AMC Transcript Tuesday 1/20/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 1/20/04

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Kendall: Ryan? Ryan?

Ryan: So, you don't like the pooch?

Michael: No, no, no, the pooch is a hoot. But, honestly, does Kendall really think she's going to fool anybody with that thing?

Ryan: Well, I mean, she's fooling herself with my help. That's what's important, isn't it?

[Michael laughs]

Michael: This is true.

[Ryan and Michael laugh]

Kendall: No, stop laughing at me.

Ryan: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What is it? What is it? Huh?

Erica: It's nothing. I'm fine.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. Talk to me, will you?

Erica: It was a dream. It was a horrible dream.

Jack: Was Michael Cambias in it?

Erica: How did you know?

Jack: He seems to be making the rounds.

Erica: You, too?

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Oh. Oh, Jack, it just makes me ache. I mean, why isn't he the one who's rotting in prison for his crimes? Instead, Kendall's going to have to pay and we'll all have to pay for what he did to Bianca, what we all did to him.

Bianca: I have to find it. Just have to look and look and look and find it. I just have to find it.

[Cookie sheet crashes]

Lena: Oh.

Bianca: I can't believe this.

Maggie: Bianca, what happened? I thought -- I thought baking calmed you down, not made you comatose. What's wrong? Did you get burned? Put your fingers up to your earlobes --

Bianca: I can save my sister. I can save Kendall.

Maria: As a friend and colleague of the accused, I have to ask, is Kendall Cambias guilty?

Greenlee: Maria, that's up to the jury to decide. We have to trust the system.

David: Greenlee, you're through here. Excuse us for a second.

Greenlee: Excuse me. Excuse you.

David: What the hell are you trying to do, get Kendall executed before the trial even begins?

Lena: Hey, listen, I know you're frightened, but it isn't up to you to save Kendall.

Bianca: It is if I can prove that Kendall's not the one that killed Michael.

Lena: What, you have some sort of new evidence? Where did you get it? I mean, how?

Maggie: I'm so confused. I thought this was just anxiety baking for Kendall.

Bianca: Well, that's what it was, but it cleared my head enough for me to have this flash of last night's dream. Do you believe in dreams?

Lena: I'm afraid my dreams stay with me whether I want them to or not.

Bianca: Right, but, like, are they too many nachos the night before, or do you think that dreams have a message?

Lena: Was -- was Michael in your dream?

Bianca: I think so. I don't know. I'm not sure. It wasn't totally clear, but he wasn't the important part. I was looking for something.

Maggie: Classic. Did you find it?

Bianca: No. That's the problem. I have no clue what it is. It's just something out there that I have to find. This is not like any other dream I've ever had. Look --

Lena: You have goose pimples just from talking about it.

Maggie: Ok, and you have no idea what this it could be?

Bianca: No. No, but I do know that I have to find it because I'm positive that whatever this is can help prove that Kendall is not guilty.


Kendall: It was about Michael.

Ryan: Did he hurt you?

Kendall: Just having him in my head, in my dreams -- the one place that I felt like I could escape him -- it just --

Ryan: You're, like, trembling. Come on, what did he do?

Kendall: He just -- he showed me that I was a fool. He made me -- he made me realize that the only person I outsmarted was myself. And he loved it. He loved all the fear and the shame and the disgust.

Ryan: Come on. Come here.

Kendall: No.

Ryan: But he didn't do it alone, did he? I was there with him. Smack in the middle of your shame and your fear, yours truly.

Kendall: You were there.

Ryan: Oh, God, your psyche really, really has it out for us. Do you want me to hand you your clothes now or you want a cup of coffee before you bail on me?

Kendall: No. I'm not going to go. I'm not going to go anywhere, ok? It was just -- it was just trial day jitters.

Ryan: Says the woman who's clocked more court time than the crew of "The Practice."

Kendall: Yeah, the Pine Valley Courthouse, my vacation home. Guess I'll hang curtains there. Or I'll hang first.


Ryan: You have to shake it off, ok? Just shake it off. It was a bad dream. And soon this trip to court -- you're going to shake that off, too.

Kendall: God, Ryan, I wish it was that easy. I wish I could just wake up and have the whole murder trial just be washed away with the sunrise.

Ryan: I would give you that right now if I could. This is what I want you to do. When you go the courthouse, I want you to sit down and just -- just zone out.

