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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/20/03

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Kendall: Aidan, I -- I didn't see this coming.

Aidan: What? You're not sorry for -- for saying how you feel, are you?

Kendall: No. No, no, no, no, it's just that we -- we have this whole friendship thing worked out, and then love comes and slaps you in the face.

Aidan: Right. So that was -- that was love when you --

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I guess, in a way, it was.

J.R.: Ok, so, who's going to be the first to congratulate us?

Marian: No, no, Stuart let Adam field this one.

Opal: Married? You mean you two are hitched?

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Oh. It's -- it's a joke. It's a prank. Come on, come on, give me the punch line.

J.R.: You're just embarrassing yourself, Dad. Babe and I were married last week, and I invited all of you to welcome her to the family. Don't you want to kiss the bride, Dad?

Maria: We'll take it from here. Get him to cubicle 1. Come on.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey -- they can work better without you. Come on.

Juan Pablo: How's Greenlee?

Ryan: Greenlee -- she's -- she's still unconscious, and we're hoping that she wakes up soon. The sooner, the better.

Jack: Greenlee? Honey, please open your eyes. Please. I don't want this to be so damn serious that they have -- just save us all a lot of worry, huh? Wake up? Look, if -- if this is payback for me not being there when you were growing up, not being there for you when you had your nightmares, your tummy aches, your fevers, not being there when you came home way too late from a party -- ok, I get it. I can take that. But, honey, I can't take it for much longer. You've been telling me what a great dad you think I am. Well, why don't you wake up so I can prove it to you? I want my not so little girl back, you know, so wake up and tell me to go get you something that you really want or tell me to get lost. Honey, you can tell me anything. Just please -- please wake up.

Erica: Don't say you deserve to be punished, David, not even to me. Michael Cambias had to be stopped.

David: No, that's --

Erica: What we did was the right thing. And if we keep quiet, David, the police will never find out what really happened and we won't go to prison.

David: I'm not talking about what we did to Michael. I'm talking about what I did to you. It's like this dark cloud hanging over my head.

Maria: Page Dr. Evans.

Nurse: Well, he's trying to get back, but he's stuck at the airport.

Maria: Can you call Stevens?

Nurse: He's still in Italy.

Juan Pablo: You're a neurosurgeon. You do it.

Maria: I -- I've been away for a really long time, and I'm not ready.

Juan Pablo: Then get someone from anywhere. Fly them in. I will pay. Just save Carlos. Move!

Ryan: All right, hey, hey, hey, ok. Take it easy. All right, take it easy. Maria's going to handle this.

Juan Pablo: Leave us alone. I need to speak to Dr. Grey privately.

Maria: It's ok, Ryan. Thank you.

Juan Pablo: You understand me and my bond with Carlos because of your sister, right?

Maria: Yes, I do.

Juan Pablo: Then help me. Find the doctor who can save my brother.

Kendall: Yeah, that's real smart. Getting involved with me, Aidan -- that's real bright. You can visit me at Statesville, and we'll chat through bulletproof glass. That's a blast, all right.

Aidan: Kendall, it doesn't have to be that way.

Kendall: Why didn't you just take my advice and run as fast and far away from me as you can get?

Aidan: Run for the hills and save myself?

Kendall: Yeah, exactly.

Aidan: Kendall, you can't save the whole world, you know. And as for me -- if a little bit of pain is the tradeoff for loving you, then it's worth it.

Erica: David, that was four years ago.

David: Erica, I drugged you without you even realizing it, and then I let you sleep with me despite the fact that you were so drugged up, you didn't know what you were doing. I also manipulated Gillian. I promised that I would pay Ryan�s bail if she slept with me, and then I destroyed her marriage with that information. I mean, come on. I'm no better than Cambias was.

Erica: No, that's not true.

David: Really? How? How are we different?

Erica: David, I depend on you. Bianca and I both do.

David: Bianca's the one that brought this back to me -- on the witness stand when she described what she went through with Cambias, what she felt, what she thought. I mean, for the first time in my life, I finally understood what I did to Gillian and to you. It was wrong. I'm sorry, Erica. I really am sorry.

J.R.: Dad?

Tad: Is just going to have to take a number and get in line behind me with Palmer and Jamie and everybody else, because I would like to be the first to welcome you to the family. I am J.R.�s other father, the cool one.

