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All My Children Transcript Friday 12/12/03

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Aidan: Hey, Kendall -- no, don't leave.

Kendall: Oh, Aidan -- I'm sorry. This -- this was a mistake. I'm bugging you and I shouldn't be here. I'll go. I'm sorry.

Aidan: No, come on, don't be stupid. Don't be stupid. Come inside. Come on.

Kendall: Well, that's kind of a tall order, considering all the messes that I'm in.

Aidan: I know. I've read it.

Kendall: No, Aidan, what is that? Is that supposed to be the murder weapon?

Maggie: Don't be mad at me. I'm just stating the obvious, or what is soon to be obvious.

Bianca: I'm not showing yet.

Maggie: Yes, you are. Look. And it's only going to get bigger. I mean, how long do you think until you'll have a bumpy silhouette?

Bianca: Well, then I'll hide it. Somehow. I can't leave Pine Valley now. It would mean bailing out on Kendall when --

[Phone rings]

Bianca: When she's facing a trial. Hello. Professor Stevens? No, I -- I didn't know. She'll be right with you. Professor Stevens about a class for next semester?

Maggie: Hi, Professor Stevens. Yes -- um -- yeah, yeah. Can I call you back in a couple minutes? Thank you. Bye.

Bianca: So what was that? You signed up for a class next spring? Whatever happened to our adventure? Are you bailing on me?

Erica: Lieutenant Frye, this is an outrage.

Derek: Erica. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Erica: I have come to take Reggie Montgomery home.

Derek: Well, as it happens, young Mr. Montgomery is getting his possessions back right now. But I can only release him to a parent or a guardian.

Erica: That would be me.

Derek: Is that so? Well, I know that Jackson's the father, but I haven't read the wedding announcements this morning. Are congratulations in order?

Erica: That is beneath you, Derek Frye, and you know it. I am here because Jackson is out of town, and you know that, too, because you know everything about Jackson Montgomery, including the fact that he is an honest man completely innocent of all wrongdoing. And still you pursue him. And now you harass him by putting his -- his innocent son in jail. Well, you won't get away with it, Derek, because I'm taking Reggie home, and you are going to pay the consequences for your misconduct.

Derek: You know what, Erica? Maybe if you had the facts, you would tone down your outrage. Do you want to tell her why we put you in jail?

Erica: Reggie.

Reggie: Well, I kind of hit a cop.

Derek: Tell her the circumstances.

Reggie: I was in a bar, drinking -- a little bit.

Erica: Oh, Reggie -- I'm so disappointed. I mean, after all the promises you made your dad.

Reggie: I mean -- Jack's not really going to take this too well, is he?

Erica: No, I think we can be, you know, fairly sure he's not going to be too happy about this. Of course not. And what were you doing drinking alone in a bar?

Derek: He did have a partner in crime.

Erica: Oh. Well, that makes more sense, at least. I mean, you were dragged into the bar by some lowlife?

Brooke: Afraid not, Erica.

Erica: Oh, you. Well, then, everything is perfectly clear. It's your fault that Reggie landed in jail. Brooke, you have been a walking disaster since the day I met you.

Babe: What time did you get up?

J.R.: I didn't.

Babe: Did you work all night?

J.R.: Tried to.

Babe: Poor baby. Is it tough running your dad's company all of a sudden?

J.R.: The company runs itself. It's like clockwork. Everybody understands my dad's philosophy. And if they don't make the grade, they're history.

Babe: Well, that's one way.

J.R.: No, that's the cleanest way. No mercy. Now, why don't you -- why don't you go back to bed? It's early for you.

Babe: I can't take this. Stop torturing me, J.R. Tell me you love me, or just tell me to leave. You're the only one that matters. You're the only one that can look into my heart and see that I love you with my whole heart and body and soul like I've never loved anyone else before. You believed that once, didn't you? Didn't you?

J.R.: I believed it once.

