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All My Children Transcript Thursday 12/11/03

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Stuart: J.R., every time I see you, I remember how happy I am you're home!

Babe: Ditto for me on that. Baby, I was so worried.

Adam: About J.R.? Or about your lover Jamie Martin?

Jamie: Yo, beer me -- fast.

Woman: Look who's back. Sounds like you're making up for lost time.

Jamie: Hey, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hmm. Is that just for beer or are you making up for lost time in general?

Jamie: Chelsea, you know I think you're -- but I have to be honest with you, even if no one else can manage it. I've met someone.

Chelsea: Where is she?

Jamie: It's complicated.

Chelsea: Hmm. I hear you. Well, if you ever want to uncomplicate things, you know where to find me.

Reggie: Please don't tell me you just sent away Ms. Booty Call. Are you just crazy or just plain stupid? Which one?

Jamie: You tell me. I'm going to be a father.

Kendall: Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Greenlee: It's called a cell phone. Use it to call someone who cares. Ryan's otherwise engaged.

Ryan: What's going on?

Kendall: I would rather not say with the peanut gallery.

Greenlee: Tough noogies. I'm not leaving.

Kendall: If you know what's good for you, you will leave now.

Ryan: You stop talking. You -- you just stop altogether.

Greenlee: No, no. Let her run off her mouth. She just digs herself in deeper. You've ripped your way through the penal code. I mean, what crimes are there for you to -- jump bail. You want to jump bail.

Kendall: No, I never said that. You know what, fine, if she's not going to leave, can we please do this someplace else, please?

Greenlee: Far, far away? You're here to bum a ride on Ryan�s private jet.

Ryan: Ok, all right, Greenlee, just take it easy for a second. Kendall's not going to jump bail and I am not aiding and abetting.

Greenlee: Right. Mum's the word. Great. Call the pilot, gas up the jet, and spare us all the pleasure of her company. Need a little mad money? I'd be more than happy to bust open my piggy bank.

Ryan: Kendall, what's going on?

Kendall: I'd rather not say in front of the mouth that ate Pine Valley.

Greenlee: All right, enough chitty-chat. She's an adult. We have to respect her decision. Our little girl's leaving the nest. Why don't we just, you know, remodel her room so she can't come back.

Ryan: Kendall's not on the jet yet.

Greenlee: Let's fix that. Unless you've got a little case of the heebie-jeebies and you're scared of the big, bad judge. Oh, my God. This isn't about Kendall and the law. This is about Kendall and the Lavery. You still have a thing for her. Sick. Twisted and sick, the both of you.

Ryan: Greenlee, Greenlee, don't storm off.

Greenlee: Oh, it'd be great fun to stick around and hear what Your Highness has to say about who she wants to leave, but I missed my scheduled lobotomy.

Ryan: We're not finished.

Greenlee: And won't be anytime soon. Don't worry, I won't amble to the other side of the hall. Volcano-jumping really isn't my thing. The one you're diving into, it's going to be a doozy.

Ryan: So was Greenlee right? You here because you're getting ready to leave town?

Kendall: Would it matter to you if I were?

Reggie: Does Babe have, you know, a Jamie bun in the oven?

Jamie: It's true, man.

Reggie: Oh, my good. Look, are you sure Babe's not hiding the truth about, you know, the whole baby thing? That's a whole lot of hurt wrapped up in pink and blue.

Jamie: It's going to take some getting used to.

Reggie: No, Jamie, sneakers take getting used to. This is big. This is bigger than big.

Jamie: So what do you say, you want to do the best-man thing at my wedding?

Reggie: The wedding? So now you're going to marry her? What, does she know about --

Jamie: I'm not going to let someone else raise my kid.

Reggie: Well, it's cool. You know, write a couple of checks, you know, visit here and there. Come on, marriage?

Jamie: My mom thinks I�m too young. What's the big deal? People get married and have kids every day.

Reggie: Yeah, and people also get divorced, you know, and fight over their kids or dump them or tear each other to pieces and let the kids watch.

Jamie: That's not going to be me. My mom and dad did me right. Come on, Reg, I can do this.

Reggie: Why would you want to? Every guy I know who settled down with a kid, you know, they can't stop complaining about how they got trapped or how much diapers set them back.