Babe: You're Tad?

Tad: Yeah.

Babe: J.R.�s told me all kinds of things about you.

Tad: Am I in trouble?

Babe: Never. You're even handsomer than J.R. said.

Tad: Bright and beautiful. I like her. Welcome to the family, Babe. It's an honor to meet you.

Adam: Let me go.

Liza: No, no, no, no, no, don't --

Adam: Just let me go.

Liza: Just don't insult him so he runs out of the house. Please.

Adam: What the hell do you expect me to do? My son comes home, he's got this girl with him, and he said, "oh, this is my wife." It's a deliberate challenge.

J.R.: Dad? How's it going over there?

Adam: Well, you two certainly know how to blindside a guy. Babe, you're welcome here, of course. And, J.R., son, congratulations.

J.R.: Thank you.

Babe: Wow. I feel like I just popped up nude out of a cake at the Pope's birthday party, but you-all will get used to me. I'm real easy to get to know. I mean, what you see is what you get. And I just hope, for J.R.�s sake, that you'll give us your blessing because I'm wild about J.R. I could howl about him all night long. In fact, I already have.

J.R.: They'll all fall in love with you, just like I did.

Winifred: Where shall I place Mr. J.R.�s guest?

J.R.: Between me and my father.

Opal: That sounds about right.

J.R.: Just to my dad's right. Yeah, that's good. I'll move over.

Mary: Winifred, I think we should have the champagne now to celebrate the new Mrs. Chandler.

Winifred: Of course.

J.R.: And now for the introductions. Grandma Ruth, this is Babe.

Ruth: Hello, dear.

Babe: Hi. You're Tad�s mom, right? The one who adopted him?

Ruth: Yes, that's me. And Joe and I will have you over to the house for dinner as soon as you're settled.

Babe: Oh, cool. Thanks. I eat way too much of everything. And you've got to be Tad�s birth mom.

Opal: Well, how did you guess?

Babe: Those earrings. J.R. told me you stood out in a crowd.

Opal: Oh.

Palmer: Don't encourage her.

Babe: Mr. Cortlandt?

Palmer: Oh, yes, yes, yes. It's -- it's very nice to meet you.

Babe: Is it true that you've got a house bigger than this one?

Palmer: Oh, yes, yes. Only it now belongs to my ex-wife. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Opal: Will you kids be settling here in Pine Valley?

J.R.: We haven't made any long-term plans.

Opal: Oh, you're going to love it, honey. In fact, I'll throw a great, big wingding for you at the mansion, introduce you to all the fine folks and --

Winifred: Champagne for everybody.

Babe: Oh, wow. I've landed in "Dynasty."

J.R.: Babe's a big fan.

Mary: Of what?

Babe: "Dynasty." Alexis and Crystal.

J.R.: This is Mary Smythe. She is a houseguest and a friend of my father�s.

Babe: Oh, I get it. Cozy. You guys aren't so snooty after all, huh?

Marian: No, darling, of course we're not. Oh, except for Mary here. She's terminally snooty. Anyway, I'm Marian. This is my husband, Stuart, and that is my gorgeous daughter Liza over there.

Stuart: Babe, welcome to the family. She's so pretty. It's like being married to a work of art.

J.R.: I think so.

Babe: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Thank you.

Stuart: Oh -- maybe -- maybe some day you can pose for me, and I'll paint you.

Babe: That would be great. Clothes or no clothes --

Marian: Clothes, darling. Clothes.

Palmer: And who says family dinners can't be fun?

J.R.: Jamie, this is my wife. What do you think?

Jamie: Why didn't you tell me you got married?

J.R.: Well, I didn't want to wreck the surprise. Isn't she unbelievable?

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Babe: Hi. It's nice to meet you.

Colby: I want to come to the party.

J.R.: Hey, peanut. How you doing? This is Colby. She's my stepsister.

Babe: Colby? Colby? Were you named after Alexis and Fallon? Why didn't you tell me you were a "Dynasty" fan, too?

Liza: I'm not. Colby is my maiden name.

Babe: Oh. Well, Colby, I married your brother, so I'm your sister now.

J.R.: Isn't that great?

Colby: You are?

Babe: Yes, and we can go shopping and get manicures and pedicures and --

Mary: And tattoos?

