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Greenlee: You make doing business a pleasure.

Juan Pablo: It's no fun otherwise.

Greenlee: You think teaming up to buy Kendall out of Fusion is going to get in the way of our personal relationship?

Juan Pablo: That has never been a problem.

Greenlee: Really? How many women has Juan Pablo First Nacional lent money to?

Juan Pablo: If a lady I knew found herself in need of cash, then helping her was my privilege.

Greenlee: I guess they do think differently down Argentine way. It's late.

Juan Pablo: What about our -- how did you call it? -- all-American pig fest?

Greenlee: Pig-out, and it's bad to sleep on a full stomach.

Juan Pablo: Are you upset?

Greenlee: No.

Juan Pablo: Yes. I can see it in your eyes. What's bothering you?

Greenlee: I just don't want to be one in an endless chorus line of ladies in your life.

Juan Pablo: Please. Then tell me what you do want from me.

Mia: There you are.

Aidan: I'll have a boilermaker, please.

Mia: Hi. I've been looking all over for you. Where did you disappear to?

Aidan: Vegas.

Mia: Oh, Vegas. Right -- to check Kendallís story that she married Cambias in a little chapel on the strip. So, what? So, what?

Aidan: So, what?

Mia: So, what's the deal?

Aidan: The deal is that Kendall is as bad as we thought.

[Kendall cries as Ryan listens from the next room]

Kendall: I can't do this. I can't do it. I --

Bianca: I have read over those pamphlets that the doctor gave me again and again. I have explored all of my options, but this is really the only choice that I can make.

David: And what choice is that?

Bianca: My mother was right, and the statistics back her up. Most women in my situation do what Iím going to do, and it really is the only way out. If I don't do it, then it will be like Michael Cambias is with me for the rest of my life. And what we were talking about before, the shame, Maggie, that that is going to bring to my family and to my child? No. No, this is it. This is -- this is the only option. It's the best choice for everybody involved.

David: Bianca, I think it's really important that you forget about everybody else because in the end, you're the one that's going to have to live with this choice.

Bianca: Oh, David, don't you think I know that? I know that better than anyone. I am so sick of going over and over the same questions again and again, having everyone look at me like I'm a bomb about to explode. No, I need to -- I need to end this. Michael Cambias' father gave me this check. He -- he gave me this money so that I would use it to heal myself, and that is what Iím going to do. I'm going to terminate my pregnancy.

Michael: I have been falsely accused of crimes by Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery, the district attorney of Pine Valley. This, along with my father's passing, has made for a very difficult time, made bearable only by the support of my loving wife, Kendall Hart, who has brought joy and hope to my life. I look forward to leading Cambias Industries into --

Maria: I, too, come bearing joy and hope -- in a picnic basket full of late-night snacks.

Edmund: I'll settle for a kiss.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: And a turkey on rye?

Maria: I've got it. I've got it and grainy mustard, just like you like.

Edmund: Thank you.

Maria: You're welcome. Well, it beats takeout, I think.

Edmund: Yeah, plus, I don't have to tip.

Maria: Well, you are going to have to tip. You're going to have to pay big here. You know what? Let's put this over here. There's probably a little more room.

Edmund: You got it?

Maria: Yeah. So, is that for real? That tape of Cambias?

Edmund: Well, it's hard to tell. The -- the video is kind of grainy, out of focus, and the audio is clipped. I feel like I'm chasing a phantom.

Maria: You'll catch him, honey. You've got to find him because you've got to make him pay for what he did to Bianca. Otherwise, I don't know if she's ever going to be whole.

Edmund: You thinking about your sister Julia and what Louie Grecco did to her?

Maria: Yeah. It's so damn unfair what happens to these -- these young, innocent, beautiful girls who got their whole lives in front of them and all this promise, and then somebody like Cambias comes in, rapes her, and then walks.

Edmund: I know, that hearing had nothing to do with justice.

Maria: You know what? Michael Cambias better hope he never ends up in my OR, because one little slip of the scalpel, and that's justice.

Bianca: I know that I'm making the right decision.

David: And I respect that, Bianca, but if you ever want to change your mind at any point --

Bianca: No, I don't. You know what? I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, and now all I have to do is set it up with the clinic.

David: No, I'll take care of that. You just have to tell me when you want to do it.

