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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/07/03

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Greenlee: Hey! I want out of here! Somebody serve up my walking papers!

Mia: No one's signed off on your discharge yet.

Greenlee: Well, then, I'll have to sign myself out.

Mia: No, hey, let's just go back to your room, and I'll page Joe Martin, ok?

Greenlee: Mia, I have a life out there, and I have to get back to it.

Juan Pablo: Excuse me.

Greenlee: No, no, no. You hold on a minute. I didn't feed Carlos to those tabloid sharks. My mother did. You knew that, but for some reason you blamed me anyway.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, why can't you let this go?

Greenlee: Because -- if you want to get rid of me, just be honest about it. Don't pretend that I put your brother's life in danger because you need an excuse to dump me. Was it -- was it an excuse? Damn it, Juan Pablo, if you want me, tell me. Now's the chance. Now or never.

Mary: I just thought that Jamie gave the little cow bracelet to Babe as a joke.

J.R.: Well, you can just keep right on assuming what you'd like, Mary.

Mary: And I'm surprised that she didn't mention it to you. It's a little bit early in the marriage to be keeping secrets from you.

J.R.: You must be mistaken. See, Babe and I -- we don't keep secrets from each other.

Mary: Oh, no, of course you don't. I didn't mean to imply that. And I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Actually, I think it's very sweet that Jamie has a crush on his big brother's wife.

Adam: J.R.? What have you done to my son?

Mary: I just delivered him from evil. Now's when you get to express your gratitude.

Babe: Jamie, you gave me this bracelet?

Jamie: It looks the same. When did Stuart give it to you?

Babe: He didn't.

Jamie: But you just said --

Babe: Well, he didn't give it to me all gift-wrapped or anything. I just found it on my dresser, and since he gave me the cow painting, I just -- I just figured this was from him, too.

Jamie: Babe, the last time I saw the bracelet was at my place. There's no way Stuart would take it.

Babe: Maybe it's best not to look a gift cow in the mouth. It was really sweet of you to be thinking of me.

Jamie: Babe, when I bought that bracelet, I didn't know you were married to my brother. I didn't know you were married at all.

Babe: So I guess that means you haven't been thinking about me.

Jamie: I didn't say that.

Babe: So, what, you buy me this bracelet, and then once you find out who I am, you just don't give it to me?

Jamie: You don't feel the least bit guilty, do you?

Babe: It's too late for that.

Jamie: Not for me. I'm just getting started.

Babe: Why, because something happened between us that you didn't want to happen?

Jamie: No, I wanted you.

Babe: Then own up to it.

Jamie: Well, that involves telling J.R. the truth.

Babe: And what truth is that? That you slept with me or that you still want me?

Jamie: Both, I guess.

Babe: Breaking us up isn't going to make you feel any better, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, this sucks.

Babe: If you want to wallow, don't expect me to join you.

Jamie: I don't know what to expect out of you. But that's what you like, right?

Babe: You're acting like I planned this. It just happened, ok? I mean, don't get all hung up. We had a good time.

Jamie: So you admit it.

Babe: Yeah, ok. But it doesn't entitle you to anything. I told you that night on the beach that if you needed more than my first name that I'm not the girl for you.

Jamie: I think what happened after that proved we were right for each other.

Babe: It wasn't meant to go on beyond that. Just let it go.

Jamie: Suppose I can't?

Babe: That's your problem, not mine.

Jamie: So you're down with lying to J.R.?

Babe: I'm not down with tearing him apart. Are you?

Jamie: No, I hate this.

Babe: Then let's do this my way. Please? I know how to make him happy. Hey, baby!

J.R.: Hey.

Babe: You taking a break from all that Chandler Enterprise junk?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah. I thought you two were going to head up to PVU campus.

Babe: We were. You know how it goes. We just -- we got to yakking and --

J.R.: Yeah, that's fine, that's fine. Just gives me a chance to thank Jamie.

Jamie: What for?

J.R.: For giving my wife what she wanted.

Jamie: I -- I was happy to do it.

Derek: Come on, Ms. Kundera, give it up.

Justin: You bought a .38 to shoot Michael Cambias, didn't you?

Lena: No, I did not shoot Michael.

