AMC Transcript Monday 12/22/03

All My Children Transcript Monday 12/22/03

By Amanda
Proofread by Gisele

Adam: You're Babe's mother.

Krystal: The world's smaller than a gumball, isn't it?

Tad: Wait a minute. You know him?

Krystal: Well, it was the craziest thing. I hit the ER with a nuclear migraine, and of all the tycoons in the world, I run into Babe's daddy-in-law.

Adam: You knew I was there. You staged the whole bloody charade!

Krystal: I was stroking out!

Adam: Yeah, somebody got stroked, all right. You got to Babe's doctor, didn't you? And, Babe, you sent her to do it!

Myrtle: Erica, darling girl.

Erica: Were you expecting someone else?

Myrtle [standing under mistletoe]: Well, I was hoping for Boyd, but you'll do.

[Myrtle chuckles]

Myrtle: Come on in, darling. I've just made some eggnog.

Erica: Last thing I need is eggnog, or mistletoe.

Myrtle: Why? What's happened?

Erica: Oh, it's what hasn't happened, Myrtle. I'm supposed to be married. I'm supposed to be celebrating the happiest Christmas of my life with my new family, but Jack and I do nothing but fight, and Bianca's traumatized by her rape and -- and Kendall claims to be pregnant by her rapist and now she's charged with his murder, and then Reggie gets himself arrested. I swear, Myrtle, if I had my way, I would cancel the entire holiday!

Myrtle: Oh, darling.

Ryan: What needs fixing? I'm your man. Oh, I believe this is yours.

Bianca: Thanks, Ryan. We've got it covered.

Kendall: No, no, Bianca, no. Like hell we do! No, Ryan, listen, the special prosecutor wants a DNA test.

Ryan: That shouldn't be a problem.

Kendall: Yeah, no, but he wants to witness the procedure himself, and Bianca and I have been trying to figure out how the hell we're going to --

Bianca: We're good. Ryan, thank you so much for offering, but we don't need your help.

David: You can say that again.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. It's Pablo's car.

Maria: No, that can't be.

Greenlee: No, it is. It is his car. Oh, my God, Pablo.

Maria: Where are you going? You can't down there!

Greenlee: Yes, I have to!

Maria: No, you can't!

Greenlee: No, he needs me!

Maria: No, it is way too dangerous, Greenlee!

Greenlee: I have to save him!

Maria: You can't go down there!


Maria: There's nothing you can do down there, Greenlee! You're not going down there and try to help!

Greenlee: He needs me! I have to!

Maria: But, no, you can't even get near that car --

Greenlee: I have to --

Maria: Because then it can explode again! Is that the victim from the explosion?

Paramedic: The guy never had a chance.

Maria: Oh, my God, Greenlee. I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: I can't believe this is happening to me -- again.

Maria: Greenlee --

Greenlee: He promised me.

Maria: Well, let's just -- let's go to my office --

Greenlee: He told me that I had to accept him for who he is.

Maria: I'm really sorry.

Myrtle: Well, I'm sure Jackson is doing everything he can to help.

Erica: Oh, yes. Oh, Jackson's doing everything he can to help Kendall.

Myrtle: Oh --

Erica: And even Bianca -- even Bianca is determined to support Kendall no matter how badly she acts out. And, Myrtle, it's Bianca I'm most worried about. I mean, she's still dealing with her rape and with the abortion. And then she hears that Kendall is pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby, and now her apartment blows up. I mean, it just seems that every time Bianca just tries to set things straight, something else comes along to knock her down.

Myrtle: Well, as long as she gets up again. The Kane women always do, you know.

Erica: Oh, she got up again, all right. After the explosion, they brought her to the hospital, she got up and walked right out without even being examined or saying a word to anyone.

Myrtle: That doesn't sound like her. Well, did she say why?

Erica: When I finally caught up with her, she acted like nothing happened. She was stringing popcorn with Babe, J.R.'s new wife. I mean, Bianca's world is completely collapsing around her feet, and what is she doing? She's busy decorating Stuart's house for Christmas!

Myrtle: Well, sweetheart, maybe that takes her thoughts off her own worries.

Erica: Myrtle, believe me, nothing has taken her thoughts off her own worries. I mean, I see it. It's still in her eyes. She hasn't forgotten anything. And, Myrtle, I just want to help Bianca so badly, but I can't. No matter what I do, I can't reach her. She won't stay with me.