Bianca: Tomorrow, as soon as possible.

David: All right, Iíll check with Janelle, see what her schedule is like.

Bianca: David, I want you to do the procedure, if that's ok. I mean, I know that you're a cardiologist --

David: Well, I do a full rotation at the clinic, but you might feel more comfortable being with a woman --

Bianca: No, I wouldn't. I want you to do it, because you've been with me since this whole thing started, and I think you should be there when I end it. I feel safe with you.

David: All right. I have two appointments that should take me to 11:30. Is noon too late?

Bianca: No, that's fine. I can get in a half-day at work first.

David: You know, you really shouldn't eat or drink anything after midnight, which is -- which is just about now.

Bianca: Well, that's no problem.

David: Well, we could wait another day --

Bianca: No, no, David, it has to be tomorrow.

David: All right, Iíll call you in the morning to confirm.

Bianca: You don't even have to do that. I'll be there, 11:30 sharp.

David: Well, somebody's going to have to drive you.

Maggie: I will.

David: All right. Thank you, Maggie. Bianca, I know this was a really hard decision for you, but you've made it. So just leave the rest to me, ok?

Bianca: Thank you. Well, there's no reason that you can't have some ice cream.

Maggie: No, thanks.

Bianca: You don't approve.

Maggie: It's not my call. I -- I just want you to be --

Bianca: I just want it to be over. Can you understand that?

Maggie: Yes. I can. Let's get out of here. Let's just go take a drive and go look at the stars until the sun comes up, yeah?

Bianca: Yeah. That's a good idea, and it'll be morning before we know it.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Go away!


Boyd: Kendall, open up!


Boyd: Come on, we got to talk! Kendall, come on, open this door!

Boyd: We alone?

Kendall: Yeah, Boyd. What's -- what's going on?

Boyd: We got -- hey -- hey, you've been crying. What's wrong?

Kendall: No, I'm fine. Nothing, Iím fine. It's ok. It's nothing new. I just thought I could get back into my mother's good graces, but I was wrong.

Boyd: What happened?

Kendall: No, you don't want to hear the details.

Boyd: After everything we've been through? Come on, you know you can tell me anything.

Kendall: Well, I -- I was trying to explain to Erica the real deal with Michael, but she didn't want to hear it. There's no room in her life for me.

Boyd: Look, why don't you just wait till things calm down a little, then give it another chance.

Kendall: Oh, Boyd, I've used up all of my chances. Erica has made that extremely clear. Bottom line, she -- she wishes Iíd never been born.

Boyd: Look, I'm sorry. I wish there was --

Kendall: No, it's ok, it's all right. I knew what we were doing was a huge risk. I knew that what I did could probably cost me my mother's love, if I ever had it to begin with. But it's a risk I had to take, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Boyd: You and Erica have been in the trenches before. I mean, you sure this isn't something else?

Kendall: Oh, aside from the fact that all of my friends and everybody that Iíve ever cared about wishes Iíd fall off the face of this earth, no, this is nothing else. I'm just counting my many blessings.

Boyd: Yeah, well, I hope you see me as one of them.

Kendall: Oh, God, of course, Boyd. Of course I do. You are the one person in this entire town that's ever believed in me and never given up on me. I'm so thankful for you. I'm so grateful. I know I make it really hard for you sometimes.

Boyd: Hey, hey, listen to me. All right, believing in you is the easiest thing in the world. All right? Come on, I love you. It's going to be ok.

Aidan: Thanks. So, both the chambermaid and the concierge, made positive IDs.

Mia: Ok, so, wait a minute. You're telling me that people actually saw -- saw Kendall and Michael together in Vegas?

Aidan: Uh-huh. Seems that way.

Mia: But you're not buying it, are you?

Aidan: All right, this might sound twisted, but I think Kendall could actually kill Michael, but marry him? I don't think so.

Mia: You're right. You are so right. It just does not add up.

Aidan: And I don't know what Kendall is up to these days. Quite frankly, Iím done trying to figure her out.

Mia: Really? So you're just going to give up on her?

Aidan: Give up on her? She's going to give up on us, but that's what she wants, so to hell with her, and, Mia, will you do me a favor?

Mia: What?

Aidan: Don't mention Kendallís name to me ever again.