Derek: But you admit you wanted him dead.

Lena: Yes, but I swear on my mother's life, I didn't shoot him.

Justin: Spare us the trouble. You tried to poison the guy.

Jack: Spare us. Will you just back off a second, Justin?

Justin: Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack -- she's lying about something.

Lena: I told you the truth about the poison. Why would I lie about the gun?

Derek: Well, why did you buy the gun?

Lena: For self-protection.

Justin: Oh, protection.

Lena: Look, I was taking a huge risk sneaking into Michael's condo to doctor the pills. If he found me, I needed to defend myself.

Derek: Did he find you? I mean, did you shoot him in self-defense?

Lena: No!

Justin: Then you won't mind handing the gun over for a ballistics test, right?

Jack: Lena?

Lena: I don't have the gun.

Jack: Lena, where is the gun now?

Lena: That night, I went down to the docks, and I threw it in the river.

Bianca: I don't know what to do.

Maggie: Know what? This doesn't look too good for Lena.

Bianca: What do you think is going to happen to her?

Kendall: So, they let you out of the hospital?

Ryan: Can't keep a good man down.

Kendall: "A good man" -- that's a new one.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- tell me what I can do.

Kendall: You can go to hell, Ryan.

Ryan: Maybe if you let me help you, I'll be spared eternal damnation.

Kendall: I don't need your help, ok? Ryan, just go away. Leave me alone.

Ryan: Why do you have to make the simplest things so damn difficult? Now, I saw Aidan tearing out of here. Is that why you're snapping at me? Kendall, look at me. I'm not Aidan, all right? And no matter how many times you've wanted to kill me and I've wanted to strangle you, we both know that we don't hate each other. Now, I know you didn't poison me. Is it -- is it so hard for you to accept comfort when it shows up?

Kendall: Ryan, I'm not the one that you should worry about.

Ryan: Yeah, Derek and Justin think you tried to snuff me.

Kendall: No, the charges were dropped. Lena came forward and confessed.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: Yeah, she admitted to putting poison in the allergy pills, trying to kill Michael.

Ryan: Wow. Too bad Mikey didn't take a handful. Where's Lena now?

Kendall: Well, she's inside being grilled. Ryan, you have to do something. We've got to find a way to get her out of this, please.

Bianca: Ryan, thank God you're here.

Ryan: Yeah, I second that.

Bianca: Listen, I'm so glad that you're doing all right. You know that Lena didn't mean for any of this to happen. And she could be facing prison right now, and there's nothing I can do, but -- I don't know -- if there's any way that you can help her out, I've got to ask you to please, please do it.

Justin: Why would you toss out a gun that you just bought if you're not ditching evidence to tie you to a crime?

Lena: I grew up near a military installation. As far back as I can remember, guns have made me very nervous.

Derek: Not too nervous to buy one or to carry it on you.

Lena: Like I said, it was for protection against Michael. Once I didn't need it anymore, I threw it away.

Jack: Makes sense to me.

Derek: I'm sure it does make sense to you, Jack.

Justin: Why'd you try to kill yourself, Ms. Kundera? Hmm? Guilt? Because you couldn't live with all the horrible things you did to Michael Cambias, so you try to go off and dose yourself with poison?

Ryan: Look who's back from the undead. Hey, guys, seriously, why don't we give the lady a break and just chalk my hospital gig up to a few bad clams and let her go?

Justin: Get out of here.

Ryan: What? Me?

Justin: Go. Yeah.

Ryan: Wait a minute. I'm a victim here. Don't I get a say? Or maybe I should call a press conference. Cambias money speaks, people sit up and issue press releases.

Derek: I hate to dim your spotlight, pretty boy, but the charges against Ms. Kundera don't revolve around you.

Justin: She's facing possible prison time for the attempted murder of Michael Cambias -- her intended victim.

Lena: Ryan, I am so sorry. I assumed the pills would be thrown away once the police were finished --

Ryan: No. Don't you dare apologize to me. Anybody who's got the guts to try and wipe Michael Cambias off this planet is my kind of hero.

Derek: That's really cute, Ryan. That's really -- get the hell out of here!

Ryan: This is nice -- who killed Michael Cambias? Very -- you know what? You guys need, like, a bigger board.