Myrtle: Darling, sometimes knowing you're close is enough.

Erica: But we're not close anymore, Myrtle, not the way we used to be. And now -- now she says that she wants to leave town after the holidays. But you know what, Myrtle? I'll tell you, it's like she's already left.

Myrtle: Sweetheart, she's just trying to do things her own way.

Erica: I know. I know that. But does she have to do it so far away from me?

Kendall: Ryan, he's completely on the level, ok? He wants to help.

Bianca: Well, what about your responsibilities to the Cambias heir?

Ryan: I still want to do the right thing for Alexander's grandkid. I've just seen the light. See, I think that Kendall's going to make an excellent mother. Bianca, that's why I backed off the DNA test, and that's why I'm not going to challenge Kendall's claim.

David: And what's in this for you, Ryan? You're backing away from all that money, all that power. That's not exactly your style.

Kendall: Look, David, we don't have time for this, ok? The special prosecutor wants a DNA test.

David: You already passed the pregnancy test. You refuse.

Kendall: Well, it's kind of too late for that. I offered.

David: Oh, don't -- don't tell me. What, he pushed your buttons?

Kendall: He started it!

David: Look, forget it, all right? Let's just stick to the original plan -- we'll get you an amniocentesis. There may be a risk, Bianca, but it looks like it's our only choice.

Kendall: No, no. He wants to witness the procedure himself.

David: All right, all right. It's a kink, but we can work with it.

Ryan: We can, but not you.

David: What the hell are you talking about? Look, you want to help? Why don't you shut up and hold Kendall's hand!

Ryan: Think about it, David. You were present at the pregnancy test, a test that is now in doubt.

David: That's because you threw a fit!

Ryan: Hey, I'm not criticizing you, man! I think you did a really, really good job! In fact, next time I need vials switched, you're on my speed dial. But, come on, the same players involved all over again, exactly the same people, even you. You have to admit it's going to raise some eyebrows, especially because it's not even your thing.

David: All right. Well, what's your brainstorm, Ryan? What, are you going to do it?

Ryan: Yeah, with the Cambias money and the Cambias network, I'll find a doctor who will be thrilled to say that Kendall's carrying Michael's child.

David: You know something? Maybe I'm confused here because I don't understand what your deal is. I mean, last week you were ready to tear this apart. Now you want to play the hero?

Bianca: All right -- stop it, all right? Stop it, both of you! I hate this! I don't want either one of you involved! This has gone too far.

Kendall: Listen to me, listen to me, ok? I know this is freaking you out, but listen. Ryan's plan may be our only way out of this, ok? It might be the only way that we can help you and help your baby, and help me. Ok, Bianca, I don't want to go to jail. I want to see my niece grow up happy and healthy. Ok?

Bianca: All right. All right, I'm in.

Kendall: Ok, thank you. Thank you so much. Listen, we're going to get through this. Bianca, we will. We will, I promise.

Bianca: I'm going to get out of here.

Kendall: Wait. Wait, Bi -- wait, Bianca, wait, come on! Bianca, where are you going? Bianca!

Krystal: You mogul types are all alike. I was at the hospital strictly for pain relief.

Adam: Yeah, well, you relieved that doctor, didn't you? And convinced him to withhold Babe's file!

Krystal: Now, how could little old me do that? Hospital files are confidential no matter who asks them.

Jamie: You said she had to run an errand.

Babe: She did!

Adam: No, she opted for a quickie instead.

Babe: Oh, don't you insult my mama!

Krystal: That's all right, sweetie. Money don't mean manners. You've got a very lively imagination, Adam, but you really should pull it out of the gutter.

Jamie: You had your mom run interference at the hospital for you? Well, does she know you're lying?

Babe: I'm telling the truth, and my mama believes me.

Adam: I'm sure Krystal thinks the tabloids are gospel.

J.R.: You're just mad because Babe's mom busted you wide open at the hospital.

Adam: I had a legitimate reason for being there.

J.R.: Stay away from Babe, her records, and her doctor, ok?

Jamie: Well, if you're so sure that you're the dad, what do you care if Adam sees the file?

Tad: James.

Jamie: No! Admit it -- you're scared because of what it'll show -- that the baby's mine and not yours.

