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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/05/03

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Ryan: That tickles.

Greenlee: Shut up. This is my dream.

[Ryan grunts]

Greenlee: It's my dream, isn't it?

Ryan: Well, it sure as hell isn't my dream.

Greenlee: Oh, my God! This isn't a dream. Ryan!

Ryan and Greenlee: Aah!

Juan Pablo: Que descanses, hermanito. Pero, que te crees, que estas haciendo? Te volviste loco!

Guard: I just --

Juan Pablo: If I were a hit man, you'd be dead!

Guard: Seņor, I�m awake now.

Juan Pablo: Get out!

Guard: Wide awake!

Juan Pablo: Get out now!

Maria: What -- what the hell is wrong with you? You have lost it! If you don't pull yourself back together, you are not going to be any good for Carlos.

Winifred: Miss Kane to see you, Mr. Chandler.

Mary: Erica, come in. Sorry you missed breakfast. Perhaps Winifred could bring you some coffee instead.

Adam: No, no, no. Winifred, would you bring Miss Kane some tea with lemon, please?

Erica: Adam, I need a minute.

Mary: Oh, you know, we're not used to callers this early. Perhaps you're not aware of the time. Looks like you've been up all night.

Erica: Adam, does your new pet do any other tricks? Can you get her to roll over and play dead?

Mary: Well, I guess it's ok. I'd be a little cranky, too, if my daughter had been arrested for attempted murder.

Erica: Ok, Adam, I'm going to count to 10. If this bloodsucking leech is not gone by the time I finish, I will personally undo her very extensive plastic surgery.

Babe: I bet a lot of Terries had to die to make these babies.

J.R.: Are Terries an endangered species?

Babe: And the heated towel racks -- who'd have thunk?

J.R.: Yeah, who'd have thunk taking a shower with you would be so unforgettable?

Babe: Back at you. And where did you learn to do that soap-on-a-rope trick?

J.R.: Where did you learn to work that sponge like that? I don't think I've ever been so clean in my life.

Babe: I never want to take another shower without you, J.R. Chandler.

J.R.: Well, you'll never have to, Mrs. Chandler. Oh, my God.

Babe: "Erica Kane�s daughter arrested for attempted murder"?

Kendall: Are you releasing me?

Officer: Hardly. Lieutenant Frye and the ADA want to ask you some questions. Have a seat. Whoa. Where's the fire?

Lena: I must see Ms. Kendall Hart. It's urgent.

Officer: Are you her lawyer?

Derek: Ms. Kundera is many things. Mrs. Cambias' lawyer is not one of them.

Lena: Look, you have to let me see Kendall. I have a very important message for her.

Justin: Look, I don't care if you got a message from the Dalai Lama. That woman is finished. She just doesn't know it yet.

J.R.: Why don't we make some headlines of our own?

Babe: No way. I'm going to work on making your daddy like me.

J.R.: Oh.

Babe: I'm sick of him looking at me like he ate a bushel of peaches and forgot to spit the pits out.

J.R.: Oh -- well, he'll stop or I�ll make him stop.

Babe: Come on. I hate it when you act like the big, bad wolf and get all huffy and puffy. Pops just needs somebody to soften him up.

J.R.: Are you volunteering?

Babe: Anything for you, J.R. I'd go into the heart of a storm if I knew I'd make peace between you and Pops.

J.R.: Aw. You really are sweet, aren't you?

Babe: Back at you. Your dad just wants to be proud of you, and I get in the way of that.

J.R.: Don't say that.

Babe: Why not? It's true. I mean, he wanted you to go to some expensive college and meet some girl with expensive tastes and classy parents.

J.R.: That was the plan. I opted out -- not that you're not classy, of course.

Babe: I know I�ve got everything you need. Don't worry. The funny thing is, your dad -- if you did exactly what he wanted, he wouldn't even be as proud of you as he is now. I mean, for being brave enough just to be yourself.

