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All My Children Transcript Monday 11/17/03

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Justin: Did you just confess to Michael Cambias' murder, Jack?

Jack: Oh, are you so shocked?

Derek: Did you kill Cambias, Jack? Maybe it's time you call that lawyer now.

Jack: No, I know the law, Derek.

Derek: Well, then you know you pretty much copped to putting a bullet into Michael Cambias. We want the truth.

Jack: No, what you want is an arrest. And I don't see anybody else stepping up, do you?

Simone: You don't have to worry about anything, Carlos.

Carlos: But what if the --

Simone: No. Shh. We're the only ones that know what happened the night that Michael was murdered. And I swear to you, no one will ever find out.

Tad: Find out what?

Mia: Whoo! It's not Mexico, but I think we're 10 miles closer than we were! Whoo!

Aidan: I don't know what you're so happy about. You planted Greenlee's car in a dune. She's going to come after you, you know.

Mia: Yeah? Let her try. Oh, I'm ready for her and anything else! Greenlee's latest hissy fit is nothing compared to what I've got planned.

Greenlee: You have to hear what Kendall's done.

Erica: Greenlee, nothing you could say to me would ever put you and me on the same side.

Greenlee: You're wrong. Kendall's latest stunt definitely could.

Erica: You know, I've really had my fill of you and Kendall, so whatever your agenda is -- saving Fusion, smacking down Kendall, currying favor with Jackson -- leave me out of it.

Greenlee: Hey, just so you can't say I didn't warn you, Kendall's pregnant. Michael's the father.

Kendall: Now that I'm pregnant? We convince Ryan that it's true.

Bianca: Well, you practically had me convinced.

Kendall: I'm sorry.

Bianca: No, it's -- that's -- that was what you had to do. I mean, it threw Ryan off.

Kendall: Yeah, but not for long. Bianca, he's figuring this out. He is. We cannot let him know that you're pregnant.

Bianca: We can't let him know that you're not.

Kendall: I have to remember exactly what I said at the cemetery.

Bianca: Why? Do you think that Ryan's going to try to trip you up?

Kendall: Are you kidding me? Definitely. Oh, man. I really planted us deep, didn't I? For the first time in my life, I don't have a clue how to climb out.

Bianca: I'm pretty sure that the two of us together can outsmart just about anyone. So, what do we do?

Kendall: Well, there's only one thing we can do. Go for it.

Bianca: Maybe we're -- maybe we're going at this all wrong. Maybe we should just tell Ryan the truth and he'll help us keep our secret.

Kendall: Bianca, you have such faith in people, and I love you for that. I really do. But no. If Ryan knows the truth, your baby is going to be branded a Cambias for life, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Bianca: Well, there's got to be some way to get through to Ryan.

Kendall: Bianca, listen to me. Even if Ryan wanted to protect you, even if he agreed that your kid's identity wouldn't go beyond the estate attorneys, it would still be a matter of public record and someone's bound to find out.

Bianca: I can't let that happen.

Kendall: We won't. Look, I know this is really hard for you to deal with, but we can pull this off if you just believe in me.

Bianca: Kendall, I believe in you. I mean, my God, look at how much you've already helped me, how much you've already helped us.

Kendall: It's going to get pretty gnarly, you know. I hope you're ready to deal with the fallout when I tell the world I'm pregnant with Michael's baby.

Bianca: Yeah, I can deal with it. But I know one person who won't.

Erica: How sick are you? What could you possibly want so badly that you would stoop this low?

Greenlee: Don't insult the messenger, Erica. I'm just reporting what Ryan told me.

Erica: Ryan's involved in this?

Greenlee: She couldn't wait to share the good news with him and yank the Cambias fortune right out of his hands.

Erica: You're lying.

Greenlee: I'm not, but Kendall might be. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that she's spreading the word about her bundle of joy.

Erica: I'm really glad Jack isn't here. He'd really give it to you for torturing me like this.

