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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/15/03

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Kendall: Erica, we need to get a few things straight.

Erica: Kendall, I've been expecting you.

Kendall: Aidan spun some bull about me being on your side, that I'm lying to the police and the whole town to protect you. Well, let me just make it very, very clear -- the only side I'm on is mine. Looking out for myself is what I do best.

Erica: I see.

Kendall: And as far as Enchantment goes? Don't hold your breath waiting for me to give it up. I'll fight to the finish and win.

Erica: Anything else?

Kendall: Yeah. Thanks for the two seconds we bonded, but it's past midnight and this mother/daughter fairy tale's turned into a pumpkin, so, I won't be needing these anymore. Your mother's stupid pearls mean even less to me than you do.

Reggie: Yo, Daddy, you're looking at the answer man. I'm it.

Jack: Ok, so what do you got all the answers for, man?

Reggie: Your prayers.

Jack: Well, you don't get an offer like that every day. Let's hear it.

Reggie: Case closed. I know who killed Michael Cambias.

Bianca: David, hey.

David: Hey.

Bianca: I'm sorry that I'm late. Maggie and I were signing the lease on a new place.

David: Maggie's moving in with you?

Bianca: Yeah, isn't it great?

David: Well, yeah, that's great, but how are you going to conceal your pregnancy if you have a roommate?

Bianca: Oh, Maggie knows that I'm still pregnant, and she's sworn to secrecy. She's going to stick by me until the baby's born. In fact, I'd be surprised if she doesn't want to cut the umbilical cord herself.

David: That's my cousin.

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

David: Have a seat, honey. Come here.

Bianca: And once I start to show, Maggie has offered to come with me when I leave town.

David: Well, what about school? Is she leaving?

Bianca: Oh, no, she's taking a semester off. I tried to talk her out of it, but you know Maggie, she's so stubborn.

David: Yeah, I do. So, you're committed to seeing this pregnancy through, huh?

Bianca: Yeah, absolutely. Why? You're still going to help me, aren't you? You're not going to tell my mother about this -- David, you promised me that you weren’t.

David: Ok, Bianca -- Bianca, Erica believes that you terminated the pregnancy. Now, unless you change your mind, that is your call to make, not mine.

Bianca: So you'll keep my secret?

David: Of course I'll keep your secret. For your sake and for Erica’s. I don't think she can handle the shock with everything she's going through right now.

Bianca: What do you mean? Something wrong? David, tell me, is my mother in some kind of trouble?

Derek: Hey, McCoy.

Justin: Yo.

Derek: Round them up and bring them in.

Justin: Ok.

Ryan: So are you ready to take my statement, Lieutenant?

Derek: I told you, no trades.

Ryan: You're a man of your word, and I respect that.

Derek: I am not giving you that autopsy report. I don't care how much you need Michael Cambias' time of death.

Ryan: No trade, Lieutenant, this one's a freebie. So you want my statement or not?

Derek: I want the truth, starting with everything you have on Michael Cambias and Kendall Hart.

Erica: I know what you're doing, and I want you to stop. There is no way that I'm going to let you sacrifice yourself, risk losing everything for me.

Kendall: Oh, typical. Making this all about you. As usual, it's about you.

Erica: Enough. For once in your life, Kendall, you're going to listen to your mother.

Brooke: Here's your paper. Yes! My coffeemaker died this morning.

Tad: That coffee is meant for somebody else.

Brooke: Jamie doesn't have time. Jamie, come on! Shake a leg! There's a lot of traffic, and I'm already late! Mmm, what is this, hazelnut?

Tad: What are you doing? I thought Jamie was supposed to have spent the night at your house last night.

Brooke: He didn't spend the night here?

Tad: Not that I'm aware of.

Brooke: Well, I just assumed since he didn't come home last night, that the Fusion party ran late, and he crashed here with you.

Tad: Oh. Oh. Well, maybe he did, and he just had an early class.

Brooke: No, he wanted me to give him a ride to "Tempo" because he needed to do some, I don't know, research checking for this paper.

Tad: Could've slipped his mind.

Brooke: Are you sure he's not here? Jamie?

Tad: Absolutely sure. I'm positive he is not here. I've looked all over the house. The kitchen is spotless. There's no clothes on the floor, the TV’s cool to the touch.

Brooke: Well, did you check his voicemail?

