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Adam: You, my houseguest, yes. It's funny, I don't seem to remember inviting you.

Winifred: I -- Iím sorry, Mr. Chandler. That is what she told me.

Adam: That's all right, Winifred.

Mary: Perhaps we should let Winifred get back to her duties.

Adam: Thank you, Winifred.

Mary: I'm sorry to be presumptuous. It's just that I got fed up with hotel living -- you know how that can be -- and my new place isn't ready yet, so I looked at the invitations of all of the friends they sent, and I just decided that you would be the most entertaining host.

Adam: Mary, what's going on? You can't expect me to believe that you're homeless. Hmm? So, what kind of a scam are you trying to pull?

Greenlee: Oh. Where did he go? Ryan?

Juan Pablo: What?

Greenlee: Juan Pablo, what are you doing here?

Juan Pablo: Resting. You have some very nice tennis courts in the park. And you -- have you been jogging?

Greenlee: No, no, I wasn't jogging. I -- I thought I saw somebody and -- I saw him here, and he took off.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, come sit. You are making me tired all over again. Now, what is your problem?

Greenlee: My problem is Ryan -- Ryan Lavery. I saw him and I called out to him, but he didn't stop. Now, what is he doing here? And why did he run away from me?

Kendall: We need some help over here, please! We need help!

Janelle: Put her down in here!

Kendall: This woman's been poisoned!

Janelle: Straight through!

Kendall: She's been poisoned!

David: What's going on?

Kendall: David, it's Lena. She took this poison.

David: For heaven's sake, when is it going to end?

Janelle: She's unconscious.

Kendall: We found her like that.

Janelle: She has very weak vitals.

David: Take this.

Kendall: We didn't know where to take her, so we brought her here. David, you can save her, can't you?

Janelle: We're going to need you to wait outside.

David: We're going to do our best.

Boyd: Is she going to be ok?

David: We're going to do our best. Now please give us some room to work.

Kendall: Ok. David, David --

Boyd: Just let him work.

Kendall: You have to save her. If Bianca finds out about this, it will kill her.

Jack: Bianca, before you go in there, could we just talk for just a second, please?

Bianca: Yeah.

Jack: I know what decision you've made, and just for my own sake, I'd like to know that it's actually your decision.

Bianca: It's --

Jack: It's a very difficult choice that you have to make, and whatever you choose, it's fine. I just want to make sure that it's your choice. So if there's been any influence, shall we say, I just want you to know that you can cancel this appointment. I mean, you still have time.

Bianca: Uncle Jack --

Erica: Well, aren't you ever coming in? Oh, honey. You've been gone so long. Let me give you a hug. I read your note, and I want you to know that I have never been more proud of you. What you're doing is very, very brave, and it's the right thing to do, honey. Well, I -- I guess it's a lot easier for you to tell me of your decision in writing. But you're not alone in this, Bianca. You know that, honey, don't you?

Bianca: Yes, I know that.

Erica: I mean, that's why I called Uncle Jack, to see if he could find you and so that all three of us could talk about -- together, you know -- what we should do next.

Jack: What your mother means is that we can talk about this as much or as little as you want.

Erica: Yes. Although, there are some things that do need to be decided -- for example, who the best doctor is for you.

Bianca: I have a doctor. David has agreed to do the procedure.

Erica: Oh. David is a good choice. So then the only other thing that we really have to decide is -- is when the procedure will be scheduled.

Bianca: It's scheduled for noon today.

Erica: That's very wise. I mean, there's no point to wait. So, then, when do we leave for the clinic?

Bianca: Mom, Maggieís going to take me.

Erica: Well, that's a good idea because I know that you'll feel a lot better with Maggie there, too.

Bianca: Actually, I would like it if just Maggie took me. I would rather if you weren't there.

Erica: Well, honey, you don't have to try to spare me any pain of this day. I mean, it's my place.

Bianca: No, it's not. What I mean is this is hard enough for me to deal with alone without having to see how painful it is for you, how you take on what I feel and you feel it, too.

