AMC Transcript Friday 1/9/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 1/9/04

By Amanda
Proofread by Gisele

J.R.: Whoa, Krystal. What --

Krystal: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Krystal: She's worn out and dead tired. Being on the nest will do that to a gal.

J.R.: Is she ok?

Krystal: Well, I think it's going to take more than 40 winks to undo all the stress that's been piled on her.

J.R.: Yeah, I know, I need to get Jamie and my dad to ease up.

Krystal: Those aren't the only two on her mind. J.R., you need to tell me straight, right here and right now, do you really and truly love my baby girl?

Jamie: Oh, good, you're here.

Brooke: Well, where else would I be? You sounded rather ominous on the phone.

Tad: You think? Will your grandfather be joining this little impromptu powwow?

Jamie: I left him a message.

Brooke: Well, maybe we should wait for Joe?

Jamie: Well, actually, the sooner you guys know what's going down, the better. I got the proof that I needed, and Babe lied. She got pregnant the week that she and I slept together. So there's a 50/50 chance that the baby could be mine.

Maria: Edmund?

Doctor: His pulse is weak and irregular, BP's falling. Bullet hit the spleen on the way to the spinal cord. We got to get in there and stop the internal bleeding, Maria. The OR's prepped and ready, but we've got to get Edmund into surgery.

Maria: No. No, you're not taking him anywhere.

Kendall: What's so urgent? Did something happen with Edmund?

Ryan: No, no change. He was still critical when I left the hospital. That's not why I called.

Kendall: Oh. Well, how are you post surreal shootout?

Ryan: Better than some. How about you?

Kendall: Well, let's just say I won't be watching any mob movies for a while. It's true what they say about how your life flashes in front of your eyes. I was terrified, for myself and for you.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I had my own fear. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to save you. But I think I can save you now if you'll let me.

Doctor: We have to operate, Maria. I'm concerned about the position of the bullet, and the loss of blood is severe.

Joe: Once the hemorrhaging is addressed, Edmund will stabilize. Then we'll go in for the bullet at a later date.

Maria: I understand, but it's his heart that I'm concerned about. It's been compromised post cardiac arrest, and with the arrhythmia and the blood loss, he could crash again.

Doctor: The cardiac surgeon on duty has been briefed.

Maria: That's not good enough. It's not. We're going to wait.

Joe: Maria, you are the patient's wife. You shouldn't even be here.

Maria: Well, I sure as hell can't be anywhere else, can I?

Joe: You have got to learn to think like a doctor now.

Maria: I am thinking like a doctor. Look, Joe, can we speak outside, please? David. Thank God. Ok, now we can move Edmund into the OR.

Joe: What has David got to do with all this?

Maria: I -- I asked David to scrub in, and I want you to please let him do it.

Joe: David has been banned from practicing in this hospital. That was the Board's decision, and they're not going to rescind it.

Maria: Just temporary privileges. That's all I'm asking you, Joe.

David: And I'm not asking anything from you, Joe. This is Maria's call all the way.

Maria: He's allowed to practice at Front Street Clinic right now, and quite frankly, I would take Edmund there right now if I knew it was going to be under David's care.

Joe: The Front Street Clinic was David's community service.

Maria: Ok, I don't care, I don't care what he did before, I don't care what he was up -- I just want to make sure that my husband gets out of here alive.

Joe: We must put personal feelings aside.

Maria: What? Every case is personal, Joe. You're the one who taught me that. A good man could die today, and I'm not about to stand by and let that happen. Are you? Please, I'm -- I'm begging you. For me, Joe, please, pull whatever strings you can. I want David in the OR.

J.R.: Babe makes me crazy. We've slammed some doors, you know. Of course I love her.

Krystal: That's good to hear. Even the door-slamming part. I mean, a little heat of the moment passion, you know, kind of keeps things fresh.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: You sound like Babe.