Jamie: Look, I want to do the right thing.

Reggie: Ok, one sec. Hello? Yo, what's up? It's Jerry Springer. You know, he's on the phone and he wants to hear all about you and how, you know, your baby's mother is married to your brother.

Jamie: Well, tell him after what happened today, Babe's not going to be married to J.R. much longer. Tell him he can count on it.

Babe: Jamie is not my lover, and you saying so is just hateful. J.R., please can we just get out of here?

Adam: Such dramatic flare. How do you account for your rendezvous with your husband's brother at the Pine Cone Motel?

Stuart: Adam, Babe is right, you're just being mean and hateful. This is husband-wife business, and you're not either one. So why don't you just -- just put a sock in it, ok?

Babe: J.R., please, can we just talk about this alone, someplace other than here?

J.R.: We will. Right now I need to talk with my father -- alone.

Babe: Fine. No problem. Forget I even existed.

Stuart: Babe, Babe, you want me to -- want me to come with you?

Babe: I should probably be alone right now, but thank you for everything. Oh, you're sweeter than any one person should ever be.

Stuart: Oh, I guess it's my job to be nice enough for two.

Adam: Now, where were we?

J.R.: Uncle Stuart, can you give me a minute alone please?

Stuart: I'm not sure I should.

J.R.: It'll be fine.

Stuart: I hope so. Be nice, Adam. J.R., you know I love you, and if you need me, you know where to find me.

J.R.: Yeah.

Stuart: Ok.

Adam: Well, now we can talk, man-to-man.

J.R.: Man-to-man it is. You know, I've been spending a lot of time down at the office since Ryan left me in charge.

Adam: You'd rather talk about Chandler Enterprises?

J.R.: Well, don't you want to know what it's like for me down at the helm, sitting behind a desk?

Adam: Certainly. But I don't see how that takes precedence over your wife cuckolding you with your brother.

J.R.: Hmm. You know, your employees have given me some great insight about you.

Adam: I can only imagine.

J.R.: Yeah, they hate you down there.

Adam: Well, they're underlings. I don't pay them to like me, I pay them to do what I want.

J.R.: Well, they say that you can be vindictive, spiteful, domineering. They hate you, fear you. They have no respect for you at all. Actually, that's one hell of a trifecta.

Adam: Yeah, well, bully for them. They don't have any trouble cashing the checks I write.

J.R.: Well, I just figured maybe you wanted to know how your employees were thinking about you.

Adam: They're morons and they can go to hell, for all I care. What I care about is how you're reacting to today's revelations.

J.R.: Ah, yes, our man-to-man.

Adam: Yes.

J.R.: You followed my wife.

Adam: Yes, reluctantly, I had her followed, yes. My intelligence was undeniable. I did it for your good.

J.R.: Mm-hmm, of course. Was it money well-spent?

Adam: What, you mean that I find your wife and your brother alone together at the Pine Cone Motel? Yes, that's true. They were practically in flagrante.

J.R.: What, you want to give me the details?

Adam: I know it's a bitter pill, J.R. I'm very sorry about that.

J.R.: Are you?

Adam: J.R., do you think I want this? My son's life a shambles, his marriage, although mercifully brief, was one of total deceit? That's not what I want for your life. It brings me no joy.

J.R.: Oh, come on, Dad. I thought this was man-to-man. And Babe and Jamie over at the Pine Cone means that you were right and I was wrong? This shoots you right over to the other side of ecstatic!

Ryan: You want to leave, there's not much I can do. Of course, I could pull a Greenlee and call the cops.

Kendall: Damn it, Ryan, would you care if I left?

Ryan: Well, my accountant might if I say sayonara to $2 million in bail money.

Kendall: Oh, the money? The money? That's what matters to you?

Ryan: Well, um, obviously, it matters to you, too, Kendall. I didn't see you ponying up crisp hundreds for bail. You know who you are? You're kind of like the girl who goes to powder her nose when the check comes at dinner.

Kendall: Is that what you see when you look at me? You see a moocher who won't pay you back?

Ryan: Oh, no, no, no, you've paid me back, like, a thousand times over, because you know what they say -- payback's a bitch.

Kendall: Oh. That's what this is about. It always comes back to that -- who did what to who way back when.