Brooke: James, don't do this.

Jamie: Oh, isn't that how you raised me -- to tell the truth?

Adam: Bravo, Brooke.

Jamie: You're living a lie, J.R.!

Babe: No, we love each other! Why can't you just accept that?

Jamie: Because you're having my kid!

Babe: What?

J.R.: Step off!

[Christmas music plays]

Singers: Deck the halls with boughs of

Krystal: Come on, everybody, sing!

Krystal and Singers: Holly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la 'tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

[Christmas music plays]

Krystal and Singers: Fa-la-la, la-la-la la-la-la troll the ancient

Adam: All right, party's over.

[Music stops]

Krystal: You're damn right it is! Look at all you people with long faces and frown lines and veins popping out. I came here expecting to find my girl up to her yayas in wedded bliss, and instead, you've got the happiness kicked out of you.

Adam: Yeah, well, if she hadn't spread her bliss so freely, there wouldn't be a problem.

Krystal: You're so rich, you can't afford a little happiness?

Tad: I don't think it's in the budget.

Adam: You stay out of this! I'm not going to let you and your daughter double-team my son.

Krystal: All I'm trying to do is to help two kids crazy in love.

Adam: Oh, yeah? That's what you told Babe's doctor, I bet, when you convinced him to hide the truth.

Krystal: We all agree on one thing -- there's a baby on the way. It's Christmas! We're family! We should be decking the halls instead of each other!

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, you got a lot to celebrate, don't you? Wahoo! Your daughter duped my son into marriage!

J.R.: Hey, hey, nobody tricked me into anything!

Adam: Oh, son, no one is blaming you for this! It's Babe -- look at her! All the wrong things in all of the right places. I can see where a boy couldn't resist that. And she used it. She used it to turn a one-night stand into a one-way ticket to the mother lode! She's a clever girl, a very, very clever girl. Her big mistake was using the same package on her husband's brother.

Krystal: You have a foul mind.

Adam: I'm on to your con, and it's over! We are not and we will never be family. You understand? Now, why don't you get yourself and pack up your mother-daughter trapeze act and get the hell out of my house!

Krystal: I'm not going anywhere until I hear from my son-in-law. J.R., it's your call, baby.

J.R.: Welcome to the family. Mama.

Myrtle: Bianca, you just missed your mother. She's looking for you.

Bianca: Oh, well --

Myrtle: Oh, no, no, no. That can wait.

Bianca: Well, good, because I need somebody to talk to.

[Myrtle chuckles]

Myrtle: Like mother, like daughter. Come on. Come on in. A little eggnog?

Bianca: Oh, no, thank you, Myrtle.

Myrtle: No? Well, then make yourself cozy. There. Darling, try the chair.

Bianca: Why is it still here, Myrtle? Why haven't you gotten rid of it?

Myrtle: Because it's not time.

Bianca: Don't do it! Oh!

Myrtle: Bianca? You're remembering, aren't you?

Bianca: I don't want to talk about it.

Myrtle: Darling, neither do I, but I must. I must, and so must you.

Bianca: Myrtle, please. Not you, too, ok? If one more person tells me that I need to work through this, I swear I think I'm going to start screaming and never stop.

Myrtle: Darling, darling, there are more ways than one --

Bianca: I know, and I'm doing them, ok? I'm doing them. I go to a counselor, I've done my work. I'm moving on. I focus on the good things in my life -- on my future, not on my past.

Myrtle: I hope. I wish I could say the same, but I can't.

Bianca: Why is what happened your problem?

Myrtle: Why? It was in my house you were raped!

Bianca: I know, but you weren't here.

Myrtle: No, I wasn't. If I had been, none of this would have happened.

Bianca: But, Myrtle, you can't blame yourself.

Myrtle: And neither can you. I -- darling, it -- it's not easy, it's not easy. I mean, during the day, during the day, I go through all my errands, on my business, and this and all that, and I feel fine. But then I come home and I see this. And -- and the pain just comes right, right back again. And I weep. I weep the same kind of tears that I wept when I heard that you had been raped!

Bianca: But why, Myrtle? You've been through enough. Why not just get rid of the sofa?