Erica: Oh, honey, Iím just trying to share this with you. I'm trying to make it easier for you if that's possible.

Bianca: It's not easier, ok? Dealing with my pain and yours makes it harder. Can you see that it makes it harder?

[Knock on door]

Maggie: That's Maggie. Mom, I know that you mean well, but Maggie is going to take me.

Erica: I have to be with her. She's going to need her mother.

Jack: Erica, she does not want you there. She wants you to back off is what she wants. Hey, Maggie, how are you?

Maggie: Hi.

Jack: Listen, Erica and I are so grateful that you're going to be there for Bianca. Thank you so much.

Maggie: I'm sorry I'm early.

Bianca: No, that's ok. I want to leave now.

Maggie: Ok.

Erica: Bianca? I love you. You won't leave her for a second, will you?

Maggie: Of course not. I'll take care of her.

Erica: Please, Maggie. Please do that. How do you dare to tell me how to treat my daughter, how we should deal with everything, today of all days!

Jack: Oh, for Godís sake, Erica! Let the poor girl make one decision herself!

Erica: Well, what's that supposed to mean?

Jack: You got your way -- she's terminating her pregnancy.

Erica: She came to that decision all by herself.

Jack: Did she?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: Are you sure she's not trying to rewrite your history with Kendall?

Kendall: Lena is such a coward. To do this now when Biancaís had so much to deal with and still so much ahead of her.

Boyd: Yeah, I wish Bianca knew how much you cared about her.

Kendall: I can't worry about that right now. Right now, I just -- I have to focus my energy on what we need to do.

Boyd: Damn, look how late it is.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I forgot the time, the time.

Boyd: Look, it's going to take us at least 20 minutes to get to our meeting.

Kendall: No, I can't miss that meeting with Mr. Spinelli at the meatpacking plant. If that building goes down --

Boyd: Look, I know, I know. We got to go now.

Kendall: No. No, no. No, you don't understand -- I have to stay here.

Boyd: David can fill us in.

Kendall: No, Boyd, I have to stay. What if Bianca finds out Lena doesn't make it, and I wasn't here?

Boyd: Kendall, what am I supposed to do? Spinelli's not going to take the meeting with me. Ok, you're Mrs. Cambias, remember?

Kendall: You go over there now and tell him Iíve been delayed by an emergency. Just don't let him leave.

Boyd: No, don't worry. I'll hold him down myself if I have to.

Kendall: Ok. Oh, David. So how is she? Will she make it?

Juan Pablo: And who is Ryan Lavery?

Greenlee: I told you about him.

Juan Pablo: Tell me again.

Greenlee: Remember when I saw a man outside your room the other night, I told you I used to know him?

Juan Pablo: Yes. Tell me, what does he look like?

Greenlee: He's about 30, tall, strong, light brown hair, a nice smile, bright blue eyes. Cocky as hell.

Juan Pablo: I saw him, I think, in the hotel.

Greenlee: So he was there?

Juan Pablo: He was talking to another man, and when the other man left, Ryan and I exchanged a few words, yes.

Greenlee: You talked to him?

Juan Pablo: Yes.

Greenlee: About what?

Juan Pablo: About you.

Greenlee: About me? Did he ask you about me?

Juan Pablo: He complained that you were being too loud in my room.

Greenlee: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. He complained?

Juan Pablo: It was the night that your mother --

Greenlee: I hope that you told him to mind his own business. No, you were probably very polite. What did you say to him?

Juan Pablo: You had told me you two had known each other. I saw no reason to keep that from him.

Greenlee: So you told him my name? He knew that I was in the room with you?

Juan Pablo: Well, yes, but he claimed not to know you.

Greenlee: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You told him that my name was Greenlee du Pres, and he said, "Never heard of her"?

Juan Pablo: More or less.

Greenlee: Unreal. And then what happened?

Ryan: Hey. Hey, what do you got for me? Great. Great. No, no, no, I'll check that out myself, but right now you got to help me out, Edmund. You got to get me the hell out of here.