Babe: Well, believe it now. You remember when we were back in San Diego and I was in your arms in bed, and you told me who you were and who your dad was? And how you guys were pretty much, like, billionaires? Did I move a hair? No, it was just like, whoosh. It didn't even matter because all that mattered was having you in my arms, and I just kept thanking God for you that it was true. I mean, you were like my knight and my prince and -- I mean, the only thing that mattered was your love. And remember we were going to get jobs, and -- and you were going to cook and then I was going to wait tables? That would have been more than enough. That would have been heaven on earth, baby, and it still would be. All I want is you in my arms, loving you, and knowing that you love me. I mean, what can I do to make you believe that?

J.R.: You can start by telling me the baby's mine.

Babe: How many times do I have to say that? I mean, do you want me to swear on a stack of Bibles?

J.R.: If it's the truth, one Bible would do.

Babe: I don't think it would. I don't know what you want. I mean, maybe it's this -- to wake up every morning, me having to look at you giving me that hateful look and just bearing my soul with how much I love you. And I would because it's totally true, but I won't, because it's twisted. It reminds me of something your dad would do, and it just makes me sick.

J.R.: So where are we, then?

Babe: Either you tell me that you believe me, or --

J.R.: Or what?

Babe: Or I'm out of here.

J.R.: Well, lucky for you, you have another knight in shining armor right across town. I'm sure Jamie would have no problems helping you pack.

Brooke: Jamie is not a bad influence.

Erica: Well, now, how would you know that, Brooke? You yourself were arrested for accosting a policeman at one time.

Brooke: Do you want to compare rap sheets? Because you can match mine line by line.

Derek: Ok, all right. Look, let's get you guys out of here so we can get them out of here. Nobody's getting any work done.

Brooke: All right.

Derek: Brooke, please, would you wait out here? Thanks.

Erica: For the record, I think it's really disgusting the way you flogged the Cambias case just so you could drum up a few more readers for your sorry magazine.

Brooke: The Cambias case is a legitimate story. And if you bothered to read "Tempo," you would see that we tried to soft-peddle the more tawdry aspects of the case.

Erica: I suppose you have to do something with those long, really depressingly lonely nights you go through year after year with nothing near your lap except your laptop. Well, just take your son home and make sure he doesn't get into any more serious trouble.

Brooke: Oh, like what? Getting charged with murder, like your daughter?

Kendall: Aidan, what is this doing here? How did you get this?

Aidan: Hang on, hang on. Relax, relax. It's not what you think it is. This gun's from the city dump. It's not the gun that the police found in the duffel bag.

Kendall: Yeah, Jack's gun. They're trying to connect it to me.

Aidan: They've -- they've already done that. You haven't spoken to Jack about this?

Kendall: No. No, why? Jack just said to sit tight and wait for the defense attorney. Why? What's the story with that gun?

Aidan: Well, I got this from my contact at the police station. The bag the gun was in was stained with Michael's blood. And your hair and fibers from your clothes -- they were all over the inside of the bag.

Kendall: Oh, my God. They're going to find out everything.

Mia: Ok.

Liza: Oh, wow. Look at you!

Mia: Thanks. Now, if I can just get the same reaction from Aidan --

Liza: Oh, wow.

Mia: What's all this?

Liza: Well, boxes I had in storage. There's more.

Mia: Where are we going to put all this?

Liza: Oh, we're not. I'm giving most of it away to charity.

Mia: What? All your clothes?

Liza: All my clothes? Would you look at this stuff? I mean, come on. This is -- this is unbelievable. What is this? Board room Liza? And then in the real life -- and what is this? Look at this! This is like piano recital Liza and bake sale Liza, and forget it. I'm getting rid of these things. Good riddance.

Mia: Well, if all this goes, what kind of Liza will you be?

Liza: I don't know. Maybe we both need makeovers.

Mia: Well, I've already started mine. You know, I've been wanting to talk to you about Aidan and me, and --

Liza: Why? What's up with you two? I thought you said it was "beyond awesome."