Myrtle: Get rid of the sofa? You think -- you think that's going to get rid of the pain? It's the pain -- it's the pain I want to get rid of, and I'm going to hang on to that pain until the last jab! And then when it's over, I'm going to take that sofa and I'm going to throw it out of that door and I'm going to set it on fire!

[Bianca cries]

Myrtle: Oh, Bianca, darling.

Bianca: Please don't. Please don't, ok? I don't want to be comforted, ok? I don't want to be protected. I want to take care of myself. I can take care of myself.

Myrtle: Then, darling, it's time for you to start.

Kendall: Can you believe Jackson? Of all the lawyers he picks to defend me, he picks Livia Frye, Derek Frye's sister -- the police chief's sister! And Derek has had it in for me from the beginning.

Ryan: Well, it doesn't mean that she will.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: All right, listen, Jackson knows what he's doing. If he says that she's the best, then you've got to go with her.

Kendall: Yeah, but how far? Jack and Livia are practically ready to jump all over Singer's plea offer -- like I'm supposed to do backflips and be grateful for spending 5 to 10 years in jail?

Ryan: Ok, relax. You're not going to do any time.

Kendall: Yeah, you don't know that. How do you know that? Ryan, I could get the -- I could get the death penalty. And you want me to trust a lawyer named Frye? I just -- I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do, and I don't know how I'm going to do it.

Ryan: You leave it to me. All right? And just promise me, please, that you don't have any more, like --

Kendall: I'm not. I'm not going to have any more anything, ok? And don't worry about it. I'm all popped out.

Ryan: I think you got a whole lot more pop in you, girl.

Kendall: You sure about that?

Ryan: Mmm. You know what? Get over here.

[Kendall giggles]

Erica: Ahem, ahem.

[Lighthearted music]

Erica: I'm looking for Bianca.

Ryan: Oh. Well, you just missed her.

Erica: It j just my luck these days. Ok. I'll leave you two --

Ryan: No, no, no, no, Erica. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm glad you're here. You can tell Kendall our news.

Erica: Well, wouldn't you rather do that, Ryan? Come on. I'm sure your reward would be worthwhile.

Ryan: Erica and I have discussed your situation.

Kendall: My situation?

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, which one? The baby, the Cambias estate, the murder charge, or her disappointment in me?

Ryan: Neither one of us want to see you go to prison for Michael's murder, and Erica has agreed to accept the fact that you're carrying Michael's child.

Kendall: So, you changed your mind just like that?

Erica: Ryan explained to me that if I don't contest your pregnancy it will help you get acquitted. Ryan, do you have any idea where Bianca went?

Ryan: No. She just took off.

Erica: David. What are you doing here?

David: I stopped by earlier to see how Bianca was doing with her concussion. I mean, she's fine, but she was in a hurry.

Erica: Oh, well, then, you saw her. Where did she go?

David: I don't know. I don't have a clue.

Erica: Kendall, do you know where Bianca went?

Kendall: No, no. I have no idea where she went, but listen, Erica, I don't want Bianca to suffer any more than you do.

David: I think we can all agree that this hasn't been easy for Bianca, but she is handling it.

Erica: Because she has no choice. Ryan, there's something that I think that you should know.

David: Erica, I don't think we need to get into --

Erica: No, I want Ryan to understand why I have made Bianca's well-being a priority in all of this. Ryan, when Michael Cambias raped Bianca, she got pregnant.

David: But she terminated.

Erica: Yes, she did, and that was the right choice for her. But, Ryan, Bianca is still trying so hard to make peace with this.

Bianca: I am taking care of myself. I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to do.

Myrtle: What are you doing about the pain?

Bianca: I'm dealing with the pain, Myrtle. I swear.

Myrtle: Darling, that lovely smile is not going to fool anybody, least of all the people who love you.

Bianca: I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being the rape victim. I'm tired of exploring my feelings and talking about my feelings and sharing my feelings. I just want to be happy. I just want to wake up and look forward to the day. I want to have fun. I want to go dancing and be silly for no reason.

Myrtle: Darling, those feelings will come back, but you can't push the process.

Bianca: But I have a solution. You told me that I was going to find somebody new to love. So that's what I'm focusing on. If I can find somebody to love, then I'll have my life back.

Myrtle: So you're going to use love as a painkiller?

Bianca: Why not?

Myrtle: Well, I remember how guilty your grandma, Mona, felt when she advised Erica to bury her pain and forget it.