Greenlee: "Greenlee? Greenlee who? Never heard of her." Why the hell would he say that?

Juan Pablo: What does it matter?

Greenlee: Well, it means he must be up to something.

Juan Pablo: Then you're better off not knowing him.

Greenlee: Did I tell you that the guy embezzled from his own company so that he could fly halfway around the world with his lover to rescue her husband? Meanwhile, I had to replace the money at great personal danger and peril.

Juan Pablo: It sounds as if you have unfinished business with this man.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no. Uh-uh, it's finished.

Juan Pablo: Then why not forget it? I'm sure he has reason for staying away from people he knew.

Greenlee: Probably illegal reasons. Maybe he's falling back into being a con man.

Juan Pablo: Why?

Greenlee: Because people don't change. I mean, he had, supposedly, when he found true love.

Juan Pablo: Which you never forgave him for.

Greenlee: You know what? It's all in the past, and I fell in love with Leo. But why would he say he never heard of me if I married his best friend? Come on.

Juan Pablo: Ay. Otro rollo mas.

Greenlee: I'm going to find out what he's up to. He's probably still at the Valley Inn.

Mary: I think you're a very fascinating, attractive man.

Adam: Well, in addition to being fascinating and attractive, I'm also a raging skeptic. Hey, come on. Come on. Come clean. Better come clean.

Mary: Ok. I was forced to leave the Valley Inn.

Adam: Because?

Mary: Because I didn't like living in a fishbowl anymore with all the judgmental looks and the constant whispering behind my back. It was just making me sick to my stomach. And Jack and Erica, Greenlee, all enjoying airing my past mistakes publicly.

Adam: Which you don't deserve.

Mary: Well, I'm sure I do, but, you know, I kept Greenlee away from Jackson all those years. It was a terrible thing.

Adam: Yes, it was.

Mary: And I just thought that I don't want to suffer anymore. It's not my nature. And you were so kind that day in your brother's gallery, I thought we could be very simpatico.

Adam: Well, what exactly do you have in mind?

Mary: Laughter, conversation. I mean, you're rattling around here in this big old house by yourself, you're divorced, your children are far away. Adam, I know loneliness far too well to be proud. Fun is a distant memory for me. It's time for a change.

Adam: It isn't working, Mary. I'm not buying this "plucky survivor" act. You're going to have to do better.

Mary: Or I could just leave now, while I still have a shred of dignity. My God, Adam, I misjudged you. I thought that you were serious when you offered to help, but I guess not, huh? I guess your son was right just now.

Adam: My son?

Mary: Yes, he called while I was waiting for you.

Adam: You spoke to J.R.?

Mary: Just briefly, but you're not going to like what he had to say.

Adam: What was it, Mary? What did my son say?

Erica: Do you think Bianca should have gone ahead with this pregnancy? No. You agree with me. You think she's doing the right thing.

Jack: Only if it's Biancaís decision, Erica.

Erica: And I'm telling you, Jack, it was.

Jack: You saw her just now. You saw how unsure, how shaky she seemed.

Erica: Jack, she's shaky because of what she's about to do.

Jack: Erica, what scares me to death is that you think this procedure is going to be the end of all her troubles. But I am telling you if she's making it under duress, if you pressured her in any way, she could regret it for the rest of her life.

Erica: I gave Bianca the best advice I know how. She's my baby.

Jack: Hey, you know what? I love Bianca, too, ok?

Erica: Yeah, well, you also happen to have a brand-new daughter that you can pour all your love and concern over.

Jack: Oh, you know what? Now, that is not fair.

Erica: You know what? There is no point in going any further with this conversation because Bianca is going to come home and Iím going to be here for her, so why don't you just go focus on Greenlee and leave Bianca to me.

Jack: Oh, if you think you're going to throw me out of here, you got another think coming.

Erica: That's exactly what Iím doing, Jack. Oh.

Maria: I'm sorry. Is this a bad time?