J.R.: If he admires me at all, he keeps it a secret.

Babe: Not really. I see the way he looks at you. You're his son, J.R. you're the one who's not supposed to screw up the way he did.

J.R.: I'm sure as hell trying not to.

Babe: And I love you for that. For taking a chance on me. I don't think I'll ever get used to living like this. I just kind of feel like it just fell in my lap.

J.R.: Well, that's a good thing, Babe. You don't have to question yourself so much.

Babe: I question everything. Like why you love me and how long we'll be together.

J.R.: Well, don�t. Because I love you for all the right reasons, just like you love me.

Babe: And I do love you, J.R.

J.R.: Then don't be so scared to be here.

Babe: I just imagine what it would be like growing up as a little kid in this great, big, wonderful house.

J.R.: Well, if you talk to Colby, you'll see that she has drawbacks just like anybody else.

Babe: I guess it could get pretty lonely. I figure that's the reason your dad keeps Mary around.

J.R.: Hmm. That's one of them. Don't trust her.

Babe: Don't worry, I don't. I sized her up fast. Does your dad know he's got a snake living in the house?

J.R.: He knows.

Mary: I'm Adam�s trusted associate and I will not be displaced by someone who doesn't have the decency to call ahead and make an appointment.

Adam: Mary, would you mind -- you remember the business we discussed earlier? Would you run and take care of that?

Mary: What business? We have so many businesses.

Adam: Well, the most pressing, of course. The cattle project.

Mary: Cattle?

Adam: Cows?

Mary: Oh, the cows. Yes, of course. I'll -- I'll get right on it. I'll give you a full report by the end of the day. Excuse me, Erica. So many projects, so little time.

Erica: Ok, Adam, have you developed a martyr complex? My goodness. Mary's own daughter, Greenlee, can't stand the sight of her, and Mary has thrown herself at Jack so many times I think she has burns on her knees.

Adam: Kings had jesters, circuses have clowns. I have Mary.

Erica: But to let her into your business dealings?

Adam: Erica, you didn't come all the way over here to reiterate your disdain for Mary Smythe. This isn't about Kendall�s arrest, is it?

Erica: The police believe that Kendall poisoned Ryan Lavery.

Adam: Yeah, well, I think it's a damned shame she failed.

Greenlee: Get out of my bed.

Ryan: Get out of my bed!

Greenlee: Nice try!

Ryan: Wait a minute, this is your bed.

Greenlee: Like you didn't know? You thought I'd wake up thinking it was 1999 again.

Ryan: No, no, I wasn't trying to score.

Greenlee: So you were trying to give me a pedicure?

Ryan: No, no, no, no. They put me in a room right down the hall. I guess I just kind of like wandered in here by mistake.

Greenlee: No. For the $100,000 question, who's the biggest liar? Since when do you have a room at the Pine Valley hospital?

Ryan: Since your pal Kendall handed me some poisoned pills.

[Greenlee imitates buzzer]

Greenlee: I'm sorry. That answer is too far-fetched even for this contestant.

Ryan: Well, it's the truth.

Greenlee: Time's up, ladies and gentlemen. I'm calling security.

Ryan: You should be thanking me.

Greenlee: For sneaking into my bed? You are beyond arrogant.

Ryan: I took care of Kendall for you.

Greenlee: Define "took care of."

Ryan: Thanks to me, she's left the country for good. And now you're free to run Fusion all by yourself.

Greenlee: You got Kendall to leave the country?

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: How?

Ryan: Well, the cops think she poisoned me and they're after her. Of course, Aidan�s into being her white knight, so I gave them my plane for the getaway. By now, he and Kendall should be -- oh, I don't know -- somewhere over the Atlantic.

Greenlee: You are unbelievable.

Ryan: Is that a thank-you?

Greenlee: You despicable, conniving snake.

