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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

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Babe: J.R., it's like a museum. Oh, it's like a palace! And my suitcase is already unpacked? This is, like, the fanciest hotel in Vegas. Where's the room service menu?

J.R.: You don't need one. You just call downstairs, you get whatever you want.

Babe: No way. Oh! Oh, my gosh! Oh. It's like heaven.

J.R.: This is where you belong from now on.

Babe: Yeah, right. Your dad is probably filling out the restraining order right now.

J.R.: Hey, hey, you let me handle my dad. You forget about him, ok? Forget about the rest of the world. Because all that matters right now -- hmm? -- is that we love each other.

Singer: All the more all the more real I know, I know you can't deal what were you thinking? To my surprise I'm hypnotized by the sight of flesh and the scent of skin give me a chance due to circumstance

Brooke: Jamie?

Singer: I know I can act you should see me lie

Brooke: Jamie, honey?

Jamie: What?

Brooke: Can I ask you a question?

Jamie: About what?

Brooke: About tonight, when your brother, J.R., came home married to a woman he's only known for three weeks. Well, I guess Adam acted true to form, though I can't say I blame him. I don't know what I would have done if you showed up married to Babe.

Jamie: Mom, what the hell are you talking about?

Bianca: Oh, please come in.

Lena: The doorman at your building -- well, Erica�s building -- gave me your new address. Oh, it's not a secret, is it?

Bianca: Oh, no, no. As soon as I get the place fixed up, I'm going to start sending out cards.

Lena: Well, this is just charming. I think this is really a great idea. You needed a little independence, yes?

Bianca: Yeah, a little.

Lena: But you're not used to living by yourself. You have to make sure you're not too lonely.

Maggie: Ok, so, please, don't say to you hate it until we live with it for a while. It's --

Lena: You two are roommates?

David: Looks like Derek�s gone. Should we stop?

Erica: No, because Mary�s there, and Mary will of course report to Jack. You know that.

Joe: Mr. Ruiz, your brother came through the surgery without incident.

Juan Pablo: Dr. Grey just regained her medical license and her memory. I want a second opinion.

Joe: He's recovering and he's getting the best possible care. Let's talk in the morning. We'll reassess the situation.

Maria: The poor guy needs one less thing to worry about.

Joe: Well, I guess he's got to direct his anger somewhere.

Maria: That's true.

Ryan: So, what am I missing here, Erica, and what does it have to do with the liplock we all just witnessed?

Erica: Well, it's going to be public knowledge very soon anyway, so -- Ryan, David could not have had anything to do with Michael Cambias' murder because the night Michael Cambias disappeared, David was -- well, we were together all night.

David: Mm-hmm.

Mary: You and David were together all night? Does Jack know? Of course he knows. That's why he just stormed out of here.

Erica: So, what I'm getting at is that those shards of glass that you very thoughtfully brought to Derek really are totally irrelevant.

Ryan: I see. Well, you know, all I really was interested in was trading information with Derek to get Michael�s exact time of death.

David: Why don't I believe you?

Ryan: Well, you're free to believe whatever you want, David. So am I.

Tad: J.P.? I just heard. How are they?

Juan Pablo: Carlos is out of surgery. Greenlee won't wake up.

Tad: I'm sorry. I was afraid something like this would happen.

Juan Pablo: Tad, it was an old man who lost control of his car. An accident.

Tad: Are you kidding? The people after your brother are very wealthy and powerful. How do you know this wasn't their work? And I got news for you. If it was, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where they're going to strike next.

Simone: "Concussion." Well, that's just a fancy way of saying "a bump on the head."

Kendall: Will you just put that down? Put it down.

Simone: What? She's got a bump on the head. You know, we're all here waiting for her every breath. I mean, come on. We all know Sleeping Beauty here is just waiting for Prince Charming to give her a kiss.

Mia: Yeah, well, you know, what's wrong with that? Hmm?

Simone: Nothing. That's my point. I mean, Greenlee gets all the luck. I mean, the worst that happens to me is I get a sprained ankle or a sinus infection, and -- what?

Mia: Come on.

Simone: Oh, my --

Kendall: Just -- this is ridiculous.

Mia: Would you just please -- just watch what you say in there, ok?

