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David: Bianca, if you're not ready, there's still time for you to change your mind.

Bianca: No, I am ready. I am.

David: There's nothing easy about terminating a pregnancy, meaning that you really shouldn't go through with this unless you're absolutely sure.

Bianca: I am sure, David. I just want this to be over with.

David: I understand, of course. But you also want to make the best decision, and maybe right now isn't the time --

Bianca: No, this is the best decision. This is the only way. I'll just put this on.

David: We need to talk before we get started.

Erica: What are you doing here?

Mary: I live here.

Erica: Only if Adam has lost his mind.

Mary: No, Adam knows exactly what he wants.

Erica: Well, not you -- unless, well, he knows that you're destitute. So did he hire you as some sort of a secretary/scullery maid?

Mary: A sculptress.

Erica: Oh, yes, yes, of course you are, Mary.

Mary: Adam wants to be my benefactor. He wants to provide me with a studio and a place to live while I pursue my art.

Erica: I didn't know Adam was such a patron of the arts.

Mary: Mm-hmm. Yes, I was lucky that he saw something in me that inspired his kindness.

Erica: Kindness? Well, I doubt that that is Adamís motive. Where is Adam, anyhow? Does he even know that you're here?

Mary: I just told you that he went to the cellar to get some champagne to celebrate.

Greenlee: He checked out? What do you mean he's checked out?

Maid: He's gone.

Greenlee: I can't believe it. I missed him again. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. I need to get inside that room.

Maid: I'm sorry --

Greenlee: He's a friend, and I was with him last night. I just need to make sure that I got everything.

Maid: I didn't find anything.

Greenlee: You don't know where to look. I'll be in and out.

Maid: It's against hotel policy.

Greenlee: Look, Doris, I'm not trying to pull anything. This is completely legitimate. It's legitimate. I know the man. His name is Lavery. If you don't believe me, you can check with the front desk. His name is Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: Whoa.

Kendall: I don't need a tour.

Mr. Spinelli: You want to buy the place without seeing it?

Kendall: I see it. It's big, it's perfect. So let's just name your price and get on with it.

Mr. Spinelli: I already sold it.

Kendall: Then unsell it.

Mr. Spinelli: I already told you, girlie, it's a done deal.

Kendall: Whatever they paid you, Iíll pay you double.

Mr. Spinelli: Sure.

Boyd: We're prepared to make you a very generous offer.

Kendall: In cash.

Boyd: Payable now.

Mr. Spinelli: This place isn't exactly in prime working condition, if you know what I mean, so why do you want this dump so badly? I called.

Kendall: What's not to want? I mean, the place is a bit run-down, but the location is perfect.

Mr. Spinelli: Perfect for what, exactly?

Boyd: Hey, come on, Mr. Spinelli, you have an opportunity to realize a huge profit here. I'd advise you to take our offer.

Mr. Spinelli: I don't need your advice, Junior. This place seems kind of run-down for an uptown broad like you. I mean, what are you planning to do with it?

Kendall: I'm -- Iím going to preserve it.

Mr. Spinelli: Preserve it? For what, the termites?

Kendall: That's really none of your concern. So, do we have a deal?

Mr. Spinelli: Why are you giving me the rush?

Kendall: We're not trying to push you into anything, Mr. Spinelli.

Mr. Spinelli: Like hell you're not. You call out of nowhere, demand a meeting, and try to throw money in my face to stop a deal that's already done.

Boyd: Now, wait a minute -- is it? What I mean is, no transaction is complete until the money has exchanged hands. I mean, have you been paid in full yet?

Mr. Spinelli: No, but as soon as the building comes down --

Boyd: Well, so that's where we can help you. The wrecking ball goes, the building stays, and you walk away with one hell of a nest egg. Today.

Mr. Spinelli: You corporate attorney types are real fast-talkers.

Kendall: Boyd's one of the best.

Mr. Spinelli: Fast-talking makes me nervous. Matter of fact, this whole thing's got a stink on it I don't like.

Kendall: Please, Mr. Spinelli, I'm desperate! My company -- my company is expanding. It's expanding so quickly, and so I need this warehouse space now. So if you -- you can't say no. You just can't.

Mr. Spinelli: I just did.

Kendall: I'll pay you triple!

Mr. Spinelli: You'll pay triple the going rate for this pile?

Kendall: Yes.

Mr. Spinelli: So you can use it as a warehouse?

Kendall: Yes.

Mr. Spinelli: What are you going to store here? Gold?

Kendall: No, of course not.

Mr. Spinelli: It's none of my concern, right? Maybe it is my concern if you're doing something illegal.