Greenlee: If you don't believe me, ask Ryan.

Erica: It's not true. It can't be. Even Kendall wouldn't go that far. After she has seen Bianca's hell, I don't even know how she could say the words.

Greenlee: She's done more than talk. Kendall knows everyone thinks she's a lying rag, so she's got proof. She showed Ryan a sonogram of Michael Jr.

Jack: Listen, son, don't be so quick to hang your diploma on my wall, ok?

Justin: You want to call your lawyer before or after we get you on tape?

Jack: No, I hate to disappoint you, but you don't know any more now than you did when you woke up this morning.

Justin: Oh, I know that you confessed to Michael Cambias' murder, big guy.

Jack: I didn't confess to anything, nor do I intend to -- not Cambias' murder or planting the heroin in his condo.

Justin: Come on, Jack. Don't waste our time.

Jack: Oh, I think this has been time well spent because now I know exactly where Justin's loyalties are.

Justin: My loyalties are with the law, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, as long as it turbocharges your career.

Justin: Why don't you worry about your own career?

Derek: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Back down, Justin. Look, Jack, what is this all about? Bottom line.

Jack: It's simple, Derek. I took what you guys said was evidence against me that you had and I spun a story about how I could've killed Michael Cambias. And I could do the same thing for Kendall, for Erica, for Reggie, for David.

Derek: Look, Jack, that's not why we brought you here.

Jack: No, you brought me here because you've got a hell of a lot of dots and no way to connect them. You've got no fibers, no DNA., no witnesses. You've got no identifiable bullet for ballistics testing. You're desperate, so you're throwing a noose around anybody's neck to see if it just might fit.

Justin: Well, I say we tighten it up and just see what happens.

Jack: Oh, you know -- listen to me, son. I am not your murderer. I'm just another person that hated Michael Cambias.

Tad: Simone, why are you here?

Simone: I visit Carlos every day. All right, I want him to know that we're all pulling for him.

Tad: You visit Carlos in the middle of the night?

Simone: Oh, don't be jealous. I can think of at least one other place I'd rather be right now, now that you've shown up.

Tad: Don't do that, ok? Just don't do that. I showed up at Fusion after that hearing, and Carlos had already gone a few rounds with Michael. You remember that, right?

Simone: Yeah, well, Michael deserved it.

Tad: I know, but what happened after that? Did Carlos try to finish what he started? Did he go after Michael again?

Simone: Look, just because Carlos offed some sicko rapist years ago does not mean that he killed Michael.

Tad: So what's the big secret?

Simone: Can't we just drop it?

Tad: No. And if you don't trust me enough to tell me what the hell is going on, maybe Carlos does.

Simone: Tad --

Tad: Carlos -- hey, can you hear me?

Carlos: Tad.

Tad: Yeah. Did you do it? Did you kill Michael? You can tell me. Did you kill Michael Cambias?

Juan Pablo: What are you doing?

Tad: I'm correcting an oversight. Apparently nobody thought to ask Carlos what he was doing the night that Michael was shot. Although apparently some people know a lot me than they're willing to let on.

Carlos: No, no, Simone knows nothing.

Juan Pablo: No te preocupes. [Don't worry.] I will not let you upset my brother.

Tad: Ok, all right. Fine. All I want to know is --

Juan Pablo: Why don't you leave this alone?

Tad: Leave it alone? J.P., That's an awfully tall order. Unless, of course, you know what happened and you're trying to cover up for him.

Simone: Just let it go, Tad. It's late.

Tad: I'll let it go -- oh, come on. Let it go? Just stand back and let an innocent person go down for a crime that they didn't commit? Somebody better say something because the cops are going to come around pretty soon and they're going to ask these questions, too.

Juan Pablo: If you say anything to the police, you'll murder my brother.

Jack: So, if there's nothing else, I'd like to spend what's left of the night in my own bed.

Derek: We're not through just yet, Jack. Sit down. What were you doing the night Michael Cambias was killed?