Mia: Well, it was. But Kendall's still in the picture.

Liza: You can handle Kendall.

Mia: I have been -- by taking the phone off the hook and not giving Aidan her messages. I know -- it's high school. Don't lecture me.

Liza: Oh, ok. So now I've become the person who lectures?

Mia: No, it's just that I thought that you would say to follow the rules. That's what I thought you'd say.

Liza: Hmm.

Mia: But if there's a new Liza, I'd sort of rather talk to her.

Liza: Yeah? Well, here she is. Forget the rules. The rules stink.

Aidan: Kendall, I really think we've caught a break finding this gun.

Kendall: How? This -- this gun -- this gun -- you found this gun -- a gun from a landfill? I mean, what were you -- were you digging though garbage to help me?

Aidan: No, I was -- I was there for a funeral of sorts.

Kendall: For what? An old TV?

Aidan: Michael Cambias.

Kendall: Aidan, what did you do?

Aidan: What I promised.

Kendall: Yeah, I know you said that you would take care of things, but --

Aidan: And I did. Tad, Boyd and I -- we gave Michael Cambias a sendoff that was coming to him. We buried him in a load of rubbish deep down in a landfill.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Aidan, how did you -- how in God's name did you -- did you even bring yourself to get near that bastard and his body? I mean, if anyone deserved it, it's Michael, but -- but how -- I mean -- do you know what you risked?

Aidan: It's worth the risk.

Kendall: Yeah, but -- I mean, don't -- don't you get nightmares?

Aidan: Actually, honestly, I haven't given it a second thought.

Kendall: You just keep going above and beyond the call of duty for me. I think I'm going to owe you for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

Aidan: Anyway, I really think we got lucky finding this gun.

Kendall: You think this gun will help us solve the murder?

Aidan: Well, I'll give it a good try. It's the same caliber as the gun the cops say killed Michael. It's been fired once. And it doesn't look like it's been sitting in the city dump for very long, so I think the timing's going to work for us.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hang on.

Man: Mr. Devane?

Aidan: Yeah.

Man: Sign.

Aidan: Thank you. I've been waiting for this for ages. I found two sets of prints from the gun, so I sent them to the lab to be checked out. Now, luckily, most of the murder suspects have their prints on file. Jack's are on file, because he's an officer of the court. And the other suspects -- as in David, Lena, Erica, and Adam Chandler -- are there because they've been arrested.

Kendall: Well, this -- this seems like sort of a long shot.

Aidan: We got to look everywhere, Kendall.

Kendall: Even if any of those people actually killed Michael, I don't want to be the one to turn them in. I hate this. What? Did they find a match?

Aidan: Yeah, they did. And you're not going to like it.

Derek: Excuse me, folks. Erica, your signature, and you're done.

Jamie: I'm sorry, Mom.

Brooke: Why didn't you call me last night? You didn't have to spend the night in jail.

Jamie: You don't deserve me screwing up like this.

Brooke: Listen, we have to get a handle on this Babe situation. Things -- too many things are out of control.

Jamie: I'm working on that.

Brooke: Yes, I heard. Honey, Babe wants you to stay away from her.

Jamie: You talked to Babe.

Brooke: Somebody had to.

Jamie: Mom, would you just butt out? Just -- just butt out already.

Derek: Brooke? Brooke, please.

Erica: Reggie?

Reggie: I can give you the real reason why my dad was yanked off the Cambias case -- and anything else the public needs to know.

Babe: You think this is an act? I stick to it because it's the truth.

J.R.: Even if it worked, you'd never admit it.

Babe: You know what? I am so done here. I don't know who the hell my ancestors were, but I sure as hell would bet 100 bucks that they were loving and forgiving. You know what? I'm going to go track down my mama. She'll accept this baby with open arms. And you know what? I'll send you a picture of him. And when you see that he looks just like you, don't come running to me for forgiveness, because time just ran out on that.

[Doorbell rings]

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: Well, perfect timing. Come on in.