Kendall: We're not doing anything --

Mr. Spinelli: Maybe I should run this by the authorities. Maybe the police would be interested in how much you want this place.

Erica: What'd you do, Mary? Did you blackmail him? Did you whip out a child he never knew he had?

Mary: How dare you.

Erica: Oh, well, you must have done something to convince him to let you into his home.

Mary: Perhaps he saw a kindred spirit in me.

Erica: Oh, please.

Mary: Adam and I understand one another.

Erica: You hardly know the man.

Mary: I know that he's lonely, and so am I.

Erica: Oh, so you're going to comfort him? Well, don't get too comfortable, Mary, because Adam is not the lapdog you seem to think he is.

Mary: Can I give Adam a message for you? Perhaps he can call you later, Erica?

Erica: Oh, well, playing the grande dame already. Hmm. Word of advice --

Mary: Not interested.

Erica: You really don't know Adam very well at all. You have no idea what he's capable of.

Mary: Kindness and decency?

Erica: I was married to Adam twice. And so while you're playing house, Adam will chew you up and spit you out. And I'll be there to cheer him on.

Greenlee: Did you hear me? His name is Ryan Lavery. He's a friend, so, see, you can let me in.

Doris: You know his name. That doesn't mean you know the gentleman or stayed with him.

Greenlee: This is ridiculous. Here. Here you go. What do you say? You can even help me look around.

Doris: You want to get me mad?

Greenlee: Wait, wait, wait! Ugh -- Doris, look, last night was -- ok, you know how it is. He gave me a card with his number on it, you know, and I can't find it, so I just need to go in there and look for it. What do you say?

Doris: I say hold on to the one you're with. But if it means that much to you, I'll let you in, if you make it quick.

Greenlee: Oh, I will.

Doris: And lock up when you're done.

Greenlee: Oh, I -- I appreciate this so much. Thank you so much.

Doris: Just be gone when I get back, all right?

Greenlee: Cha-ching.

Juan Pablo: Very impressive.

Greenlee: Yeah, if bribes don't work, the love angle always does. Come on.

Juan Pablo: You go.

Greenlee: What's wrong?

Juan Pablo: Nothing. I just need to make a call.

Greenlee: Well, this won't take long.

Juan Pablo: Call me later.

Greenlee: Juan Pablo, wait.

Greenlee: What happened? Did I do something wrong? What'd I do? And don't say "nothing."

Juan Pablo: Um -- what do you hope to discover about your friend?

Greenlee: Something. Anything. A trace of Ryan, I guess.

Juan Pablo: Why?

Greenlee: I've got to find out what he's doing, why he's here, and who he's doing it with.

Juan Pablo: Why?

Greenlee: Because I know Ryan, and he's up to something.

Juan Pablo: Why is it your concern?

Greenlee: We can make this work for us.

Juan Pablo: Ok.

Greenlee: Don't you want to know why?

Juan Pablo: I'm sure you'll tell me.

Greenlee: Ok, when Ryan was here, he -- he was with Kendall. He even gave her a ring, and then he dumped her. She's never gotten over it.

Juan Pablo: Kendall hides a tender heart. It must have been very hard for her.

Greenlee: Whatever. Kendall would want to know that he's here and what he's doing. I show her proof that he's in town, we're as good as in.

Juan Pablo: In? Meaning Kendall will agree to sell us Fusion?

Greenlee: Are you kidding me? She will put a bow on it, and that is why I need to get into Ryanís room. I get evidence that Ryanís in town, and otherwise Kendall will smack us down.

Juan Pablo: Then you should start.

Greenlee: You know, I probably won't even find anything. You said that you saw Ryan with somebody?

Juan Pablo: Yes.

Greenlee: What'd he look like?

Juan Pablo: He was a few years older than your friend. Thick eyebrows, castano -- dark hair.

Greenlee: Bright blue eyes, a crinkle when he smiles?

Juan Pablo: I didn't see him smile.

Greenlee: It's got to be Edmund. It's got to be Edmund. Ok, if I get something on him, we're as good as gold. Are you coming?

Juan Pablo: It's not my concern.

Greenlee: I could use the company.

Juan Pablo: Find your friend. Then when you're ready, call me to meet Kendall.

Erica: Adam married me because we are equals in every way. What could you possibly have to offer Adam?

Mary: Companionship, excitement.

Erica: Like I said, what could you possibly have to offer Adam? You're going to wake up one morning, you'll be alone again.

Mary: Just like you.

Erica: I'm not alone.

Mary: Oh, has Jack changed his mind? Is the wedding back on?

Erica: Well, aren't you something to bring up the subject of Jack. My God, he can't stand the sight of you.

Mary: That's not true.