Kendall: Greenlee's been out for almost seven hours now.

Mia: The doctors say that six hours is the maximum that she could be unconscious without suffering some kind of permanent damage.

Kendall: If she doesn't open her eyes soon, she may never open them.

Mia: So just knock it off with the Greenlee being lucky.

Simone: I'm sorry, I didn't realize that. Look, I was just mouthing off. You do it, too.

Kendall: Yeah, but this is different now.

Mia: Yeah, it's different. We could lose her.

Lena: Well, it looks like you have a great new apartment and a wonderful friend to share it with.

Bianca: Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it.

Lena: Oh, I bought you a little housewarming present. I'm sorry, I didn't realize Maggie would be here.

Maggie: Oh, no, that's ok.

Bianca: Oh, we'll share it.

Lena: Oh, well, I doubt it.

Bianca: Oh --

Maggie: That is really sweet.

Bianca: Aw.

Lena: You told me once you missed the one you had when you were a little girl. I think you should never lose the part of you that likes to play with rubber ducks.

[Toy squeaks]

Lena: Well, I'll leave you two to finish off this place.

Maggie: Oh, Lena, you really should stop by when the place is all fixed up.

Lena: Yes, I will. I'm sorry I was premature. Next time I'll bring you something for the kitchen, like a spaghetti strainer.

Maggie: Oh, I don't believe you said that. I actually think I left mine on top of the car.

Lena: I'll see you.

Bianca: What the heck was that?

Maggie: That is one brilliant and classy girl.

[Toy squeaks]

Aidan: I'm going to have to side with Ryan on this one, David. You had a motive, a .38 revolver, and one of those handy-dandy concoctions that you're so fond of.

David: Hmm. Well, that's an interesting theory, Aidan, but Michael wasn't poisoned.

Aidan: Ah, which is why you had the .38.

David: You know, as riveting as this is, guys, I think we're going to go muster up a real cup of coffee in this joint and then maybe go see how Greenlee�s doing, all right?

Mary: I'm glad someone finally remembered that my sweet daughter is lying unconscious in a hospital bed and might not wake up again.

Erica: You could save the theatrics, Mary, because Jack is gone, your parents didn't come, and there isn't an adolescent boy in sight.

Mary: I don't have the strength to fight with you, Erica.

Erica: Excuse me.

Mary: Ryan, would you please take me to see Greenlee?

Tad: There's nothing simple about the way these people operate. Even if this was some kind of sad coincidence, Carlos is here now. He's helpless, he's vulnerable.

Juan Pablo: I have no time to think about that, Tad.

Tad: Well, think about it. Security at the hospital is minimal. Even if your enemies didn't start this, there's nothing to prevent them from walking in here and finishing it.

Juan Pablo: I cannot allow that to happen. I've got to get my brother out of here now.

Tad: Then I suggest we start working on it now.

Kendall: What could they be talking about for so long in there?

Simone: Ugh, can we just please -- just, like, go for a walk and get some coffee or something?

Kendall: Fine. Let's go.

Maria: I don't know, Joe. It just doesn't feel good to me.

Joe: Yes, it's past time for Greenlee to regain consciousness. Still, I've seen patients' eyes pop open long after seven hours.

Maria: That's true. I remember being in the OR one time, and I was literally at the point of drilling burr holes into this little girl's head to relieve the intracranial pressure, and she woke up right out of the blue and asked for ice cream. So you never know.

Joe: You're completely back, aren't you?

Maria: Yeah, I remember every patient. I remember every procedure. I also, unfortunately, remember what it feels like at a time like this. The utter helplessness just --

Joe: Come on.

Maria: Yeah, ok.

Tad: Dad, we want to talk to you about Carlos.

Juan Pablo: I want to move my brother to another hospital immediately.

Joe: If this is about Dr. Grey's involvement --

Juan Pablo: No, Doctor, it's not, but it's a matter of life or death. I must take my brother away.

Maria: As Carlos' doctor, I can't allow you to do that. If you move him to another hospital, he will die.

Maggie: Bianca, what Lena was trying to do was make it easy for you. It wasn't only classy, it was incredibly brave, and the way that she handled me being here? Really positive and friendly.

Bianca: You're right. You are absolutely right.