Erica: Oh, well, what do you want?

Maria: I came to see Bianca.

Erica: Why?

Maria: We spoke at the hospital.

Erica: You're the doctor she spoke to?

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, we spoke.

Erica: She told you about her pregnancy. What did you tell her?

Maria: Well, you know, I can't tell you what went on during our consult.

Erica: No, well, you don't have to because I know what went on. You filled her with doubts, didn't you?

Jack: Erica, please.

Maria: No, you have no idea what I said to Bianca.

Erica: Yes, I do. Because of you, she actually considered going to term with this pregnancy. How dare you speak to my daughter like that. I mean, you're not the counselor. From now on, you stay away from her. Do you understand me?

Kendall: Why does Lena have to go to the hospital if she's better?

David: Because we're not equipped to do the type of follow-up that Lena needs here. Now, we can pump her stomach and we can stabilize her, but that's about it.

Kendall: But she was still unconscious, wasn't she?

David: She was in and out, which is to be expected.

Kendall: Well, I guess they can look over her there, just to make sure she doesn't, you know --

David: When she's strong enough, they're going to do a full psychological evaluation. You did a great job, Kendall. You saved her life.

Kendall: Is there any way we can make sure that this news doesn't get out now that she's going to be in the hospital? I want to keep Bianca from finding this out. If I can keep her from ever knowing this, then Iíll really feel like I did something.

David: You're early.

Bianca: I'm here for an appointment.

Kendall: An appointment with David? Don't you feel ok?

Bianca: I feel fine.

Maria: I'm sorry, but I can't discuss with you what Bianca and I talked about.

Jack: Maria, we -- we know you can't, of course. And I want to apologize for all this. It's just that everybody's a little on edge. Bianca just -- just left for the clinic. It seems she's made her decision.

Maria: Oh. Well --

Jack: What?

Maria: When -- when I talked to Bianca, she seemed very far from making any decisions. That's really why I came over here to see her.

Erica: Well, I think it's a wonder, with your recent mental problems, that you're making house calls already.

Maria: Anyway, I came over here to let her know that Dr. Zimmerman is back in her office, and I just wanted to make sure that she knew that she had someone that she could talk to.

Jack: I'll -- I'll let her know.

Maria: Ok, thank you. I think it's important because she could possibly still need counseling.

Erica: Yes, from the actual counselor.

Jack: Thank you, Maria.

Maria: And if there's anything -- if there's anything that I can do, let me know.

Jack: I appreciate that, and I appreciate your coming by.

Maria: Ok. Thanks.

Erica: You thought you had to apologize for me?

Jack: Somebody had to.

Erica: You know, there is just no point in even saying another word to you or trying to explain myself to you because I can never do anything right.

Jack: No, there's only one thing you do wrong, Erica. You don't listen. Did you not just hear Maria say how unsure Bianca seemed about this decision?

Erica: And that proves to you that I browbeat her into making this choice?

Jack: No, I'm not saying you browbeat her.

Erica: No, you're not saying it, but you're thinking it. You know what? You can think all you want because the only thing I care about is Bianca. Bianca is at a clinic right now going through something that no woman should ever have to go through. She's feeling more pain, and that is killing me. And I should be with her. But, no, Iím not with her because you thought I shouldn't go there.

Jack: No, you know what? That is what Bianca wanted. Now, will you just please calm down for a second?

Erica: No, I'm sorry. You know what? For some reason, I can't!

Jack: Where are you going?

Erica: Oh, don't worry. Don't worry, I won't go near Bianca. But I'm sure not going to stay here and be insulted by you because that would drive me crazy!

Adam: What did my son say to you?

Mary: Well, I don't want to speak for him. I told him he should call you back.

Adam: You're lying.

Mary: Go check Caller I.D.

Adam: "Cohen Freighter Company, San Diego."

Adam: Yes, yes, I'd like to speak to J.R. Chandler, please. J.R. Chandler. Thank you. They never heard of him.