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: If you let Kendall use your jet, it was to get her out of your life. With Kendall out of the country, she has no claim on Michael Cambias' inheritance. You claim his entire estate for yourself. You staged this whole thing. Kendall didn't poison you, you poisoned yourself!

Lena: Mr. Montgomery --

Jack: Lena.

Lena: They won't let me see Kendall, and I have to give her a message. It's from Bianca.

Jack: I'm sorry, I�m afraid I can't help you with that.

Lena: You're the district attorney.

Jack: Which is why I have to be very careful how I handle things. If I go barging in there right now, I could make things worse for everybody.

Lena: Look, Bianca said it was very important.

Jack: Lena, I'm sorry.

Lena: I see.

Aidan: What do you think Kendall�s chances are?

Jack: Well, I'd like think of myself as an optimist. I like to think that the glass is half-full.

Aidan: And now?

Jack: I think maybe Kendall�s glass is close to empty. Her best bet is to keep her mouth shut and to pray that her attorney is a miracle worker.

Bianca: I was totally stuck. If Kendall hadn't come up with that lie --

Maggie: So Erica believes that Kendall wants you to try to sue Ryan Lavery?

Bianca: Yeah, file a personal injury lawsuit against the Cambias estate and Ryan.

Maggie: But wait, that means that you have to go back to court, then, right?

Bianca: Yeah, supposedly to get everything that Michael owned for Kendall, including Enchantment.

Maggie: And your mom bought it?

Bianca: Well, it's what everyone expects of Kendall --

Maggie: Gosh.

Bianca: The worst.

Maggie: She must've freaked out, then, huh?

Bianca: She went completely ballistic. And all I could do was sit there and watch Kendall go through that.

Maggie: Well, you know, maybe it's a warning sign.

Bianca: What do you mean?

Maggie: Well, I mean, Kendall completely trashed her relationship with your mother just to keep your secret. So maybe it's time for you to tell your mother that you're still pregnant.

Bianca: No. Maggie, do you think that I would've just sat there and watched my mother go off on Kendall if I didn't know that telling the truth would be 10 times worse for everyone?

Maggie: Yeah, but Kendall knows that you're still pregnant.

Bianca: No, Maggie, I'm not telling my mother.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Oh, Lena.

Lena: Bianca, good. I'm so glad I caught you.

Bianca: Did you give Kendall my message? Did you tell her how I grateful I am to her?

Lena: No. I'm sorry.

Bianca: Why not?

Lena: The police wouldn't let me near her.

Maggie: The police?

Lena: Kendall's been arrested for trying to kill Ryan Lavery.

Bianca: No.

Jack: Do you know your client has been in custody all night? Where the hell have you been, Beckman? Well, you ask for a recess or an adjournment, or do whatever the hell you have to do to get down here, will you? Idiot.

Aidan: She looks like she's holding her own.

Derek: Ok, where were we?

Kendall: Read my lips, Derek. I did not put anything in those pills.

Justin: Oh, but you admit to handing the bottle to Lavery.

Kendall: I admit nothing.

Derek: But your prints were all over it.

Justin: We heard you threaten his life!

Derek: Not to mention that Lavery was standing in the way of you claiming, what, $500 million in Cambias' assets? That's beaucoup money, baby!

Kendall: Ok, I -- I asked for my lawyer's presence. Until then, I don't have to tell you a damn thing.

Derek: All right, that's cool. That's your right. But you don't mind if Justin and I shoot the breeze while we wait?

Kendall: No.

Justin: You got a lot more experience in these cases than I do.

Derek: Hmm. Thank you.

Justin: You're welcome. What do you think went down?

Derek: Well, now, the way I see it, our suspect thought she held all the aces. She'd knock off Cambias, pretend to marry him, and then waltz off with much money as his grieving widow. But then Lavery shows up.

Justin: Oh, the -- the wild card?

Derek: Mm-hmm, with Alexander Cambias' will.