Jack: Justin, do me a favor and take notes so I don't have to repeat myself.

Derek: Answer the question, Jack.

Jack: Well, after the judge ruled at the rape hearing, I went back to work.

Justin: But you didn't stay in the office.

Jack: No, I went down to the evidence room to check on exhibits on that heroin case, but you know that. You've talked to Officer O'Neal. He told you he was kind enough to unlock the evidence room door for me.

Derek: What did you do next?

Jack: I went back to my office. My son was there. I sent him to Erica's to watch over Bianca. Greenlee stopped by briefly, and then I went straight home.

Justin: Did you go by Michael Cambias' condo?

Jack: Yes, I did, the next morning when I got the page about the drug bust. But by the time I got there, Anna and her men were at the scene.

Derek: Is that it? Can anybody vouch for your whereabouts that night?

Jack: No, sorry. Like I said, Reggie was with Bianca over at Erica's, and I was home alone all night. Next question.

Justin: Why, so you can jerk us around some more? Forget about it, Derek.

Jack: So I take it I'm free to go, huh?

Justin: No, no, no, no, no. We still have to deal with the stolen heroin.

Jack: You can't charge me with that. That heroin could have gone missing anytime in the past three months. Back me up here, Derek.

Derek: Yeah, I see your point, I see your point.

Jack: Good, good. So, if there is nothing else --

Justin: No, you're not off the hook yet for Michael Cambias' murder.

Jack: No, Justin, I know I'm not, and neither are the other half dozen people of interest that you have here. You know, Ryan Lavery's absolutely right. This case is a lost cause.

Justin: We'll solve it.

Jack: You just keep telling yourself that. There's not a DA in this country who would take this case because it is, in fact, unwinnable.

Justin: Yeah, well, don't bet on that, Jack.

Jack: He's trying so hard. You're trying so hard. Let me help.

Justin: Since when have you ever been interested in helping this investigation?

Jack: You don't want to hear it? Fine.

Derek: No, no. What do you got, Jack?

Jack: Well, consider this, Derek. Anna assigned an officer to watch Michael Cambias from the moment he was released on bail. Now, that cop was pulled off surveillance the night that Michael was killed.

Derek: Giving the killer access.

Jack: Yes. You find out who yanked that cop and you just might find your killer.

Mia: Dun-dun-dun-dun!

Aidan: And what's the blanket for?

Mia: Oh, I found it in Greenlee's car -- for our little picnic that we're going to have without the food or the ants.

Aidan: Um -- we got to get Greenlee's car out of that dune, Mia.

Mia: Oh, the car can wait. Don't you just love the air out here? So crisp. It's so clean. Sometimes I just need moments like this just to regroup, you know, just to really feel alive.

Aidan: What has gotten into you?

Mia: I don't know. The full moon, the no-man's hour. It's like you and me are the only two people on the planet.

Aidan: Yeah, two people with serious car trouble.

Mia: Oh, my goodness. Aidan, come on. Don't be such an anti-romantic --

Aidan: All right --

Mia: Or I'll have to teach you a lesson.

Aidan: Oh, really?

Mia: Yeah.

Aidan: What would that be?

Mia: Look at the stars. Think of the billions of them and the billions of years that they've been there. Just try and leave everything else behind. If you look long enough, you will just feel drunk by how beautiful it is.

Aidan: Mia, are you all right?

Mia: What's the matter? Can't a girl just have some fun? No? Oh, I see. You figure a cold shower about covers it. That's it?

Aidan: So hot-wiring Greenlee's car was just a starting point, was it?

Mia: Ok. Is this more your style? Come on, Aidan. Come on. Take me on. Come on. Show me what you got. Come on. You think you're so tough. Come on, Aidan, come on! Take me on!

Aidan: I'm in.

Mia: Ooh, yeah. Ooh. Ooh. Oh. Oh! Whoa. Wow. I never saw it coming. That was great.