Justin: Why, you know something we don't know?

Ryan: Well, see, the thing is, since you boys can't really find your rears with a map and a flashlight, I decided to do a little investigating of my own, turned up some new evidence -- shiny, new suspect.

Jack: Yeah, what do you got? Another dead end for us?

Ryan: No, actually, Jackson, you're going to love this. Sex this case right up.

Derek: What's that?

Ryan: This is a hard copy from some Cambias family info I had emailed to me from my attorney. Check it out. Don't worry, sweetheart. This should get them off your case.

Greenlee: What's this really about?

Juan Pablo: Nothing is ever your fault, is it, Greenlee? Mary's to blame for everything.

Greenlee: You know what a viper she is.

Juan Pablo: And you are just as deadly, selling my brother out to strike back at me.

Greenlee: I'm nothing like my mother.

Juan Pablo: You and Mary are both willful, selfish, bound to get your own way, and to hell with anyone else.

Mia: Why are you being so hateful? Greenlee loves you, you stupid jerk.

Juan Pablo: I ended with Greenlee before she told the press about Carlos.

Greenlee: I didn't tell the press anything.

Juan Pablo: Stop acting like a spoiled child. I don't want you. Accept it and say good-bye.

Greenlee: Goodbye? Uh-uh. Just so nothing's lost in the translation -- adios. You -- find someone with the power to get me the hell out of here.

Maria: What are you doing? You can't keep doing this.

Juan Pablo: I have no choice.

Maria: Yes, you do. Greenlee loves you.

Juan Pablo: I will not let that cost her her life.

Maria: But she's dying inside. What difference does it make? Ok, you know what? I'm going to go over there right now, I'm going to tell what she desperately needs to hear, and that's that you still love her.

Nurse: There is no authorization for your release, Mrs. Du Pres.

Greenlee: Authorize this. My grandfather's on the board. One word to him, and you'll be back on permanent bedpan patrol.

Mia: Oh, whoa, whoa, it's not fair for you to take out your anger at Juan Pablo on the nurse, ok?

Greenlee: Fair? Did you say fair? Juan Pablo compared me to my mother.

Adam: Is that thanks enough?

Mary: I'll accept it as a down payment.

Adam: For what? I want to know what happened with my son.

Mary: Well, if you give me another kiss, it might jog my memory.

Adam: Oh, come on. Give your hormones a break, Mary. Why did he go stampeding out of here?

Mary: Adam Chandler, don't you be getting nasty with me.

Adam: Damn it! I want an answer. I want a straight answer.

Mary: All right, all right, short and sweet -- I just ended the marriage. Now pucker up.

Babe: J.R., honey, Jamie just told me just this second me that he's the one that gave me the bracelet, not Uncle Stuart.

J.R.: Is that right?

Babe: If your family just keeps giving me cows, I'm going to need a whole barnyard for my collection.

Jamie: I bought it after the whole stolen cow thing. It was kind of a joke.

J.R.: I hope it didn't set you back too much.

Jamie: See, the thing is, is I bought it, but I never got a chance to give it to Babe. And I don't know how the heck it ended up here.

J.R.: Strange, you know? I mean, it's strange. First of all, the plastic cow from Benny's Beef n' Bun mysteriously falls from your hands to hers, and somehow another cow winds up from you to her. What have we got here? I mean, cows that can teleport at will?

Babe: J.R., honey, aren't you making a lot out of a couple goofy coincidences?

J.R.: Oh, no, no, there's more than a couple. A blonde riding with Jamie when he stole the cow. It's just funny because my wife is a blonde who loves cows.

Babe: J.R., you got something to say, spit it out.

J.R.: Ok. Maybe you've been lying to me. Maybe you were with Jamie when he stole that cow. And maybe it didn't end up in a joy ride.

Babe: Ok. I'm busted. I'm a two-bit slut who married you for your money. I hooked up with Jamie and stole a cow with him and took him to bed. Then I lied my face off to you about it and had your brother lie about it, too. Is that what you want to hear?

J.R.: That was a nice fake out. Why don't you give me the real story?

Babe: The real story is that you asked your brother to show me around, and just like a guy, now you're all jealous because he bought me something.