Kendall: Like I'm not even there.

Ryan: Yeah, just go someplace safe, someplace warm, happy.

Kendall: You mean like here?

Ryan: Live a little bit. How about like an island cruise?

Kendall: No. Too many mai tais and I might heave over the rail.

Ryan: All right, well, then how about rock climbing in Tibet?

Kendall: No, and ruin a good manicure?

Ryan: Wow, for somebody who only dabbles in reality, you really suck at this game. All right, you go ahead. You choose someplace, any place you feel at peace.

Kendall: Ryan, the last three hours that I've been here with you is the most peace that -- that I've felt in a long time.

Ryan: Here it is. Judge, jury, and lawyers be damned because you're going to be here and you're going to be in my arms.

Kendall: I'll memorize every bit of it. Who needs digital?

Ryan: Well, you don't need to memorize this mug because I am going to be right behind you in the court.

Erica: Jack, hey, I won't be able to dress for the trial.

Jack: Ooh, an even better reason to keep doing this.

Erica: There's always -- there's always next time.

Jack: Yes, well, that's music to my ears, but I must admit that my motivations weren't entirely seductive.

Erica: Well, what is it, then?

Jack: Sweetheart, I don't want you going anywhere near that courtroom until you have to.

Erica: Well, that would be this morning, because everyone in that courtroom is someone I love, and we're all going to be affected by what goes on in there.

Jack: Listen to me. This is only the first step of a long, ugly marathon. I want you to wait out the voir dire and save your energy for the trial, ok?

Erica: Oh, Jack. It's already too late for that. I mean, I've been running on empty for a long time already, and -- oh, I just shouldn't have gone near Michael Cambias' place the night after the court dismissed those rape charges against him.

Jack: Well, my sweet, I own the guilt of setting Michael free, and I always will.

Erica: I wouldn't have if we had gotten married the way we planned.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Look, it's -- I just know that we weren't where we were supposed to be. We -- we weren't together. If only Greenlee had come in 10 minutes later, if only I had told you about her in the first place.

Jack: If only, if only, if only. Forget about the if onlys, ok? You know, a wise person once said those who don't learn from history are destined to make the same mistakes over and over. But our past is written in huge, neon letters, and all we have to do, my dear, is read it and absorb it and move on. No reason to beat ourselves up. Ok? Now kiss me.

Greenlee: Do you mind?

Maria: I'm Maria Chambers for VH1 Satellite Radio only on XM.

David: Greenlee, I'm going to say this with deep love and affection, all right? What the hell are you thinking?

Greenlee: You're chummy with La Kane. Two bucks says the perp's mommy would give the same sound bite.

David: No, no, no, no. Erica might have her problems with Kendall, but she's not trying to put a noose around her neck. All right, look, I'll come from a different direction here. How well do you think your brand of loyalty is going to play with Fusion's demo?

Greenlee: Ok. Ok, I'll just go tell the VH1 reporter that Kendall's the most honest, sweetest, vicious slut I know -- minus the vicious slut part.

David: Good choice.

Greenlee: If you do me a favor.

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: It's no big deal. Help me break up Ryan and Kendall before they get any tighter.

David: What the hell do you care about Ryan and Kendall?

Greenlee: Forget it. You're about to pop a vein.

David: All right, ok. I'm sorry, all right? Go slow, and I promise nothing will explode.

Greenlee: You know Ryan and I go way back. He's one of the good ones.

David: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm one of his biggest fans.

Greenlee: Whether you like him or not, Kendall's running a con on him.

David: Greenlee, men and women have been conning each other since the beginning of time. Romantics call it love. So if Ryan takes a hit, tough luck.

Greenlee: This isn't love. It's greed. Kendall's using him.

David: Yeah, like I said, tough luck. Ryan is not my concern.

Greenlee: Ok, you two share history together. Fine. Don't do it for him. Do it for me. When Kendall stages her next attack, it's a sure bet that I'm going to be caught in the fallout with Ryan, and I don't deserve that, and neither does Ryan.

David: Oh, Greenlee, Greenlee. You idiot. I can't believe you're falling back in love with that smug side of beef. How many times are you going to jump in front of the Lavery Love Train?

Greenlee: That train was sold for parts a long time ago, ok --

David: Oh, yeah, sure it was.