Justin: Oh, and then trumps Michael�s will.

Derek: Right, but our suspect couldn't -- our suspect couldn't fold because, after all, she had bought an entire meatpacking plant just to hide Cambias' body.

Justin: Right, right, right. Right when it looks like Ryan�s going to rake all the chips in --

Derek: Our suspect hands him "allergy medicine" laced with enough poison to knock him out the game for good.

Justin: You are quite the woman, Mrs. Cambias. She's a smart one, isn't she, Lieutenant?

Derek: Mm-hmm.

Justin: Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous and ambitious. Let me tell you something, Kendall -- you play your cards right here, and I can make all these attempted murder charges just go away.

Kendall: Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Justin: You know I can't do that. But what you can do for the Lieutenant and I is tell us how you did in Michael Cambias.

Ryan: You think I poisoned myself and blamed Kendall?

Greenlee: You'd do anything to get Kendall to give up her claim to Michael�s estate.

Ryan: Like try and kill myself?

Greenlee: I know how your sick mind works.

Ryan: Oh, ok.

Greenlee: It's not that unlike mine. I staged an awesome case of the mumps when I didn't want to go to the prom with Freddy Stockton. Sat in the hot tub until I was warm as a beet and -- red as a beet and warm to the touch. And then I took some tissues and I stuffed them in my cheeks. Do you know how uncomfortable that is?

Ryan: Greenlee, I had a seizure. I passed out. They pumped my stomach. They shoved charcoal down my throat. Do you think I would subject myself to all of that just to frame Kendall? Hey, listen, Maria Grey treated me, all right? You can ask her. I was poisoned.

Greenlee: Well, it wasn't by Kendall.

Ryan: We're talking about the same Kendall here, right? The same one that lied to you, that double-crossed you?

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And your point? I did the same things to her. She's my friend. You know, men don't get it. Girlfriends -- lifelong girlfriends -- can stab each other in the back, they can say terrible things -- whatever. They get over it. But when a man disses you like you did, Juan Pablo did --

Ryan: Juan Pablo dissed you?

Greenlee: Accused me of leaking his brother's story to this rag.

Ryan: Wow. Well, if you think I poisoned myself, I think you leaked this story and Juan Pablo was right to dump you.

Greenlee: You bastard!

Juan Pablo: Trained assassins are after my brother. One slip by you and he's dead.

Maria: Look, you haven't slept, you're eating out of these vending machines. What are you doing? You've got to start taking care of yourself. You're not going to be any good to anybody else.

Juan Pablo: Because of this, Carlos' whereabouts are known to everybody, the Calatravases included. Until my brother is moved to a safe location, how can I rest?

Man: Is this the room of the man that I --

Juan Pablo: Hey, hey, what are you doing here? This is a restricted area.

Man: Well, excuse me. This is my grandson Lars. I am so terribly sorry for the hurt that I caused. You're -- you're his brother, right?

Juan Pablo: Uh-huh.

Man: I just wanted to say a few prayers over him.

Juan Pablo: I cannot let you do that. I'm sorry.

Maria: Um -- Juan Pablo? You might want to rethink that just because I treated Mr. Schmidt and I know how devastated he's been over hurting Carlos and Greenlee, and I just think it might give him some closure -- if he just sees him for a few minutes.

Juan Pablo: Very well. A few minutes.

J.R.: You know, you keep this up, I'm never going to get out of here.

Babe: I just want you to remember what you got to come home to.

J.R.: Now, how could I possibly forget that?

Babe: So, tell me about this Kendall person. Should I be jealous?

J.R.: Not for a second. In fact, I don't think there's a woman who could tear me away from you.

Babe: God, you're good-looking. Now, get out of here before I take those clothes right back off you.

J.R.: Are you sure you're going to be ok? You're not going to be bored?

Babe: Bored?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Not with my new plastic best friend.

J.R.: That cow Jamie got you?

