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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 12/16/03

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Aidan: What was the emergency?

Edmund: We got a situation. The Calatravases?

Aidan: Well, you hang out with a friendly crowd.

Edmund: Yeah. One of their men killed Carlos Reyes.

Aidan: Wow. Well, I'm sorry to hear that Carlos is dead.

Edmund: Yeah.

Aidan: What does that got to do with me?

Edmund: Well, we've got the man who killed him. Pablo and I -- we need to know what he knows.

Aidan: Again, why bring me in?

Edmund: Well, you're Special Ops, Aidan. I figure if any man could put the scare into a hired gun, that'd be you. Could be our only chance to stop this vendetta.

Aidan: All right, I'm in.

Juan Pablo: Tenes suerte que necesito informacion sino ya estarias muerto! [You're lucky that I need information about someone who is already dead!]

Erica: How could you lose a patient? I want you to find my daughter now.

Nurse: I'll get on it.

[Erica coughs]

Greenlee: Where's my father? Have you seen him?

Erica: Not now, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Don't walk away from me. It's important.

Erica: Is this why you wanted a father? So you could just run to daddy every five minutes with your latest drama?

Greenlee: Where is he?

Erica: He's too busy.

Greenlee: Thanks for setting me straight.

Erica: Well, someone should.

[Erica gasps]

Erica: What are you doing? Hey!

Greenlee: It's time I set you straight, Erica.

Kendall: Bianca? Bianca, are you here? Bianca? Where are you, Bianca? Are you here? Oh, God. Ryan, she's not here.

Ryan: Well, where could she be?

Kendall: I don't know, I don't know, but she shouldn't even be out of the hospital right now.

Ryan: Ok, don't worry. We're going to find her.

Kendall: Well, we have to find her. We have to. She's in a very vulnerable condition right now.

Ryan: Shh, shh, shh, shh. I'm aware of Bianca's condition. All that matters is that we find her. Come on.

Babe: What the heck? Bianca? Hey. What's wrong with you, girl? You party too hard? Doesn't smell like it. You wait right here. I'm going to call the paramedics.

Bianca: No! No one can know.

Babe: But you're hurt. You have to let me help you.

Bianca: Please -- please, don't.

Babe: Bianca --

Maggie: I never knew this road was here.

Jamie: Well, only people that know what they're looking for use it.

Maggie: And they're looking for trouble?

[Jamie turns car off]

Jamie: You can pretty much do whatever you feel like.

Maggie: Really? And what do you do and how often do you do it?

Jamie: Usually, if I'm out here by myself, I listen to music, bark at the moon. Whatever it takes to clear my head.

Maggie: Hmm. Does it help? The barking?

Jamie: Only when the moon is full. I mean, but there are some things that can't be solved by the light of the moon.

Maggie: So, what do you do when you're not alone?

Jamie: Ladies' choice. You said you wanted to go out somewhere where there's no bus schedule, and obviously I don't think the buses run here.

Maggie: So, you didn't come out here to bark?

Jamie: I did that last week.

Maggie: Good. Because barking is really the last thing I want to do right now.

Rick: Ow! Who are you guys?

Juan Pablo: Who are you? And who hired you to kill Carlos?

Rick: You got a problem with his death, talk to his doctor. I'm just an RN.

Edmund: Not yet, not yet. Easy, easy.

Juan Pablo: We know you killed him!

Rick: Are you crazy? I'm a gonzo fan of Dr. Grey's. I'd never hurt any of her patients.

Edmund: That ring's not exactly standard issue for a nurse. It's very pretty.

Rick: Thanks.

Edmund: Yeah, don't mention it. That's the Calatravas coat of arms.

Rick: No kidding.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Rick: I just liked the design.

Juan Pablo: Sos un mentiroso hijo ' [You are a lying son -- ]

Aidan: Pablo, Pablo --

Edmund: Didn't your mother ever tell you to take your rings off before you kill somebody, huh? What's the matter with you? Where'd you get it?

Rick: Online. Is there a law against that? What's going on? I was just having a smoke. The next thing I know, I'm facing the goon squad. I can press charges!