Bianca: But that's not what I'm doing. Things are different for me than they were for Mom. Mom -- Mom went into total denial about her rape. I'm dealing with mine.

Myrtle: I know you are, darling, and I tell you something -- there's nothing more in the world that I want for you than to get up every morning feeling bright and full of love and full of hope. But you're not going to get there by killing the pain. You have to got to fight that pain, fight it and make it end.

Adam: I'm the only one that knows what's going on here.

Tad: Well, why don't you do us all a favor and tone down the rage for a second.

Adam: You know --

Tad: We might be able to solve this.

Adam: I'm on to you, buddy. You are terrified that Babe is carrying Jamie's baby.

Tad: Oh, come on, Adam. The chances of that are not likely to not hardly.

Adam: Oh, yeah? And you'll do anything you can to increase those odds?

Tad: And what the hell were you doing at the hospital, huh?

Adam: You should know. You sent Brooke to stop me.

Brooke: Oh, he did no such thing.

Tad: Yeah, and just for the record, we would never manipulate our son's life behind his back.

Adam: Oh, really? Brooke, you want to tell him, or should I?

Brooke: The doctor had the file in his hands, and he was getting ready to show us.

Tad: You were in on this with him?

Brooke: I was there, it happened, and I wasn't going to let him alone with that kind of information. Excuse me.

Adam: Now, that is a very sensible woman, not like that tart you dug up.

Tad: Krystal's not a tart. She's just free spirited.

Adam: Huh.

Tad: And I brought her here to help us. I was hoping she might be able to convince Babe to clear this up.

Adam: And you think Krystal is ok with that? She's here to collect, buddy! To collect! Your son doesn't have anything to offer but his Pog collection!

Babe: What do you want from me, Jamie? I love J.R., and I'm having his baby! Why can't you just accept that and stop this craziness?

Jamie: You're the only one who can stop this because you're the only one who knows who the father is!

Babe: Oh, get out, Jamie! Just go!

Jamie: What, and leave you here to get chewed up and spit out? No way!

Babe: The only person making me miserable here is you! I love my husband, but we don't even stand a chance if you don't back off!

Jamie: You and J.R. are all wrong!

Babe: What?

Jamie: You know that! That's why you spent the night with me!

J.R.: Hey, yo! Just leave her alone, ok?

Jamie: We can make this work -- you, me, and the baby.

Babe: Wh--

Jamie: I promise, we can have a life -- oh!

[J.R. decks Jamie]

Babe: Oh! J.R.! My God!

Maria: Oh, my God. Thank God. I tried to call you to tell you what was going on. Did you see it? You had to have seen the car.

Edmund: It was kind of hard to miss.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Thank God he wasn't in it.

Maria: What do you mean, he wasn't in it?

Greenlee: What? What? He wasn't in it? But I saw him go to his car.

Maria: God. Pablo -- thank goodness. What happened? We saw the car explode. What happened?

Juan Pablo: God was on my side today.

Maria: But who was on that gurney, then?

Juan Pablo: The man who planted the bomb.

Maria: Well, you look hurt.

Juan Pablo: Yes, I tried to save him, but I couldn't.

Edmund: He was definitely hired by the Calatravases.

Maria: Ok, well, we need to get you checked out. You need to be checked out right away.

Juan Pablo: No, no, it's not important. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: I thought you were dead. I thought I'd lost you, you bastard. How could you do that to me?

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, please --

Greenlee: How could you?

J.R.: I warned you.

Babe: J.R., please, stop!

Brooke: Tad --

Babe: Please stop it!

Tad: No, get up! I meant it, right now! Come on, both of you stop it! Jamie, stop it! Stop it right now!

Krystal: My God, baby. That little problem of yours isn't going to be so easy to fix. That Jamie has got it for you, and bad.

Tad: J.R., calm down! J.- J.R., I said enough '

[Jamie accidentally punches his dad]

Brooke: Oh, my God, Tad!

Tad: Oh --

Jamie: Are you -- are you ok?

Tad: Get off of me! Both of you, get off! Just go to your corners!

Krystal: This is all your fault. If you'd have been on the level with me from the beginning, I could have done something about this before it got this far.

Tad: Well, Krystal, personally, I think faking a migraine to influence your family doctor's pretty quick thinking. Next time you try to help, don't steal my car.