Babe: Uh-uh. The platinum charge card that you got me last night. We're going to be real tight.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? Should I be jealous?

Babe: Not for a second.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. I need to go. All right. I'll be back, ok?

[Knock on door]

Babe: I knew you couldn't stay away!

Mary: Hi. It's just me. I saw J.R. leave. Is everything ok?

Babe: Totally. He just went to go help out a friend.

Mary: Perfect. I think it's time for us to do some female bonding. Can I come in?

Babe: Sure. As long as you don't have cooties.

Adam: If Ryan Lavery dropped dead tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear.

Erica: Oh, Adam, surely you don't mean that.

Adam: The hell I don't. He was bad enough before he left Pine Valley. Now he fancies himself Alexander Cambias' heir.

Erica: Well, obviously, Alexander trusted Ryan.

Adam: Alexander was a fool. Do you realize that Ryan wants J.R. to take charge of Chandler Enterprises? That's like letting Colby run Fusion. You can't approve of what Ryan�s doing.

Erica: Well, I think that maybe you're too harsh on Ryan. I mean, he's been through a lot. Gillian was killed, and then his father was murdered.

Adam: Oh, he's mourning Chris Stamp? He didn't even know the man.

Erica: But that doesn't mean that he wasn't affected.

Adam: Oh, well, let me run and get my violin.

Erica: You know, Adam, how can you be so heartless? I wanted to have a serious conversation with you, but clearly you are in no mood to be supportive.

Adam: Oh, come back here! You want me to place nice, I'll play nice. What do you want to discuss, Erica?

Erica: Well --

Adam: I bet it has something to do with the night Cambias disappeared.

Kendall: I can't tell you how I did in my husband because I had nothing to do with his murder!

Justin: You know, I so want to believe you, Ms. Hart. I really, really do. I'm sorry, excuse me -- Mrs. Cambias. But I got a slight problem with your little story. These two witnesses in Vegas that saw you with a living and breathing Michael Cambias -- craziest thing happened, Lieutenant. They just up and disappeared.

Kendall: They'll show up.

Justin: Oh, really? You think so? Every story you have given us has been impossible for us to verify.

Kendall: Is it my fault your guys are so damn incompetent?

Derek: Well, why don't you make it easy on us poor, dumb cops. Why don't you make it easy on yourself, Kendall. On your family. I mean, this has got to be tough on Bianca.

Jack: So, how's it going in here, gentlemen?

Justin: Jack, I thought I was handling this case.

Jack: Oh, you are, you are. But as your boss, it's my job to supervise.

Derek: You know what? Justin's doing just fine.

Jack: I'm glad to hear it. Then I don't have to remind you two that Kendall here has a lawyer, and she's elected not to make any statements whatsoever without him present.

Justin: Yes, we are fully aware of that.

Jack: So I guess you two were just chatting with each other, then, huh?

Justin: That's correct.

Jack: Good, glad to hear it. And you wouldn't think of using anything that Kendall might've said against her, now, would you? Good. That's what I thought.

Bianca: Ok, I'm here for my sister --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Bianca: And I'm not leaving until you let her go. Let her go!

Kendall: Bianca, please. I can take care of myself.

Bianca: No, I got to get you out of here.

Kendall: No, listen to me -- Bianca, you have to take care of yourself, especially now. Please?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, why hasn't she been released? Why are they holding her?

Jack: Sweetheart, I'm afraid it's not that easy, ok?

Derek: Your sister's prints were found on the bottle that poisoned Ryan Lavery.

Bianca: Well, then there's some other explanation, ok? Look, if you knew Kendall -- if you really knew her, then you would know that she's not capable of poisoning anyone, especially Ryan Lavery. She loves Ryan. She's always loved Ryan forever.

Jack: Bianca, Bianca, Kendall has a lawyer. He will be here shortly.