Aidan: You like that?

Mia: Yeah. Ok. I give. Let me up.

Aidan: No. Not until you tell me what this is all about.

Mia: Can't I just say uncle? Huh?

Aidan: No, because you're way too manic.

Mia: Ok. Greenlee and I got in a fight. She called me a victim.

Aidan: So you stole her car?

Mia: No, no. I know. It ticked me off because she was right, sort of. So, no more. I'm not a victim. If I go down, I will go down fighting for what I want.

Aidan: And what do you want, Mia? Apart from starry nights and full moons?

Mia: All sorts of things, Aidan. What do you want?

Aidan: Right now? Find out who killed Michael Cambias.

Mia: You know what? You don't care who killed Michael Cambias as long as it wasn't your precious little Kendall.

Bianca: You know, Kendall, it's not too late. We can stop this thing before Mom ever hears about it.

Kendall: Yeah, like that would change anything. Me burying Michael next to Mona pretty much sealed Erica's opinion of me.

Bianca: You know what? It's so wrong. I just wish that Mom could understand that everything that you've done has been because you love us so much.

Kendall: Let it go. Please let it go, ok? I guess Erica and I weren't meant to do the whole mother/daughter thing.

Bianca: Well, maybe you could if you didn't have to constantly keep coming to my rescue.

Kendall: Bianca, I love you, and I love my niece or nephew already. Giving this baby a shot at having a real life -- that's the most important thing to me.

Bianca: Even if it costs you your relationship with Mom?

Kendall: We don't want your baby labeled, Bianca.

Bianca: I know, but you don't need more labels yourself, Kendall, and you're going to get them, and it's not right.

Kendall: Listen, I can deal with Erica's glares and stares. If it means that I can watch your child grow up to be happy and loved, then it'll make all of this worth it, I promise.

Bianca: So, is my baby going to get spoiled rotten by her Aunt Kendall?

Kendall: Well, yeah, and her two mommies.

Bianca: Her two mommies?

Kendall: Well, of course. I'm counting on you to settle into the whole white picket fence thing with you and your little wife-to-be.

Bianca: Wow. And me and my adopted baby. Kendall, how are we going to keep all of these lies straight?

Kendall: Very carefully. But we can do it. I know we can.

Bianca: I don't know. Maybe we're going at this all wrong. I mean, I hate lying to Mom. I hate the way she treats you. Maybe we're underestimating her. Maybe -- maybe we should tell her the truth.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? No. No way. She's not going to -- she won't be able to handle that. Isn't that why you lied about the baby from the start?

Bianca: Yes, but she loves me, and I think that she could grow to love my child.

Kendall: Bianca, do you honestly believe in your heart that Erica could love Michael Cambias' child?

Bianca: You're right. We can't ever tell her the truth.

Erica: It can't be true. I won't accept it. I mean, Kendall carrying around Michael Cambias' child -- it just can't be. And if she isn't, why would she make up such a horrible, hateful lie?

Greenlee: Isn't it obvious?

Erica: Only to someone who thinks like Kendall.

Greenlee: Kendall wants the Cambias estate. Now that it seems that Michael was dead before the wedding, that's not going to happen unless Kendall produces an heir. Trust me, she didn't make a baby with Michael. She made a pact with the devil. She's lying.

Erica: But lying about carrying Michael Cambias' child is hideous, especially after all the talk about wanting to be a family and about loving us and about loving Bianca. And she would make up something like this just for money? I mean, God, do you know what that's going to do to Bianca?

Greenlee: Bianca will feel stabbed in the back, just like you do. But she's gotten so much stronger.

Erica: Well, how much more can she bear before she's cracked? I mean, Kendall makes everything so much worse with the lawsuit and the bogus funeral and catering to the press, and now this? And how could she? She knows that Bianca --

Greenlee: What, Erica?

Erica: Well, this is really great for you, isn't it? This gives you more ammunition for your agenda.