Erica: And so now you're making a play for Adam? Mary, you reek of desperation, and that is so unattractive to any man, but especially a man like Adam or Jack.

Mary: Jack and I will always have a bond because we have a daughter.

Erica: Well, if that bond is so strong, why are you peddling your wares to Adam?

Mary: Because I'm a legitimate artist.

Erica: Why isn't the father of your child keeping you off the streets?

Mary: Because he's focusing on our daughter as he should be.

Erica: And he wants you as far away as possible. Is that it, Mary? You can't have Jack so you're making a play for Adam? And this sure beats bunking with the cabana boy.

Mary: Get out.

Erica: I'll wait.

Mary: You smug, self-righteous, weak -- ugh!

Erica: Ooh. Adam won't like that.

Mary: Get out! To hell with Adam! Get out of --

Erica: You can't touch me!

Mary: Get out of here!

Erica: Adam will hear about this!

Mary: Oh, you just watch me. I'm not going to --

Adam: Ladies, ladies! Is there a problem here?

Mary and Erica: Adam --

Adam: I won't allow Erica to do what?

Mary: It's just that she's --

Erica: She's completely taken over your house.

Mary: She's taken over your --

Erica: Are you aware that she is --

Adam: That's enough! Go to your corners, both of you.

Kendall: There's really no reason to call the police, Mr. Spinelli.

Boyd: I can assure you, we are completely legitimate.

Kendall: Yes, I told you, I'm Mrs. Michael Cambias of Cambias Industries.

Mr. Spinelli: Yeah. Came to me this morning. Your husband was the guy who was up on rape --

Kendall: But the charges were dropped.

Mr. Spinelli: And fraud --

Boyd: That case hasn't even gone to trial yet.

Mr. Spinelli: Yeah, because he skipped bail or something.

Kendall: That's why I need your help.

Mr. Spinelli: Say what?

Kendall: Cambias Industries has taken a huge hit because of my husband's misbehavior. So I am trying to restore the company's good name. You can understand that.

Mr. Spinelli: So?

Kendall: So, Mr. Spinelli, I really need this deal. I really do. I need to show the world that this company is as strong as ever.

Mr. Spinelli: And you'll pay three times the original sale price?

Kendall: Yes, absolutely.

Mr. Spinelli: For that kind of dough, I can find a weasel clause in the sale contract, but I don't know.

Kendall: What?

Mr. Spinelli: Well, I got to unhook from the other deal, and they won't be happy. Lawyers will get involved, and they're all bloodsuckers. No offense. I lose a lot of profit to make this deal work. Seems to me if Iím going to help you, you should help me.

Boyd: Not a problem. We'll simply stipulate covering your liquidated damages.

Mr. Spinelli: In English?

Boyd: Right. We'll pay triple plus cover any of your expenses.

Kendall: So? We have a deal?

Mr. Spinelli: What the hell. You're crazy enough to pay that kind of money, Iím crazy enough to take it.

Kendall: Ok! Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Spinelli.

Boyd: Fantastic. Look, I already have a contract drawn up, so all we have to do is do the numbers, fill in the blanks, get it signed and notarized.

Kendall: And I'll authorize a transfer of money into your account.

Mr. Spinelli: Right. Who knew this place would be a cash cow? I better call off the wrecking crew.

Kendall: Oh, Boyd, you were brilliant. You're amazing.

Boyd: No, no, you were good. You're the one who charmed him. I just rode shotgun.

Kendall: No, I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Boyd: Yeah, well, listen, don't thank me until this is all over.

Kendall: Right.

Kendall: It's all right. Everything's going to be ok. It's going to be ok.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Oh, God.


Kendall: David, hey. How's Bianca?

David: She's fine.

Kendall: So it's over?

David: I just sent her home with Maggie.

Kendall: Good. Oh, what about Lena? Have you heard anything?

David: Yeah, I just called the hospital. Lena's stable. She's -- her vitals are good. She's actually doing a lot better than we expected. Kendall? Are you still there?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. Can you just please make sure Bianca does not find out what Lena did?

David: She's not going to hear anything from me. And so far, no one's said a word.

Kendall: Thank you so much, David. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been there.

David: You would've commandeered the entire clinic to keep Lena alive. You saved her life, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, well, don't let it get around, ok? Bye. [While hiding Ryan knocks over a piece of metal.] Who's there? Hello? Hello, is anyone there? Oh, God. Oh, God. Ok. If anyone is there, answer me. Say something, please! Oh! Oh, God. Oh, God. Rats. Oh, God. Oh, you know what, the hell with this. I'm getting the hell out of here. Hi. This is Kendall Hart Cambias. I'd like to arrange a transfer of funds into an account, please. Yes.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Whatever's going on, you're afraid of something, Kendall, and it's not rats. It's freezing.