Erica: Reggie, it's time to go home.

Reggie: No! Look, see, the cops know. They have evidence that Michael Cambias was shot right after he mixed it up with this gang from Center City. You know, I think they shot him and put him on ice.

Reporter: A gang killed him? What was the motive?

Reggie: Um -- it could be, you know, wrong place/wrong time. You know how that is, or it could just be --

Erica: Ok, that's it. This press conference is over. Reggie is a minor, and you should know better. It's completely illegal.

Reggie: Look, don't give up. Keep digging. The truth is out there, ok?

Erica: Reggie, what do you think you're doing?

Reggie: Look, I'm trying to help the cause, all right? The more suspects, the better.

Erica: Reggie, you've just made yourself and everybody around you look more guilty. Do you want her to spin what you had to say? You want her to misquote you?

Reggie: Look, Erica, as long as the word gets out there, ok?

Erica: No, please! Reggie, no one in my family gives an interview like that, do you understand?

Reggie: So what does your family do? They sit back and let them lock them away for murder?

Erica: No, of course not, no. Look, I'm pleased that you are so worried about Kendall. I really am. But understand that she's going to have the best defense possible.

Reggie: Well, what if Kendall's not the only one in trouble?

Erica: What do you mean? Reggie, what are you -- what are you saying? Reggie, what did you do?

Bianca: It looks like you're bailing on helping me and my baby. When were you going to tell me this?

Maggie: I want to go with you. You know that I do.

Bianca: That's what it sounded like.

Maggie: Look, I just don't think it's a really good time. A really good idea, actually.

Bianca: Why? What changed?

Maggie: A lot has changed.

Bianca: All right. Tell me what. I'll start. Lena.

Maggie: See? You know, I knew that that was the first thing that you would think.

Bianca: And that's not it? Come on, Maggie. You've been acting weird ever since I started seeing Lena again. And by seeing her -- I mean when she's in the room -- like I see you. Like I see Portia.

Maggie: No, it's a lot more than that, ok? I mean, you guys obviously want to be with each other. And when you guys start getting involved again, I mean, I'd rather be knee deep in Advanced Anatomy than be hanging around like a third wheel.

Bianca: Wow. You're making an awful lot of assumptions about what I'm going to do.

Maggie: I just want to give you your space.

Bianca: Maggie, if I wanted space, then I would ask for it. Lena and I aren't planning a honeymoon trip. We're taking baby steps. We haven't even kissed yet.

Maggie: And I didn't ask, did I?

Bianca: No. Maybe that's the problem. Look, I'm not ready to jump into a serious physical -- I'm pregnant!

Maggie: I know, and that's why we were going on this trip together. Because you're pregnant. So why can't you just go with her instead of me?

Bianca: Because we planned this trip together. And I want to go with you. Unless there's some other reason that you don't want to be around me.

Mia: God. I just love the new you.

Liza: The new -- this is not the new me. This is the old me, resurfacing.

Mia: Oh, you know what? I have something that will jump-start you. You know, there's this dress of yours that I always wanted. Oh. Oh, never mind. Wow! This will do. Ok. What do you think?

Liza: Yeah, I remember that one.

Mia: Don't throw this away. Just think of an excuse -- any excuse -- to wear this. And make sure that Tad is around when you do.

Liza: Tad? Who mentioned Tad? Besides Simone, who talks about him nonstop.

Mia: Just wear the dress, Liza. Trust me. Ok. I have to show off my new look. I'll see you.

Aidan: This is what came up in the nationwide computer database.

Kendall: So what? It doesn't mean anything.

Aidan: It means that sometime before the gun was dumped, both Reggie and Bianca handled it.

Kendall: You see? You see? What did I say? Things just keep getting worse and worse.

Aidan: Well, the cops know that Reggie bought the gun on the street.

Kendall: Well, Bianca has never been in trouble with the law before. How could they possibly even have her fingerprints?