Edmund: Oh, yeah?

Rick: Kidnapping, for instance!

Edmund: You could, but you won't, because you don't work that side of the street, do you? Listen to me, Ricky. We know when you were hired at the hospital, why you came, and how you killed Carlos.

Rick: You don't know squat.

Aidan: Oh, that's -- how about I have a word with Ricky? Alone.

Edmund: He's all yours.

Erica: Let go.

Greenlee: If you know where Jackson is and you're not telling me --

Erica: Why would I do that? Come on, I mean, maybe to spare him this harassment.

Greenlee: Oh, it's all right for you and Bianca and Kendall to go to him with every hiccup, but not me?

Erica: Kendall is on trial for her life.

Greenlee: Oh, so I'm not a pregnant rapist's widow charged with murdering my husband. That doesn't mean that my problems aren't that serious.

Erica: Greenlee, your only problem is you, and nobody can solve that, not even your father.

Greenlee: Diss me all you want. At least I don't lie to Jackson.

Erica: Greenlee -- look, you have no idea what's going on.

Greenlee: Yes, I do. How many times have I tried to make an effort to see past your snubs, your smackdowns?

Erica: You? All you did was take. I mean, I extended myself to you on the most basic level.

Greenlee: When have you ever lifted a finger for me?

Erica: I lifted you! Who walked you into the bathroom, right here in this very hospital, when you were too weak to make it on your own?

Greenlee: You swore you would never bring that up!

Erica: David --

David: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, what are you doing? This is a hospital, not The Pit. If you have to brawl, take it outside.

Erica: David -- well, thank God you're here. You heard?

David: Heard what? I came to check on a patient from the clinic.

Erica: Bianca has disappeared.

David: What do you mean, disappeared?

Erica: There was a gas leak, and her apartment exploded. She was brought in here by paramedics, but now she's vanished.

Bianca: This is Stuart and Marian's house.

Babe: You know where you are. That's a good sign.

Bianca: No, I can't stay here. They're going to come home, and no one can know --

Babe: You don't want to be found. I understand. I've been there a time or two myself.

Bianca: If they see me, then they're going to tell my mother --

Babe: No, they won't. Stuart and Marian -- they cleared out this morning. They went off to their annual pilgrimage to the happiest place on earth -- which I used to think was here.

Bianca: Where did they go?

Babe: Disney World. And they won't be back until Stuart rides at least each ride twice, so you got a couple of days. Oh, my goodness. Where's my head? Sorry.

Bianca: Oh, thank you. That's much better. Thank you so much.

Babe: Look, I know you didn't get snockered, but whatever's going on with you, I bet you could use some chicken soup and ginger ale. Whenever I was feeling rocky, my mom used to pour on the TLC, so you just lay back and let me take care of you. Is there anyone you want me to call? Are you sure?

Bianca: Actually, there is one person.

David: When was Bianca brought in? Do you know what doctor treated her?

Erica: No, I don't know anything, except that there was an explosion in her building.

Greenlee: That explains --

Erica: No, please, don't -- please stay out of this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: But I'm sure that what I saw --

Erica: Not now, Greenlee. Bianca -- it's so unlike her, you know, to just disappear without saying a word to anyone.

David: Yeah, but I'm sure there's a logical explanation.

Erica: No, David, there is nothing logical about Bianca lately. Did you know that she's planning to leave town?

Greenlee: She is?

Erica: She said that she wants to study abroad to get a new perspective, to get away. I mean, after all she's been through, she just wants to find a place to feel safe, and then this happens. Her apartment blows up, and she runs off.

David: I'm sure she didn't run off anywhere, ok?

Erica: David, this is so unlike her.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Come on, something really must be terribly wrong.

David: Excuse me. Dr. Hayward.

Babe: Hello?

David: Yes, who is it?

Babe: I'm calling for a friend of yours on the QT. Bianca Montgomery?

David: Yeah, hold on. It's the clinic. Excuse me. I got to take this. Yes, who am I speaking with, and how is the patient?

Babe: First you got to promise me that you won't tell anybody that I'm calling, especially her mother. You promise to keep this on the down low?