Babe: Well, sure. I got my first one when I was, like, 12.

Tad: Toast. A toast. I propose a toast to J.R. and his beautiful new bride, Babe. And your whirlwind romance. How many months old is it?

Babe: Months? We met, like, three weeks ago.

Brooke: Oh, Adam --

Liza: Adam --

Brooke: Here. Let me see. Cracked glass --

Liza: Oh, my goodness.

Adam: I wasn't --

Liza: We should go inside.

Adam: I wasn't cut.

Brooke: Hold it.

Liza: No, and, you know, you have it all over your suit. Those stains are going to set.

Opal: Well, it's champagne, not ketchup.

Brooke: You know what? I think we can fix it. Just need to look at it. Let's -- ok?

Liza: Just take a minute --

Adam: All right, all right.

Babe: Well, if club soda doesn't work, try lighter fluid.

Palmer: And a match.

Ruth: A tab of nitroglycerin and a year in bed wouldn't hurt, either.

Marian: Well, everybody, Stuart and I are going to take Colby back up to bed, so say good night, little one.

Colby: Good night.

Mary: Good night.

Stuart: Good night, everyone. Good night.

Marian: Good night.

Stuart: Good night.

J.R.: Well, about that toast -- I'll make it. Here's to my beautiful, wonderful bride. I only hope I can make her just as happy as she's made me.

Babe: You know you already do. Is it ok if I eat?

Mary: Oh, sure, go ahead. Take a seat. So, Babe, were you named after the baseball player or the candy bar?

Babe: Could be either. I'm real good with a bat, but I'm also sweet as candy.

Ruth: I am so sorry that Joe was called to the hospital. He would really have enjoyed this.

Palmer: He's a fan of train wrecks?

Babe: This is so good. Taste. Have you ever tasted anything so good?

J.R.: Yes.

Opal: Well, I'd say the Chandler family tree could use a little shaking up, and, honey, I think you're just the one to do it.

Babe: I don't know about that. I'm just -- I'm just in love with J.R. is all.

J.R.: We need to go talk to Jamie. Can you excuse us for a second? I'm glad you're here. You know, Dad's acting like a jerk.

Babe: I'll win him over. You'll see. You hungry?

Jamie: Not anymore.

Babe: J.R. said it would get a little tense, but I say, hey, if only a glass gets broken, we're doing ok. I mean, it's better than a lot of grown men wailing the tar out of each other. I have one too many bourbon and gingers, blink, I'm surrounded by three or four big guys wailing on each other till they drop.

J.R.: You've been so great tonight. You know that?

Babe: Stop. So, you two are stepbrothers?

J.R.: Yep. My mom was married to his dad.

Babe: Wait. Your mother was married to his father. I may need a chart to keep all this straight.

J.R.: Well, don't you worry. We're going to go ahead and give you help whenever you need it, ok? Ain't that right, Jamie?

Jamie: I think she can handle it on her own.

J.R.: Yeah, she can. What's up with the silent treatment, man? Tell me what you think of my bride.

Adam: She's a gold-digging tramp from the wrong side of the trailer park.

Liza: You know, you were overjoyed that J.R. was coming home. Well, he's here.

Brooke: Liza's right. You know, focus on that.

Adam: Yeah, fine. J.R. can stay. The girl goes.

Brooke: Stop.

Liza: If you don't rein in this temper, Babe is going to leave.

Brooke: And J.R.�s going with her.

Liza: And you can bet that this time, it's going to be for good.

Erica: David, I really appreciate your regret, your remorse, but you've got to keep your conscience in check.

David: Is that an order?

Erica: Absolutely. I won't let Michael beat any of us. He did not win, David. We did.

David: You've been through one hell of a day. So it doesn't bother you that the world's going to think that we're together again and that you and Jack are over for good?

Erica: Doesn't matter as long as we're not charged with murder.

David: And what if we are? Jack certainly didn't buy our story. Maybe Derek doesn't, either.

Erica: Well, so we'll convince them that our affair is real.

David: Jack's going to love that.

Erica: You know, now that Jack has his precious Greenlee, I don't think Jack cares what I do or with whom.

Jack: Listen, Ryan, I have to go talk to Joe Martin. If there's any --

Ryan: You know I will.

Jack: Thanks.