Aidan: Well, it says here that she was arrested once for public disturbance.

Kendall: It never happened.

Aidan: Last Thanksgiving?

Kendall: Oh, God. She went to -- she was in jail with Opal and Myrtle, because they wanted to spend the holiday with Erica.

Aidan: See? No good deed goes unpunished.

Kendall: Yeah, you're telling me. Well, I still don't believe Bianca has anything to do with this gun.

Aidan: All we know is that Bianca touched it. It says it right here in black and white. Bianca and Reggie, both. What are you doing? Kendall, no!

[Kendall wipes the prints off the gun then points it toward the ceiling.]


Aidan: Kendall, are you insane?

Kendall: I'm sorry!

Aidan: You're determined to ruin this case, aren't you?

Kendall: No, I will not let Bianca be a suspect, ok? You know that already.

Aidan: You'd better get out of here, Kendall.

Kendall: No. Fine, let the cops come here. Let them see just my prints on the gun. I already have dust all over me. Burns on my hand from the dust.

[Aidan chuckles]

Aidan: Oh, dear. Oh, God.

Kendall: What now?

Aidan: What am I thinking? This is the Pine Cone. No one's going to call the cops. "Was that a gunshot?" "I don't know. Can you pass the chips?"

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Look, it's not my intention to drag Bianca further into this. Reggie can create reasonable doubt for you. Same as Jack, David, Erica. Reggie's also on the cops' list.

Kendall: No, but not on yours. No, Aidan, Reggie is just a kid. He's a kid. And he's already been in trouble with the law before. He didn't kill Michael any more than Bianca did. I will not ride on the back of two innocent kids.

Aidan: Ok, well, it they're so innocent, how come they threw the gun away?

Kendall: Please, just drop this, ok? Just take the gun, put it back in the landfill where nobody can find it. Please, if you want to help me, you'll do this for me.

Aidan: Will you do something for me now and give us a smile?

Kendall: A smile? What, now? What, are you insane? Don't be ridiculous.

Aidan: No. Come on. Smile for me right now.

Kendall: Why? I don't get it. I don't get you, I don't get this. This is silly.

Aidan: Go on.

Kendall: You're stupid!

Aidan: See? Look at that. Look how beautiful that smile is. You haven't smiled in so long. You deserve to smile.

Kendall: Oh. What is wrong with you? Why are you so good to me? I don't understand you. You don't -- you still trust me, you don't question me. I mean, aren't you wondering where I got the -- what I was doing with the duffel bag and Jack's gun? And -- and how I got Michael's blood all over it?

Aidan: No, no, no --

Kendall: And why I'm telling everybody that I'm carrying Michael's baby?

Aidan: I don't need to ask you any of that.

Kendall: Why not?

Aidan: Because I already know the answer.

Bianca: Tell me the reason, Maggie. Why don't you want to go with me? Listen to me. I don't think I can do this without you.

Maggie: Well, if you're going to resort to guilt-tripping me, then I'm going to have to say yes.

Bianca: Oh, thank you! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You can't even think about Advanced Anatomy, at least until the fall semester.

Maggie: Oh, please, I don't think it's going to be that hard.

Bianca: Good.

Maggie: Oh -- let's have a toast, ok?

Bianca: Oh, good idea.

Maggie: I think I've got something. Oh, this is perfect. To our trip.

Bianca: Ok. Once we toast, you cannot change your mind.

Maggie: Deal. Ooh!

Bianca: Oh, my God!

[Bianca gasps]

Maggie: Are you ok?

Bianca: I can't believe I did that. This is my favorite shirt.

Maggie: All right, well, take it off.

Bianca: It really covers my belly. Maggie!

Maggie: Well, we'll get the stain out. Take it off.

Bianca: Ah! God. I'm really starting to look different, huh?

Maggie: You look beautiful.

Bianca: I like it.

Maggie: You know what? I should go talk to Professor Stevens. I mean, she went out of her way to schedule those classes for me. I should just go talk to her in person.