Greenlee: So just forget it. Ryan and I are just friends. I want to save him from Kendall. And if I can protect Fusion in the process, it's a bonus.

David: All right, look, look, you want to protect big, buff Ryan from twiggy little Kendall, that's fine with me. Just leave me out of it.

Greenlee: My next point -- Twiggy little Kendall's not pregnant with Michael's baby. The whole world knows it.

David: Why don't you say that a little louder, ok? I don't think the reporter heard the whole thing.

Greenlee: This is where your fancy degree comes in. Help me expose Kendall for the liar that she is and stop her in her tracks.

Judge: Prosecution's motion to allow cameras in the courtroom denied.

Alan: The public has a right to know, Your Honor.

Judge: Let them learn how to read a newspaper. Move along.

Livia: Your Honor, the defense moves to have all charges against Mrs. Cambias dismissed.

Judge: Yeah, it's always good for a giggle. Denied. Ok, looks like we're done here.

Justin: Whoa, whoa. Not quite, Your Honor.

Judge: Counselor?

Alan: The prosecution requests a two-week continuance.

Livia: Objection, Your Honor.

Alan: We're in the process of locating Fred Lomax, Your Honor, the minister who allegedly married Mr. Cambias and Ms. Hart.

Judge: Well, if you don't have your witness now, what difference will two weeks make?

Justin: Your honor, we're hot on his trail right now as we speak. We have the Arizona police helping us out with this matter, and they've given us several solid leads. What's surprising to us is the opposing legal counsel hasn't even bothered to track him down themselves since he's such a key player in your defense.

Livia: Well, we do have legally verifiable documentation that this wedding did take place. Sounds like you have squat to prove otherwise. What is it? How much of your job would you like us to do for you?

Judge: All right, enough. Mr. Singer, why aren't your ducks in a row?

Alan: One last duck and we're good to go, Your Honor.

Judge: Does your entire case depend on this one witness, this Fred Lomax?

Aidan: Reverend Lomax?


Aidan: I can hear you in there, sir. Reverend, I need to speak to you. It's urgent. A woman's life hangs in the balance.

Fred: All our lives hang in the balance. Part of life's infinite jest and magical mystery tour.

Aidan: Right. Yeah, that's true, sir, but this is a legal matter. I need to speak with you urgently. Otherwise a young woman could be put to death.

Fred: Death?

Aidan: Yes.

Fred: I hate death. You're not dead.

Aidan: No, not yet. May I come in? It's urgent. Can I come in and speak with you?

Fred: No. We're speaking now.

Aidan: Yeah, but this is going to take a few minutes. I need to see if you have any recollection of marrying a young couple back in August. I know it's a while ago.

Fred: Arturo, Battlebrooke, Boothby, Cambias, Crane --

Aidan: Cambias. Mr. and Mrs. Cambias. May I come in? It's urgent.

Fred: You're not wearing any mushrooms, are you?

Aidan: Excuse me?

Fred: Are you slow, boy? Mushrooms!

Aidan: No. No, I'm not wearing any, no.

Fred: Well, you can't be too careful. Come on in.

Maggie: Maybe it isn't something you saw. It's something that you expected to see but didn't. And it's like your mind blocked it out but your subconscious -- it's like it's trying to make you pay attention.

Bianca: Ok, we've been friends way too long. I understood everything you just said.

Lena: I didn't. So this isn't something that you saw, just something that you realized was missing?

Bianca: Exactly. The problem is that I don't know what it is that wasn't there.

Lena: Ok, well, whatever it was that you -- that wasn't there, you couldn't have seen it because the night of Michael's murder, you were fast asleep at your mother's. Right?

Bianca: Well, no, not the whole night. I did get up in the middle of the night to throw away Reggie's gun. Maybe I saw something while I was doing that or on the way back or something. I don't know. God, this makes so much sense. This is why I felt I had to stay for Kendall's trial.

Maria: How can you, as former DA, advise the defense --

Jack: Maria, Maria, I have no comment. I'm sorry.

Judge: Ok, counselor, you have one day to find this Fred Lomax.

Alan: We'll need at least a --

Judge: Ask me if I care. We will proceed as scheduled. Jury selection will take place immediately. Bailiff, please show in the first group of prospective jurors. Let's get started.