Ryan: Yeah, the elephant in the room, baby. Nobody really knows he's there until somebody steps on the peanut shells.

Kendall: Not bad as excuses go, but I don't buy it.

Ryan: I'm sorry, excuses for what?

Kendall: To hide what you feel.

Ryan: Why would I want to do that?

Kendall: Because you're just as afraid as I am.

Ryan: Oh, I'm not the one on the line for murder one.

Kendall: No, Ryan, this isn't -- forget the case. This is about us.

Ryan: Oh, I'm afraid of you?

Kendall: You're afraid to admit what you want.

Ryan: Never really had a problem with it before.

Kendall: No, I know you, Ryan. You're just like me. We're the same person. We try to one-up each other. We dance so hard that we forget what matters to us and what we want deep down.

Ryan: Oh, and you've dug deep lately?

Kendall: Yes, I have.

Ryan: And what is it you want, Kendall?

Kendall: You. I want you.

Greenlee: I say this with endless, eternal love and devotion, Leo -- you so phenomenally tick me off. It's all your fault. You swoop into Pine Valley, some goofy, gorgeous prince charming, and reinvent love the way a proper prince should. To teach me to love you, to stand there like some dork and give love a big thumbs-up. Poof -- you're gone. I know you've noticed. I took it off. I dared fate to send someone to love again and it happened, with a different kind of prince altogether. Pablo. And of course, I found love, and then promptly lost it. But now he's back. And it seems that more of my heart is at risk. You know, if Ryan�s right and Pablo�s life is in danger, shouldn't I run as far and as fast as possible? How can I love him and let him love me if I risk losing him? Because if the worst happens and Pablo -- I just don't think I could put myself through that kind of pain again.

David: Don't go through it again. I sure as hell wouldn�t. Not now, not ever again.

J.R.: I bet you your face aches from the effort it takes to not grin. I bet you if you could do a one-man wave, you would do it right now.

Adam: Am I supposed to feel guilty about this? That I spent two decades of my life protecting my son?

J.R.: You have, haven't you?

Adam: Yes, I have. You want me to quit? I can't! You're still my son! I respect you as a man, but I love you as a boy! I know it may insult your adult male pride, but ask any parent, you can't begrudge a father that privilege!

J.R.: I hear you, Dad, ok? No matter how old I get, you're never going to forget the kid I was.

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: You know, I remember a Christmas -- a Christmas when I was 6, hmm?

Adam: The years blur at my age.

J.R.: Oh, come on now. You remember. It was right after you had declared my mother unfit and you had the court order custody to you. As I recall, that was for my own good, too.

Adam: You were a child. You were a child. Children don't understand these things.

J.R.: Yeah, but a child understands Christmas presents, right, and you got me truckloads.

Adam: I got you some toys. Is that a crime?

J.R.: I didn't ask for them. I asked for my mother.

Adam: I know! I know! You resented having lost your mother so soon. I understand that. Your mother was taken out of your life way, way too soon. But Dixie is not Babe. Babe does not have your best interests at heart the way Dixie did and the way I do. You want to dredge up history? Son, you are a strong-willed, single-minded, capable opponent. You're strong! What do you think made you that way? Cookies and milk? Dixie? That ridiculous adolescent Tad Martin? No, I did that! I taught you those lessons! And someday you may realize that and thank me for making you strong!

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know -- lessons from from when I was 6 years old at Christmastime. You know, I'm curious, Dad. I'm curious to know how it made you feel to see your child crying for his mother! Did that give you a rush?

Adam: Son, you've got your eyes on the past. You've got to focus on what matters now.

J.R.: This does matter! I want to know what kind of genes I have in me! And what kind of man that is so desperate to prove to the world that he's right! That he -- and that he goes as far as to hurt his own son. Or worse yet, disowning his own grandchild.

Adam: That is not my grandchild. Oh, my God. You believe her, don't you? J.R., open your eyes and see Babe for what and who she is. The chances of that baby being yours are minimal at best.

J.R.: What if she's not lying?

Adam: Don't be absurd!

J.R.: Has it not, like, even occurred to you that maybe she's telling the truth about everything?

Adam: No, it hasn't, quite frankly, no! But if you're so sure that kid is yours, fine, prove it!