Krystal: Hmm. I guess it's in the genes. Everywhere we go, people kind of get stirred up, you know, kind of crazy.

J.R.: Yeah.

Krystal: Crazy good sometimes, sometimes crazy bad.

J.R.: I know, I was watching Babe one time when people were watching her, and she, like -- she wakes them up.

Krystal: That girl sure does have presence.

J.R.: Just like her mama.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, if you ask me, it's just all because of some super-strong life force that we both have, I don't know.

J.R.: Storybook star quality.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, sometimes the trouble just starts and it just keeps on coming, you know?

J.R.: Yeah. Well, Babe's tough. She's going through a hard time right now. But we're going to get through it.

Krystal: You sure about that? Before Babe went down, she just burst right into tears, crying like she had a broken heart.

J.R.: Was it my dad? I swear to God --

Krystal: J.R., it's you. She is so afraid of losing you. With all this ugliness going down, she's just -- she's afraid you're going to leave. And as strong as she is, it would just kill her if you high-tailed it.

J.R.: But I'm here. Doesn't that count for something?

Krystal: If you love her, then you just tell her straight out you're not going anywhere, no matter what.

Tad: You're kidding. You hacked into your grandfather's computer? When did you become such a menace?

Jamie: Around the time Babe called me a liar.

Brooke: Uh, hey, you know, you don't get a free pass because Babe has honesty issues.

Tad: No kidding. I can't believe you would jeopardize your -- your grandfather's position at the hospital. I mean, if it gets out that you used him to get --

Jamie: Babe just shuts me down. I had no choice.

Brooke: When you went to the hospital, you had a choice. When you hacked into your grandfather's computer, you had a choice.

Jamie: Mom, I -- I got it.

Tad: No, no, I'm sorry, I don't think you do, because if you think the fact that Babe Carey is holding out on you entitles you to pull these little stunts, I'm here to tell you you don't have the right!

Jamie: Well, what right did you have to torch the hard copies of the exact same files?

Brooke: You know, you're both in this up to your eyeballs.

Tad: Yeah, thanks a heap. So much for a united front.

Jamie: No, Dad, answer me. What were you doing with Babe's file in the first place?

Tad: No, forget it. You know, that was -- that was completely different. I was trying to prevent somebody from breaking into the file. I didn't want Adam Chandler to get his hands on that information.

Jamie: See, that's because you don't want to know if I'm the father. I do. Jackson's going to need all the ammo he can get when he files my paternity suit.

Brooke: Jackson's agreed to do this?

Jamie: Well, he knows what it means to have your own child kept from you. Mom, you said you loved me and that you would back me no matter what.

Brooke: Honey, I love you enough to tell you that this paternity suit is not going to make Babe love you.

Jamie: Being a dad is worth fighting for.

Brooke: You're just not thinking clearly. Would you back me up here, Tad?

Jamie: Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing if you were me.

Tad: I don't have to, I wouldn't have gotten a chance. Somehow your grandfather would've been able to talk some sense into me.

Jamie: Grandpa would back me up. I'm only doing what he taught me, what you all taught me -- to take responsibility and to do the right thing.

Brooke: Oh, and what is that, to trash J.R.'s marriage and to destroy your whole future?

Tad: If you're upset or you feel jilted because you didn't get the girl, this is no way to take it out on your brother.

Jamie: Just stop! Just stop it! I told you my plan because as part of my family, my baby's family I thought that you had the right to know. But I don't need your approval. I am not a kid anymore. I am a man who might be a father. So accept that and support me or leave me the hell alone.

Kendall: Save me from what, exactly?

Ryan: Well, the obvious usual answer is from yourself, but this time --

Bianca: Hey. Hi.

Ryan: Hey. Bianca, thank you for coming.

Kendall: What, did the big man summon you, too?

Ryan: I told her I had some news.

Bianca: No, he told me that he had great news that was going to put my mind at ease.