Mary: You know perfectly well he's working under another name.

Adam: Well, if I know that, obviously, so do you. You could have arranged to have this call made.

Mary: Why would I do that? To what possible end?

Adam: To work this major con you're trying to pull here.

Mary: What major con? That's absurd!

Adam: You are penniless, Mary. Your father has cut you off, Greenlee has cut you off. You're dead, dead as a doornail, here and in Europe, and you expect me somehow to bring you back to life.

Mary: Be that as it may, it's not so disgraceful to have a reversal of fortune once in a while. What would be disgraceful is not to fight back. I have a business proposition for you.

Adam: I have no doubt you do.

Mary: You know that I was at one time quite a successful artist -- a sculptress. Hmm? I want you to set me up with a studio. And once the business got going, it would provide commissions for your investment. Yes, in six months to a year, maybe.

Adam: In other words, you want me to support you for six months to a year.

Mary: Well, you can afford it.

Adam: What's in it for me?

Mary: I'd owe you.

Adam: Go on.

Mary: You've got a big job getting your company back. A lot of scores to settle. That's my forte.

Adam: I have no doubt.

Mary: Yes, and if you do, you just watch how I dispatch the people that brought me down -- Jack Montgomery, some busybody nobody named Juan Pablo, and Ms. Erica Kane herself, who so fatally underestimated me.

Adam: That should be fun to watch.

Mary: Yes, it will be.

Adam: So you want an art studio. Well, I think I could probably swing that.

Mary: Oh, Adam! Oh, oh, that's so lovely! You know, it -- it doesn't have to be anything fancy. It's just that it's got to be close enough so that it establishes a connection between us. And I noticed a lovely little cottage over there by the rose garden.

Adam: Well, that's my brother's house. He lives there with his wife. Of course, I could evict them.

Mary: No, of course you canít.

Adam: Well, there's another one, a greenhouse. It's on the other side of the property, but --

Mary: Perfect.

Adam: Imagine I can fix that up for you.

Mary: That's perfect.

Adam: Yes, yes. It's quite a distance, though. You could work as late as you want.

Mary: Good, good.

Adam: Our paths would never even cross.

Mary: Well, that wouldn't be any fun.

Adam: If Iím going to be a patron of the arts --

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Adam: I think we should probably toast that. Possibly some champagne?

Mary: 1976 Chateau Leveau? I just took a little peek in your cellar while I was waiting for you.

Adam: Oh, yes.

Mary: Adam?

Adam: What?

Mary: I did talk to your son. I wasn't lying about that. He just said that he -- he had trouble speaking with you. It just means he's trying to reach out to you. And if that's the case, I envy you.

David: Maggie, why don't you take Bianca over to the waiting area.

Maggie: Ok, sure.

David: I'll be with you both in a moment.

Bianca: It's ok. You can leave us alone for a second.

Maggie: Not right now, Bianca.

Bianca: Yeah, right now. It's ok. If you want to tell me something --

Kendall: I guess what I want to say is --

Bianca: Never mind. It's ok. I know. But -- I guess that I need you to -- to tell me something.

Kendall: I'll tell you anything you need to know. Anything. I will.

Bianca: Was that really Michael Cambias who called you last night?

Kendall: Michael doesn't matter anymore.

Bianca: Doesn't matter?

Kendall: He's never coming back to Pine Valley.

Bianca: How can you be so sure?

Kendall: I just am.

Bianca: I thought you said that you were going to tell me the truth.

Kendall: Bianca, this is the truth. You're safe. You're safe from Michael. Please. Please believe me. Please trust me.

Bianca: Trust you?

Kendall: Yes, I would never, ever do anything that would cause you any more harm. You have to believe me.

Bianca: You are the one who married the man who --

Kendall: Here's what I wanted to tell you. That scene I made at Ericaís was horrible. I don't really have an excuse except that I -- I have a tendency to make everything about me.

Bianca: And we both know where you get that from.

Kendall: Yeah. I was -- I was upset by what Erica said. It wasn't your fault, but I made you pay.