J.R.: That's it?

Babe: That's it. Either you trust me or you don't. You're really letting your dad get to you, you know?

J.R.: Oh, the hell I am! I don't let my dad get to me!

Babe: I think I'm right on the money.

J.R.: No way! My dad has nothing to do with this.

Jamie: Hold on, J.R. I think Babe's on to something. Maybe Adam is at the bottom of all this.

Mary: Remember the little cow bracelet that I showed you?

Adam: Yes, the one Jamie got for Babe. What about it?

Mary: I placed it where the greedy bride would be sure to find it.

Adam: In a box of caramel corn?

[Mary and Adam laugh]

Mary: That's good. No, she thinks your brother Stuart gave it to her. But I placed a few subtle hints around, and now J.R. thinks that Jamie gave it to her.

Adam: Mary, you're about as subtle as a heart attack.

Mary: I got the job done, didn't I?

Adam: Well, that remains to be seen.

Mary: Now, you know what my motto is -- satisfaction guaranteed. At any moment now, your son's marriage is going to blow up right before your eyes.

Adam: Hmm.


Adam: What the hell was that?

Mary: Maybe the answer to your prayers.

Ryan: Pretty interesting reading, isn't it, gentlemen?

Jack: Well, according to this, a woman in Milan signed an agreement not to press rape charges against Michael Cambias in exchange for a rather large sum of money.

Ryan: Now, see, you just find the woman in Milan and get her alibi for the night Michael was killed.

Justin: All this proves is that she was bought off.

Ryan: What? It proves Cambias had enemies all over the planet. I mean, what, did he turn this town against him in a couple of months? Multiply that by the global network that hated his guts. Time to get rid of the little white board here, gentlemen. This is your new list of suspects. Just find every phone directory from every city that Michael Cambias dirtied by breathing its air. And while you're at it, why don't you add me to the list?

Jack: Ryan, you were in Vegas when Michael was murdered.

Ryan: Yeah, but there was a 24-hour window around Michael's death. I mean, technically, I could've hopped on the Cambias jet, flown here, touched down, plugged the creep, and got back in time for the last floor show.

Justin: Don't you think we considered that?

Ryan: What, are you serious?

Justin: Yeah.

Ryan: And what about you, Derek? Man, you guys haven't made a righteous bust since you pulled me in here five years ago.

Derek: You know, Ryan, who cares? Doesn't even matter. Even if somebody in Cambias' past hated him enough to pull the trigger, that doesn't wipe out the charges of attempted murder against Ms. Kundera.

Jack: You're wrong there, Derek. You'll never have a strong case against Lena until you can pinpoint Michael's time of death.

Derek: What are you talking about?

Jack: If Michael died in the hours before Lena put the poison in those capsules, you have nothing to charge her with.

Ryan: Because you can't have the intent to kill somebody that's already dead.

Justin: But if she didn't know --

Jack: Doesn't matter. If Michael ceased breathing before Lena put the poison in his allergy capsules, then you have no case. You have to set her free.

Ryan: Well, which means it's time for you bozos to finally nail down the exact time Mikey bought it.

Derek: I may have a way to do that. Kendall? Kendall? Lena got the charges against you dropped. How about you return the favor?

Kendall: How?

Derek: Simple. If you married an alive and kicking Michael Cambias like you say you did, then Lena is guilty of attempted murder. So all you have to do to save her butt is to admit that your marriage was one big lie.

Kendall: I'm not the only one who can keep Lena out of jail.

Ryan: Hey, hey, Kendall, just tell the truth!

Kendall: Ryan, this is you. You -- you did this. You set me up -- this is still about the money, isn't it?

Derek: No, forget him, forget him. If Cambias was still breathing when your marriage certificate says he was, then ms. Kundera is guilty of attempted murder. But if your marriage was bogus --

Jack: Kendall, you realize if you change your story now, you're going to be incriminating yourself, right?

Lena: Don't say anything, Kendall. It's all right.

Bianca: Kendall, you told me that you married Michael Cambias. You swore it to me, and I believed you. So tell me, were you lying to me?

Kendall: No. No, Bianca, I was telling you the truth. Why does everyone not believe me? What is it going to take convince you guys I'm telling the truth?