Kendall: Well, it will take a lot to do that.

Ryan: Come in. Let's see if this does the trick. I found a doctor who will do the amnio switch. Kick Bianca's results over to you, presto -- Kendall's pregnant with Michael's child.

Bianca: Oh, my God. I don't know how I'm going to thank you. Well, how? So when is this going to happen?

Ryan: Well, soon I hope. The doc just landed in Pine Valley. She's on her way over here to meet both of you. If everything goes as planned, we can schedule the test, you know, ASAP.

Kendall: Great. Thank you.

Ryan: You're welcome. You two make yourselves at home, pillow.

Kendall: Wait, where are you going?

Ryan: Oh, I just have on party favor I need to pick up. Won't be long.

Bianca: Well, that's the answer to about a thousand prayers. Ryan came through for us. What? What's the matter, Kendall? This is the best possible news.

Kendall: Yeah, or the worst. Bianca, I think Ryan is about to set me up. (Wolf)

Bianca: Ryan has just about altered reality to help you out. Why doubt him now?

Kendall: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later Ryan will turn his back on me. He'll betray me. He will.

Bianca: No, no, no, no, no. Where is this coming from? What happened between you and Ryan?

Kendall: Our oh-so-romantic New Year's Eve ended when Ryan and I had a major blowout.


Bianca: Well, unfortunately, that's not something new for you two.

Kendall: No, he ended up in bed with Greenlee.

Bianca: Ah, so that would be the new part.

Kendall: Yeah, I heard them scheming about how to bring me down. Greenlee is hellbent on proving that my pregnancy is fake.

Bianca: Well, I can't believe that Ryan would go along with that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I bolted before he could answer, but I'm sure he agreed with her.

Bianca: All right, so delete the fantasy sequence and all you have is Greenlee being Greenlee. I can't believe that she would be able to sway Ryan so easily.

Kendall: No, Bianca, something shifted between Ryan and Greenlee. I could feel it. It's just a matter of time before Greenlee gets her way.

Bianca: And you think she wants Ryan?

Kendall: Yeah, I think she wants Ryan. I think she wants Fusion. I mean, their mating ritual probably requires a sacrifice to the gods, and I'm the one who's going up in flames. Ryan's going to reveal my faux baby. He's going to take the Cambias fortune with Queen Greenlee by his side.

Bianca: You know, if Ryan were to betray you, Kendall, it would mean he would have to betray me, too. And whatever's going on between the two of you, I just don't believe that he would turn his back on me and my baby.

Kendall: Bianca, listen to me, Ryan has turned his back on me before and he'll do it again. I mean, what makes you think he won't? Picture it -- me on the stand with the prosecutor grilling me, hacking me into a million different pieces.

Bianca: Wow, it must take a lot of energy to come up with these horrible scenarios.

Kendall: You have no idea.

Bianca: No, I don't. I also don't have time to make myself crazy over something that hasn't even happened yet. I have real battles to fight.

Kendall: Hey, I am fighting for my life here.

Bianca: Yeah, so open your eyes. You saw Ryan. He's not playing you. He's fighting right along with you. You have to save your energy for the people who really are against you.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'm not sure I know the difference anymore, if I ever did.

Bianca: You know, ever since I got pregnant, I have had to make big decisions a gazillion times every day that affect not only me but my baby and everyone I love. And the only way that I've gotten through that is by finding a few select people to trust so that I wouldn't have to go it alone.

Kendall: That's because that's who you are, Bianca. But the trust gene -- it skipped me.

Bianca: Uh-uh, that's not true. You trust me. It's a funny thing. I mean, sometimes people have to earn your trust, you know, prove themselves somebody reliable and honest, and other times you just have to open your heart and take a leap of faith.

Kendall: Over the edge of a cliff.

Bianca: It's what I did with David.

Kendall: And me.

Bianca: Yeah. And I haven't regretted it for a single second. Trust Ryan. He's going to come through for you, just like you and David did for me.