Ryan: Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Come on, we got work to do. Come on. Listen, Greenlee, we nearly pulled your finger out of joint trying to get that ring off your finger because you wanted to enjoy the rest of your life. Well, this is just the beginning, so get back here, make good on your word. I'm not the only one that needs you.

[Phone rings]

[Answering machine beeps]

Ryan: Kendall, you there? Listen, if you're there and you're listening, pick it up. Ok, this is serious. I called. Kendall, if you're there, please pick up. Stop messing around and pick up the phone.

Kendall: God, if I don't pick up the phone right now, he'll be knocking down the door in, like, two seconds.

Ryan: Call me on my cell phone.

Kendall: Do I need a court order to stop this harassment?

Ryan: Listen, I'm at the hospital. Greenlee --

Kendall: Greenlee?

Ryan: Yeah, she was hit by a car, all right? It's bad.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Is she alive?

Ryan: She is. She's unconscious, and we're just waiting for her to wake up. Jack's here.

Kendall: No, I'll be right over. Aidan, Greenlee�s in the hospital. She's been hit by a car, and I got to go see her right now.

Aidan: All right, I'll drive.

Kendall: You don't think this is some awful cosmic sign or something, do you?

Aidan: Of what?

Kendall: That the universe is conspiring against us. I mean, we can't escape it, Aidan. No matter how good the dream is --

Aidan: Dream, Kendall? This is no dream. And Greenlee�s going to get through this, and so will we.

Kendall: You think so?

Aidan: Yeah. We've come too far to let anything get in our way. Come on.

Kendall: Let's go.

Ryan: There's still tons of time.

Jack: No, we're just about out of time. Then they're going to have to open her skull.

Ryan: What makes you think that Greenlee is going to obey some doctor's schedule? All right, she's famous for being fashionably late. Hey, listen, if there's anything that you need, anything at all, I volunteer, all right?

Jack: See if you can find Greenlee�s mother, track her down. Mary should at least have the choice of being here -- if she can cut herself away from Adam�s bankbook long enough.

Opal: You know, she kind of reminds me of me at that age.

Mary: Well, on that depressing note, I suggest the rest of us retire to the parlor.

Ruth: Seems like no one's interested in dinner, anyway.

Tad: P.C. --

Palmer: Hmm?

Tad: I want to talk to J.R. You think you can keep Adam from erupting?

Palmer: Perhaps, if we use force.

Jamie: She's beautiful. Congratulations, J.R. I just didn't expect anything like this to happen.

J.R.: Yeah, neither did I. But lighten up. One day, you're going to find someone just as great. Well, maybe not as great as Babe. But in the meantime, you two are going to get to know each other. We got to stick together, because you've seen this family.

Tad: Excuse me. Didn't mean to interrupt. Can I have a few words with your new groom?

Babe: Sure. I need to go powder something, anyway. Where's the little girls' room?

J.R.: Use the one in the pool house. Avoid the scene inside.

Babe: Can I tell you how much I love that the pool house isn't the place where you play pool? Which way?

J.R.: It's that way right there.

Jamie: Later.

Tad: So --

J.R.: So -- you're not going to lecture me now?

Tad: No, I left my podium at home. I do think we're going to have to file this one under what the hell were you thinking, though.

J.R.: I love her, Tad.

Tad: Now, listen, I'm not saying anything bad about Babe. I can�t. I don't know her. I'm talking about this. This was electroshock therapy disguised as a dinner party. You had to know that your father was going to go off.

J.R.: Looks like he's going to have to grow up.

Tad: Meaning what?

J.R.: It's a test for my dad. Now, how much you want to bet he flunks?

Mary: Well, I, for one, would like some more champagne. I think we could all use a little. I'll go speak to Winifred.

Adam: Do you really expect me to go along with this sham?

Liza: Yes.

Brooke: At least seem to.

Palmer: She certainly is a lovely girl. And if you had seen her first, why, who's to say --

Adam: Shut up, Palmer.

Palmer: You might have been the happy groom.

Adam: Palmer --

Ruth: You two are only making it worse. Palmer, Adam, please. You've got to stop this.

Adam: Does any one of you -- not one of you thinks, actually thinks, that that girl married J.R. for love?

Brooke: Well, J.R. seems happier than he's been in years.

Palmer: Who wouldn't be?