Tad: Don't do this, ok? Just -- just stay calm, all right?

Brooke: Tad, our son's been out all night. We don't know where he is, and for all we know, he might be lying in a ditch somewhere.

[Phone rings]

Babe: I'm not the only one who wants you.

Jamie: Well, it's nothing that can't wait.

Babe: Nowhere you got to be?

Jamie: Not in a hurry.

Babe: You're a guy who takes his time. I never would've guessed last night was your first.

Jamie: You seemed to know your way around.

Babe: Beginner's luck. Better use it up before it runs out.

Reggie: Yo, Dad, this is Patrick. We used to hang out together.

Jack: Hi, Patrick, Jack Montgomery.

Patrick: How you doing?

Jack: So what does your friend here have to do with Michael Cambias?

Reggie: Tell him.

Patrick: Well, one night, late, I catch this dude over by that boarded-up meatpacking place?

Reggie: Yeah, tell him what he looked like.

Patrick: Oh, he had a mean face, beady eyes like a rat. Everything else about him said uptown -- I mean, his threads, his watch, even his hair screamed out money.

Reggie: Like, you know, Michael Cambias.

Jack: So what was he doing at the docks?

Patrick: Oh, he was making all this noise about how much of a player he was. You know, thumbing through cash like he was out to buy trouble.

Reggie: And that's what he got.

Jack: Really?

Reggie: Trouble, mm-hmm.

Jack: So what exactly happened?

Patrick: Well, this gang shows up. Not homeboys. From Center City, maybe.

Jack: Yeah? How many, Patrick?

Patrick: Eight, nine. Well, they moved in on Mr. Jack Flash, and some of them were packing.

Jack: And where were you?

Patrick: I was behind a shipping crate. Anyway, it got ugly real fast, and so I beat it. I never did see Mr. Money after that, or the guys that worked him over.

Jack: Did you actually see any members of this gang inflict physical harm on Michael Cambias?

Reggie: They wasn't there to hug him. If you encounter a gang like that, they mean to do damage.

Patrick: Yeah, I figured it for a paid hit.

Jack: Really? Interesting, interesting.

Reggie: Yeah, you know, Cambias on the business end of a meat hook. Payback.

Jack: Well, we don't know that, you know, Patrick here actually saw Michael Cambias. How long ago was this?

Patrick: A few weeks back. I'm not really down with dates.

Reggie: Yeah, but he's really good with faces, you know? Especially the ugly ones. Look, Patrick’s got it in the bag, you know? Case closed.

Jack: Patrick, thank you very much for coming down. I appreciate it. I really do, but if we have any other questions, we'll give you a call, huh?

Patrick: I'm done?

Jack: You are done.

Reggie: He's done? How come you're just going to let him go without taking down a statement or anything?

Jack: Because his story has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese, Reggie. Now, let me ask you a question. Who are you protecting here? Is it somebody else or yourself?

Ryan: Who said anything about Kendall?

Derek: You just gave me a firsthand account about Kendall finding out that the building that Cambias was stashed in was slated for demolition and how she freaked out.

Ryan: Right, but I didn't actually see or hear anything that would tie Kendall to the Cambias homicide.

Derek: Before you left town, you and Kendall were engaged, right?

Ryan: Yeah, so?

Derek: So, maybe you're covering for her.

Ryan: This is unbelievable. I come down here, I try to be a good guy, and all I get is attitude. Well, you know what? Forget it.

Derek: All right, all right, Ryan -- straight talk. Give me what you got.

Derek: What's this?

Ryan: Evidence, and I have a lab report to back it up.

Derek: Evidence against --

Ryan: Hey, I got no ax to grind with anybody. Ok, but my back up against the wall, my money's on David Hayward.

David: Bianca, your mother's fine.

Bianca: Well, but, David, you just said --

David: That she's going through a lot right now, like her fighting with Ryan and Kendall to regain control of Enchantment, right? And I'm sure she's not that crazy about you moving out.

Bianca: No, she's not, and it looks like she and Uncle Jack are not getting back together again.

David: Yeah, well, that's something you can't worry about. Which is why I asked you to come here today. I want you to declare your life a no-stress zone.

Bianca: Hmm. Yeah, right, like that's going to happen.

David: Yeah, well, that's something you're going to have to make happen, because worrying's not good for you or for this baby.