Justin: Talk is cheap, Mrs. Cambias. Now some evidence -- that would be nice.

Ryan: Yeah, maybe like a witness who doesn't drop out of sight.

Kendall: I have a witness. I have a witness. I have a witness right here.

Maggie: Kendall, what are you doing?

Kendall: Maggie, you were there. You saw me and Michael leave the condo the night we eloped to Vegas.

Derek: Ms. Stone, don't you think you could've shared that information with any one of us?

Maggie: I cannot believe that you're doing this.

Justin: Ms. Stone, did you see Kendall with Cambias that night?

Maggie: I saw two figures in the shadows. It was very dark.

Kendall: Wait, wait. But you saw us. You knew it was us.

Maggie: No, I heard your voice, Kendall.

Derek: But what about Michael?

Maggie: Yeah, it could've been him.

Jack: But you aren't sure?

Kendall: No, Jackson, what more do you want? What, you want all the nasty details? You want to know what kinky things we did on our honeymoon? Lena, I'm sorry about this. The timing of this sucks, and I'm sorry that you have to suffer, but I married Michael, and nothing's going to change that.

Lena: Kendall, it's fine. I don't blame you.

Derek: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Bianca: Lena, it's going to be ok. All right, we're going to work this out. Everything is going to be fine.

Derek: If you can't afford an attorney and want one present during questioning, one will be appointed to you free of charge.

Kendall: Bianca, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Lena. I really am. But we're still sisters, and I'm going to keep your secret, no matter what.

Bianca: Well, thank you, Kendall. Yes, we are still sisters and I do still love you, but you make it really difficult sometimes. I mean, again you throw Michael in my face, and now it feels like -- like you're taking his side against Lena or something --

Kendall: No, no -- God, Bianca, no. Of course not. I'm completely on Lena's side. She's going to beat this. I'm going to get her a great lawyer, and I'm going to help her, and I'm going to protect her --

Ryan: You know what, Kendall? I think you've helped just about enough. Bianca, I'll be very happy to spring for anything that Lena needs.

Justin: Oh, well, once again, Mrs. Cambias, good job. Lena shows up to save your butt, and what do you do? You leave her hanging. You know, it's friends like you -- what am I saying? It's nothing you haven't heard before.

Juan Pablo: You will not say a word to Greenlee.

Maria: But you can't keep letting her believe that you hate her.

Juan Pablo: It's best.

Maria: For whom?

Juan Pablo: For Greenlee. This way, I keep her safe. If she must hate me to live, so be it.

Maria: But you love her.

Juan Pablo: Maria, I'm doing this because I love her.

Greenlee: I'm going to get out of this hospital if I have to knot bed sheets together and climb out the window.

Mia: You know, the way that Juan Pablo just behaved towards you -- that's so not like him.

Greenlee: He's a typical man. You can't trust one as far as you can throw one.

Mia: I know, but I think --

Greenlee: Can we nail the subject closed?

Mia: Ok, fine. What about Ryan?

Greenlee: What about him?

Mia: When I asked you if Ryan was an exception to your no-man rule, you never answered me.

Greenlee: Ryan was a way for me to get my company back.

Mia: So, do you trust him?

Greenlee: Please. Ryan made me see that trusting anyone is an act of pure insanity.

Maria: Juan Pablo, I'm really -- I'm really starting to get worried about you.

Juan Pablo: It's your safety I fear.

Maria: Well, don't worry about me. I'm on high alert.

Juan Pablo: It's too risky. I'm already seeking another doctor for Carlos.

Maria: No -- no way are you taking me off this case.

Juan Pablo: It is my decision.

Maria: No -- look, I'm Carlos' doctor. I'm not some helpless female who needs you to make decisions for me, ok?

Juan Pablo: Listen to me --

Maria: No, you listen to me! I'll be damned if I'm going to let you do to me what you're doing to Greenlee.

Mia: Well, since you're on this anti-man kick, I guess you'll be siding with Kendall in the battle for Fusion.

Greenlee: You think my concussion knocked out my common sense? Putting my faith in Kendall is like believing that love conquers all.