Krystal: Family shares. Oh, and by the way, that little ding in the passenger door? I'm good for it.

Babe: Oh, baby, are you ok? I'm so sorry.

Adam: He's not ok. Of course he's not ok. If you love J.R. so damn much, you'll stop this flimflam before he and his brother kill each other!

J.R.: You're right, Dad. Brawling doesn't get you anywhere. It's time we talk this out, find a solution

Adam: Good, good. I just happen to be free at this very moment. Come on, let's go to the library.

J.R.: No, I'm not talking about you and me! It's between me and my wife. Let's go.

Erica: Look, I trust that you'll keep this just between us.

Ryan: You know I will.

Erica: Thank you. Ok, then, I should go. Oh, Ryan, will you tell Bianca that I was here? I mean, if she comes back?

Ryan: I absolutely will.

Erica: Ok.

David: All right, look, I'm going to head back to the clinic, so I'll walk you out, ok?

Erica: Ok. Thank you. Oh, Kendall? Congratulations. I'm just not sure you realize exactly how much Ryan has given up for you. Don't mistreat him this time.

David: Come on.

[Door closes]

Kendall: You see what I have to deal with?

Ryan: Hey, Erica's putting herself on the line for you, too.

Kendall: No, all she's doing is staying out of my way for you -- and for Bianca, of course.

Ryan: Yeah, at least you could have thanked her.

Kendall: No, you know what? I'll thank Erica when she finally shows me an ounce of respect --

Ryan: Ok, ok, shh, shh. Come here, shh. Shh, shh.

Bianca [sitting alone on a park bench]: Hey, Grandma. This is kind of weird, huh? But there's no way that I could have gone to the cemetery. His funeral was there, and I just couldn't -- I remember the first time you took me ice skating. And I fell a lot. And I hurt my knee. And you told me that I should just close my eyes and think of something happy and the pain would go away. I thought it was magic. But it doesn't work anymore. I tried. Myrtle says that I have to work through the pain. But I'm so afraid. I hate Michael for scaring me and for hurting me and making me feel so dirty. I don't care that he's dead. I want him to feel everything that I felt. I can't feel this way. What if I look at my child and all I see is Michael's face? I don't want to hate my baby. Please, Grandma, you've got to help me. I don't know what to do. Please, help me.

Maria: This is like deja vu. You could have been killed in that explosion. And before, I thought you were killed in a car explosion. Do you remember that? I mourned you, I planned a funeral for you, and I thought I had lost you.

Edmund: I know, and I thought I lost you, remember? But I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Maria: Edmund, you are working shoulder to shoulder with somebody who's in a lot of danger. This is crazy. It's almost Christmastime, and it's the first one we've spent in a very long time, and we should think about Sam and Maddie because they lost me, five years, and now --

Edmund: This won't stop if I back out of it, you know.

Maria: This is a story! It is a stupid story for "Tempo."

Edmund: You know it's a hell of a lot more. The Calatravases -- they're the same kind of maggots that put Noah and Julia in the witness protection program. I have to do this before people get hurt or worse.

Maria: Ok. Do it if you have do it, but I -- I'm going to be worried every minute until you come home to us.

Greenlee: It's never going to end, is it? Someone will always be after you. You'll always be looking over your shoulder.

Juan Pablo: Not always. I will stop these men, Greenlee. And we can be together.

Greenlee: I can't do this again.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, I love you. And I swear on our love I will come back to you.

Greenlee: No. I can't.

Krystal: I guess some things heal easier than others, huh?

Brooke: Like migraines? That was quite a performance in the ER.

Krystal: Well, a mama does what she has to to protect her own. So if you missed it the first time, I want you and your lies to stay away from my little girl.

Jamie: But I'm not lying. I --

Tad: Krystal, you know, it's too bad. I brought you here because I thought you could help talk some sense into Babe because you care about her. But I guess I made a mistake, because obviously she learned everything she knows from her mama. Excuse me.

[Krystal scoffs]

Krystal: Well, if looks could draw and quarter --

Adam: The last thing I want to do is kill you.

Krystal: What's the first thing you want to do?

Adam: I'll tell you when we're alone.

Babe: J.R., I thought that you said you wanted to talk things through. Now, how can we do that if only one of us is doing the talking?

J.R.: What's there to say?