David: So because Kendall is on your hit list, she can't possibly be pregnant? Is that it?

Greenlee: Yeah, pretty much. Please, David, David, you're brilliant and slightly bent. You can help me figure out Kendall's game.

David: Yeah, well, sorry, kiddo, but I'd swear to it in court -- Kendall is having a baby. You're forgetting -- I was there when she took the original pregnancy test, all right? That baby is as real as you or I.

Greenlee: I don't accept that.

David: You know something -- what you really need to do is be honest with yourself. I saw the way you looked at Ryan just now. You may not love him, but you sure as hell want him.

Greenlee: You're wrong.

David: Yeah, right. Sure I am.

Greenlee: Forget it, ok? So, Kendall did it, really? She made it with that monster?

David: Yeah, well, stranger things have happened, right?

Greenlee: None so disgusting. I guess if Michael is going to breed with anyone, thank God it was Bridezilla Kendall and not Bianca. At least Binks was spared a little bit of hell.

David: Enough, enough. Enough, ok? This morbid fascination with Kendall and Michael -- it has to stop.

Greenlee: David, chill out. What is with you and Kendall? Why are you her champion?

Bianca: All right, when I came back from tossing the gun, I saw Reggie fast asleep on the couch, and I went to bed. I had no idea that Michael had disappeared that night. If I had known, maybe I would have slept better. Maybe not.

Maggie: Or, you know, maybe you saw someone on your way or on your way back or in between, even. Why don't you go back to sleep and try to figure it out?

Bianca: No way. I'm too wired.

Maggie: I know there's a way to figure this out. Let me think.

Lena: If she can't remember, we can't force her.

Maggie: That doesn't mean that she can't remember. I mean, it's obvious her mind is just trying to protect her.

Bianca: Right. Because maybe whatever it is I'm looking for could hurt someone else that I love.

Maggie: A clue to the person who killed Michael Cambias. I mean, it's easier -- easier to forget than to deal with it.

Lena: Look, Bianca, you can't take all of this on yourself. I know you love Kendall, but it's not up to you to save her.

Bianca: Yeah, but that's just it. I think it might be.

Lena: Well, what if it's true? What if in order to save Kendall, you do have to sacrifice someone that you love?

Bianca: I don't know. But I know that I can't just leave this alone. I can feel it in my heart and in my mind. I -- I'll manage to figure this out.

Maggie: Well, the front door to your mind is obviously locked, so let's just kick the back door in. Who are the people that you love?

Bianca: All right -- Mom, Myrtle, you, Uncle Jack, David, Kendall, Reggie, Palmer, Opal, Boyd, and Lena. In no particular order. Did one of them kill Michael Cambias?

Maggie: You know, maybe your mind is torn between your urge to protect that person and to try to save Kendall.

Lena: Bianca doesn't need an amateur Freud right now. She shouldn't feel that Kendall's life depends on some silly dream.

Maggie: Excuse me? Or do you feel that you have to do this because you may gain something from all this?

Lena: I'm looking out for Bianca.

Maggie: Or for yourself. Where'd she go?

Lena: The courthouse.

Maggie: That's great.

Fred: I need you to hold on to this. It's for your own good.

Aidan: Yeah, right. Yeah, of course, yeah.

Fred: What'd you say your name was, again?

Aidan: Aidan. Aidan Devane.

Fred: Aidan of the vein. Aidan of blood. Mineral essence. A little to the left.

Aidan: Yeah. Reverend Lomax, have you left the church by any chance?

Fred: The church and I had a parting of waters. Luckily, I got the desert in the settlement papers.

Aidan: Right. These things happen. Listen, what can you tell me about --

Fred: Hang on a minute. Hang on, hang on. The astral planes aren't in line yet. Hmm. Hmm.

[Fred laughs]

Fred: I'm just fooling with you, kid.

Aidan: Right, right.

Fred: Come on. The astral planes -- what do they know from tin foil? I just like the part -- hmm, hmm.

Aidan: Listen, Fred --

Fred: Hey, hey, hey, you got to hold on to your part. We got to stay connected. If we don't stay connected, we could get a shock. But connected, you and me, we're the same. But without the conductor, we're just two men.

Aidan: Right.

Fred: We're just like two any other men poised to damage each other's cause.