Greenlee: Hi.

Juan Pablo: Hi.

Greenlee: So, may I come in?

Juan Pablo: Of course. So, what happened to your investigation?

Greenlee: Changed my mind.

Juan Pablo: But you were so excited. Don't you want to find what you're looking for?

Greenlee: I already found it, and I almost messed it up by chasing after Ryan.

Juan Pablo: It's understandable that you still have feelings for him.

Greenlee: But I don't. That's just it.

Juan Pablo: Then why use so much energy on such a man?

Greenlee: Because it's not right. Ryan was Leoís best friend, and he's trying to act like I don't exist. Whatever he's up to -- and he's up to something -- Iíve got to find out what it is. He's not going to get away with it.

Juan Pablo: So, what is it you want to do? Punish him for something?

Greenlee: Why not? I don't do forgiveness. If you don't believe me, just ask my mother.

Erica: Adam, really. I know that you've been bored, but taking in Mary Smythe? I mean, couldn't you have just taken in a dog from the pound?

Mary: Oh, see --

Adam: I prefer purebred bitches.

Erica: Well, then, you got what you wanted.

Adam: Hmm. Why don't you try to find us some glasses in the kitchen. Winifred can help you.

Mary: Yes, I will do that. Oh, I trust that two will be sufficient?

Adam: Perfect. Erica doesn't drink.

Mary: Good. That'll mean more for us, darling. Bye, Erica.

Erica: Well, at least she's easy to distract.

Adam: And distracting.

Erica: Adam, really, what are you up to?

Adam: Mary amuses me.

Erica: Arlene amused you. Didn't you learn anything?

Adam: Yeah, well, that was -- that was slumming. This is different.

Erica: Oh, because Mary Smythe is in the social register? Listen to me, Adam, whatever you're up to, whatever you're planning, just be aware that Mary Smythe has an agenda, too.

Adam: Of course she does. That's what makes her so much fun.

Erica: Ok. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Adam: She stays unless you're willing to make a deal.

Erica: What kind of a deal?

Adam: You help me get our companies back from that hellion daughter of yours, and Mary will be on the curb in an hour.

Erica: Well, that's why I came.

Adam: Good. Great. We're on the same page. Kendall needs a -- she's gotten way too big for her bloomers. She needs to be downsized immediately, and you and I together can teach that twit a lesson she'll never forget.

Erica: Sorry, Adam. You're on your own.

Adam: But, Erica, we've -- we've been such a great team in the past.

Erica: Yes, and then we certainly could have been now; but you've been too busy with your artist in residence, so, no, no, I will deal with Kendall on my own.

Adam: But, Erica --

Erica: Really, I've got to go, Adam. Bianca needs me.

Adam: Please, if I can do anything to help Bianca --

Erica: Thank you, Adam. Really, I appreciate that, but she's going to be just fine, really. I'll make sure of it.

Maggie: Are you all right? You've been so quiet.

Maggie: Did something happen?

Bianca: Yes.

Maggie: What?

Bianca: What I wanted to happen.

Maggie: Well, if it's what you wanted. It's so warm. It's hard to believe that school's already starting, huh? Do you think you're going to be able to go back to classes next week?

Bianca: Yeah, sure.

Maggie: Is there anything that I can do?

Erica: Oh, Bianca. Sweetheart, I'm so glad that you're home. Oh. How are you, sweetheart? Are you all right?

Maggie: So, I'm going to go. Um -- unless you want me to stay.

Erica: Well, Maggie, you're welcome to stay, but it's all right. I'm here now, and I can take care of Bianca. If that's all right with you?

Bianca: Yeah, it is. Thank you, Maggie, for everything.

Maggie: You call me if you need anything?

Erica: Excuse me, honey. Maggie, I just wanted to say thank you to you. Thank you, Maggie, for being such a good friend to Bianca.

Maggie: I love her. Remember, I'm your backup.

Erica: How are you feeling, darling? Did everything go all right?

Bianca: Yeah, it went fine.

Erica: And what did David say?

Bianca: Just that I need to rest.

Erica: Oh, of course you do. In fact, why don't you just stretch out right here, and would you like something to eat? I'm sure you're hungry. Would you like some toast, sweetheart?

Bianca: Mom.

Erica: Yes?

Bianca: Could you just hold me?