Greenlee: I want you to help me buy Kendall out of Fusion.

Juan Pablo: I'm not speaking of business. Tell me what you want from me personally.

Greenlee: Honestly, I don't have a clue.

Juan Pablo: That's a start.

Greenlee: I know I don't want to rush into things at warp speed like I usually do. Wherever it is we're going, I just want to take my own sweet time getting there.

Juan Pablo: Time is something we have plenty of. Suppose we spend some at the park?

Greenlee: While we're gazing at the night sky, you going to tell me how many women you've rescued?

Juan Pablo: You truly are the D.A.ís daughter. When may I get off the witness stand?

Greenlee: When Iím through with you, which could be a long, long time from now. Val? Toting around a portrait of Erica is carrying heroine worship a little bit too far.

Val: I am a wreck. I will have you know that when Erica lost Enchantment, I was given orders to have this gorgeous work of art incinerated.

Greenlee: I second that emotion. Anyone got a match?

Val: I am going to hang this in my apartment until the day that Erica rightfully reclaims her place as head of Enchantment.

Greenlee: Ooh, ooh, Val, you don't have one of those shrine things going, do you? Little bobblehead Erica dolls and pieces of her clothing?

Val: Oh, you have such a quick wit, Greenlee. Really, you do. You have never cared one iota about Enchantment. You don't give a damn that that witch in polyester is going to destroy everything that Erica has worked for.

Greenlee: Ok, Val, before you start singing "Hail to the Queen," which witch in polyester wants you to take this paint-by-numbers Erica and torch it?

Val: Who else? Mrs. Kendall Hart Cambias.

Kendall: Boyd, you -- you are by far the sweetest guy I have ever known.

Boyd: But you don't want to take advantage of me. I know.

Kendall: I've already asked way too much of you as a friend.

Boyd: God, I hate that word.

Kendall: Well, I'm sorry.

Boyd: You know, anytime you're ready to take it to the next level --

Kendall: Yes, yes, I have told you you are first one on my speed dial.

Boyd: Yeah, I better be.

Kendall: So, why are you here? So, what brings you here so late?

Boyd: Right, I almost forgot. I saw a sign driving home. It's for a building that's scheduled for demolition tomorrow afternoon.

Kendall: What is it with you guys who love to watch things go boom? Weird.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Where is this building?

Boyd: Well, I'll give you three guess, but you can just skip ahead to number three.

Kendall: No. Boyd, no, it's a mistake.

Boyd: Look, that's what I thought, too, but I doubled back and I read the sign again. That whole building is coming down tomorrow.

Kendall: No. No! Boyd, no, no, no. No, it's not. No, it can't. No, Boyd, I won't let it end this way. It can't!

[As Lena watches from the bushes around the boathouse]

Maggie: Oh, look, we have the whole place to ourselves.

Bianca: Oh, it's a beautiful night. Don't you like this time of year?

Maggie: Yes.

Bianca: Oh, wow, the air is so crisp and everything looks so clear.

Maggie: And it'll be exactly the same this time next year -- the whole circle of life.

Bianca: Mmm. Do you feel that breeze coming off the water?

Maggie: Mm-hmm. It's total Indian summer -- not too hot, not too cold -- to go swimming. Ooh, I dare you.

Bianca: No way. Are you kidding me? The water's probably freezing.

Maggie: Oh, what's the worst that could happen? You get Popsicle toes?

Bianca: No, frostbite.

Maggie: Oh, you are such a wuss.

Bianca: I am not a wuss.

Maggie: Ok, I dare you.

Bianca: You dare me? No. I am sorry. I don't have a swimsuit.

Maggie: Neither do i. Who cares? Come on.

Bianca: Oh, my God, you're so crazy.

Maggie: I know. Come on. Do I have to push you in?

Bianca: Are you serious?

Maggie: Oh, yeah.

Bianca: Well, I might push you first.

Maggie: Let's see. Come on, we have to do this. The summer is almost over. Come on. On the count of three.

Bianca: Oh, my God!

Maggie: One --

Bianca: One --

Maggie and Bianca: Two, three!

Maggie: Oh, you are such a rat! Come on!

Bianca: This time for sure.

Maggie: Ok, Bianca, you have to do it.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Maggie: Ok? Ready?