Brooke: Babe. A little chilly out here, isn't it?

Babe: It's pretty frosty inside, too. The real thing used to calm me down.

Brooke: Oh.

Babe: Thought it was worth a shot.

Brooke: How's that working for you?

Babe: About as well as you'd expect.

Brooke: So, when did you have your last cigarette?

Babe: Quit cold turkey for J.R. He asked me to and I said yes, but I would've anyway. He just smelled so good. I just wouldn't want to go and spoil that.

Brooke: You miss it?

Babe: Not nearly as much as I love J.R.

Brooke: Well, it's good timing since you're pregnant.

Babe: You here to see Adam? Because he's busy crawling up one side of J.R. and down the other. Wants J.R. to send me packing.

Brooke: Actually, that is why I'm here. I'd like to do what I can to keep that from happening, because I'm sure as hell not going to let you marry my son.

Jamie: I've thought this through, planned it out.

Reggie: Oh, oh, really? So where are you, the baby, and Babe going to live, at home with your mother? You think your mother's all up in your business now? Wait till she starts telling you you're burping the baby wrong, you know? If you get any quality me time, oh, no, it won't be me, you, and a frosty at the bar. Your honey-do list will be six miles long. "Honey, get new diapers. Honey, warm the bottle." Honey, this. "Honey, get a new job because the baby needs new sneakers."

Jamie: God, Reggie, like I�m not scared enough.

Reggie: I mean, if you want to do this, no, Jamie, you're not nearly scared enough.

Jamie: I've never been a dad.

Reggie: And you might not even be one, so why even go there? Jamie, you really -- you played me out back there, telling me that you and Babe was just a one-shot thing. "Oh, I�m not attracted to my brother's wife, I'm not going after my brother's wife." Please, Jamie. This isn't about you doing right by your baby. This is about you wanting to do it again with Babe, isn't it?

Babe: The baby is J.R.�s, ok? I mean, I told Jamie and I'll tell you -- I got pregnant weeks before I even knew that J.R.�s family existed. Yeah, eventually, we got around to "do you have any brothers or sisters" talk, but not for a while. We were busy.

Brooke: Maybe you met another young man and you didn't get around to having the talk with him, either.

Babe: I know where you're going. Don't bother.

Brooke: Maybe you just got more than you bargained for.

Babe: You've never made a mistake in your entire life, have you? Ever done something that you wish you could just take back? Never wished to God that you could just press delete and it'd all just go away?

Brooke: Babe, when I was your age, I made loads of mistakes, believe me -- I mean, mistakes that make me cringe to this day -- and sometimes at night, instead of counting sheep, I go through the list and I press delete many times over. Jamie is my son. I love him. And if I can keep him from that kind of regret, I will do it.

Babe: So we have a deal. It's over. Never happened, move on, next topic.

Brooke: And that's great for everybody concerned, except you've overlooked one thing. My son truly cares about you, and I'm afraid that's going to get him in a lot of trouble.

Ryan: That's a very bold statement. You want me?

Kendall: So badly that I ache. And even though I'm terrified and you don't believe me and you probably don't even want to hear it, this is such a relief, Ryan. All the denial, all the times I was trying to keep it from you, afraid that if I got too close you would know the truth -- or worse yet, I would. I feel so good that I can just say it out loud, that I can admit to you and myself that I need you. And it's ok. Isn't it?

Ryan: Wait. Wait a minute. That night on the roof, when we made love and you said it was nothing -- where was all of this then?

Kendall: It was locked up. It was locked up inside of me. I mean, things were crazy. Me being the prime suspect to murder, you the Cambias heir, a huge estate between us, and then, to top it off, the past. But then things -- things changed.

Ryan: And what was so momentous?

Kendall: My conversation with J.R.

Ryan: You talked to J.R. about this?

Kendall: No, not -- not about us, not by name. But he wanted advice and I told him to just forget about the noise and forget about the chaos, but just remember what you want and how far you're willing to go to get it, and that's all that really matters.

Ryan: Did he listen to you?

Kendall: I listened to myself. That's why I�m here. I want you. And I don't -- I don't care about anything else. I'm not going to let the sight of you and Greenlee alone in this room stop me.