Bianca: Just make sure you don't let her change your mind back.

Maggie: Oh, of course not. And, you know, maybe I should tell her that I'm going to leave for family reasons, I guess?

Bianca: Just don't tell her whose family.

Maggie: Right. Bye. I'll see you.

Bianca: Bye. Hey, wait. Maggie?

Maggie: What?

Bianca: Do you smell something?

Maggie: No. Oh, please, the only thing I smell is that garlic that I had on my lunch. And you know that pregnant women -- I mean, they have an overactive sense of smell.

Bianca: Thank you, Dr. Stone. Smell you later!

Jamie: I was thinking about us. It's a lot of years, man.

J.R.: Yeah, you know, I was sitting back trying to do work last night, and I kept thinking about us. Like that time I nailed you in the eye with a snowball.

Jamie: Oh, just that one? How about when you shoved me off the top bunk and I got a concussion?

J.R.: Whatever we did, we always seemed to work it out. Normally, it just took Mom ordering a pizza and we'd be ok. How did we get from there to here?

Jamie: Damned if I know. Look, I swear I didn't know who Babe was. If I had known she was your wife, I'd have walked away. You have to believe that.

J.R.: Oh, I have to believe you? The story that -- that Babe gave me is the total opposite of what you told me.

Jamie: I know.

J.R.: So convince me that she lied.

Simone: Hey. Oh, Liza. You look stunning.

Liza: Hi. Oh, oh --

Simone: Love the dress.

Liza: Oh, thanks. Yeah. Hanging around.

Simone: Well, you should take it for a stroll. Is Mia here? I have some Fusion documents for her to sign.

Liza: No, she's gone. So you can leave them, or I can look it over and sign her signature. Whatever you want.

Simone: Well, due to the shape that Fusion's in, it really doesn't make much of a difference, does it? Why not?

Liza: All right.

Simone: Ok. So, what, you're cleaning your closets?

Liza: Oh, yeah. Finally. I had a lot of things I have to get rid of.

Simone: Hmm.

Liza: Ok. There she goes.

Simone: Oh, wow. That's a spitting image. You are a master forger.

Liza: Well, I'll tell you what. I took a few lessons from my mother. She taught me that and a few other skills. Actually, when Tad and I were running Chandler Enterprises together, we bent more than a few rules. I'm sure he told you.

Simone: No, actually. No, Tad and I don't talk about you.

Liza: That's good. Because I think if you talked about all the women that he dated in his life, you'd never get to another subject.

Simone: I have no complaints, except that I miss him.

Liza: Yeah, you know, I'm surprised he didn't take you on the business trip.

Simone: Well, he said it was business.

Liza: Oh, well --

Simone: Yeah.

Liza: In that case --

Simone: What?

Liza: No, no --

Simone: No, don't hold back.

Liza: I -- uh -- Tad has his own definition of a business trip.

Simone: Oh.

Liza: And there's really nothing that can be done about it. Because, you know, there's a lot of women that he's dated that have really tried to change him and -- doesn't work. And be casual. I mean, with Tad, that's what's going to do it.

Simone: Ok. Is your warning as genuine as this signature?

Liza: Did it work?

Simone: Well, you haven't told me anything I don't already know.

[Doorbell rings]

Brooke: Oh, Liza.

Liza: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Liza: Hi, come in.

Brooke: Simone, hi.

Liza: Actually, you know what? It's really great that you're here. You can share with Simone just how faithful Tad can be.

[At a motel, Tad hides behind a pillar when the door to a room opens]

Krystal: Oh, here, honey, let me get the door for you. All right. Oh, oh -- could you wait up? Could I get a couple more of those little mini-soaps?

Maid: No problem.

Krystal: Thanks, doll. Thank you. Oh, wow! Oh, that is adorable. Is that a present from your sweetie?

Maid: For my birthday.

Krystal: Oh. I just love charm bracelets. And I bet you each one of these teeny trinkets is a little memento of you and him, right?