Bianca: Well, I'm just trying to take each day as it comes.

David: Good. So are you losing any sleep over your decision to see the pregnancy through?

Bianca: No, not at all. In fact, I'm more sure than ever that what I'm doing is right for both of us.

David: So how are you feeling overall?

Bianca: Like I need a 24-hour nap.

David: Well, that's fatigue. It'll change in the second trimester.

Bianca: Ok.

David: So are you eating?

Bianca: Hmm, plenty. I'll be as big as a house by Thanksgiving.

David: Well, that's a good thing with pregnancy. Look, I want you to come by the clinic tomorrow, ok, for a prenatal checkup. And why don't you come after hours so no one sees you. Oh, and here's some refills on the vitamins, ok, so you don't have to go into a store and be seen buying them.

Bianca: Thanks. I mean, not just for these, but, you know, for everything that you're doing to help me out.

David: Remember when you asked me how I was going to get over losing Leora? Well, this is it, Bianca. I mean, helping you is helping me. Oh, and look, tomorrow when you come, we'll listen to the baby's heartbeat, all right?

Lt. Perry: Dr. Hayward? Lieutenant Frye requests the pleasure of your company down at Headquarters.

Erica: The idea of you protecting me is laughable, almost as funny as the thought of my protecting you. I wouldn't lift a finger to help you, Kendall, because you've proved what kind of a person you are. You may be able to fool the world, but you can't fool me. Because I know you. I know you better than anyone, and I know what you're capable of. I know how far you'll go, but you'll go it alone because you mean nothing to me.

Kendall: You mean even less than nothing to me, Mother. That's why I married Michael.

Erica: In a tacky chapel on the Las Vegas strip.

Kendall: Ooh, there's nothing tacky about this. Michael slipped it on my finger, vowing to love and cherish me.

Erica: Till death do you part?

Kendall: We had fun while it lasted. A honeymoon in the high-rollers suite. The neighbors next door had to call the cops because we were making too much noise.

Erica: And yet you came strutting back to Pine Valley alone.

Kendall: Michael was winning big at craps. Besides, I couldn't wait to see the look on your face when I told you that I married your worst nightmare.

Erica: I slapped you across the face.

Kendall: In front of witnesses, but there were no witnesses to Michael’s murder.

Erica: And you didn't even know that he had come back to Pine Valley.

Kendall: He slipped back into town unnoticed, crossed the wrong person, and ended up in cold storage.

Erica: In the meatpacking plant that you had bought the day his body was discovered.

Kendall: As per my husband's instructions.

Erica: You obeyed your lord and master.

Kendall: I know what's good for me.

Erica: The police suspect you.

Kendall: They can't prove a damn thing.

Erica: As long as you stick to your story, and keep showing the world exactly how much you hate me.

Kendall: Well, you keep on throwing it right back in my face. I can take it.

Erica: So can I.

[Doorbell rings]

Erica: Ok, so you may have inherited Fusion and Chandler Enterprises, but it's going to be a cold day in hell when you get your hooks into my company, Enchantment!

Kendall: Oh, yeah? Well, we'll see who's left standing when this is all over!

Erica: Oh, Officer, thank God you're here! Please, can you remove this -- this menace from my home?

Justin: Actually, Ms. Kane, we're here to take you down to the police station.

Erica: Oh, Mr. McCoy, I would be more than happy to accompany you to the police station so I can press harassment charges against Mrs. Cambias here.

Justin: Well, I'm afraid that's going to have to wait for right now.

Erica: Oh, no, Officer, you don't understand. I mean, this woman is a menace. She's a threat. I can't possibly --

Justin: Ms. Kane, Ms. Kane, there's a bigger priority right now, ok?

Kendall: Oh, you mean the world doesn't come to a screeching halt just because La Kane says so?

Justin: Lieutenant Frye will explain everything when we get down there, I promise.

Erica: I'll get my purse.

Kendall: Excuse me, you're not going anywhere until you hand over the keys to this place.

Erica: I beg your pardon?

Kendall: This penthouse is part of the Enchantment building. I own Enchantment, which means this beautiful, deluxe apartment in the sky belongs to me.

Erica: Officer, do you see what I am up against? I gave life to this brat, and what does she do to repay me? She -- she marries the maniac who raped my daughter, she steals my company, Enchantment, and now she wants to evict me from my own home?