Maria: Two bullets lodged near the spine. His pulse is tachy at 120, BP is 100/60 on one presser. He had a cardiac arrest post shooting. Now he's bleeding out internally.

David: Well, you have to get in and explore the abdomen.

Doctor: That's exactly what we plan to do. Why is Dr. Hayward with my patient?

Maria: Because Edmund is now also David's patient.

Doctor: Dr. Hayward is not permitted in the hospital, let alone --

Maria: Dr. Graham, please, please, please, if this was your wife, would you really be arguing with me right now if your wife had a bad heart and was bleeding out internally? Thank you.

Joe: All right, I managed to get ahold of a couple of the board members.

Maria: Oh, good.

Joe: David has clearance to stand by for the surgery.

Maria: Thank you. Thank you, Joe. Thank you so much.

Dr. Graham: Well, with any luck, we won't need his services. Scrub in, Doctor. I'll see you in the OR

Joe: I'm going to go update the surgical nurses.

Maria: Ok.

Joe: Now, believe me, it's the best possible team we've got up there.

Maria: I'm counting on that.

Joe: Yeah.

Maria: Thanks, Joe. Ok, go scrub in.

David: All right, Maria, I want you to take a second to think about this. I'm going to be in there with your husband. Now, with everything that's happened since your plane crash, do you really think that Edmund would want me in there? Do you really want me in there?

Maria: You know what? You kept me away from everyone that I ever loved, so you owe us bigtime. But if you keep my husband alive, I will consider that debt paid in full.

Babe: Hmm. J.R., you're home. What about work?

J.R.: Spreadsheets and stock quotes couldn't hold my attention. This gorgeous blonde was running through my head.

Babe: That better have been me.

J.R.: Wearing a bikini and a smile. Babe, I should never have brought you to Pine Valley.

Babe: You don't want me here?

J.R.: No, no, that's not what I meant. I just -- I dragged you out here and never gave you a proper honeymoon -- I mean the works -- sun, sand, romance. I was selfish. I brought you home instead.

Babe: Hey. You just wanted me to be part of your family. It was sweet.

J.R.: This will be sweeter. We're going to a hideaway in the Caribbean.

Babe: We're going on a trip?

J.R.: The Chandler Enterprise Travel Agency is already working on it. Consider yourself honeymooned!

Babe: Oh, J.R., I am so excited! I cannot wait!

J.R.: Neither can I. Me, you, the bikini.

Babe: Aren't you forgetting about somebody? This will be our first family vacation -- you, me, and baby Chandler.

Jamie: You think this is a big overreaction to me losing my virginity? It's not. Or maybe you think I'm acting out this real-life drama with J.R. because he took my truck when I was 3?

Tad: It's worth thinking about, kiddo.

Jamie: See, right there -- "kiddo." You're trying to babyproof my life with drawer locks and socket plugs. Stop trying to protect me and think about protecting a real baby, a baby that could be part of our family.

Tad: J.R.'s baby would be a part of this family no matter what -- if J.R. would still have us at this point.

Jamie: I'm telling you that this kid could be mine -- my blood, our blood. Your grandchild?

Brooke: How soon are you going to go ahead with this paternity suit?

[Knock on door]

Brooke: That's probably Joe.

Jamie: Well, I'm hoping to get the judge to sign the court order for the DNA test right away. But if that happens, Babe will have to go in for the amnio and --

Krystal: Over my dead body.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: It's going to happen, Babe. It's going to happen! Winifred. Right on time!

Winifred: Lucretia couldn't wait to hear what you think.

J.R.: Tell her that it is as outstanding as usual.

Babe: You ordered lunch?

J.R.: I ordered food from the islands --

Babe: Oh.

J.R.: So I could get you ready for the real thing.

Babe: Sweet potato fritters. Mmm. Did you really plan all this?