Maid: How did you know?

Krystal: Oh, instinct, I guess. I can always spot a woman -- or a man -- who's in love. Hold the phone. I got something for you. Hang on. Ok. I'll tell you what. I think true love beats a big payday any day. And it's a lot harder to find, don't you think? I just thank the Good Lord my sweet baby girl just stepped into both. She found a boy who worships her little tootsies, and he is richer than the Pope.

[Both laugh]

Krystal: Here. There you go. Whoops.

Jamie: I'm not going to trash Babe.

J.R.: What if she's a liar?

Jamie: She's not a liar. She's just fighting for her life. I don't want to hurt her.

J.R.: No, you just want what's best for Babe.

Jamie: I just came here to tell you that I'm sorry and to get things straight.

J.R.: Well, you mean you slept with my wife by accident. Or you knew we were married before.

Jamie: Babe's just saying that because she's scared.

J.R.: Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?

Jamie: Yeah. I think it's important we find out whose baby it is. The sooner, the better.

J.R.: You want this kid to be yours.

Jamie: What if it is mine? What, are you just going to ignore it? I mean, once we're sure, then we can decide what's best for everyone.

J.R.: No, what's best for you and Babe.

Jamie: I mean, what do you think? I'm here trying to, like -- trying to cause trouble? I mean, we're still the same people we've always been. I just -- I'm being honest with you. And it just sucks because you won't trust me anymore.

J.R.: We're not kids anymore. There are bigger things to consider.

Jamie: You sound more like Adam every day.

[Noise from inside the wall]

J.R.: So I keep hearing.

[J.R. opens the entrance to the secret passageway and finds his lurking wife]

Babe: So, who's it going to be? Me or him?

Kendall: You know, at night, I think about -- I think about what it would be like if we were -- if we were together, if we'd gone away together. I just ran off with you and I stopped worrying and I wasn't afraid anymore. I think about that, what it would be like if we were together in that paradise that you said you could bring to me.

[Kendall giggles then passionately kisses Aidan]

Mia: Aidan? Aidan?


Mia: Are you -- are you in there, or did you just forget to turn the lights off? What?

Kendall: Oh, this -- this was a mistake. We said we wouldn't do this.


Mia: Aidan!

Aidan: Things got more complicated.

Mia: Open up.

Aidan: Oh.

Mia: Oh. Hi.

Aidan: Hi.

Mia: Working on the case some more?

Kendall: Yeah. You know what? Actually, I was just leaving.

Mia: Oh.

Kendall: New outfit?

Mia: Actually, yeah. You like it?

Aidan: Yeah, I -- I like it.

Mia: Thanks. Isn't Aidan just the best?

Kendall: He is. He is the best. Aidan, thank you very much for everything. You know what? I'll call you. Just be in touch with me, please. Bye.

Aidan: Will do. Whoo! I've never seen you look so gorgeous.

Mia: Well, get your coat, because I am going to take you out to dinner to celebrate my gorgeousness.

Aidan: Yeah, that sounds really great, but I really got to focus on this.

Mia: Oh, Kendall's case.

Aidan: It's pretty much life or death, you know?

Mia: Well, I wouldn't want to get in the way of Kendall's living or dying. So I'll just take another rain check. Hmm?

Aidan: I'm sorry, Mia. Really, nothing would please me more than to spend the whole evening with you.

Mia: All right. All right, so pick a date. Saturday night.

Aidan: Saturday night.

Mia: Great. I'll write it in my book, but this time I'll write it in ink. And I'll just -- I'll come up with another killer outfit for you. Yes, indeed, I will.

Aidan: Well, you know, if you do that -- if you come up with another killer outfit, I'm not going to be able to take it.

Mia: You are so sweet. Ok, well, get a lot of work done, and good night.

Aidan: Good night.

Mia: Good night.

Aidan: Good night.

Erica: Ok, what are you hiding, Reggie?

Reggie: Nothing!

Erica: What did you do?