Mia: Well, then we'd I better flip a coin fast because either Ryan or Kendall's going to end up with control of our company. I mean, who do you think the odds favor?

Greenlee: Well, Ryan will walk away the winner if they put Kendall away for feeding him poison or offing Michael.

Mia: Do you think she did either one?

Greenlee: No. And once the cops see the light and cut her free, Kendall's going to come back fighting Fusiontooth and Fusionnail.

Mia: So, what do we do?

Greenlee: There's only one option, Mia -- play both sides against the middle and then watch Ryan and Kendall eat each other alive.

Kendall: I can't take this anymore. I am so sick of this! I'm so sick of this. I can't do this anymore.

Ryan: Glad you got that off your chest?

Kendall: What are you doing here? What, did you come here to tell me off, buy me off, or push me off?

Ryan: What do you think, Kendall?

Kendall: I think the only chance in hell you have of beating me is if you push me off.

Juan Pablo: If you stay on my brother's case, you are taking a deadly chance. You could've been killed today.

Maria: But I wasn't.

Juan Pablo: The Calatravases will be back.

Maria: And we'll stop them again.

Juan Pablo: Sos una cabezadura, eh?

Maria: Well, you know, I've had to be. Carlos is my first surgical patient in six years. I have fought my way back from death to be sitting here right now, and I'll be damned if all of a sudden I'm going to start playing it safe now, especially when I feel like I can help somebody possibly cheat death and be able to live to talk about it. Now, I am going to be here until Carlos gets out of that bed and walks out of this hospital. And until then, I've got Edmund and I've got you and I've got a whole slew of security and what have you all to protect me, and I trust you guys with my life.

Juan Pablo: I pray it doesn't come to that.

Greenlee: Here's the deal. We play up to both of them. When I'm with Kendall, she's the one who should win. When I'm with Ryan, he's the one who should inherit everything.

Mia: That way, whoever wins, we can't lose.

Greenlee: Right. If Kendall gets control, I'm sure we can convince her to share the company. I mean, there is no Fusion without us.

Mia: Right, and if Ryan inherits Enchantment and Chandler and Cambias Industries --

Greenlee: He'll be so overloaded, he won't have time for Fusion and he'll hand the reins back to us.

Mia: Exactly. But that leaves Kendall out in the cold.

Greenlee: Once we ease Ryan out, we'll bring Kendall back in.

Mia: But what if she's in jail by then?

Greenlee: We have to make sure that doesn't happen.

Nurse: Here are your discharge papers. You should wait to see the doctor for home care instructions.

Greenlee: I'll make an appointment.

Mia: Ok, I'll buddy up to Ryan and you can woo Kendall.

Greenlee: Oh, no, no, no. You leave Ryan up to me.

Mia: Ok.

Ryan: Kendall, you're losing it. I'm not trying to get rid of you.

Kendall: Oh, oh, really? You're not? So you sent that Cambias plane for my health? It wasn't you trying to get rid of me, not at all.

Ryan: It was me trying to save your butt. Now, why don't you just take the paranoia down a notch?

Kendall: Oh, excuse me if I'm a little bit paranoid around the edges, but you showed up at the police station trying to help me. You completely screwed things up.

Ryan: Yeah, well, that got out of hand.

Kendall: "Out of hand"? It turned into a witch hunt. And guess who got to reprise her role?

Ryan: Well, unfortunately, you didn't offer much of an alternative.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'm not really much of a crowd pleaser. Everybody thought I'd changed, but, nope, I'm still the villain everyone loves to hate. I mean, really, when it comes down to it, I'm only out for one person -- myself.

Ryan: Nobody thinks that.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? My mailbox is full of invitations to gallery openings and tea parties, all requesting that Mrs. Michael Cambias stay the hell away.

Ryan: What do you care what the society people think?

Kendall: I don't. I really don't give a damn. And as for the people at home, let -- let Bianca look at me funny. Maggie thinks I'm a user. It's her loss. Erica, Jackson, Derek, you -- you really all just go straight to hell. You want to know why?

Ryan: Why don't we go downstairs and you can tell me all about it?

Kendall: No way! And miss out --

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey -- get down! Hey!

Kendall: Get off of me! I'm not going to jump, Ryan. Number one, I wouldn't give you the satisfaction, and number two, I have way too much to live for.