J.R.: I made you a promise when I married you in San Diego.

Babe: That you'd love me that much for the rest of our lives.

J.R.: And now it's time for me to prove it to you.

Babe: Mmm. You always were the dessert-before-dinner type.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Let me get presentable and you go pull up that chair over there.

J.R.: All right.

Babe: But don't start without me.

J.R.: I don't know, this mango looks delicious.

Babe: Hands off, Chandler. One of us is eating for two.

J.R.: Ahem.

[While Babe's in the bathroom, J.R. finds Jamie's college ID card under the dresser]

Krystal: Buster, you'd better check yourself. There is no way in hell that I'm going to allow you to force my daughter to take some test.

Brooke: Please, Krystal, this is a family discussion.

Krystal: And you are discussing my family, my baby, my grandbaby, so here I am.

Tad: All right, whatever it is, just do us all a favor -- leave. You and I will discuss it later.

Krystal: Oh, no, no, no. Those days are over, Mr. Martin. I came here to discuss your son's craziness.

Brooke: You know what -- I'm not going to let you talk about my son that way.

Krystal: Well, that's because you obviously don't know what he's been up to. Did you know that your fine, upstanding young son has been breaking into the Chandler mansion and skulking through those creepy passageways to ambush my daughter?

Brooke: That can't be true.

Tad: Is it?

Jamie: It was the only way I could see her.

Krystal: And if you do it again, I am calling the police.

Tad: No, there's no reason to start kicking in the door and threatening people, ok? I'm sure he realizes that breaking and entering isn't exactly a worthwhile hobby. Let's not forget the fact that, you know, if Babe had been honest in the very beginning, none of us would be in this position right now.

Krystal: You want to talk about honest? Your son just wants to hound my baby till doomsday. All she wants is to have her husband's baby in peace. Now, you get that real quick and you stay away from my girl.

Jamie: And here's what you need to get -- that baby could just as easily be mine. I wouldn't let J.R. threaten me and I'm not going to let you. This is between Babe and me. She takes that test.

Krystal: And that is the way you show how much you care about her, by forcing her to take some kind of test that could harm her and that baby?

Jamie: People do it all the time. How risky can it be?

Krystal: You obviously have not done your research. Before you go messing in somebody's life, I'd suggest you do that.

Jamie: Mom, seriously, how dangerous is this test?

Brooke: The risk is there, for infection, for a miscarriage.

Jamie: How big of a risk?

Krystal: Any risk is too much.

Tad: All right, ok, ok, let's just relax. Everybody take a deep breath, sit down, and we'll discuss it calmly, please.

Jamie: No, I -- I got to go.

Tad: James.

Brooke: Jamie, wait, please.

Kendall: Bianca, I want to have faith in Ryan, in us again. I used to think that's all I wanted.

Bianca well, then do it.

Kendall: Yeah, but what if Ryan shuts me out again, I mean, like he did that night on the bike?

Bianca: Kendall, a lot has changed since then.

Kendall: If he leaves me again, then it would kill me.

Ryan: I'm back, and I have just what the doctor ordered.

Bianca: Yeah, Ryan, tell us a little bit more about this doctor. I mean, where's she from? Is she --

Ryan: Legit?

Bianca: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, she's one of the best in her field.

Kendall: Oh, but she's cool with perjury? Sounds like a winner.

Ryan: Well, good people do all sorts of things for the right reasons -- don't they, Mrs. Cambias?

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Let's get started. Dr. Lossin, I'm Ryan Lavery.

Dr. Lossin: Please, call me Helen.

Ryan: Helen, I'd like to introduce you to Kendall Hart-Cambias and Bianca Montgomery.

Helen: I've followed your case with interest.

Kendall: Well, we try to put on a good show.

Helen: Is that an ultrasound?

Ryan: Yes, it is.

Helen: Impressive. How did you manage?

Ryan: Little bit of charm, whole lot of money.