Greenlee: So I have an agenda. Who doesn't? But Bianca's my cousin, and I care about what this will do to her.

Erica: Oh, since when, Greenlee? You don't even like her. Did you think that I had forgotten that you are the one who outed Bianca, that you are the one who made sure the whole world knows that my little girl is gay? Well, you may have a short memory, but I don't.

Greenlee: You know, Leo loved Bianca, and he made me see I was wrong about her. Erica, I admire Binks more than you know. So, please, tell me. Maybe I can help.

Erica: If Kendall really is pregnant with Michael Cambias' child, I honestly don't know how Bianca will be able to live with that.

Greenlee: Maybe she won't have to. If Kendall's lie is exposed before she goes public, she'd have to drop the whole story. We can do it, Erica. If we team up, we could stop Kendall.

Justin: You're hanging yourself here, Jack. The only person who would have the authority to pull an officer off duty is you, pal.

Derek: Look, let's settle this. I'll review the roster for that night.

Jack: Well, you know, Anna would also have had that authority. Have you considered her?

Derek: Anna knew that Cambias had dozens of enemies. She would never have left him unprotected.

Justin: But you would have. So, what do you have there, Derek? Who gave the order?

Derek: According to this order, the email was sent out by Justin McCoy.

Justin: What? This is impossible.

Jack: No, it's also extremely incriminating. And as the DA around these parts, I guess it's my duty to ask you -- what's your alibi for the night that Cambias was killed?

Erica: It would be just like you to fabricate something like this.

Greenlee: Oh, you know what? I could never come up with something this twisted.

Erica: But the idea of Kendall carrying Michael Cambias' child -- the man who raped Bianca -- no, that is just beyond comprehension.

Greenlee: All I know is that Ryan saw the sonogram.

Erica: I mean, she has to be lying. She just has to be. I mean, if Kendall could actually carry the child of the man who raped Bianca, I mean, then there's no hope for her whatsoever. I mean, my God, she has to be lying. It has to be a lie.

Kendall: Bianca, I'm sorry.

Bianca: Oh, no, it's ok. We have to be practical about this whole thing.

Kendall: No, look, I -- I -- I'm not -- I know this is very painful for you, and I don't mean to dredge up this whole Michael thing, but I think there's no other way around it.

Bianca: Kendall, if you're willing to sacrifice the one thing that means more to you than anything on earth, I can deal with Michael's ghost.

Kendall: It's just temporary. It won't be forever, Binks. And then we'll be free. What is it?

Bianca: You and Michael --

Kendall: No, Bianca, I swear to you, there was no honeymoon. I never slept with him once I knew who he really was, Bianca --

Bianca: But you did marry him. He did put that ring on your finger.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Oh, God. I hope it's not Ryan.

Maggie: Hey, Bianca, it's me. I left my key --

Bianca: Yeah, yeah. I'm coming. I'm coming.

David: Hey.

Bianca: David. I didn't expect you to drop by.

David: Yeah, I hope it's all right. Maggie said that you were still awake.

Maggie: Well, you know, I told him that you were still a bit stressed out after the cemetery, so he just wanted to stop by and check up on you, that's all.

Bianca: Maggie, you didn't call him, did you?

David: No, no, no, we ran into each other.

Bianca: Ok. Well, come in. I'll make tea or something.

Maggie: So you're still here.

David: What happened here?

Bianca: Kendall was helping me decorate, and it dropped.

David: Are you sure you're ok?

Bianca: Yeah. Otherwise, why would I be decorating? See? This is all Thanksgiving.

David: Nice. Don't push yourself, all right? If you need anything, just call.

Bianca: Thank you. David, wait! You can't help me, but you can help Kendall.

David: Are you sick?

Kendall: No sicker than usual. Oh, my God, Bianca, you're brilliant. You're brilliant! And surprisingly devious.

Bianca: I think I'm learning.

Kendall: David is the perfect solution.