Ryan: All right, Kendall, please, just get down.

Kendall: Ryan, get off of me! This is mine. I am on top of the world right now. I own this town! Look at me! This is fantastic! I am standing here on top of my empire -- Fusion right here. There's Chandler Enterprises right over there. There's Enchantment right over there, and Erica's little penthouse in the sky, and all of this -- all of this belongs to me!

Ryan: Hey, hey!

Maggie: Hey, are you ok? Because I could call David.

Bianca: Oh, yeah, it's not the baby, Maggie. It's Lena. I can't believe it. She loves me enough to have tried to kill Michael.

Maggie: She had the guts to do what most of us were too cowardly to do.

Bianca: We're not cowards, none of us. And right now we have to do what it takes, whatever it takes, to help Lena.

Derek: Ms. Kundera's in a holding cell.

Justin: That's good. Listen, the murder charge is going to stick for now, but I say we going to drill her and drill her, and she may --

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Is the arraignment set?

Derek: The courts are backed up because of the coming holiday.

Jack: Well, whenever she is arraigned, I intend to ask the judge for nominal bail.

Justin: Oh, yeah? On what grounds?

Jack: Because she's not a public menace, Justin. She had one intended victim.

Derek: We'll all sleep better knowing that.

Jack: Look, Lena has friends. She's going to be bailed out before the paperwork is even processed, Derek.

Derek: You know what, Jackson? Usually, the DA's office works really closely with the police department --

Jack: Derek, you have no physical evidence linking Lena to Michael's murder.

Justin: Jack, she wanted him dead!

Jack: Ok, Justin, I tell you what. You round up all the people that wanted Michael Cambias dead, and you put them in jail. You know what you're going to have to do? You're going to have to rent jail space.

Derek: Well, you know what, Jack? All the people aren't volunteering that they poisoned the allergy capsules.

Jack: And any good lawyer would have that statement thrown out, saying she made it under duress. I got to tell you something -- this is one time I agree with Ryan.

Derek: Come off it, Jack! You know what? You're talking --

Jack: No, you know what? You're going at this investigation with a blindfold on! You're playing pin the tail on the suspect, any suspect! Well, I'll tell you what, Derek -- if you're using loving my niece as sole criterion for murder, then you go ahead and you try to pin that tail on me. Disgusted with the two of you.

J.R.: This is great. My brother sleeping with my wife right behind my back!

Babe: J.R., that's not how it was.

J.R.: How the hell was it, Babe? Was it as good for you as it was for him?

Jamie: It's not how it looks!

J.R.: Do I look stupid?

Babe: Ow! Baby, that hurt.

J.R.: You sleep with my wife, and this is the thanks that I get?

Babe: J.R., you're acting like a crazy man! I didn't do anything bad, I swear.

Jamie: Why would we lie?

J.R.: Gee, maybe because you'd get caught? I mean, that's proof that were doing it. Oh, what the hell, Dad?

Babe: Is this how you guys get your kicks? Spying, honing in on people's private conversations?

Adam: Private? The whole neighborhood could hear you.

J.R.: You don't have to answer that question, Dad.

Adam: J.R., son, I'm so sorry that it has come down to this. But if there's any way I can help to resolve -- to dissolve --

J.R.: I don't need your help.

Adam: Good divorce lawyers don't come cheap, son.

J.R.: Does anything come without a price tag with you?

Adam: I'm willing to pay.

J.R.: Yeah, but you never do. Not until now.

Adam: I don't follow.

J.R.: Your little plot to frame Babe and Jamie -- no, they didn't sleep with each other. It failed. I'm so on to you. Gotcha.

Adam: J.R., the only person you've outsmarted here is yourself.

Mary: I don't understand. You have forgiven Babe for sleeping with Jamie?

J.R.: Oh, well, Babe and Jamie -- they never slept together. James, should I do the honors, or do you want to do it?

Jamie: Take it away.

J.R.: Ok. Well, James was telling me and Babe how you snuck into his room for a late night lip lock and made off with the charm bracelet.

Mary: I -- no -- I didn't --

J.R.: And then you promised Babe a shopping spree and snuck into our room and planted the bracelet while no one was looking, all with dear old Dad's seal of approval.