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Maggie and Bianca: One, two, three!


Bianca: Oh, my God! Oh, it's freezing!

[Maggie and Bianca laugh]

Greenlee: Times change, Val. You have to change with them.

Val: Oh, Greenlee, it's -- Enchantment won't be Enchantment without Ms. Kane.

Greenlee: No, no, it won't. Excuse me? Could you keep the drinks coming for my friend here? Buck up, Val. You got a sofa-sized portrait that screams "Love me."

Val: Thank you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Val: Excuse me. Excuse me. Stop it!

Juan Pablo: So Kendall taking over Enchantment -- this is good news.

Greenlee: Good news? It's great news. It means that Kendall has declared war against Erica.

Juan Pablo: And why do you think Kendall turned on Erica?

Greenlee: Why? Who cares? Who knows? This is the in that I've been waiting for. Now I can get her to merge Enchantment with Fusion, and I won't need your backing.

Juan Pablo: Why?

Greenlee: Because I'm going to go to Kendall and strike a deal.

Juan Pablo: And you think Kendall will say yes?

Greenlee: Naturally.

Kendall: No. No. No, Boyd, no. This is -- this is exactly what cannot happen.

Boyd: Kendall, calm down, all right? Now is not the time to panic.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? If they wreck that building and then they sift through the wreckage, they could find --

Boyd: Look, I know, all right? Ok, that's why Iím here.

Kendall: I don't believe this. We were so careful, and now our future depends on a wrecking ball?

Boyd: Kendall, we still have time to do something.

Kendall: No, wait. You know what we have to do. We have to stop that demolition.

Boyd: How? Look, I scoped the place out. The whole building is fenced in. It's padlocked. Plus, it's patrolled by security.

Kendall: Well, we'll find something. We'll think of something.

Boyd: What are we --

Kendall: We'll think of something on the way there. Please, come on, Boyd, we've got to go now. Let's go.

[Key turns in lock and traps Ryan in the office.]

Ryan: Fantastic.

Bianca: Oh, why did I let you talk me into this? That was freezing.

Maggie: Oh, come on, you loved it.

Bianca: No, it was freezing. I did not love it.

Maggie: Yes, you did.

Bianca: I am one big goose bump.

Maggie: Oh, but it made you feel so alive, right? Oh, gosh. Are you ok?

Bianca: I'm scared.

Maggie: I know. You know, there was a girl in my dorm. She went through the same thing last term. She was really scared, too.

Bianca: How did she deal with it?

Maggie: She talked to a counselor. The counselor told her that it was completely normal to be afraid and scared and it was ok to be sad.

Bianca: The counselor was right. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight, but at least by tomorrow, I won't be pregnant anymore. Hiding from blemishes? You know, whenever I think about that night -- which is all the time -- I think about what I could have done differently so that things wouldn't have turned out the way they did and then I wouldn't be pregnant and I wouldn't need to keep this appointment at the clinic tomorrow. I keep asking myself, what if?

Maggie: Those "what ifs" can really tear you apart.

Bianca: I know, but I can't help it. They're stuck in my brain. What if the power hadn't gone out that night? What if I hadn't gone home alone? What if I hadn't gone to Myrtleís at all? What if -- you know, Lena and I were in the park that day planning for our future. What if she hadn't left with Adam? What if we had just taken off right then and there and gone to Brussels or to Rome?

Maggie: And what if Lena never came into your life? And what if Lena and Michael ran their scam in some other town or some other state? Then it wouldn't have mattered if you came home by yourself or it wouldn't have mattered if the lights went out. You would have been safe.

Bianca: No, you can't blame Lena for any of this. She is as much Michaelís victim as anyone else, and she has suffered for it.

Maggie: Well, I hate to say it, but you know what? She deserves to suffer. Because if it wasn't for her, then she would never have led Michael into your life.

Bianca: None of this is Lenaís fault. No, Michael did what he did all by himself.

Maggie: We should get you home. Tomorrow's going to be a really big day.

Bianca: Right. Big day.

Edmund: Maria?

Maria: Hmm?

Edmund: You went and saw Bianca, didn't you?

Maria: I talked to her in my office today. She's just -- she's so scared and confused, and it just breaks my heart, Edmund.