Kendall: Just hand over the keys to this place now. Give them to me now.

Erica: Never! Never! I will not leave my home until you get out of here! Get out of here!

Kendall: Get off of me!

Justin: Hey! Hey! Hey! Relax! Ladies, ladies! Relax! Ok, you're going to have to duke this out a little bit later. Right now the D.A. wants to see you downtown. Right now. Listen, Ms. Kane, if you refuse to cooperate, I'll have --

Erica: Why would I refuse to cooperate, Officer? I would rather accompany these gentlemen to hell than remain in this room one minute longer with you.

Bianca: David, what does Derek need you for?

David: I'm sure it's nothing.

Bianca: Nothing? Well, he sent the cops to come and get you.

David: Now, look, now that Derek is Acting Chief, he's just showing off.

Bianca: No, something is not right. What aren't you telling me?

David: I'm sure it has something to do with Anna, all right? You know, he probably moved into his office and he wants me to come and get her stuff, that's all.

Bianca: All right, well, then, I'll come with you.

David: No, no, that's crazy. Look -- what, are you going to waste this gorgeous fall day hanging around some stuffy office?

Bianca: Well, I don't mind.

David: No, look, go get Maggie, all right? Go for a walk. Watch the leaves change color. I'll see you tomorrow. Come on.

Bianca: Ok. See you tomorrow.

David: Yep.

David: What the hell does Frye want with me now?

Derek: Get this to Forensics and tell them it's a rush. So, that's all you got?

Ryan: That and everything else I saw in Michael’s condo that night.

Derek: Talk to me.

Reggie: I'm not covering, not for nobody.

Jack: No?

Reggie: No, I'm just trying to help you turn down the heat on this case.

Jack: Because you know how badly I want that, so you go out and you find this friend of yours to come in and spin a story about Michael Cambias.

Reggie: It's not a story! Patrick really saw a guy down at the docks that looked like Cambias. He saw the guys that took him out, and that's how he ended up on the meat hook.

Jack: No, it's too neat, Reggie. It's too damn easy.

Reggie: Well, that's what happened, so believe it.

Jack: Listen to me. You are in this way too deep, and it ends right here, right now. You hear me?

Reggie: Why?

Jack: Because I said so, that's why. Look, the night you came to Erica’s, the night you taught Bianca how to play chess --

Reggie: What, you going to bust me for making a wrong move?

Jack: Just listen to me, will you, please? I got there before you. I told Bianca about Michael being murdered. Then when you showed up, she told you, but when she told you, it sounded an awful lot like she was warning you. As a matter of fact, it sounded an awful lot like my son and my niece were talking in code.

Reggie: Bianca was shook up, all right? I showed up for her because I'm her family. She was almost my sister. Just like Erica -- you know, she was almost my stepmom. Almost. Just like you're my dad. My dad. You're my family, and there's no way I'm going to let anybody take that away from me. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe, every last single one of you, but I got to go.

Jack: Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here. Reggie, please. Please, stay out of this, please. I don't want you to get hurt.

Derek: What you just told me and the evidence that you handed over, that places Hayward at the condo.

Ryan: What? It does a hell of a lot more than that. Did you read the lab report? Traces of an unknown chemical were found on that glass.

David: Lavery. I should've known you were behind this.

Justin: Lieutenant? Ms. Kane.

Ryan: Erica. What the hell is she doing here?

Jack: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know.

Ryan: What -- what the hell are you trying to pull? I didn't say anything to connect Erica to Cambias.

Erica: No, Ryan, of course you didn't, because there's nothing to connect me to Cambias. But, Ryan, I have to say I hope that your takeover of Enchantment -- I hope it's in its final stages because I cannot abide the thought of Kendall sitting behind my desk or living in my penthouse.

Ryan: All right, I'll try to pick up the pace. But first, I need to know you're all right.

Erica: Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?

Ryan: Well, do you need me to call anyone or --

Erica: There's no one to call.

Ryan: Ok, well, if you change your mind, you have my number.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Ok.

Reggie: You know, I can go speed dial Patrick and have him down here in, like, two minutes.

Jack: No, no. Why don't you just go home.

Reggie: You sure?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Erica: Hi, Reggie.

Reggie: Hi.

Erica: What's going on?

Reggie: I'm hanging in there. I got your back, don't worry.