Kendall: Yeah, it buys all sorts of goodies. So speaking of which, Doc --

Ryan: Kendall --

Kendall: I'm sure she won't mind if I ask her a few questions.

Helen: Please, go right ahead.

Kendall: You came here to help us fake a DNA test, commit perjury, break the law. Why?

[Helen sighs]

Helen: I'm a rape survivor.

Maria: When I was talking to Mama today, she told me that Sammy had a bit of an impromptu jumping lesson. I guess one of the barn cats scared his horse, and he hung on, which was good, and stayed on.

Joe: They're waiting in the OR.

Maria: Ok. Ok. They're ready. So you're going to go on into the operating room and I'm going to be waiting right outside the door. All right, sweetheart? So don't worry. Oh, uh -- I almost forgot. I have this that Maddie made, her newest masterpiece, and I was supposed to hand-deliver it to you, but I -- I forgot, and I can't exactly go home and tell her, "Sorry, sweet pea, Daddy didn't see it." So if you could just do me this one little favor and open up your eyes and -- and just tell me that our kid's some kind of a wiz with a marker, then I can go home and I can tell her that Daddy saw it. Ok? Do that for me, do that for me? Please, baby? I'll leave this right here with you.

Joe: It's time.

Maria: Ok. Ahem. All right. I love you. Ok. Ok.

Juan Pablo: Maria.

Maria: God, what do you want? Why are you still here?

Juan Pablo: I wanted to check on Edmund. But I see now is not the time. I'll go.

Maria: He's in the operating room. He has internal bleeding and they have to stop it, and then there's the -- there's the bullet.

Juan Pablo: "I'm sorry" sounds so pointless.

Maria: No, you know what, I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have lashed out at you. I mean, you came here as a friend, and it is not your fault that he was shot.

Juan Pablo: I led him into danger.

Maria: No, no, no, he went in there all on his own, he did. I mean, he likes to pretend like he's reformed now that he's a family man, but he's still a total adrenaline junkie and it's all about the big story to him -- the mob and gangs and drugs and murder and international vendettas and -- you know, that's all the good stuff to him, so --

Juan Pablo: He doesn't treat it as a game.

Maria: No, no, no, he takes it very seriously. But he loves what he does, and just damn the consequences, you know? Damn those consequences that have me pacing up and down the halls and trying to think of something to say to my kids. I just -- you know, if Edmund doesn't make it -- really, I'm not angry at you. I'm not. I'm just angry at him is what -- God, Edmund! I just -- I could kill him. I could -- I could kill him.

Babe: Check out the slacker.

J.R.: What?

Babe: Already on island time?

J.R.: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I got -- I got distracted. The doorway here was cracked, the secret passage. You been in the tunnels?

Babe: Um, well, I gave Mama the kooky castle tour. I guess I -- I must've left it open. Did I do something wrong?

J.R.: No, no, no. This is your house, too. You can do whatever you want.

Babe: Well, what I want is for you to pull up that chair, and then we can feed each other.

J.R.: You know what? Damn, I just forgot, I have a meeting over at Chandler.

Babe: Baby, no, come on, just call and tell them you're on your honeymoon.

J.R.: I'm sorry, I'm just going to be a few hours. You know what, save me some mango, huh?

Babe: Well, hey, be sure to check in with that travel guy. I'll have my bikini waiting. Stupid door. Gives me nothing but trouble. My God, wh--

Jamie: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Just I had to wait till J.R. left.

Babe: You get out of here now.

Jamie: Babe, wait. Just --

Babe: You leave me alone. You stay away from me and my baby.

Helen: You ready for this?

Bianca: Absolutely.

Kendall: Um, a little privacy, Ryan?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. Hey, don't mind me.

Helen: Ok. Here we go.

[Fetal heartbeat]

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Bianca, your baby, she's beautiful.

Bianca: Wait, "she"? Yeah, can you tell what the se is or is it still too soon?