Babe: You and Jamie nearly tore each other to shreds, and Jamie's out there spouting lies, and everyone's hating everyone else. We got to do something about that.

J.R.: Haven't you already done enough?

Babe: You must love me. You fought for me.

J.R.: That's because you're my wife and you're carrying my baby.

Babe: No, J.R., I'm not.

Brooke: You told the truth, Jamie. That's all you can do.

Jamie: The hell it is. I can demand a paternity test.

Krystal: Well, this will put some octane into my holiday cheer. So, we're alone, like you wanted. You got something to say, I'm all yours.

Adam: Our children are in trouble.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Yeah, what gave you the first clue?

Adam: I think you and I have a lot in common.

Krystal: Yeah, we -- we both appreciate the finer things in life.

Adam: You want what's best for your daughter. I want what's best for my son. So, if we work together, I think we can solve this conundrum.

J.R.: What do you mean?

Babe: Exactly what I said. I'm not your wife. I'm payback. And this baby that I'm trying, it's not your baby, it's a weapon! Oh, you didn't marry me because you love me. You married me because you hate your daddy.

J.R.: Hmm.

Babe: Oh, J.R., remember when we first met, it was just that crazy of love? We just couldn't keep our hands off of each other? I want that again. I want to go back to that.

J.R.: Well, you know what they say. You can't go back.

Babe: Like hell we can't! J.R., I love you, and I want you to love me just you used to. And I'm going to make you.

J.R.: Where are we going? Hey?

Juan Pablo: You saw Greenlee?

Edmund: She left.

Juan Pablo: What am I doing? I can't put her in danger again.

Edmund: Pablo, you got to think of yourself right now, ok? Calatravases blew up your car, and they know you're here. Every minute you stay here --

Juan Pablo: You're right. I should leave.

Edmund: Yeah. You're not going alone, though I'll get you out of here unnoticed.

Juan Pablo: Thank you.

Maria: There is only one thing that I want for Christmas.

Edmund: I'll be home.

[Pablo picks up Greenlee's glove]

Edmund: Pablo?

[Sitting alone on a park bench, Greenlee has flashbacks]

Greenlee: You're putting yourself in danger, aren't you? You could get hurt.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, Carlos was murdered.

Greenlee: Yeah, and you're going after whoever did it.

[In her apartment when she was married to Leo]

Greenlee: And if you can't say that you choose me over that bunch of psych ward rejects you call family, then you should be with them!

Leo: It's so not fair!

Greenlee: Because obviously, you don't care about me!

Leo: How can you say that?

[At the hospital looking out the window.]

Greenlee: My God. It's Pablo's car.

Maria: No, that can't be.

Greenlee: No, it is. It is his car. Oh, my God, Pablo.

Maria: Where are you going? You can't go down there!

Greenlee: Yes, I have to!

Maria: No. you can't!

Greenlee: He needs me!

Maria: No, it is way too dangerous, Greenlee!

Greenlee: I have to save him!

Maria: You can't go down there!

[At the waterfalls]

David: Leo!

[Vanessa screams as she and Leo plunge down the falls]

[Watching in horror, Greenlee screams]

Leo's voice: I love you, Greenlee Smythe. And my life is yours, forever.

Juan Pablo's voice: I love you. Never forget that.

Ryan: No, I need a specialist, if you know what I mean. DNA test. Yeah, that'd be great. Great, great. I'll see you then.

Kendall: What did you do? What, did you call 1-800-BRIBE-A-DOC?

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, quit with the lines, all right? We just passed go.

Kendall: Yeah, what? And directly to jail?

Ryan: Not hardly. I got to move.

Kendall: Wait -- Ryan? Hello, goodbye, anything. Ok, nice.

Ryan: Forgot something.

[Kendall giggles as Ryan kisses her neck]

Ryan: Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Hmm.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Hmm.

[Kendall sits and looks at Bianca's baby's sonogram picture]

[In a chapel Bianca sees a baby lying in a manger]

[Baby cries]

On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee to Ryan: You want to know my wish list? Get lost. Go to hell. That's what I want for Christmas.

Aidan: Rip the bandage off. Go on, Kendall. You're back with Ryan.

Babe to J.R.: It's time I told you the truth about the baby.

Adam: Why are you getting your bags?

Krystal: I'm moving in.

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