Ryan: I'm not sure that I know what you want me to say.

Kendall: You don't have to say anything, Ryan, please. Please just -- please don't say anything.

David: Why do you think I come here? Because the alternative is to go home to an empty cabin where no one else lives, sit in silence, watch the clock, and wait for that door to open and for someone to walk through, knowing that will never happen. That's what happens when you love someone and you lose them. And I will never, ever make that mistake again.

Greenlee: Would you rather that Anna had never come into your life? Or Leora?

David: No. As painful as those memories are, at least I have them. And I have my job at the clinic, patients, friends who really need my help. You know, enough to build a day around, maybe even a life. Hey, I haven't gone over the falls yet, right?

Greenlee: Is that all we can hope for -- not going over the falls?

David: Well, maybe that's not all we can hope for, but maybe that's all we can expect. I'll tell you right now, if Anna came back into my life and said she wanted to have another child, I�d say no.

Greenlee: Isn't that kind of chicken?

David: Oh, please. You want the "love heals all things" speech, go to Myrtle. I'm sure she'll be happy to serve you up a plate of that.

Greenlee: With tea and cookies and a shot of brandy on the side.

David: Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks. I've had my fill, and I'm sure as hell not going back for seconds.

Greenlee: You'd really trash a chance at being happy again?

David: You see, I guess that's a matter of perspective. I see it as a chance of never being unhappy again.

Greenlee: But is that really living? Does it honor what we've had and what we've lost to resign from the world like that?

David: You get your leg caught in a bear trap and it gets cut off, what do you do? Do you take your other good leg and put it in that same trap? No. You cut your losses and you crawl away.

Kendall: What? What's wrong?

Ryan: It's you.

Kendall: What about me?

Ryan: You're pregnant.

Adam: You are Babe�s husband. You have every right to go to the doctor, demand to see the files, her records. Find it in the files. See how pregnant she is and whether or not you're the father.

J.R.: While I appreciate your advice, Dad, I'm not 6, I don't work for you. Suppose I don't want to go in there and browbeat the doctor and throw my weight around as a Chandler?

Adam: Well, then all you will have shown is that you'd rather prove me wrong than face the facts, and you'll throw your life away to do it.

Babe: Jamie's a good guy. I knew it the second that I met him. I mean, he's got this sweetness and this energy about him, and he still gets all excited about all these things we just take for granted. If I had met him first --

Brooke: But you didn't. You met J.R.

Babe: Who I love to death. All you guys think this is just, like, a shot of hormones with a beer chaser, but J.R. loves me. I mean, he knows who I am and -- and how I got to be me. He loves me no matter what. There's no pedestal, no fantasy girl, just the real thing.

Brooke: You can't just brush off what Jamie feels as a crush because it's not that easy and it's not going to go away that fast, and you have to understand where he is coming from. And part of it may be my fault as his mother that I kept him a boy too long, but now he's a man, and he wants everything that that entails.

Babe: Look, Brooke, no disrespect, but Jamie is about to wreck everything.

Brooke: Well, nobody wants that, least of all Jamie.

Babe: Well, then can you please just pass this along to him -- to cut it out before I lose my husband for good?

Brooke: So, how's the father-to-be?

J.R.: You tell me. I look ok, don't I?

Brooke: Yeah, you look fine. You look fine. I think marriage definitely agrees with you. I'm -- I�m very happy for you and I'm very proud. And I have to go, actually. I have a "Tempo" cover story that's calling "finish me, finish me." So you guys get inside there and keep that baby of yours warm, all right? I'll see you.

J.R.: See you. Bye.

Brooke: Bye.

Babe: Bye-bye.

J.R.: Brooke's right, you got to be freezing out here.

Babe: Well, just gives you an excuse to warm me up. You always were good at that.

J.R.: Um, come inside before you catch a cold.

Jamie: I mean, how the hell did this happen? My brother hates me, his wife might be pregnant with my kid, my mom's head explodes because she thinks that I've tanked my future, my dad's off wherever doing his PI thing, trying to get some dirt on Babe, and I'm left here trying to figure out how one night turned my entire life upside down.

Reggie: I hear you, man. One night's all it takes. You do what you do and you figure the rest will sort itself out. Then, bam, the night comes back to haunt you but good.