David: You have my word. Now, how is the patient?

Babe: The patient is a little bit ditzy. Well, she passed out before, but mostly she's just in and out.

David: Any bruises or bleeding?

Babe: Well, she's got this knot and this little cut on her head, that's for sure.

David: All right, she might have a concussion, which means that you have to keep her awake until I get there. Can you do that?

Babe: Yeah, not a problem.

David: Ok. Is she cold to the touch?

Babe: Hold on. Give me one second. Yeah, and -- and she's kind of clammy, too. What do I do?

David: Get her warm.

Babe: Well, I got her buried under a couple of blankets. What else?

David: Ok, then, give her some hot tea, herbal, or broth.

Babe: Ok, you got it. Anything else?

David: Yeah, why don't you tell me who you are and where Bianca is.

Babe: I'm Babe Chandler, and we're at Stuart's house.

David: At the Chandler estate?

Babe: Yeah, but nobody saw me bring her here, and Bianca wants to keep it that way.

David: Tell her I'm on my way.

Erica: David? David, there's still no trace of Bianca. I mean, where could she be?

David: Look, I -- why don't you go home, ok? I'm sure she'll call you there. She may have already done that, ok? Look, Erica, I'm sorry. There's an emergency at the clinic. I have to get back there.

Erica: But what about Bianca?

David: I'm sure she's fine, but I'll check in with you later, ok? I promise.

Greenlee: I'm sorry about Bianca. I shouldn't have --

Erica: What, attacked me?

Greenlee: I shouldn't have gone off on you. But I'm just afraid for my friend, and I just really needed to talk to Jackson.

Erica: So it's back to you already?

Greenlee: What matters right now is Bianca. Let me help you find her.

Erica: You help me? No, I don't think so.

Kendall: Any luck?

Ryan: No, no. I checked the student center. I checked the library. Nothing. You?

Kendall: No. I called Erica's, I went by -- I called Enchantment and Myrtle's. No one's seen her.

Ryan: Ok. We'll just keep looking. Agreed?

Kendall: Thank you, Ryan.

Ryan: All right. Too bad she doesn't have this with her. It'd be a lot easier to find her.

Kendall: Oh, thank God. Bianca loves this hideous thing.

Ryan: Maybe you should thank the devil. Did it look any better before the blast?

Kendall: Oh, no, definitely not.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hello?

Babe: Is this Kendall?

Kendall: Yeah, who's this?

Babe: I'm a friend of Bianca's. She just wanted me to call and let you know that she's ok.

Kendall: What? Where -- where is she?

Babe: She's someplace safe.

Kendall: Well, put her on. I want to talk to her.

Babe: Ok. Hey, later would probably be better. She's feeling kind of punky.

Kendall: I want to know she's all right.

Babe: She's perkier than she was, but just so you know, Bianca had me call Dr. Hayward.

Bianca: Thank you.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Well, just tell her that I -- tell her that Portia is fine and I'll see her soon. Thanks.

Ryan: Oh. What's the deal? Where is she?

Kendall: She's with a friend right now. I guess she -- she wants to get her head together. I don't blame her.

Ryan: Oh. Hey, anyplace that she can find peace is fine with me. You know, a lot of people, with everything that's gone on, would've split by now.

Kendall: You know, Bianca hasn't done anything to anybody. She -- she just keeps paying the price. When's it all going to end, Ryan?

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, Kendall!

[Kendall gasps]

Ryan: Hey.

Rick: What the hell? What are you doing, trying to blind me?

Aidan: No, that's not my style. These are like before and after pictures, Rick. Like extreme makeover, you know?

Rick: What are you going to do to me?

Aidan: Me? Nothing. But Edmund's got a few ideas. You know what Edmund does for a living?

Rick: Sure. He runs that magazine, "Tempo." What's he going to do, slap me with it?

Aidan: Hmm. Better. Because in exactly two hours, he's going to run a story about you.

Rick: Saying what? You have no proof I did anything.