Maggie: And the way -- I mean, please, the spaghetti thing? So she could stop by again. I am so impressed.

Bianca: Wow. Sounds like you're in love with her, too.

Maggie: No, she's all yours.

Bianca: Hey, what are you doing with Portia?

Maggie: Well, I think I got to find a home for her.

Bianca: No way. You're going to put her up? I thought you said you hated her.

Maggie: Well, yes, I'm going to make an exception. However, you are going to pay me back for my amazing generosity.

Juan Pablo: Maria, you told me you understood the trouble Carlos is facing.

Maria: Yes, I do, but Carlos is facing a lot more immediate danger to his life right now. He's not going to survive anything like a move to another hospital.

Mary: Joe?

Joe: Hmm?

Mary: Is Greenlee all right? Please -- please tell me she's going to be all right.

Joe: We have every reason to expect so, yes.

Mary: Is it possible for me to just go in and sit quietly with her?

Joe: Yes, yes, of course. You might even try talking to her, as well -- I mean, so long as it's pleasant. You could tell her how much you love her, tell her how much you want her to open her eyes. She might respond to that.

Tad: Dad --

Mary: So if I said something to her --

Joe: Excuse me. I have another patient.

Mary: Oh, ok. Sorry.

Erica: Don't you dare touch that door.

Mary: Joe said I could go in and see her.

Erica: Oh, that's because he assumes you're a normal mother with normal feelings.

Mary: I don't need your permission to see my own daughter.

Mary: Oh, my God. Greenlee? Greenlee, wake up. Darling?

Maria: Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Tad: Dad, I'm not kidding. Carlos is not the only person in danger here. If the Calatravas manage to get into the hospital, a lot of innocent people could get hurt.

Joe: Look, we're going to have to bring Derek in on this. I mean, he's got to post guards around the clock on Carlos' room.

Tad: Maria, could Carlos survive a move to another part of the hospital?

Maria: If we're very, very careful.

Tad: What about the psych ward? I've been thinking, the security's better down there, at least.

Joe: No, no, no. Wait, I have a better idea. The new maternity wing.

Maria: Oh, that's perfect. That's perfect.

Joe: It's not -- it's not scheduled to open till the new year, but there's power and it's totally empty.

Tad: Ok, ok. Now all we have to do is move him there and put out the word that we've taken him to another hospital.

Joe: Yeah, we can do it, but, you know, we can't keep it secret forever.

Maria: You know, we can probably maybe get a couple of days before the hospital rumor mill picks it up.

Juan Pablo: That will buy us some time.

Tad: Mm-hmm. It might be enough time to find out who's after him.

Juan Pablo: Thank you very much. You may have saved my brother one more time.

Tad: Well, I think we should get to work because time is not something we have a lot of.

Joe: Come on, this way, this way.

Jamie: What's so crazy about me ending up with someone like J.R.�s wife, anyway?

Brooke: All I'm saying is that J.R. was raised very differently from that girl.

Jamie: Oh, like Adam and the rest of us are so much better than Babe? Like how, exactly?

Brooke: Honey, I'm not a snob, you know. I just know that sometimes when people are from different backgrounds, it makes it more difficult to have a relationship. You're being very defensive.

Jamie: What? What, do you think I was out with some girl the other night when I didn't come home?

Brooke: Well, would you tell me if you had been?

Jamie: So you can treat us like Adam did? I don't think so.

Brooke: Well, listen, you know, I would be shocked, personally, if you came home married, and you hadn't said anything to me first.

Jamie: Well, you don't have to worry about it, all right?

Brooke: Ok. I'm taking that as a promise that you will give me a heads-up because I love you and I do want to be there when you get married. And I hope I have enough common sense to keep my opinions to myself, and I'll welcome your bride into our family whether her name is Babe or Megabucks.

Babe: So I guess I'm not crazy to think your dad kind of hates me, huh?

J.R.: He hates us both so much, he can't even pretend to be polite. Hey, I don't want him to scare you.

Babe: It's just so much to fight.

J.R.: It's ok. I'm not going to let him hurt you.

Babe: Why don't we just disappear someplace together?