David: I'm the perfect solution to what?

Kendall: You can make me pregnant.

Greenlee: Aren't you waiting for Jack?

Erica: I'm going to talk to him later.

Greenlee: Well, where are you going? Do you think we can protect Bianca?

Erica: I will do everything in my power to take care of my daughter, even if I have to make a deal with the devil to make that happen.

Greenlee: The devil isn't here, but I am.

Erica: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Greenlee: You know where I am if you need me.

Erica: Thank you, Greenlee, for telling me this.

Maggie: Excuse me?

David: You want me to get you pregnant?

Kendall: Of course not, no.

Bianca: No, David, we want you to help Kendall fake being pregnant.

David: All right, all right, wait. Let's start from the beginning here. What are we talking about?

Bianca: Ok, ok. Ryan saw my sonogram.

David: He knows you're pregnant.

Bianca: Well, he guessed. And then Kendall came at him and swore up and down that the sonogram was hers and that she was the one having Michael's child.

Kendall: So now we're stuck.

Bianca: That's why we need you to help make it look like Kendall's going to have a baby.

Maggie: Ok, you've got to be joking, right?

Kendall: Come on, David, how hard can it be? We can fake a few tests, throw some pictures around, and I'm pregnant.

Maggie: So Bianca's going to pretend that she's not pregnant and you're going to pretend that you are? That's insane.

Kendall: That doesn't mean it won't work. Please, David, this is the only way to keep Bianca and her baby a secret. Will you help us?

David: I guess that depends, Kendall. Are you doing this for Bianca or are you trying to avoid being arrested for Michael's murder?

Justin: Have you lost your mind?

Derek: Come on, Jack. I don't care what this thing says.

Justin: This is so ridiculous.

Jack: Just let me present my case here.

Justin: This is outrageous.

Jack: Young, up-and-coming ADA loses his first case on the job. A rapist goes free.

Justin: So I off Cambias?

Jack: Sure, why not? I remember exactly how you felt after that hearing. You said to me, "that SOB should get the chair."

Justin: That doesn't mean I'd go out and commit a murder, Jack.

Jack: Maybe you got beef with the guy. Maybe there's bad blood. Derek, you ought to check that out.

Justin: Derek, I don't even know him. I never even met Michael Cambias.

Jack: Do we believe you? Anyway, so you knock him off and you hang the murder on me, and, boy, what that does for your career. I can see the headlines now. "Assistant DA nails boss for killing global tycoon." And you're thinking, "Wow, right out of this backwater burg and right to trial TV." Hey, you may even get a book deal out of it. You know, and the groupies -- the groupies --

Derek: You're way out of line, Jack.

Jack: Yeah?

Derek: Yeah.

Jack: Let's say you framed me for it. Just might be worth it, huh? So, what do you say, Derek? Do I add his name to this board here, or do you want to do it?

Derek: Why don't you give it a rest, Jack.

Justin: You know something, Jack, you have messed with this case at every turn. You've sabotaged the investigation. You've taken up for your pals, and you think that you're untouchable!

Jack: Just trying to show you the light here! You've got no evidence! You've got no witnesses! You've got no damn case! So mark it unsolved and move on!

Justin: Like hell we will.

Jack: Are we done here, Derek?

Derek: For now.

Jack: Good! For good. See you around.

Derek: Yeah.

Aidan: So why do you have it in for Kendall? You two used to share lipstick recipes and pints of ice cream. What happened?

Mia: You and me, and that about sums it up.

Aidan: Mia, we're friends.

Mia: No, Aidan. There's more than that, and you know it. Just now, right here, you felt it, too, didn't you?

Aidan: Don't do this.

Mia: No, no, don't deny it. Don't deny it. You know you did. And the other morning when you threw me in the shower -- the water was so cold, but I wasn't cold.

Aidan: That's because you had a hangover.

Mia: No, no. It's because I was with you.

Aidan: What do you want from me?