Jamie: So what now?

Reggie: Did you ever think about if it was a boy or girl, they both could be named Jamie? That's funny, right? Good stuff, I know. I'm good, I'm good.

Jamie: I hope you have a really strong stomach because you're going to be eating that glass.

Reggie: Oh, excuse me. Don't ground me, Dad.

Officer: How about we take a trip down to the station instead, son?

Babe: That's right. You just relax. Get undressed and come to bed. I remember the first time I saw you undress. I just knew you had class. An aura of confidence, my mama used to say, kind of a swagger without coming off cocky. Oh, now, that just isn't right, all those knots and tight spots. But don't worry. I know how to make it better.

Kendall: I was pregnant when we made love on the roof.

Ryan: I didn't know that then. I do now.

Kendall: Why did you let me say all of those things? I -- I opened up my heart to you. I gave you the truth.

Ryan: No, you gave me the truth that you wanted me to hear. I want the rest. I want all of it, Kendall -- you, me, defenses down, the two of us against the world instead of against each other.

Kendall: You want everything.

Ryan: Yes. Will you give me that, Kendall? Will you?

Babe: You just close your eyes. I'll make the whole world disappear. What?

J.R.: You're showing.

Babe: Oh. I guess I am. Wow. Makes it seem more real, huh? But don't worry. I talked to the doctor, and he said that this isn't going to change anything between you and me.

J.R.: You know what, I've got work to do. Excuse me.

Jamie: Busted.

Reggie: You guys want to haul me down to the station or something? Do what you do. Whatever.

Officer: A little quick with the temper, huh, kid? You want to go to the station? Fine by me. Or maybe you two leave now, we wave bye-bye, and you remember the legal drinking age is 21.

Jamie: Yeah, we were just about to leave, Officer.

Reggie: Don't you guys have something else better to do, I mean, instead of playing bouncer in this joint? Why don't you go write some parking tickets or why don't you just help that old lady with her cat that's stuck in the tree or something like that? Or why don't you do something that's more like work and hunt down that murderer that's loose on the streets?

Jamie: We were just leaving. He doesn't mean it.

Reggie: Yes, I --

Officer: You'd better listen to your buddy, son. He's got your back.

Jamie: Reggie, just tell them you're sorry and let's get the hell out of here.

Reggie: No, these are the guys that should be sorry, calling me "son." The only man that calls me son is Jackson Montgomery, my father, the one man who actually could've had the Center City gang in jail for offing off Michael Cambias. But, no, that's too much like work for you, right? You'd rather haul off some innocent, pregnant woman to jail.

Officer: You know, I've got a son. If he said something that stupid, I'd want the nice officer to cut him some slack. Your slack's used up. You got about two seconds to get out of here.

Reggie: Look, listen, stupid, how about your boss who's all up in my man Jack�s business?

Jamie: Now we're going. Now. Now.

Officer: If your man Montgomery had kept his nose clean, he'd still be on the case, son.

Jamie: Reggie!

Greenlee: If magic or miracles or any of that stuff exists, I mean, isn't now the time to prove it?

David: Expecting a miracle because you want one? It's called magical thinking. It's for children and lunatics.

Greenlee: I think you're wrong. I think a miracle did happen. Just not the one I wanted.

David: Hmm. Please don't say Pablo.

Greenlee: No. Me. I'm still here.

David: Oh. Oh, so that's your sign that it's ok to defy logic and reason and fall in love again?

Greenlee: Maybe it is. I mean, isn't that what we're supposed to learn, to let go of fear?

David: Maybe the lesson is to avoid fear altogether by not loving at all.

Kendall: Ryan, why can't we just be together, just like we were before?

Ryan: Well, then you'd be lying to yourself again. Kendall, look at us. Look, we are not the same people that we were before. We can't go back, so let's move forward. Let's move to someplace new, something -- something better. You know what's at stake here.

Kendall: I do.

<< On the next All My Children:

Babe: Stop torturing me, J.R. Tell me you love me or just tell me to leave.

Erica: It�s your fault that Reggie landed in jail. Brooke, you have been a walking disaster since the day I met you.

Kendall: Is that supposed to be the murder weapon? They�re going to find out everything.

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