Ruth: Palmer --

Liza: Listen, you need to put a smile on your face and be happy for him. Otherwise, he's going to leave. Is that what you want?

Adam: You want me to ignore what's best for my son so he'll stay at home with me? No. I'm not going to sit idly by like some senile old coot while my son is making the biggest mistake of his life.

J.R.: There some sort of problem, Dad? Or you had them changed -- Let her rip. Tell me what's really on your mind.

Adam: J.R., If you really thought this was the love match of the century, you wouldn't have sneaked off to marry her. You would have done it right.

J.R.: Oh. How stupid do you think I am?

Brooke: Oh, he doesn't think you're stupid.

Adam: J.R., the wisest man in the world can be tricked by a seductive woman.

J.R.: I've finally found someone who loves me for me, who believes in me, and who makes me believe like I haven't since -- I mean -- since Mom died.

Ruth: Sweetheart, everyone needs that.

J.R.: What do you think? Do you think Babe's using me for cash --

Adam: I think --

J.R.: The same way you used Mom to get what you wanted? A son? Me? You see, Dad, I've changed. But you haven�t. You still treat everybody the same way that you treated Mom, Brooke, Liza. And that's really too bad. It really is.

Adam: Don't you dare use that superior tone with me. I've made mistakes -- a lot of them, plenty of them. Learn from them. Marrying that girl is the height of idiocy.

Tad: Adam, don't.

Adam: You'll never top that one.

Tad: Now isn't the time.

Adam: Never.

J.R.: No, you know what? Your words can't hurt me anymore. You want to know why, Dad? Because I'm on to you now.

Adam: Yeah. You think whatever you want of me. Whatever. But wise up to that girl. Open your eyes and see what it is you've married.

Babe: I don't know what to say but thank you.

Jamie: You can start with what the hell is going on here or what a small world it is or what it feels like to get kicked in the teeth and not being able to show it.

Babe: They could come out here.

Opal: Yeah, one of them already has.

Babe: Mrs. Cortlandt. We were just --

Opal: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I know what you were just. I got a pretty good fix on what's been going down here.

Kendall: Oh, God. Greenlee.

Ryan: Come on outside. I'll fill you in. She may be able to hear us. Come on.

Kendall: So, tell me what the doctors are saying.

Ryan: She's got some broken bones, she's got a collapsed lung, and she's got a really nasty concussion. But if she wakes up in the next few hours, then she's probably going to be ok.

Kendall: What if she doesn't?

Ryan: Well, then they're going to assume some internal bleeding, and they're going to have to go in and check it out.

Kendall: You sound so casual.

Ryan: Well, she may come out of it any second.

Kendall: What are you doing here, anyway? I mean, were you the one who ran her down?

Ryan: No, I found her after the accident, and I'm still here because I care about her, all right, and I care about you.

Kendall: Tough.

Ryan: Excuse me?

Kendall: I didn't ask you to care about me. I already have somebody who cares about me and who's good and dependable, and I can trust him to stick around.

Ryan: Oh, well, that's great. Well, you tell Aidan I say good luck, because he's going to need it.

Joe: You are the only surgeon here who can do what needs to be done.

Maria: Joe, I just -- I don't want to take the chance on killing a patient if I don't have any other options.

Joe: It's damn close.

Maria: Ok, well, just give me -- please, just give me five more minutes because Evans might still show.

Aidan: Hey, you.

Maria: Hey.

Aidan: Stop stalling.

Maria: What do you mean?

Aidan: I'm alive because you're a very talented doctor, all right?

Maria: Oh, Aidan, removing a bullet is not the same as what I would have to do here.

Aidan: You have the ability, so stop talking yourself out from having the courage. Save him like you saved me. Do what you do best.

Juan Pablo: Voy a hacer lo que sea para salvarti, Carlos. I will not let you die.

Jack: Excuse me, nurse. I wonder if you could page Dr. Joe Martin for me. I need to speak with him about Greenlee du Pres.

Nurse: Ok, I'll see if I can locate him.

Jack: I appreciate that. Thank you.

Man: Pardon me.

Jack: I'm sorry. Now is not a good time.

Man: I'm so sorry. Please. I feel awful. I -- I have a daughter of my own and three grandchildren. You must -- you must love her very, very much.

David: So I'll be in touch to set up our first intensely romantic, incredibly public date.