Aidan: That's the thing, you see, Fred -- I really need you to help me with my cause. The Cambias couple -- do you remember them?

Fred: Yeah. Between Boothby and Crane. May they all rest in peace.

Aidan: What?

Fred: Well, they're joined, so they're in peace. Now, it's the couples that I haven't joined that I worry about. You see, as long as they're unjoined --

Aidan: Reverend --

Fred: They could hurt each other bad.

Aidan: Are you on medication or something?

Fred: No. Flax seed, son. Flax seed. You need to be clean inside as well as out. Would you care for a can of hearts of palms or artichokes or --

Aidan: Listen --

Fred: Look, it's good stuff. You are what you eat. I mean, I've only got a few cans left, but -- you just seem like an okey-dokey guy. No, no, no, you've got to hold --

Aidan: I've got -- Reverend, I've got a great idea. I know a store quite close to here that sells hearts of palms, hearts of celery, hearts of cucumber. If you like -- would you like me to take you there?

Jack: All right, here's the results of the jurors' questionnaire.

Kendall: What does it tell you?

Livia: Each juror's age, profession, living situation, marital status.

Kendall: My peers. A retired college professor?

Livia: Justin and Alan will never keep her.

Kendall: Oh, good. She's a single female. Single and smart. She'll be reasonable, so can we keep her?

Justin: I think the professor's going to play Agatha Christie.

Alan: Aggie might swing our way.

Justin: All right, you're on. Five gets you ten. Watch, they're going to dismiss her.

Kendall: Well, maybe she can be foreman. She looks like she could think for herself.

Livia: Whoever we select needs to accept our version of the truth.

Jack: We don't want her thinking for herself.

Livia: Juror number eight is excused.

Justin: What'd I tell you?

Alan: Number three needs the boot.

Justin: Divorced four times? She's not our kind of gal.

Kendall: I bet you number three would be sympathetic.

Livia: Yeah, chances are she wanted at least one of her husbands dead. The prosecution will never accept --

Alan: Juror number three may be excused, with the prosecution's thanks.


Erica: It's open.


Bianca: Mom, what are you doing here?

Erica: I suppose I was looking for something -- a trace, a clue as to what really happened here. But it's pointless. I mean, there is no explanation for all of this.

Bianca: No, it's not pointless, not for me.

Erica: Honey, please. Bianca, there's nothing here for you. There's nothing here for either one of us.

Bianca: No, I'm not so sure about that. Have you ever gotten the sense that there's something out there just waiting for you to find?

Erica: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Bianca: I think that there's something in my mind that could help Kendall and I just have to find it somehow.

Erica: Oh, honey, don't do that to yourself. Don't take on that burden. Jack and Livia -- I mean, together -- believe in them -- they are unbeatable.

Bianca: Do you really believe that?

Erica: They are going to keep Kendall out of prison. I am sure of that.

Bianca: Oh, my God. Is that blood?

Erica: No, honey, please, this whole place is just -- just poison.

Bianca: No, I can't let him win. I have to find the answer.

Erica: He is not going to win.

Bianca: Mom, I love Uncle Jack, but he couldn't put Michael in prison. How can I be sure that he can keep Kendall out? Things happen. Things go --

David: Greenlee, just -- just let it go, all right? Justice will find its own way. I have complete confidence that whatever Kendall has done, she will get what she deserves. Nothing you do can change that.

Greenlee: This is so not you, David.

David: Yeah, well, as much as I like to control the universe, it's out of my hands. Besides, life works a hell of a lot better when you don't interfere.

Greenlee: I expected you to be railing at the powers that be.

David: Well, maybe I learned that it's pointless. Come on. You want to go inside, watch the proceedings?

Greenlee: I'm going to talk to that VH1 reporter, give her a new sound bite -- one that won't bite Kendall in the butt. Ms. Chambers, do you have a minute?

Maria: Sure.

Man: Tape is rolling.

Maria: I'm Maria Chambers for VH1 Satellite Radio and WRCW-TV. I'm here again with a friend and colleague --

Judge: Have any of you had any personal contact with the defendant? Yes, please stand. In what capacity did you meet Mrs. Cambias?

Juror: I waited on Mrs. Cambias at BJ's a bunch of times. She's a good tipper. And I wear Fusion.