Maria: If I wasn't the paranoid type -- or if I was the paranoid type, I would think that you were following me.

Ryan: In this town, it pays to be paranoid.

Edmund: You two have met. That's great.

Maria: In the cemetery. I didn't catch your name --

Edmund: Ryan Lavery, Gillianís Ryan.

Maria: Chris Stampís son, right?

Ryan: And -- yes -- I know you're Maria, and I should have said something at the gravesite, but I'm trying to keep a low profile.

Maria: Ok. You here to see Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah, he's looking for Cambias, too.

Ryan: And I think I might have just gotten a lead.

Boyd: Come on, we got to hurry up before this rent-a-cop makes his rounds.

Kendall: Oh, God, this is unbelievable. Of all the buildings on this dock, we have to choose the one that's going down.

Boyd: And there's no way for us to get inside.

Kendall: No, Boyd, there's got to be a way.

[Dogs bark]

Boyd: Kendall, even if we get past this fence, did you hear those dogs? They sound mean and hungry. All right, I don't know about you, but Iím kind of partial to your backside.

Kendall: Thank you, but listen, Boyd, I'm a match for any Doberman, ok? You seem to forget I practically own this town. I'll just call off the dogs.

Boyd: Who are you calling?

Kendall: Boyd, when have you ever known me not to get what I want?

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, you were so hurt by your mother's betrayal.

Greenlee: Yeah. So?

Juan Pablo: What if after that, someone had tried to use your pain to broker a deal?

Greenlee: Maybe I should wait till tomorrow to schmooze Kendall.

Juan Pablo: We can still go to the park.

Greenlee: I'd like that.

Aidan: Hit me again.

Mia: How many of those have you had?

Aidan: Why? You going to cut me off?

Mia: No. Actually, I thought I'd join you. It's bad luck to drink alone. Excuse me. Could you bring as many of those as he's already had? And keep them coming.

Bartender: If you say so.

Aidan: Why are you doing this, Mia?

Mia: Well, aside from keeping you company, if you're going to drink to forget the mess that Kendallís made, well, then so am I.

Maria: Well, I won't wait up, and, Ryan, please come visit Wildwind whenever you get a chance.

Ryan: I will take you up on that as soon as this whole thing blows over.

Maria: Excellent. Well, we'll see you soon, then.

Ryan: Ok.

Maria: Bye. Good luck.

Edmund: Thanks. So, what's this about a lead?

Ryan: I overheard Kendall and this Boyd --

Edmund: Yeah.

Ryan: Person talking. Anyway, there's a building slated for demolition somewhere in town for tomorrow, and for some reason, they really don't want it to come down.

Edmund: So, what, do you think it has to do with Cambias?

Ryan: Well, I think it might. Anyway, I want to find out where this place is.

Edmund: Ok.

Ryan: And I want to get there before they do, because it really seemed to me like they're hoping to cover some tracks.

Edmund: All right, Iíll see what I can do. I'll make a couple of phone calls, see if I can figure out where this site is.

Ryan: Great, great.

Edmund: It's time for you to do me a favor.

Ryan: Yeah, if I can.

Edmund: Tell me the truth -- the real reason why you're here in Pine Valley. Ryan, come on. I've taken everything you've said so far in faith. I could use a couple of facts to back it up.

Ryan: You're right, Edmund, I owe you. You want the real reason Iím back. You're not going to believe this.

[Dogs bark]

Kendall: Mr. Spinelli, Hi. Listen, I know it's late, but this is Mrs. Michael Cambias. Cambias, of Cambias Industries? I just recently took over Chandler Enterprises, Enchantment Cosmetics, and Fusion. I'm also very close friends with the mayor, and I'm on a first-name basis with most of Pine Valley's city council. Now, listen, if you would like to continue working in this town, I suggest you get down to the dock and you call off the demolition. No, I cannot wait until next week. It is scheduled to be destroyed tomorrow afternoon. Fine. Yes. I'll meet you here, 10:00 a.m. sharp. And by the way, Mr. Spinelli, please don't disappoint me. You don't want to know my dark side.

Boyd: So he's calling it off?

Kendall: No, but he's willing to meet me here. Damn it, Michael. When is this going to be over?

Lena: Bianca.