Aidan: Proof? Proof is overrated. You're going to be a cover boy, Rick. And on the inside, there's going to be a massive spread about how you spilled your guts on Andreas and Miguel Calatravas and the hit on Carlos. And these -- these are going to run alongside the story. You're going to be a star. Everyone's going to know who you are.

Rick: No, you can't.

Aidan: And after the story runs, Rick, basically, we're going to let you and your big mouth go and let someone else take the after pictures. Not even your mom's going to be able to recognize you.

Rick: No! Please! Don't do this! You can't do this!

Edmund: What's going on?

Aidan: Boys, I think our friend Ricky here is ready to play, aren't you, Rick?

Rick: Yeah, I'll tell you anything you want. You want to know? I'll tell you. I killed him. I killed Carlos.

Juan Pablo: It's time to name names.

Edmund: Come on, Ricky. I bet I can sell a lot of copies of that article in Argentina.

Rick: Come on, guys.

Edmund: Better than a cover, maybe -- how about your picture and that article on "Tempo's" website, say, by midnight?

Rick: No, you can't do this! Turn me in, I'll do my time, but no way I talk about the Calatravases.

Aidan: I don't think you have a choice.

Rick: I got family -- wife, daughters, mother, father. No way, man.

Aidan: Didn't anyone ever tell you that your line of work is more suited for a bachelor or an orphan, not really a family man?

Rick: I love them. I'm not putting them in danger.

Edmund: Yeah? You already did that when you signed on with the Calatravases. What happens to your family now is up to you.

Aidan: Have you ever lost anyone close to you, Rick? Look at me. You go to call them, and then you remember that they're dead.

Juan Pablo: If you don't tell us everything, you'll know my grief tenfold. Do you want the lives of your family, your daughters, on your conscience? What? I can't hear you.

Rick: All right. It's over for me. But if you protect my family, I'll tell you what you want to know.

[Music plays]

Jamie: You want to move to the back seat?

Maggie: Is that really going to make a difference?

Jamie: Well, it's more comfortable.

Maggie: Yeah, I don't think legroom is the problem. Look, you're -- obviously, you're really a good-looking guy and really nice, but I don't think that there's any real --

Jamie: Rush?

Maggie: Um -- yeah, this really isn't working, is it?

Jamie: Not even a little. No offense. You're totally gorgeous and -- what's up with that?

Maggie: Not a clue.

Jamie: I'm sorry that I put the moves on you back there. It's just -- I'm never going to understand you.

Maggie: You hardly know me.

Jamie: Women, I mean.

Maggie: Oh, and, like, guys are easy?

Jamie: I mean, there should be a manual or something. Say you really like someone, and they came on to you, and you hooked up with them, and all of a sudden they act liked it never happened.

Maggie: Have you talked to her yet?

Jamie: She blew me off like last week's French fries. I mean, what would you think if, you know, this all happened with some guy?

Maggie: Oh, please. You know what I know about guys? Henry.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Maggie: I mean, it seems whoever I'm interested in -- I mean, it just ends up being a complete bust. I mean, at first, they're totally out of the box, and then they just end up turning out to be someone completely opposite from what they were before.

Jamie: Tell me about it. This girl -- she was all over me, and then all of a sudden, she was just over me.

Maggie: You know what you have to do. I'm sorry, but you have to forget about it. Hmm. You're not there yet, huh?

Jamie: Where's there?

Maggie: Well, it seems as if you're still hoping it'll work out.

Jamie: No, not a chance. But -- well, now that you're all wised up, you know, who are you hooked up with?

Maggie: Forget about hooking up. You promised me trouble.

Jamie: Oh, and you see where it got us? I can take you home, if you want.

Maggie: No, you know what? I've got a great idea.

David: How are you feeling?

Bianca: Besides a massive headache?

David: Hmm. Pulse is good. Nausea? Dizziness?

Bianca: Yeah, the doctor said that I have a concussion.

David: Yeah, I figured that. Babe, listen, this tea smells delicious. Would you mind getting me a cup?

Babe: Oh, my God. Where are my manners? I should've offered. Gosh. I'll be right back. I'm sorry.

David: That's great. Thank you. So, any cramping, spotting?

Bianca: No, nothing like that. But, David --

David: What?