Erica: Oh, Reggie. It's so good to see you.

Reggie: You, too.

Erica: Thanks.

Jack: Now would be a good time for one of you two to explain what the hell's going on here. Why is she here?

Erica: Mr. McCoy told me that you sent for me, you wanted me down here.

Jack: Mr. McCoy said that, did he?

Derek: All right, everybody, you see that office in there? I want you all in it now.

Jack: Except for maybe the two of you. Where do you get off pulling a stunt like this without consulting me first?

Derek: Like you gave us a choice.

Jack: Look, I don't want this case thrown out of court because you forget to give suspects their legal rights.

David: What suspects? You haven't arrested anyone, have you, Derek?

Derek: Not yet.

David: Well, then, there's no reason to Mirandize. Because you don't have a damn thing on me or Erica.

Justin: Hey, Ms. Kane said she didn't need a lawyer.

Derek: Which means I can proceed with questioning.

Bianca's voice: Do you remember what she said to us that day? She called us a legacy. A family of strong women, and that's what we are. Because we can overcome anything.

Kendall: Bianca. I was -- I was just thinking of when we were getting ready for Erica’s wedding. You called us "a family of strong women." Who knew how strong we'd have to be? Well, I'll get out of your way now and let you --

Bianca: Oh, no, Kendall, uh -- wait. I need to tell you something.

Brooke: Jamie's still not answering his cell phone.

Tad: So what did J.R. say?

Brooke: When J.R. and Jamie split last night, he said he was going to some beach party.

Tad: By himself?

Brooke: Apparently. You know what? I'm -- I'm going to go down there, and then I'm going to call the police. No, I'm going to call the police --

Tad: No, you're not. Look, in all probability, Jamie just -- you know, he went down to the --

Simone: Good morning.

Tad: Hi.

Simone: Again. Brooke. Hi. I'm sorry, did I walk in on something?

Tad: Jamie just -- didn't come home last night.

Simone: Oh, maybe he got lucky like his daddy.

Brooke: Here. I think this belongs to you.

Simone: Oh, caffeine, thank you. Just what I need. I have got the PR date with our face of Fusion -- America’s second sexiest man, next to Tad. Ciao, baby.

Tad: Ciao.

Brooke: "Ciao, baby"?

Tad: Don't start.

Brooke: Ok. I don't know whether I should be more concerned about Jamie or his father.

Babe: I was right. You are a morning person. That was amazing.

Jamie: No, you're amazing.

Jamie: Hey! Where are you going?

Babe: Shower time. I got things I got to do.

Jamie: Like what?

[Shower runs]

Babe: What?

Jamie: You never even told me what you're doing in Pine Valley. Do you have family here? Or, I mean, are you going to school? At least tell me what you're doing later. Can we hook up?

Babe: I've got this thing I got to go to.

Jamie: Yeah, so do -- I got a thing later, too. Um -- maybe after that? Hey, let me get your number.

Babe: Why call when you can reach out and touch me right now?

Jamie: Well, what about your shower?

Babe: We could buddy up.

Brooke: Simone Torres, hmm?

Tad: Olé.

Brooke: Thought you'd been there, done that.

Tad: I was brought back by popular demand.

Brooke: Ok. Listen, you know, what you do and who you do it with is none of my business.

Tad: Or how many times? How liberal of you. Let me tell you something. In case you missed his last growth spurt, our son's getting up there, too.

Brooke: Well, hey, I hope there's a big difference between James and you.

Tad: Yes, there is. He may not be an adult yet; but, you know, he hardly needs his mom chasing after him trying to tie his shoes or spit wash the dirt off his chin.

Brooke: Excuse me, ok, just give me a break. I am not one of those mothers who smother their sons.

Tad: No, you just insist on knowing where he is 24/7. Brooke, you realize there's a better than even chance that the reason our son didn't come home last night is because -- because Simone hit the nail on the head.

[Brooke gasps]

Brooke: Don't say it.

Tad: And you're just cringing because you remember what we were doing when we were his age.

Brooke: Well, at least I lived to cringe. You know, I would just be fine as long as I knew that our son was alive and unhurt and --

Jamie: Hey, Mom.

Brooke: Honey --

Jamie: Hey, Dad. Great day, huh?

Tad: Looks alive to me.

Bianca: Please come in. I need to thank you.

Kendall: For what?