Mary: But what about the broken vase and all the screaming and yelling and --

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, well, we fooled you, right? Don't you think we should take our act on the road?

Adam: This was all an act, eh?

J.R.: Well, you and Mary went to so much trouble to try to frame them, I figured that you deserved a sweet payoff.

Jamie: The fight you heard was pure improv.

Babe: Classic "Dynasty." Season two opener. I still have the "TV Guide."

J.R.: Tough break, Dad. Your plot to destroy our marriage tanked.

Babe: And now that we've seen the fall preview --

J.R.: You're canceled, and we're out of here.

Jamie: And here I thought you were just after my bod.

J.R.: You know, some people go to all sorts of desperate just to keep a roof over their head.

Babe: And next time, pick on someone in your own age demo.

Adam: Oh --

[Babe giggles]

Mary: Well, Adam, if at first you don't succeed -- now, damn it, I was right. There's something going on between those three, and I'm going to prove it.

Derek: This ain't right.

Justin: I know it's not, Derek, but what else are we supposed to say here? We knew this was going to happen. We've been using Jack's name as a suspect for weeks in this case.

Derek: That don't mean I got to jump for joy.

Justin: Listen, I want the evidence room inventory for August 28 to stack up against what we already got in there.

Derek: That can wait. Your first order of business is to have the river dragged for Lena's gun.

Justin: Listen to what O'Neal told us. He said that Jack was in the evidence room the night of Michael Cambias' hearing. All right?

[Derek sighs]

Justin: Now, I know it doesn't sound like Jack, but I think you and I should know at least why.

Jack: Sweetheart, I'm going to do my very best to hurry this arraignment up so that we can Lena out of here.

Bianca: That's great. Is she going to go to prison?

Jack: No. Not if I have anything to say about it. And believe me, I have plenty to say about it.

Bianca: You know, Uncle Jack, I knew that I could count on you.

Jack: I'm glad.

Bianca: But I have one more favor to ask.

Jack: Ok. Come on, let's go.

Derek: You'll have your evidence room inventory now.

[Door opens]

Lena: I'll pass on the jailhouse cuisine, thank you.

Bianca: How about a visitor?

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, put me down --

Ryan: Only if you promise not to jump!

Kendall: No, I'm not going to jump. Ryan, just put me down now, now!

Ryan: You know what? I don't get it. I don't get it, Kendall. I don't understand how someone can try to help you, and you can't push them away fast enough.

Kendall: You know what? That's right. You don't get it, and you never have --

Ryan: Well, then -- please, explain it to me. Tell me how you can lie for Michael and let Lena go to prison.

Kendall: I can't -- I can't explain it to you. I've already gone too far. Ryan, please, why can't you just take me on my word?

Ryan: Why can't you just take me at my word? Who's the bigger fool, here, Kendall? Who is it? You or me for coming after you?

Greenlee: Home sweet home.

Mia: Greenlee, how is it that you elected yourself to buddy up to Ryan?

Greenlee: Jealous?

Mia: No, no, I'm just -- I'm curious, you know? Just you guys have had a pretty volatile history, and I --

Greenlee: True. We've declared a ceasefire.

Mia: Oh, ok. Well, then, let's all hold hands and form a chain.

Greenlee: Ooh. Ryan knew Leo like I did. He helped me take off my wedding ring.

Mia: So he could get into your pants?

Greenlee: No, but he still wants me.

Mia: How do you know?

Greenlee: At the hospital, Ryan sneaked into my bed and told me he was sleepwalking. But I could feel the heat.

Mia: Great. So you get Ryan, and I get to snuggle up with Kendall.

Greenlee: No, now that I've got my life back, we should bail her out.

Mia: I'll go. You stay, rest your bones. Are you ok?

Greenlee: Fine.

Mia: You sure?

Greenlee: Sure.

Mia: Ok.

>> On the next "all my children" --

Simone: Do you mind if I date other guys?

Bianca: Michael isn't gone from me, Lena.

Greenlee: Maybe it's time you stopped trying to be so nice and face the truth about me.

Ryan: You're sure?

Kendall: I'm sure.

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