Helen: I can't be certain, but there's no indication that the child is male.

Kendall: That's because she's a girl. She's a beautiful baby girl.

Bianca: Hey, Ryan, do you want to come look at my baby girl?

Ryan: I would be honored. Wow. Wow, Kendall's right, the kid's a looker.

Bianca: Doc, how does the future supermodel/president look to you?

Helen: There's a problem.

Bianca: A problem? Is there something wrong with my baby?

Brooke: Tad, will you go after him? God knows I'm not helping him.

Tad: I wouldn't be much good, either. Let's give him some time alone.

Brooke: It's just I'm afraid of what he's going to do next.

Krystal: Well, the first thing on his list better be to stay away from my daughter.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Pop.

Brooke: Hi.

Tad: Thank God you're here. Jamie's completely gone off the deep end.

Joe: Well, we're going to have to fish him out later on. I didn't want to talk about this -- I've only got a minute, but I didn't want to talk over the telephone.

Tad: What's wrong?

Joe: You know that lodge over in Buckeye? There's been a shootout there. The men who killed Carlos --

Tad: Is Pablo ok?

Joe: Well, Pablo's fine, Pablo's fine, but Edmund was caught in the crossfire. He's alive, Brooke.

Tad: What's his condition?

Joe: It's critical. He's in surgery now.

Brooke: I have to go. I'm going to go to the hospital.

Tad: Yeah, sure, ok.

Joe: I'll drive you.

Tad: Go ahead, I'll catch up.

Joe: Ok. It does not look good.

[Door closes]

Krystal: Uh, so is this Edmund fellow some kind of family?

Tad: Yeah. Something like that. He's about the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Krystal: Well, I hope I get the chance someday. Hey, what are you doing here? Go on. Go, go.

Tad: I'm not finished with you yet.

Babe: Go. Get out.

Jamie: Shh.

Babe: Why are you doing this to me?

Jamie: Please, just calm down, just stop for the baby.

Babe: Don't pretend like you care about me or this baby. All you do is you sneak around to get me alone and then you try to threaten me to get what you want.

Jamie: I just have to tell you one thing and then I'll go.

Babe: Then say it and get out of my face.

Jamie: Babe, I got your medical records. I know when you got pregnant and I know the baby could be mine.

Babe: So, what, now you want to poke me with needles? Try to take what's mine to prove that it's yours? God, your doctors and lawyers are never going to leave me alone. God, we were together one night. Just one night. Now you won't stop until you've just left me with nothing.

Jamie: No, Babe, that's not it. Just calm down and let me finish. It's about the test.

Babe: Fine, just do it. I don't even care. Just ruin my life.

Jamie: That's just it. The test could hurt you, it could hurt the baby, cause a miscarriage. I won't make you take the amnio, Babe. I won't put the baby at risk.

Helen: Your baby's fine, Bianca.

Bianca: Are you sure? Oh, my God. My God.

Kendall: Then what's the problem?

Helen: I have to advise against the amniocentesis.

Ryan: But why? I mean, if the baby's all right, then --

Helen: With the baby positioned so near the interior wall, inserting a needle would pose too great a risk to the baby.

Bianca: No, but we have to have those results. They're crucial.

Kendall: No, no, Bianca, no, I'm not going to risk something happening to our girl or to her mommy.

Bianca: Kendall, if you don't have real proof that you're carrying Michael's child, then your defense goes right out the window and that creep Alan Singer is going to crucify you.

Kendall: Let him. I don't care.

Ryan: Well, I sure as hell do.

Tad: I'm sorry, but Jamie broke into Babe's confidential files. He found out for a fact she was lying through her teeth about when she conceived.

Krystal: If your son got ahold of my daughter's private medical records, then he did some dirty dealing. You must be really, really proud.

Tad: Well, I wouldn't want to be shown up by the next generation, would I?