Bianca: No, I'm not going to wait for some stupid lawyer, ok, Uncle Jack? I want her released now. Have you all gone crazy? Will somebody please do something? Or Maggie, Lena, and I will do it for you.

Ryan: Greenlee, you really need to work on your arm. You see, the trick to throwing a -- hey. Last time you tried to punch me, you almost broke your fist.

Greenlee: My life is like that stupid bedpan.

Ryan: Oh. Would you care to talk to me about it?

Greenlee: No! It's just that I think I�m doing fine. I've got this terrific company, I've got friends, a new dad, I'm on top of the world, and then everything hits the fan and I hit rock bottom.

Ryan: I hear you.

Greenlee: I actually thought that I might have a shot at a relationship with my mother, but she's as selfish as she's ever been. Then you stole my company out from under me. Then I thought that Juan Pablo and I actually might have the chance to be couple of the year, but then he hurls bogus accusations at me and says Adios.

Ryan: I get it, Greenlee. I get it. I mean, when Alexander Cambias made me his sole heir, I thought my life did a 180. You know, I was going to get power and money and companies. And then, you know, Kendall comes along, claiming to be Mrs. Michael Rapist and tries to grab everything I got. You know, I mean, we've got our issues, but I trusted her.

Greenlee: I trusted Juan Pablo. I would never tell "The Exposer" that Carlos was hiding out here. I'm way past that.

Ryan: You know what our problem is?

Greenlee: No. What?

Ryan: We're both insane.

Greenlee: Speak for yourself.

Ryan: No, it's true. What's the definition of insanity? You do the same thing over and over --

Greenlee: Expecting a different result.

Ryan: Exactly. I mean, that's what we're doing. We keep trusting people. We keep thinking that this is going to be the person that's not going to bail on us, and then --

Greenlee: Bam. We're suckered again.

Ryan: Exactly.

Greenlee: Is there a cure?

Ryan: You're asking the wrong person.

Greenlee: Let me smell that.

Ryan: Hi.

J.R.: Practicing your bedside manner? It's taken me all day to track you down.

Ryan: What's up, man?

J.R.: What's up with you? I mean, what the hell did you do to Kendall?

Ryan: What? Me?

J.R.: Yeah.

Ryan: Do to Kendall?

J.R.: Why did she try to poison you?

Mary: That's a lovely shade. You know, I can't tell you how nice it is to have another distaff member of the household to talk with.

Babe: I don't work here.

Mary: "Distaff" -- it means female.

Babe: What about Lucretia and Winnie?

Mary: Oh, yeah, well -- so you and J.R. met in San Diego?

Babe: Yep.

Mary: It's a beautiful city. Did you meet at a party?

Babe: Nope. So, you and Adam are, like, what, bed buds?

Mary: Bed bugs?

Babe: Bed buds -- as in sheet mates, pillow pals?

Mary: No, we're just friends.

Babe: Well, what's in it for him?

Mary: Other than being a patron of the arts -- companionship.

Babe: Really? Because I thought I had you pegged for some poor family relation, mooching off the family's fortune.

Mary: No, Adam and I are just kindred spirits, comforting one another through some difficult times. You know who I had the nicest chat with yesterday?

Babe: I give up.

Mary: Jamie. He and J.R. are very close, aren't they?

Babe: Jamie's the bomb, yeah. Him and J.R. -- It's really cool because they're like brothers, and they're almost like friends, you know?

Mary: I have a great idea. Why don't I take you on a major shopping spree? Adam would love to pay for it, and he would love to see you get the clothes you'll need for Pine Valley.

Babe: I didn't know Pine Valley had a dress code.

Mary: Oh, no, no, no, it doesn't. It's just that being married to J.R., you'll want to look like a Chandler.

Babe: You mean, like we could get navy-blue blazers with the gold "C" embroidered on the pocket? Or we could get these cool bowling shirts and we can embroider "Chandler" on it, and mine can be pink with black trim.