Mia: Just tell me that you feel it, too, don't you? And don't you dare get up and walk away until you answer me.

Aidan: All right. I feel it, too. I do. There's something between us.

Mia: What?

Aidan: I don't want to lead you on.

Mia: Oh, God. Don't be such a gentleman with me.

Aidan: No, no, no, no. It's not about that. Mia, I've been there. Hoping, telling myself that if I waited long enough and if I loved hard enough that things might work out, and I don't want to do that to you.

Mia: God, why don't you just let me decide, huh? Why don't you?

Aidan: Mia --

Mia: What?

Aidan: I'm involved with Kendall. I'm sorry.

Mia: I can't believe that you're turning me down for her.

Aidan: What, because -- because you saw her with Ryan? She was engaged to the guy. They've got a lot of history to sort out.

Mia: Is that what she told you, huh? Is that it?

Aidan: Whatever you think of Kendall, all right, she's got -- she's got to work through her past.

Mia: Oh, my God. Yeah, she's working through her past. And she's working you at the same time. My God, Aidan, open your eyes! Open your eyes. God! Kendall slept with Ryan.

Kendall: Naturally, you think I'm using Bianca. Why am I not surprised?

Bianca: David, be fair. How could saying that she's carrying Michael's child help keep Kendall from being arrested?

David: Well, according to the police, Michael was already dead before he could walk down the aisle. Now, what better way to suggest there really was a wedding than for Kendall to show up with Junior?

Kendall: There was a wedding. Michael and I got married.

David: Yeah, look, I'm not the one you need to convince, all right? But the police must feel pretty confident by releasing the time of death.

Kendall: But they're wrong. His body was frozen for weeks. How accurate can those tests be?

David: No, no, the margin of error is really small, ok?

Bianca: All right, David, stop!

David: 12 hours at the most.

Bianca: The point is that Kendall didn't have time to think about the story before she said it. Ryan was coming at us out of nowhere, and Kendall had to think of something to say, so she said that she was pregnant with Michael's baby to protect me, and that is it.

Maggie: And it doesn't hurt that being pregnant put some shine on Kendall's credibility.

Bianca: All right, well, then, even better. If a fake pregnancy helps keep Kendall out of jail, then I say that's all the more reason why we have to go through with it. David, will you help us?

Juan Pablo: If Carlos goes to jail, the Calatravases will find him and kill him.

Tad: And if he did kill Michael and walks away from it, then an innocent person could spend the rest of her life in prison.

Juan Pablo: Kendall.

Tad: Yes. Do you want that on your conscience? Would he?

Juan Pablo: Of course not.

Tad: All right, then help me get to the bottom of this, now.

Juan Pablo: I already have. You know I am taking Carlos into hiding as soon as he's strong enough. If he killed Cambias, he'll leave a signed confession.

Simone: There's nothing for him to confess. Whatever Carlos did that night, he wouldn't kill again.

Tad: Could I speak to you outside alone for a minute?

Juan Pablo: Stop harassing her.

Simone: It's ok.

Tad: Come on.

Simone: So, you want to go back --

Tad: Just a minute.

Simone: To your place?

Tad: Just a minute. If you --

Man: Yes, sir.

Simone: Do you want to go back to your place and watch the sun come up?

Tad: If I do, will you promise to tell me the truth about Carlos?

Simone: Why can't you just leave him alone?

Tad: Because it's not just about him anymore. Now it's about you.

Simone: Why can't we just dig up a can of whipped cream and forget that any of this happened?

Tad: Because we can't, because you will be an accessory if you know for sure that Carlos killed Michael. And I cannot watch you go to prison because you've got some misguided sense of loyalty and a big heart. Capisce?

Simone: Yeah, you bet I do. You like me. You really like me.

Tad: Of course I like you. I like you enough to keep you out of jail, ok? So help me keep you out of the slammer.

Simone: You know, I don't -- I don't want to burden you.