Reggie: Nothing. What are you thinking?

Erica: Well, you said that Kendall may not be the only one who's in trouble.

Reggie: Oh, and that just means me right off the bat, right?

Erica: No, of course not. But, Reggie, you're not acting like yourself -- drinking, punching the cop. And, of course, your dad's going to have a lot to say about this.

Reggie: It's because of my dad, ok? You know? Everybody's turning on him. He has no friends anymore.

Erica: You hit the cop because of him? Reggie, you shouldn't have done that. Although, certainly I -- I understand why you did, but, Reggie, you can't do that again.

Reggie: Look, I won't. I promise.

Erica: Nothing else you're neglecting to tell me?

Reggie: I'm not neglecting anything.

Erica: All right, then. I'm proud of you. And I just want you to remember something, ok? If anyone in this family ever gets into trouble, we stand by each other, no matter what.

Liza: Nobody knows Tad better than Brooke. Brooke was married to him. I mean, when he was married to you, he cheated on you with Dixie, right?

Brooke: Uh -- yeah. And when he was married to Dixie, he cheated on her with you.

Simone: Ok. You know, I think I'm going to go now. I have this sudden urge to wash my hands.

Brooke: Simone, listen -- sorry -- listen, I need to get ahold of Tad.

Simone: Uh-huh.

Brooke: Would you happen to know when he's coming back?

Simone: No, I don't, and I don't care.

Liza: Ok.

Brooke: I don't suppose you know Tad's itinerary, either.

Liza: Sorry. Is this about Jamie? Is something wrong?

Brooke: No. No. Never mind. Thanks.

Liza: Is this about Jamie and Babe?

Brooke: What did Tad say?

Liza: Oh, just about Jamie and Babe and J.R. The big "cowincidence."

Brooke: Jamie is feeling so guilty about this, he is having some very atypical behavior.

Liza: Well, you know, I really love Jamie, but maybe it's not so bad that he feels guilty.

Brooke: Liza, you don't know the whole story. I mean, none of us does. I just want Tad to get home so that we can help those kids get through this, especially if J.R.'s marriage is going south.

Liza: Hmm. Well, don't count Babe out. She's got strengths we haven't seen yet.

Krystal: You have a good day now, you hear? Bye.

Man: You about done gabbing with that maid?

Krystal: Oh, would you just put a sock in it. We were just discussing the wonders of true love.

Man: Well, I'll tell you, true love's waiting for you right now.

Krystal: Is that right?

Man: Uh-huh.

Krystal: Well, come on, baby, we only got the room for two more hours.

J.R.: Just next time you go walking around secret passages eavesdropping, make sure you tiptoe. Just goes to prove that you're not quite a Chandler yet.

Babe: You know, if you want to make me feel worse than you already have, you're going to have to try a lot harder than that.

Jamie: Hey, you guys are scary. God, why are you acting like this to each other?

J.R.: I'm not really in the best place right now. Two people in my life that I thought I could count on -- one who's been in my life forever and the other one who's made a difference in my life.

Jamie: But we all can get past this once we know --

J.R.: No, I know enough already. I don't want to hurt anybody anymore. I've made my choice. I know which one of you I have to believe.

Kendall: Well, hi.

Bianca: Hi.

Kendall: Hi!

Bianca: I -- I swear, I smell something funny out here.

Kendall: Oh, well, thanks a lot.

Bianca: Nothing personal.

Kendall: How are you?

Bianca: How are you?

Kendall: Hey. Oh -- now that you mention it -- Bianca, it's --

Bianca: Ah!

[Both Bianca and Kendall go flying through the air as an explosion rips through the building.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R.: I'm asking you to do the right thing.

Jamie: Oh, that's it? I don't exist to you anymore?

Greenlee: Pablo said he loves me and he means it.

Ryan: Think you're ready to love him back?

Erica: Bianca, sweetheart, it's me. Call me just as soon as you get this message. I need to hear that my little girl's all right.

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