Judge: Thank you. You're excused. No, Mrs. Cambias, you may be seated. Now, you do understand that this is a capital case. Would any of you be unable, during the penalty phase of this or any other capital trial, to assign the ultimate penalty -- death by lethal injection? Thank you for your honesty. You're excused.

Jack: Well, what a shame that is. Number seven was our ace in the hole.

Erica's voice: No matter how much we do for you, it's just never enough. And if something just doesn't go the way you want it to, well, then you are back to believing that the whole world is out to get you.

Kendall: Aidan?

Aidan: Yes, Your Honor. I've had personal contact with the defendant, and she has screwed me over many, many times.

Aidan: You're hiding your enlightenment out here, Fred. My friends would kill to hear what you have to say. If you were to come with me, you could reach more people.

Fred: Well, why in the hell would I want to do that? I have the whole world in my hand.


Aidan: Oh, bullocks.

Fred: You ok?

Aidan: Yeah. Do you know what that sound is, Fred?

Fred: The police?

Aidan: No, that sound is the sound of the end of the world as we know it.


Fred: That's the end of the world?

Aidan: In all its ominous glory.

Fred: Oh. Damn watch. I knew it was off.

Aidan: Fred -- Fred, Fred, this is not the time for a nap. This is a time for action.

Fred: I'm prepared to meet the eternal be all, end all with peace and serenity.

Aidan: Fred, come on.

Fred: I said peace and serenity! Now, what part of that don't you understand?

Aidan: What if I was to say that now is not your time?

Fred: I would say that you've been reading fortune cookies upside down.

Aidan: You have been delegated the great conductor. It's your job to spread the word of flax and foil to all of those that have none.

Fred: Ah, don't kid an old kidder, son. That's not in my text.

Aidan: This is a holy order from the European quest. I have been sent to tell you that you have been set free.

Fred: The accent and all -- yeah. Yeah, that makes sense!

Aidan: The round table and the Holy Grail of the new millennium, I am the messenger.

Fred: Well, then, hot damn, Sir Aidan. Up and at 'em!

Aidan: Come on. We haven't got time for that, Fred. We can buy whatever we need.

Fred: No, no, we don't buy anything. We live off the bounty of the closet.

Aidan: You're a reverend. You know what they say. The proclamation will provide.

Fred: You know, half of what you say doesn't even make sense.

Aidan: That's because you don't know the codes. Look, consider me your tutor. And you're already slow. You're behind. Come on, let's go. Let's go.

[Knock on door]

Man: Fred Lomax? Police. Open up.

Fred: Whoa. Whoa. You must be high up. You got us an escort!

Aidan: Fred, Fred, Fred -- shh. They're not with us. That is the end of the world as we know it in flesh form -- the enemy. Listen, I am your friend, and we should protect our friends. You understand?


Officer: Open up in there.

Jack: Kendall, are you all right?

Kendall: It's all up to them.

Jack: You know, we're going to be going through several rounds of prospective jurors. Same questions, different faces. You don't have to be here for this.

Kendall: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Alan: Just a few more questions. Have any of you filed inheritance claims? Mrs. du Pres, do you know the defendant?

Greenlee: Do I ever.

Judge: You can attest to her character?

Greenlee: I detest her character. She convinced me to overlook her personal defects and create a company with her. But once we made it to the top, she turned on me, ripped it away.

Alan: Do you feel you could judge her fairly?

Greenlee: If fair means I get to flip the switch at her execution, then fair it is.

Alan: We accept this juror, Your Honor.

Kendall: No, they can't do that, can they?

Judge: The defendant will refrain from any further outbursts.

Kendall: I'm sorry, your honor. I just -- I don't think that they --

Judge: I will not tell you again.

Livia: Mr. Larraby, are you familiar with the defendant?

Boyd: In theory. I did her dirty work on command.

Judge: And was she duly grateful?

Boyd: She gave me a pat on the head and then a kick in the pants. My good friend Kendall.

Alan: Move to excuse this juror, Your Honor. Residual affection for the murderer is evident despite her heartless abuse of his feelings.

Jack: Would you characterize your chances with Kendall Hart as slim or none?

Aidan: Too small to calculate, really. Besides, I'm beyond giving a rat's ass.

Jack: And why do you say that?

Aidan: She's a walking liability. She's damaged goods.

Jack: How exactly did you arrive at that opinion?