Bianca: You made it about you.

Kendall: You have to know that the way things have happened between Erica and me, the way things have turned out has nothing to do with you, nothing. Especially now. Especially right now.

Bianca: I know.

Kendall: I shouldn't have taken all my hurt out on you. Least of all, to scream at you about how you should handle what happened to you. The way I was conceived -- it's just something that I've had to deal with. Like other people deal with other things. But what I went through doesn't compare to what you've suffered. So I had no right.

Bianca: It's ok.

Kendall: I want you to do whatever will make you heal. Whatever it takes. You of all people, Bianca, deserve that. And I'm not just saying that because you're my sister but because of who you are in here.

Bianca: Ok. Thank you, Kendall.

Kendall: That's all Iíve thought about since it happened. And I didn't expect to see you here today. So Iím just really glad I could tell you.

Bianca: I'm glad you're here.

Kendall: So --

Bianca: Yeah.

Kendall: Wait. There's something else. For so long, I didn't believe that God existed. I just thought it was something made up because, really, in my experience, I -- nothing could ever be that good. But getting to know you, watching the way you live your life and how you are, I'm pretty sure that Iíve been wrong. Very wrong. You are such a good person, Bianca. You are so good. At first, I actually used to envy that. But now I just admire you. You're beautiful. I admire you. I wish I could be you. I know. I know. I know how I sound. I know how I sound. I do. I know. Just -- please, let me say this, ok? I already feel silly as it is. Just let me say this. I don't have a lot to be proud of. But I'm so proud of you. And I'm so proud to be your sister. You need to know that. I love you. You do what you need to do, Bianca. You do what you need to do.

Maggie: What did she say to you?

Bianca: No, it's ok. I understand.

Maggie: You understand what?

Bianca: She just wants a chance.

Winifred: Yes, Mr. Chandler's in the library.

Erica: Oh, thank you, Winifred.

Winifred: But, Ms. Kane --

Erica: It's ok, Winifred. I know my way around this house. Well, Adam, it's about time you got back to town. Adam, listen to me, what are we going to do? What are we going to do to get our companies back from Kendall? Adam, would you please stop whatever it is you're doing and answer me?

Mary: Adam's not here, Erica.

Erica: You.

Mary: Yes. He just stepped out to get some champagne. Would you care to join us?

Greenlee: There's someone in there. Ryan? Ryan Lavery? I can hear you, and I know you know who I am. I can keep knocking on this door all day long!

Maid: Sorry, I didn't hear you.

Greenlee: I'm looking for the man who's staying in this room, Ryan Lavery.

Maid: Oh. He's gone.

Greenlee: Ok, then, when is he going to be back?

Maid: He's not. He checked out. And he left a great tip.

Boyd: If you'll wait just a little longer, Mr. Spinelli, I'm sure Mrs. Cambias will be able to make her case.

Mr. Spinelli: To spare the building? Not likely.

Boyd: But she'll be here any second, and it's very important to her --

Mr. Spinelli: Every second is costing me money. I got a union crew on the clock waiting to bring the place down.

Man: Mr. Spinelli, I got to warn you, if we don't get started now, you're going to go into overtime.

Mr. Spinelli: That's it, then. It's kaboom time.

Boyd: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mr. Spinelli, please --

Mr. Spinelli: Tell your men to get started.

Boyd: I'm asking you for five minutes --

Mr. Spinelli: Sorry, I just can't do it. This damn property is hemorrhaging money. I should have sold it long ago.

Kendall: Well, then sell it to me now. Name your price.

David: We're ready for you, Bianca. All right, Bianca, let me go over a few things with you first. Now, Cindy is going to be with me to assist me for the entire procedure. But first, Iím going to need you to put on one of these. Ok? Then when you're ready, I'll give you a local anesthetic, just like you requested. Now, the procedure should take no more than an hour. After that, we'll monitor you, and then you're free to go home. Do you have any questions? Ok. Are you ready?

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