Mary: No, no, no, no, I don't think so.

Babe: Come on, it'd be cute.

Mary: No. You know what's interesting about Jamie and J.R.?

Babe: I thought we were talking about clothes.

Mary: They're both so handsome and charming, I would think they would be jealous of one another. You know, living in a small town like Pine Valley, they must have fallen for the same woman at least once or twice.

Babe: You know, I've got a lot of things planned today, and I guess I'm going to have to take a rain check on that shopping spree.

Mary: Oh, no, please. Just -- just for one hour. It would make Adam so happy. Really, please.

Babe: Sure. Just give me a chance to get dressed.

Mary: Good. I'll be back and get you in a few minutes.

Babe: Sure. That woman has a serious nose problem.

Erica: Ok, Adam. Tell me what you know about the night that Michael Cambias disappeared.

Adam: I know what I saw.

Erica: Ok. Tell me what you think you saw me do the night of Michael Cambias' hearing.

Adam: All right, I'll tell you. But I doubt you'll like what you hear.

Lars: This means a lot to my grandfather. Thank you so much for letting him see your brother, pray over him, you know? The guilt has just been eating him alive.

Juan Pablo: Te agradesco muchisimo las oraciones de su abuelo.

Lars: No hay de que.

Maria: You have lost it! Are you crazy?

Juan Pablo: The blanket! The blanket! Get the gun. Give me the gun.

Maria: Oh, my God.

Juan Pablo: Call 911 and get these bastards out of here now!

Maria: Juan Pablo, I'm so sorry. I almost got us killed. Oh, my God, how did you even know? How did you know what was going on?

Juan Pablo: I asked him in Spanish, and he answered me as only a man from my region do.

Maria: Well, what about the whole car accident and --

Juan Pablo: It was no accident.

Maria: They were deliberately trying to murder him this whole time?

Juan Pablo: Maria, the Calatravases care nothing about hurting innocent people.

J.R.: Kendall's at the police station right now. The cops won't let anybody see her.

Greenlee: So much for helping Kendall out of the country. What'd you do, give her your private jet and then inform the cops she was skipping town?

Ryan: No. Give me a break.

Greenlee: You know, you want to be all things to all women, but all you want to do is put us behind bars.

Ryan: You're insane.

Greenlee: We're both insane, remember?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, and actually, I'm about to prove it. I'm going to do the same thing that I�ve done over and over again, and I�m going to expect a different result. J.R., you got to get me to the police station.

J.R.: Let's roll.

Nurse: Hold it right there, Mr. Lavery. I know where you've been. There is no fraternizing between patients in this hospital.

Ryan: Right. Good. Won't happen again.

Nurse: And where are you off to in such a hurry this morning? City Hall?

Ryan: No, actually, close -- the police station.

J.R.: It's kind of an emergency.

Nurse: Not on my watch. Dr. Grey wants you flat on your back, so on your back you'll be.

Ryan: I'm fine! Look at me!

J.R.: I'll take good care of him, all right?

Ryan: Yeah, thanks.

Nurse: Take one more step, and I'll call every orderly on duty for restraints. Those cops will just have to wait.

Jack: Bianca, sweetheart, let me handle this.

Bianca: No, you know what? Somebody do something, ok? Kendall didn't do anything wrong. She needs to be let go.

Derek: Look, Bianca, the force was sick. We hated seeing Cambias walk after he assaulted you, but that doesn't excuse what your sister did.

Aidan: Allegedly did, Derek.

Kendall: Look, Bianca, I can take care of myself. This is not your problem.

Derek: Your sister has to face the consequences of what she's done.

Bianca: No. You're the ones to blame for this. All of you. If you had done your jobs, if you had put Michael Cambias away for raping me, then none of this would have happened. Ok, Michael would be alive. Nobody would be accused of his murder. He'd be the one behind bars, not Kendall.