Kendall: Ok, so the money's wired into Spinelliís account? Are you sure? Are you sure, Boyd, it's a done deal? Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, Boyd. You're the best. You know what this means? This means that we're totally in the clear. We don't have to worry about this anymore. I am so excited right now, I could just scream. Ok, I'm not going to scream. I'm going to remain relaxed and calm. Ok, thank you. You're the best. I'll talk to you later. Bye. Well, Mr. Handsome Bartender, could you come on over here? I would like a glass of champagne and your manager.

Man: Hello, Miss Hart. Is there something I can do for you?

Kendall: Yes, there is. I would like to throw a huge wedding reception.

Man: Yes, of course. Is it for Miss Kane and Mr. Montgomery? Has their wedding been rescheduled?

Kendall: Oh, hell, no. It's for me -- Mrs. Kendall Hart Cambias.

Ryan: Come on, Kendall, what the hell are you hiding in here? Oh, my God.

Mary: Mmm. You've got the most beautiful home.

Adam: Yeah, it's comfortable.

Mary: But it's so big, especially for a single man.

Adam: Well, I have a full-time staff.

Mary: But they don't offer you real companionship. Do they?

[Mary laughs]

Mary: Would you like more?

Adam: Ah, yes, thank you.

Mary: I have rarely seen such generosity. You've made me feel so much at home already. You have no idea how much it's meant to me.

Adam: Does that mean you're not going to throw my antiques at the guests anymore?

Mary: Oh, I'm so sorry, really. I promise I'll sculpt you another one.

Adam: No, no, no, it was just gathering dust. It's not important.

Mary: It is important. Now you see what I mean about Erica having it in for me? She's blaming me because Jack has realized the truth about her and he's refusing to marry her.

Adam: Imagine.

Mary: Not that he's any great catch. Oh, he's such a hypocrite. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to spend time with a man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

Adam: You like that in a man, do you?

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Hmm.

Mary: Should we continue this conversation upstairs? I mean, two offers much more companionship than one, right? Hmm?

Adam: You are --

Mary: Shh, shh. What? What?

Adam: You're so good. You're an artiste. An artiste is so sensitive and enthusiastic, truly top-notch all the way.

Mary: I don't know what you mean.

Adam: I think you do. Um -- and I think you'll probably try it again. In fact, Iím counting on it.

Mary: Adam Chandler!

Adam: You'll try it again someday, and it may work. Just not today. Ahh.

Juan Pablo: So you don't forgive easily?

Greenlee: I don't forgive at all, especially to people who make promises they don't keep.

Juan Pablo: I'll remember that.

Greenlee: You've kept all your promises to me.

Juan Pablo: I'd like to keep another one.

Greenlee: What's that?

Juan Pablo: First, I want to know if you still want to track down this Ryan.

Greenlee: I don't know. Somebody's got to stop him.

Juan Pablo: Why you?

Greenlee: It would serve him right if it was me. After all the things that he did to me? Sorry. You must think that I'm obsessed with the guy.

Juan Pablo: You're angry.

Greenlee: It was a long time ago. Let Kendall find him. When Ryan left town, he was her problem, not mine.

Juan Pablo: So you'll give up your investigation?

Greenlee: For now.

Juan Pablo: Then perhaps you are free to be with me for now.

Greenlee: Depends on what you had in mind.

Juan Pablo: Milan is still waiting. We could be in the air in an hour, or we could find other ways to enjoy ourselves. Tell me, Greenlee, what is your heart's desire?

Greenlee: My heart's desire? Let me think.

Erica: Oh, sweetheart, I just want you to be happy again. And you will be, honey, I promise. I know. I know this has been hard for you. Oh, but you've been so brave. I am so proud of you for making the right decision, honey. And now, darling, it's over. It's finally over.

Kendall: I want to celebrate my marriage, and I want to do it up large.

Man: You have come to the right place. Let's start with the champagne.

Kendall: Yes.

Man: Peter, may I have a champagne list, please?

Peter: Right away.

Man: These are our finest vintages.

Kendall: Ok -- take a look here. Um -- you know, I don't care. You know what, whatever is the most expensive, and lots -- lots of it.

Man: Very well. Are there any other particulars?

Kendall: Yes, actually, you might want to take some notes. I want the fanciest food this place can turn out -- you know, those nouveau cuisiney kind of things? And something else -- flowers, flowers. Lots of them. Big orchids. Orchids. Big, bright, beautiful ones everywhere, all over the place. And a band. A band.

Man: What type of music?

Kendall: A large band -- a big, rocking, great, funky band. Yes, this wedding reception is going to rock Pine Valley.

Man: Great. And the groom? Does Mr. Cambias have any requests?

Kendall: Well, unfortunately, he -- he won't be able to make it.

Aidan: Why am I not surprised?

Ryan: Well, well, well, Michael. We meet at last.

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