Bianca: I haven't felt the baby move.

David: I wouldn't worry about that. She's probably a heavy sleeper, just like her mother. But, look, just to be sure, I want to have a full checkup of you as soon as possible, ok?

Bianca: Well, the doctor at the ER did a pelvic exam, and he put the baby on a fetal monitor, and everything seemed to check out all right.

David: But your mother said that you hadn't been examined.

Bianca: The doctor thought that I was Kendall.

David: So you skipped before anybody realized the switch.

Bianca: Yeah, I had to. I could hear Mom right outside my room, and I just -- I freaked.

David: So, where'd you go?

Bianca: David, I don't even know.

David: So you just, what, passed out somewhere?

Bianca: And Babe found me.

David: Well, lucky for you. I mean, you could've really hurt yourself and this baby.

Bianca: I know. I wasn't thinking. I -- I just -- if Mom had walked into my room -- I couldn't take that chance, so I just ran off. Is she totally flipping out?

David: What do you think? Listen, I am going to keep this quiet, all right? But as soon as you're strong enough, you have to call your mother.

Erica: Why can't you leave me alone?

Greenlee: I want to help you find Bianca. I care about her, too. Why is that so hard for you to accept?

Erica: Because you are not helping right now. You are not looking for Bianca, and you're getting in my way.

Greenlee: What -- what is it with you? Every time I try to help you, you just push me away.

Erica: Because you don't get it through your head. I don't want you near me, ever.

Greenlee: I get that. I also get that you want Jackson with every quivering fiber of your body.

Erica: Oh, I'm not going to listen to this.

Greenlee: Yes, you are, if you don't want war. My father loves me. He's not so sure about you anymore.

Erica: What goes on between Jackson and me -- that is not your concern.

Greenlee: So here's the deal -- you either show me some respect, or I go medieval. Face it, Erica -- I matter to Jackson. I matter, period. And if you're going to marry him -- which is a very big if right now -- I'm part of the package. So, I can make your life a living hell, or I can make it a lot easier. Which do you prefer?

Erica: Jackson and I can solve our problems without jumping through your hoops.

Greenlee: Sure you could. But fast-track this -- my hoops, my rules. Everybody wins. So, which is it, Erica? Wouldn't it be easier to cooperate?

Ryan: Have a seat.

[Kendall groans]

Ryan: Here.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: This place looks like Armageddon. You're lucky to be alive.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I only care about Bianca. If anything happened to her --

Ryan: Well, right now you're the one I'm worried about.

Kendall: Well, I hope I can clean up this God-awful mess. My God, it's a mess. Maybe I can get it cleaned up before Bianca gets back.

Ryan: Yeah, you and a forklift, maybe. Aw, too bad she doesn't have this with her. This would put a smile on her face.

Kendall: Oh, her rubber ducky.

[Toy squeaks]

Kendall: Yeah, give me that. I'll put it where she can see it when she comes back. Ow! Ow! God!

Ryan: Oh --

Kendall: Oh, you know, some light would be nice.

Ryan: Dark's not so bad.

Kendall: Yeah, well, it'll have to do. It's not like I'm going to light any matches or anything, light any candles. Not after that explosion. I told you what caused it, right? It was a gas leak.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Well, it could've been worse. My little buddy here could've been barbecued or Pekinged, right? No, I'll take that!

Erica: Why don't you get this through your head? I don't need your help -- not now, not ever. I will find Bianca without you, and Jack and I will solve our problems without you.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello?

Bianca: Mom?

Erica: Bianca! Oh, honey. How are you, sweetheart? Where are you? Are you all right?

Bianca: I'm fine.

Erica: Well, I have turned this hospital upside down. I mean, why did you run off?

Bianca: Because I'm not hurt.

Erica: You didn't go back to your apartment, though, did you? Because that's not safe.

Bianca: No, I didn't go back to the apartment.

Erica: Well, so, you -- are you at my place? I mean, I'll come home right now.

Bianca: No, Mom, that's not necessary, ok? I'm with a friend.

Erica: All right, well, then I'll pick you up, ok? You spend the night with me.