Krystal: Oh, so the sneak's got a thief for a daddy.

Tad: This isn't about thieving anything. It's about you not being able to beat a hasty retreat. Now I've got your cell phone in here and now I've got your car keys, which means one way or another, you're going to deal with me.

Krystal: Oh, Tad, don't make me regret all the fun we had.

Tad: Hey, you do what you got to do. Fun's over. Let's talk business. I'll bet 10 years of my life your daughter spilled all the gory details to you, and somewhere in there is a secret that's capable of destroying her life. Now, based on how everything has been going on so far, how long do you think it's going to be before somehow someone, whether it's me or Jamie or Adam, gets ahold of it?

Krystal: If you mean to do my baby girl harm, then I'm giving you fair warning, because I fight dirty.

Tad: Warning received and noted. Have a seat. Because you're not leaving until you spill everything.

Babe: So no more doctors with needles? My baby's safe?

Jamie: I would never hurt you or the baby, I swear.

Babe: Oh, Jamie. Oh. You really are such a sweet guy. I guess we both kind of forgot that for a second, huh?

Jamie: Babe, after you have the baby, I still want the paternity test.

Babe: No.

Jamie: I deserve to know.

Babe: You bastard.

Jamie: Babe, wait!

Ryan: I mean it, Kendall, we did not come this far for you to cave.

Kendall: Did you black out and miss something for a second? She said Bianca can't have the amnio.

Ryan: Yeah, I got that, Kendall, but this is not the time to give up. Do you understand? The pregnancy is the only thing to keep you from hard time.

Kendall: To think I promised myself no more orange jump suits.

Bianca: Kendall, you're not going to see the inside of a jail ever again. We won't let you.

Kendall: And I won't let you get all worked up over this. Tell her, Helen.

Ryan: Wow, you've got guilty written all over you.

Kendall: Oh, looks like the prosecution has their first witness.

Ryan: Guilty of some pretty solid moves. You try to protect your sister, you try to serve up justice to the man that rapes her, and then you do your damnedest to protect everybody that you love within 100 miles of this case.

Kendall: You know, face it, Ryan, I've just been spinning my wheels. We knew that I would go down for this murder sooner or later.

Bianca: No, you won't. We won't let you, will we, Ryan?

Kendall: No, we're running out of options.

Bianca: Kendall, you're scaring me.

Ryan: She's scaring herself more.

Kendall: You know, Helen, I'm sure you have better things to do than to listen to this nonsense, ok, so that's it, we're done. Here, thank you.

Ryan: Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, whatever your sins, you don't have to atone by taking a fall, all right? I will find another way to get the proof that you need.

Helen: I have an idea, if you can stand an outsider's suggestion?

Ryan: You're about as inside as it gets, Doc, so if you have a way to save Kendall, now's the time to share.

Maria: Ok, so my mom is taking care of the kids for me.

Juan Pablo: She'll keep them busy.

Maria: Yeah. Just I have to eventually think of something to tell them. What do I tell them about their father?

Joe: Any word?

Juan Pablo: No, nothing so far.

Brooke: Maria, I'm sorry.

Maria: That's all right, he was after another Pulitzer. Instead, he ended up --

[Maria has a vision of the plane crash where she was trapped in the burning wreckage]

Maria's voice: Edmund, no, I'm not dead. I'm not dead, Edmund. I'm alive.

Edmund's voice: That's right, you're alive. It's me, Maria. I'm the one who's dead.

[David comes out of the OR and glumly walks toward Maria]

Maria: Edmund's dead.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad: You'd rather grow old in this room than tell me Babe's secret?

Krystal: You're cute and smart.

Jamie: I know for a fact that Babe could be having my baby.

David: We had to shock Edmund back.

Maria: What are you not telling me?

Erica: Ryan?

Greenlee: I need to save him from your daughter.

Ryan: Let's make a baby, a real one, right here, right now.

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