Erica: So you think that you can pretend to be smitten with me?

David: Someone as fascinating and gorgeous as you? I think I can handle it.

Erica: Wonderful. You never know when someone might be around.

David: See you soon, beautiful.

Erica: Ok. I'll walk you to the elevator.

David: Ok.

Erica: Bye.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Someone there?

Reggie: Oh, hi.

Erica: Hi, Reggie. Hi. How are you? Come on in. What's new?

Reggie: Not as much as with you, I bet.

Erica: Yeah, my life has been very hectic lately.

Reggie: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Would you like a sandwich?

Reggie: Oh, no, thank you. Is Bianca around?

Erica: No, she's not. Reggie, she just moved out into her own apartment with Maggie. Why don't we call them, and we can order pizza. Ok, I will even agree to that ham-pineapple combo.

Reggie: No, that's all right. I have to meet with a friend. I have other plans. See you later.

Erica: Oh, Reggie --

Reporter: He was apprehended after a brief scuffle. And in local news, we've just learned that businesswoman Greenlee du Pres was taken by ambulance to Pine Valley Hospital earlier this evening.

Erica: Jack.

Reporter: She was injured when an elderly driver lost control --

Man: I feel sick about this. What can I do for them? Anything. Just -- just name it.

Jack: All right, I will. You can answer yourself this question -- how are your reflexes? Are they what they used to be?

Man: Well, everybody slows down eventually. But I'm a very defensive driver.

Jack: Well, if you think you're ok on the road, then there's no way I can stop you from getting behind the wheel. But if you have any doubts, any doubts whatsoever, then you should hang up your keys right now.

Jack: Thank you. You did the right thing.

Man: Please tell your little girl and her friend how sorry I am.

Jack: I will the minute she wakes up.

Maria: That's perfect. Perfect. Thank you.

Joe: We've not been able to reach anyone who can get to us in time.

Maria: Well, Evans might still get here.

Joe: When he does, he'll join you in the OR.

Maria: Joe --

Joe: Maria --

Maria: I can�t.

Joe: Maria, think of how you'll feel if we lose Carlos because we waited too long.

Maria: Ok. Ok, I'll scrub.

Juan Pablo: Where are you going?

Maria: I'm going to scrub, get ready for surgery.

Juan Pablo: Thought you said you were not ready to operate.

Maria: No, I am, I am. I have to be.

Aidan: Hey.

Juan Pablo: Te amo, Greenlee. I love you.

Babe: There's nothing going on, honest. Jamie, tell her.

Opal: Oh, he doesn't have to explain, hon. I know. I lived it. I've had the high and mightys putting me down for drinking out of the finger bowl. Heck, there was a time when my idea of luxury was a washer/dryer. I saw folks getting potato chips delivered in cans that were bigger than the one I called home.

Babe: You've come a long way.

Opal: Oh, you bet your life I have. So if you ever need a sympathetic ear, you just follow the little twinkling lights from these here earbobs and you'll find two, ready and willing.

Babe: Thank you.

Opal: Of course. Hey, we real folks, you know, we got to stick together. So welcome. I'll see you inside.

Babe: She's way too cool to be a grandmother. Where's she from?

Jamie: Where are you from? I mean, how could you sleep with me when you're married to my brother?

J.R.: You know, all that stuff that I've heard for years and years about how you treated Skye and how you treated Hayley -- yeah. Everything you touch becomes a disaster area.

Adam: Their mothers did that.

Liza: Oh.

J.R.: Well, I've had enough. I'm going to be on my own.

Adam: What did you say? On your own?

J.R.: Yeah.

Adam: On your own? Your trust fund paychecks don't start coming for, oh, about a year from now. It's going to be interesting to see how Babe reacts to your being penniless. My bet is she won't last a week once she sees what you are worth on your own.

Ryan: What? J.R.�s got more going for him than you'll ever know.

Adam: Lavery -- Lavery, get the hell out of here. This is family.

Ryan: Really? Why do they get all the fun?

J.R.: Don't you mean abuse? What's happening?

Ryan: What's up, man? Good to see you. You know what? I need someone like you in my organization. Yeah, especially at Chandler Enterprises. You can work for me and -- I don't know -- bring your old man along as gofer. What do you say? Like the idea?

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

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