Tad: I realize a night in the clink is not enough to frighten you, but this is different. This is federal. It's -- it's -- it's Statesville. It's lockdown, and nobody likes you but your cellmates.

Simone: You can't scare me, Tad.

Tad: If you're going to clam up, I can't -- I can't stop you. But if you don't tell me anything, I can't help you.

Simone: I don't need your help. Carlos is my friend, and that means something to me. And whatever Carlos and I did that night stays between Carlos and me. All right, so get it through your head. I'm not going to, like, sell him out to make you feel like a big man. And if you do anything to hurt him, I will never forgive you.

Tad: Just be reasonable, ok? All I'm --

Simone: Whip your own cream.

Juan Pablo: That went well.

Tad: Did Carlos say anything?

Juan Pablo: He won't talk. But even if Carlos is guilty, he would never sacrifice a woman's life to get away with it.

Tad: No, that's not exactly his style, is it? But if he didn't kill Cambias, then maybe he's protecting somebody.

Mia: I didn't mean to hurt you. Ok, I swear I didn't. But it makes me crazy, seeing you killing yourself for Kendall, covering for her, protecting her, and she is treating you like dirt. Just dirt. Aidan -- Aidan, where are you going? Are you going to walk home? Oh, that's great. Aidan! Don't let Kendall do this to you! Stupid. Ugh!

David: You are taking a huge risk, both of you.

Kendall: But it's for the best reason in the whole world.

Bianca: And you're the only one who can do it.

David: Well, I've come this far. I'll see it through. Congratulations, you're pregnant. It's a miracle.

Maggie: You guys are crazy if you think this is actually going to fly.

Kendall: Maggie, we need your support, too. This is the only way to keep Bianca and her baby safe. Are you in?

Maggie: Whatever.

Bianca: No, not whatever, Maggie. Kendall can't be just a little bit pregnant. Are you in or not?

Maggie: I'm in.

Kendall: Good, good.

Maggie: So you're pregnant. What's next?

Kendall: All right, next I have to cause a big racket about getting my hands on the Cambias money -- for the sake of my baby, of course.

David: Ryan's going to love that.

Bianca: Not as much as Kendall's going to love that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, first I need to go home. It's morning already, and my baby and I -- we need our rest.

David: Yeah. Same goes for you, all right?

Bianca: Thank you, David.

David: Sure. Maggie, make sure she gets some sleep, all right?

Maggie: Oh, I will. I'll even make sure that she gets the big bed.

Bianca: Oh!

David: Good deal. Good night, guys.

Kendall: Good night.

David: Take care.

Bianca: Good night.

Maggie: Are you sure about this? It's certifiable.

Bianca: I know. Pray that it works.

Derek: It's done. The state's Attorney's Office and the state Bar Ethics Committee have been notified that DA Jackson Montgomery is now an official suspect in the Michael Cambias murder investigation.

Justin: Can we pull him from the case?

Derek: Have to.

Justin: It's about time. Now, with Jackson neutralized, we can go out and make an arrest any time now.

Jack: Greenlee, what are you doing up? It's dawn.

Greenlee: I was waiting for you. Where have you been? You didn't call. I tried your cell. You didn't answer. Are you all right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I just got stuck down at the police station, that's all.

Greenlee: Oh. You work too hard.

Jack: Yeah. So, something else happen here tonight?

Greenlee: Erica was here when I got home.

Jack: Really?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Anything get broken? Everybody still have their hair in their scalp?

Greenlee: Actually, we sort of bonded.

Jack: And they say miracles don't happen. What prompted this rapprochement?

Greenlee: Erica and I discovered we have something in common.

Erica: Good morning, Kendall.

On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: You and your bride can rest easy. Mary Smythe has sworn to behave herself.

Jamie: Why, Mrs. Smythe, are you trying to seduce me?

Erica: I'm here because I just found out about the pregnancy.

Bianca: Ryan, what do you want from me?

Ryan: I know your secret, Bianca.

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