Bianca: Really, Mom, relax. I just want to chill tonight. I'll take care of everything at the apartment tomorrow.

Erica: But, Bianca, honey, you haven't even been checked out by a doctor.

Bianca: Because I'm just fine. Look, Mom, I got to go.

Babe: Holy moly, Bianca. You need me worse than I thought.

Bianca: Thank you. My head does feel a lot better.

Babe: Forget about that. You need a crash course on how to housetrain your mom.

Ryan: What do we have here?

Kendall: I said I'll take that from you.

Ryan: It seems to be the same sonogram that showed up at the cemetery, the one that started this whole thing.

Kendall: No, you -- you started this whole thing. That's just a picture of my baby.

Ryan: Well, she's got your long legs. Too early to tell about the curls, and God help us if she's got your temper.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Ryan: I am trying to help. I mean, you said you wanted to clean this place up, right?

Kendall: Right.

Ryan: Word of advice -- keep your sonogram and your baby book someplace safe. These things are too precious to lose.

Kendall: Yes, they are. This baby is loved so much already, and I want to believe that you care about her, too. Because if you're working an angle, there's way too much at stake here.

Ryan: I know exactly what's at stake.

Juan Pablo: Miguel and Andreas -- they're in Buenos Aires?

Rick: Most of the time.

Aidan: How long have you worked for them?

Rick: I'm just backup. When that guy Schmidt and his grandson Lars screwed up the job, that's when they told me to move.

Juan Pablo: A job? A job? That was my brother.

Aidan: Got everything you need?

Juan Pablo: Not yet. Tell me what you know about Miguel and Andreas.

Rick: No way! You wanted to know about the hit. I told you. That was the deal.

Aidan: Well --

Rick: Now stop it!

Juan Pablo: The only way your family will be safe is if you will cooperate completely.

Rick: Andreas has a mistress.

Aidan: Where?

Rick: Atlantic City. He bought her a suite at the Azteca Hotel.

Edmund: Atlantic City, huh? Andreas a gambler?

Rick: That's how he met her.

Juan Pablo: What is this woman's name? Answer me!

Rick: Manuela. Manuela Ortiz.

Juan Pablo: Good. We are through.

Rick: What are you going to do to me?

Juan Pablo: Send you to Hell -- if I could.

Rick: What about my family? You promised.

Juan Pablo: I honor my word. I will have my plane fly your family out of Argentina to somewhere safe.

Rick: No place is safe from the Calatravases.

Juan Pablo: You should've thought about that before you joined them. Now, you and I have a date with the US Marshals.

[Tires screech]

Jamie: Oh, my God.

Maggie: Oh, God, I love stick shift. God, now that is a rush.

Jamie: No, that's whiplash.

Maggie: Oh, thanks a lot.

Jamie: I'm kidding. You're a natural.

Maggie: Oh, come on, you made it easy. Can we do it again, please?

Jamie: Sure.

[Jamie turns engine off]

Jamie: As soon as my heart starts beating.

Maggie: Oh. I hope it's not broken.

Jamie: Not a chance. But, hey, you did great. I mean, most girls -- they get the whole gas, clutch, stick thing all mixed up.

Maggie: So you teach a lot of girls how to use your stick?

Jamie: No, you would actually be the first. But most of the girls I know are just trying to get to where they're going.

Maggie: Oh, well, that's such a waste. I mean, just getting there is half the fun, right? I mean, it's just you and the car, totally in sync and totally in control.

Jamie: You feel every inch of the road, every curve.

Maggie: God, who knew being in control could be so much fun?

Jamie: Oh, hey, either you got a feel for it or you don't.

Maggie: Well, I stalled three times. I obviously need some more practice.

Jamie: Everybody stalls out a couple of times. It doesn't mean the ride is over.

Maggie: I hope not. I mean, cruise control? Forget about it. I wish my life was in five speed all the time. Maybe I wouldn't crash and burn so much.

Jamie: Don't look at me. I'm the king of road rage.

Maggie: Well, your heart's beating again. You ready for another run?

Jamie: Let her rip, girl.