Bianca: That day at the clinic when I went in to get the procedure. I've never felt so lost and alone in my entire life. And you came up to me, and you knew exactly what to say. And you helped me make the hardest decision that I've ever had to make. And you did it without judging me or making it about you or hating me, and you made me feel like whatever I decided, it was the right decision and that everything was going to be ok.

Kendall: Bianca, how -- how could I ever hate you? You're my sister.

Bianca: Well, you proved it that day, and I will never forget it.

Kendall: So you're not mad at me? You don't blame me for Michael? What he did to you?

Bianca: When is this going to end? When are we going to stop doing this to ourselves? You know, when I think back to the night that he raped me, I -- the logical part of me knows that I'm not to blame for what he did. I didn't ask for it. And that's what I work on in therapy, and when I'm with my counselor, I believe it. It wasn't some kind of punishment for something that I did. It wasn't my fault.

Kendall: Hey, well, you have to hold on to that.

Bianca: Then I go into the parking lot and I get in my car and I turn on the ignition, and I just sit there with the motor running, and all the questions come right back to me. What could I have done to stop him? What did I do to deserve what he did?

Kendall: No, Bianca, no, you cannot think like that. No, Michael was sick. He was sick. What he did to you had nothing to do with you. You can't blame yourself for something you had no control over. I won't let you.

Bianca: Ok, then. How come you get to blame yourself?

Derek: So, Erica, where were you the night of the hearing? The night Michael Cambias disappeared?

Erica: Uh -- uh, look, I would have to consult my datebook. Oh, my. It appears to be blank.

Derek: Erica Kane, an empty dance card.

Justin: All right, look --

Derek: I find that hard to believe.

Justin: Ms. Kane, is it possible that you were with Dr. Hayward that night? Huh?

Erica: Well, was I? I -- it was such a horrible night, such an endless night. I mean, we all expected that Michael Cambias would be made to pay for what he did to my daughter, and he wasn’t. And I know that I -- I stumbled out of the courtroom and I -- the rest is just a blur. There was no justice.

Derek: So you decided to take the law into your own hands.

David: Oh, come on. We were all outraged. So if you're trying to corner Erica into a confession, you're wasting your time. She didn't do anything. So why don't you just end this farce and let us all go home.

Derek: Erica, did you know that David owns a gun?

Erica: A gun? Well, I'm sure it was one of Anna’s.

Derek: He said you'd have to know about it. Because it had two sets of prints on it, a .38. And, according to ballistics, it was the same gun that was used to kill Michael Cambias.

Erica: And who do the prints belong to?

Derek: One set, David Hayward. The other –

Brooke: Jamie? Are you just going to walk out the door and not say anything?

Jamie: Oh, the – "Tempo." I forgot, I have a Chem lab, so maybe next week?

Brooke: I am talking about last night.

Jamie: Oh, it was amazing!

Tad: Some party, huh?

Jamie: Oh, it totally rocked.

Brooke: "Totally rocked"?

Tad: Simone's right. He didn't just get lucky. Somebody rung that boy's chimes.

Babe: What did I do last night? I stayed in bed and missed you. Baby, I've been so lonely without you. I'm going nuts. Tonight? Bring it on, lover. Your babe will be ready for anything.

Bianca: Kendall, I want you to stop beating yourself up over what Michael did. You couldn't control him. So you need to just let it go.

Kendall: I don't know what to say.

Bianca: I know. Kendall, look at me. Let's make a pact. Between sisters. I will work on not blaming myself for what he did if you promise me that you will do the same. And then, if either one of us slips up, the other one gets to kick her butt. How does that sound?

Kendall: Sounds like we've got a pact.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute here. You're saying that Erica’s prints were on David’s gun? That's not possible.

David: They are, but it's not what you think.

Derek: Oh? Well, suppose you clear up the confusion.

David: After Cambias attacked Erica, she came to me. She was worried for her life, and she was determined to protect herself. So I took her out for target practice. I taught her how to use my gun.

Derek: And you haven't cleaned it since?

David: I didn't think I had to.

Officer: The report from Forensics.

Jack: Look, Derek, we've been over this. There is no way that you can connect David’s gun or certainly not Erica to Michael’s murder.

Derek: Looking for the missing link, Jack? Well, this could be it. I have enough here to charge one of you with murder.

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Derek: I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Michael Cambias.

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