Lena's voice: "My sweet Bianca, I'm so sorry for not understanding. All the times I forced my way into your life, begged you to give us another chance. I know now how painful that was for you. Every time I made you look at me, all you could see was Michael. And now the unbearable has happened -- you're pregnant. You did nothing to deserve such torment. I'm the one who should suffer because I'm the one who brought Michael into your life. Please know that my only wish was to love you. If only I knew some way to make it right, but it's too late."

Lena: It's too late.

Bianca: "Dear Bianca, I tried waiting up, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Don't hesitate to wake me if you need me. I love you. Mom." She's going to be so relieved when I tell her what Iíve decided. That's what she's pushed for from the very beginning.

Maggie: You know, you keep on bringing up what your mom wants.

Bianca: Do you have a problem with that?

Maggie: No, but are you ending this pregnancy because you want to or because you want to make your mom happy?

Juan Pablo: What a charming spot this is. This place has special meaning for you?

Greenlee: This is where Leo and I got married. This was like our time-out of time. You know, whatever was going on out there, we always found our way back to each other, back to the love that brought us together right here. Leo knew the best and the worst of me, and he loved me anyway. I loved him, too. You know, he'll always be in my heart.

Juan Pablo: Which is why you're still wearing his ring?

Greenlee: Oh. This ring is like a part of me.

Juan Pablo: It's very beautiful, and so are you. We should go now.

Bianca: Maggie, you know that I have agonized over this decision. How can you possibly question my motives?

Maggie: It's just because your mom -- her name keeps on popping up, what she wants, what she's pressing for.

Bianca: You know what? We're not having this conversation right now. I have already made up my mind -- my mind -- Maggie, and I don't want to think about it anymore. I want to think about what classes we're taking at PVU and how many courses I can fit in to my schedule, ok?

Maggie: Ok. I'm sorry. I --

Bianca: No, I'm sorry. I'm -- please don't listen to me. I am so stressed out.

Maggie: I know you are. That's why Iím going to be your wheels tomorrow and hand if you need to hold on to it.

Bianca: Of course I'm going to need a hand to hold on to. You know what, Maggie? It is a good thing that you and I never hooked up because, God, what a mess that would have been.

Maggie: Oh, don't worry about it. You're not my type, either.

Bianca: Oh -- you know what I mean. I mean our friendship. It would have totally screwed everything up, and I don't think I would have survived any of this without you. Thank you. I love you.

Maggie: I love you, too.

Lena: If only you knew how much. It's all for you.

Greenlee: Why do you want to leave?

Juan Pablo: This place belonged to you and Leo. I don't wish to intrude.

Greenlee: You're not.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, I don't want to erase what you shared with your husband. He has made you the woman you are, the woman I want to kiss right now.

Greenlee: Why don't you?

Juan Pablo: Out of respect for you and Leo.

Greenlee: Hey -- we're out of the boathouse now.

Mia: Hey. Bartender, I thought I told you to keep them coming. What -- what's wrong with the service around here?

Aidan: Looks like you're a little bit over the limit.

Mia: You -- and you -- what did you guys just say?

Aidan: I think you've had enough.

Mia: [As Aidan] I think you've had enough.

[Normal voice] Can't you even speak American? Where the hell is my drink? Hello? My drink? Where the hell is it? Whoa!

Aidan: Oh! Hey, Mia --

[Mia laughs]

Aidan: Easy. Easy.

Mia: Where you taking me? Where we going?

Aidan: I'm going to take you home.

Mia: Whoo, home.

Edmund: This is huge.

Ryan: Now, you promise me -- you promise me, you cannot go to the press until I give you the ok.

Edmund: Ok, ok, ok, deal. I'm going to need verification, anyway.

Ryan: Oh, you're going to get verification, and now you understand why me finding Michael Cambias is my number one priority. I want to be right in his face when I pull the pin. I promised his old man.

Edmund: All right. What are we waiting for? Let's get him.

Kendall: Hmm. That's weird.

Boyd: What?

Kendall: I could have sworn I closed the door on our way out.

Boyd: Maybe the cleaning crew? I don't know.

Kendall: Yeah, whatever. Now, I have got to get ready for tomorrow morning so I can talk to Mr. Spinelli and stop him from destroying that building.

Boyd: And what if you can't?

Kendall: Then I lose everything.

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