Justin: Listen, nobody's going to argue with you on that, ok? Your sister's under arrest because she tried to whack her business rival.

Bianca: She didn't.

Justin: Yes, she did. Now, if you don't calm down --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, you calm down! You back off a second here!

Justin: What did I say?

Jack: Damn!

Derek: Easy, easy --

Kendall: Listen, listen -- listen, Binks, just go, ok?

Bianca: No!

Kendall: These charges are bogus. I can ride them out.

Bianca: I am not going to let them punish you, ok? You need somebody to protect you now.

Kendall: I have a good lawyer. I have a good lawyer.

Bianca: No --

Aidan: Don't worry. I'll protect Kendall, I promise.

Bianca: It's not going to do any good, ok? They want to see her behind bars. Everybody wants to see her locked up. They don't know. They think that you're like your father, but you're not.

Kendall: Bianca, stop it. Please stop it.

Bianca: Because they don't know what we know, Kendall. They don't know that the children are innocent.

Maggie: Bianca, let's go right now.

Bianca: Children can't be blamed for who their parents are, for what their parents do. It's not their fault.

Maggie: Bianca, let's go.

Bianca: No, I'm not going to leave without Kendall! I'm taking you home.

Jack: No -- whoa, whoa, whoa. Bianca, please, just let me straighten this out.

Bianca: Somebody do something! I'm not going to leave without you, Kendall. I'm going to protect you this time. Ok? I love you. I can't do this without you.

Maria: I can't believe that these were the people. I can't believe these were the killers. I mean, I feel like I should've known. I should've -- I should've sensed something.

Juan Pablo: The Calatravases will stop at nothing. Mr. Schmidt and his grandson failed, but there will be others to take their places.

Maria: Ok, well, we'll just -- we'll call more guards. We'll call the police in. We'll have -- not one single person will go near this room, ok?

Juan Pablo: Including you.

Maria: Well, that's not possible.

Juan Pablo: You, Tad, and Edmund must stay away from Carlos and me. Now you see why.

Maria: No. Juan Pablo, if Mr. Schmidt had been successful, then --

Juan Pablo: We'd all be dead. I cannot take that risk. And please, keep this incident quiet.

Maria: Yeah, of course. You know, actually, one bit of good news is that Carlos will be able to be moved soon. So you'll get to get some sleep.

Juan Pablo: Thank you for all you've done.

Maria: If you need anything else, please --

Mary: Babe? Babe? Hello? Babe? Are you ready to shop till you drop? Babe? Now, where did you run to? Wherever it is, don't come back for a few minutes. Ooh, Babe, Babe, Babe, Babe, Babe. I'm pretty good at this. I would've been good in Watergate. All right, J.R., who did you marry? Will the real Babe Chandler please stand -- aha, the ubiquitous cow. Come here, Bessie. Let's take a look at you. Oh, Babe. I want you to come back because I'm just dying to find out who your cow loves, Jamie or J.R.

Adam: I told you you wouldn't like it. But that's what I saw the night of the hearing, the night Cambias did his disappearing act.

Erica: You haven't told Typhoid Mary, have you?

Adam: Oh, no. I haven't told Mary. Contrary to popular belief, I run her, not the other way around.

Erica: You've told no one?

Adam: I've told no one.

Erica: Thank you.

Babe: That was juicy. Very juicy.

Bianca: I won't let them lock you up, Kendall. I won�t. I'm going to protect you.

Lena: Stop it.

Bianca: Leave us alone.

Lena: Stop it. She didn't do it, ok? She didn't poison --

Derek: And you know this how?

Lena: She didn't put the poison in the pills because I did.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack: Did you claim to put the poison in those capsules in order to keep Kendall out of jail?

Babe: If anyone can show a girl a good time, I'm sure it's your brother.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Jamie slept with his brother's wife.

Juan Pablo: You're not wanted here.

Greenlee: Tough. You're not getting rid of me.

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