how did Greenlee know that Kendall wasn't pregnant?

Ryan: I don't know. Just a suspicion.

Aidan: With no added assist?

Ryan: Get to where you want to go, Aidan.

Aidan: Well, I mean, it just crossed my mind that you had your hand in Greenlee's double-cross.

Ryan: And what would make you think that?

Aidan: Well, with Kendall out of the way, you inherit the Cambias zillions and Greenlee holds on to Fusion.

Ryan: Wow. Just when I was beginning to like you, you revert back to clueless jerk mode.

Aidan: Well, let me say this. If Kendall goes down for this and I find out that you gave her the push, I will come after you. And unlike Kendall, you will wish that you were dead.

Bianca: Give me your coat. Make yourself comfortable. We got a lot of decisions to make.

Kendall: What do I do now?

Bianca: What do we do now? We pack our bags and we get out of Pine Valley. We take Palmer up on his offer and we jet to parts unknown. By this time tomorrow, we'll be sunning ourselves on the Costa Brava.

Kendall: No, no. No, Bianca, you have school, you have work, Lena, Erica, Maggie. I won't let you leave them behind for me.

Bianca: I'm already gone. Me and my baby. It's my job to protect her and our mother and you.

Kendall: Go. I'll just -- I'll deal with whatever I have to on my own.

Bianca: Kendall, it is time for you to put your head down and rest. Take an easy breath. It's my turn to be the big sister. Let me take care of this. Let me protect you. I'm going to make this all right for the three of us. And when we're safely tucked away wherever we go, I'll call Ryan and we'll find some way for you two to be together again.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Hello?

Erica: Bianca.

Bianca: Mom.

Erica: Honey -- I need you. I need you right now.

Adam: All right, Hayward, what do you have to tell me about Michael's murderer?

David: Just this.

[David points a gun at Adam as he shuts the cabin door]

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Anyone home? Hey. Oh. I'm so sorry that I had to bail on you at the courthouse like that, but I had to get Greenlee and her big mouth out of there before she -- before she made things worse. Now, Aidan told me about the deal that Singer's pushing. I say it's a no-brainer, ok? You don't take it. You go to verdict, and if you're not acquitted, then we appeal. I will bankroll you all the way to the Supreme Court, ok? The point is, is that you're going to get off. I will be stapled to your side the entire way. All you have to do is lean on me. I'll take care of you.

Kendall: You've already taken care of me.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Kendall: You sicced Greenlee on me. You turned on me. You betrayed me.

Jack: Well, that doesn't give us a whole lot of room to move, does it? Oh, I know you did, Livia. I know you did. Believe me, I -- yeah, all right. Well, we'll get together tomorrow morning. We'll go over our few options. Yeah. You, too. Damn it.

Greenlee: What did Livia want?

Jack: Well, your head on a platter to start with. The judge has ruled against a mistrial, and now the prosecution is pressuring Kendall to take a deal, which just happens to be 10 years in Statesville.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. I didn't -- I never meant --

Jack: Yeah, of course, you never do, do you? But now the damage is done. You know, I thought maybe, just maybe, you might have learned a lesson when you ruined my wedding to Erica, but, no, you're still the same willful, spiteful child who has to strike out against the world because they're not getting what they want.

Greenlee: You said that Bianca got hurt somehow.

Jack: Yeah.

Greenlee: How? Tell me, Jackson, please. Maybe I can help somehow.

Jack: All right. When Kendall needed help faking her paternity test, she turned to the woman who is really carrying Michael's child.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Bianca.

Bianca: Mom. Where's Myrtle?

Erica: I sent her away.

Bianca: You shouldn't be alone.

Erica: You're here. And we have some things to clear up.

Bianca: Why are you staring at me?

Erica: Today in court, we learned that Kendall lied. She's not pregnant with Michael Cambias' child. But the DNA test proved that she is. How can that be? The blood they tested must belong to someone else, someone who is pregnant with Michael Cambias' child. Whose blood could that be? You need to tell me the truth, Bianca. I can handle it. Please, tell me.

Bianca: It's my blood, Mom. I'm the one who's pregnant.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

David: I'm really angry, Adam, and I'm going to make you suffer before I shoot you.

Kendall: You set me up.

Ryan: You've got 30 seconds to take back every word.

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