Maggie: Yes! Mm-hmm, get ready.

[Car starts]

Jamie: All right, now push in the clutch --

Maggie: I know what I'm doing.

Jamie: Ok.

Maggie: 1, 2, 3!

[Tires screech]

Babe: Me and Mama -- I mean, we're best friends and all, but it took a while to housetrain her.

Bianca: Well, I hope you didn't have to swat her on the nose with a newspaper.

Babe: No, it's all about space -- hers and mine. I mean, we love each other to death, and I do for her and she does for me. But when the hanky's on the doorknob, so to speak, there's no trespassing.

Bianca: See, that's a concept beyond my mother's comprehension.

Babe: I mean, you just -- all you got to do is you just got to start slow, and then you just work your way in. Like me -- I started when I was, like, 8 or something. And the thing was, I think it was the same year that I learned how to smile at the guy that read the gas meter. What do you think of that?

Bianca: It looks good.

Babe: You think?

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Well, see, sometimes, there's this thing my mom used to do. She used to totally forget the guy's date -- name that she was dating. So I'd sneak back, grab his wallet, get the license, and find out his name, and then I would refresh Mom's memory on the hush. Well, now that there's Big Wheels, that doesn't really happen much, but --

Bianca: So, what was it like growing up with just your mom and no dad around?

Babe: Um -- well, sometimes we'd only have cereal for dinner, and I slept at a bus station a few times. But Mom always -- she always made it into a game. I mean, every day we'd win, even if we didn't. It was just, like, me and her against the world. Well, but it still is. I just -- we don't see each other that much, but if one of us needs help, we just throw up that bat signal and the other one comes running.

Bianca: That's amazing.

Babe: Don't I know it. I got the best mom on the planet. I just hope that I can be half as good as she is.

Ryan: If I admit that you're carrying Michael's child, I lose billions to the newborn heir.

Kendall: And you'd do that?

Ryan: I made Alexander a promise that if there was a child, his wishes would be honored. And there is a child, right, Kendall? Hey, I can't do this alone. All right, you got to work with me just a little bit. A little trust would go a long way.

Kendall: I want to believe you. I do. I really want to believe you, Ryan, but how can I?

Ryan: Why, because I let you down in the past? Well, that's gone both ways. I'm willing to try if you will. Working without a net here, Kendall. You got to give me something.

Kendall: You're just doing this for my sister, not for me. Not for me.

Ryan: Whatever it is that I'm doing, let me decide who I'm doing it for.

Kendall: Yeah, of course, of course. It's all about control, isn't it?

Ryan: Hey -- hey, I could just cover for Bianca and let you twist in the wind, you know, but you both deserve a chance. And I'm willing to go with it, even though it's a hell of a balancing act.

Aidan: All right, Edmund, we got to make it look like we weren't even here.

Edmund: How'd it go with our pal?

Juan Pablo: Unfortunately, he gave me no reason to shoot him. But he's in custody.

Aidan: You know, you could still be in danger.

Juan Pablo: Yes, I know.

Aidan: What now?

Juan Pablo: To kill a snake, you have to remove the head. And I know how to get the snake right where I want it.

Babe: Can I get you some tea? Do you want sugar or lemon?

Bianca: See, you're amazing. You take in somebody that you hardly know, and you agree to keep a really crazy secret, and then you just pass me the popcorn like it happens every day.

Babe: It's the law of the trailer park -- forget what you know and don't know anything that you can help knowing.

Bianca: Translation, please?

Babe: We all got secrets. You and me -- well, the whole world. But when you're living in a trailer park, you're about four feet away from knowing just about everything that you don't want to know about somebody. Especially a neighbor.

Bianca: So it's like a "Hear no evil, see no evil" policy?

Babe: And it works just as well in mansions and penthouses -- I hope.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: I -- I should get out of sight.

Babe: No, no, no, no, you just stay put. It's probably just J.R.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad: I'm here about Babe.

Babe: You can tell your mom a secret. She should know what's going on.

Greenlee: Please, please, I'm begging you, don't do this.

Ryan: Something is definitely happening here, Kendall, and we would be stupid not to go with it.

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