J.R.: Oh, because that's what he wants. He makes everybody so crazy that they run away from him, and then he doesn't have to deal with it. He did it to my mom and me. He's done it to a lot of others.

Babe: He's not God. I mean, how does he get away with it?

J.R.: Well, one time he convinced my mom that she was crazy. He even put her in a mental hospital. Then he twisted things around and got custody of me the next year, and she couldn't even come around. She had to sneak into my first-grade Christmas pageant just to be near me at all.

Babe: That's so bad. Why do you even want to be anywhere near that mean old coot?

J.R.: Because I'm here to settle old scores. Every single one of them.

Mary: Greenlee? Greenlee, it's Mommy. Please wake up. You have to let me show you how I can change. I -- there won't be any more manipulation or selfishness, I promise. We'll be so close and so happy. And if anybody dares to call me a bad mother, we'll just show them that it's you and me against the world, ok?

David: This is always the most frustrating part, when you know there's something else that can be done and you just can't figure out what it is.

Erica: Let me try. Greenlee? It's Erica. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to me good because I am never going to say this again to you once you wake up. Do you remember that day I found you in my office, pretending to be me, and I told you you were a pale imitation of me? Well, I meant it. Because you don't need to be another Erica Kane. You're already Greenlee du Pres. So you have to wake up and challenge me because that's what you do best, isn't it? You get under my skin, and that's fine because I'll put you in your place. I'll give it right back to you. So come on! Get up! Let's go to it, Greenlee. May the best woman win, and we all know who that is.

Mary: I was just with Greenlee. She seemed so little and lost to us.

Kendall: Oh, please. All of a sudden you love her?

Simone: Yeah, you know what? Your crocodile tears do not make up for the 26 years of lies.

Kendall: Things are hard enough here. We don't want to have to deal with you, too.

Mary: I'm tired of people telling me that I don't love my daughter. Juan Pablo, you tell them. He and Greenlee played a nasty trick on me, and it was humiliating, but I'm here, and I forgave her. You tell them. You know that I love Greenlee.

Juan Pablo: I have never known you to be anything but false and selfish. Go away, Mary. When Greenlee wakes up, you are the last person she'll want to see.

Simone: Ok, so, anything about Carlos?

Juan Pablo: Actually, yes.

Simone: Good. What?

Juan Pablo: We have sent him to another hospital.

Simone: What? Already? He's gone?

Juan Pablo: Yes, out of state, to get the medical care he needs.

Tad: How is he?

Maria: He's stable for now.

Tad: Hmm. Good. Good. You ever get used to this?

Joe: Hmm?

Tad: Standing around waiting, powerless, maybe praying a little?

Joe: Praying a lot. Nope, you never get used to it.

Maria: Nobody ever does.

Joe: The only comfort is in knowing you've done everything that could be done.

Tad: The older I get, the smarter you get.

Joe: All fathers get smarter as their sons grow up.

Tad: Oh, no. I can think of one great, big exception to that rule.

Joe: Adam Chandler.

Tad: You missed a real show after you took off from J.R.�s dinner party.

Joe: Mm-hmm. J.R. get the brunt of it?

Tad: As usual. I don't know what to do, Pop. Seems like Adam is determined to push J.R. away in the most emotionally violent way he can come up with. Between the pair of them, they're like a disaster waiting to happen.

Babe: Baby, why don't we leave Pine Valley? I mean, we could be happy anywhere. We could get jobs, like work at a restaurant. Wouldn't it be sweet? It'd be just the two of us. You could cook, and then I could wait tables.

J.R.: No, you're not getting a job -- not a restaurant job, anyway. I promised I'd take care of you.

Babe: Those are the sweetest words I've ever heard. Baby, I just can't believe my luck, so whatever you want to do is ok with me.

J.R.: Well, we're going to be happy, Babe. And the world is ours, you know? We can go or do anything we want, and we will. Just as soon as I'm done here.

Babe: And that means getting back at your dad?

J.R.: Oh, my father's spent a lifetime of getting at people -- business, me and my mom. Now it's my time to go after him.

Babe: Think your mom would've wanted that?

J.R.: Oh, she's so far out of my dad's reach, it's up to me to make this right. You know?

Babe: Ok, I -- I see. I guess.