Aidan: I don't know. She sees betrayal around every corner. Dump or you shall be dumped. That's what she thinks. She doesn't give a damn about anybody else but herself, and she only trusts one person, which is Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: I object!

Judge: You can't object, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Oh. Well, then I'd like it stated for the record that Kendall doesn't trust me, either. A fortune, a fake belly, and three little words aren't enough. What is it going to take, I ask you?

Judge: Ms. Kane, is it true that your daughter is incapable of trust?

Erica: Your Honor, I know where this is going, and if it please the court, I'm not having any. Jack, please don't let them put this back on me.

Jack: Erica, Erica, it's -- it's all right. The court knows that the blame lies with Kendall here.

Erica: That's right. I mean, maybe the adoption left a hole in her heart, maybe my later rejections hurt or confused her, but, my God, grow up already. I mean, how many times can you say, "My mommy made me do it" without boring even you?

Livia: Ms. Saunders, you're confident you can be completely objective in this case?

Mia: Absolutely. I'm simply an observer, but I observed as Kendall devoured Aidan like an all-you-can-eat buffet and then picked her teeth with his bones. And contrary to previous claims, she didn't pay the tab, let alone leave a tip.

Simone: We would have backed Kendall up, held her hand, but she wouldn't give us a chance. So as far as I'm concerned, God better help her because we're off the clock.

Jack: Your Honor, both the defense and the prosecution unanimously accept this panel.

Judge: You'll render your verdict only on the evidence introduced and in accordance with the instructions of this court, so help you God.

Jack: Well, I think we've impaneled a hell of a good jury here and you should be relieved.

Maria: I'm Maria Chambers for VH1 Satellite Radio '

Simone: Oh, hey.

Mia: Hi. We came to see how Kendall's doing.

Greenlee: Huh. The Teflon widow's fine. She's zoned out at the table like she's too poor for words.

Simone: Hmm. Well, I guess that's one way to deal.

Greenlee: You might want to take a lesson.

Mia: Me? Why? I have a lock on a superhealthy attitude.

Greenlee: Well, that could change. Kendall may actually be pregnant -- with Aidan's child.

Judge: The panel will reconvene tomorrow in the jury room at 8:30 a.m. Please remember there are no cell phones or other electronic devices allowed, and please remember to bring your parking vouchers for validation.

Jack: Now, if only juror number four would drop out, alternate one would be an absolute dream.

Livia: Mm-hmm. Number ten will never stomach the gorier details.

Judge: Ok, ladies and gentlemen, does the prosecution expect me to hand out a continuance?

Alan: No handouts needed, Your Honor. We have it from the Arizona police that the Reverend Fred Lomax is all but in custody. We're good to go.

Aidan: Do or die, Fred.

Fred: That's what they said at Area 51.

Aidan: And we know what happened there, don't we?

Fred: Chills the soul.

Aidan: Listen, I have learned from you, Fred. In order for us to stay in equilibrium, you must now learn from me.

Fred: Truer words, my friend, were never spoken.

Aidan: No, not that way. The bathroom, the window. It's part of the path.

Fred: Jump off the path, break your mother's back. The window it is.

Officer: Reverend Lomax, we're here to -- the bathroom, the bathroom.

Erica: Bianca, honey, what is it? What -- what do you see?

Bianca: It's his. It was his. He's gone, and it's still here.

Erica: Honey, don't do this, please.

Bianca: I can remember the sound that it made when he took it off.

Erica: No, don't do this. Look, let's -- we're going to leave now because this whole place is just evil. I mean, the earth should open and swallow it up. I will burn this place down if I have to.

Bianca: No, Mom, you can't do that.

Erica: You know that I will, and I will. I will do anything for you.

Bianca: I know, but it won't make the memories leave. Nothing you do will. It doesn't work that way.

Erica: Then you have to put those memories somewhere else. You have to put them somewhere else in your mind where they can't touch you as often, where they can't hurt you so much.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: Come on, let's just go and forget this place. Forget that we were here. Just forget it all. Ok. Let's go.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: I think I know something.

Kendall: About Michael?

Bianca: And the night he disappeared.

Ryan: At first I wasn't really happy to see you, but now I'm glad you're here. Gives us a chance to settle things.

Maria: Edmund, just squeeze my hand if you can hear me, if you understand me.

Jack: Will you marry me?

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