J.R.: I'm going to make my -- I'm going to give my father hurt for hurt, pain for pain. I'm going to make him sorry that he ever did anything wrong to me and my mom and a lot of other people.

Babe: You're so great, so masculine when you get all steamed up. What can I say? That's why I love you.

Bianca: All right, just clock it up on the left. More, more, more, more. Keep it -- keep it coming and -- stop, stop! Perfect. Portia is perfect.

Maggie: Yeah.

Bianca: All right. So what do I owe you for indulging me?

Maggie: Easy. I sleep on the big bed for the first month, and you sleep on the little one.

Bianca: What? Oh, no way. No way.

Maggie: Sorry, that's my price.

Bianca: But I -- I'm --

Maggie: Don't you dare say it.

Bianca: But I'm pregnant!

Maggie: Oh, excuse me, but you're the one who didn't want the special treatment.

Bianca: Well, yeah, but I have to be comfortable.

Maggie: Well, I mean, it's not like I'm saying -- it's not like I'm making you sleep in a manger or anything.

Bianca: Thanks.

Maggie: Cheers.

Bianca: Cheers.

Greenlee: Daddy?

Roger: Call me Roger.

Greenlee: You won't let me call you Daddy?

Roger: I'm in hell, darling. I don't have to be polite.

Greenlee: I don't remember you smoking cigarettes.

Roger: One of the few perks of being in hell. Everybody smokes cigarettes, except TV executives and lawyers. They get to smoke Cuban cigars for a job well done. You really screwed it up this time, didn't you, sweetie?

Greenlee: You mean like getting run over by a little old man?

Roger: No, I mean, getting run over by all the men in your life. Leo up and dies on you. Juan Pablo blows you off. Ryan thinks you're the biggest brat this side of the River Styx. Why is it, pumpkin, that the harder you try, the more you screw it up?

Greenlee: I ask myself that question every day. Maybe it's because I never had a good male role model growing up.

Roger: Can you really blame me for that? I mean, knowing what you know now?

Greenlee: Did you know, Daddy? Roger? You must have known all along, right, that I really wasn't your daughter? Is that why you neglected me? Why you didn't love me?

Roger: Oh, I'm sorry, darling. I'd really like to tell you, but that's not the message I came here to give you from the great beyond.

Greenlee: I don't care. You know, you never were around -- you have a message for me from the great beyond?

Roger: I think you know it already, darling. The way you've screwed up your life, what's the use in fighting for life and hanging on?

Greenlee: You mean I should die?

Roger: Why not? You never cared much for this life and this world anyway. Let go, darling. Just let go and give up.

Joe: The last numbers on Greenlee --

Maria: Oh, I'll go get them.

Joe: Look, no use in waiting any longer. She's not waking up.

Maria: Yeah, that's true. In about a half an hour, we're going to have to intervene surgically.

Maggie: Good night, Bianca.

Bianca: Hmm. Good night, Maggie.

Maggie: Good night, rubber duck.

Bianca: Good night, Portia.

Maggie: Good night, ugly portrait.

[Bianca laughs]

Bianca: Good night, best friend.

Maggie: Good night, best friend.

J.R.: What the hell is that?

Babe: What, they don't have cows in Pine Valley?

J.R.: No, not indoors, we don't.

Babe: You don't like it? I thought I'd cheer the place up, make it seem more like home.

J.R.: Where do you find something like that, anyway?

Babe: I had to search real hard, but never mind the cow. Because I'm with my big, strong husband.

Brooke: Don't stay up too late.

Juan Pablo: Has there been any change?

Tad: No.

Juan Pablo: Va salir todo bien. Creo que va ser asi.

Tad: Why don't you stay, talk to your brother. There's certainly nothing else we can do right now.

Juan Pablo: I can't believe that. I will not let my brother die in this miserable place.

Ryan: Wake up, Greenlee. It's me, Ryan. All right, I need you to get back here. I need you to wake up and get back here. There's so much here waiting for you.

Greenlee: Make love to me.

Ryan: Is there a problem?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: I have a present for you.

Babe: I love presents.

[Babe giggles]

Tad: Don't you mess with my family, ever.

Ryan: Do you have any idea what the date is?

Greenlee: November something?

Ryan: What year?

Greenlee: 1999.

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